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F* ru ni
the Daily Herald of October U l.
LLOWSTONIi l'APKRS.— Our lily <••>
rnary, the past few days, lias very
ilcraliiy brightened up. in tin* ptililira
f a soriesof "Yellowstone Papers,''from
ifii of Walter Trumbull, Esq. Mr.
ilmil tt-lorn* his letters with a vein of
•r Hi o niiikt s his productions always
lui. and his ; p -s contributions in tin*
nt instance are particularly interesting.
Join l li-.r.'i tViilim.
ilur tlieiiircgoers wili remember Miss
Wallers, ! lie «-harming actress who played
a short engagement wiiii Manager Langrishe
Inst winter We lind the following com
plimentary notice in reference to this tal
pnleii arli.ile in the Denver Ht raid.
•'.lean Clara Walters, a new star in the
dramatic lirmanent of Denver, has been act
ing to interested audiences at our theatre
through tlie week. Manager Wuhlrcn de
serves much credit—an 1 a generous patron
age—for his enterprise in engaging the
best available troupe that lie could secure
thus far. Miss Walters is a more, loan aver
age sized ladv. ami a more iha-i moderately
brilliant star. She is a very clever, versa
tile, and experienced arlitU. They are giv
ing good entertainments at the Denver
Theatre these evenings, and everybody ap
pears satisfied alike with tin- programme
and till! polite management.
AcKSowi.utxiMB.vrs.—We are under
many obligations to onr esteemed friend,
Oliver Cornell, Esq., of Charleston, .South
Carolina, for a fresh bat eh f papers from
the St ites.
From the Daily Jlfpuliliea'i published at
Charleston, we lind the following in refer
ence to tin- condition of that city and Hu
progress it has made, since the close of the
rebellion :
"The eitv of Charleston is slowly rising
from Hie ruins in which it was left at the
close of tin- lehellion. .New buildings have
been erected in the burned district, the water
front lui- bet it n pair -d. and tin- streets give
decided indication - ol renewed life und
prosperity, fine or two more abundant
cotton crop* will undoubtedly complete the
work or restorntionj hud efface all vistages
of former misfortune. Indeed, with the 'in
creased development of the hack country by
five labor and improved methods of cultiva
tion. there is m> reason why Charleston
should not attain an importance it has never
.vet know, and never would know but for
the. abolition of si iv ry."
I'raIcctiOli ttguiiiNt die "fir* Fiend."
Last evening we published a call for a
citizens' meeting to consider and adopt some
practical measures (or protection against
fires. It is hardly necessary to warn our
people of the dangers which threaten them
from another terrible and devastating cou
llagation, such as visited this unfortunate
city on the 31 si day of April. 18(18. Another
calamity of this kind woul 1 besoscrions that
we should not recover from its effects for
years to come, if indeed at all. Let us then
beware the dangers which surround ns and
while there is time, adopt some plan to guard
against them. The Gazette of this morning
has some very good suggestions which we
fully endorse: "The sea-on is coming when
conllagatioiis may be apprehended, and the
time approaches ihal the severity of the sea
son renders those that do occur more de
plorable. So many systems of resistance
have been tried and canvassed in this city,
and so much money has been vainly expen
ded. that it is difficult to do anything. Now
a plan has been perfected, ofllering all the
advantages of certainty, economy and effec
tiveness. Mr. Alex. Kemp and others in his
vicinity, have procured a steamboat force
pump, which they propose to put up near
Mr. Janies Halford's drain ditch, which af
fords a never-failing supply of water. The
pump cun in: worked by eight men, and will
throw a good stream over a wide circle of
buildings, in addition to Ibis there are two
su a h force pumps in town—one at Flank's
Steam bath establishment, and the oilier at
tlie Gazelle office. The latter has a capacity
equal to ordinary fire engines, and with suf
ficient h sc am! water, could act as efficiently
as any steam fire engine anywhere in town
The Helena water companies' pipes, how
ever do not furnish sufficient water to keep
our pump running. It is therefore sug
gested that a tank or cistern he constructed,
that will give it a start in case of fire Into
tiiis tank should the tire be in tlie upper
part of tlie town, the puntp from the fiume
could force a constant supply, which, added
to that received from the logs, could keep
our engine supplied with water, and we are
assured by competent engineers that its
capacity is such as can "sluice out" any
building in town. The engines and pumps
are here, and the proprietors are willing to
use them, and tlie total expense is the hose,
fifty or sixty dollars worth of iron pipe, and
the tank."
