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[8pecial to the J
Twelfth Regular Session.
CuIXClID-Thirty-rirat Day.
Cardwell,from the committee of the whole,
reported, recommendiug as follows : That H
B 16 pass, that H B 30 do not pass, that H B
6 pass, with the following amendments:
Strike out "March" in the third line of sec 2.
and insert "May" in lieu thereof; also strike
•' out "March" in the fourth line of sec 3, and
''■'insert "May."
On motion of Morris the report was adopt
On motion of Mitchell the council pro
ceeded to consider H B 6.
Mitchell moved to strike out secs 6 and 7;
Mitchell moved to amend sec 8 by striking
out the words "election and qualifying of,"
and inserting the word "qualified;" also to
amend sec 11 by striking out all after "1881"
in line 6; adopted.
j Also to chauge the title to read, "An act to
! create the county of Silver Bow and to pro
vide officers therefor;" adopted.
HOUSE-Tl»lrty-Fl*st Day.
i H B 29, for au election for the removal of
1 the county seat of Beaverhead county from
j Banuack to .Dillon was taken up.
Houser presented a petition signed by 275
persons remonstrating against the removal.
Davis presented a petition signed by 199
1 persons asking for removal.
Rodgers moved to amend by striking out
i Lhe word "May" and inserting "August" in
lieu thereof.
i Blake moved to add to sec 1, as au atnend
t ment to Rodgers' amendment, ".hat no on
shall vote at said election who believes and
'practices the doctrine of polygamous mar
riage; carried.
Sedmau moved that the rules be suspen d
, id, the bill read a third time* by title aud put
upon its final passage; lost.
H B 75, in relation to territorial officers
j.was referred to the judiciary committee.
' H J R 4, making an appropriation for the
,'.nternational exhibition to be held in New
• jYork in 1883, was referred to the committee
'.m federal relations.
|- Bills introduced :
Garlock, H B 76, a bill to provide for boud
ng the outstanding indebtedness of Ouster
:ounty; referred to the member from Custer
J rod joint member from Choteau and
; Meagher.
' Clem, H B 77, to provide for an election for
'.he removal of the county seat from Deer
; 'Lodge to Butte.
Humber objected to the bill.
1 Motion to reject was lost, and the bill was
select committee from Deer
,- eferred to
Lodge county.
1 Sedman, H B 78, concerning expenses o
i :ounty superintendents of schools ; referred
o committee cn education and labor.
De Wolfe, H 3 80, defining the duties of
:lerks and sheriffs in certain cases; referred
V.o printing committee,
! Donnelly, H B 82, to provide for the pub
ic health; referred to the committee on ter
-ltorial affairs.
! Also H B 83, to provide compensation for
md define the duties of certain county offi
'iers; referred to a special committee of one
t member from each county.
1 The house went into committee of the
'whole, De Wolfe in the chair.
: i H B 15, to provide for aud establish a uni
form system of text books iu Montana, was
- '.akeu up.
•! Without concluding its labors the commit
tee rose, reported progress aud asked leave to
hit again,
At his request Beach was excused from at
tendance upon the afternoon session.
COUNCII.—THirty.Heeond Day.
The judiciary coinmitiee reported H B 35,
ïouceriiiug chattel mortgages, with amend
meut, aud recommended that it do pass as
Bills introduced:
l' Cardwell, C B 37, to atn -od .sec 781 ch 37
pf the revised statutes; referred to the judi
j clary committee.
i . Hays, C B 38, to apportion the members of
} .he legislative assembly; referred to a special
2 ;ommittee composed of Morris, Aikeu and
H B 16, for the protection of game, was
'read a third time and passed by a unanimous
4 rote.
>' H B 17, to require persons keeping gaming
'houses to prohibit boys from stopping there
n, passed.
\ H B 30, to repeal an act for the support of
yffie Butte fire department, was lost.
C B 25, concerning the duties of fire war
1 , was passed.
B 27, to enable the citizens of Jefferson
ity to vote on the proposition to change
county Etat aud for other purposes, was
B 28, to amend sec 582 ch 21 of the gen.
electiou laws, was passed,
J R 1, tor the relief of Wooifolk, Mc
d and LaCroix, was passed,
until 2 p. in.
t he <
Recess i
A communication from the Helena board
' trade was received.
On motion of Hays it war referred to tbe
lint committee having the preposition of T,
, Power under consideration.
