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TwoMtikrd MI^li^.iMiiru KHirtr Tour^^ist, ill a'anl.^X|^e. is) Dispatch to th. St.in.I.i,l.^Yellowstone Latke Wyo^ Aug 14 ^Two
I masked hlghwavm. i held up and robbed
number of Yellows! National Park
VastConcourse of Enthusiastic People Listened to His.7^1,17* \
o'clockthis eteenmg the fugitives had n-'t^Is-, ii .ipprcbettdeil Th. couches wen i.,i^.^Ix.l while in loin in.in ^ iiim.ii hull I^l.i Norris geysct basin hi.I li.nl , ..\. i. .I^I.ill about live mil. s ,,t' thelt fournej At^thi |...int w her. tif holdup occurred m^the i real of a high hill, where the freight^road branches on trom the government^road at a sudden turn. Whin the Brsl
h came alont t rohl^ rs. with ninsk-
edlaeee and cocked Winchester i lb s,^commanded th^ driver to halt. While one^in hi kept th#^hcuiiMiits of the couch cov^^ered ihe othei reHered them af Heir
MontanaHas a High Position in^Amount of Bank Stock.
Speechat the Track.
APerfect Day and a Perfect^Multitude of Listeners.
carriage with a Isjunuet of flue., is
saving, i nasi to giv. itnse la Mr.
Hryan. A look of disappointment^came upon his face ^hen he was told^that Mr. Hryuii was net in the car^^riage.
Col.OLeaty, who was considered the^most fat hi rly genilcinan in the party,^was placid in charge ..I the children
I'Mrs. Hryan and Mrs John It Toole.
Miss Ruth Mi yan Is an . \. eedlngly aeaney. When ..i: had been attars al Ilk^bright gill and she made philosophical driver was ordcn.l tu nrerced Bl a gallop^OBBBBanM! Incruliles alMiut all that she saw.Keen coach was halted In the same wuv
1 All were deeply Impressed w ith the UH i; dmve up. the preceding ones being^liinniiiiir^ Tn Tnr n.ni/ magnitude of the wink* and t-xpreaocd m,i,ieu from ties t.y 11.. I raw Whoa
MAnUnINu ID I Ht rARK ^^^ antrtvea as highh delighted t.. he ^ ., .,^^.,, ,,,^| ,,^ ,
accordedthe privilege of visiting lb. in^When the party ^-. 111 ^ 1 ^^^I Mrs. Hi ^ -
1 an. Miss W. Ich. Mis Tool.-. Mrs.
'Shi Ids and Mast. 1 W illiam Hryan ^ n-^TwelveThousand or More Present Per- joyed a drive atsiut the city.
Onthe return from the winks ,1 RBsat^pleasant luncheon was giv.n l^^ Mrs.^S|ielman at which the ladies af the^Hryan putty and a number of Ana-^nda ladles were pivsonl.
ThisState Show s an Uninterrupted In^^crease Since 1887-A Sharp Decline^In the Price ol the Product^rutility of Bounties.
SpecialCoirespnhdeiici of ine standard
Washington.l^. I'.. Aug. 11. - 1 'out 1 ollei^of the Currency Kegels bus Just caused^10 In- published hi the guvernm.-nt print^^ing ofticc a h.indsi.iue illuniinsied chart^giving a great deal of Inter.sling ami^valuable information concerning the na
tionalIkiiikiiiK system and its operations 1 ^f hundreds of thousands .if .loll,,
UnitedSi.it.^ .ire considered sufflrlenlly^Injurious to reiptire radical measures for^their extermination. Wolves ...vote*^p.ii'iher^. li..,rs and lynxes are very de^^structive. I.hi |s-rhaps do not iuose great-
er !^-- I l,^,1 ground squirrels. pocket
gophers,rabbits and w.asl chucks. The^most plausible and iierslst- n, dem inds^for proteitinn from the depredations of^wil.l .ininials have crime from owners of^sheep .hi.I cattle, and mm:* of the homily^In*. l,.,\. 1,.. i, enacted uateneihlv. tu en-^courage sheep raising. Mr Palmer saya:^No doul'i 1 his industry has many claims^for nPMaatton, but it may la^ noted thai^the nioM urgent demand for gggNlw In^th.. Weai l^jvin.- not hum t tie farm^^ers or owner-, of small ft.sk* I..' riorn^cattle and sii.s-p no-u who^e immense
IfCiIs .11,., [link-, ale pUStlll.d 11'. k* I'T
mentland, and who claim that trie i.mi^of protecting ihelr herds .md rt.s ks^should is- borne by the county or state^In some regions I ha losses on a. . -iunt ol^wolves and tujoics are so serious as to^threaten the sin . ess of the shc.-p indus^^try. In eastern Washington the grain^fields and orchards are damag.d every^year by ground squirrels to the extent
feetOrder Maintained Comprehen- ^^slve and Forcible Speech Mi Bryan^Introduced-A 18 to 1 Bouquet Pre^^sented Crowds Yell Themselves^Hoarse - Free Tram of Seventeen^t'ouches From Butte Addresses by^Hartman, Mantle and Malta ^ cm- ^^zens Wild With Joy tirover Cleve^^land Scourged The Silver Question^Expounded -An Evening Reception- j^A Morning Trip to the Worka.
