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introduced to the Houbb of Repre
^«■ntativ«* *F Hton. »tort» Ma
ginni®, Deo. 19th, 1881.
i hill to accept *» nd ™tlfy the agrée
nt Lubiuitteu by the Crow Indiana of
for theaale of a portion of their
*SrStU ln mUl Territory, and for
/t' '„uriK^t and to make the neces
iryappropriatioiw for «"yiog «ut the
h<pa*, certain individual Indians
ml find- of families representing a nia
• ritv 1 / all the adults male members of
Ct' m\v tribe <>f Indians occupying or
•min-fid in the Crow Reservation in
rritory of Montana have agreed
'!*' ..é.wl «lllâl UllIftlfelitéâMl lit«.
rxecuted and submitted to the Sec
«lî'-'iir oi ti»c Interior an agreement lor
, ' to the United States of a port.on
'V »i'n-ir sahi reservation, and for their
r'ttlc.:» 1 * 11 » u ! >OM lands I* 1 severalty, and
(V.r otia'i* pt'.rjMises; therefore,
' ,t * »meted h»t the Hemde and
/.•/' hVj>r''* nt(ttiee* of the Cnifed
; v/ , a »r rim in Congre** amnnbted ,
That * ' -d sgror nient Ik*, and the same
■■m i'ift : v, accepted, ratified and con
* Sin !i agreement is executed by
/„itiVriïv of ail the adult male meiu*
", .'«hi tribe, in conformity with
; Vjprovide ms 0 / Article XI of the treaty
tfiil* ill .-Crow ill«! inns, of May 7, 18UH,
is in words and ligures as follows,
liic i:micr*igned individual lu
and heads of families of the Crow*
, r ii„. Indians.now residing on the
K«*scrvati«n, in the Territory or
M 0 . 1 t:»na, do, this twelfth day of June,
\ l). I .'«si), hereby agree to «iispoMcof
,ii«i -id! t*» the government of the United
'tatt-s. for certain considerations to Ik*
i,. livin' « 1 er mentioned, ail that part of
.:, c nr.-t at Crow Reservation in the
Territory <>f Montana deserilied as fol
lows. to-wit :
••'1U iir inning in tiie mid-chaimcd of
q,,^ Ye llowstone River at a point oppo
. llt . fj:,. mouth of Roulder Creek; thence
the uiiiln h nine! of said river to the
oint where it crosses the southern
Joamlary of Montuim Territory; being
ihc degree of nortii latitude; thence
<„-1 ahmg s:jid parallel of latitude to a
i:a when* said jmrallel crosses \ lark's
thence north to a point six miles
«»»itli'of the first standard parallel, be
j ri! r on the township line between towu
-iiTj,.*- six ami seven s ut!»; tlu nee west
.11 said township line to the 110th me
ridian of longitude; thence north along
«aid nieriiiian to a point either east or
«.«t of the source of l iic eastern branch
jumidcr Creek; tlience down said
, I branch to Roulder Creeu; tlience
.inwn i fiat filer Creek to the place of be
linn.iig, for tiie following eoiuîdcra
"•rV/v/--Tliat the government of the
ihiiad .States cause the agricultural
remaining in our reservation to
k> properly surveyed and -divided
among us, in severally, in the projmr-
:i«*ns hereinafter mentioned, and to is-
-iic patents to us respectively therefor,
-.1 vm >u as the luN^ssary laws are |jas*-cd
by Congress. Allotments, in severalty,
.-aid un»urvcye<l lands shall he made
:•> follows:
-•To *acli head of a family not more
than «'ins 1 uartcr section, with an r.ddi
quantity of grazing land not cx
•■roliug one quarter section.
" To each single person over eighteen
v.r.- of lev not more than one-eighth
I.:'a sectfin». withan additional quantity
«/ grazing land not exceeding one-eighth
"i H seel!'»:*.
'••Toiorphan elilld, under eigli
h-r. ;.«*.:! of age, not cion* then one
.i-lii'h *m a section, with an addilioimi
•I ..».it .« > •:'grazing kind not exceeding
»•ao-idghtli of-a section; and
'•'Vu eygh other iwrsoii undereigh
treu years, who may be born prior to
sti«l allotments, one-eighth of a s«*etion,
will» a iik<- quantity of grazing land.
" * AII .»iloimeiits to Is.* made.with tl;**.
advice of ouragent or su«:i oilier person
■•..the Secretary of the Iuterior maydes
».•.nan* for that purpose upon our sele«*
h;.»«!-» of ia:nilic> selecting for t licit*
Mi*:*.'- rldldroi, and tiie ngeat making
;*:•• aMotuie!»«. força«*!» orjduin child.
Thctid«' t» !*o c.t«niire»l by us and all
:ui i' i o< the t'row tribe of Indians
•'in' y-i t ve years,
thereafter as the
>mi unlil
»tiay <<•'.* ü« io remove the rtstrie'iow, j
v.liit h fh.d! be in« or|foraltil incu li pat- j
!li * !
i MIMS O»' THK A«îlîKK>îKNT.
it !—Thai i»ï «•«'iishî»*r.»tion <»» ;
it-* c, - it ot of territory to !><• ma«h* by •
<:s ;» - imiicidu.s! Indians a»nl iiead- <•» ,
■:*.t«:»i'as «**' »lie <'row I rike i«> tiie (b>*.c»*i»- j
i: ■ *,i of tit* l*n»te«I States, said Govci »*- J
-.i. fit o' the I uited States, i»'. :id«îitn»u «
' .:?»n»»ities ami sums f. rp.'«»vi* i-ms
■»««I etatiditg st ipiiiat«-«! and provide«! t«»r !
u evisting troatus; :» 2.«1 la •• s. .hi •*.■
:.i • t*»: i.|iv«*|.ria:«?i!i:nti:.!ly. for i wen
^e;,vs.ii*esim»off.:*V^' " h ;, **'•*,
• - , u.ehgtiedmH-t.o.'oM..' * ' ' |o
• s • ■' » o i. «cne.it m .»'*-•**.» .
