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The semi-weekly miner. [volume] (Butte, Mont.) 1882-1886, August 30, 1882, Image 2

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Krsss fes Daily ot Tanfltf
Tto pcUÜcal pot ta toOlag.
The K. of P. «tebreüoe
the happy
Mr. Geoff La veil
Mr. Jeha W. Eddy to
fitter of a eon.
There are aeveateea
the coaaty jail.
C. W Palmer advertioeeaa
«le to-day at 11 a'doek a. a*
The Heleaa dri oga tte n K. ef P.
will reach the city thia even!
The auctiea aale at the Parific
Hotel takea place Saturday. flee ad
Forty-six miaea oa the ftoa Fi
etoco Stock Exchange have levied
Not a ahare of A Ilea ateek hao
offered oa the New York
eeveml week*
The round
•hope at Fonytho will be
la twe weeka.
On the 27th the Allee Ooatpaay
■hipped four baraef reflaod ballloa,
valued at 9MU.20I.
There were four eaeaa ap before the
Police Court yeeterday, aai
patty fined 95 aad met*
Mènera. J. H. Duflÿ and Jeha H.
t'ortia have been admitted te the bar
by the Supreme Court
There are ao many
miaea that very aooa It will he hard
te find men who will riak their Uvea
la them.
The liât of the Delegat« to the
Democratic County Convention, aa
published Sunday
elected throu g hout
The County Dsnsngralli Conven
tion meets la thia city oa Friday, the
let of September. The Territorial
Convention aaeota on the 4th.
The Mini aeknowtodgm
ceipt of a complimentary ticket to the
W1 meeting of the Agricultural, Mia
oral and Stock Aaaoetottoa of
Meataaa, to bo held at
September 6th, 6th, 7th and fith. We
■hall endeavor to have a
Uve there.
The New York Am of AagwtSlat
mya: A oo n eapoadeat of the Am
ask* tto ago of Hiekory Jim, who
mule a aaamtion at Brighton Bench.
Mr. D. G Davie, of Tasaa, owner ef
the bone, mya ho to IS yean old, and
hae been raaalagalaee ho wat yearn
eld. He va raieod la Walla Walla,
Oregon, and hm won heaps ef
for his owner.
Private Alexander M.
Signal Corpe operator who dnerted
horn hie station oa Thursday hist,
waa captured Friday evening at
Boeamaa by Deputy Marshal James
Hathaway. The departamat tele
graphed that $100 would be paid fin
the arrmt of Dngna, and Deputy
Hathaway receives that eomfortable
little sum la exchange fin hto pri
son«.— Herald.
Prof. Howay, Territorial Siperla
teadent of Publie Instruction
the Minna ofltoo a ptoaam
yesterday. The Praibmar lai
ae that ho had «foo t ed 6 2] metleaa of
the 72 eectl aa a of publie toade which
have been granted Montana fin Uai
veralty pur poem . A huge body was
•elected la the Judith Bmla. The
Profeosor has ex orci sed great care In
mcuriag toads available fin^rieal
taralpu r p o e e ea a d thorn bor de rin g up
oo streams have received hto rissest
attention. The locating of the Uni
▼««My toads was entrusted lato caps
We bands.
The Inter fifoem/Ofa of tost evening
mid that, "Aa offer of compn
bas been made, sad the men who
voted in opposition to the 'bam' ticket
propose to have just what they want
er they wUI not hearken to the
promise proposition." One who Was
instrumental la g e tting ap the oppo
•itioB delegate ticket derims as to mgr
the above dedaratfaa has BO
thru in fact. There hao beta no
of compromise and thereto ao
Won for such offer. Thom who sop
ported the opposition ttokot are Dmw
orie; their contest was a good an
tsred one, and they ors ouatent tea*
rept the reçoit.
No me Dour off Weduamoy.
Monday the Anaconda company
•hipped four ban of rei n ed ballloa,
▼»lued at HlMOg. Tuesday Don
■oil, dark A Larahto shipped two
Wn, valued at 8886.84. Total, feia,
ioha Olbooa, aged U yearn, 11
■oaths and S days, died yesterday
■oralag of intermittent fbver. The
hdismid to hove boon oa iatolU
mt, kind-hearted Httto firitow, aad
hi* mother, Mrs. Lon Moose, ficeto
her affliction deaply.
h our rep ort of the driegatm from
■liver Bow Jaariloa the dri eg a t m
•ta alternat« were rsvomod. They
*** m fellows: Driegat«, W. O.
p MUu. Robert Bliekeasderfer, G T.
c hspmaa, J. F. Kinney. Alterant«,
J. Williame, g. C. gbermaa, W. Bata
ta 1 *. Thomm Cssey.
A distinguished party of gentle
tan pomad through BUI lag* tost
task, vis: C. W. IW, one of the
■Jobholders of the- N. P. mUway,
" r * E. Cloaan, of Lripsig, oa artist
vk °tas been sketching tto Bad Load
■ta Yellowstone country, aad Udo
" oh voge l , editor of one of the In
fluential journals of Now York.
The first locomotive, No. fil, W.