Anacondahas done itself proud In^honor of Its distinguished guest, the^great silver champion. Hon. William^Jennings Hryan.
Neverbefore in the history of this^city has there been u demonstration so^prodigious in lis pi opt.itI.ms. so earnest
illtsdeparted for parta unknown. Colum I^Young has an execllenl description 01 .^the men and It will he almost impose ihlc^for 'he liighwav in-11 tu leave the part^The iioldtip aamrred about In o'clock, but^not him] was known of 11 until tin ..n ti^^es reached Norris alsiul ag hour !at^ r^Colonel Young was immediately nottaed^hi sire and Baaa h.nl the .-..Idlers gallop-
Therewan a number of vnv prattyk lug lo every paaalMa hi of tkt park
flowersand Ihe ladles enjoyed^hour with Mrs. Hryan.
rruces.luii 1.1 11.. I'aik H a-^lu^eil.
Asearly as 11 o'clock the crowds be^^gan to gather in the open space sur-^sounding the Montana hotel. Sone-^thought that Mr. lliyan might !^^ In^^duced to make another short iptecR^fi.im the balcony of the hotel, hut In^this they were disappointed, for the^programme as arranged was carried^out. Hand hills WWri passul around^which announced the me ting at th^^driving patk to begin at :i nlock. It^was intended to start from tile hotel^at l:Mh but on account if Ihe large^crowds which had congregated this
the Two men answering the description ai^I the robbers w.-li trucked 11 a southerly^direction along the easti 111 shore of the^I lake Troo|^ers will attempt tu head Ihem^off by crossing the lake on the govern-^in. in steamer. ^ir. at ln.|ii- eniertain-
nl..i their nlMnate capture None of th,.'
inthe differ, nt sections of th*- countrv^A striking exhibit Is made of the high^position of the states of the mountain^W est lii Hie ..mount of hank sio. k In 1.1^|m-r capita. Montana is -dtown to rank^third among all the states of the union^In this particular. She Is exceeded old)^li^ M.issa. host tts mid Rhode lil.iud Haf^hank-- hold latger funds In prn)iortlou lo
th.-losses ale s .iriely less In s*ime palls
afCalifornia, Montana and North l*a-
ttlnieImW IioiiiiIv laws have la-en |.^Ill Increasing niimls-is hv neurlv all ills^slates and territories. With the develop-
t of I In- W.t .ml t he llicreasi 111 . .It
lieand site, p raislng the i.e. es-ttv tor 1*1-^terminuting wolves and coyotes has i^^come more aptiarent Imineus.- numbers
Ihe population ol' tile state III.Ill those i of these animals have la-ell killed III Mon-
pa^ ngers In the ^ ouches were hurt.^ON THE TRACK.
\tpMgMaa Baaah.
N.-sYork. Ana. 11. -Restiils at mllgstas^Ilea. It Mile .mil u sixteenth Timntir 1^won, Anson I,, second. Mahnney third;^time l:.^*':.. Five firlotik- OaMf won.,^Yankee Hum Beaded BMeHMfcl third,^time I:^!^^. Mile ricnphus won Nana II.^^M ..ml Bunny Slop*- third, time. I tall
Inits avowal if admiration f,,r a great | wa!^ Inip-isslbl
furlongs-Abuse won Itithieon^second: liarrv Heed ihlrd lime. '
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manor a great cause, or one so char-^aiacterislic of the people of this com^^munity.
Mr. Hryan hus traveiscd the conti^^nent making s|^echis ever since he^began tin- lust memorable campaign.^He has addressed audiences in towns^and cities, in large halls, open parks^anil from the train platform. Wh rever^he hus gone he has bisti given an ova-^thin, but never front the time he stam^^peded the t'hicago convention with his^priw.r of speech and obtained the nom^^ination for president, has he addressed^an audience w hich w as more thorough^^ly In sympathy wilh him than the one^yesterday, and never has a city or town^w ^ lo lined him and proclaim d hint^their chief with more general accord^than was manifested hy the cilixens of^.\na^ omlu.
Mr.Hryan and his devoted wife, who^studied the prof'salon of law in order^to become more closely in touch with^her aspiring husband, must feel a^sense of deepest gratiHcation and sat^^isfaction to lie given such pi rifs of nf-^f itlnn us were attested yesterday by^the multitude which asscmhhd to do^them h itior. They do feel that gratifi^^cation antl have expressed It. hut mod^^esty forbids them to take unto them-^s Ives the entire creilii of the denioii-^Ftratlons they receive and Mr. Hryan^txplalns thut the ovations ane rather^an expression of friendship to the^cause he n ptes- nts. He that us ii may.^the paoaaf regard W. J. Ill yen as the^only man in the I'nlted States who^inn carry the silver banner to vlctoiy.^and they b rieve that he can and will^do it. and that the next general elec^^tion will make him president of this^great country.