1m»,is. s. ,-» »«iv.cui'o s«ei!-, ':u'»n»ng
•Joints ;ri*f >to«*n, <*r »•» <*?> t'
* . i,i it*.* v
r.ini -Tliat if at any time her« fty
. a a ». ri««.-, shall «"'nscat bipermd
i<: driven ««Tossour ro*»erv«iti<»u
»/'•«i tiler«»n, the Secretary <>l the
i<»r .-liait îix theamount to l:e paid
ni. so d - '.ring to drive or graze
: :.]» ceys arising from
• ■ j : . paid to utf under su«*ii ruh »
• « « 1 : : : jus as the Secretary «•) i*«e
'i i' j«n scrii'C.
' „ .*.// l hat all the cxi-ting i*r<»
»he I ,'«•:.! y of May 7. !^>..-l»u!«
hi for« .'
( 'row Agency, Montana
«•>«'•. t i« i> t weift'» «lay of June, A. i).
• . x. !»»ait!*,e mw»«».»
• ! «• and he is hereby authorized
•• to t»r«'»niveye«iasuflieieiit quai»
! «mi on tin* t.'roA Resirvatiyii to
tbi .-« ttieuieni in .^*veralty of s;ri«i
■« • ::s oiovided iu suid agreement,
• o <a«*li ami ail of tiie imiians ot
• ''row tribe in «{iiuntity ami ehara«
*• ' **,. udon«l and set forth in tin
' u.eni a U.v«* naiiiisl, and upnu the
••!>. -av ! «*■ s;,i«î akelments l»v the
• b.i v ,.r ti»«. Ints.jor, lie shall eau.-epat
,i:s fi» f'Stie to each and every allottee
"• » « land« so allotted, with *ho *» me
«• 'iidd« rations, n*stricti«»iw a------
hoi.s uicntii me« 1 therein as are provldcil
*n »«»i«l agi cement.
Tliat for the purpose of car
h the same
' if,,,»-.
out of mmj
♦toereof as may be aeec
they are hereby, set m
moneys in the Treaeuiy not _______
under the
direction of the Secretary of the Inter
Ion as follows, namely :
"For the expense of the survey of the
ürfL*.** | i n ir Wed ln the " eco,B d Motion
".»Is *ct, the sum of $15,000.
For the first of twentv-five install
ments, as provided in said agreement,
to be used l.y the Seeretary of the Inter
ior in such manner as the President may
direct, the sum of $30,000.
For the Sake ot Liberalism He For
feit« Court Favor.
New Y or ic World*
Count Frans Thiard de la Forest died
yesterday morning on the second floor
of the tenement-house, 10 Ktdridge Hi.
On »Sunday afternoon be fell in Omnd
street and hurt his head. Deputy Coro
ner Kaefle cert Iliinl yesterday that liie
cause of death was concussion of the
brain. The dead man had occupied the
room since the early )>art of last May.
^ Allen Ht.
UOU ' » * 1 , e VM "
\"t n £ t . a . ragujjtr practitioner,
Bw^ er ' 1 * >U i 8 u ? u 111 * fi* ü,n a
» T ! U « mler J r ? 1 I. he wa " * u "
thorized to treat certain diseases in a
manner specified.
The dead man was an Austrian. He
was born at Siebenbergen in. 17M9, ac-,
«»riling to «l«K*unients found in his
trunks. The a family was of French ex
tme »on. He inherited a good estate aiul j
heldsevcrui i.ositionsin the ho^hrfd
of Lmperor I« ranz J»»cf I. In 1848 lie
es|N>used the(»use of the Hungarians, .
contributed much money to their aid,.
and eonse«juciitly *wt the favor of the >
Government. It was sahi tliat he was
4>viu*»l lull jiiiftncr liw uniioiv vvim •« n<i«u.
exiled, but among his ]m)»ers was apass
port, issued at Vienna, Deccmijcr 1, 18»».
He saihsl from Havre in the ship
Center, Captain Arnold, on June
21, ISM, and arrive«I in this city # in the
latter part of tiie following month.
Among the etlects is a letter signed by
:»l>onl thirty passengers thanking him
for his medical 8'*rvi<*cs during the voy
age. Very soon after his arrivr ! ?»s r**
(K*iv«l a letter from his brother. Count
Joseph de la Forest, saying that his
brotlier's estate at Hiebenbergen bad
been sold for âô.uiNi florins, but tiie mon
ey bail not yet lK*cn jwild. Coal mines
in (.'<M*r/ »WhoowikhI by him; hail been
sold for 1*2,»Ml florins. "You will liava
to wait until June for your m«»ney," the
brother wrote. The next letter from
('ount Joseph was «lated Preslnirg, Xo
vemlxr lô. 1800. He sait: "The Wal
lach ian who inflight tiie estate lias not
I»aid, but under the new Constitution lie I
— i»m»t hold it. Yon know that such
a good i'riend as lie lias lieen to us couhl
not l»e deiiiv*d, altliougii I am mit in the j
habit of lending money. I am going on i
a visit to Postil for a few days with my j
friend, Count Htiuvardi."
Another pawr is a roceipt for a letter
sent by Hint to the Kiuneror of Austria,
ree«»nimen«ling a cure for sunstroke and
a!lulling to many eases of prostration
«leeuriug. among the Austrian army.
Tiie re«*eipt is <lat«i »September 2», 18*»4.
