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From the Dally Herald of January 3?„
The overland coach this morning, took
from our .midst, Captain Nathaniel Pope and
his estimable young wife, destined for their
future home, Santa Fe, New Mexico. The
newty married couple take with them the
best wishes of a large circle of friends and
acquaintances, for their future prosperity and
happiness. Mrs. Pope, for the past three
years, has been one of the brightest gems in
the social circle of Helena, and by her amia-
bility and kindness of heart, won golden
opinions from all. She was, indeed, a great
favorite in society, and her loss will be uni-
versally regretted. We wish them a safe and
pleasant journey to their far-distant home.
--<^> -
Tlie lecture.
The first lecture of the course under the
auspices of the' Helena Library Associa
tion, was delivered on Saturday night by the
Rev. W. H. Stoy, of Peer Lodge. The au
dience was fair, but not so large as we should
like to have seen. "The Empire of the An
glo Saxons" was ably treated by the learned di
vine, and gave very general satisfaction. The
following resolution was moved by Col. W.
F. Sanders, and unanimously carried:
"Resolved, That the thanks of the Helena
Library Association are due, and are hereby
tendered to the Rev. W. II. Stoy, for the very
instructive and elegant lecture which, at its
request, he has this evening delivered."
Mr. Hedges announced that the next lec-i
ture of the course would be delivered by Dr.
Woolf olk.
Tbc Fair maids of Bridgewater.
A short time ago the Helena IIerai.d pub
lished a list of clligible bachelors, which
called forth a letter from a young lady in
South Bridgewater, Massachusetts, who says
there are 85,000 lovely girls in that common
wealth whose charms are being "wasted on
the desert airs" of single blessedness, most
of whom are "pining" for a residence among
the pines and bunch-grass of Montana, under
the protecting care of as many of Montana's
single men. We admire this lady's frank,
ingenious declaration of the situation, and
would suggest that our bachelor friends go
without their cigars and whisky one day and
contribute the amount usually expended for
these luxuries towards bringing this Bridge
water girl, with some of her fair friends, to
this country. Let them make a few success
ful conquests and Deer Lodge county may be
able to boast a woman for each family,
which, according to the late census report,
we are not able to do now, by about 1,300.
Bachelors arc very much like sheep, let one
jump the fence and the rest are sure to fol
low.— Independent , 20th inst.
* Went Side 11 cuis.
From our West Side cotemporaries, we
learn that an attempt to fire the town of Deer
Lodge was discovered, and it was resolved by
a committee of citizens that the first person
caught in an attempt to burn the town should
dangle from the end of a rope.
Business is lively*!n the Justice's Court in
Deer Lodge.
The sleighing between Deer Lodge and
Helena is excellent most of the way.
They have had a concert and tableaux ex
hibition, in Deer Lodge, which passed off
very pleasantly.
Stock are doing well in Deer Lodge Valley,
and out of Kokn & Brelenberg's herd of four
teen hundred head, on Sun River, only three
head have died—calves. The snow has
nearly disappeared, and the feed is good.
The Deer Lodge delegation to the Legisla
ture have all safely reached home, and have
been received with open arms by their con
stituents of both parties. They think they
are capital boys.
Down the Koail—ll) Telegraph
Cobinnk, Junuary 20.—The trains are all
blocked between Misers and Lookout. A
passenger train bound east has been laying at
Medicine Bow since 7 o'clock this morning
Several engines and a large force of men are
at the blockade endeavoring to clear the track.
No trains from the east have passed Medi-
cine Bow to-day. The weather is reported
cloudy and cold.
- m I ww I i -
Col. W. S. Scribner came over from Mis
soula on Saturday, and will remain during
the week.
Harry d'Acheul, of Deer Lodge, is in the
Lieutenants Hamilton, McClemard and
Scofield, of Fort Ellis, have returned to their
-— K i «i I te
mountain Trout.
Asleigh load of mountain trout—about 1800
weight—was peddled out in Helena on Sat
urday. These splendid fish were caught in
the Yellowstone river, and were readily dis
posed of to our citizens at 25 cents per lb.
—The Third Judicial District Court con
venes in this city on Monday', the 12tli of
—Ministers in Indiana have reduced the
wedding fee to a dollar and a half, to steady
Paaseng«r* from Corinne.
Corinne, January 20.—Miss E. Travis
Corinne, January 21.—Jacob Loeb and
John E. Clostcn.
Stand not upon (Mo order of your going
Bat go at once and boy a bottle of the fragrant Sozo
imjkt. Yon will never regret it It sot only beauti
fies and preaervea the teeth, and arrest» decay, hat
leaves the month cool, and breath a* fragrant a* a
Spalding'« Glue, cheap, convenient, useful.
From the Dally Herald of Jan nary 23.
Receipt* nnd Expenditure« of the Slate«.'
Messrs, Editors: Please publish the fol
lowing account of the transactions of the late
Charity Fair in behalf of St. John's Hos
The following is a list of the prizes and the
persons drawing the same :
Watch and chain, Sidney R. Ervinc, Ra
dersburg; parlor lounge, T. C. Power, Ben
ton; embroidered Chair, S. H. Bohm; large
easy chair, George B. Foote; work box, Miss
S. Mailey; Easter Morning cross, Mrs. Arm
strong; ft ou »at pyramid, Miss J. Totten;
GrandChalotte basket, Mrs, Col. Viall; mac
carom pyramid, Miss Brown; royal plaid
scarf, Pat. Powers; lady's saque, Mrs. Mol
litor; medley picture, G. E. McKiernan;
child's suit, Miss Ilealey; wax cross and
flowers, Mrs. Maginnls; bride's cake, Miss
McFarland; lace collar, Dan. Fisk; lace barb,
Mrs. Whltlatch; lace cape, Miss Itumley; er
mine furs, Frank Marsh; silver pitcher,
George W. Fox; silver butter bowl, Mr. L.