"■Jder, engineer, and the cemrirao
Jo train with conductor, F. G
■uith, in charge, eroumdthu Yellow
done ea Tuesday 22d, aad Its advent
*■ greeted with mask rearing by
Jhs eitiaeae of Billing* Flags wore
■•ptoyed over Hand's hank aad
Mb* Florence Clough aad Mr* Mar
tia boiaied the fhg on the
•fipmite the engi
■tarifer the first
•■toad la the ovualag
taw la order .-Herald.
■fby which AUtod
■teatly killed aai Ji
J. A. WO— —
> at work la the
drift,Milovri. Thai
there in, about H
lag tore* The fear man
thou mfi h l dla g, *
rix oad a half fimt,lo the level hriew,
IjthotoU Traseott caa;ht Rteh
ards, bat at saw
■fid, tamed hto ottunttoa to the
• of the other two from
Clarkto right tog waotoaad to ho
the calf; bat ho
w as not othonri m Injured.
id a ftaetars
the right hip, aad hto toft
Dr. J.
oa the body of Richards twe
_sworn, with thofiri
towlag — I t:
Bring flat daly sworn, testiflod that
them wars thins am at work laths
of the stops* They woradrUl
lagtwo kotos, mo riagtoaad the
The ground
had broke the boards they
tag«* aad knocked tto
Ho caogkt Blehords la
kto atom aad fimad that ho va
Hebthea took ap
mho mold.
.—Do yon
ho moved thoataU while ho wmat
Qae*—Worn them any other per
lt when the occident hop
Aa*—No, air.
t underground this
o'dock to work, aad wont
at work—
mjrarifand Alfbrd Richard* Wc
looked at the waB to me If there
aay do a ga r ernot. When wo
od the wall It:
agr, bat wo had tobhmt
oatof thofbot-walL Whoa wo get
that shot off we intended to put la a
of timber oa that aid* Wo
coaid lot do It bribe* Alfbrd
arris aad John WUltaam started to
drill a koto la that mineral te take it
down. I was driUlag a hols about
of them. While wo
both at work drilltag, the allda
la on a* We heard nothing
Them was an warning whatever. A
stall was pat la yesterday.
Que*— Hew long after that stall
was knocked oat b ef or e the aseideat?
Aa*—About aa hoar. This stick
was about 4} feet la length aad was
nmd ma sapport to stand apsa while
Qa s * —Were yon ready to pat in
-I do not know; I did not
tag at 7
Aa*—Wo worn going to pot la
timbers sc soon ao we Mooted oat the
fbot waB.
Qoe*—Did yon hove ao atulto la
tram the level up?
Aa*—'Thom worn two pieem la. I
did not think them was say dm««.
Them wa no night shift at week.
Qua*—Do you think thomaamte
moat to blame far the acridaat?
Aa*—No, air ; It wm entirely acci
Tin coaoxaa's jvby.
Txaairoar or Moktaka, \
Govmtt orSiLvaa Bow./
Aa iagatoitioa bald at the Lex
ington mine, BUver Bow ecoaty,
Moataao Territory, oa the fifth day
of A u gus t , A. D., MM, by mo, Jamm
oa the tody of Alford Richard* there
lying dead, by the J
thrir «the do my that from the evi
fifth day of Aogaet, A. G, IMS, by
bring caved oa la the Lexington
mine, near Batte, BUvor Bo w co u nty,
Montana Terri to ry, aad wanton lad
that the maaagaaaeate of the mine
are la ao way to blame the m a m of
hto death bring parriy accidental.
Fbakk Batbmak,
Soorr McDouald,
W. P. Omalley,
Axroxa Dblokt,
Ja* X Cusm,
The Democratic Coaveatloa of
Coaaty mot oa the fifth and
the foUewtag a
CoaacUama, Ed. Cardwell ; Joint
Ropreseatetlve, G G. Brooke; Rep*
rsmatetlvo, Joseph Alton ;
A. M. Easterly; Clerk oad
J. M. D. Taylor; Sheriff, John Mo
Dermet t ; Coaaty Cn rn rnto riea er , G
Powell; Probate Jadga, Frank Write;
Coroner, Dr. H. G Barkel y. The
following are the delegates to the Tec.
rltortel Ceaveatieo, the aRpraatoo bo
lagoorittod: A. M. Emterly, GG.
Brooke, John Keating, H. Jorfen. E.
Cardwell, — Kelieper, Cton. Surith,
John Ward, Lea* Byers, W. G Gib
bin* John A. Quirk.
Tha following Jettor «xfWmMMi
Auoust, fifth, IflffiL
DkabSib:—B y oedwof G P. VJta
ur. General Flight Agent you am
gsjyeet firil^r notified that
■ la rirontor dried An
82, open canned g oods,
G T. Hcunw,
Mr. J. A.
arala theeMj
Mr. GW.
Mr. J. W.
Mr. H. J
arrived la the eMa
the tote arrival*
to te thoBUmrCMy, and wU i
Mr. J. G Wilma,
G &
of Suit Lake,
la the Alto* hm bean
ft J.
F. G Milas, Upper Dear
▼alley, arrived la the cftyhmt
Mr. W. V. Ryan,
Ohr ef the WUtow CM
Mis of GaOstta Coeaty, to la
MiasCtoadtoClarita,Mr. JosRoh
city am
The tot
to a guest of Mr.
