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Tbe Prinelpa1 Braech Omfee of the tandard Is
at 21 East B.sm Butte. I.'lepholn 422
Aderttsllnt rafs ' feo shed on applteatloh.
20c LL
J. H. Leyson's
Clearance Sale
2ar N. MAIN ST.
Just as much as 35c would do last
week, and 35c last week would do
more here than any place In Butte.
Silver Handled
Curling Irons...........:. Now soc
Rolling blotters.......... Now soc
Shoe Horns...............Now soc
Darning Balls.............Now soc
Cuticle Knives............ Now soc
Nail Brushes...............Now aoc
Button Hooks............Now soc
Nail Files................Now soc
The above are only a few hints of
actual reductions made, without regard
to cost, in order that our annual clear
ance sale shall really make a clearance
of our entire holiday line.
Rent pianos from Orton Bros.
Dr. Calder, dentist. Owsley block.
J. Byrnes is up from Dillon.
Masquerade suits. Mme. Robinson.
Sam Jackson of Helena is in the city.
'rrea Ortjon;i.iano tuber;,19" N. Main.
Read Hight & Fairfield's ad.. page 10.
O. C. Voss of Anaconda is in the
W. C. McKaskel is in the city from
Winter term opens Jan. 2 at Butte
Business college.
Benjamin Hill and T. C. Marshall are
prominent IMissoulans in the city.
Mrs. Franc HIaskell, the well known
elocutionist. is visiting in the city.
J. H. Daily, assistant state boiler
Inspector, is in the city from Helena.
Try a ITenry IV., the m'idest and
sweetest Havana cigar. Heilbronner's.
Bookkeeping, penmanship, private
lessons. S. B. Loveridge. 115 N. Main st.
New fur store, 42 West Broadway.
Remodelihng, repairing, half price. J.
M. Froelich.
Sewing machines for rent by week or
month. National Undertaking Co., 17
East Quartz.
You can keep your box of cigars
moist by getting one of those Humi
dors at Gallogly & Co.'s.
You'll find to-day's papers and all
the illustrated weeklies and new mag
azines at the P. 0. nevws stand.
The charge of grand larceny against
Ed Leach was dismissed yesterday at
the conclusion of the preliminary hear
The stock company of Sutton's new
theater will close to-night, and, begin
ning to-morrow, a specialty bill will
be put on.
For Rent-Store occupied by McDon
ald & Lynch, 57 East Park street. In
quire Boucher, 45 East Park street.
Best location in toWn.
Werner's Extra dry champagne put
up in half-pints at 400 a bottle. A
sparkling beverage of surprising qual
ity. Montana Liquor Co.
The Great Northern railway is the
only line that runs a through sleeping
car from Butte to Minneapolis and
St. Paul daily without change.
A big reduction this week on all pipes
and smokers' articlesatthe Hellbronner
Cigar Co. A chance on a $35 1,teer
chaum pipe given with every 50 cent
We have a few of our boys' long
pants suits left at $3.50; knee pants suit,
$1.50; black clay worsted suit for men,
$10; blue serge suit, $15; nice overcoat,
$10. Boucher, 45 East Park.
In the case in which Fred Turner is
charged with running a dance house
contrary to law a demurrer was filed
in Justice Harrington's court yester
day. It was set for hearing Jan. 3.
The fire department was called out
at neon yesterday by a still alarm.
The occasion was an an ash barrel on
fire in the rear of the Clarendon hotel,
in Main street. There was no damage.
Manager McFarland yesterday suc
ceeded in making arrangements wit.h
the manager of the Eugenie Blair com
pany, by which her engagement at the
Grand opera house next week will be
extended to include a performance
next Friday night, and at a Saturday
matinee of Sardou's play, "Divor
cons,'" will be given.
Odd Fellows Notice
All members of Enterprise lodge No.