Mitchell reported H B 34, to provide for the
bonding of certain outstaudiug warrants of
Missoula county, and recommended its pass
age with the proposed amendments.
On motion of Ford the rules were sus
pended aud the order engrossing H B 6, to
create the county of Silver Bow, was recon
Aiken offered an amendment to H B 6,
which on motion of Hays was made the spe
cial order for to-morrow morning.
Ford moved to make H B 6 a special order
for this evening; adopted.
IBS, being the special order, was taken
Aiken's amendment, definiug the north
line of the county, was read.
Aiken moved for its adoption.
Mitchell hoped the line as recommended in
the amendment, would not be adopted. He
stated there were 60 voters in the township
proposed to be put in the new county, 57 of
whom wanted to stay in Deer Lodge county;
amendment lost.
On motion of Browne the vote by which
H B 16, relating to game, was passed, was re
considered, and the bill was again referred to
the committee on agriculture.
Ford reported H B 28, relating to stock
killed or injured by railroads, with a recom
mendation that it pass with amendments;
Ford introduced the following bills:
C B 38, concerning the skinning of sheep
or cattle found dead; placed on general or
C B 40, concerning marks and brands;
placed on general orders.
HOUSE-Tkirlj-Seund l»ay.
Notice ol bills :
Clem, to amend the law for the licensing
of commercial travelers.
De Wolfe, lor the election of public admin
The committee on ways and means offered
a resolution calling upon the territorial audit
or for a statement concerning the claim of
W. G. Barclay; adopted.
The bouse went into committee of the
whole, Cullen in the chair.
C B 22, concerning instructions to juries,
was read; it provides that juries may take
their instructions into their rooms; recom
mended that it do pass.
H B 48, concerning roads and highways,
was taken up; recommended that it pass.
The committee arose and the house took
a recess.
Blake reported H B 45, to provide for Sun
day as a day of rest, correctly engrossed.
The house went into committee 'of the
whole, with DeWolfe in the chair.
H B 15, relating to school books, was tak
en up.
The books of A. S. Barnes & Co. aud lvi
son, Blakeman, Taylor & Co. were adopted.
Aber a few unimportant amendments were
made the committee were instructed to re
port lhe bill as amended, with a recommend
ation that it pass.
Humber presented a memoiial from the
citizens of Deer Lodge county to the Deer
I,edge delegation.
Harrington and Garlock reported H B 76,
to fund the outstanding indebtedness of Cus
ter county, with a recommendation that it do
On motion of Garlock the bill was con
sidered engrossed aud passed to a third read
Powers reported H B 75, to refund the 10
per cent, bonds of Meagher county, with the
recommendation that it pass.
The rules were suspended and the bill read
a third time and passed.
Powers report-d H B 63, to repeal art 13 of
the fifth subdivision of the Revised Statutes,
with amendments and a recommendation
that it pass; adopted.
Harrington moved to refer C J R 1, for the
relief of Wooifolk, McQuaid & LaCroix, to
the committee on ways aud means; adopted.
C ß 27, to enable the citizens of Jefferson
county to vote for changing the county seat
of Jefièrson county,was referred to the Jefl'er
son county delegation.
C B 25, concerning the duties of fire war
dens, was referred to the committee on towns
and counties.
C B 26, to define and punish certaiu nui
sances, was referred to the committee on
territorial affairs.
Pardee introduced H B 86, concerning cor
poration; referred to the judiciary committee,
H B 58, to more effectually prevent the
sale of liquor to Indians, was passed unani
H B 67, to enable the people of Butte to
build a school bouse, was passed.
H B 46, to repeal art 14, ch 16 of the fifth
division of the Revised Statutes, so far as it
applied to Custeç county, was passed.
Blake moved to amend the title to read "A
bill concerning the county of Custer," which
was adopted.
H B 76, to provide .for the funding of the
outstanding indebtedness of Custer county,
was read a third time and passed.
council. —Thirty-Third -D mj.
Aiken moved that the vote by which H B
30, a bill for an act to provide for the sup
port of lhe Fire Department of Butte City,
was lost, be reconsidered. Carried.
Tbe judiciary committee reported back C
B 22, H B 20, H B 33, H B 38, and H B 21
with amendment, and C B 35, with amend
ment, and recommended that the bills do
Tbe committee on Indian affairs reported
H B 60, without recommendation.