A. Hyde aad the o thers are vtoitlag
Mr. John H. Garti*
to bo
Batte, ferthe
The hcqatoitloa of
Tel eg rap h Company's Bas

of aa
at them places, who
bo oblo te
withoot leaving their
of line repairers are a
I ta ishidldlag aad patttagtha
la tot atom eoadlttaa. This
la the conns of
Who wUI be the first to
vena with the Governor at the
the Silver City?
Silver Bow Junction, \
Aagarififi, 1882. /
Editor Mixaa :—At a ametlag
hold la Silver Bow Jaariloa, Agmt
filth, IMS, tor the purpurn of electing
driegatm to attend the Democratic
Ooave a t te a to be held at Botte City,
September let, 1882,
iaad by the riactloa of Judge L.
G Klaacy m P rerideat, aad W. O.
Fanon Sueratary. The following
were duly e l ec te d as raid driegatm:
J. William* ft C. Sherman, Wm.
Broaeteia, Thomas Caaey.
Alternates W. O. Fanon, Ro b e r t
BHchsncdsrfor, D. T. Chapman, J.
F. Klnaey.
The Demo cra tic party of oar place«
aad aU la the aarrooadtag country,
are wide awake, nailed, aad wUI poU
a toigm Deaaaeratlc vote this Ml than
overbad«* Let the whole Territory
do aad act accordingly, and victory
wIB perch on« more on our banner.
Yoara truly,
W. O. Faxox, Soc'y.
tempts to
Sunday evening
o'rioek the ritiseas of Botte
startled by a pistol shat ae« the cor
ner ot Montana and Broadway.
Officer Lytle bad arrested a man
named Niek Ayers who was charged
wlthaaoaalttagaChlaaamaat Walk
crvilleoa Friday tost They
oa ths way to jail aad Ayers
rinded that be did not want to go
aad started to ran, whoa Mr. Lytle
fired at the prtooa e r la order to scare
hia* vrhkh it did net do aad he kept
oa raaalag, aad wm finally captur
ed by Marshal Barith near the Grand
Contra! Hotel.
Ayers had a bearing ri Walkervilto
yesterday before Jadge O'Meara, aad
it appearing that he was net the ama
who dkl the assaulting, ho was dis
charged and the cost* amounting to
about 980, taxed ap to the Chinaman.
The new programme presented at
the Comique tost evening was replete
erith amusing situations and artistic
acting. The re n p pm ran w ot the
Zmfretta s tater s gratified a host of
thrir admirera and contributed large
ly to the interact of.the evening. All
the old ft vorites appeared ia new nets
aad were receiv ed with aaasaal ap
id BoiUoy,Foy aad
Gay tor. all
vol€9 f
white MIm
taow* Mtae Minnie
aad Mtae LUIto An
happy hits aad m wm
the others
titled the Widow's
A 0**0 to

Taaeotohcatloaef ttooFmhAnal
G*fP. la this stay, U4s tolrtehee
j ail aai la wa i r mb i ll . Ttova
te thrir own eradf
ef the order. The
stir at ovary
tbetr ovary wish to récriv
is <
» toft
whichwIBIa the toast «
their dto
eatirs aftblrtoaotoaly
but grand
Salt Lake City, Dear
rib« prints arrived la the
city toot evening.
The Hrioaa drisgritoa at prumat
in theofty ara: T. H. Kleiaachmldt,
Sir K. C.; C. K. Cote, Lt C.; Jam«
L. Devi* Sir K. G; J. Lash, Sir K.
G; Cho* M. Jeftbri* Sir K. O.; Wa*
Lorey, Sir K. ftG;T. Mackanca*
Jossph Rohsrt* Frank Edgier, Cha*
Albrecht, J. J. Rohrbaogh, Jam«
F. Farter, Moses Gaa* George G
Cha* Atorieh.
The De« L odg e delegation will
aeh the city to-day at 10 o'clock.
At 1 o'clock sharp the excrete« of
the day will bo coma-cod by the
forming in fteat of Castle
HaU la the fiollowiag order:
T. H. Klriasehaüdt, ft K. G, ML
l e toa a Dlvistoa N* 1, oflleer of the
SUV« City Comet Bead.
Meant Hrioaa Divtatoa No. 1, U.
BBver Bow Division No.fi, U. G
Damon Lodge N* L
Ivaaboe Lodge No. A
Valley Lodge No. A
Motto seoth oa Mala to Park St,
coat on Park te Wyoming;
Wyoming <o Broadway;
Broadway to Meataaa; north on
Montana to Granite; east oa Granite
te Wyoming, north oa . Wyoming to
Quarts; west oa Quarts to Mala;
sooth on Mala to Broadway; west on
Broadway te Amda my ; sooth on
Academy to ReUshaw Hall.
Hera addr ess « orUl bcdrilvercd by
Hoa. G H. WbitefaUl, who Is well
versed la the history of the order; Dr.
John Thompson, Deputy Supreme
Chancel tor; Bov. J. J. Garvin aad
several other prominent gentlemen.
la the evening them will be a
grand ball at Renshaw Hall, aad It
will no doubt bo the meet brilliant
affeir of the Mason. Arrangements
bave beta auric for aa elegant sup
per, which will be served in Capliee
Hall, at which sac bandred couples
The day will no doubt bo long re
«m b oro d by aU who participate.