Another letter was «iat«l Karlsburg,
May 4, IS-ki, and \vas from j
Bishop von »Siel fen berg, wlio sahi it was ,
not necessary for him to go in pers*>n to j
«•*»nferalK»iit the philanthropic proje«* ot j
whi«*h he i-ntl written. Tiie lett«-r was j
ad«lress''*I to ''His Tixcelleney, lniar»«, j
Counr. dc la Forest." . |
Count de la F«»rist, after lus arrival in •
America, lived in New York a few *
y«irs and thru went to San J 4 rancis«*, j
He f;;r«I ba«lly, ami when lie set up as |
he had trouble with the
tract by whi«*'« i»e transferml to his wifi
ail ids p'.*rs<»nal property in Aa - tria ami j
in France. The intt mied brûle i* !
siribtnl as Miss von --...daughter ot
.», Ww York. That »eherne ;
•md the remittam-vs e»as«*d. To Mr. !
Fiek his lamkoik, iu* fr«p»e!stly -aid ,
.JVhrotner w:is his «h'uiiy enemy !
" i( ', |f j M **se. 4 si<»n <,f his estate and !
«»we*l hi:»» several
De*?da of a Ilind-Heartod Man.
J.iiiu's T. Fie hi wrote t«» Mi/s Mit
|si)4: *'iC«»w inti* !» ! e ;«oy Jam
« ,wetl hi:»» several r.iillioti dollars.
s 1 4
b ^ i iit;«:n F««r ill
t t M Hc small speeltaous of
mV v in thesi-ape of ragged boyy
! ; v . ho ' ; w ',;.p tiie crossings ami have cs
i , u n,.ii au iutimaev will* the»»»
«*;•«: « U
•i.m !
N«»l the dimi«*:Y- and the Optra
lelv; mV tastes an* low in son*e «.e
:»ml what many others w<»:»'«l
r it*
tabkshe«! such an intimacy
Ih e on cci'.aiu street they aeeiit my
a. and run to receive nty
i •• gratuity with »* grin* of .* : «it.s.i.,
7 a 7 U ».s ifcetly «leiigiitfui. it i*
.'1 hi o". »viurning from an even
.j r tv on ibot «al-* ut nigiit, ami
iuics «ariy in ii*o m..ming—i**r
jv k. *j* unt« , v'ard hour.- -toi-u
c,V*f»M- a *■-«M»r iievil, »»a'Coi.t ;*n«l hu.t
nml su. I rise him with a Nkqrara of
F««*'i coheeaiul a r*»und of lUMit-^tufis <»r
d* ve«'« J,»r hin: at a cheap restaurant near
« oven* • J.'.'.fi n <»r '»»: the i-tran«». »hit*
... lmsvs I nicktd tin a few nignts
bundle of rags sni«»i»l«iering away
-j.ii.o,. Ul iliirlit air. i wish you eon fit
»» „ /jit* sausages descend into
; h** ^ j v S |4»|iiaeii ami htar the
j * ' 0| * \ pots«»f beeras they went
j «^ >u l a||V w itli the so!i<K
j J t(i . . better ««»luetime tuau
it ex
*** r , ..
. The liurlmgtan V' L sxu
! or ed tliat riuiliwn awl ^
j Ä ^ t | M . t ie, Ui aiise ' r 11
! hihiti«»n near New Orleans t!K>
; knee l>re«'hes.
j l( . mister," paid a dirty looking »
t 1
J /'I «Y» "Guessnot," {
clutPi will ti»at»l«> a w e* f
replied Fogg- You'd |
at.least, I w \ >U y^JJ^Ji l * , »T r ***^ j
C t neti» a l l hwtor.
Right across the river from Marysville
la the Httle village of Aberdeen. The
town has nothing in partieular to recom
mend itself beyond thousands ef coun
try villages of the same size, but it is
the abiding place of 'Hquire Massie
Beasley, who la known far and wide as
the friend of ardent lovers matrimoni
ally inclined. Beasley is the immediate
sueeeasor of old 'Squire Shelton, to whom
this "Gretna Green of America" owes
its novel distinction. Forover fifty-four
years this friend of n »fortunate and im
patient lovers tied conjugal knots for
runnaway couples, and his books and
papers left at his death, and which were
afterwards arranged by Beasley, his
i successor, show that during his llfty-four
• years of continuous occupation of the
oflice of Magistrate he united in mar
riage upward of two thousand couples,
all of whoui.desDuiringof getting spliced
in the usual way, liecause of family op
1 bless ye." These inipatient loverscame
from ail parts of the country, but mostly
frolu Kentucky, and when the Ohio riv.
! er ran lietween them and those in pur_
i suit the consummation of their hopes*
WM certain.
position, took the bit in their teeth and
ran away from home, trusting that after
the silken cords were around their necks
they would le folded in the arms of re
lenting parents and would hear the wel
come words. "Bless ye, my children.
The old man liegan his nuptial-knot
tying for runaway lovers as far back as
igpj. He raise«! à family of niue chib!
. ren „ nf j diet] in 180b. His wile |»assed
j awnv several years before this. To-day
j | a picture of the old man, taken
! wheil i\ c was in h is seventy-fourth
1 TC8r> It is now* in the possession «»f his
. " WO rthv successor. '.Squire Beasley, it
Bilows * hlm to lmve L^n a large, full
> f. u .ed man, even at tiiat age, with a good
crop ofsaiuiv hair, in which but few sil
. _ , * _
ver'tbrcads ap|»ear. His eyes weredark
hazel, nose straight andipiite prominent
an«l mouth firm. His records «»f the
four tliousaud hearts which lie hud made
to boat as two tliousaml during his re
markable career a* a "manning man"
wore k«*pt on o«ld l»its of paper with no
regularity. Oftentimes when one side
of the sheet was liile«i up he would «*on
tinue tiie entries on the other side. F«»r
over Haifa century this old man kept up
the work, and his mime was known
hundreds of miles beyond his rural
home, and this little town of Brown
«funty, Ohio, 1 * 00:11110 known as the
(fan «lise of lovers.
