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The Trial.
Washixotox, J« n - 17.—Alluding to
the discussion on tlie pmpoeition to al
low the prisoner to «peak, Seoville <1®^
teil the district attorney a» having aaM
if the prisoner should 1« allowed to
«peak it would lie from the dock.
Corkhill.—1 «aid nothing of the kind.
I protested again«! hi« return to the
«■ounscl table, anil I «aiil it would lie a
lUsgracc to have him «Jieak from the
Guideau eallid out,
Im en a go<«l i*oy lately «*»
• voir
I have
hail bet- j
ter let me out." , , !
Seoville then called .''tient Ion to tue ,
that one of
«.miliilg—<>h, just assume 1
he e inspirators eut it out.
I supj«*se what you a ,
driving ai i- that you want the jury to j
at letter, j
arc .
think that I out a slip out of that
Seovilh— I • eiieve It was done by you
or l»v vonr d!re<*li«»ti for tin* reason that
you' believed »I l«»r the interest of the
. ...io I, ' shoiitiil Guitesm. !
Seoville then proceeded to give flu- j
i'iry his views ui«*n .fudge Porter and •
to instruct ihepi as to iiow much weight i
they rdiotdd att.ieh to his utterance*. As j
u, fhe »in«airnt-s in destroying the notes j
of • he * -nognipln i l.t«illi\
• at
i»< M î:l <
pro.-.tiMit i
I*. tb
» :< • *"
ti'.fin. tl
»I i:i tie*
V.."» li«*i
i n, \v:t>t!i
it< :
a -i
I !i*
>• S'tiiig a |)'>.i*'*
Ji* an wit I ingt\
î <•!. r
i ! 1 1 j ' • • I ; i i i ' • 1 was
tl *1 : Hi
.«I I.: ïII V
i'e- ki!!in r g
f the >
:•«. Sloe U:.\r,
it- conduct of J
cmirt mom, i
i.inv uuiair
cuiiiteotis till«i
iii T iii*
♦ (.*■• -,
tlufii«-: i*'
•!> <
i; «*
; i,e
eo;ji! * l*i: Il î !' 1 -'.
!'. 4 é — '* I .*« Ï 1 . : IV :
iitiv * •* >U II*
the govern incut
1 IV ill |.lifting »poll t lu
Viitli'-'C' to prove the
iiig over an*! ov« r ,
ne. .—hd the 1*01111* i
bn* that it was a siiaine am' 1
i ivlii'illi' i;s made here in (
il l! fe,* tile purpose of ill-j
mir ti lings and eiiiotion
ra< lier than y«*ur 'udguienf. ' Corkhül
s:uvystieally- "We diouid liave been I
more |sdi:e and sympathizing m .vards j
the prisoner." •'* ovi!'** tinn «Thiels«! |
sever«-!» î In* e'iiir.-c of 1 h«* pr«»-e«*!:tinii in (
refusing to permit tin* prisoner to ad-!
dn«s the jury fora l
-imply Sieealise tiiey
•lis«*:« **•»!• le. h s manner «*r >j >«•«•'•! i î*ï:
true m* .it. il érudition. Porter, he said
was prostituting bis tim* attainiiienis in
a ellbrt n* liaitgan insane mail.
After r*s*e-s « biiteaii an mm need in
had received • ill eiieeks t*e«lay
and lie believ«*d they wer * all genuine,
lie was in Itiek. Scoviil.* pnw-i-edt-d
to «Iiow that Guitcuu's tend* n
cies w<*i*e not imiiiontl while in*
wa-dalivittu with religious ereeds ami
the Otli i«la isunmimitv. The je*os»*i*ii
linti ueie trying to hang h:m for not
|Kiying bis board bills.
t'orkbil! ".No, no. If lie is hung it
will tie f< >r mardi r, not fur iinuuid iioatd
Clliteau ealh-d out: "I guess tlu-re
ain't nnieti , ha m e of my being itniig,
any way.
Si-ov Ile eonti mied up to tin* hour of
adjournment. His review of the life of
the pri-oiier, explaining bis art-in the
lights of till- eottllsiTs i Seoville I theory
il I ion the ease. idMieau i*-rationally
i*omnieuted, I »nt never seriously dis*
I il rlied the course of tin* argument. Sci»
viili-sgoki ni tin* niomniii nia! :»«sur
aiii'i* •*:" iIn- pri-oiter in naming himself
ill coniM'ctiou with tirant ami Arthur.
"I should say a pretty line quartette,"
said the prisoner.