The firilewiag eorreapondeaee ex
ptoias Iteeif :
Ammy Si lvkb Bow Di v., No. A
UmroBM Rajtk. K. or P,
Bom City, M. T., Aog- 28
To Horn. WUttmm ointry, Mayor of
Batte CUtf, M. T.:
Dkab 8 ir: I hove been instructed
by theft G D. N* A U. G K of P.
of Butte, Mool
No. A)
that the fifth day
of August, A. D. 1882 is the anniver
sary of our organisation, aad ia view
ot the foet, we desire to makes pub
lie parade anon the streets of your |
" y TI Tlhâ.7 * ^ qti0? y0<ir i
» allowed
.agaet tto
the boon of 1 p. m. until 5 p. tn
Respectfully yoan,
EE.Gusasok, ft k. g
Ma tub's Omca, )
Bum City. M. Y., }
August 2S, 188AJ
Dr. F. E. Oleoma , S. K. B., Butte
Dkab 81a:—Your communient iea
of this date isjaat received and la
reply I would my ia behalf of the
rity that It would afford myself aud
the City Council great pleasure to
give your honable order the freedom
of the dty and the use of the publie
streets upon the oeeasioa or your
parade on the 8Wh last
If we can be of any forth« servi«
on that ownhs j l ti a» let me know.
I am very truly yours,
Wilmax Owsley,
m aad Beard of Councilman, :
that we be allowed tha freedom ot the |
rityoa A mast the 80th, 1882, from j
W. Noten, of Cable, is visiting the
W. C. Child, of Helena, b taking
ta Batte.
J. N. High, of Ogden, ta registered
in the rity.
G G JeflHmarrived here test even
ing from Leadvilte.
J. L. High, of Chicago is ameeg
the recent arrival*
Thomm Beebe, of Warm 8pring*
to visiting the 811 vw City.
Ben Catlett, of Radenbntg, hm
been in Botte several day*
Cha* Trombley, of St Foul ar
rived la the city tost evening.
Mr. A. J. Fisk, one of the proprie
tors' ef the Helena Herald , paid the
Mixna oiltee a very pleasant rail tost
evening. Mr. Fisk ta accompanied
by Mr* Ftok and child and came
ovm from the capital city by the eray
of De« Lodge. They take thrir de
parture this morning for the city ef
the Saints. Jack ism hearty and
folly m of yore and meets a host of
f> leads In the SUvm «ty.
The now Démocratie Central Cosh
ndtteo of Jefibnoa County Is com
posed of the following gentlemen:
G MeSoriey, Chairman ; Thomm H
Murray, John Brady, William J.
Ward, John A. Keating, D. Freetor,
William Whetstone,
fins her
rity, aad fini sh« up by laved
aril aad daetoriag war agatast
Lit aa now «a Into the
a of the present state of
things aad then 1st taaparttol Judg
Mth« B Mtoad
la h«posittea Is right «wrong. It
that daring ths rale of the late
Khodlvs of Egypt, who was a vain
aa extravagant wan, Egypt
plunged herself Into debt to a large
extent to bondholders of England
Fra n «, aad each e a« e * ive
am taken ap with asorioasta- 1
t«ost, the eatirs a meant owing to ;
«p arts are continually in
c fimad herself crippled
to pay the interest. Eng
land and Fran« now act in the same
a« with Egypt as a conclave gf
New York creditors weald do with a
■ataaa merchant at the first alga
of embarrassment ta payment No
enquiry into posit ion, ao taking of
stoek, is made, bat a «teure of the
a suspension of the manage
aad ths Installaient of a re
ceiver. The fliat step wm todethroae
and banish the Khedive. This they
did, aad Egypt wm quiet They
ght forth a Khedive of
their own, a « s atu ra subserv ie nt to
thrir will, aad made him rater of
Egypt This they did aad Egypt
still wm quiet They next seised
apea the treasury and saddled Eng
lish and French offleials upon the
esaatry thrir salarias amounting to
upwards of 9200,000 yearly. This
they did aad Egypt wm quiet still.
Bata priât was arrived at beyond
which Egyptian toleration «aid not
go. It was apparent that under
French aad English management
the financial pociUoa of the country
wm getting worse aad worm
day and that the
officials were a tot
of gnrmanda robbing tha country
for their own benefit The weak
minded Khedive aw all this. He
had neither the courage a« the
power to assert hie right* The Sul
tan of Turkey and« whom control ;
Egypt is raw it, bat he hm neither '
courage nor strength to resist But i
an excited army, an infariated pso- !
pie, aada groat naan saw aad frit all j
this, acd resolved to endure it no
long«. AraMBey, com mander of
the army rices la last! motion against
this state of things aad resolves that
Egypt most rule aad govern herself.
The army toon his side, the people
Kffirpt to a j
• j
arson hie ride.