Font the Dally Herald of October SI.
Personal.— Lew Kentish, the Pioneer
Cheap John of Montana, has removed his
»lock of goods to the house occupied l>y the
old Capital Saloon, where he may now be
found as usual, with a larger stock of goods
than ever.
Maj. Kastman and Capt. Pease, came iu
from Kenton yesterday. [
A. J. Smith, the "Bannack Chief," is in j
the city. _
Heard From.—D r. Ream, who left
Blackfoot about ten day ago for Helena as
it was supposed, has finally turned up all
right. He appeared at Louiseville, Cedar
Creek, on the 8th Inst., having arrived
there by coach. The apprehensions as to
his safety which have been felt by his
friends, are therefore dissipated.
TM K I.O.W-LOMT rntrxx».
linn« V« V. fiver«», of (lie Vsllowslsn*
f:x|»-«iiii»ii, who wav loot vn I lie lit It
ol Septenibrr, Discover««! near
the month ol lt*ur («tilcli.
He vat in a C'nmiwhing Condition uns
■ •«»Ole to Move.
Hi« Hero very Probable,
At iu*t tlie lost man is found. After suf
fering untold hardships and privations for
thirty-nine da;,s; with no other food but
one snow-liird mid two little tish, this man
lias existed during all that time in the moun
tains ami wilderness of the Yellowstone
country. For seven days the expedition
scoured tlie country over for the missing
member, but in vain. Not satisfied with
this, one of the party, Mr. Gillette, with two
cavalrymen, remained behind to prosecute
tlie search still further, but their efforts
proved equally abortive. All hopes for
the recovery of Mr. Everts were there
fore abandoned. It was resolved, however,
to make one more final effort, and to the
praise of Judge Lawrence, more than other
cttiz.cn lie it said, an expedition was organ
ized about two weeks ago. composed of Geo.
A. Pritchett and Jack Burnette, two exper
ienced trappers and old mountaineers, who
were familiar with that almost unexplored
region. This party was reinforced liy
two Indians from the Crow Agency, and
started out in search of the lung-lost man.
After a few days hard Havel Mr. Everts
was found near the mouth of Bear Gulch,
in such a famished condition that lie was
unable to move, or scarcely speak. A mes
senger was immediately dispatched to Fort
Ellis for a physician, and although, very
low and feeble, it was believed with good
care and proper nourishment he would sur
vive. The discovery of Mr. Everts, after
such $t lapse of time, and under the ex
traordinary circumstances with which lie
was surrounded, is simply miraculous. We
give below a letter from Mr. Pritchett which
brings the glad tidings. Also a brief extract
from Mr. Langhorm-'s letter to Messrs.
Pärchen & Paynlcr:
Four Emus. M. T.
To .Messrs. King, Gillette, Langford. Law
rence and other Gentlemen:
"We have found Mr. Everts, fie is alive
and safe, but very low in flesh. It seems
difficult to realize the fact that lie lived, but
nevertheless it is so. We sent a messenger
to tliis post for a surgeon, ami afterwards I
started with a fresh horse to meet him, but
did not do so, and enme un here: Hie mes
B. -ngcr had left about an hour ber.ifu I ar
rived with an ambulance by tlie wagon
road, and I missed him. I return to-mor
"1 understand that Hie messenger who
came here in advance of me, sent or went to
Helena to apprise the friends of Mr. Everts
of 1. is safety, and limy exagerale his con
dition. but I think you need not give your
selves the least uneasiness, as he lias ail tlie
attention possible under the circumstances,
and when the surgeon gets there lie will lie
all right.
"We found him on tin: 10 inst., on Hie
summit of the first big mountain beyond
Warm Spring Creek, about seventy-live
miles from this fort, lie says he subsisted
all this time on one snow bird, two small
minnows, and tlie wing of a bird which lie
found and mushed between two stones, and
made some broth in a yeast powder can.
This wa- all, with the exception of thislle
roots (of winch he had a fair supply) lie has
subsisted on.