40, I. O. O. F., and visiting brothers and
friends are requested to meet at En
terprise hall, South Butte, at 1 o'clock
p. m.. Sunday, Dec. 31, to attend the
funeral of our late brother, J. Henry
Wagner. R. HOWATSON, N. G.
R. J. HARRISON, Secretary.
A grand ball will be given by Thuea
tIda lodge No. 4, 0. D. H. S., on New
ar's eve, Dec. 31, 1899, at Renshaw
ýt11. Admission per couple $1.00. Extra
idies 25' cents,
Viscount Advani Has Had All
8orts of Experiences.
Time in This Country Hai Been Fully Oc
culed With Beartling Uxperl
ness--Uphblds the En
glsh Positibn.
Butte is just now being honored by a
Visit from a person of considerable
distinction, at least a person who has
achieved his share of notoriety during
the few months hi has spent seeing
America. The individual referred to is
VicountlA. A. Advani, a scion of Hin
doo nobility, son of Sir A. Ajetsaing
Advani, K. C. M. G.,. and a cousin of
Prince Rungit Sing, who brought the
English cricket team to America last
Mr. Advani arrived in America last
July. It was he who was mentioned
in the press dispatches at that time as
having brought to the widow of Gen
eral Grant a handsome present of
Oriental stuffs, direct from India, and
it was he of whom the newspapers
were full a short time later as having
been captivated by a Chicago newspa
per woman arid who came very near
getting the knot tied before a stern
papa heard of the escapade and suc
oeeded in breaking the match off.
Mr. Advani Is a member of one of
the oldest families in India. His an
cestors settled in Hyderabad, in the
presidency of Bombay, 600 years ago.
He is a Hindoo Brahmin and was the
first of his caste to marry an Engl:sh
woman. His father is a leading banker
of hid country, is immensely wealthy
and is a member of the legislative
council of Bombay.
Mr. Advani has had an adventurous
career, which commenced with his mar
riage to an English woman which
brought down the wrath of his people
upon his head and compelled him to
flee from the country. Later he was
reconciled to his family and was .per
mitted to return to India., Last sum
mer Mr. Advani decided upon a visit
to America. It was not long after his
arrival in this country that he went
to Chicago, where he met Virginia
Tyler Hudson, a direct' descendant of
President Tyler, who was.following the
avocation of a newspaper reporter, Ad
vani was captivated at once and it was
not long before he was engaged to
marry the young lady. His wife had
previously died. Advani lavished pr;a
ents of diamonds and the like upon his
inamorlta and was preparing to send
her to Paris, where he was to go to
marry her. Then papa in India heard
of the engagement and enlisted the
services of influential people in this
country to break off the match. They
succeeded and then came a suit for
breach of promise and Advani fled fr.m
Chicago to escape it. His friends later
settled with the young w. man, and it
is said that she has since gone to Paris
on the money in search of new con
Advani was a member of Colonel
Cody's and General Miles' hun'tng
party, which visited Montana a short
time ago, and, he has since swpng
around the circle, taking in the Pa
cific coast. On the way here from
Spokane a couple of days ago Advani
was robbed in the sleeping car and a11
his letters, his letter of credit and Kis
money stolen. He was obliged to tele
graph to his American friends for
money to tide him over' till he can get
his letter of credit made good again.
Advani was seen yesterday and
asked for his opinion as to the atti
tude India may be expected to take
toward England in the event of fur
ther compfications in the South African
"India," said he, "will be loyal. There
is no longer any danger there of an
uprisiig against England. Our coun
try has come to love England and canr
be depended upon to lend the mother
country every assistance in the pres
ent difficulty."
Advani is a firm believer in the jus
tice of England's position in the war
and cannot brook the sympathy for the
Boers he meets with everywhere in this
country. The distinguished g.entleman
will leave to-day for Salt Lake to con
tinue his journey East.
Under the management of Nick
Jahrelss, Crystal Springs is now the
most popular health resort in the state.
It offers 'relief from Butte smoke at
moderate rates-$2.50 per day, $14 ner
week, ideluding plunge and private
baths. Stages leave Langlois' and cor
ner Park and Main sts. four times daily.
