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AMf *i o'elbek *bftstes blow
Set . Ita will no deut have
. dend te whether Clark Spott 43l
Sith wit end a .herm in the peel
gatlary or whether he will be re~ease
msday, a free man.
e eias to whether or not the
4oenI of Gaslbralth Is admissible as
was determine4 yesterday
maornian "nd the court permitted the
cemfesslon to be read to the jary. 'el
is a statement that apat
sileaves little doubt as to Gal
braith's guilt. The defense, however.
eoditends that the confession was se
eared means other than are per
flae law,,ad while the court
hpld Gash he'atrsent of the man
isr In wMidh; co; afsisi was olr
twined is unreliable, Judge McCOnnell
Iii his speech to the fury said that "by
looking through the cracks" be dould
see how the confession was secured.
WFrthermore the defense pointed out to
the jury that a confession cannot be
eotusdered as conclusive proof of the
gsgRt of the person wio makes it. In
support of this numerous instances
were related where persons had con
fessed to crimes which they had never
co fitted.
Tne aeense zeen upon tse cnaracier
of the state's witnesses like a thousand
of brick. The reputations of Bragg
and Dorr were attacked in a vigorous
manner. Corporations in general and
the Copper City Commercial company
in particular were roasted in strong
language. The arguments of W. B.
Rodgers and Judge McConnell were
highly interesting and hld those who
heard them with the closest attention.
To-day the state will make its closing
argument and it is probable that the
case will go to the jury by noon.
Court convened at 9 o'clock in the
morning, half an hour earlier than
usual. The jury was not permitted to
come into the court room until the ad
mnissability of Galbraith's confession had
been passed upon by the court. In ren
dering its decision, the court said that
the evidence of Constable Walsh was
admissable. With reference to the con
fession that Galbraith had made in the
jury room was also admissable. The
court did not think that the testimony
of Galbraith was reliable and accord
ingly the confession was held to be
competent. It was apparent, said the
court, that the statement had been
made voluntarily, or words to that ef
fect. The defense would be permitted to
show to the jury the circumstances un
der which the confession had been
When the jury was brought in J. T.
Bragg was called by the state. He said
that during the month of October he
had taken Galbraith out of jail in order
that he might go and see his wife. The
defendant had told him at that time
that he had stolen the 10 sacks of sugar
and that Dorr had been given a certain
amount of the proceeds of the stolen
sugar. At various times Galbraith had
made other admissions and confessions
to the witness.
The cross-examination ofr Bragg was
conducted by Judge McConnell and was
very spirited. The judge asked him sev
eral questions which the state objected
to and the court sustained the objec
tion§, In answer to questions Bragg said
that he did not especially care to "cinch"
J. B. 0nose. But he would not hesitate
to cdxlvict.Gnose on his own brother or
anybody else if he thought they were
guilty of a crime. He denied having
had any trouble with Mr. Hennessy or
the company about the matter of his
pay since the trial of Gnose. He told of
meeting J. G. Allie at Bozeman when
that person was coming from Dakota.
He did not go to Boseman for the es
pecial purpose of seeing Allie, but he
expected that he would meet him. He
talked with Allie about the matter and
had advised him to tell all that he knew
of the affair. He had expressed sympa
thy with Allie on account of the trouble.
The witness said that he had talked the
thing over with Dorr. He was not sure
whether or not he had sent Dorr to see
Mrs. Galbraith. He was questioned with
reference to having watched the loading
of the sugar and the hauling of the
same and to having followed the team.
In reply to a question that caused a
smile as to whether it were not a pretty
hard thing for him to keep his eyes
open, Bragg said that he could keep his
eyes open suficiently to see when
crooked work was being done. The wit
ness had been in a saloon on the oppo
site side of the street when the sugar
had been unloaded in front of the store
of. Wills & Gnose.
The witness was asked if he was in
debted to Wills & Gnose, to which ques
tion an objection was raised and the
court sustained the same. An objection
was also made and sustained when he
was asked if he had not testified in the
Gnose case that he was indebted to
Gnose and that he would discharge the
debt at such time as he felt inclined to
do so. The witness denied that his senti
ment against Galbraith was intensi
fied because the defendant was the only
one of all the persons who were alleged
to have been connected with the Cop
per City steals. He would use his best
endeavors to secure the conviction of
Galbraith and he would be perfectly
satisfied with whatever sentence was
imposed by the court. He denied having
said to C. M. Sawyer that he considered
Gnose guiltless.