Forthe able, earnest and derided^fight he has already made In behalf of^the silv r cause he has attained a place^iti the hearts of the pe iple w hich w ill^rot be considered second to that of any-^past president 'f the I'tiltcd States.
Thesituation was fully appt elated^bf the residents of Ibis section of Mon^^tana, and yesterday they hfl nothing^UadOM to manifest Iheli esteem for^thek illustrious Pader.
Fullyas many people collected uliout [ l it Mile and a hall Lehman won. How
Tin*I 01-eiloon Was spent Making an In^^spection of the Work..
Yesterdaymorning Mr. Hryan and^those with him arose refreshed alter^a ci *m f 11 r ra tile night's rest. The^weather was pet feet and augured will^for the day's proceedings. Mr Hryan^and family and Miss V\ elch lircasi;.st^^eal wilh Marcus Duly, after ariJWrfc i^larg^ number of the committee of I. .ih^ladies and gentlemen gathered j!mui^to assist. In showing the visitors^through the smelting works.
thehotel us IihiI I^ n present mi the^night before, when the addrcssis were^given, and when, at ^ 11 look, Mr. Hry^^an walk, d out lo Ids iH'i riage chaw^after cheer was given.
TheHist carriage MTU occupied by^Mr. Hryan. Senator L.i Mantle, i .11^gressmau Hurtinan and S.i'.alor Minis.^In the one following was Mis. Hryan,^Miss Welch. Mis. Sa vant and Dr.^Spi'ltnan 1 Mb. is .f tin- i nnniittee fol^^lowed in carriages and a grant iiianv^walked. The trip, like the one on the^ev^ nlng before fi un the station lo 111 '^hotel, was a slow ..11*-. because' of tic^cIrui ii-ous enthusiasm of the crowds.
Where Hail lbs tw Number. I e
Hegiiiningat I ... I n k Ihe i-ttcct cars^had be.-en Carrying heavy I .ails uf pas^scngei-s to the driv ing park. No fans
warecollected, Bvarjrthlnc was fre.
Aspecial free train from Hutte arrived^at abouto'clock. II hud brought
J7carloads of p^ ipl (row that city^p. Join in the e.leliratl m. Thousands^who were unable to nuch tin park 111^any other way walk. .I Heart, and nl^when the distinguished gu.sts ar^^rived, there were at least IJ.iliKI people^present on the grounds and III the^grand stand.
1Bvery avallahl' projection and roof^In the vicinity was eov, led w ith hu^^manity and Improvised scats of all^kinds were brought into use until the^crowd became so dense that the only^Avay to obtain breathing spar, vvaa to^remain standing
Thesun shot its hot rays dow n upon^tin- heads of the speakers as will as^the audience and a number of cases of^fainting w en- ri potted.
Mr. Hryan I. Inlrniloi rd hy srnali.r^Matt..
WhenIhe distinguished party arrived^at the park they entered the tastily-^decorated platform on the Judges'^stand.
Hon.W. J. Hryan. escorted by S na -^lata Matts. lollovvid by Judge Hrantly^Senator Lee Mantle, t'..nm esn.a 11 Matt^man and Judge Iiixon of Hutte. Then^came Mrs Hryan. accompanied by Mis*^Welch and Mrs. F. E. Saigeant, escort^^ed by Dr, Spelnian.
Th-welkin rang wilh cheers for Hiy-^an. who doffi l his hut and awWad his^acknow ledgment
Thesun beat down wilh great heat^and umbrellas wen secured.
S.nator Matts introduced Mr. Hryan^in the following words
'Fellow Citizens We nr honored 10-^day by th^ presence of Anierb a's for
.nilMann second time. J two sinn^^ers. Seven furlongs Philip won. Plai^Spinner set oud. AYnrrenton third: time,^I .^. Mile .'ml .1 hall hurdles Sir V.1**11
!won. Alakumu second. Itrown Had Ihlrd;
1time, i:aa
I Cklean Aug. It-Results at ll.illem^I Mile^Ollata L won. MfeHa attend. Tony^Honli ihtadi tttnt, 1 1.1. Five mid .1 knM^1 fnrlansi PaaM won. 0nnani second. 14
Hung t'hataj third; time. I .Iti. Three^I quarter* of a mile Heil won Tenole^ond, Little 81, ger third: time. 1 .Iti. Una^X. 1.'dah won. Fretful se.-e.nd. Kvunutus^third: time. ^ ^u Mile snd najatl nth^Serrano won. The I'liitocrul sc. op.I. Qra^Ha C third lime. 1:^V ThTcc-.iuuiiei*^. 1 .. mile M o kin won. Lady Marie see.
andHerweii third; unw ItH. Taiaa anal^lers of a niih- Hotaid.- won. Lone Prtn-^i ess second Faster Kve third; lima, 1:1..
At.Nt. I.^ill^.
St.Taoils. Aug. M.-Truck fast ^ RaantWl^Twn-year-ohls. live und a hall (nftanaa^H. II-' of Mi'tlllihls won. trarlfa senind.