Later on
h|n-i*i-2i. wli
S«i*vide r»a«l from iimteau's
it In-again lailnloiit : -Y« II
Initer not rea«I any m«»re, Seoviile. It
•k*i liour t»r two j
fi «n d he might j
Was»!!\«.t«»\, Jan. I«.- Guiteau
••am«* into e«mri tl*;.- m«*ri»iug will» a
quiek, cotiiid« lit step. He >aluti*i| Iii*
friend* :>i*«l a- >o« i» as lie iia«i taken lii
-«-at tlieu«*«! t«> Judge Cox ami said: "I
pn-siime \our Honor will allow mt
a«l*lri-s- iii«* jury when Seoville get?*
through.'' .1 iiwg« Cox—"We will «-«»■»
•iilerliial when S<*o, ill«* g«-i> tiiroiigii."
S«*«»vii!e i«i r«-ply to an inquiry stated'
lie liadliy « xpe«*! ••! lo e«Mi<*lll«le hi**
s|K«*«*li 5«s«!ay. Seoville ioiiliK il iiinad
«Ire--, t:*ki«ie. up am! discussing Ii :«• -.in
listie*. of :M*«.i:t<- erimimds iulro<lu«*«'d in
«•Vi«li-i*e«* by tin* pro*e«*ntion. lie hu«l
n**fi«v«l thaï lie- tables pro«luee«| hereby
Dr. 4,ray ««milted some e.-sciittal fea*
turcs in ids r«*|*ort.
4 orklii!! "I>r. 4iray did not prejtare
any l:il«l«*s « -.* i i:iliy i«*r llii- trial."
Si-ovil!« "Dr. 4.ray washirctit«»conic
bei*«* to help t«» hang this man.
lie was <*m* of the «mispiradirs in the!
«•«»nspiraey «if \vhi«*!i tin* «lis;ri«*t att«*ru
«•y was ill«* <*hi«-f. I'mortmiately i«e ha«
i«*ft liis footprints reami before I get
ilir«»t:glt i «-an <-«>ntra«ii«-i !titii out of his
own mouth. Seovilie pointed out in the
•*itiithi<'i «ifGuiteau. |*arail«*ls to iilustra
ii««ns given »«y Dr. 4 «rav ami then went
«m b* deny the prisoner lias been play
• og a pari. i>i?*«*iis-iiig the horrors of
«-nui«*, . -î- «lilt ii «liowiMii tin* acts of iii-j
sain* «-rtiiiiiinls, Svoville >ai«l then* is
n«»ibing in this act to « < »111 pure with
fouit* oi lit«* a«*ls «if iiis.iio*«•riiuinalsaiid,
gentlemen ol'ilu* jury, in my «»pinion, if
ibere w«*r«* not reasons aiiil |K»\verûil
ones ba«*k of llii« proseientioii tlii« pris
on«*r ncv«*r \v«»nl«i have Im«*ii brought to
trial. but I tell you gentlemen
el' the jury, l»aek *»f this pmseeutioii is
::ii intliieiiei* wliieli I have fait anti
w lib li y«»u may feel, gentlemen, lielbre
tiiis trial is ««»iieludetl. There are poll
I ieiaiis who seek to hide tlieir own shame
tM'liiu<l I lie disgrace of this |MH>rpris4>ncr
and to make him the s«*ancg«»nt for their
crime. I «io not intent!, gc
ihe jury, t«* take up this
gentlemen of
feature of the
«•use, but when I lind the )«»wt*r ami in
itiieiuv this government us« «I against
me in «leiiying tlu* small pittance that I
have a?»kctl for, and a fuir ami impartial
trial, ami facilities netsl«i lor a proper
«I« !« Il>e, I «I«» not pr«»|Misc to k«*n quiet.
I say that such men as Grunt ami Conk
ling and Arthur are morally nml intel.
1« filially res|N»nsiblef«»r this crime. Mr
«'•»llkiiiig shall not cs«*:i|H*. Ill* shall
ii«»t shirk the n*siM«nsibility tor the state
of things that lc«l to this act. ami lie
shall not esea|N* the «»utlemiiatitni of
tin* American |M«»plc, jf I can help il, fur
Iii« share in tiiis disgraceful scrum hie
f«»r office that led t«> tlu* ts>nlli«*t with th«*
chosen ruler of this great u:iii«ui ami led
this |MM»r insane man to «*oiii|kiss what
they would all have hail«! with satisfa«
ti«»n as would pndmhly hiimirtils
<»f other |N>liticiaiis if it eoitUI «K*«*ur
by other means than tlmiugh the as
sassinati«»it «»r rénovai of Gartiebl. who
s|«nnI in I lie way of tlieir tinriglit«»u«
ami «lisgraeefui «t niggle for
v ... . . — , «»ffi«*. j
Neitlii*rshall( «raut es« a|K> that comlem
'nation which be to wJwUy to
• when roniinx from Mexico with undue
hante to throw hi« own name
this quarrel about a «mall office in tue
Republican party and who «ought to
foment a difficulty that had sprung up.
