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Theevent of the most .x,ntftil xxr.k
that Anaconda lias known has In
thevinit ^I Mi. ami Mis. William .)^ li^^ning* Itr.xan M ^* \\^ I. Ii. Miss.* KuiIi^and Stare Bryan ami Master William^Bryan. Testerda.x afternoon Mix .1^F. Spelman gave an appropriate ami^delightful lunch m honor Ol Mrs^' (Ireen of Annapolis Red. vvrm. and^blur \x^re the prominent ^^olort'. Those^preaettt |Hi Mrs Reran, Miss^Welrh. llfNtann- Bnrgvnnt, tinrilun,^Durston, Donatio.. Maxwell, Mnrill^Rolwri*. Winston, l'lswoilh. Wel-^cnr. Williams. shield*. MrHenste^FVrkovrr. tVLeaty ami Itrow nice.
OnMonday Mr. and Mrs W II^Bums. Mr. and Mri N^ H Sl*l and^Mr. W. II. Hum*. Jr., auixrd f r ^ ^ tti^th. Fast On Tuesdax ikmiii Mi. and^Urn Hums went la Helena.
onTuesday evening Mr. and Mm.^F. W. r^MkOtrer and MiKs Dwatsn^(hm an informal dance for Mi. and^Mr* ^ir^^-tr
Mafa. w. II liuiiis. W H ^ Ireen^and W. H. Hums. Jr. spent |^aii of^tile week In Idaho on what ntNrtrSn^to be a nowi. su, crssftil hunting I ^|^ -^dltlnn.
Mrand Mrs ' li.nl. - Mucl'alliim^hare returned from a trip throngs I ha^Yellnxvstoii,1 park.
Mr.C, K. Adam*, who has Urn mak^^ing an ntnM Eaatrrn Utur, will ar^^rive homo lo-dity.
IIOmen^U u n
IMini,i. t It. Week Mr* \^has btrti th* gXM II uf Mis i^aton.
OnTuesday Mr and Mis I]^Keynolds ptnfrted on a toui of.
'Baitamcities. .
Mr.and Mis. fi. W K,uk^1 of
Huttenrere In Ana. on,la vest, id.i'.
Mrs.Ilaurhc Han is lias iHiii ih iI^from Yakima Wash, where she has^been visiting her parent* and rein-^Uvea.
Mis*Mahlc Sharp of Catiolt in vis^^iting her cousin. Miss Julia McOuIn,^'of Rutto, fur ^ few days.^. On Friday uftcrnoon Mrs. ii. II^Wins-ton entertained about M hull, I In^honor of Mrs. ilteen. Kach lady^dressed a pipe in tissue paper. Mrs.^Odson skillfully trassfot mod her pip.^1ntn a vjllaker maiden, row tied In^mauve, and \herefoi r motived ^ lit si^prlte a handsome nil alas-: dish
Mr.and Mrs Itoanlman of Deer^I^dgc are guest* ai the Montana.
Mr.and Mrs. L ^l Smith lefl town^for a ylait at the Daly residence at.^Hamilton lasi Monday. Mr. Smith re^^turned Wednesday.
MissMinnie Malloy of Helena la xlslt-^fnc her un^ le. J. It. Malloy, at :!l^ Mast^Third street.
Mrand Mrs. F 1 (lutio and chil^^dren am) Mr. and Mrs. K. H. I.lttbi^^v111 be among the campon of the ing^Hole valley for the aasl aniak or id^days.
werecrow n wnliin 111 i Ity'* llmlli and
ereall Baltl s ovwi
MissXI',. luimley returned home^Wcdiiesdav afln h|m nding several^arnsha with Ii r man) fi inula In Dillon^and \ li Inn\
MissNellli II tul^ n entertained a^aamaer ol net young frlenda Frldav^evening ai hei home on Colorado^sin. I
Thenianj frlenda ^ i Mlaa Amelia Ll^i'hap|n'll, ^ill I. l: i i. veil to hear that^she will leave Kept IT. to attend the^College of Molilalia al Deer Loila foi^a year, ali. i which she will haw fw^Paris foi iwo years, la take a .ours, m^an and iiium.
MisHoward Paarfcftl has r^turn.,I^from Iowa.
Mm.William E Hall of Spokane la^the nil. si of Mi and Mrs. I*. M New^bro.
MrsJ H. Ball i of llolae la visillnn
Path,k t'laik and family of BaakMM^are the jtuesls ol llutte friends.
Hit ieaaweifl of th. MaaHana Jour^^nal will leave wiih his wife to-day far^a thre.. weeks oiitliiK In the Si H.-kis^i oiinli y.