Judge McConnell then began asking
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lowe had dhewed
Sin i4vor to
her;e also ever having masde
to gaher *a .ndeste visi
the .day toge ng his visit. He was
`as ket W oest had not been hid
e tseobjected and the
court sosaised t . o He a4 .
aitted having bought etlbtalth a SUm
ber of d ks and also that be had given
him son.e iquor in the jar
D.. Hennessy. pestident and geo
.inl manager of the Copper City Corn
merelal company, was next called. He
told of having been present when Gal
bralth made his confession to the coun
ty attorney in the jury room on Oct.
83. The confession was read to the
jury, that Is, the portion of it relating
to the theft of the sugar. The confes
sion stated that Galbraith had. on
Sept. 22, stolen 10 sacks of sugar, which
he had delivered to the stre of Wills
& Gnose: that Gnome had given him
an order for five sane of sugar in order
to avoid suspicion.. Gnos had paid him
$!0 for the 1* sacks of sugar.
On croes-examinaation Mr. Hennessy
said that the Copper City company had
paid the cost of bringing witnesses
back to Anaconda. He denied ever
having made any promises of Immu
nity to Galbraithl if the latter would
tell what he knew themnatter.
J. .L Casey said that no prole had
been made to Galbraith, and the tes
mony along this line was coribhora pd
by Deputy Sheriff McGuinne.
It W. Wanner, the stenographer who
took down the testimony in the pre
liminary hearing of J. B. Onose, was
the next witness. He identified the
transcript of the evidence given at that
time and portions of it were read to
the jury. Galbraith at that time testi
fied that he gave his evidence without
any promises having been made to him.
The evidence that referred to his hav
ing taken the sugar was also read. The
evidence given by Galbraith at the
hearing is of the same nature as the
matter contained in the confession.
Judge Donoghue, the justice of the
peace before whom the preliminary
hearing of Galbraith was held, was
then called. He was asked if Dorr had
given him $20 at that time, which Dorr
claimed to be the sum received from
Galbraith as his share of the proceeds
derived from the sale of the sugar to
Wills & Onose. The attorneys for the
defense objected to the question and
the objection was sustained,
After examining cnarles Mctonaia,
an employe of the Copper City store at
Carroll, who testified that on Sept. 22
Galbraith had delivered to that store
55 sacks of sugar, the state closed its
Mr. McConnell, for the defense,
moved the court to discharge the de
fendant, for the reason that the taking
of the sugar had been done with the
consent of the agents of the Copper
City company. He cited authorities to
show that where an owner of property
places the same in charge of an em
ploye, and the employe appropriates
the same to his use or to the use of an
other, it is not larceny. The motion to
dismiss was overruled.
The defense proceeded with the intro
duction of testimony without making
its opening statement to the jury.
Frank Gleason was the first witness.
He said that he was a 'warehouseman.
He thought that Galbraith had 60 sacks
of sugar on his wagon on Sept. 22. In
his former evidence, given at the pre
liminary examination, Gleason ap
peared to be certain about the number
being 60.
James B. Gnose was called. He
showed his books to indicate that no
entry had been made of the payment of
$40 on the 22d of September for sugar.
Mr. Wills, Gnose's partner, also testi
fied to the same effect. Both denied
flat-footed that they had purchased any
stolen goods.
A man named McKenzie was called
to tell what he knew about the charac
ter and reputation of J. T. Bragg. The
witness had known Bragg in Boseman
and he said that his reputation for
truth was somewhat shady.
Some further testimony was intro
duced and the state called one witness
in rebuttal. After the close of the case
Mr. Trippet made his speech to the
jury. He spoke for about 26 minutes.
He was followed by Mr. Rodgers. who
put in considerable time on a general
roasting of the Copper City. J. T.