I am not going to see the mischief of
these men high in power visited upon
the head of this poor insane man if
I can help it. This clamor for his blood
is not for the purpose of avenging Gar
Held or of satisfying justice but tlieir
; theory is this. If it can be shown that
thfo was an act of a sane man, then
j those imlitician« in high places will say,
■ -- ' mslble for the
we had
! of course, we are not respousion
, ß saue man. 1 olio sure
|ieopie will say some one is at
if vo»i lusiuit him as insane, why the
1 * •* ----------- mt <v *" ,t
, ______ ___________
j waged a war upon our poor dead Presi
j € | t . n t until it drove this poor insane man
Tlicv sav we shall fix the blame ui*m
. t j, e heails ami hearts of those men who
from what the daily ]*apers said, what
Grunt says and what Conkling says and
from eonstuiitiy thinking upm it to his
1 insane act of killing the President. Ami
! there arc men in high places, the rcai
j lv di I ,,u hie ones, who will go down to
• r jt v with the stigma u|«»u tliesr
i njitin*« and the detestation of tlieir
j ^, UM trvm 4 n, fastened ui«hi their niemo
j r j, i;,, •«•**.
Wa-iii.vctdn. Jan. Is—Davis n
oeited lavendily from Jmlîeiary C'nia
initiee î lie bill ion lire 4'. S. Cupreine
! i'ourt Justice Hunt.
lilair nlS*r« d a resolution i list met nig
i the 4 oiinuittccoii Public Lauds to in
Ji,uire into the administration ol' the
' land laws and tin* sys'eni of their opera
j iiot s '.n the practieal disp-ositien of
lands, and any abuses and hard
-hip- in their administration and report
i the facts and retommeinlations.
Drown eonsuiitet! the morning hour
by talking <>n currency, and urged con
tra«*! inn.
N»:w Yoi:k, Jan. 17.—Tlie Board of
llc.-ddi lias ordered i*li*scd within "i
hours the t atholie asylum for infants.
ticenuso out of the .'U> cliiidren reeeiviil
si ma* its i*s>t:d*Iisli»»ient, 17» have died
1ÔG have iicen disi-hnrgiii. and <»4 ri
niuin. It can be reconstructed and
made lit to live in. Then* arc 71 small
pox «uses in tlu* hospital.
Washington. Jan. 17. — Governor
Or« I way. of Dakota, now here, is in
hearty neconl with the moveinent to di
vide the Territory and create a new
State out ofthcsoutliern jiortioii, but in
sists t'eif tiien* siiell In* legislation to
preserve 4lre ptildie «eliiNil lands for
school purpose only.
CATi.ETTsnrit«! Ky., Jan. 17.—Six
mitre jurors Itave lieeit selc»*te»l in the
trial of tin* Aslilatiil murderers.
Lansing. Iowa. Jan. 17.—All told,
there wen* |*ersoiis injured in tlie
railr« ad accident livre. J. I). Itrousis,
of liielilaiid, Iowa, limy die. Kriekson,
of Spring <irove, is not expected to live.
Mrs, John Donal.uc, whose cliild was
killed, was ou lier way to California.
Washington. Jan. 17.—Major Win.
Arthur, the President's brother: C. A.
Arthur. Jr., the President'.« son; and
Mis« Nellie Arthur, the President's
daughter, left for New York to-day.
New Yoiik. Jan. 17.—A re|M»rt has
iu-t renrh'.sl hen* that cx-Govi*mor
Dull«»« k, of Mil»*«,, fell dead in the street
at \Vorei*ster tlii«* aid moon.
at \Vorei*ster tlii«* aid moon.


Doings in Congress.
i Washington, Jan. 17.—The senate
: coininiitcc on |M iisioti« to-day had up
! Logan's bill for the relief «»f Mrs. L?n -
j «-«»In. N<* ««pposition was made to the
I,, I bill bn* Senator Crooms suggest««! that
the$M». im:i be voti«l to !i«*r without ref
«•reii««* t«* flic Kiihj«H*t of an*ear« of |k*ii
sioii«. He sai«l he wasop|M*si«l to the
svsd-m of imying arrearsof |«Mi.-i«»us ami
«(id not want to vote for any hill that
would in tin* least ««»intuit him to the
principle though he wa« certainly will
ing to vote to give Mrs. Lincoln what
«*v«*r tlie n«i«*ssities for her comfort «*»11
<«l f«»r. AI! other niciiiltcr, im hiding the
Deni«»er:its, fav«>rt«i the bill and in fact
Senator Ja«-ks«in, a D«*in«»erat, move«! it
Im* favorably report««! at once, lb-fore
a v«*d* was taken, however, the hour of
I- arrivt«l ami the««»iiiniitteeadjeiirne<l.