Attorn.\ and Mrs C. M. Parr and^Miss Klla S^ifl aava relumed from ih.-
Yellowstonepal k
BaaWMlR Moral of ih.. Indiaiiapolis^S. Illlllel is iii the . ||y
Mrs.J. K. liunn leave a i . eptinn yes^^terday aft. rn.m.n In honor of her sister.^Mrs Midal.j. of Ball l.ak. . Thje 4fro.^rations wi re ..f swe. i peas and eaeh^lady i^ii xeii i was pres'iiied with a l.ou-^quel. Mm. (Sunn was aaialed by her^ninth.t. Mrs. Clayton, ami l.y Mis. J. rt
Th.neeplioti |a Mr. and Mrs Bryan^M ^ i-liadow e^| eOllflhhai else I he pasi '^veek ami. In fart, little was atiempied '^In the way of s.s luI affaiis l., \.,ii,|^the pKeptlou of the iil^ s icii, ' Mi.^Hryan and ckUdreM a em taa Kii.sts^at Mi^ Chariaa JV, Clara al ih* Clark I
mldeni-edurini; th. n sln\ In iliis ell). |^i in Thursday evenlni she received al 1^the parlors of the. MoDermotl natal,^beiuc Jnliodueed la Um ladi.'s of Hie^. ll] (u Mr*. J i;. Uli kutds. Full) .
1.Ot^i ladies -Ik .Mi- Hryan'* hand
and initial's . x. hanged a I- w words ,
xviihii. i. everybod) wreeini ikad Mm
Hryanis I rerj In iithl. pteaaMI and |^wnsil'li lady, Aftei I hi teneral re^^oaplloa Mrs. Hryan r hat led for soin.^ilme with the njcnbtm ul the ladies^l ^., 1.1 ion committee nl ^,il
TheBryan eklMren aem alvoa ih.ir^full aaan ,-i atlenUon while In the city.^Tin- children of Mr. and Mis. Hear)^hllvirmun in. i tie Bryan children al^1he depot with two Utile d.^K euils an,I^ihe shr-tlaml ponlea drea them up the^hill In the proceaalon. Th.- Bryan^eaildmn were entertained at dinner^Friday by Mrs. J M. giinili.
Dr.and Mrs CampbtlI, Mr and^Mis K. K. Qalkally, Mr. ami Mis II^ll. Paxaon and Mr. ami Mis. Charles^Sehatzl-ln left Thumday niKhi on a^month a eamplni! trip to Yellow si.me^I ark
FatherMcMahon of Minneapolis is^the (tuest of Jaer) Mullln of this ^11
w.H. Bbvrk i.fi yaaterdai to at^^tend the ii. a. it. convention al Btif^^fal^ i.
Mrs.Benson and Mrs. 'l av lor lefl^laat week for a three woks' slay al^Boulder Spi iiiks
MissBelie, i a I.ann.li.-vill.' of Ana*^ronda Mas lh^ Kii.st of Mrs Joseph^Perron a f^ v\ .la\s ill. past week^, Mm. D. 11. WlII i in.-r ami aauarhter^Warjory of Walk.rvllle. and Mis. .1.^Fltwrald lefl Monday over Ihe^Northern Pacific for an extended rlall^|B Toronlo and other nisi, in point*
Captainand Mrs C. H. Palm, i and^Mm. Dr. Fieund k|h lit the w..h al^Lyndale
Mrs.Thnmaa l.ay.ll. is simiiiIiiik a^few da\s al Sail Lake
Mr*.W. S. Tallani will leave In a^few days for Si Paul and CbJCAga to^b^- sone several months.
Mr. whn inntertalaed Mn
JamesFort.is. Mrs Murray. Miss Daly.^Messfs. Korbis and XVill Thornton al^breakfast at Lyndale on Tburadaj
Mr.and Mrs W B. Hamilton havi^taken apartments at the I.ymlule for^the halamf th. season
Amonitthe \lsiuim at l.ymlale la-t^^Atek were Mr. and Mis .1 K t'laik.^Mr. and Mrs Janus Foil.is Xlis^Blackford. Mr. and Mrs HodgeMB,^Col. and Mrs. limit. Mrs. Dr. Marray^Mr. and Mrs Harry Luke, Mr. and^Mm. W. B. Thompson Mis Hi, kinan.^Mlaa Boner. Miss limit. Miss Daly.^Miss Hickman. Miss Hall. John Km^bla, Dr Johnston.. In Hnnlicnn. C^W. tloodale. J II Vivian. Dr. Hall^Joe caae. Mi. Whitmoie. Win Thorn-^ton.
Mm.t'haibs it Leonard has i -^turned from a six monlJis visit t^ lh^^hom^ of h^ r parefita In Carthace, 111
MawNora Y. Shannon has :^California to be the ku^ st of Mr- l-;i^l.n Maateraon of San Fiamis... for a^few months.