The cQ»qiUtee on federal relations re
ported H J ît 3, in reference to printing, with
the recommendation that the bill pass.
The committee on towns and counties re
ported H B 36, a bill for an act concerning
the term of office of county commissioners,
with an amendment, and recommended that
the bill as amended pass.
H B 24, a bill for an act concerning
prairie fires, was read a third time and
H B 31, an act conceraing the 7 per cent,
bond siuking fund was read a third time aud
HB 53, a bill for au act to establish the
fees of the clerk of the supreme court, was
read a third time and passed.
H B 6, an act to create the county of Sil
ver Bow. Aiken moved that the rules be sus
pended, the bill read a third time and put
upou its final passage. The motion was
agreed to, and the bill then passed by a
unanimous vote.
C B 20, a bill for an act concerning vagran
cy and vagrants, was passed.
The council went into committee of the
whole, Morris in the chair.
C B 39, au act concerning the skinning of
cattle and sheep found dead. The commit
tee recommended that the bill do pass.
C B 40, an act concerning marks aud
brands. Committee recommended that tbe
bill pass.
C B 34, an act to provide for certain out
standing warrants of Missoula county. Com
mittee recommended that the bill pass.
A communication was received from the
governor announcing that lie had signed C
B 16, an act concerning small estates ; also
C J R 2, with reference to the distribution
of the revised statutes.
The council went into executive session
during which the nemination of Joseph F.
Woolman, as territorial auditor, was rejected,
and Barclay Jones, of Madison, was con
firmed as notary public. Adjourned.
HOUSE—'Thirty-Third Day.
H B 09, to establish the fees of district at
torneys, was passed ; ayes 22, uoes 2—Clem
and Sedman.
Cullen moved to amend the title by strik
g out " fees " and substituting " salary : "
H B 06, to attach Dawson to Custer county
for judicial aud other purposes, was read a
third time and passed.
H B 73, relating to the terms of office, was
passed by the following vote :
Ayes—Beach, Blake,Chambers, Clem, Cul
len, Davis, Eastman, Garlock, Hanley, Hous
Ilumber, Kennerly, Pärchen, Stedman,
Wilson and Mr. Speaker, 10.
Noes—Bell, Corbly,DeWolfe, Harrington,
Pardee, Powers, Rodgers, Sedman—8.
H B 45, a bill for an act concerning the bet
ter observance of the Sabbatli as a day of
rest, was read a third time.
Corbly moved the previous question.
Clem moved to adjourn ; lost
Previous question ordered and the bill pass
ed by the following votes :
Ayes—Beach, Bell, Blake, Chambers, Clem,
Corbly, Davis, Eastman, Hanley, Pärchen
Pardee, Powers, Sedman, Wilson and Mr.
Noes—Cullen, DeWolfe, Garlock, Harring
ton, llouser, Humber, Kennerly, P.odgers and
Stedman 9.
H B 11, an act to regulate the legal rate of
interest, was lost ; ayes 11, noes 13.
H B 62, to provide for the redemption of
the funded debt of Lewis and Clarke county,
was passed.
H B 34, relative to water rights, was
amended and ordered engrossed.
II B 71, to provide for municipal corpora
tions, was read a third time.
Blake moved to make it the special order
for 7 o'clock this evening ; carried—10 to 9.
A communication was received from the
territorial auditor concerning the claims of
W. G. Barclay, referred to the committee on
ways and means.
C B 11, to provide for the election of officers
in Beaverhead county, was concurred in
C B 23, for the relief Cornelius Hedges,
was concurred in.
Blake having an interest in the bill was
excused from voting at his owu request.
C B 5, concerning costs in certain criminal
eases, was read a third time and lost.
Humber offered the following resolution,
which was adopted:
Resoiiicd, That ibis house take a recess un
til 4 o'clock to attend the exercises of tbe
Helena Graded school, accepting the invita
tion of the trustees aud principal thereof.
House resumed.
C B 26, to extend the boundaries of Galla
tin couuty, was passed.
C B 13, concerning deputy mineral survey
ors, passed.
C B 12, to repeal the licensing of survey
ors, passed.
a C B 18, to enable the people of Bozeman
to erect a school house,'passed.
Clem gave notice that on the 12th he would
move to reconsider the vote by which H B 45
to provide for tbe better observance of the
Sabbath as a day of rest, passed the bouse.