IniandiIIItnlrdi Line. IdMi Tna year.
olds,six furlongs^Sir It.. 1 lo won. Hivas^second. Hon Murche third: lime. Lin1,,^mile and three-sixteenths llelvaibll won.^The Uhusi second. Asti.nl.1 ihlrd lime,^X:^Ha. Six fin longs-Harry I hike won.^Nick Tarter second. Montgomery third^time. 1 It Mile and a sixteenth Linda^Won. Madeline second. Ti.inby third.
i'lneinnall Aug II.-Four and a half^furlongs^I July Irene won. lieorgla^sc. .mil. Afamada third, time. :.^i*V HeVen
nirtanngnTnnna won. nTnynta second
MajorTom third; time. l^% Mile^Kugeiila Wl. kes won Kenicmla-r Me sec-^0111I Sangamon third; time. I ;^i. Six fur-^lonr- Krlss Krlngle won. Dull h 1 nme-
Unasecond. Plan IMrd; Unw, 1 n\ Una
SirKlHiny atoa Baakwaad second. Aunt^Jane third, time. IMile Fronini.in
won.Lvli* s.. ond. Klslna third, time,^1:42.
naonnjlVnaNMdtnj.^At New York-*; Host on. I.
AtOteaaJsnd '^; 81 bante, m.^Ai 1 Itnalnna*^^ -'^^: ^ Mcnaw, m^ai mianurg ^i; Ihtvtllt, 1
AI\\'ashingion^T. Hrooklvn, I.^At Philadelphia-In llnliiniore. 11.
Mamliugof the 4'lub..
Plav.0. Won. laist. P.Ct
tanaNorth Dakota. South Dakota. XVv ^^oming anel 1 'nlor.iilo. hut they still Beam^1.1 tie verv numerous. This legislation has^proved not only llleff eel ive. tun exlrrmelv^expensive. The stat- ami t.unity tKjunly^against predatorv animals hus la-en tri.-d^In Minnesota, Montana, t'allfornla and^Nattk I^skotu, and each esse the result^ha. Iieen disastrous In the treasury.
Mnntaiiais named hv Professor Pslni. r^^ s one of the states In which lb. . xih iim^of Isiuntl.-s 011 wild animals are very^heavv It Is also one of those from wlih h^it has Is'.'ii isisslhle to obtain complete^reports. Montana had paid In 11II II7.VWT^iii Imllltllc* to iii.- end of IW.^i. The only^states which bad exceeded this expen^^diture were r.ilifnrnl.i with fc'hi.H'.. WIs-
--in wilh J.'.l: and Minnesota with
tine of Hie must dlffli tilt matters tn^i.-gul.ite in eonnei-llen with bounty leg-
lalntlan Is the rate allowed fur scalps
Ifthe reward Is ion low there is no In-^luci-menl to destroy noxtous atiimnl*.
olNew Yolk And she is fur and ,ivv,iv^ahead of New Jersey In lhat resja-ct. so^that from the standpoint, even of the^1 apHaMnt It is illltn niy to see why Moli^^lalia She.lid be deemed ^all undesirable^slate'' iii IIlehl'aled iltiXett of New
Jersey,lately so persistent In his connec^^ting wilh lite presidency.
Thereare others. AIHioiikIi Mott.111,1^leads all tlte innunlain states, her sisters^do not show up .it ull badly In the con-^ti-oll.-r's new compilation. Mont,in,i s^banking funds arc *^i T'l |~ i capita, those^of Colorado an- :^*.:^: Wyoming. W.II;^I lull, 31.1*: und Idaho 2I..U. t'omi an
tin-'greaaj nl states wuii um glum aanv^njannjanNa of th. Middle West mid um
fineshowing of the nnuintaln stut.s will^lie more uppareiit. tlhio has ai.irtt per^capita. Illinois. W.jn. Wisconsin. T* .:IT^Mh hit,n '.ii. Indiana. S2.9; ami low.i^Si is
Ingrouping the stales for purposes of^conipi.i l-on lo sc. linns the conlroller
uses;i rtaaaMeauaa that is unknown to
Hi.' nMMJtnntntra. lb' puts Montana and the law becomes practically inopera-
ajnangWhat he calls the Western sillies I Ijv,. This was Ihe case With the Mon-
alanawith Wvotnini;. i'olorado, lite lia- j innu .nt of IsTIi which apparently fulleil^kolas. Kansas und Nebraska, and .ill cutirelv as the reports ol' the loniiiy^IIS nil Holies exiepling Arlloll.t TIM 11 '.-usurers full I o show the cxpendli ore of^grata) eW of ibis he culls the PaaMt a single dollar for bounties during ih.^si.iic This Is a rather novel division ; four years the law remained on the -lat^^itat It is not In this region alone that the j ut.^ laa.ks. If. on th.' other hand, the^controller treats old gcogruphicul usso- ; rate is ton hlKb. tin- results are most ills-^ciatloiis Willi IcntHH'lastk' hands. He aa*^s... t.ti.s Marvlsnd. ladawara anil the^Ptntrkl of i'olumbla with the Fasi.rn^stales and culls Missouri | Middle slute
Tinre arenational banks In the
grOttn..f In -I.ties at.it territories which^he deatnwataa as the Western stales nr^these Monluna bus hut i!. She has In ad^^dition 1.1 hanks In liquidation and nine^lh.it .ire Insolvent.