Mime*Mary Cranfle and I'll. ^ i ^^McDonald left Friday ,v.ninr lor^Bcseman. where the) will Jon.^u. lag to th. National park Th^y^-Mill be gone als.ui ih w.
Thoaewho saw the beautiful bouipj.i^which Mrs Hryan carried at th. p^tlon -riven her by lh^- ladies of Butte at^th^- McDermott parlors on Thursday^evenlna can never apraln say that Butte^haa no Mowers The li.ui.iu.i was the^ajlft of Mm. C A. Jackson of W.st^Park atreet and was mad. of lovely^rosea. ^l^teen whit- ucms and on* yel^^low one. emblematic of tin iai o 00 II^t.. l. advocated by the dlatincutsbed^champion of silver. Mm Bryan was^Impressed with the fact that the rose*
Basin.Aue II Basin, like al' Ihe^^.iher towns MtrMHaatJaal Bwtte, has^been pra :i. Hlly taaaitcd fn^ lb* pa i^HMM day^. 1A ,i y'^^l;. wn, poll Id p-ja
ibiynet away w.i. to near Bryan
Alame numlxi' ..| Hem w.ut to^Butle Tin isday morion :. and nut few^^ f Until aniyed MM iHltll I n^ iii rn-^kaB,
I-act Saturday al^bl :i social daia'e^was xh. n at I.. ,,,) ,v HtllU ,in s.^^hlch was well attendVd mil are.itly^ebioyi ^i
JosephKuhworth is apendlbg ^ fa^^days in Hun
Mi- John Forrest i r. aftST :i r.si-^den.. of Mart) a year In I'.a-i I, I.,^removed to Hun,
Mv.iyday or two a tlshinj; part) Is^niRanlte.l here to . tit In p i. - i; of^that Sport in Hi.- numeroU* , x. . Mi nt
Iranisireains thai abound in ihb sat^il. n. Th* Bra) ^f the week 11. in v^S. hupp ami John II. Kill nl ll,,- | 1 , ,^and Mr Hend.i-ks ol Butt* speal a^couple ,,f days nabhta al ill.' heal of^P.iisin .nek and brouBhl bach i catch^of IM tlsh^Th.- Sundav rrrumloa* front P,Utt
oy.ilb* Ureal Man Bern lo ib!i nbtc*
anI.. . oinlnu quit* popular, and last^Sunday there was a Ian. numltdf ..f^BaM* p.opl. In re la . nj..v Ihe msh
airami rani shad., b*a*ath ihd Ireaa
aloimBasin's Iparfcllnd I.rooks
\.U Duftv, rashler of Ih* lumber^n partMeut of the Anaoond* Copper^Minim; On, al Butts, was in I iWM on^bualnea* Wednesday and Tbarolay,
MissR. M. CHIbert. who has lien^xisitina i f*a days w,iii Miss Morrow,^has ratarned to Hun-.
lion.(i.nri.-e'F HaitMt is ^*v*f fr un^Bulrs this moraine:.
MissiJovmi Boulwam return J bow*
Sun,lav flam a weeks visit In It-it
JoeX lJuail of Hi. Ml vv York .i.un'-^ual staff and I'nmilv wer.- lu itasln^the llmt of the week. Mr, yuall bus
Homeviiinnnie ralalaa Interests bcra^ami h- stopped lo see how nlT a Irs */tr*^pi ..tti. sHim; ii., is la iuk transferred^fiotn ihe Journal to Um Rsamlnet at^San Francisco, and lefl beta lor Ihal
piac.Wi dues.lux mornlnii.^Captain John Bhaahan was in llutti
the 111 st of Ihe week.
Mrs. Krank WelKensteln pre* iit-,1
inrbaaband wiih twin, last Satur^^day mertiln^. Ikdh an nil Is, one^vv. iiibiiiK seven and a balf and the^otbt r ' iKhI pounds.
MissAnna Kelly of MUttS was vis^^um; b*r* the lllsl of the VVe.k.
Mi--suinn. t oi Boulder span) Bat-^nr.lay and Sunday wiih Basin friends,
MissHuvvhy who has been vlaltlng^several days with Mi. in.I Mis. Z- ph^I .anas-1, n l limed Tuesday.
Mi-sl*lorence Broushton and slater,^Miss Lillian Brought on, came over
fromWalk-ivill. and Will remain ^^l.^ days with th- Mtaae* Diiscoll.
one..r the most popular tSMsiurtor*
onth- Montana .'. ntial railroad is^Prank Blnffbam, and he la eapex'lally
|h,pularIn Basin Tuesday eVettfM
whenthe Butt*) local arrived ^ nun^^Ih r of Basin . it in ns wars at the de^^pot to prrs.nl Mr BIlMjban With
monatrou*bouquet ol lb* most b autl
fillllowers to Ih' found Kioivinn In 111-^toxxn. which w.re from lbs nar.lcn of^Mr Prince.