Beasley Iwgan Ids official career near
ly twelve years ag<», and up t«» date lias
married exactly «tuples, nearly all
of whom were* runaways, on account of
being underage, from family displeasure
at the aliiiance «»r some other equally
Her j ous objtvtUm oil the part of the" "old
An Absent-Minded Senator.
Senator Biair is ment lon«l as «me of
the most al»seiit-min«lc<l of men. He
was invited by Senator Davis to a din
ner at Welekcr'a the other evening, and
while walking in a dreamy manner
along the corrid«»r, saw a merry partv
in a private dining-room, and entered;
^ |lta f n j.^ds, who was host, immc-li
ately making room for liini.
ator enjov«l the little dinner, and when
^ was ,^,' n c*lud«Hl iuo\«l from the room
|| ie r p|,e»» t;*.«*re fell u»»'m
j,i sears (lie Philadelplii.t J*re** say.- th '
jjjjij jm,| laughter of another «limier p..*'
tv in the hotel. "Wiiat party is tliat?"
as j. el i the Sviuttor. "Vice-President
sir," was the reply. The Sena
| ()r Kew Han»p.diir* pulle«! his liât
,; owl| over j,;« eves and went Inmie. The
The Sen
The ( Turks of Carnbridgeiiort, Mass.,
are making a refracting telescope larger
tlM||1 allv n*»w in the woi'hl fi»r Hie lilts
an "eieetrie h«»loph«»tc «»urse imtn at
or," which be itas lately been
ing in Kdiuhnrgb. An electric liglit
with a ret! vt«»r is pla«*«l iu a proiiunenl j
j s I
Tin* direct.on of the ]>o\vera»l beam «U
light iiid:eale^ ibe eoiti'se of the snip, j
uiid.it tin same time shows w.ietnci' »r
not «fie.-,ea is clear over a large are.».
It may not l:e geui-raliy known, says
Koudou tiiat a man wearing
dark clothes is more liable to in fccimi:
flou» «.ntarions tiiscase tban lie who
wears light-colored go »' uciiis, beeausi*
par.icn-s wiiicii en uuaie »rout «lis»a -«.d
or <te«';jy»ng >»o«l«*'s ;.i>* mu«'i» i.a»»'c »aq»
idlv ,'iiiM i'Ik'.î by «:ark than by l»g*»t
la»*i'!c.'. i a, - i' uisy «»: pro«;,. ifxpo*e
a i.a • a»« i • i.bt coat to liic* »'um< ft of t »
bac «> <•*« :
ibitnd lh
>d»ii»U-s. end it will be
*! *,iiv one ■.« stronger
•O; tooacco .-««i« »kc.

............. ».•!,<■».!» i„ .««»- !
I'he J'.uihty with ;
which it can be truiwj»ort«l is of course j
ttie main reconimomlation of the new *
"Deaf man V es, a railroa»l track
level place to walk <»u, l»ut
ti.uii « ne o« ii*
in forty tb
hv, «»!>-«ei*vv.iiv:»s t»avv lately t « :« mad<*
as to tne temp* raiuiv, »*ar .onie a«*hl,au<*
i*»t*i-i ;:.*«• .«. the air w.t»* di lièrent kinds
of lie:«»in-:—hot Wafer, air '.'I'd stov*-.
it proved itu.t air heating gives the besi
rrsutts, the least variation of temper.»
:ure, mud: the first proportions of ear
i»on le arid, as measure«l in liie nibhlte
ofttu* room, at the »«eight o;'a ad»p.*, ami
Ti:r snrdle^t variation «»»* »fie moi-tuve.
Tin* ventilation 'm Iwth tlu.* <*i!»e:* sys
tems was unsut L.aetory.
An Italian has invented *t pr<»cass for
solidifying wine. From a •uianit
lv or this extract may be ohtuined a bot
tle «»fgenerous wine of good laste and
heaii.ii'ul «»lor. The object is to victual
shipsaml supply a mi es. .V chemist ni i
Marseille» h:u» found a chemical c«»m'»i
bination by which he can solfilliy (
even clirystaüze hramly. The branny •
new ibrm l«»»*ks like* alum. It ell- ;
iil I-'
tirelv losses it«- smell.
a ni.-e, level place to walk <»u, i»ut w
'n»tdoit, for you might get yourself dis
liked by the engineers. They hate aw
ftilly to get their engines mussed up. |
Tbe witness was being examined by
the councei for the p r oae cu tion.
"Mr. Peek, you my, waa sitting in bis
heme in front of Jones' store when Mr.
Laaenby addressed him?"
"Yea, air: and Lazenby says, says he,
'Where dia that glenderer ruin come
"Was he referring to Mr. 1'eek or to
the horse?"
"To the horse. And Peek he allowed
that he didn't want Lazenby to apply
any opprobrious expressions to the hone
or ne'dTknock the head off of him."
"Off of the hone?"
"Off of Lazenby. Then Lazenby he
said that he'd say what he pleased at>out
Peek and about Peek's hone; that it
was a free country, and that when he
saw a hone like that, lie was ashamed
to think that the Republican party had
nominated him to Congress ; and—"
"One moment ; «Io I understand you
that it was Peek or the lione that was
nominated for Congress?"
"Why, Peek, of course. The horse,
you kuow couldn't get a nomination.
Ho then Peck ojieucd on him with a
j yoHey of rouçh language^, which made
11 ' J * *' ....... . * ' *..... L! * '
him so mad that he turned fairly white
in the face."