Tin-I'nlted State* aenloglcal survey has^completed lit. preparation of that part^ni the annual report on Hie Deal produ.^Ilea of the Untied States relating lo Mon^tuna. Hv th** courtesy of the compiler^Mr. Kdw.ird U Parker, the Standard
eorreenondeaylis anajMni la areaoas the
sametrom t lie ailv ,1111 e proof sheets. The
totalcoal pr.aluct nf the state is Hlven ai^I ~.i:t. tl.i short tons of a s|ail value at^t- \n~. Mr. Parker says the annual^coal Bmdnai of the slate ha* shown an^uninterrupted Increase each year since^1X77, and the gain In the prndllcl and^v..In. nf ihe preceding year was phenom^^enal The increase in production In the^year covered by tlie present re|Mirt. I.,^however, nnlv aUH short tons aj aualnsl^iTn.ilw tin- preceding year. This was ac^^companied hv a sharp decline iii value.^Hi.' in dial loss amouniihK to 1T.7I : :i more^than tit) |mt cent, of the total decrease In^tit.- viilue of the hltumuiiioiis prnducl of^the entile lulled Stales The value per
thi lined from UM to II 1; The value
per|aa In IvS^ was t'..HI. indbatlng a tie.^Hint nf alsiiit ;t'. |s-r cent, in four MBH
Therewas a decrease in th. number of^mlio-s worked from * In l^!M to -.'l 1.1*1
Veal.KlloWillK a tendency toward Kleater
proiliulion .11 ttie larger mine* ami Hie
[astrous. No tr.-usurv can stand ihe drain^{ caused bv a high bounty for any length^of time The prairie dog and soulrrel^' Ismail- law of Montana, passed In lv^7^remained In force but six months before^I the fund* In the treasury were exhausted^i The coyote bounty of l^W! not unlv . \^haunted the regular appropriation of^J HS.Iwa. hut necessitated a deilclency ap-^' propriulloii of 117 !4.t to pay lb.- claims^I which were presented against the slate,^j ^Tin- applicant Is usually n,pi,red 10^p|^,te miller until where the animal was^I killed and III Hantaan he must also Hi^affidavits of two resident taxpayers of^ilintv wlre ,a ipiainted with him
Istill Who believe Hie i iii 11101 lo have la-en^; killed as . Inline.I The Montana law de^^clares Ihe slteration or counterfeiting of^scalp certificates to Is- forgery; .wealing^1 falsely to nihil.1..1 perjury, punishabil^^ity Imprisonment from on*' to ten years,^I while patching or presenting punched^I skins Is delined as a misdemeanor pun^^ish, ilde by a tine not exceeding 9M or^I Imprisonment for not more than three^j BfeBUlne. With all these precautiona^^ against fraud no reference Is made to^' rulslng animals for bounty, a malt.r^1 which has some times given rise to se-^I rious iroiihl. tail which Is expressly^mentioned in the laws of only a few^states '
Inconclusion Professor Palmer uncii-d^his objections to ihe bounty system under^four main heads The expense, which is^usually out of all proportion lo th. h. m -^tu t t.uio.l snd may la- greater than the^count v or state can afford. It Is Impossi^^ble lo maintain bounties in all parts of^lite animal , range for any length of^closing of smaller operations This is no- ' ,|m^ Kunal rules are Imiaisslble in all^Ilea tat In ntnar llBlaa, The numla-r ^f ^,,,,., |.Hrm.iti^ fur animals Imported
ejMteyaataniaunu] Irani MM in MM p, rrn)n uttml states for annjnMr.
.::;:,m I KM und the average workingi Mi sculps. (or for animal* raised
nm. tn,m H lo ::i dnys The following HIa||v tnr t|^. bounty. .annot
table- given showing the details of Mon-1 ^ rnMtd. These objections ha*'- MAT.
t.111.1production tor the year covered by,r been satlsfactorllv overcome, and most
i'ln.lnnatl .^New York^i'h vi land .
1itlaeli H'he.tsi. Ml does not ' Chicago
comentra as a uniananlalUn of any
p.'liti.al party, and w^- do not receive^him as members of any political patty.
Misstliace Hryan was nut feeling He comta here as an American, only
welland did not go with tin patty on^this trip The ladies in the party were^Mrs. Brvan. Miss WHch, Mrs. James^Shields. Mrs. John It. Toole. Mrs. B,^K. Moore. Mrs. Mllversted. Mrs. Cohen. .^Mrs. Mckenzie ami others. Among^the gintbmen were Mr. Hryan. Con^^gressman Hartman. Senator Lee Man- I^^!. ^taster Matts, Dr. Sirelman. John^It. Hlckcy. Dr. McKenxle, R. T. Wil^^liams. P. Cuddlhy. K. A. Smith. CM. ,^0*1 da IT 11. M. tireig. J. B. Loaee und^Judge Sloan of Missoula.