H B 43, relating to public schools, was, on
motion of Dounelly, placed on the general
H B 71, to provide lor municipal corpora
tions in Montana, was read a third time and
Kennerly and Donnelly reported H B 18,
to enable Choteau county to build a jail, and
recommended its passa,, i, with amendments;
Kennerly reported H B 14, with recom
mendation that It pass; adopted.
Davis reported C B 19, concerning qualifi
cation of electors, with recommendation that
it pass; adopted.
COUIClL-TMrtf-EnHb Day.
A petition was received from tax-payers
livisg in Lewis and Clarke, Choteau and
Meagher counties which stated that parties
were now engaged in skinning dead cattle
which did not belong to them, and praying
that the rights of cattle owners be protected.
The bill relating to the skinning of dead cat
tle having passed the council, the petition, on
motion of Ford, was sent with the bill to the
The judiciary committee reported C B 41
with a recommendation that tbe hill pass.
Cardwell, from the select committee on
the proposition of T. C. Power, Esq., report
ed that he had been instructed to introduce a
Kerley introduced C B 42, a bill for an act
to enable the county commissioners of the
county of Meagher to erect public buildings.
Referred to the judiciary committee by unan
imous consent.
Cardwell Introduced C B 44, aa act to pro
mote navigation ert the upper Missouri riTer.
By the provisions of the bill the governor,
the president ot the council aud the speaker
of the house are appoiuted a commission on
the part of the territory to contract with
Commodore T. C. Power for the purpose ot
constructing and placing upon the Missouri
river above the falls a steamboat which is to
be 157 feet in length, 26 feet wide and 3 feet
deep, with all the necessary apparatus, ware
houses, etc., the whole to cost not less than
$30,000. Commodore Power is to contract to
navigate the boat above the falls to such a
point as the commission shall designate and
navigation permit, for two years after the boat
is completed, and shall carry all through
freight to or from Bismarck, St. Louis and
Pierre at such rates as shall be fixed by the
As soon as the boat is launched, the terri
ritorial auditor shall draw his warrant in fa
voNof Commodore Power for $10,000, aud
when the boat is fully equipped, completed
and launched and shall arrive at the upper
terminal point on the river, a second warrant
for $10,000 shall be drawn in his fayor.
The bill was referred to the committee on
ways aud means.
Mitchell, without previous notice, intro
duced C B 45, a bill to establish boards of
health aud prescribing their power and duties.
Referred to committee on towns and counties.
H B 28, a bill for an act to provide for the
payment of live stock killed by railroads,
H B 31, an act concerning chattel mort
gages; bill passed.
Substitute for C B 29, act to provide com.
pensatiou for the deputy clerks of the dis
trict courts of Beaverhead and Gallatin
counties; bill passed.
C B 31, an act to provide for additional
penitentiary room; passed.
The council went into committee of the
whole, with Cardwell in the chair, on H B
8, an act concerning the exemption of fire
men from jury duties.
The committee recommended that the bill
do pass.
H B 33, an act concerning the jurisdiction
of courts in criminal cases, committee rec
ommended that tbe bill pass.
H JR, relating to the memorial stone for
the Washington monument, recommended
that the memorial pass.
H B 21, a bill for an act concerning county
sinking funds and certain taxes, committee
recommended that the bill pass.
H B 35, an act to provide for the manner
of selecting jurors, committee recommended
that the bill pass.
Council resumed.
HOUSE— 1 Thirty-Fourth Day.
Pardee presented a petition from 86 citizens
of Butte asking that H B 6, to establish Sil
ver Bow county, be passed as amended in the
council if it cannot be passed without.
DeWolfe presented a petition sent by about
130 citizens of Butte, protesting against the
Mitchell amendment to H B 6 aud insisting
on the bill as it passed tbe house. DeWolfe
said that there was an apparent contradiction
between these two petitions, as the names of
some of the same parties were on both.
There was none, however, as the first petition
was in tbe alternative, to pass the bill with
Mitchell's amendmeut.if it could not be pass
ed without, but the petition preferred tbe
original bill.
Pardee presented a petition from 180 citi
zens of Fhilipsburg, asking for the formation
of the new county of Monroe with the coun
ty seat at New Chicago.
H B 14, iu relation to barbed wire fences,
was reported back by the committee of the
whole w ith an amendment and recommended
its passage.