"He lost his mare, saddle, gun and can
tenis (lie first day out, and was left without
fishing tackle or mutches; but after making
his bed over warm holes for several nights
lie thought he might produce fire from Ids
opera gia-ss. and did so. He lost both his
kniviDuring his wanderings he saw no
human being, neither whites nor Indians,
mill) n I- found him.
Yours, etc.,
Also, for Jack Burnette.
The following is an extract from Mr.
Langhornc's letter :
"Mr. Everts has keen (bund in an almost
famishing condition near the mouth of Bear
Gulch. He will be brought here in n few
days. He was found lying near the trail,
and almost unable to move. The ambulance
lias been sent for hint. This is reliable news,
but liu mav not live. All possible CHre is be
ing taken of him.
Vinci» I a Items.— Tlie Montanian says
that John Douegnn'a water hoisting works
■ire a cheap and effective method of ruising
Messrs. .Starret & Bennett's mill on Gran
ite gulch i« again in running eitler. They
will add two Horn pans to their mill in a
few days.
(,'nptuin Guire's Bullock crusher is doing
Just above this is the prettiest little mill
in Montana, owned by Mr. James Gormley,
and just finished. The wonder of this mill
is its motive power, being a Turbine wheel,
of only, seven inches in diameter, under a
pressure of two or three hundred feet. Tbo
mill has six stamps aud a Horn pan and con
centrator. and will crush ore from the noted
Pacific lode, the richness of which has been
proven beyond a question, and we see no
cause why tlii» Gormly mill should not
prove a success.
0,000 old papers far sal« as lbs
Revolution« of Condolence.
The following resolutions were passed at
the last meeting of Helena Lodge F. «& A.
Whereas. it lias pleased the Divine Mas
ter to send his summons into our midst and
call away Brot lier A. C. Nacsmun, late a
member of Helena Lodge No. 3, F. & A. M.
Therefore be it Resolved—
1st. That while we sorrow for our own
loss, we bow reverently to thcatUictcd blow
knowing that. Infinite Wisdom and Divine
Mercy wields f lie rod.
2d. That in the loss of Brother Nacsmun,
Helena Lodge lias been bereft of one of its
most faithful consistent and sterling mem
bers, who lovt-el and lived out the pure and
noble tenets that our order inculcates, whilst
as individuals we mourn the loss of a true
friend and warm licartpl brother.
3d. That we ex lenil to his distant aud be
reaved relatives and friends our henrtfclt
sympathy, assure tbein that they need
not mourn us for one lost, and commend
them for consolation to Him who dotli not
willingly ailliet.
4tli. That these resolutions bespread upon
tlie minutes of lleleuu Lodge, and copies
thereof he furnished to tlie Helena papers
for publication ; also to the nearest relatives
of the deceased.
5th. That the Lodge wear tlie usual mourn
ing badge for thirty days.
GEO. W. FOX, Sec'y.
From Hu: Daily Herald «if October S3.
More About fir. Evert«.
Hi« Mccevery doubtful.
Through tlie kindness of Mrs. Gilbert we
are permitted to publish the following letter
from Dr. Frary concerning the discovery
of Hon. T. C. Everts;
Bo/.eman October 17th 1871).
Mr. Everts was found lying upon his back
inn .-mu il ravine sixty miles above Emi
grant gulcli, on the Yellowstone river. The
vital spark was just alive, and that is all
boing unconscious, and speechless. Having
received some nourishment, his reason re
lumed. but he remained perfectly helpless.
•Said lie hud lived on roots alone for thirty
one days. It ia considered very doubtful
whether he will survive, but from al! I cun
learn I think lie will recover.
Truly Yours,
Personal.— Captain Norton and Lieut.
McClernard, were at the International last
night. Thé Captain's company, which is
en-route from Fort Shaw to Fort Ellis,
camped about two miles bclovy tlie city last
evening. t
Mr. Bonner, of the firm of Bonner <&
Welsh, of Missoula, arrived from the States
last night. Dr. Urudway, of Diamond
City, also came in on the same coach.
Backs at Bozeman.- -There will be a
running race at Bozeman on tlie 10th and
14th of ot next month. Purses of $350 and
$150 arc offered by the Bozeman Joeky
Club, mile heats, best two in three, open to
all horses in the Territory. The race which
comes off on tlie 14th is fur a single dasli of
one mile, free to all horses. See advertise
ment. _
An Autumn Suggestion.