Mantis Daly had charge of the party^mm . ondui ted them through the^works, making explanations of the^various parts of the smelting process.^The party wen tetken to the works by^H train over the high line. They vv.ni^first to the concentrator and the lower^works, through which they were^show 11 From there they were trans^^ported over the trolley line to the con^^verter, after viewing which they wen^taken on the low line of the H., A. ^v^V. Mm refinery Here they were^anon a the electrolytic process of re^^fining and a s|s'cimen was given to^each member of the party. The work^^men here knew In advance of th v isit^nf Mr Hryan and a numlier of ^ upper !^signs with the words ^Welcome to j^Bryan.^ were on display.
Mr.Hryan made a short speech In^which he cordially thanked the boya j^for the welcome they extended to him.
Th.party left the hotel at 1:15 1^o'clock and returned at 12:51.
Threeg.ntlemen of the party who)^had been seeing tfTT ladies to tlx- train |^drove In a hack to the lower works
belonginglo that party which honors^Ihe flag and kc ps step to the mush of^the union 1 Applause 1 II is not neces^^sary fcr ine to MM v^ what ho has^done for the nonjUJMa people .It Amer^^ica. H has b^ en then u^ a* I a.let n^the past, he Is their leader to-day. and^we will win bimetallism for America^alone, through his I. adership. 'Ap^^plause. I Fellow citizens. I shall now^introduce htm to an audience of Mon^^tana people It is my pliH.ani privi^^lege at ibis hour to present to you i.ur^great commoner, the Hon. Wiiliain J.^Bryan af Nebraska.
Pittsburg..^. 1 ,o.i.*v Ma
1St. Uiuis .
.m^ci^^ t*
Countv^Oajn ade^Wnltaitn^OnUatta^Mi nntr
'CarlMiu la-wis^and Clarke .
1km Bl^I'W phi
Price[.. i lull
IM1 a
Hellrove the PuMM Home (or sn Hour
midn eluni.er.
Amidloud and v^ it' u* , h.ers and^applause Mr Bryan stepped forward^and faced the multitu l
Atsight of th- orator the 1 h.-era were^renewed and they u ntinued for some^minutes until at last uujrl ^a* .1.^tained in response to Mr. Ilryan'a up-^Ittl .1 Lands
Tian-lerof Oftleer..
naetnlDMnal ' Id Iks Standard.
Washing!.. Aug H^Army officers'^transfers kavi le-en made as follows^Hs-coihI Li-1.0 imiit Thomas M. Corcoran^from the No ' . cavalry tn the Tenth^cavalry. tr^^ ip U: Second Lieutenant^Lanuing Parsons, from (he Tenth cav^^alry to tin Klata cavalry, tresip L. Or-^o, red t'. I 1 ^ nv. iiworth lap examina^^tion for preps nt ton, Captains Khhurd 11
l'l.ill in.I 1 . 1 ^* L. Cooper, Ti nth
airy Cnarler U DaMpaai Sc. ..ml Infan^^try; Fir-i I ^ itaaanM James W Wut^son anil I'dTrlpii and Second Lieu-
teiinntWilliam T. Johnson. Tenth uv^alrv Trnnaftn In Tenth cavalry. Lieu^^tenant- S m It Freeman, troop M t..^I troop K: WIWaM K. Hay. troop U to
Il oop M
Tot.ll*I.'.*! 44n
In Cascade inly there were
Min- warMat uni
i'h..1,.111eight. Willi 14. Ill OnaalM three^with In Maafker and Park live, with
1laws have r.ui-d ilish one or another
'hi's , ,,f these cans. ..
^'liveHounites Ituve hut resulted iii tile . x-
termination'if ^ single species In thu^1^^ t'nlted Slates, and have failed even in^1 the Island of He-rmuda. which has an area^nf less than .11 sipiare miles The destine.^Hon of 11 million ground s.pdrrels In one^county In nTunMaajMU tU ibu cxtermi-^nate ihe sp.cles and Muntaim. ^ killing^712.IH2 ^i|Ulrrels and IMtKTx prairie dogs^In lxs7 oroliul.lv made little impression on^the total numlsT In the stale.
F.laimson-Bi rlbner. th* agrostolngist^of the department of agihulture has n-^ceived .1 lariC' number of replies from
vis;ind 1 'larke^Mntitana coal
1in.petalc Sttand.
AugH -The Khalifa ha. rant-
addressedth ,.^.-,.'.^ fot at, hour I monMl,'-' 'I*^^^* n^h^^
anda quarter as followigeneral ol Ih. I^ervl-h force., to Om-
lurmant: u p near Khartoum where
it.paring to make s final^land against the .oivn.i . -^of ihe Am ^ Knvptlan forces up ihe Nth
Mr.Chairman. Ladies and lientle
BMBi I scarce ktrnn what one attould,h
sayin speaking In an a.i.li. ni l.keand desp-1^this upon auch an npenak I! I ^rtr
further tasl I wduld let I thai M
mightbe neiewaary' U^ enter Into a 'lis-^tana the Rrrerd.
eussionof the questiem w hn h Is n^aNew y..il Aug. ll-A. W. Evan., the
est my heart, and foremost in theNew York Athletic pjHk whe.eiin.ni
minds of the American pee.pl. 1 IIbroke the s,.,te |^n.-nlle road record of
when eme talks to the |wnplt 'New Jei . riding the distant ^^ .11 ^.
andmet^ the^partv'Vh^ Vhl'le nass- *^^^' 11 m^m^ as if It was a us^-U-os^^or, 1 minuie and ^S seronda rhe
VS^J^^m^^L *5SL'_^f ^orl- if ^^^- ^ ^ ^ 1'ourse was two round trips from Khaa-^aon of Mis. Dyklic. stepped up 10 the1 (.Continued on Page Tw IJ | beth to N. w Brunswick.