Northwest Coal company, dealers in
',ood and Diamond coal. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Telephone No. 505.
Doctor bills are -saved by using
Henry Muntzer's beer. It is pure, pal
atable and nutrltiou . No home com
plete without it. 'PLone 252.
The undersigned will pay the e'lm of
twenty-five hundred dollars ($2,500) to
any person or persons furnishing the
undersigned with information which
will lead to the detection and convic
tion of any person or persons or corpo
ration who have heretofore or may
hereafter trespass upon and extract
and remove ores or minerals from any
of the underground workings beneath
the surface of those portions of the
Michael Devitt lode cl!aim, which are
included within injunctions issued by
the state or United States courts of
Butte & Boston Consolidated Mining
Company. By
Assistant Superintendent.
Memory of the Dead Evangelist Will Be
The Ministerial association of the city
will hold a menorial se:rvce in honor
of D. L. Moody, the noted evangelist,
who passed away from eartn quite re
cently. This service w.il be held at
the First Presbyterian church Sunday,
Dec. 31, at 3:30 o'clock and the minis
ters of the city will participate. The
programme will be a well-cioson one:
the music by the choir of the church.
The following will be the order of ser
Hymn, congregation and choir; invo
cation, Rev. A. T. O:born of St. Paul's
M. E. church south. th:rd hymn; scr p
tural references, Rev. G. H. Whiteman
of the Immanuel Presbyterian church;
prayer, Edward Oliver Tilburn of the
Christian Tabernacle; anthem, choir;
address, "The Early Life of D. L.
Moody," by Rev. E. J. Groeneveld of
the First Presbyterian church; rddress.,
"The Life Work of D. L. Moody." by
Rev. J. E. Noftsalner of the Baptist
church; hymn, congregation and choir;
benedictioh, Rev. Frederick Tonge of
the South Butte Presbyterian churca.
The public is invited to attend this ser
Teachers and children fitted with
glasses at reduced prices this week at
the Butte Optical Co., 7 and 8 Owsley.
Examinations free.
Annual ball of Butte hive at Ren
shaw hall Jan. 1. Tickets, $1.
It Is a ich lt ieee of Humor From the
runny Colamns of New York World.
Senator Clark was seen at his home,
No. 176 West 1l'ifty-eighth street, last
night by a reporter for the World.
S"I was surpr.sed to learn of the de
ision of the supreme court which dis
barred John 1. Wellcome," he sad. "I
firmly believe from the numerous let
ters that I received from Montana that
the decision would be favorable to Mr.
Wellcome, and yet I believe he will be
"I am confident in my mind that he
is intnocent of the charges. I do not
believe that Mr. Wellcome had $30 000
to use in the manner alleged. I am sure
of one thing, that not a dollar of ths
fund was furnished by me.
"Whatever may be the facts in this
case, it has no bearing as far as my
interests are concerned, as they have
not nor can they produce any evi
dence against me unless they do It
"This will be demonstrated by the in
vestigation of the committee on privi
leges and election, which is non-parti
san and unintluenced by the gang of
unprincipled men who have been pursu
ing me politically and without provoca
tion for the past 12 years."
Mr. Wellcome was seen by a World
reporter at the Waldorf-Astoria last
night and said:
"I deny absolutely having paid any
money to any member of the legilla
ture or to anybody for any member of
the legislature to vote for the elect on
of W. A. Clark for senator. The
charges arise by reason of the well
known enmity of the Marcus Daly peo
ple for Senator Clark.
"The case agasnet me in Montana was
so wealk, and the only relevant testl
mony introduced was so thoroughly im
peached that it was not cons:Aer-d
necessary to introduce any testimony in
rebuttal other than that impeachil g
the witnesses for the prosecution and
showing the conspiracy on the part of
the Daly forces to defeat Mr. Clark's
"I had intended to go to Mexico on
business, but this dec's'on has upset
my plans, and I shall probably return
to Montana to be on hand to submit
my testimony to the senate inv stigat
ing committee if it decides to take tes
timony there."