H B 74, to establish a territorial board of
health, was referred to committee on territo
rial affairs.
C,B 17, relating to acknowledgment of
papers affecting real estate by parties without
the jurisdiction of the United States, was re
ported by the judiciary committee recom
mending that it do pass ; adopted.
C B 25, concerning the duties of fire war
dens, was reported back by committee on
towns and counties, with recommendation
that it do pass ; adopted.
H B 61, to repeal the act to punish unlaw
ful interference with labor, etc., was reported
back by the majority of the judiciary com
mittee with an amendment and recommenda
tion that the bill pass as amended. Blake
submitted a minority report with an amend
ment, and recommended that the bill pass as
Cullen said the amendment of the majori
ty perfected the bill and took from the old
law its harsher features. It protected the
laborer and mine swner equally in their
rights, and he hoped the amendment would
be adopted.
The majority report was adopted by the
following vote:
Ayes—Beach, Chambers, Clem, Corbly,
Cullen, Davis, DeWolfe, Eastman, Garlodk,
Hanley, Harrington, Hauser, Humber, Par
dee, Powers,Rodgers,Sedman,Stedman, Wil
son, Mr. Speaker—20.
Noes—Bell, Blake, Kennerly—3.
Blake moved to strike out "$600" as the
penalty wherever It occurred in the bill and
insert in Us place "$500."
DeWolfe said that the amendment made
no difference in the Jurisdiction of the courts.
It was then adopted.
On motion of DeWolfe the bill was ordered
H B 75, relating to territorial officers, was
reported back by the judiciary committee,
with an amendment fixing the salary of the
attorney general at $500 per year; agreed to
and ordered to a third reading.
C B 22, concerning instructions to juries,
was reported back from the committee of the
whole and ordered to a third reading.
H B 48, concerning roads and highways,
was ordered engrossed.
Wbjr They do Ml CM Horned.
A well-known society man was asked the
other day why, with his wide acquaintance,
and his notable fondness for womauhood, he
did notget married ? "Because" was the rather
puzzling reply, "all my lady friends belong
to what is styled our best society." "Well,
what ofthat?" "Just this, my dear fellow,"
answered the confirmed bachelor, "I despise
any man that will marry a woman for her
fortune ; and I think that any man who, with
out a bonanza of his own, would undertake to
support a fashionable young woman of the
period; is too big a fool to be allowed to run
at large outside of an idiot asylum. I have a
vast circle of female acquaintances. They
are all girls in fashionable society, luxuriously
reared, petted, spoiled, indolent, and helpless.
I should consider an income of from twenty
five to fifty thousand dollars a year absolutely
indispensable to any essay at playing the hus
band to one of them. I haven't such a sum
about my trowsers-pockets, aud so l stay un
married. I know 1 have in me die material
to make some old lady a model sou-in-law,
but I fear it is destined to be sweetness
wasted on the desert air of bateholorhood.
Our society girls are beautiful, bright, pos
sessed of many respectable accomplishments,
and altogether more attractive than the young
women of any other land beneath .lie skies ;
but they are impractical and selfish, and I do
not care to set myself up as a moral reformer
even in the case ot one of them. They have
been taught to worship money as their chief
god, and 1 have not enough of their god to
demand their adoration."
Tennvr'8 Weather Predictions for 1881,
Prof. H. G. Vennor lias just published an
almanac for 1881, from which the New York
Nation makes the following extracts 'which
which will prove of interest iu checking off
his success or failure through the year. The
United States Signal Service expects to be
right three times out of four. Prof. Vcnnor's
first prediction has proved to be reasonably
accurate. Probabilities for January, 1881 :—
Blockades of snow iu tbe United Stales about
the 7th and 8th; mild spell from January
18th to February 12tli ; March 9 aud 10 gales
are probable around New York and Boston,
and snow storms, iu April will be a snow
fall on the 4th or 5th, but spring will be well
advanced by the 15th. In May, after the lOtli,
hot weather ; on the 13th and 15th thunder
storms. June, warm till 11th. then cold till
20th ; frosts on 22d and 23d ; 24th to 26th hot.