Mont.in.1to Ma re. eiit Inquiries regarding^the grasses of the state which were suit^^able and most available for forage The^1 lerks of his division are enpagxl In com^^piling tho Information contained In the^Utilers received from the various Wastern^states. They will ultimately Ik- published^hv the department
lure,lor Charles D. Walcotl of the geo^^logical survey has gone tn Deudwood and^tnnatta t^ reach Butte the coming w.*ek.^It- will spend at least .1 fortniahi M^tana. ItoShuKl)
Indian,in tim..
SiouxCity. Iowa.. Aug. 14 -Telephone^r. port. front Homer Neb (ell of trouble^with the Italians on th. Winneluigo rsser-^ration near there. The agent last night^Ontkan iippenre.! for the first time .1- 1 t,-^plione.l Sheriff Borrew*kt nf Dakota^eoal MOdlH il In I^** ' aacnda Ml res.rd county tn wire the I'nlt.sl State* marshal^74 per cent and Carbon 2^ per rent, bin at thnaha to come at once with s force of^Park decre.i.cd over pe* '.a tons ''deputies. The Indians commence*! yes-
The^.-ar book of the department of m- terday to . , i. hrate the sale of their wheal^rlctilture loiitain. .1 valuable artlele on -op bv a war dance around the agency
It., and In Carte nt and Ia^two. With '112 employes.
Thedevelopment of th^f'n Ills on n ittmm.i. Inl scale.^ says the n-^latrt. ^dates front ^vi Previous to that^year the largest output was in MM when^the amount pnalucd was Xri.4ti abort^tons. Iiurlnrr Ke: . \t. nslve improvemeni.^were made 111 the Sand Coulee mines In^Cascade countv Mining machine* were^trnduced and the output of the country^was mcrcaaed over I'.i per cent^from^.'42 l^ short tons in |.S2 to M,*^^ -I ..i t^Ions In IW The Im reuse In this eoui.lv tn^1**4 Bra. more than threi times Ihe total^Int reas.- in ihe state The gain in *'a^.^was In part nff.et bv ^ .lecrease of atsnit^^ per cent. In Park. In IMS Case ad. and^Park tt.it*i showed treaty Increases and
theanlefnxlnation of imxious animal* 1^I bounties. It was prepared bv T. S. Pnl^ni.-r MM assistant of Ike biological PJP^v.v of the department. In this art I. I-^he states that the laeuiity system has
I ^ xtremely unsatisfat let9 and yen
costhin prat tles*, and Ihe mere fact thai^I more than s.* laws have been enacted^In the I'niied Slates would sc-m to show^that nBUUMei have nut atsrompllshed all^' that w..- - Mi^ te.1 or th.-m
Murethan a score of animals 111 th.
buddings,firing volley, trom their flre-^anna and uttering Mandy threat, agaicst^the re. rvatlon authorities About H ar^^tn arms.
le.10, ^,. , pi.,|
U'a.hlngtan,Aug;. 14-The I'nlon Iron^work, of San FranxIs. o has accepted the^navv department'a t-nn^ fot dlairoeii'^,,a,..r for the awJnkeads ef the hettlseklp^Wis, ..now wader ntti't ruction al
th.r *lnp^ard.
AnxietyWill Prevail Until thn^Injunction Hearing.
Labor Leaders Krom All Over ton^Country on the Oround-Thoy Are^Bnthuataet! Men aa Solid aa^a Kock -ti owing Scroncet.
Pittsburg,Aug. 14 ^ For Ihe next tw^^dais the .ye 1^ the Industrial world^will be turned toward Pittsburg. The^I greatest anxiety will prevail until lion-^da^ when the Injum tn.n prncetdtattw^again.1 the marching miners will be^tlnally heard. That there la much In- -^tercet 111 the situation Is evident by the^presence lore of a numlier of the fore- ^^most labor I,ad**t* in tin- country. Mi^^chael l^ Hat. hford. national president^of in. I'n.i d .Mine Workers of Amer^^ica Samuel Ooaantra, president of the^American Federation of 1-abor. and^Jam s R Henereign, g. neral tnaeter^workman of the Knights of lj^l,oi. ar^^rived hare ibis nfttmaoa and will re^^main a few daya. They came frnaB^Weal Vlralnln and were enthusiastic
Katchford.In an Interview, said that^the light is In a better condition to-day^than It vvaa ever In. 'The men aM^eolld aa a rock. They are growing^, stronger every day and there are mere^organ Iters among them than there knve^aver bee n. W- hav- r^acbed the paint^where vv.- are very much curtailing the^I output and where we have th^ courta^I to light In thts connection I wish to^say for every man that is incarcerated^i there will be psi friends for the cause.