Bragg. W. A. Dorr and corporations in
In the evening Judge McConnell
spoke to the jury for an hour and a
half. He painted Bragg in no pleasant
way and also touched up Dorr. He.
said that no man had a right to tempt
another to sin, and instead of encour
aging such practices. Dorr should have
tried to prevent Galbraith from com
mitting a wrong. He said that if Gal
braith stole the sugar that Dorr was
equally guilty of the theft. He ridi
culed the testimony of Bragg and Dorr
and Casey. He said that when Gal
braith testified in the preliminary hear
ings that the man was in a bad condi
tion: that he was craeed from want of
accustomed liquor or drunk from too
much of it. The attorney quoted parts
of Galbraith's testimony which con
tained a great deal of slang and said
that no man in a competent state of
mind would make such answers. The
attorney told several stories to the
jury, and at the conclusion of his, re
marks court adjourned until 9 o'clock
this morning.
It is expected that Mr. Duffy, for the
prosecution, will make a lengthy argu
ment. The case will go to the jury
probably by noon to-day.
In Olden Times
People overlooked the importance of per
manently beneficial effects. and were sat
isfied with transient action: but now that
it is generally known that Syrup of Figs
will permanently cure habitual constira
tion, well-informed people will not buy
other laxatives, which art for a time, but
finally injure the system.
Anaconda Steam Laundry. 30 E. Park.
A Sauish Sheepherder Injared in a Fall
From a Horse.
Special Dispatch to the Standard.
Derr Lodge, Feb. 11.-Lend Arriete, a
Spanish scheepherder, who tinds employ
ment tending the fliks of Davis & Wil
liams, on the M1ullan ranch. six mniles
north of here, met with painful ie i
-0* the corner f A tin tir.t ial1
Rainbow av.-nue lat.- last !ta-i'. II % .s
riding his horse at a gallop down the
St ri . when the animaI slipped on the i e
ant fit catching Arriet. in the saddle
trapp ings under the horse. Ile was pitk
''i tip in an uni'tnstiius .-tt dition and
taken to the hospital. where an examina
tin destlosetd an ugly wound on the right
etiti tk and a fracture of the right leg
between the knee anri ankle.
When in Butt, Iutn-h at Sle.rman's.
tyleyer'a piano -twrc, 117 East Parts.
ml"e fuse 1v~iii.
3lige reparied at Greig's.
Iggy ab t of masks at Greis
stte-mta ote barber shs, *a
Plture ode at Wright's, for [email protected] days
H. W. 4 a s over f Mre -
K. R. Rodgers is a Butte visitor in
the city.
H. D. MoSherry of Butte came over
Secretary of State T. S. Hogan is in
the city on business.
l. E. Congdon ofPhilipaburg is tog
istere" at the Montana.
Por Rent-Front hall of Standard
Building. Apply at offce.
D. T. Xaskett. the well-known travel
ing man, is at the Montana.
Willis D. Jamespn and Fred J. Rteger
of Salt Lake are in the city.
Latest styles of engraved calling
cards at the Standard oMos.
Mrs. E. E. Littler has returned from
a two months' trip to the East.
When you want wall paper go to Ma
han Bros., largest stock in town.
Con Hayes and Will Tonkin came up
from Gregson Springs yesterday.
Auction sale of household furniture
to-day at 2 p. m., 112 Cedar street.
Sisson's Business college, Davidson
building over Baker's grocery.
S. B. Calderhead. auditor of the Mon
tana Union. was in the city yester
Sam Friedman of Perham, Mina., is
visiting J. H. Wein of the I. X. L.
Frank Kaiser, a prominent stock
man and rancher of Gold Creek. is in
the city.
No new light regarding the firing of
the three shots early yesterday morn
ing developed yesterday.
Burt Porter, a notorious vagrant and
all around nuisance, was arrested last
night by Officer O'Brien.
For Sale Cheap.-50-foot lot, 514 Al
der: three houses worth $50 a month.
Owner leaving town. Inquire at resi
W. C. Phillips was arrested last night
by Officer Stebbins for indecent ex
posure at the corner of Main street and
Commercial avenue.
Chief of Police Mulholland came
down from Butte yesterday after
George Cooper and a fellow named
Stewart, two barbers, who are wanted
in Butte for robbing a man of some
Great Blerole Sale.
If you want to get one of those second
hand bicycles at Tolan Co.'s you will
have to call quick. A few more ladies'.
juveniles' and gents' wheels, from $12.60
to $30. Must be closed out this week.
We sell on the installment plan; easy
X. S. Tuoan Co., Park Ave., Anaconda.
The Subject of Mr. Webber's Address Was
"Prepare to Meet Thy God."