Now, as heavy fogs arise and searching wtuds com
mence to blow ; now, as the humau body, exhausted
like inanimate nature by tlie hunts uf summer, begins
to wilt aud droop ; now, ere the Inclement winter
makes its trying onset ; now is the time for a prepara
tory course of the best acclimating medicine In exis
tence. Hosteller's Stomach Bitters.
F ver aud Ague Is rampant In all parts of 111«
country. ([uluinc, the physicians admit, will not «piell
the phase of the disease which at the present pervades
tbe entire West. It is well that it is so, for the
remedy (so-called) is deadlier than the malady. Bat
if quinine is inefficient in intermittent fevers, Hottet
ter's Hitters is irresistible. It would be sufe to make
a contract, under heavy penalties, that any given
'•Fever-anil-Ague District'' should be exempted from
the disorder for any particular time, provided every
inhabitant would take tbe Bitters according to direc
tions, «luring tbe term of tlie contract. There bas
never been an instance in which this sterling invigor
sut mid nntl-fcbrlle medicine lias failed to ward
off the complaint, when taken duly as a protection
against malaria. Hundreds of physicians have aband
oned all the official specidcsand now prescribe this
harmless vegetable tonic, and nothing el«-, aa a pre
ventative and cure for all the forms of chills aud fever.
Vigor is the thing most needful iu these cases, as well
as dyspepsia and nervous affections, and Hostetler'*
Bitters arc the safest, surest aud most wholesome
strengthening preparation that human skill has yet
concocted. ^ ^
'rue Worst "landtnt,«
Which is fast becoming a household wold, is derived
from the Greek, and composed of two woids. Sostonnd
Oihintss. "Soso," translated, means to preserve, and
"odonte*," the teeth. Soxoiiont. a preserver of tbe
teeth. And it is true to its name.
"SpAi.Dimi's Gnus" will mend your ways, or any
thing else that nueda mending.
Omc« or Oxm'l Buf't II. Ik R. R. i
New York, Jan. IT, 1 triff |
T. M. Aveht, Esq., Prest. National Watch Co.
Dear Sib:— The Watch made by yoarCompany,
which 1 have carried the past two months, has kept
excellent time. I hare carried it frequently on en
gines. and have been on the road with It alaioet daily.
Daring thie time it has ran uulfonnly with onr stan
dard Clock. Truly, youra.
Jas« HksItM-A «ob mil lot ol IhM
Haas host Whiaty forthoSonoylhavo
A (rash IMafainysnain i
hsrfn A Co." CM«
Tbe brain being the most del-cate and senssttveof
all our organs, is necessarily more or less affected 1 y
all onr bodily alimenta. A headache is often the first
symptoms of a sciions «liseuse If the nervous system
is affected, there is -l.v:i s Double at its source iu the
pericranenm. And it may be li- re remarked that as
the nervous fibre pervades tlie entire frame, no part of
tile physical structure can he affected without the
nerves suffering sympa helically. Liver complaint of
every type affects the brain. Souit times the effect is
stupor, confusion of ideas, hypochondriasis; some
times persistent nr pi nodical ki-udachr. In any ease,
the best remedy that can be taken is PnANTATion Hit
ts«*. In headache, proceeding from indigestion or
biliousness, or both, the stomachic and anti-bilions
properties of the preparation will sunn relieve the tor
ture, by icmotii g its cause. If the complaint is
purely nervous— iu otucr wonts, if it tins originated In
the nervous system, nml is nut the result of sympathy,
the Bittkii* will bo equally efficacious.
Siva Pion« Farin«! from pure Irish Muss, for
111 ,ue Mange. Puddings, t-ustarus. Creams, Ac. Tlie
cheapest, healthiest, anil most delicious food in the
Wall Paper.
0,000 Roll« off Wall Paper of every style
aud pattern, lor sale at Cornell's, Main street, oppo
site Bohai .t Aub's rank. Also a largo assortment of
«»Id and Velvet Harders, the Soest in the
market. wlf-jeu
Uniting Harried.