InGreat Palls.
tirealFalls. Anc It The social^whirl is still ,. nt, re.I in ihe mountains^on the Blackfool r-^, i v.illon and on a^visit lo far-off Kasln I Ml nds Tie^monotony r. mains unluok. n save for a^few Kastern uuests who an spi tidlUK I^xa-ation wllh friends h-re
Th.Or. at Kails luiseluill club nave a^dance al lllvemide Pink pavilion on^W. dnesday -veiling, vvhi. b was vv, II^attend.si The intention was to hold l|^at ihe L*bn bouse, inn ih .lav awoved^so warm Ihal in the aft*lnooa .it was^d. elded to chanac n to the park The^short Batted of the chana- ^^^ r-spoii^slide for a larger crowd m.t hrlag^present.
Miss Minnie i'..in-llus. one of the^most |s,pillar yout.j- ladies in ill. **tt)^returned Monday from ai ^ mhi w, ks^xlslt to friends at Dupuv.r ami the
SandCoulee is uiaklnK ^r. at pri pa ra^^tions to entertain a larm- , i-.w.l on La-^Is.r day. H*'pl ti. Aiuoiik I h |ihaauim^to be accorded visitors is a trip through^ihe mines to witness how . ..al is mitten^out.
WilliamBhetmer Ii ft on Thursday^nlKht for a visit to Buni|ie. lb will^sis-mi ^ season at Curiabad and than go^lo Freiburg for a four years' i ouraa at^s. limit
Flank\V W.I,-i r and faintly, ac-^.oinpaniid by a fan friends, have gone^lo ihe springs in-ar Augusta for three^v\. -ks
TheMisses Kngrl of MusraUm), la.,^have been vIsititiB th. Misses livvynne^have n-turned home
MissAank Bi IB) i populat yonni^lady of Wlnoona. Mum . is visiting Mis*^Nellie ph. . ii. y ..f \.. .... Thud avenue
Mm.F. C Barber and children will^reiutn to-morrow altera two months'^visit to r. lativ. s ii
Hmn^To Dr an,I Mi- i' A Brady,^on Wedn-sda.v afternoon i in pound^babf hoy ll..th mother and child arc^doing well
Mr.and Mrs. M. J. Skinner and chil^^dren have Rone p. th^ iii lutnalns for a^woak'a vacation
Hon.H^i,i.. H 1.. k luatk of the
supr.ni-'^Hsri. spent a tew days ka t*s
citythis week. .
Hornno Ties,lav to Ml. and Mdji^T K Brad) .^ bouncing baby airl^Koih moth, i and child are in excellent
Ann-Kglol who has been Malting^In Unite for two weeks past, returned
in To Mr and Mrs John I.. Boss^mi W. dnesday a son.
0mmTo Mr. ami Mm. John Hin.ih^of :,H Barons' street south, a son.
Toinoi row tit, ll. riimnn of ^he city^will enjoy a picnic at Yolks' park. This^event was to have incurred July Is. Inn^was postponed on account of IB*^weather.
Mi John Caff of Host hi Height*^l.fl Tuesday mxht for a visit to Chi
no xuy I Mr. and Mrs. m I'
Marshof Big sandy win aaMMrat*
Uarlrsilver wedding.
i'aidsissii'd Thursday 01111011111.' th^-^rrystal aradMIng of Mr and Mrs T A^Staph al their home .,11 the w.st side,^lo lake place on Monday evening next
HugoUlebantlau of the B. * m^smeller tores is visiting fin nds In^llouglit ^n. Mi. li.
Misllmhl and charming daughter,^Miss Lucille. Is visiting friends In the^city.
H11 Xli l'ailan.1 and family have n-^1 uin*-)I In 11 a several days n ip to the
OnMonday evening last. In Ihe par^^lors of Ih. I'll^ house. W. II. I'rockfol',1
andMiss Klla Maud Daxies ol Shelby^Junction w. re made man and wife. Mr^Crorfcfoed Is a prosperous rum her and^Mis. rrorhrord bus been a i-ignlllg
belleIII Shelby.
Mrs.Oaurga W Taylor and rhlldrea^have koiii* to v isit 1. lativ. s lu Kan^tu. ky
PH, Cnmpfaetl and wife of Lombard^ar* spending 11 week In the city.
BohStone and family and Charles
KFrench have k 10 ihe headwater*
ofSun river on a vacation.