aeti«»u. This iiiorning indicates favora
ble action will Im* taken at the next
nii«*tiug «*f tlie ««»uiinittec when it i*
probabl«* Mrs. Lim*«»ln*s |M*nsiori will be
iiier«*as(«i to |«cr year, as a uiAjori
ty of the i«tmi>iitt<«'* have expn*sse«|
tin ins« lv«*s in favor of thin in«*ri*as«*.
Forney's Money.
j l*hilatl<*l|iliia Freau.
C<»l««net Forney wa« supremely and
| eiiriously imliUcfeut in in«»ney matters.
j On«* inslam*«* that strongly illustrates
' this trait has eaus««| many a hearty
| laugh among his a««|iiaiiitunccs. IX
| spite the advit«* of many friends, nniong
them Fierce Butler, *tlu* liiMliaiid of
j Fanny Kemble, he determine«! to invest
; a large sum of money in a new enter
j prise*, a riee-eleaniug nmehine, «»r soiut
j thing of that sort. He felt timaimiallv
J able to do this by reason of haviiig nuufe
! a sale of some l*ake Superi«»r pr»»pertv.
! He tll!e«l ««it a cheek «>11 the Giruril
l»nnk for a very large amount, ami in
• tmst««l it to* a friend for eolh«*tinn.
j When the pi«*«* of |ui|N*r was pi
j to the paying teller, tlrnt oflu
cial first
, «cratched his eliin and tiien went to see
the l*n*sident of the hank who at that
time was Mr. Baker, fallier of the Hon.
4 *«»rgc H. Baker. Mr. Baker came for
Î war«! smilingly ami said that while Col.
Forney had «piitc a large sum «»f money
i 0,1 »Icposit in the bank, the amount to
liis credit was n«»t equal to Huit ca!l«l
for by the «*h«*k, but still if Colonel
î r orney would step <l«»wn t«» the oank
! * le woultl Ih* honored.
I he Iricnd returueil to the /V« t>ffi«*
in an imligiiaut frame of mind and told
Colonel Forney that he had made him
the Uttrer of a check that luul lK*en «lis
liotioreil, for the reason that there was
not suffieieut fuiitls in the bank.
"Some mistake, sir ; some mistake,"
replied the big-hearted editor. "I have
iuu«*h more tluiii that oil deposit in the
—-itaiik," and he.utter«i the name
of a familiar «lc|N»sit»ry other than the
But I do not go tiien*." n*pli«l tin*
j friend in amazement. "The cli«*k is
drawn on the (iiranl Imnk."
"My! my
lid In
add Colonel Forney,
make'such a silly mistake? Why,
I hav > not a penny in the Girnid bank.
I did not intend to send to that bank.
"Oh, Yes; you have a huge deposit in
the Girard bunk," answered the friend,
"but it was not sufficient to meet this
"A mistake, sir; a mistake," »plied
the colonel, I never had a penny jhere. T
A visit was made to the Girard bank,
however, and Colonel Forney found to
his amazement that he was much richer
than he thought. In the same way,
when the Longacrc's hank in Lancas
ter failed, Colonel Forney found that he
had a long-time deposit there that he
knew nothing about. It was this i. -
precious treasures of his heart.
Forney's Last Leader.
! Ftirslia Sentir -.1 j
The last article written by John AY.
Forney, only a week liefore his death,
in answer to a ('aiifornia corres|«»iuIcnt,
was jHihllshwl in ZVo/yr/w. It 1« a cen
ter shot. He speaks l»y tha canl. hav
ing 1*0011 an eminent and influentiai a'i
thorit.v in Hie national counsels of the
f?ep'ibli«*an party for twenty years.