"Not the horse?''
No, no, Lazenby. I eek was sitting.
on the hora, which st«N>d qidctly in the
street. Then Lazenby rush«! at him
and caught him by the elbow and was
^° 4 !îr to I' 1 * 11 « when— ^
'Irytfl'»lakeyourselt clear. Caught
Peek ««r the li«»i*e by the elis.w ?" _
yourself !
"( Jo <»11
"Peck, und tried to pull liim oil'. This
frighten«! tiie horse, and Pees could
hardly hold him in ; nml as Lazenby
stiii belli on, Peek «lug the spurs into his
side so that he reared right upon his
liiod legs, which—"
"You are not speaking now of Lazcn
"Certainly not—of the horse, which
threw Peek oil', right under tiie h .rse's
feet, and then they clinched and rolled
over and over in the mud."
"Peek and who clinched ? Peek didu't
clinch with the horse?"
"Oh, n«»! Don't you umlerstnnd?
Peek and Lazenby gruppl«*«l and went
at it like two wihl eats. They tbnglit
and fought. Peek imistly on top, andtli«*
h«»rse standing calmly bv watching the
eonfii«*t an«! Lazenby «h«ing his best,
when suddenly he roiicii«*d out his hind
leg and fetched one ou lY-k's» bark,
which pretty uearlv t«H»k tlu* breath out
of him."
"When y«»u speak tf the sudden ex
tension «if tiie liind leg. 1 do not under
stand you -to mean Lazenby 's leg. d<»
I •»'»
"1 s'poseyou think that's smart, don't
"Please answer my question. You
say Peek was kicked in the hack. Now,
did Lazenby kick him or did the horse
kick him?"
"Maybe 'you'd letter subpauia tiie
horse and ask him."
"Weil, sir, go on. What did Peek do
after lie was kick«] ?"
*'II<* got upoll'of Lazenby and walked
over to tin* horse, and Lazenby got up,
and as Peek went to take bold of tiie
horse lie allied half a brick at hint."
"At Peek ?"
"Yes. sir."
"The hors«*, you say, sidesl half a
brick at Peck ?"
"No, I didn't."
"I think you said that."
"Maybe you'd better tell this story
»»» *
Was it the horse or the—"
"If I was not in «»urt I'd shy a brick
at you." said the indignant witness.
And then tin* «»mise! fort!.«* pros«*u
tion announced that the other side might
proceed with the cross-examination.—
J fox .1 tbhr in Our Coefittenf.
Mexican Hospitality.
City on H«nvel*aek." This apjK*ars in
The. Ct nfttri; for March, and contains
tiie following interesting account »*f her
re«*«*ptio»» at an extensive Mexican farm
or h t>'i' ntltf :
Tepitong«», with its mansion ami ou*
filto, or fortress, for refuge ami <lef»*nse
in unsetfiwl 1 its foretitf*, ont
'»ui filings, and «iepi*iidenei<*s, groat a ml
small, forms in itself a village in ti»«*
soiituile of the pastoral plain whi«*ii sur
rounds it. * *
The admin •»fr odor took us the rounds
of the out-buil«iingë b«*f«»re supf.fi*.
which is serveil very late in the Mexi
I «m luHiselu»!*!. We were shown the
...... * ' ampli»
j ÄÄ ÄTA dial,«-- !
! ter. vitv slightly eon«*av
:; •<* rt: 2 . *
'•!. the « !;
: » o«ir (i:s
•el'ui as it
sinking to
ward» large circular fiat stone in thel
j center, it was sunvumded by a circle of j
; low stone buildings, tile-roofed and siqs j
i port 'd on stone pillars. *
At supper \v«'sal «»own to a nifdi..* "d •
j hoard like that of <luicrend« ro. '*w'::l» i
I Vas-als am! serfs" around u-. We M«*r«*
; invited to «*«»nsidcr tin* liou-c .t»»«l <*v«*ry- !
: thing in k our own. On»* ;.-/oro . in»«!
; !h<* f:«'*si;un «»f the-kitetjen-« and tin*
I stabil s, our host gave up his p'
j head »*?' tiie tabk*. :.n«I, in e!ic
j tiro "stublishiijeni w- s «*!.«<•« « J
: posa«, with a co*.w c-y :«> grn
■ was irresistible.
: After stippv»' wc v/alkc.l in the ciois
! r*" rt r" '"'' v 1 '' -V."' 1 '' 1
with tormai it««'S planted m op, ii .-puces
I«**\. m tin* j*-.. .'ioent. W« wer« very
grub -su! lor tb'.s our last moon of Mexi
co. Ve ic t it. win :» wo'viu.m i .-:•
win.es* evenings, and lire, an I iaiSip
light, lunging k.rge am! low over tbc
t ti:!:'.
Freu; T**,-, ji'iti-i v.v enu red the t—
a ! Hr» li'e-puvid room, \. i b a sofa at
one enii, tin- ; luce of honor :« r tin lady
gu«*-,. «he meuilu rs of the famiiy »»ceu
pying the aru »-<••»:' its w nie!» are ranged
on citiier side, at right angh s with the
so a. A*» there were »»*» holies at Tepi
eongo. 1 was obliged to -it afi*m* on tin*
long sofa. Tiie engineers, ih«' ('oionei.
our host, and another unbidden guest
live oiirs«*lv«*s. who i ;;•! i' und shelter
....................... ............... ..... ,
; {, ro ,i p, exhibit any horror at the situa- i
j , j oa? The little tv iir-vear-old I*. y whom ;
* wv | ltt j «ecu on his pony came shyly in- i
to the room, ami stood bv his father's i
knee, lie was a charming little mail,
i tor tin* n ght, oeiupied tin* arm-cliairs.