JamesDonovan and family and Na*^^in.in .1 Vi 11* and family have rat umad
Hornan outing Hi St. Mary's luke.
Ml1 Jennie and Katharine McDonnM^of Cbotsna an- xlsiting friends in Ihe^city.
I - Brigbl and wife of High^I
arevisiting In Ihe cliv ibis week.
Dr,0. II. chase and family have re^^turned from an outing al Hlghwood.
MisS M H*tllag has gone to CM-^, ago to remain until fall.
KrankCoombs has returned from I^weeh'a trip In iiriiish Columbia.
FredJ Sevigne. A. .1 Thud-, chail s^Wright ami Allien Brtchaon bava re^^turn ed f 1 .mi a Ibrss w-.ks' nip^thioiigli Yellow stone pin k on tle-ir^wheels
OnTin-lav .veiling last the Y. P. S.^C K ggVS a very pleasa 111 ^ellterl .1111
nwnlal th Bbtch Bagw pav ilion. Th-
eventwas precaaded by a ttolly 1 :d-^lasting an hour.
MnyniPllagernM n nu n d Sunday^frt ni Butte, a in ri b* sp, m s-v ml
Mr.and Mrs. Q. H 11Irk*k are , x-
pactedto return heane In-nMsrrow from^a wvernl weeks' vlsli to South Nur-^vvalk. Conn.
Mis-Oara OUchriat bus gone la in-^dlanapnll on 1 11-0 Bna n ill ^Ml
herold noma al Cedar Kalis, la.. Before^ret 11 ruing.
M1a Fred .1 Ai thur has g,,n,. |o bt t^fcrmet home ai Ktncarden, .int.. |o^s|ietui tin summer
InVirginia City.
VirginiaCity, Aug. It, On Baturd^F
eveningal lbs home of Mr. and Mi's.
NelseCole Miss Nellie Cole . iiI el IhI In . I^a uuiub. 1 ol het; 1110*1 Intimate Ulcllil-^Thc ... cast..11 was thai of celebrating^Miss Nellie's 24th birthday, The even^^ing una spent in 1 aid playing and^oth.r games. Near Ihe close of Ihe^. veiling light refreshments were **1 I ed.^Those present were Mrs. Lena Jabnes,^Miss Laotta Klllng, Miss Mabel Riling,^Mi-s Anna NebtOB, Miss Nellie gplller,^Butte, and Miss ,|,i^. Pony. Messrs. II.^R, Bteflfena, L 0. Hall. J. II Pank.y^and w \ Btavenaan.^f'harhw Lnns lefl last wsab far Butte,
wlnie In- has secured a position.
CbnrleaWalter* of Sheridan, mans-^gar ami one al Ihe Brm of Henry Riling^K Co. ..f that place, spent a few Inuns
inibis 1 it* laturdny.^ThomaaThegtan of Tin gtondnhl sp. nt
Siindiivin lb- i Uy,^Louis Klser was in from lll.iin Springs
1leek litis week.
1.m. Onertain of Balmnn city, Idaho,
sp,ill a fi a day s in th* city last week,
prepa rater) la leaving for lb* Kton-^dyke country. Mr Onertain, sbonM ba^go 10 iii Kk ndyke regions, as ha now
int.nds. will no doubt be the oldest, or^imonp the oldest men lu th^ cainp, as^h. Is now past Ig, bin say s bt is Just as^hale and beany as ever and Is certain^he 1 an siainl Ihe trip.^Misses Minn ami Nelll Page iff Twin
Bridges,accompanied by their frlenda,^\li La lb rope, Miss dodder and Miss^Bbodaa, at Des Moines. Iowa, and Miss^Comfort, of Twin Bridges, pass-d^through th- .uy one day last week en^route for Mrs. Qeorga Bums'. Bngui,^win 11 Ibe party spent a few days
campingami v isiting friends. On their^return nip throngs, tin cltj Bnnday^tiny were entertained by Mrs. x s.
Hall111 dimmer
WilliamA. Walton. John Ketnlii.ks^and wife and I! K. Smith of FfOVl^d. nee. Ii. I . arrived in the city last
w.ekto nrganhv and Incorpocat* 11^^ ^^Bertha Mining campnn) under the
laws nf Ihe slate of Montana. William^\ Union will be pre Idenl and John
Kendrickaa* t rafn and ireuaurer^The genthrmen were w.:i satbtsVd ox*ei^ihetr mine, which is under th^' able^managemrnl of c. L Hatha amy, On^Tuesday Mr Kendrick* and wife and
it.K. Smith left for a PI days' trip^through He National park under the^gin,Ian.' of C H. Bui.^ I The pany
donot In land to ,1,, anj ,,imping, but
putup at the hotels and way stations^along the rout. The member! of the^party will l av- Mr. Buford at Ctnna^bar. Wyo., and take th- nam back to^their hom.s in lib...I. Island Mr. Wn'^ton is still in ihe city, not hav ing com^^pleted all lie necessary I^.-mess ol toe^. ompany.