July, cold on,the 13th, 15th, 23d and 31st;
hot on the 4th, 5th, 9th, 11th, 16tli, 17tb,
26tli and 26th. August 4th and 5lh will be
cold. Iu September the centre of the month
will be its warmest part. October will open
cold ; November will he muddy, with little
frost; December will be the warmest ever
M. Gambetta, it is whispered, intends to
offer himself as a candidate for the next va
cant chair in the French Academy, having
long desired to be one of the Immortals.
Here is a specimen of "A Card" issued at
Salisbury at the close of the past century:
"John Hopkins, parish clerk and under
taker, sells epitaphs of all sorts and prices.
Shaves neat and plays the bassoon. Teeth
drawn and the Salisbury Journal read gratis
every Sunday morning at 8. A school for
psalmody every Thursday evening, when my
sun, born blind, will play the fiddle. Speci
men epitaph on my wife:
"Great variety to be seen within. Your
humble servant, John Hopkins."
Hurlerons Negroes.
Richmond, Feb. 10— At Muaeville, Pitt
sylvania couuiy, a negro convicted of trifling
offenses, abused tbe magistrate, aud was re
monstrated with by another negro, aud be
coming enraged, assailed all the whites with
a bludgeon, killing J. C. Arthur and serious
ly wounding two others. The negro escaped
to a club room of his friends, who i esoived
not to allow their comrade to be arrested.
They held an all-night session,marching with
the murderer at their head and beating drums.
Finally twelve men, well armed, secured
their arrest and safely lodged them in jail.
The citizens were with difficulty prevented
from lynching them.
Overdue Steamers*
New Y ork, Feb. 8—None of the missing
steamers have been heard from to-day, and
some are undoubtedly lost. The two which
attract tbe greatest attention are the Batavia,
of the Cunard line, and the Bristol City. The
Batavia had a large passenger list largely of
New York people. The company's agents
are unwilling to believe that she bas gone
down. It was thought the steamer Bothnia
would have some news, but that vessel re
ports that it did not see a sail from the time
of leaving Queenstown until off Fire Islarfl.
A dispatch dated Queenstown, Feb. 10th'
says that a tug has been sent iu search of the
London, Feb. 10.—In the house of com
mons to-day the home secretary declared that
If tbe other ticket-of-leave men acted as Davitt
had they would be sent ts prison again. A
report from Portland prison is that Davitt is
in good .health and is satisfied with tbe ar
rangements made for him.
Washington Go«p.
Washington, Feb. 10.—Blur's bit
the senate providing for • temporary me
in facilities for a fair examination and a
ication of pension claims retains most of]
provisions of the sixty surgeon bill wi
was excluded on a point of order. The
also provides that examiners and surgeon
congressional districts shall set in dlf
parts of a district to suit the conveniet
claimants, and wheh, through sickness,
bility, poverty or any other good cause j
claimant or any witness is unable to ai
before the examiner and surgeon, they i
visit the claimant or witness at the expen.
the United States. It also provides for]
ducing the compensation for service of c
ants, but nothing In the bill shall be com
as a denial of tbe rights of a claimant to]
for assistance received in prosecuting
claim, providing payment is within the
Rations of the existing law. It is fur.
provided that no peusion allowed shall:
withheld except in cases where, in the '
ment ot the commissioner of pensions, j
matlon is conclusive that the pension |
obtained through fraud. The right of a;
is provided for, and a reasonable allowan
The treasury department to-dsy pur
175,000 ounces of fine silver for deliver
the San Francisco and New Orleans mint
Major Butterworth, who represents tha|
Ohio district in congress, has returned fn
visit to Gen. Garfield at Meutor. He
asked to-day if Senator Conklins will ha
representative in the cabiuet. He made |
reply that Senator Conkliug has asked
certaiu cabinet place and been refused,!
lias beeu told that he can have auy stl
place he may choose to select. Would it|
such an event he Gen. Garfield's fault if ]
York Is wittiout a representative in the
A private dispatch has been received to f
effect that the democrats of tbe Ohio leg
ture yesterday refused to unite on a
tion of endorsement of Stanley Matli
nomination. The prospects for his confin
tion seem to be daily diminishing.
Is were
Gov- NeiUon on Polygamy
San Francisco, Feb. 10.—A disp
from Boise, Idaho territory, says the raint
season has been frequent and heavy in
country, but lias not cleared up. Bridgeii
all stage roads have been swept away
much damage done to valley lands.