The most impressive and interesting
meeting of the series thus far in the
Webber meetings was held at the M. E.
church last night. A splendid congre
gation was present. The pastors of the
city were on the platform. The text of
Mr. Webber's sermon was, "Prepare to
meet thy God." Aside from the earnest
ness of the preacher in presenting the
truth, it was one of the most eloquent
addresses ever given before an Ana
conda audience, the one purpose run
ning through the entire sermon was that
of urging men to be prepared to meet
God. Many incidents from real life were
related, showing in one case where peo
ple had made ready to meet their Maker
and then when cut down by some un
forseen Providence they aimply went to
sleep in Jesus.
Others who had been urged to make
the preparation had refused to listen
and then had been cut off in their sins.
The anguish that has gone up from
those who had let their opportunities
At the close of the sermon Mr. Webber
extended an invitation to all who de
sired to begin a Christian life to remain
with the others for an after meeting.
This meeting was even more interesting
than the first. Scores came forward to
pray for a clean heart and a new life,
and many gave their names at the close.
Quite a number confessed to not having
lived such lives as they should, but
were determined, by God's help, to lead
true Christian lives hereafter.
Mr. Webber will speak to men only on
Sunday afternoon on the subject,
"Bucking the Tiger and Seeing the Ele
phant." A chorus of male voicee will
be in attendance to lead the singing and
300 extra chairs will be provided for the
church, so that no one need stay away
for fear of not getting a seat. The aft
ernoon service will be at 3 o'clock.
To the members of local union No.
RR, Brotherhood of Carpenters and
Joiners of America. you are hereby re
quested to meet at Foskett's hall at 1
p. m. Saturday, Feb. 12, to attend the
funeral of Brother Louis Larson. By
order of the president. -
F. D. BOOTH, Pres.
J. B. SALTER, Rec. Sec.
Dog Thieves Are Making Themselves
Very Obnoxious in This City.
One of the meanest and most con
temptible things that any person can
do is to steal a dog. Since the Klon
dike excitement dog thieves have been
very active, and as a result many val
uable dogs have been sent to Alaska
by persons other than the owners of
the animals.
Dogs suitable for service on the trails
of Alaska are at present in big de
mand. Word is received from Wash
ington that it is an utter impassijhility
to secure dogs. In this city dogs are
selling from $10 to $b) each and there
are nonm to be had at even those fig
tres. The class of dogs most sought
after are thos.' which have long hair
and can stand the cold. Lat-ty at luast
a doz-n dogs have hi-iti sit-leit frtom
re idents of this iity and shillp..i by
the thio, s to Alaska. In utimo , a.t.s
thise dogs have been taken front fa n
ili t sw her. childi en art-. WVhvnt} a jig
has long been a mran-er of a fatntily
the children espeitally blicoinie attached
to hitm and in tmtanv instanti-s a h-"use
dog is looked upon as just as tmuch a
part of the family as the human tmeta
bers thetselves. and ws hen a itnt.tmitt
thle thief steals thi- tlo hi is niltty
..f in of the an est and mtnt
deapic.al crint-s that sit I~" -nag
ined. 1uch indignation has bctje ex
pr,,agg who have lost dogs
a*g by with reference to this
triek, 4 f5T5onl who do these
thn ,. ' take warning and
cease tuei, for a vigorous
its the one who is
Vº tip every description at L.
A. l 6 a~e, Main street.
AGO*ed ofeeg atibel, the Prilseiat
All the uaethh banks except the
sank of asMi d would not allow their
clqrks at 40tApiyes to shave, because
beards give en individuality to the
face which deas not require the Ber
tUllba system of measurement to Iden
tify. Robert Baton Gibbs, who plays
Dr. $chwarts is "A Bachelor's Honey
moeon." has wpar his own beard for the
last live years in all the characters he
has played, agr yet in every one his
make-up is ahqmoiutely different. His
beard was a full face blonde in "A
Man From the West," a diabolical
Gypsy as Romany In "Captain Paul,"
and he is w i Agnlcent fac-simile of
Count Rsterhy, the celebrated noble
man, In "A Bachelor's Honeymoon."