KraelusP.nigh of Jack Creek was in^the city this weak on business
Mrs.Pel. 1;. ar uf tSr.mlt. 0 . k sp. nt^cue day in the city on business this^week.
RichardHei hold of Bberldan, the^propcietoi of the Mm crck Bonring
mills,w.i- among our weekly visi^^tor*
P.It K.llv of Lam in was in the city^Monday loaded with produce from Ins^farm
TomN'.vos and W c M.White of^Sheridan spent a few day* In the city^attending to legal business. Meaee*^Noy.s and xvhiti are axtnuatveiy inter-^^ ste^i 111 mlnhag nbav she''.' '.
eorgeLyons ami daughter from
Lyon.I pp-r Msdison were in 111. ctt)^a MMnber of days last week, itavlng^come to the city on account of the Ill^^ness ,,f Miss Lyons.
Ageyaer |iarty front Butte passed^through the city Sunday, consisting of^J. H lilHirl. wlf, and two sons.^Charles Freller and wife. John Furley^and p.ter Peterson. Th.' party #xp'H
tobe out six weeks.
Mrs XVm-ds or HiibyCre^-k. Cppel
Madironvalley, was Inthe city this^we. k on b-ral business
Jimorion of Bntaes faanatrbj of this
,ily sp. in ihe vv.-k .11 the city, mak-
-ami friends
-..I!1 liana, the^height of Its
nigiln- trip on his bicycle. This Is the^liiM all wood wheel ever In the
WillThompson of Wigwam made a^It) ng trip lo the city Saturday.
Jaik Mayan, Jr.. of Sheridan was one^of Virginia's vl*ltom this week.
ThomasII Teal and Chaib - c.ambel^,| Sheridan paaed through toe city^guadn) fram an eight weeks' trip^through the Nati.nal park and sur-^',,1111,ling country by overland convey,^anc . The boys reported having had a^splendid time. Thecal now talking of^,.^Hilling for Alaska.
GilbertWheat of Twin Bridges,^in ph. w of County Clerk Stiffen*. I*^vlsltlns in ihe city this w-. k
(Benell Harrington of Hutte. eon^..I Mi and Mrs. Fav.it Harrington^of that pla. ^ t-i ni-rlv reaidenta of this
ity. spi nt Tin sday in t In- city, lilenn^and Mrs. Harrington am sp. tiding a^|. ,\ weeks iii the Ma.lis,,11 valley, hav^^ing been summoned b) teb'irraph lo
con11 account of |be serton* Bblss
ofMr Howns Mrs, H i ' iigl 'tl * fath^^er Ai this time he i- 1 potted to be^improving.
SII Bufonl made a l ying trip to his^iam b Sunday.
IIS. 1lilb.11 spenl Suiiiliy on the^Meadow creek, overlooking ircrcatt
Ai,In, .Met low 11 J p. 1, tuiad Sun^^day from a Ihrei weeks' tup to Kilt^l.ak- and Prov,,. when VI; MeOotxn^has been visiting rela te^Ha 1 . |,,^ ts b,n nig k spi^. .unit 1 y being in the
beautyal this time of ^
Jake^ riaaninti ^f pony and tleorge^I' .pp of Shindan spent a c 'Uple of^day* in the city this week ill attend
an-,on the board of ^ atnty ommis-^sloners, tin y both being meanhwg of^the board.
K.A. Adams of Minneapolis, repre-^-'iiting th* King Bridge 1 ompany.^spini a few day* In the city In attend-^anca on the meeting .1 the board of^count) commissioners, for the purisiso^of placing a bid for the erecting of a^bridge to be lonstruotid uioss th^^Madison river, . ight mil. s above Knnls.
o.R. Ptppard of Missoula was in^th^ city on bridge builduiK I'Usitiess.^1 . pi. .lentInp a Missoula Ann.
Thelllm. tnllic Com . 11 . inpany of^P /, man, composed of local talent of^Ihal 1 Ity, expe t soon to visa this clly^and give an eniertalnimlit..
FradKlllng bo una of Bhegiang was a
.all. . In the city this week
K.D. Marsh made a Hying trip M law^eily this week on business.
ageyaer party left Knnls last greek
fora trip through the world* Wonder^^land. The member* of the party wen;^K. K. Craig and child.. 11 and nieces.
MlaaFltngerald, Mm. T. T. Wilkin*^and John M Stewart.