The legislature adjourned this eveni]
Gov. Neilson, in a second anti-polygamy i
sage to botli houses of the legislature, put 1
Mormon members iu a great rage. Thet
ernor said : "1 must again direct your atu
tion to the spread of polygamy in this
tory under the fostering influence of
Mormon church. As reasonable suggestio
contained in my communication delivered|
the opening of your session have not yeti
acted upon, I deem it proper to once niorei
vert to lhe subject and . urge the immedi]
adoption of stronger measures to extir.
tlie evil. Polygamy is a doctrine of the il]
mon church, and polygamy is urged and ma
obligatory upon the members of the child
for the purpose of binding them more fir
to the organization." The legislature paidi
attention to the governor's suggestions.
i be
I bonanza
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I claim.
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I City
Sherman the Frauds in the Business*
Sherman on the Frauds in the Sugar Business*
Washington, Feb. 11—Secretary SI
man in a letter to tlie secretary of tbe chi
ber of commerce, New York, advising
that I liât that body had requested him to
sciml iiis order of September 2, 1879, aud
refund the excess of duties collected midet
says : The department had become fu
satisfied before the order was issued tl
sugars were being Imported with coloi
which made them below their proper
and the government was thereby defrauded]
a large amount of revenue, ruining hoi
dealers and failing to protect home maimfi
Hirers. The loss was established in
tried in San Francisco and Baltimore, am
was proved that this artificial coloring eii
ed. The courts ruled fairly astotliejustl
of punishing the frauds and, although sui
amounting to millions of dollars had
begun, the government is convinced of tl
correctness of its position and will defend:
The secretary says that the money cannot
refunded nor can tho older be rescinded, '
on the contrary lie hopes that the New Yc
chamber of commerce, for which he lias]
profound respect, will aid in the enforcei
of the law.
Damage by Floods
New Orleans, Feb. 10.—The damage
Sunday's storm along the Mississippi sou]
from Pascagoula to Bay St. Louts, is
mated at $100,000. The portion of the
inundated covens about five square miles,
contains probably 50,000 inhabitants,
many places the water is 3 or 5 feet de
and in low, one-story houses everything
washed out. The water in the lake is lo*«
ing, aud by morning it will doubtless be
ceding at all points.
Overtures Hade.
London, Feb. 10.— In the house of cojK,.
mous to day, Gladstone said the coloniM.
secretary intimated that Geueral Colley V.
the 8th lust, informed Lhe president of
Orange Fratta that lie would give all rcasoHthe
able guarantee to the Boers who would
down their arms, and that the governm effi~
would frame a scheme for a permanent aft 1
friendly settlement of all difficulties. TW
president has been asked to commuuicatefiHossniao
and a previous message in the same sense I
the crown.
Boston Wool Market
Boston, Feh. 11.— Wool during the
week lias been moderate, aiid dealers
plain of the dull trade, although the sals"
have been 1,650,000 pounds—large ciniUWbbs
apparently to give a steadier and firmer tof
to the market. The sales of Ohio and PenL
sylvania fleeces have been 45 and 48 for®«!!....
and XX, some round lots of the latter haviÄinptou
been forced off at 45 mostly by holder
Some XX above Ohio have been sold at 4Sw
No. Iat49®50 per pound. Michigan a«'
Wisconsin fleeces range from 42J®43J I
XX, and 47®48 for No. 1. Sales of wasi^arptiy.
fleeces and California wools have been q ul W
Sales, spring, 28(236 ; fall, 201(3271 ; ]
wools, 35®52. * *
The Mexiaon KaiLro&d Frojeot
New York, Feb. 11.—A meeting of
tlemen interested in railroad construction!
Mexico was Held at No. 120 Broadway to-di
Gen. Grant presiding. Mr. Romero mail*]
detailed statement of the advantage conuC
ed with a railroad is southern Mexico, sbol
ing its relations to other portions of railroij
completed and in process of construction I
that country. After some remarks upon 1'
terms of the charter of the railroad in q" 1
tion, held by Mr. Romero, and which he I
posed to transfer to the new compauy, a L
otution was adopted accepting the trand
t the charter and providing for obtain'!
such modifications in its provisions as
deemed necessary.
Madrid, Feb. 11.—A democratic banqi^
commemorating the proclamation of the]
publicans In 1873, was held this evening,
attempt was made ts interfere with the '
quel until a revolutionary toast was propo
hereupon the government officers reque:
lhe guests to disperse. Two arrests

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