Don't Read This.
There is a newly painted and papered
16-room house, close in, which we can
sell for $2.950. Property is arranged to
rent to five families, and pays 2 per
cent on the investment. $1,000 cash and
rest on time.
46 East Broadway, Butte.
All holders of Princess Maude stock,
Republlc, Wash., please report their
holdings to Mr. Chas. Lowenson at H.
L. Frank's liquor store, Butte, Mont.,
Mining Case Fought To Be Transforred
to the U. S. Court,
The transcript on the removal of the
case of R. J. Moore and V. W. Grace
vs. John O'Rourke and R. D. Bartlett
from the district court of Beaverhead
county to the Untted States court wra
filed in the latter court yesterday.
This case involves the ownership of
the Pennsylvania, Hobson, Golden Tip
and Beaverbead placer claims, situat
ed in Pioneer mining district, in Beav
erlhead county. It is a'leged by the
complainants that O'Rourke on the lt
of June entered upon a part of thoh
of the above claims and relocated the
parcels, and that he has applied for
a patent thu.eto. That, it is alleged
has caused a cloud to the title to the
ground held by the complainants and
upon this contention the suit is pend
ing in the court of Beaverhead coun
Defendant B3artlett furnished a bonw
in the sum of $500 and the judge of
the Beaverhead court has ordered the
removal of the cause to the United
States court.
Attached to the petition for removal
Is the demurrer of the defe' dant Bart
lett, who takes the ground that the
complaint does not state facts suf
ficient to constitute a cause of actio:n,
and that there is a misjoindcr of par
ties defendant in that the facts alleg
ed against O'Rourke are not the same
nor constitute the same cause of ac
tion as the facts alleged againtt Bart
lett, and further that the complaint is
O'Rourke, in a separate answer, al
leges that he has no right, title or in
terest in fr to the property; that on
the 13th day of June, 1899, he convey
ed It to Bartlett.
A New Year's Gift.
The first three partles past 80 who
call at Dr. Dodd's office, Shodair block,
48 West Park, Monday, will receive a
pair of glasses fitted free.
Eugenie Blair Will Present "A Lady or
Quality Next Tuesday.
On Eugenie Blair's visit to Butte next
Tuesday she will give the Wa'lack the
ater success, "A Lady of Qual'ty." The
play Is filled with intense interest and
is staged more magnificently than any
thing ever attempted oy even such a
well-known producer of plays as Sir
Henry Irving. Miss Blair, in selecting
the romance of Mrs. Frances Hod-son
Burnett, has added materially to her
success as an emotional actress. The
story appeals, not to a limited class. but
to everybody with a spark of sympathy
and a liking for an Interesting sto y.
There are many reasons for its popu
larily-its pathetic theme, the ch-"m
ing pictures of city and country life in
aristocratic hous-holds and vtr'ki-g
realism. Its potent element, however.
is undoubtedly the strong human in
terest that penetrates each scene. To
this all classes and creeds must yield
their sympathy. Miss Blair has sur
rounded herself with a company of
players thoroughly competent to handle
the characters asigned to th'm, sparing
neither time nor money to secure the
services of the ones best sui'able to
the parts. All new scenery is used the'
season. making the production even
more elaborate than last year.
Dr. D. E. Rainville. physician and
surgeon, room 5, Beaver block.
Watch Meeting.
There will be a watch meeting ser
vice at the Christian Tabernacle on the
night of Sunday, Dec. 31, from 10 to
12:05 o'clock. A general inv'tation is
extended to everybody to come hnd
watch the old year out and the new
year in. The exercises will be of an in
teresting character.
B. & M. Brings Action Aga'nst
the M. O,. P. for $600,000.
Plalntiff Assert That the Defendant
Has Unlaw ully Mined and Re
moved 10,000 Tons or Ore
From the Pennsylvania.