H.A. Kltch of Butte 1 piesentatlve^of the Oltwtte-Hergog .Mauufucturlng^*) BrMgU company of Ihe same place^was aiming those who were In attend^^ance on the commissi.huts' nucling^this vvi^'k.
1J. H. Millard Of Omaha, piesidein if
ih.-Omaha Flral Nati mal bank, is in^Ih^ city Mr. Millard is one uf the^members of the Kennetl Mining com^^pany of this lily and is here on bual- I
nanaIn 1 mnectlon with the Kennett
OaenrVan Tassel of H izeman la !^spendini the week In the city, Mr. Van |^'Ihsk. i is int'rested in eom* manner^with the Stelner mine nl Sheridan,^which there bus been so mush trouble^over.
aSheridan geyser parly. Constating^of Cllglln fllaaarr. xx If.- and family:^Kntle O'Brien, Miss Maudla Bwonp of I^Helena and Tom and ll 'V Footer, pass^^ed through the city Monday en route^for the National park.
Jihn K. Dav is of Putt made a short^call in the city this we k
Dr.AjUadSU of Ruby Dell faun was^among Ihe Virginia callers this week.
ii.itMnynara of lower MadMon xai-^I. y spent Tuesday in the city this^nruak.
siimti1 Barron of Onabhn, head chem^^ist if the Omaha * th-ant Smelting
works,is 111 the City this week visit- I^Ing \\ I' Millard, manager nf the
KennetlMining rompnny.
Theprixate dancing party given by^the B. B. K.'s club lust week was a^rery jwanaant affair and largely at- j^t. ml^.I.
. M Hraiiiaid of Dillon, one of Ihe j^linn of Williams ,X- Brainanl. whole^^sale llcjaar d*nMr* of that ctty, xva* in j
.the city this week on business.
Mis-Kittle Haines of Knnis is vlsit-^' Ing in the city this weak with her lath-^gr, .1 I. Main, s
William Perhaf nunc, repraaant-
'lug the Perham Pros. * Thompson ,^Bridge company of that place, xva* in^Ih* . By on business Tor that company^Mm A B. Klser of Blain Springs^. re k spent Thursday In th* city shop^^ping
Mayora. .1 Bennett lefl Wednes^^day in ^ruing' for Hutte to attend the
Bryann*eetlng In Bulla. Mr. Bennett^mil return the but ..f th wis*.
Svhi stir McKlbben, who has been a^1 si,|, nt of this i lly for the past tw 1^years, left for the Coetir d'Alcties coun-
lr)Wednesday, where ha intends to
makehis residence for the present.
\X'Mitchell of Unite, circulator for^the Butte Miner, is In tht ctty this^w.ek working for the cause of his pa^^per
MissMaggie Miiiovern ^f Butte and^Mi-, Emma Mctlovetn of Adobetoxxn^gjra rtaMIng Miss Hannah Met! ivi't'ii^of this city at the bom- of Mr. and^Mrs 11 l^ I'rench.
x\.1 McDongal of Blveas1 gub h^spent a dav In the . ity this week.
MiXX il v Mount joy or Twin Ht'idges^has been made permanent matron of^tie 1 plums hotn, at Twin Bridf B.
:,grge Farrell, accompanied his^fathr-' I' Kansas City, w In re they^have gone with a shipment of h-'is.s
MbweaMartha and B.ssi X'ickers^xxlll iiliirti t^ their Ixome In this ctty^Saturday ft mi a three weeks' xlslt to^Butt^.
ClarenceDunn, frsw Ohio, passed
throughIbis clly cn route for Dillon^Xli Dunn has . om^ all tin wax on his^bi, v rw sin.^ the 1st of June, ox .Mug a^distance of LM miles.
HenJohn X. I.eggat ^f Butte Is In^the . Ity ^^ buetni sa this week
Mia*'Ella Keif ' it for Hutte this^w.ek wh. ^ she will spend a few *ra*h*^xisltlng with her irlend. Miss Agnes^Spiller
Misx P Hall ^ ^tertaln-d al dinner^Wed need*) .viiiiiu Mr. and Mrs XX.^XX' Ch..h. Xli and Mm. John Drdl.^Mrs Putnam Mi-s Luclle Drill and J.
InBig Timber.