After awhile I ventured to ask the
( aflmiHlxtrailoe to take h seat hesid».* ne .
• |, ; . lv have lieen an «•n«»ri»iity on my
; but all event- >c.:r host was too wel!
manshlp, he ( Was not unwilling tojit
| my lay and be coaxed into friendliness,
The Ileping Spanish vowels of this little
motbeness child were exquisite.* But
there was other "music of tne country"
in store for us. At the lower end of the
room • company of musicians gathered
by the light of candles clustered on a
table; a striking group, with violins, a
violoncello, guitars, a harp—I cannot re
call all the instruments, but the music
and the scene it would not be easy to
Snoring in » Foreign Tongue.
Piom Bill Njro'i Boomerang.
"It's funny how careless they get
about joint lewder after they get u*«t
to it," said-Wnedtick Williams'he other
day to a Boomerang man.
"It's might harmless looking stufl*.
and you wouldn't think it if you didn'«
know what it was, that it would blow u
man up any «îuicker than a ball of non
explosive Nebraska batter.
"1 know when I was sinking on the
Feverish Hornet, and had a cabin up ill
Hlippcry KUitm Gulch, at first we was
power*til careful niioitt <»tir joint ptfwdcr
and kept it in a hole in the side of the
hill, but after we got nutre
Nnmliar with it we got to keeping it in
the cabin, and iu »ismt two
weeks we used to sit on tiie box when
we play«! Black Mariar and P«iro.
"After this we found that this kind of
gf Uccr j e g worked better if it was kept
kind of warm, and we used to put the
jjttle cakes of joint powder under the
mattress nights so they'd be kind of
warm in the morning to blast with.
». We , lm j a Polamler «»n the night
n. »rtlu. VmwriuU fl.st ths
shift «>f tiie
Wlier he
iiis fatlieriaiid, the otiier men lia«: t«>
«Hirne to the surface for fri*sh air. He
nis jaw got cramped ou an inijsirted gob
of profanity, ami then lie would <|iiit a
whiie. We called his style «»i* swear the
Anglo-Koseiusko swear. It generally
jarred tile foot wall uikI shattered the
vein matter so tliat we had to timlH*r up
a little aller lie got through.
-..re till Ik- «o« a,«.
... ^ , • , , ,
"HuMinre w«« a«H,iit as I -1
"«.«* "».«l"- s, . vl '- l '
iisml in snore in his own nntivc luiiüiio.
ft »V ^'1 i- » » Vil I • \ »IV
uscti to snore in his own native tongue.
Of course, the foree of liabit Is stronger
oil a man when he is a sleep. That's
why l*e never tried to snore iu Knglish.
z'saiid Polisii dipthongs and «»tiler fiai
ny bu.liit's», it m ule llu ll.«>r of ilio
«*»" tr ' -,,k ' 'J'JÎ* "J 1 ' w » ,,i, i
lal! <l.m„ and1 the ck»-k „«,l to »Km, a,,,I.
1,1 t, "' l"* v «*rish Hornet woulil i?o
st«H*k in the Feverisii Hornet would go
down to ten «*nts a sliare.
"Well, Neuralgia Phalaskowliiski,
working on the night-sliiit as lie did,
had to «Io his heavy shaping «luring the
«lay, wliile the ro*st of us was to work in
l hi* shaft. The «lay-shift eoiisists of my
self and a mail named Marco Boz/nris
.smith, an,l the niidit-taift »«» <•»»•!»»
i.l ol a im; k e,i erew, e.m.wtmK of Neu
raigiu f'liiaskowski and a man from
Zion that weeaii«! Anonymous, liecnuse
we never knew what his name was.
"Anonymous sl«*pt in a tent, is^ause
he sahi lie was a little nervous and fidge
ty-like and «midn't sleep in a l»o;Jer :'a<*
t«»ry. So lie ]«iti lie«l his tent about a
miie down the gulch, where tl»es«nnnl <*f
Neuralgia's snores was partially «lead
"A4*out 2 o'elo«*k p. in. one pleasant
July «lay there was a loud crash in Slij»
jkt.v Kim Gulch that agita».«l the conn
try for four mHes around, and till«*«! tin
air with fragments <»f bed-clot lies, and
e»H»king utensils.
r ... 'V;'»vi,t «•llx'li;
cahin, but it wasn't there. '
'ri'nee'.nenssionol Neum j*»a Phiasl»«»- ;
•niiki s simro had set ofl lhejoi.it im.w- j
er concealed almut l«:s b«|, and di*!r»-!
m«» the wlmle*log-gene ranci» over the
a „ and,,-. a„d ,, .........
surraiunltng scene.
"Wc postponetl tl»<* funeral for two !
weeks, and asked the prosp«*«*lors of the ;
Stale to bring in su«*li fragments ot d«*- (
ceased as migiit be found. At the Ii«»iii* •
appoii i«i, the mourners gathcre«! ;
aroum! a bakhig-|»ow«i».rcan containing,
til! that was inortal of Neuralgia. ;
"Deal?» ha«l w«»rk«l a w«nnlr«»us j
change in the expriftsiun «»T th»* features ;
of the romains. Very few «»u!«I ni'oÿ- !
nize I lie «Iccimm*.
"Mr. J'hiaskowliiske had always l»oen j
cmviil with a fear that he would be
buri«l alive, and Marzo Rozzaris .Smith
sugg«*ste<! tliat the remains should lie iu
stale for a week or two, but tiie rest of
»;■» fell so positive about his death tkat
tin* «vreioonies wc*'**allow«*«! logo on.