Wedid not come here to defy courta^; and Judges in the discharge of their^1 -|^lalii duty as are know and understand^I It. If It be a crime to talk to men for^1 the i. Mr of trades unionism and call^them together in peaceable aaaembly,^j we are willing to met the caae. Fully 90^I per cent of the American people art op-^pos.-el to oppreaive conditions and If we^shrink our duty we would be unworthy^I of the trust and confidence repnaed In^us. Titer- was a feeling among some^of the miners In this atate and West^' Virginia that Ihelr ^ triers would deeert^. Iheni when injunctions went encoun-^! tered You may any for in- that the^offerers will stand by their faith and^, this great cause until the laat. We^1 have entered Into this contest jgi win,^and if we fail to do so It will be oc-^cause the miners thtinselves have not^taken out advice I do rot anticipate^this, however, for I am sanguine of vlc-^| lory If the mineis roadnct tbemaelvea
asthey have in th-* past.^^I Samuel 1 lumpers .xpresed a hopeful^view of the situation In West Virginia.^; He maintains that 13.000 of the 20.son^^ diggers of that state have joined the^suspension.^A series of meeting lo be addressed,^I by the labor leaders will be arranged.^E M. Kali hford. Cmnners and Sover^^eign will addreaa a big meeting at^Camp lb-eolation, which la expected to^I be one of the biggest meetings In ihe^Malory of tat strike. It la hoped tn^have nearly all nf the miners employed^hy the New York and Cleveland com^^pany at the meeting. Inactivity pre-^' \ailed at the camps of the strikers^I about the mines of the New Vork and^I Cleveland Has Coal 1 ompany all day.^After the return of the strikers^to camp this morning after their unsuc^^cessful attempts In marching In small^1 bodies they Ml tied down to await the^I result ^f the Injunction proceedings un^j Monday. While a number of strikers,^especially the foreigners, are anxious^for another march at Oakhill and Plum^Creek, it Is not thought there will be^any further developments until Tuea-^day morning. If the injunction Is con^^tinued it Is altogether probable that^! some of the m- n may march In order^I to get arrested. The reason for holding^j off to-day. It Is said. Is that the men^are in hop, s that the injunction will^I he uuaahed In caae they win. the^I strikers say they will camp right where^. they are and march every morning un^^til the strike Is won. The camp com^^missaries are well stocked with ajaas^j visions and the strikers will not suf^^fer.
Nomove will be made by th- sheriff^I towards raiding the camps until after^Ihe hearing on Monday. Tf the tnjunr-^j Hon Is continuous, he saya the camps^I will he broken up In short order. But^; under Ihe p-esent circumstances the^1 men can remai.i there as long na they^are peaceable and well behaved.
Asecret meeting of the Plum Crtelt^miners was held on the company prop^^erty this afternoon. The situation wan^discussed and It was agreed by a ma^^in nv to continue work. There was also^' a mass meeting of the strikers at Plum^Creek, w hich served to act as a stimu-^I lus m the men w ho had bet-i chafing^under the inactivity of ihe day. Ad-^ih esses v ere made b' 1 number of local^leaders, who counseled the men to keep^the is'ace and okey the law.
ItIs stated that several men who^were discharge.] from Oak Hill will be*^evicted from th-' company's houses on^Monday Such action promises to atlr^up a good deal of feeling among the^strikers and their friends.
TheHone mine of the Canonahurg^Coal company waa cl *^ i to-day. owing^to a re port that another march waa^contemplated Th- strlk rs in camp at^M.^(',..vonying no attention to
thesheriff's order prohibiting march^^ing.
TheHun.da mine n-t' Klixabeth.^was closed down again to-day Twelve^arrests of strikers for ills rd rly con-^dui t were made (o-dav and eight vea-^t rday Th-- men v .-re bronchi to Pitts^^burg and 1. dgtd in Jai! ^n d ,'ault of^bail The strikers made no teslataacn^w hen armsted
fortlleh-r Waee^.^llaatlton, Pa., tug. it.^The drivers aad^miners .-mplove.1 at the llouebnatk ank^hery struck .his morning for advanced^wages. Two drivers left Ihe strtnres'^rank, and were giiing- to work when^the striker* met them and trtel to per-^su ide them to come back. Superintend^^ent Jones put in an appearance. Jontn^w 1* kins k^*^l down antl kn ked. Lett^Watt* a . arpenter. who cease tn hie aM.^iv.is s tick u ^ - el 'v I: ^ i .* k nn.l^severelv Irtjerea The coal and Iron peHaa
t^^ called from the city, but kaBnMjy^their arrival the men dispersed.
tPike', Peak II,er.^cl.* Spr'na-tug It ta
prndedkstwten twu immense aareplanea^mad. bv himself V*. H Pelt- snil attempt^to-morrow to fly from th^ lowering auav
;mlt 01 Pike's Peak.

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