A suit for $8600,000 damages was
brought in the district court yesterday
by the Boston & Montana Mining com
pany against the Montana Ore Pur
chasing company for ore taken out of
that portion of the Pennsylvania claim
which is involved in the suit which
Judge Clancy decided in favor of the
Montana Ore Purchasing company on
The new suit is really a revival of a
case which had originally been brought
in the United States court, but was dis
missed there. The complaint in the
case alleges that the defendant wrorg
fully and unlawfully entered upon the
ground by means of underground wort
ings,. removed 150,00 tons of ore valued
at $600,000 between April 1, 1895, and
April 6, 1898. It is alleged that the
plaintiff did not discover the trespass
until Dec. 1, 1890.
It was stated yesterday that the de
cision of Judge Clancy did not give
the Montana Ore Purchas ng company
the right to mine the property, because
there is In force an injunction against
the company, issu"d by the supreme
court in another case, and until that is
dissolved it might not be a good idea
to begin mining operations in the
ground in question. That injunction
was disobeyed once and the officers
were promptly hauled up before the
supreme court and fined for contempt
of court. It has been etat d by i:arties
interested in the Montana Ore Pur
chasing company's side of the case that
it was the intention of that company
to put a large force of men to wo k
in the mine and take out as much of
the rich ore as possible before the
supreme court could r-view and pa's
on the decision of Judge Clancy, but
that is probably not true.
For several days notires have been
published by both the Bos'on & Mon
tana and Butte & Boston companies
offer:ng rewards of $2.500 for informa
tion leading to the arrest and convc
tion of parties guilty of stealing or
removing ore from either the Penn
sylvania or Michael Devitt mines. The
notices are the result of a discovery
that some one has been stealthily tak
ing out a large amount of the richest
ore from both mines in those portions
upon which injunctions have been is
sued. On Thursday a visit was made
to the Pennsylvania m!ne by a repre
sentative of the Boston & Montana
and 75 sacks of ore, running 30 and 40
per cent copper, were found ready to
be removed. It is not likely that the
ore is being taken out in violation of
the court's injunction by any one
named in the injunction, although the
ore cannot be taken out except through
the Montana Ore Putchesine company's
workings. It is probably the work of
some leasers, and it Is with the hone of
catching the guilty pairties that the of
fer of a reward is pub.ished.
The funeral of Dan D. Sullivan will
take place from the residence of his
brother Mike E. Sullivan. 430 East Park
street, Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
having awaited the arri.al of his twin
brother John, who arrives .to-night.
Dan Tewey's ' Southern hotel, tho
model moderate price house of Butte.
The Iutte u Physicians
Claim the best way to enjoy good
health during the cold. smoky weather
is to keep an even temperature in your
house all the time. Kemmcrer coal
holds fire so well that your house is as
warm at night as it is during the day.
S. J. Monroe & Co., 47 East Broadway.
'Phone 538.
Culled at Random from Our Immense Stock
Right Good Price:Reasops for Buying
Floor Oil Cloths 50c grade, splendid, serviceable car- 25 extension tables, 6 feet, nice,
pets, cut this week to, per yard.. emooth golden oak finish, good
Pretty patterns, pretty well known 3C value at $7; holiday week price..
.s our 40c grade; yours this week w $w.t0
for, per yard ...................... 7 all wool Ingrains, $3 patterns,
S23c reduced for this week to, per yard 50 cobbler seat rockers, hard wood,
60C antique finish, actual value 03;
50c quality, price cut for the first holiday week price ................
time this week to, per yard...... $1 grade all wool ingrains-no mills
30c on earth weave better ones--youra $2.00
Linolethis wee at, per yrd............. 16 couches, upholstered in fancy
inoleums 65C tapestries, patent buttons, fringed
base, worth $8; holiday week price
The 75c grade, the kind that made 100 center tables, mahogany and base, worth $8; holiday week price
us famous for good linoleum val- antique finish $6.25
ues, yours this week at, per yard.