DisgM-ded by the degeneracy and gre d
j,is own party, an repelled i*v tlieir
spirit of sectionalism made ea pita I of ior
the sake of the spoils i*f office, lie with
drew fp'.m rlie crowd. The following
extract is mad«* from his eloquent-arti
cle :
"Twenty years o<' |>owcr. of plunder
mid abundant opimrtunltv; twenty
.... v .... * , •
vetirs of civil war, Democra.ie nnstaki*. [
iind Ilepubliean money; twin tv years
of j,r>ssessi,)*i of all the source- of nn- |
tional administmtion ; twenty years of!
active and unceasing, organizing efforts |
of at li*ast a million office-holders, and J
fh-ir dependants have ieff what?— the |
liarvi*st of an
!<«*tioii pr«*eurethbv ti;«*!
or.-it .«nul unblushing pun-ha««* of il;c j
s«»verc»*rn State of Indiaim. This s|k»M
at?mi 1 1« >«*s not <l«*i*« in! th«»ii Denioerdic |
evblence; it is bnse«l Hist upon a Be-I
public:!n brutal l»«»ast. and afterwanis 1
iiqoi) a universal Bejiublicjin eon fission.
Fv«*n «« T write the arehitcets of that
«lark *»ud «lamnable fraud are in e«>nfl!et
whether it i* tli«*ir duty to.luihg Guiteau
*br the mtinler of Garfield, or punish
Dor*ev for the defeat of Ifane«K*k. Who
«lotihts flint the um'xp««*ted TVmoeratie
victory in Maine in St*?*tt*mber woitltl
have proved n national Demoenitie vic
tory in XovemlH*r if John Welch and
bis confidential confrtTes bad not
ni<h«d with their inoney-lmin» *»nd tlieir
volume« of uncut gns*nbnek« înt<» Die
<tat«*of Indiana to awing the maiori f v
fvoiin-t the Démocratie eaudidate for
President? I speak ntit «»f the transac
tions of INTO. I read from the ope n
l*o«»k of yesterday's unforgotten history.
It t-i *»f such material as th»« letter from
California that the lh*ptil»Mean litera
ture is eoni|K»st«l and the Reptihhean
organization ?M'i*ft«*t<«l. Here is fran«|
almost as naked anil patent «s muni«***
in broad day. and with this fact in mind
niv eorr»*sjM>inl«*iit talks of his lmstil'tv
to wet ion:» I bate as he welcome« the
relM*l repmliator Mahone a« the last B«*
»nbliemi reinfor«*oment Î IIatre<1 of tl»e
South is the last refuge of the Republi
can parte, and now to that hatr««| tliev
supemdd repudiation: So l»raml««l.
tliev t»re|»:irt* for f?ie future as the futur*
net from a Connecticut paper—is pleas
g: ami there is a fine Irish flavor in
prepnres for them."
Errera of Collocation.
"If«* blew out hi« bniins aller bitlding
!ii« wife gnoti by with n gun"—an ex
tlu* i'lstcr epitapb.
«*rv of John
as a mark of
But the gem of the «.'olleetion i« an ad
vertis«*?nei»t from an Fnglish r«a|er:
"A piano f«»r sale by a lady nlmut to
cross the Channel in an oak ca«e with
«•arvt«! legs."— 7'hr Sitfirrtltn/ Ht rh tr.
The Gentleman's Mistake.
■|.ilapl.. "Kr.HU-! loll.cm.-m
1 IliillliH nrrbltntnllv .lint
:iflt-Hi'... I*v !ii. t.rôthcr."
-m ..f till* .nlln-tinn !- »11 ..!
Washiugtoii ÿpe
ist ie storm burst
"Whew ! Coming lip flics«* stairs takes
the wind out of me," renia rke«l tlu*.gen
tleman who e1inilMtoth('«*«litoiial renin*
to give inlvice alwuit running tlie paper.
"So glati." say« the editor, shaking him
by tlu* hand, ami the g«*ntleiuan thinks
I llte editor is (l■'iiglltt'«l to see iiim.—/»W
Wann Time in the House.
New Yokk, Jan. 17.—The f V r*
ial says : A eiiarueter
ui»oii til« Irnust* to-ilay
in the eousi«icraiion of IS<»lK*soirs m <>-1
tion t«» enlarge tlu* committees. This is
a very uiipopi 1 tr measure and member-«
will not be tirag«M»iusl into submission.
KoIk'sou trieil to force the house to vote
but was overwhelmingly «leieated. al
though Kelly came to his'aid. A motion
was filially made to lay the whole sub
ject on tlu* table ami on this the yeas a ml
nays were demande«!. Finally JtolNttoii
submitted and threw tin* whole <|ucstiun
opt-n to amendment mid discussion hv
tin* house.
Deprcscntntivc Dcltzkoove, who ves
lenltty, iutrodtieetl a ri'selution in
quiry a« to the disbursement of the si*'
nal sendee fuml, sabl tiiis morniii" the '
object <if the resolution was to bring i
alMiut such an investigation as would rt- j
suit iu pUieing adtlitional safe-guards
aliout this bnineh of the publie servi«*
as well as to bring to light all facts «>n
neetetl with Howgate's emhezzleiueiit.