A good story goes the rounds about
Gibbs. The newsboys of Boston. after
seeing him in "A Bachelor's Honey
moon." gave Mam a great send-off, and
a committee waited upon him after
the performance to Invite him to have
a cheese sanadwich and a glass of wat
er at their headquarters in Newspaper
Row. An Inverted hogshead was their
headquarters. Gibbs, having a keen
sense of the ludicrous, responded In
person. The moment he appear&& one
of the gang, observing the whiskers,
exclaimed: "Rully Gee! Say, Cull, we
t'ought dose whiskers was fakes! Well,
Chimmie, I lose de dough, de fake
owns his own whiskers!" Needless to
say that Gibbs made it good with the
gang. "A Bachelor's Honeymoon" will
be on at the Margaret on Monday
night, Seats are now on sale.
Get Young & Desell to figure on your
plumbing and tin roof work.
"Texas" a Success.
A meritorious and painstaking per
formance of the exciting melodrama
"Texas" was given last night at the
Union Family theater. The play went
with a vim and dash from start to
finish, the audience grasping the many
points and rendering the theater noisy
with applause. Frank Rice as Davy
Crockett was an ideal frontiersman,
showing that he is thoroughly at home
in any character. W. R. Daily was a
funny Belcher and kept the audience
in a state of merriment during the en
tire evening. Messrs. Lecompt, Car
roll. Fleming and Bowers were all
good, as were the Misses Gardner and
Lynton. La Petite Maude Sutton was
a cute and winsome little "Viney,"
and when she sang "I'm the Hottest
Baby in the Bunch" the gallery was
in ecstasies. ' The Govellos in their
musical act are wonders in their line
and greatly add in filling out a cred
itable and worthy performance.
For reliable plumbing go to J. A.
Hasley, 215 Oak street.
n Easter Uitl. "'
On Easter Monday, April 11, the Ana
conda volunteer tire department will
give a grand Easter ball at Turner
hall. The ball will be a masquerade
and none but eminently respectable
people will be permitted to enter the
hall. All masks must be raised at the
door. The fire department balls have
always been a great success, and there
is no doubt but that the Easter event
will prove to he one of the largest at
tended social events of the season.
California wines and clarets at rock
bottom prices at Devine's grocery.
Habeas Corpus Lenled.
In the district court yesterday the
application for a writ of habeas cor
pus in the case of the state against
William Lavelle and his wife was de
The hearing of the demurrer in the
case of Dellinger vs. Vineyard et al..
was set for 3 o'clock this afternoon.
Notice to Teachers.
Examination for teachers' certificates
will be held on Feb. 18 and 19, 1898. in
my office in the Shields building. Ana
County Superintendent of Schools.
81gn of a Trip Abroad.
"Mrs. Gaswell. your daughter's visit to
Europe seems to have made her quite a
polished young woman."
"I should say so. My land! You ought
to hear her say, 'I shall be very pleased.'
--'Chicago Trlhune.
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enough time to th c
-use of health. to eat, and rest and sleep
properly. and when he feels slightly india.
may wotk as hard as be p es o i
rp mgoney steeple high, out of un
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jug men have to contend is a disordered
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World's Dispensary Medical Association,
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} rT
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tome r? Gone, probably not to return.
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sh.-rliia Sate.
I atrilk Surrue. jtlainti ajainft Ctn O'Conor
and Matrtr 4tt -it ,rlr li' wife. It I Wt Valkir
anit-i I 1t-i ch.i. r--itartnrn aVs Walker &
1.1,3. A. 4. luaIt at o and .i P Clout r, 4,
puttner, as Miarttltins & Ciontier. and the
'"pp"r ('ity (nmmercial Couipany, a vrpora
tiln drtendant.a
To. hi-e -idt at iherifts .31+". on the 5,h dPy of
l uurh t A. It l- tto. at tn.m. at the
frml:t d oor of th- ,."urt how .," in the "ity of Ana
naa eounty of li,, 1Lr1_. sture,- Sf ontana,
Thine amd, e-. F r iena p.r. rtd t
I.,...aen tý, .tuM ~ - u f n..,: a t in burk
r [t tilt of a I Ant
it. of h 1 i .- . 1n" x i h
The La-ies' Friend.