45e 55c 14 couches, upholstered in BRlgian
c elours, full 30-inch width, close
Our old reliable 90c wear well grade tufted, fringed case, worth $13;
cut this week to, per yard........ mahogany finish, 22-inch top, fan- holiday week price..............
cy turned legs, actual value $2;
holiday week price................ $14.75
minds tha it inos the best made $100 each 12 Ideal Oak parlor heating stoves,
for this week at, per yard........ large size, worth $12.50; holiday
65e 40 beautiful parlor stands, solid
oak, fancy style, actual value week price..................
Ingrain Carpets $2.25; holiday week price.......... $9.55
$150 15 large size Hot Blast air t:;:
See How They Have Dropped in Price 60 large easy cobbler seat rockers, heating stoves, a great coal sa r
40c grade, yours this week at, per good style and well made, actual keeps fire from 24 to 36 huts+,
yard ............. ........... value $2.75; holiday week price...., worth $10.50; holiday week ircn> ..
23c $1.75 each $13.50
The Brownfield=Canty Carpet Co.
O. K. Lewis & Co.
The Last Buying Day of 1899
We will make it really in
teresting to buyers to-day.
The last day of our in
ventory we find accumn
lations of various sorts
which we close out to-day
regardless of their value.
About 40 Cloth Jackets, made of fine
Kersey Silk, lined throughout; and
heavy Boucle Cloth Jackets, Silk
lined throughout, storm collar;
bought to sell at $2.5so and $55.oo
To-Day Your Choice $6.25
About 12 Lloth Jackets
No two alike, some last sea
son's among its lot; values
to $2o.oo,
One Price To-Day $3.95
About 20o Cloth Jackets, made of All
Wool Kersey, trimmed with Fur
front and back and revers; values
To-Day Choice $10,00
I Krimmer Fur Jacket, was
$1oo oO..To.Day $69.00
2 Electric Seal Jack ts, were
$7s.0o.. To.Day $18.50
t Krimmer Jacket, was
$65.uuo... To-Day .$'5.00
Wrappers on Sale To=Day
" 95c ER.H
Values to $1.5o and $1.75. Odd lotto
close out; 1-laneilette and Berlin
This Price ToaDay Only
Ali LEWIS' Fine Tailor Made Suits
marked down for to-day's
quick selling.
1 Gray e'oth Suit, Bilk lined Cost,
was $18.oo, To.Day $8.90
1 Eton Serge, black, size 34,
was $25.00, To-Day $15.00
I Navy Serge, size 40, Silk lined,
was $25.00, To.Day $15.00
4 Handsome Tallor.Made Suits,
Silk lined throughout, was $45.00,
$50.00 and $55.00,
To-Day $24.75
Some Underwear Values
14 Un on Suits, Ypsilantimake (white
only), was $5.00 and $5 50,
To-Day $3.00 Suit
too Vests and Drawers, Balbriggan
(women's) value O60 each At 25c
A11 Children's Jackets
Marked down to-day. Prices $3.95
for $6.oo and $5.oo styles, $5.oo
for all previously selling up to
$8.oo and $8.50.
Long Coats for Children Nearly Half Price
0. K. Lewis & Co.
The San Francisco
Painless Dentist.
Week auararted. Pries Re~ouable
31S O1 TEETH, - - - - 810 on
LrLIWNh- .. - . $1.00 AND UP
Ill West Park, Butte.
To Test the Strength
Of this Advertisement we will sel
to everyone bringing this Adver
tisement on baturday, Dec. 29th
20 Is. Fin0 Gironulod Su;or $1.00
Brobhek's Flour, the best of all, 5^
pou::d sack ............... it.. .O.
Ft'ncy Large Lemons, smooth and
juicy, per dozen ............12 .e
Fancy Cape Cod Cranberries, all
sound, three quarts...........'l:,e
Fine Large Seeded Raisins, in pack
ages, two pounds.............. 5(.