He liatl information, he suhl, going to Î
show that the full extent of this etnbez
/Jeint-jit liatl^ never boon made jjmblie ; !
that those w ho mat le tin* originär inves
tigation were afraid that making the rt- !
«ult publie would bring alMHit the over
ttiming of the whole service ami so »lid
not pursue the investigation as far as
they might have pursued it.
Tho Reform Primer.
The Boston Trarrfft r has is»u«i the
reform primer for 1S8" It is in one vol
ume, eight sentences ami eight para
graphs. The simplest mind can «*nm
preliend it, which is a quality not usu
ally |M»sscsscd by so-called reform.publi
cations. Its truthfulness also t*omnieii«ls
it. Here it is:
Is it an office?
It is an office.
Does the man want the office ?
' Fhe man d«»es want the «»ffi«*.
What is a man who wants an office?
If he is our man lie is a "reformer."
I f the man is not our man; what is he? .
Then he is a "spoiIs-huliter."

Bow a Charming Baroaen Led
a Ruaaiaa Prinoe.
Fascinated by Har Winning Ways
He Parts With 480,000
Francs at a Game of
:'I dined ala tabled'hote the ober
night atone of the pnnripsl
writes a Paris correspondent.^
a goiai dinner. I got hold of an
which, as it is charncteristieof the capi
tal, 1« worth the telling.
'Twas given
but added that
with the air ami bearing Çt a nttqstl °d!"
i*t*r in conversation with a very dis
tinguivlooking lady, his junior hy sev
en! vears. *
"Is that the Baroness Menvieii to
wltoni he is so attentive?^ I asked.
-'That? Why, she is his wile, l .s
confederate.* And then he told me the
f« '(lowing *. rief story of tlieir .«vis at
4n vears. the Baron, tired ot I ans and
its'manv pleasim«. and annost pejim
li'ss. wandered off to Bordeaux, where
he met a widow, recent, y arrived
froni Smith America. She had a tK*au
tifnl daughter, anil was said to he mi
im-nsel v wealthy. The ha n«n somi ask«*«!
for and obtained tlie hand «*J Mile. Nla
w« re married. Aber
• riomta, and tiie.v w«n
[ t p; ljr MV< iding. wliiie
t!»e young wltc
was resting on the arm *>f her huslg.nd,
flu* baron turm ii to her amt s*nd : "Mv
«ica?*, I hate de«»epft«»n ; I nitiM make a
««i»i r ession. and wîu n it is « iule« I w«*
will urn! Tstaml < aeh oilier. '! be 1
francs w!»ieh 1 pretend t«» have i«»r a
f#H irear«* a!« v.'ortbl«*ss bonds. !.* ,t '
voung wife smiled as sin*, in turn, "ai«! :
"1. t;»<>, dislike deception. The fînn.^H*
acres of land whi-*?i niv dear mania tf id
von I own are so fa»' In tue interior of
Brazil that no out* knows tlieir where
abouts. ft would take many Ibiron
Haussiiians and many millions of nioii
oy to open them up to ««»iniucrce.' In
a'few «lavs tlmv rcnclu«! Nice, and then
went to Monaco. Hen* the baron tried
his luck and lost all the money they had
in the* work!, save only about -.»iN*
francs. -Let us goto Paris.' sei« l she :
and th«''' were followed by a rich îîus
sia»! piiiioc: who was blindly in love
with the handsome i-anme-s. A rrvod
in Paris, tlie i*Ar*»n ami liis wife deter
mined «*n a bob! experiment with the
voting Ktissian. They occupied splen
did apartments tiien. as tin y do now.
in the sann* hotel. They invited tin*
prim«* to dine with them, and it so l»ap
j»ene«i that that evening the rain «aime
down in torrents. At HoVlix-k the ba
ron step's*d to ti«e window and l«M>ke«l
out. 'It is drea«!ful w«*atlier,' he said ;
'quit«* impossible for us to g<* out for'
our eoffee.' Alaiiam«* took up her
eu«> and said: 'Then, in that case, prince,
will you permit me to make you a cup
of tea? Tin* <*nasi!«>red T*iii -e«»vit«* d«*
elartsl that he was i numored hy the sug
ge«ti«»n. 'We will have our tea * ;• foin
added Murh.uita. softly; 'how liajv
pv we shall Ik».' and she stole a b«»k at
j th«* prim«* which eatis««l that suseepti
| ble inilividiial to i>>iish down to the
j roots of liis blond hair. 'Suppose we
have a game,' said the bar«»n. 'lain
unite agreed.' was the ready restions«* «if
I Ik* pi*iiu*e. Tin* baron sliullleil the
««mis. 'I shall I»* oil the side of tin*
I Ik* pi*iiu*e. Tin* baron sliullleil the
««mis. 'I shall I»* oil the side of tin*
»rille«*,' exclaimed the liarnucss, plaeing
î 101 ' **b a j r /*b»si* to the <*iu* he was s«*ated
in »»: .«I M , if V ?"}'$!'' .« >,, » l «' I " ! "V M1 V\
T shall iK*t bftv lotus on liis hand.