"7'" fr * I
araoa his side, aad right aadjastk» |
England invitee every country i a the
-wo: Id te meist her in this lnvasten,
bat they are all fooling her; none are
coming to hcr* amis tance. She tells
the world that her mission is to estab
lish tow and order, and the protection
of foreigners in their person aad prop
erties, bat the world is informed by
Egypt that for the tost forty yean the
persons aad property of foreigners
have been protected safely la Egypt,
and that their favored position gave
them immunity from many burthens
to which the native people were sub
ject. If to-day the position of for.
| eignen is endangered in Egypt,'they
i *V thank French and English in
: . . . *
| '«townee fix it, and ae toagmthey
j continue to Interfere, there is no mfe
ty in their position. England hm a
right to be indebted to Egypt by rea
son of h« allowing a gnat National
highway for India to pass through h«
«entry. Instead of this feet bring
ing her the friendship and protection
of all powers of the world, It is actual
ly bringing b« the interference and
distrust of all nation* Egypt hm
done too much for England and
Fran« in allowing them the pom«
elm of this highway without paying
toll. Egypt gives to them the right
of eray of a great traterconne, and its
protection is a«ured by the >»ws ef
the country through which it goes :
And what do« Egypt gain by the
Sues canal ? Simply the dividends
upon her own shares in the undertak
The So« canal is a corporation ef
400,000 shares—178,000 are held by
b *Ü°"iü'?"*
and Egypt The profits which Eng
tend has received from the shares in
this undertaking would pay her Egyp.
much for England that the latter
power arrogantly belter« that no re
steten« to h« absolute rule wherev«
^ ____ mnfnrrrm u .(«.U hm
sheen«« to enforee It, should ^
made. Fran« a republic, briteving
in the rights of self-government, sees
the ans i t te o * will net Interfere
we poomoa, ana win noi inienore.
She has as mach right to interféra m
England, hut she sera that she main
tained an error in the post, and hesi
totes to enforee a wrong In ths foture,
to ensnro the stfety of the 8ues canal
and keep pea« in Eu top* Egyptian
Independea« tom neeeesary m that
of Turkey, and for that indepe n dea«
Arab! Bey to fighting to-day. Noth
ing can be mon senseta« than Eng
land's demand of tht Sultan to nro
«daim Arab! Bey a rebel. Arab! Bey !
bmp^riot. Zdhb podUoo t. tbor
«Highly constitationaL Tbe Khedive
is a eoward and a traitor, bat bis po
sition only serves to den-ive the Eng
lish, and not te weaken the national
strength of Egypt The English
commander* mystified by a twofold
light sm in the Khedive of Egypt
Egyptian pow« in the regten of
right bat in Arab! Bey they fori it
in the regten ef feet No outcome of
bo man. bat
It, or hmit toEgyp
► ft— lm If *•
ssen bow tto powers of tto wwM will
teokaatotoMlag tto safaj^atlouof
Egypt Eov. J. Stack.
Jarti« O'Meara oa Monday hrii
«art at Walkcrvllle. On. Morphy
aad Kick Ayers were and«arrest fw
assaulting a Chiaaman. On
of W«-0. Speer, fisr
Cob. Morphy wm
His Hoa« thought
pay tbs east* ea he taxed them ap to
the Chinamen. The cam of Ayers
wm then taken ap amid hoot* yells
aad throat* and for some little time
them was dang« of the Court being
hang by the in foliated dtlaea* Some
oat called for a repo and tooth« par
ty acknowledged hie wllUagaen to
do the nsra—ry tiring. However,
ta the midst of a fearfol aprsar tha
cam wm contlnocd until yesterday
morning at 9 o'clock ia this city. F«
some icmon the Court ia the mean
time ehaaged Remind aad thought
lt beet to finish the esmnpat Walker
rills, aad yesterdsy morning trio
plnaod down to send ap the prison«.
Then there wm another hitch, for
the oritor of the prerlogs day reqalied
the Coasta b'e to prem a t his prison«
la «art la this city. It wm finally
settled by conveying the prison« te
Walkenrilto about noon, and the erne
wmsoon again contianed until thia
No doubt If Ayers to finally dis
charged, Mr. Dolly, defendant's at
torney, will be called oa to pay the
coals this time. Of eoane the Court
will not make two decisions exactly
alike—the prosecuting witness paid
them before.
Jamm Clark* who eoatalaed a
compound fracture of the right leg
jast below the cair, by the rave in the
L e xing ton mine Monday, is getting
along nicely. Ho will probably be
confined to bis bad five « six week*
J. A. Williams, wo art so r r y to *
' 2! 7J2LÏ
. to more seriously injured,
though be Is doing llrat-rate. It will
requirent least three months to re
wvw. Ho hm been secursly packed
in mad, aad it to necessary for him
to remain perfectly still.
The following freight wm shipped
north over the Utah A Northern : To
Batte, 2 «is of brick, 2 of be«, 1 of
household goods; to Dillon, 5 can of
merchandise; to Pocatello, 1 car of
merchandise, 7 of corn ; to Black foot,
our of merchandise ; to Arimo, 2
jmnofeora; to Richmond, 2«nof
marialaery ; to Logan, 1 rar of mcr

Of the M. G
The Annual Coafsreace of the M.
G Church South «mmeae« to-day
at 10 o'eloek * a* la tiw M. G
Church, Bishop Hargrove presiding.
Servie« will beheld daring each
evening of the week at 8 o'eloek at
the same place. A large attendance
of ministen aad laymen oftbeehareh
to anticipated.