Citron, Lemon and Orange Peel, per
pound ............... ... ....13c
Salad Dressing, Durkee's best made,
per bottle ......................Sirme
Fresh Shrimps, size 1, ready for
lunch, per can.............15c'
Log Cabin Maple Syrup, per gal
lon ................ ..2
Dunkley's Celerytone Mustard; it is
fine. one pound jar............20e
New York Counts, largest oysters,
per dozen ..................... O
Maple Sugar, the pure goods, per
pound ...................e......fe
Include one pound of the Celebrated
Hoffman HTouse Coffee in your or
der, per pound.................
Three pounds .................71.00
335 West Broadway. 'Phone 359.
Dr. Chas. C. Thompson
Great Falls, - - Montant
(Formerly of Chicago, Illinois.)
0R. CHUNG'S Celebraitd
Herb Santaruinm
Gnarantoas to etro ta!,
di, tlas by Moana of ht.
faan,.tiu (ttttst tMalleitue.
nzever before introduc:ed
tano tli cOtunt ryV. Ile ]tnI
Ctlld IIhu1-01 d l u n lld n Illd
eire you, Atvicofre.. :19
.V.Galea Sit., But e, Mont
Down to Business
Whben it romis to doing plumbing
we get right dlown to business. It
it's repairing, w, do ii promptly.
quickly and properly; "fix it so it
stays fixed." If it's new work
water, gas or st am fitting-we do
it in the best way, with the best
meterials, by the bhst workmen.
W\Xhat do you need in our line?
KRUEGER, The Plumber
Heating, Ventilating
,I N. lMain Street,
Te eroSi*e on - I B:te. Montaen
High Class Oontistry
A guarantee that is good, with a carS
tainty that we do Just as we advertlsa.
brings a great many new customerL
Finest Plates, Perfect Fit
Guaranteed the same as you pal NMl
AhIboutel" pain:ess extracting.
Fine gold hr!dge Work and crowns
Gold and porcelain fillings.
Office Open Evenings
W. H. Wix, D. D.5.
Butte, Montana
graduate of Universlty of Penusylvalg
Drs. Murray & Freund
Hospital and offices corner Quartz and
Alaska streets, Butte, MIont. Telephone
30 and 116 for ambulance.
Of Every Description in Stock 2
or Made to Order.
Switches and Hair Chains
/lade From Combings and Cut Hair.
All D)isea os of the Flot of Men and Women
Treated Without Pain.
Madam Shields,
114 W. Broadway, Butte.
The New York Hair Dressing, Manicuring ant
(lhiropodist Parlors.
Grand Opera House o on.~ a.
BUTT, MONT. 'Phone 547
Two Nights, Commencing
-Matinees Sunday and Monday
"Brown's in Town"
A Tornado of .drriment That Nothing Can
Stop the Fun But Time to Go Home
Prcesa-Niht, $1.00, 75c, oc, 25.c, Matinee.
7;c. 500, . 5c.
Grand Opera House G. O.Mko",Fnagl
Butte Mont. 'Phone 547
oeg.,ning WtDNESDAY, DEC. 271th
Wednesday and Saturday Matinee
Reprtoire -W\Vdn-s!ay Matine anl Eveoing
".t I,i d , I ,' ,l '" '.Ihtr IaO loveo log, "Caoptia
Iot tHrbhdir ai the tI lin F'ttlliujt . 'Friday
" t'n;nl n ' S f S t i t'llllli, Natlee, "A riL.
. r',+b HilIlll o" Slttuo rdity Night "Lady Wind.
N, ad~rt l u in prlers. Seat salo Tuesday.
D ck P. Sutton., anager.
Week Commencing Sunday, Dec. 31
With Mlatine0 and Saturday Matinee
Jaffries and Sbarkey
.... FIGHT....
Glntd Reproduction of the Great Coney
Isnand tlattle and Higlh Class Vaudeville.
Extra Holiday Matinee Monday, Jan 1.
krices--.3c, 33r aud SOc

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