| . sh, , t ." lK '> ""'"'î
N» wlinten-r.' ihvIkh! (!»• |—
lit«* t-iron. I li«' Mriit "...
..!- im« '» »'»ni* l.milll -I <-im-!o|H.l lilt
is j
al- i
priiu-e that lie «•«»u!«l not s«*«*, much less
timlcrdaml, what was going on. Lting
since* (ht*v luul l»»*en playing "douhJ«* or
j «{tiits,' ami the stakes had now reached
jan iiumeiisc sum. At II o'clts k tls«
j baron again got lip to lo«ik out of the
j window. Tin* prince ha«l alreatly I«>s(
i :;(NI,<nmi francs. 'MiMlame, wiil yoii kind
i iv permit usto light our cigars?* asked
I tlu* cal la ut baron. The baroness grt-j
«•iouslv gave her eon«* nt, and her hits
band went into allot!« r room after the
fragrant wc*d. After he fiatl left
th«* room the lui rones« wliisfK*i*eti to tlu*
prince: *1)o not leave yet awhile; he has
to go tint at 11 «»'clock, ami then we
shall Im* alone.' Til l»an>u returmsl,
cigars were lighted, and tin* play rt*
sumetl. The a«hlitional h«*ur «*«»st ti>.**
print*«» just lôii, turn francs. At II o'chn-k
the rain still descended In torrents. !;
was impossible for the banni to go oui.
But as tin* prims* was leaving the heron
sub! t<> him: 'I shall be happ\ to give
von your revenge on my n turn from
Lyons.' 'Tiien yotfmust go?' «'xclniuied
the bannîtes. 'Yes, niv tlear.' 'When?'
'To-morrow night.' The lady gave the
primta look which almost melted him
at her feet. 'You must not neglect the
luironcts, my dear prince, while I am
gone,' remark«! the baron. 'With your
|M*rmission, I shall be only too happy to
Ik* of the slightest service* to madame,'
was the reply t»f tlu* love-smitten Huh
_ I slan. The liext «lay, bright ami early,
j tl,e w ' nt ! *»e banni every fntne he
' mvw * l,in b and waited jiatKTitiy for
i ni P ht *° w,m * on * When, at 8 o'clock,
rt- j 1,0 ««Ho! »t the hotel, lie learn«! to his
stu|M*fa«*tion, that Ma«lame it* Baronne
lmtl a<*companicd Monsieur ia Baron on
his Southern trip. Tlie prill«* soon dis
covere«l what a fool lie Imd made of
St. IVters
you sec
to Î i>i ,|,se lf* an *l went b:u*k to St
J'"!*** The'»an*n anti his wife
; ! H * ,or( * J° u * __
rt- !
S. D. Hums, a Kavelina editor, win»
aee«»iii|»auie«l (lit* Ohio editorial exeur
i sion to New York last w« k, was taken
J in hy a confidence man ami hist Ids
: money. Ami lie was one«*f those "cute
eusses," too. The next issue of ids pa
' |K*r will prtilKibly give gtsui a« I vice to
farmers never to sign any pu|H*rs prt
; sented to them by medicine men t»r
j b«M»k agents. That the same misfortune
■ <lid not lM*fall Brother Boardman, of the
' A'« makes us tmly happy. When
we first heard of the affair, we sh«M»k in
' our lMM»ts for tear lie had been overcome
by the gaiety an«l gibied |it«la«*s of 4 ioth
am, but lie returns to usas pure us a lily,
ami only $2.:i7A opt of )xM*ket, for tlie
trip. Another Ohio editor, named Jos.
Koch, fell «»fl u ferryboat, but was fisheil
out half drowned—in beer. One or two
were secur«l for the Central Park Men
agerie, and we I »eiieve the balance ar
rived home all right.— Wl/*bwo (ia
Zfttf \
Carpenter, Blacksmith anil Miners' Too;.,
American bar ami Norway Iron. English a >»t Am* ;
Agent for Hath hone, Sard A Cl.*
Cooking, Heating ami
•\'io for Calif rnln Powder Work«. ïh-reid- jc,
Powder. Cîipa'nl î*u««* S|*s**lal al»--ni:. . •. \
to the niaimfaefai .*. :•!