Isr. DeAl le'e I rench Tanrv lablet%.f
and Ir. table:t. ai. ** t ..:" "«. 11-a
THE 001
Is No Longer a
Serious Problem
We give' you chamc, while they last, of 2Wp
JacketsI the very cream of our Cleak stock, seld
frome #15, !e, tas toas
" $7.50r:
Ready "to- Wear Sab
INw doa't Only s0 of these, not a bad one in the lot,, t wa
Waftt ail don't want to carry them over. Soit. we
tiey're all 52,50 to $35. Your choice
! thi. TO-DAY
la the
first en the
gr TEdc
French Cleaning and Dyeing
Plush, Woolen. Velvet and Silk
Dresses. Gentlemen's Garments, Kid
Gloves, Feathers and Vurs, Laces and
Curtains of all descriptions, Silk and
C tWoolen Underwear and Neckties.
Scouring by the French process. All
work gruaranteed.
224 West Commercial Ave., Anaconda.
Cor. Cedar and Third Streets, Aaeoanda. Tel. 85
$100 To Any Man
Of Weaknese is Men They Treat and Wall
to Care.
An Omaha Company places for the Arat time
before the public a MAGcAL TasarMaY for the
cure of Lost Vitality. Nervous and Sexual Weak
ness, and Restoration of LUfe Porce in old sad
young men. no worn-out Freueh remedy; eoe
talns no Phosphorous or other hesuinf drugs. It
is a Wo ntafvra TasawswT--magiel in itse ef
feets-positive in its care. All readers w4e are
sute tag from a weakness that blighte their life,
causing that mental and physteal suffering pee
liar to Lost Manhood, should write to the STATE
MEDICAL COMPANY. Suite 736, Ramege Bulid
ing, Omaha. Neb., and they will sead you abso
lutely FREE a valuable paper on these diseases.
and poeltiveproots of theirtruly MAGIcat.TasAT
Esa`. Thouaands of men, who have lost all hope
of a care, are being restored by them toe perfect
The MAGICAL TagesrxAst may be taken at
bore under their direction, or they will pay
railroad fan and hotel bills to all who prefer to
go there for treatment, if they fail to cure. They
are perfect y reliable: have so Frn Prescriptions,
Free i ore, Free Sample, or C. 0. D. fake. They
have $230,000 capital. and guarantee to care
every case they treat or r.fuud every dollar: or
their charges may be deposited to a baek to be
paid to them when a care is efected. Write them
to day.
cNotce of the intention of the city
council of the city of Anaconda to cause
a sewer to be cotttructed in special im
provement district No. 3 of the city of
Notice is hereby given that at the
meeting of the city council of the city
e of Anaconda, held at the council chant
hers Feb. 7, 1898. it was decided, by a
majority vote of its members, that it
is n.-c-sary for sanitary purposes to
<onstru t a sewer in epeciul improve
flent di-str cct N,,. such sewer to be
aonstru t'i in the alley in said district,
to *-nner t, ith the main on Park aye
wu-. The hbuntar:-s .'t said district
ar' t?" test half f4 blnek thirty-nine
< 0 ndbl kf,'rtyt t4"11 fort'-en,' 1411,
f.artt . 1.1 .,in.i forty-thce- dth, ihi
th1 t.,. n-sve of Ana- eni a. That at its
nectmig. F'et. 14. 1'N%, at the councti
ihanhir<. at C 'clock p. nm., the city
.,unmil nill hear aiy abjection that
niy bhe iiftfred igain-t the making of
.idii tim ovi-temint. The -stimiated cost
tt said improvement is $2. oo.
T. t 'LEARY. city clerk.
TV Y'til ti 'N T TAKN TilE STANi
3. II. SLIGH. i.D.
223% E. Park s4seije. P0"hes6
Restdenes. Al Cherry' stwes
Surxeon to St. Aniss WWM
Offie next to Msstst e1S.~
Telephtone No. II. Asoneesmio*K
Over Kennedy's drvug ston. qi. e
Silver How block. toe. ta1rýp,.
on reaty;
-P fIiNG Steami aMd
Heating. Estimates ,, os 5
tion. Address J. A. )U*.3Z
street. Anacoua, Moot.
117 M a in s t re et . Aseo
promptly attaene to.
Jou MARL u~
Hoyt's ?tweeter * Latiest . eWWa.
(Former y Kvma HA2l) D~k .te ir
AiEacs da Liver Stib
Buggies, Horm"ain Sam "&IttO x,
Also tter.rl.tor ,t Pn'ss 1lr,
yeean Line. (~waotlowno
wick all "aim -
OOee and Stab+. Pirat SthesS. Aaq
VOU DON'T (151 .

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