Hia Wriat
Mr. Dave Anderem, who bma
patent ore Concentrator, Monday
• mght about 12 o'clock started into
I * .
u»> P»ntry at the tmiteanlal Hotel
for the purpose of getting a luaeh and
fell into the cellar, a distance of six
feet. He broke hie wrist bat wm not
otherwise injured.
: . . _
| Ôfortyïiîo"d3iîi. hu " dml
One of the boldest and most me
^ eessfol cams of forgery that iras prob
i ably ever happened in Montana look
; place a fow «toys ago. bat the fects
nave be an siinnmurn until ths au.
until the au
thorities had taken prop« steps for
securing the criminal. Chari« Lati
mer, lately employed by Mr. W.
Stocking, forged the name of his e
John Evans
advanced 9108 on the check, know
ing the »»a« to have been in the ein
ploy of Mr. Stocking and that the tot
On presentation at the back, however,
. the forgery wm discovered, but
, too tote to secure the criminal, who
! had in the meantime taken pessag»
K4!taïî2fio^î!i TO l ï»Ctoï!!
; the river and it to thought that if the
: authorities do thrir duty the criini
l ÇL5JîhiS2£« rV oflmMw».«e.
; «Ktafïî£îSü57?£â S'bSSS
am i probably the most serious that
hm occurred in the Territory. It wm
! Ç ^»"« 1 ««'ho reason that the
i ■»■ bring well known no suspicion I
oould be attached to him. andundcr
, simitar circumstances any tank in :
; the Union would have been justified J
! 1» cashing the check. —/teuton Be- j
j M ^ |
One of Jonathan Edward's daugh*
tor* who had some spirit of her own,
or marriage. Tbe
had also a proposai <
wm referred to
mid that stem
her feth«.
"yon can't have my daughter." "But
I love tar and she loves me," plead
"Can't have
the applicant
persisted ths old
Can't have her,"
"May I ask."
! j"«hly indnired tbe suitor, '"If yon
" *
cd the tbe young man. ___
her," said the feth«. "I am well to
do and «n sapport her," explained
my character?'
the obstinate parant by this time
aroused; "I haven't heard anything
about yon; I think you are a prom
ising young man, aad that's why yon
enal have b«. She's got a very tad
temp« and yon wouldn't to happy
with tor." Tto tovw.amomd, «nia:
"Why, Mr. Edward* I thought Em
ily wm a Christian. She is a Chris
tina, Isn't sheT' "Certainly she i*"
growled tto eoneetentious parent,
"Bn* young man, when yon grew
old« you'll bo able to understand
that there are some folks that tto
«of God esa Uve with that you
at the
was » miaS' own«, and was begin
K-vlll . '
baviug excited the old
» dar« ago there arrived la the
rity aa old forawr Item Iowa, named
natta Meredith. Ho came here to
vlritthe State oad the ExpeeiUoa,
nd had plenty of money to invest
«torid bo find a good epeaiag. It
were better had he remained athoms,
for very evidently he wm not ae
to the wan of the world
aad the deep-told snares that an al
ways sat for the unwary. Shortly
alter coming here ho mode the ao
qoalntance of a young man who
E ve hie name as HarMsoo, raving
was a eoa of Col. Harbieon, a min
ing operator of Orant county. [There
tone each eoonty la the State.] On
Taeeday they visited the Export ion,
observing the opening e xe r cis es ana
taking la the rights generally. While
walking about the ballding young
Harbieon stepped beside a huge
pyramid of glittering ore, aad very
coolly Informed Mr. Meredith that
the ''staff" wm token from feth«'e
mine. He called the mine tlie
"Mountain Qaeeo," and went oa to
tell how largo the pay-streak wa*
how much the ore m«yed, and bow
much wm bring taken oat evei
by the huge force of men
The honest old fermer took'every
thing be raw for granted, and it wm
wt * hl P8 , h e
Alter thus
isviug ex«
when they again visited the Expori
Uon. A*utll o'clock in the W
asarvaïï !
Meredith to accompany biiu to Sans ;
^BsiGwhms they could drink |
r eer . * n * 2 ?. ."?*! .•■B. ». *i ulct !
rwiiMst«. «sues omjwj m
Tickled by the attention «
liberally paid him. the old gentk
very readily complied, and they
found themselves in tb- main build
in the park. While there a
elderly and gentlemanly-ap
pearing person came in and Imned |
ap against ths counter, nur by. The ;
young man quickly noticed the new- 1
-; aad at once called him over, !
introducing him to Mr. Meredith m i
SSSüt Br. B PL.5 ; i
dlNusrion of mining aflkirs
general, and the "Mountain
iu Grant county. Mr.
S aeên" iii Grant county. Mr. 1
eredith. alter a time, iutimated i
that he had some money to risk, and 1
would Uke to invest it la mines, ask
ing If there was ao opportunity for
making auch an Investment. This
is jast what the alleged fether and
* * un ^ been waiting for.
*'W*»y,»» rakl tho eldo-----------
"I thinx I can fix it so 3 ou can come 1
ia with me m an equal partner. Yon;
..j., „ „ 1
e < **r Harulson,
—, my parta« is a gambler, and j
mach given todiwlpatlon and carous- ;
lag. The association is not a pleasunt !
one, aad either of us would bewilliug !
and glad to get rid of the other, and !