This little enisode sc*e»»»«l t«» us like
joint jiowder under she niattivss <»r a
'man who »ifi'n't snoro in .*t forofgn lan
"The good oid Angl'K-'ax« n snore is
good enough fin* the «• very «lay huiu-<li it»»i
or life. \Vli«*n ! !»«' laiigiiag«* <»i tlus eoun
• : y i-sn't good « »»ougii to>:»oie witii in *•
nuning eaiiip, it's time to mljoui n.
t. ;i Anecdote of îîalibrao.
T'.;e I h i .nls of Miiihr.in* '• iaf'-r life
:iiv v.eil know ii t*: all win» lake ai.
intcros: in imisi;*:;! aliairs, tliat any r.
«»unting of th in woufil Is* siip«*rfi«»us
iici'k", « v •»» irresp.*otive <u* the lhi its and
tiie piirpo.-.* of the*«»* aH:»*lcs. r i f.crr«* i.
o»n* story {•!' I», .*. Ij«»w.*vc»*, w!i:c!i <!.«•
not a**]»ear *» her memoir-, mat ! b.
iieve has never l*< :*n in print. When
>hi' m :s sinyilig sit Fouvclit (, innen
j'hc:«': »*. in J»< tu'.m, t!»«-* t* nor was
Templeton, si Seotehmru with a beauii-,
nil v«»i«*e .i!»d fair v »e:»iiz:»t;«*u, •;»»! d.'.'l.
'viiirout -ijyle or <*\pr ssion, «J» 1 .* m'*re
:-p it->ii»*o i-p«>:i i ii«';«ti:ve. AH a. mice,
Miiibrau lieeiaicd she would not sing
witii Templeton. The manager, suppos
ing she objected t*» him sts an arils«, simi
knowi ".g lier ki'diiess ami goodn iiui*«*.
: „«kid he»' the nason of lier «Ic.dsiou. At
ter a little hesitation she replied, "Lust
evening Mr. Templeton was going •<*
kiss in.*.' ' Tin* manager, who knew Mr.
Templeton as well a« Maiibran, sent for
the tern»»* imaic«lta!ely, and in the prei
cii«*e of the haughtily shrinking piiina
ti«»iuiii, iofil him of her necusatiou.
"Modul» Molly Brawn," was tin* sto
li«l S«»tchman's reply, — "Mo»lum Molly
Brawn, I wanna k«»ss yc on ony a«*
<*ih»iu." "Molly Bra wn," win» was tlicn
i »estered l»y a gtfilcd t!»r«»ngn»a«ie up ot
liai: the mate butterflies in London, a|>
for March
1 . , , . , :
^ V", ,,r '.î 1 '" ' ] \r »
* l ''»** seV. H*. If 1 had allot llcrcpU
The tint time I began to sneeze, a
friend told me to go and bathe my feet
in hot water, and go to bed. I did
Shortly after, a friend told me to get up
and take a shower-bath. I did that also.
Within the hour auotlier irieud told me
it was policy tofetnl a cold, and starve a
fever. I had both ; so I thought it wss
best to fill up for the cold and let the fe
ver starve awhile. Ina cas«* «»f this kind.
I seldom do things by halves— 1 ate
pretty heartily. 1 eonferre«! my cus
tom iip<»n a stranger who had just op«*n
«1 a restaurant on ('nrtiaiidt Street, near
the hotel, that morning, paying him so
much for a full menl. Ho waite«l n«*ar
me in resjieftfii! si lei:«» until I had fin
ish«! fe«ling my t*ol«l when he in«iuir
«1 whether p«»pieuU»ut New York were
much afflict«! wit!» «»Ids. I told him
that they were.' He then went «»ut nn«l
took in ids sign, i start«! up towurd
the ofih*e, un«l on 11»«* walk e»u*«»untvrt«l
n not her Isisotn friend, who told me that
a quart «>.' warm ki t-wator w«»ul«l «*«»ii»e
as near curing a as any thing in the
w«»r!«l. 1 iwnlly tiiought 1 l»a«l r«»«*in
t«»r it. but I tri«*d it anyhow. The n*
sull was surprising, i iwlievc I throw
up my iniUKirtn! soul. X«»w. as i giv«*
my «»xperien»*«* only for the lH*nel»t of
those or yimr fricntls who an* troul»le«l
with the*distemper, I feel t!»at they will
see the propriety of my «'autioniiigthein
against foINtwiugsuch* portions <*' i^ as
provwlinefiicacioi!** with me ; and a«*ling
' upon this eoi»vi«*tion. I warn them
I against warm w»lt-watcr. it may i»e a
t**rostcd ; nul 1 look all sorts «»f remé
die» —hoi l«*iii«*iiade, eobi lemonade,
bon«*set. st«*w«i
tenons and brown sugar, vinegar ami
laudanum. Ii\v l»«»ti le-* Ili'twiK.iiu. «'iglit
Im»u1«*s <*!»erry |H «*toral. «in! U n Isitttcs
I'llel«* Sauf.- roine«ly : but ail wilhoti
t*:f»*et. ( hie t*f th<* j»r«*s«*i;*lions given by
an «»hi lady was—w«*!I. ii wvs dre.t«?hi.
Sin* mixed a «!»•»*< »-.-f:«»:i ee>>.i»i's«*«l
sin* m.*.\e«i a «t»*e**vt 2 «»u e«"'.pi's«*»i <>;
, ». ,...«„11».
............... tm..«! Viirioti» .Hu-r
■ . .
!,]V t ^;* n j ,,j
ami in-trm t«*d in • lo takenwine
it <*v«*rv fifha i» minutes. I
never took but »»m*
onions, f look alt tli«*se.
I detetded m- iKirtieiihir result, however.