BigTimber, Aug M^ Miss Pauline^ci ngi r, ths si Paul artist, orhs b !^^^hnsaratlng Mn Paul Is van Caeva'*
Xi. t ^i.111 - ^in.ts .m ixed in Big Tim^l^er Tin-.lay night and lefl ThWadaj^for the Van ci, x. , ounlrx home ne:n^Mi lv ni- where, undi e Mm. Van CP v, s^f-upi i-v 1-1 n ,-h, will complete her vvo'k^on th. soiin, ts A numlH'r of Mi- v an^cicx. s friend* were pal mltted tu xn w^the w. k .1- far as It ha* gone and^many were the ^ xpt.-salon* of delight^at Its sXQumitt beauty. The 1. .k Miss^cruger is preparing will be preaented^t 1 the .tu.cn when c ^mplete^l and it*^CSSt will Ih^ very great Miss Cruger^will rtmala in Montana about six
w, , ks
Aparly composed of Senator and^Mrs. o W BtocktOB ^f Faiio.iult.^Minn Xli and Mrs. N. U Jam.-s of^lllehland Center. Wis.; Mrp E. B
H'oiitlliue,!,.n Page Thirteen i
S successors to ^
^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Hspresentcdby^these cuts.
J'irsi Only two of the Navy Style in^stock. Represent
Second The Season's Latest and Pret^^tiest Novelties.
T///r(fSu\t at Less than Cost of Making
ReadCarefully the Prices and Descriptions
ICO*Oil TP Eton or B,azer 8t^le
IA XII A ni,u'(' xn Cheviot, Ser^;e^ILU UU U 01* Cassiineio. Jackets^lined with with silk; Skirts of full width,^well bound and lined. These suits have^sold regularly at from $7.30 to $15.00 each^and come in all sizes. To close out before^our fall goods arrive, we offer^you your choice for
iiiniro' PiiiTPEton and B,azer styie-
IHI Hi A Ami A t'loIOUK,'ily well made by^LnUILU UU 1 U compeietent aud rtrst-^oltM artistes. Jackets lined with silk;^Skirts lined and bound. Very excellent^garments, that have sold from $16.00 to^$25.00 each, and can be worn at any time^faring tht fall. To make ^nfv *\f\^room we offer you your choice ^Pli'sUU
Allour Lawn, Linen, Percale,^Dimity and Batiste Waists, va^^rying iu prico from 75c to $'2.50 ^^and $3.00 each. All sizes^To be closed for ^OC each M
Allcolors. All sizes, worth^$5.00 each$2.50
Ladies'Shirt Waists
Allsizes, different styles,
(flCll ^^^asaan ^ a ^ a a aaan **^s^^^^
Ladies'Lawn Skirts
Worth$1,23, each
Ladies'Duck Suits
Fullskirts, well made, cool,^easy, comfortable suit, each^$1.25
WhiteMuslin,trimmed ruf^^fle or embroidery, or black^sateen skirts, each
gownof all wool challie,^prettily made autl trimmed,^worth $0.50, each
Ginghamsand^Percale, nicely^trimmed, well^made worth up^to S3.00 each.^Sizes 6 to 14
Plain^ check^^ed cloth, worth^$1.00 to $2 50,^each
Ladies'Cloth Capes
Linedsilk,^worth $4.50, $5^and $(^. ......
Wellmade in^best and latest^style, worth up^to ^8 and $10,
NEWIn Siik, Chiffon and Lace
SHIPflENT....Neckwear and Rachings....
VeryLatest Novelties in Chiffon and Silk Fronts Colored Ruchings,^Olga Chiffon Pleating, and a complete line of NEW, ORIG^^INAL and UNIQUE NECKWEAR.
IndlKoPrint, CMNSft l*WM sVntnl^Check Olnnham*. C'alliox'S, ml and^xv hit,'. blark and vv hiti-. rrd ami black.^All bsst grade
Stampedfur embr.ildery. 100 different^designs
15 pair
orthtttfcC. in all sizes, plain and^raiicy ehfck*m
EmbroideredI 'enlnis.
Bninrotdtred Tui^ atrjr,
EmsmldnidTh kiiiK
and bureaus. e|ien-vxork^edge Hue linen. IS. 19. 20 and 2:' Inch's
FancyScrim Scarfing
Openworked(te. all linen
20:;uiU 30c yard
Lawns,Organdies* Dimities
Daik a* light SSnm i:.a. k Law 111.^checks in stripes, nur vv hole SJssort-
Btantifram Wis Is Nt
designsCrazy Work, large xariety
30^ 35c yard Fancy Silk Tidies^Tapestry Table Covers
Prettilyfringed and
6-tsixe. all colors, great xariety of de^^signs, handsome article*
$1.00each^$1.78 each
RichTable Covers
Heavyfring.1. \^r\ handsome and ele^^gant patterns also. 6-i slie
$2.00ai^d ^j.SO each
TapestryTable Covers
Fors-niall tables, heavy fringe ^i'.ta-
lionlaie effect*. 411 color*
ChenilleTable Covers
Varietyof color* and designs, all size*.
$1, $1.50, $1*75
$2.50and $4

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