I think that by talking to him 1 could j
get his pernilmioa to sell for him, j
and you are just the kind of partner !
I want—have plenty of money and :
■ enHe *
"Is that so?" exclaimed the credu- !
tous ferm«. "How much will lie !
iWUbi „
..TT _
"I don't think I have that much :
moaey with me, but I can draw for <
more," aad going down to the inner
of hia Inside vest pocket,
Meredith pulled out a roil of money
and began to count It on the table be
fore him. He bad just | 1 , 1 U) on lus
person, a good sum, which the shrewd
operators were sun of «curing.
"Well, will you take the half inter
eat?" Mked the elder Harbison when
the counting prose« had been coin
_ ... ... . j
\«, I w ill, if the mine is just as I
J< "M?M«edlth, It is folly m xood I
as we have représente«! It to befand i
its chances for developing even still \
great« value are wonderfully gotsl ; '
and if you mean business you wili i
deposit that money with us, the re
maiader of the 82,onu to be paid us '
when the deeds are made over to
That settled it. The money wm
handed ov«, and then, after takiug
another drink, they proceeded to the
«»position to look up tlie recreant
aaSuadeeervable partner. They eu
; ured the building, and, before rrach
rag the mineral department, _
rider Harbison stopped, and, point-
ing to a well-dressed, gray-headed
man, mid : "There lie is now ; that's
my partner. I think I had list ter go
to him and have a private talk, as I
don't want a row with him, and he
i is sure to flare up If he lin«is out f
! h *J« be * n '«T 1 «* *» ?» him out."
1 Yb» **»**» indicated vu rather pre
j pomesriug, had an independent air,
1 wore a gray mustache and goatee,
i and WM
■tamling beside the very *
pyramid of ore which wm palmed off
as a portion of the product of tlie »
'Mountain Queen" on the day previ
M* The fether end son went to tlie
j "partner" and drew him Mi«le to 11
; point near one of the doors, all three
! »eeniinx to be earnestly engaged in a
more than usually* interesting «•on
1 venation. They romaine«! there
| •ometlme, and soon the old man
K rew wearvof wsitlng anti began to
j *j*P newind the Ibuilding. As soon as
! the old man s tack wm turned the
\ fpree men at the door slipped out
, ^ „ . ,,
| tad. He rushed outside like a mad
g»»« y »SLk p Æ V' ,r !
J* » tack, and gesticulating in a
toenxie«! manner. Those who saw
him * including the hack-driver*,
thought him stark eraxv, and there
tore no conveyance wm offered him.
Finally, be did the wont thing lie
could pomibly do, going to the Circle
through the doorway, jumped into a
hack, and were driven awav.
When Mr. Meredith looked for
them they were gone, and all he
could see wm the dust thrown up by
tbe flying vehicle. It wm then that
he reniizedh e had l«een playiug the
gart of a "sucker,"an«l lisd been rote j
railway depot and waiting there
folly ten minutes for a train. Tills
gave the robbers all tbe time they
«uld desire, aud they profited t»v it.
Upon arriving in thecity Mr. Hero
ditb placed the ca« in the hands of
Detective Joe Arnold and although
two hours were spent in looking up
the eonflden« men, no tn« of them
eouk * be discovered
Mr. Meredith is fifty-one yearn of
age, and lives at a distan« of about
seventeen miles from Iowa City. He .
feels his loss very keenly, and to yet .
very much excited.
Young Harbison is described m a
writ-dressed, smooth-faced young.
man, and the Colonel wm a fine -1
looking gentleman, tall, and wearing i
a sandy mustache and side whisker*
Of all the mode* of bonnets intro
duced ia tto beginning of the season,
tto one which has proved tto most
popular to the trim little French tan
net of last ye«, in various modifica
tions; tto capote, the Jaunty little i
princess, and a shape resembling
much tto Marie Stanrt bonnet, but !
notso gronounced In its pointed dent
"J ty
» ^you
The people of a little town ia War
risk Coaaty have bom
over the brink of a church
bat are not aware of the foot m
tbqy be outil this espy oftho Ansae
nach« Its readers ovot these. Jast
before the do« of the s ervie« tort
Sunday a good broth« walked for
ward to the pulpit, handed the mte
leteran announcement, as be tliooxhL
aad asked him to read it totheeo£
Jmt before tia
doxology, the minister mid:
'Brother Bromley hae handed la
the following," aad la a dear voice
he read the note, which mamfol
om a Pet Brom :—Are
nevw soaring to am me again?__
dying too« my darling on« more
and gam into his beloved eye* The
old mammy that calls herself year
wife will never find it oat. How eon
you endure her? Come, darling, to
the one who truly lor« you. Your
own and only Mary.
The good brother had banded in the
wrong announcement. At the alow
of the leading the minist« looked
horrorotrnck, thecougresatloB stared
at Bromley with cold, hard star«,
sad his wife roue up la her a«t aad
glared at him llxe a tigre«. He wm
«quai to the occasion, however, and
rising calmly and with a look of per
feet resignation upon bis few, mid:
"Brothers aad rieten, It may ap
pear strange « you that I should ask
fight the devil Is
— r: ----- *»«• The writer
oftbat vile note is unknown to me.
but it is evidently some deprave *
oar beloved pastor to read such a ter
HÄlt a $: JSSTi
ot * ,n ' wl, ° fo endeavorlag to
oJttbe write! S»»lifrtSi
Kw-TSiita Sïteïïrif^sî
good Christian neon le "
^He «tdôwï ÎS£ fc murmurs of an
prolation and sympathy .—Krannriui
M ^*'... ...