Essaya tor Young Men, on Burial Evils, and the pro
priety or impropriety of getting Married, with sanitary
help tor those w ho feel unfitted tor matrimonial hap
piness. Sent free, in seule«! envelopes. Address,
HOWARD ASSOCIATION. Box P, Philadelphia, Pa.
llrlde ana uridegroem.
ESSAYS FOK YOUNG MEN, on the interesting
relation of Bridegroom to Bride, in tlie institution of
Marriage,—n Guide to matriinoniul felicity, and true
happiness. Sent by mail iu sealed letter envelopes
tree oi barge. Address, Howard Associa
tion. Box P, Philadelphia. Pa. dawtini-nugffl
U. S. Land Omen, at Hklena. <
October SI, 1870. >
A NTHONY CLOltS, of Lewis amt Clark Collide,
M. T„ having this day made application to enter
limita Ihr IJonu-rtead Actol May so, IS-3, tliesouthwest
quarter ot sc- tion twenty, iu township 10mirth, range
:i west, which i-oiillicts with the pie ciuptiou claim as
lied In this office, ol Shelton Duff,mid mining protest
of O.car It. Touch, li. B Thomas, IV. IL Tournas and
others, claiming mining interests therein ; nil persons
interested are hereby notified to nppe r at this office at
10 o'clock a. in. on the v-lth - ay of November, 1810, and
make proof of their n-vcial right* in thie ease.
w-lw ortäT _____ L. II. LYMAN, Register.
Of Useful Information anti Amusement,
Il contain* Tales, Sketches, Humorous Atticlr*.
Recipes, 8i lentille und T sei ul Articles, Puxalcs, Wit
aud Humor, Illustrations, Ac , Ac
maple l.cuvc« is a Nasi tonal Hacassine,
lead und admiral by Men, Women and Children in the
Country-, Village nud City. It is ably Edited, neatly
printed nml well illustrated, nud Adapted to tlie
Whole Country. The uonstunt aim I* to render
it unequalled iu both contents and appearance.
The Cheapest Biigazine In the World.
Within the reach of all Large Premiums for Clubs.
Send stamp for Specimen Copy and Premium List.
30 els. a Year. Five Copies« 82.00
O. A. ROORRACH, Publisher,
Wu'm-uctff' 102 Nassau St reel« N. V.
In the District Court of the Third Jud( i;d District of
the Territory of Montauu, In and for the Comity of
Knt hci iu Neid, liholcu. plaintiff against John Rosen
baum and William Kosenliaum, defendant*.
Tlie People of *lio Territory of Montana semi greeting
to John Rosenbaum amt William Rosenbaum, the
above named defendants:
Y OU urn hereby required to appear in an action
brought against yon by the nbovo named plaintiff
in the District Court uf the Third Judical District of
the Territory of Montana, 111 and tor thn county of
ueu.lier. amt to nnswer tlie complaint tiled t tu relu,
within ten days [exclusive of the day of nervicc] after
the service ou you of this summons— il served within
this county ; or, if served out ot this county, but in
this district, within twenty days; otherwise, within
forty day*-or jii'gmunl by tlelaull wiil no taken
against you according to tlie prayer of hji«I complaint.
Tbesatd action is brought to recover tho sum of
Four hundred Dollars on a promissory note of l and
boring date September ffTtli MMR made duo and
payable on -J7lh day of November, IWiS
And you are hereby notlfled that if you fall to ap
pear nml iiuswer the saidcumplaint, as above required,
the said Plaintiff will t ike judgment against youfor
the -tun of four hundred dollars aud costs of this
Given under mv hand and the Seal of the District
Court of thuTliiid Judicial Distriulof the Terri-ory
of Montana, iu und lor the county of Meagher, this
fill day of October in the year of our Lord one
thousand eight huudred and Seventy.
w-1w-octl4 T. J. DAWES. Clerk.