5, . .... ;
1 V.M.tlè.i n,
i exeeut 11,al I i;:-l a«i,,ir»l a l.n all, like
# tllr l i) . v .|„ 1; , ziird . |,a.l K. , i,a,,eemy
| Mlîin jj,{ J , | laid never re u-iai a
romwly y« t raid it s«*im*d po<»r poli«*y t«*
<*onun«*mv then; therefore I <letcrmin«l
t„. n .„„a',«nul .van!» of it',
M ' K ! k „i it, i. e-walef. «a» vrotm.l am, im I
to take a sb«*c!-ba!li, though l h:nl m»
idea what «o/t of an arrangeinent it was.
It was a(jni!iiist« > r«l at nbinight »no!
the w**«»!h«*r was v»*ry frosty. M,/ l»a«*k
:» *i«l hreasi w«*re stripp«*«!, und a (slieei
»wah for a col
expe«iient. Wl»ei»
im* until i : > '. !
iiinbi;:«!. ilis.ieroel
the«*hii< \ rag t«»t»«*I»»*s «»lie's warm il«*sh,
it mak«*s him start wi»li a smideu vio
le!»«*, and gas»» for br**all». jiisl as men
<(«» in tin* «l«*:»tli-.*:g:n*y. Il Irozethemar
rmv in my lioius, aiul st«»»»ped the l»eat
ing «*f my h«*art. 1 tiiought my til»»«*
had «'«»me. When 1 p*eov«*ro«l from this,
a friend onlered tin* application of a
imistapl-nlaslej* I*» my hresî. » ! *«•! i«*\«*
that v.'oiii«! uavs* «*t»r«•« ! me eiieeionllv. i
it hail not b< • n for young «'leinem*.
Wh« :» 1 w«*nl to lu il, I put t!u* mustan!
«Ster w!u re I ei*u!d rciic'i it w!u*n I
1 ',,,,....... ....... for it. Ii„<
C'!ei»u*nft got hungry in tl:e ni'dtt
;i , ti jt * , n< . v ..,. ; :nv Mlx . ..j.n.j i, ; , v ,
, ; nu .; , r!lf ||»r
t j h«* w«m!«l have «*ut«*n »»» • if I lint
j !, v t ÏW.V,
"Sullivan «m tin 1 Ryan*' i~ tin* latest
The Kgv'pliaus ;)by>ie'u,ns «•! ofil were
paid !»y the Si a to.
Pliny says that f<»ur-wl»< ei« «I ea»riages
weiv inv«rii!e-l !»y tb<* I'urygians.
Tin* ties'» of tiie manat us ««r sen-cow is
Slit'll .or 1 * • I - « « HU«! »Vs« loblos' beef.
Ti»«* fruit exp*>ris of An»«*ri«*:» l:av«* in
ereas'.ii a humlredr«»!«! in five yens.
f Î, '«•;!*
!P i«:iiu
:s Ȕ't.i i
r'. ;»!2 cotton
spi ndu-s :
i* »'ui
» l M
! Srat«*
: about 12,
The <•
'l<»MI« , i*l :cat«'«i in
c t «•»■
-« and
itolil.'ins did
not J;0. 3i"
i fyou v
:-<« far
i!»:;t yo
•: : »:i't pos
sîb.'y find
J ,»•;
; :nl f<
»1* >
«•»2!' «ai;
niiy you ha«l
fic't'.*»' ;\i \
« i:
* ft ?-1 ; : i
Î go lo work
lor it.
In tin* »
;. « t v i ^
i papers an*
!'»'<■•» iii'i»t
; it »*.«;
:* ri:•
«•hifilivi» as
;nvs*nu t
»' V
'\'4*i' wi
in - io adopt
tii« i*i.
He- Ibunau Cnliudi«* « i-h«.p *•!' Mon
treal has s * V- «! siot ice ! » qui» on all h u
aidsofaii «-Ï»** :*•*!» ; r-*pcrty win» a»'«* sell
ing t i « i • i * * r i Per«-« a.
i - a- k« d v.'liv !:«• «h
* .\<> i:i. o : an turn o\
«»in . rying a ion.' p:
A «•'•' i'es|i«»mfiT,; of ;!ic
/»'.«•/ -.h»;*cs tlii.î j (.um! of
aviiig iiiSfiiiS'i'«» »'age,
i» » i * 2 » : j I i* ■* I :
c-w b*af wit h
ï.e.ndo i .'
! ;*.. iold
ïhrm iVaiv ecu*-,
m J.oudon ii;* \ c ».
iy. but sensible. I'll
lit >*«•;■ won a big P;
; t,ce?» married ! !'
. h oce.; -ion man ! *ii
y*-:i think i!i 0 5'i ; -
• ! girl?'' asked » * co
r; pli.*d Jam*
!• Is Well ; reserved."
i*oi » of wider in ! in*
at the
ce I imes
p'own is
•. "Oh.
"that i
milk land
fit.Ic grain--'of sand H»«* sugar) aro
V .oil i » ii ' 1 t«i'.* fortunes of t ne 1 iliiu
ble iitiii.mau a»»'- tin* <«l .-Cl!!'«* grocers.
Spill, rs »»;'. Ve '> >«•-•!» se;-»l as small as
ai'i-ain O,' ami, and tiicsc spin a tlnead
lin. :i:a! t: t; k«*s tbiir thou-juul of
»h< ni ■•::! I '*..••(•«!»»•»• to «ptal in size a sin
, rit* Uai»'.
The ('Icve'.iml U> ea'tf » ries: "Away
.vith < :u:'( an t«* a gallows forty l»*el
hiuii." What's the use of wasting :y
»mi, h r«»pc* « i» a cheap man?--iH*lroit
Fr»e I'ross.
insects are pro|»orlinnately sinniger
tSian animals. A cockehnîer can draw
a fi»ad fourteen limes greater than Ills
iHMly, a l»ce twenty times, and an an
i thirty times. ■

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