Sheet Irow Copper nnd Tinuiire
,t '
ur attention lo tbc
.IKASO.VS WllY, if atout I«» make a Journey 10 the One.'At
eliould travel over it :
>y ..|i*<>luto Mfety ar is possible to he attained. *i?re r-onnortinns in Pxiov llEm<, s- «
N<<•i.anc«?,*i eni-a l*el«rec-n t'otCA««». Kansas City,I.kavkvvv«i;itii. ak mis-jn i » : .
. . i,- i*m s iHM-MUStt earruil on Fast Kxpress Trains. Hay «"«r.« that are ;.<»t oniy aru*. >(•:,•!> ...
:• tl nul: seats ihat admit of ease and comfort. Sieeiiinj; ears that permit q-.nei rest r (i
n-s |ii:,t are uscsl oniy for «m tin* purposes, an«i in which the best of m«*als are servi si lure
s,...>i: i--rtve c***nts each. A journey that furnishes the Öuest views of the fertile f-uvn.* ••••
an,l Missouri.and I* afterwards remembered us «me of the pleasant in*-i iuu- -•».
n rcsttsl, not weary ; cloan, not dirty ; calm, not an^ry. iu bnct, you get tla* u.u\ :.nt-'
•mi of cost.
------ i .y?
"'hui ih«f «n;n*niîtt;m» v... c of thr Chirago. Kock Irland A Pacific Kailvmy f«*r ttie •
is::ucsu*ii by its ronstantly increnring hwstiwsr. and tlio fmrt that il i-lb«* f.tv* «•..«•
g..»« s vin« v ? i«nrs to th*- grout assemblage**, political, n*ligi<-us, rdui-atioiinl and b«'»n*v<>lvr;t. i'*:?>
tin»«* in Hsu. 1 «il ill«*cr«*iil «'itk** of ih«i United Stat«**. as wol! us tuurist* who s»*«'k th«- «»»**:«s-tr*f«*
wiiii * r.» .•■ii'lr to bctwM th«* wonderful scenes of IVorndo. ihe Yollowsum«* ami V«.s**i!nio 'I
thi'M* *rln. ih sir** to visit t'otorad«» f**r Imaltli, |»l«*nsure or business, in Uic* ui"*»t aiisp! ,, i**«i t «"«*• *■
Mtiîiri-.T simm-ii anil months of S<*oi**mt or and «Klober, the Company «»wry ;*Jî.r •_«*t: > 1 » ,-al** ...
c-*ij;on taki't otbcc** in tin* t'nitc-d Stat«n and Canatlus, round trip tickets to
At rcs'ir-Ml rate«. p«v>d r«*tnrriii£:, until 0<*tob«*r ^Ist. Also to t'un l'rancisco, lor parties of i* n ; r a •
Diuoiv ,!a ;s at irreal roduciioii fron: regular far«*.*«.
[SF.'ti F. Alii Lief, this is tlio most dirort route* for all point» WEST ami SOUTH WEST. Kuril
Doation, tiiun-tablcs, maps t-r fo)dc*rs, call upon or address
» ©. CADLE, E. ST. JOHN,
ViwPrw'l and Uen'l Itan'sr. Cbicnito. Gen'l Ticket und 1'ass'r Ako
New Lumber Yari
■Have now a complete «ïtwk
Lumber and Bnildiiur Malerin!
at their Yard near <in* corner of 3It.iirr.ua ami Galt iui streets, i>pp«>
ce Jl«> ck , ami art* prepaivl * « » iiii :«!1 orti;*!- I«»r biiiiiling mn'.eriais
■ti er v ith promptm -s um! «tifpaieh.
< '.it
Puttt* ri
< '1 *
Marchesseau & Yalito
4 * »>
\ « 4«
v m:
V. 1 «
BiiUc! City
>Son» a idi
hits- j
BiiUc! City
>Son» a idi
A \ KW I)i:i J ART UH 1
• »
Lexington Foundry
ami (
Will niitl to its extensive facilities New Machinery
Patterns, all kinds. The Machine Shop will turn out
of the most approved Quality.
Boiler Making and Repairing.
pipes, FrrmrGS, suppues, all eels.
The capacity of this Foundry Las been laigely increased
will now constitute the most complete works of the kind in
Territory. A corps of experience«! workmen are employed, pridi«'*
nent among whom is an experienced Pattern Maker. "There wii
be a radical change in the prices of this institution. Work
after will be furnished as low as it can be procured from the ilasi*

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