[NO. 4G.J
V S LaSUOFPU;)!. !
llki nNA, M. T.. September 87lb, 1870. J
N otice is meulky given that william
W. Carr Jshn Façon and Charles
«•ross have this d-iy made application uuder the net
of Congress approved July Wh. 1870, fur putent fur the
li Ü of tlie n. e. k uf sec. No. 30 iu township 10 north,
range 3 west, n placer mine situated in Lower Dry
Gulch mining district, Lewi* anil Clark county. Mon
tanu Territory, containing an area of 80 neres. The
ndioiulng claimants are unknown. This «daim is mote
fully described by the notice mid diagram tiled In this
office, copies of which tire ported upon the claim. The
records ot this olllro show pre-empt ion claims Hied
upon said tract by Joshua C. K Icker,«' la or I es
R. Stuart and Thomas F. Cuiuppell.
All persons claiming adversely to this application arc
hereby notified to file their protest against the entry
and patent herein applied for, in this office, on or before
luety days from this dale, or their claims will ha for
uilOd-eep »I
L. a LYMAN, Register.
[NO. 37.]
V. 8. Land Office, __ I
ItSLEEA, M. T., September 30,1«$ |
N otice m hbheby given that near r
Thoaysaa, of Lewis and Clsrk Counly.M. T.
has this day mads application for patent, ante tbe
act of Congress, approved July 9,18TO, for the north
west quarter of tbo south-west qnsrter of seetios 80,
In township No. 10 north, raase 8 west, embracing 36
30-100 acres, as placer mining bad—bearing gold, and
being situs ted In Last Chance mining district, in
Latvia and Clark ecunty, M. T. Adjoining this tract
onthe8eutli,tethetown site of Helena, and eo the
West, Story's addition to su'd town site« and en the
North by mining ground claimed by Getcbel A Will
iams, and on the East by mining ground chimed by
—- ■— *•— ■■■---—* ' Tho
tract by Valentine Mi_______________
tell; and mineral claims,by LnhlMa a X.
0«tmra C ftÄ n aÄt^uWt5raS!
and is posted on the land above J --*
■re hereby notifie* to filo their f
entry and potent herein epolled lor
or before ttfdaye from thto dale, or
sTovr s am; hardware.
1865. ESTABLISHED 1865.
Main street. Helena, M.T.,
Wholesale and Hctui. Denier in
Heavy Hardwaih, Airriciiltnral Im
plement«, Slav« u Tinewnre, Cut
lery, Iron, Nulls, Lia««, Copper,
Sheet-iron, Brass, Tin, and
Cookinfß and Heating
Stoves of Every I)e
scription .
jar'Tin Roofing, GuUorir.g, ;. «ting, anil nil kinds
of Joh Work don«* on the » nortc&t notice, and in
the bfpt manner. _ cUwly HU2I6
AJfo carriers of
Wells, Fargo & Co.'s Express.
panrengekm AND freight
Stages will leave lleh-nu I
Corinne, Virginia City »lid Bunnack.
«very morning; anil Blacklont.Dcur
Lodge, Cedar Creek nud Fort Renton,
on altertiuie duys.
Carriers of the
XJ . S. MAI T ■
For Freight mitt Fas*a«e apply in Helena to
IS SUPKItltm TB A t!: (»TIIIrS.
The ARiON PIANO-FORTE lias greater Power
than any other Piano-Forte manufactured.
»ltd in if* mechanical construction it is more pcifect,
mu!, thcroiorc. mure durable, than any instrument
constructed in the iimijiI mod« in Ft vie.
The. H!T;«!:'4cmeiit ol the Ajr rafle, the manner uf
htriinriny, the peculiar term and miaulement of the
Iron Frame.
The n»»* ol a liar (which is n part ol the Iron Frame;
on aline with the heavy »teeh* FtHiniimr, i»ivc»
OK LA 1 hTKENtmi
'where most needed, and Inthi« reniici t all other Piano*
The construction of the Wit ST FLANK, into
which to* Tuning Pin» »re inserted, I» such that it
is impospihle for the pin» 10 become looiumed, or the
Wrest i lank itself to split, a» in too often the ca»e in
other Piano-Forte».
throu"!.oHt the scale, the excellent »ini; in*» quality, the
all go to provi* what wo claim, viz: that the
la th • Best Instrument Manufactured.
WILL attend to the Survey of Land Claims, Under
» V ground or Surface Surveys ot Mima, Accurate
r* for r'' '' ' - ------— ———-—
Refers to Captain N. Wall, Helena ; 'Banoack Ditch
and Mining Company, Bannack.
AddrcaaHelena or Paar Ledge City.
-This Is tha oaly well fnraiahad Pint Clam HoteL
---- ■aaaaaalla.
"J* Q» m «y» **»* if», Momaaa arary

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