Chenille bids fair t<
ran °f imputer favor.
Many costumes are wholly made of
Chenille bide fair to bava a long
The feehlon of bouffant sleeves wr
foil dims is gaining.
. Bre "" " I- *>v.r W.I. for
I«— <■—•»«« his»«.
I tanest
in favor for summer toilet*
. Fenian mauve is a color whleh
j 1 **!» ifo fevor ia the worhi of
* on -
the neek
«,.* *
Woolen dress«, to be tastefol,
should be made as plain m passible.
It is raid that the first fell dies»«
will be made of a single material.
. Nearly all shoulder capes have a
thick ruche of lace or material around
adopted by young
° f "**"**
H °ecttt and tailor finish,
The New York Sun mya that very
tow first-class society women In New
York wear tournure*
Close-fitting jackets of fsney red «
blue cloth are worn with dark wool
an or silk skirts at the seaside.
Incoming fabric for fell wear an
enriched with delicate metal lies form
ing mixture* dote and atan.
A erewenf brooch hm a cross-b«
in tine pearls and in owl's head form
ed of pearls, relieved by eyer ofemer
Yellow flowen remain ia feahkm
for corsage clusters; the double yel
low hollyhock is just now the favor
Home of the newest panniers oa im
ported dresses are formed of
plaits that stand out as if they
Tlie Inifliilo arc thick in the Milk
j Indians of the
I duly happy*.
I ™ h, if >e>rft of crlBk,ed
i ''W ■" worn around the neck
\ ^P» nWl tarn
; ' u#e " • uu » lu ® r *
river valley, going north, and the
.• northern agenci« are
i Türkis stuffs of gsusy texture,
looking m faded as possible, are cut
' ,n *° bits to aid la decorating fashion
»Me bonnet*
Tbe half-fitting princess dims,
with its super-impuaed draperie*
flounces au«i trimmings, houle its
ground for children's toilets.
Tan-colored slip|iens, ornamented
with tiny buckles, are made to match
j the tan-colored Swede glove» that are
worn with light evening dresses.
Even Worth Iim gone stark «H
over that ugly monstrosity, the tour
nure, but he Iim little influence ov«
the English esthetes and their Amer
ican cousins.
Large collarettes and shoulder
rapes of lace aud embroidery are
much worn. A new feucy Is to dec
orate them profusely all around with
hoops of satin riblwn.
Osier bonnets made of brown wick
er arc worn in Fari* They are
* w ■«*«-• »«rn in ran* i ney are
shaped like an im*erted basket, and
» re trimmed with eherriea, * —
and other small fruits.
Produce Market Report
Butte, M. T., August 2U. 1882.
Tlie following are tbe wholesale
E rices |»id by merchants and hot«
eener» for the commodities «numer
ated, delivered from the wagon.
Price list carefully corrected evry -
Saturtluy :
Flour, Ruby Valley, XXXZ, 94-8»
lier cwt.
" Mill Creek, XXXX, 94.08
Mill Creek, New Process, 94.2S.
Gallatin, 83.7Ô per cwt.
Union Mills, New Process, Cream
of the Valley, | 6 .<i 0
Ruby Valiev, (new process) 94.18.
Union Mills XXXX Know flake,
Utah Common, $3.76
Utah Choice, $3.60.
Graham, 84.no.
Wheat per Ik, 2} <*ts., fair demand.
Oats, $. 3 . 2 . 1 .
Rutter, |ier lb., 40 et».
Eggs, ; »er dozen, 30'«,.$» eta.
Corn Meal, 5c.
Be«*f. on foot, 8 ot*.
Rect*, 31 cts. peril».
Hay |»cr ton, ç 27( 5 30.
Cheese, 22 cts.
Barley, $2.5(8« 2.75 per cwt.
Dried I »cans, Montana, 7 cts.
Mutton, 8 et*.
Pork, dreHMd, 14 eta. per lb.
Veal, 11 cts. per 11».
Chicken* $0 »** $12 per dosen.
Wood, $7 (*> $ 0 . In demand
Rutabagas, 2 cts. per lb.
Potatoes, $1.35% 1.50 > cwt.
Sausage, 15 «rte. per lb.
EOT—In Botte. Autant 29tb, to Mr. sad
Mn. Edward Fojr, * son.
EI»I»Y— ln Ratte. Angast 27, 1M2, to tbe
wife of itka Ediljr, s mo.
LAVPLT.—In Butts. Aaeust ». 1MB, I«»
the wlfbof JeofT Uwll, sdsngbtsr.
EOT—In mtuTAnîïmMStbrîntsnt ssa of
Mr. sad Mn. Edward Eoy.
BROWN^-In this elty, Asasart nth. MS.
OsnrfsS., InAuitaan of H.T ssd Mary
E. Browa.sfsd ttr '

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