B. Lyman; Smelting Works, Mm. Woolfolk;
baby basket, Matt. Carroll; Happy Family,
Mr. Shed; set of jewelry, Barney Collins,
child's suit, Mr*. Cannon; child's dress, Mrs.
J. E. Blaine.
The raffle for the pictures, "Morning and
EveniDg Prayer," did not come off, owing to
the fact that the numbers were not all sold.
Mr. E. G. McKiernan has a list of all who
bought chances, and will refund the money
on application,
A number of smaller articles, too numer
ous to mention, were drawn.
A handsome donation of fancy articles was
received from tho Sisters of Charity at Leav
enworth, and also a donation from the Sisters
of Mercy in Pennsylvania.
C. Dahier, Esq., Salt Lake................$75
Col. L. M. Black, Bozeman.............50
Major Jones, Missoula..................... 25
French Association, Helena................ 32
John Wells, Beartown.................... 30
Col. Peck, Sioux City .................... 10
Frank Taylor, Helena.................... 10
Msjor Pease, Crow Agency................10
Capt. Browning, Camp Baker...........10
Col. Wheeler, Helena .................... 10
Rev. Irwin Kearney, Pennsylvania........ 6
Rev. Dennis Kearney " 10
John Lawler " 2
Hon. Thos. Ewing, Jr., Ohio............ 5
From Fair apd above.,........$4,456.90
Paid over to Sisters........... 89.10
Total receipt..................$4,495.90
Paid to Sisters......... '3,365.21
" " as above.. 39.00
Respectfully, Mrs. J. E. Blaine.
[Ed.Note. —For want of space we omit
from the above the items of expense, merely
saying that they were principally for music,
oysters and groceries for supportable, watch,
sofa and other articles put ujj Tor raffle.]—
Arrested for Driving off a House.—
Wo were informed yesterday thut our old
friend. C. M. Travis, the well-known livery
man of this city, last week, while removing
his herd of horses form Beaver Creek, in Jef
ferson county, to the three forks of the Mis
souri, in Gallatiu county, acc'denfly drove a
horse off with his band, belonging to a mau in
the Boulder Valley, named Valentine Stau
bach, and was surprised by the arrival of
Sheriff Deascey, who arrested him on the
road between Gallatin City and Crow Creek,
on charge of petit larceny, in taking the horse.
Mr. Travis was taken to Radersburg, and
stood his trial befbre a Justice of the Peace,
and was acquitted, with costs charged against
complainant. In order to get even, the com
plainant instituted-another suit against Mr
Travis, on charge of misdemeanor, and took
a change of venue to Keatingville, where the
case was tried before a jury of six men, who
acquitted Mr. Travis and charged up costg
against complainant, tho whole of which
amounted to gome three hundred and fifty dol- j
lars—rather dear spite. Mr. Travis speaks in
the most glowing terms of the disinterested
friendship and kind treatment he received
during his trouble from the citizens of Kea
tingville and Radersburg, prominent among
whom were Charles Halbeck, Col. George
and Sheriff Deascey, of Jefferson County.—
IDI I — -
—The greatest nutmeg ever knowu met
with a grater.
—Benham's mule train from Corinne, nine
teen teams, arrived this morning.
—Another fine snow-fall this morning.
Three months of uninterrupted sleighing.
Was such a thing ever heard of before in
Montana ?
—There is a gentleman out west who is so
tender hearted, it is said, that he refuses to
take milk because he would be depriving the
innocent calves of it.
—The remains of Edward Thurman, an
employe of the Diamond "R" Company, who
died on Sunday last, were intered yesterday
afternoon. The deceased had a brother in
—'The circulation of the Weekly Herald
lias increased more rapidly during the past
three months, than at any other time since it
waf started—nearly six years ago. It takes
over four hours to run off the addition, and
that too, on one of Hoe's Improved, cylindar
—Montanians going East, are always com
pelled to stop over night in Coiinne. Of
course, a person tired and worn out by a long
and tedious stage ride, will be glad to find
good hotel accommodations. The Closser
House is just where you will find them. At
least, eveiy body who stops there says so, and
what every body says must be true.
From the Daily Herald of Janttary 20.
Beyond (he River.
A correspondent from the neighborhood of
Deep Creek sends the Herald the following
news items:
Stock in large numbers are roaming the
hills, and improving daily. The Trip boys
have driven over their entire herd from the
Missouri valley, and are now grazing them
in the Deep Creek valley. There are also
men here with stock from the Gallatin.
Mr. Sarter, one of the most prosperous
ranchmen in Montana, has 400 head of cattle
here, and all are in splendid condition. But,
then, Mr. Sarter lias also plenty' of hay and a
covered corral, made of hewed logs, nicely
fitted together, and properly chinked—com
fortable, in fact, as any dwelling.
G. S. Lewis has 200 head of cattle here,
and confidently allows they are doing better
than when in the Gallatin valley, where the
snow is deep and no salvation expected.
While "doing" the stock items,I will make
mention of the fact that Mr. Barter and his
800 head of cattle have gone to the Muscle
shell country-, where the feed is flush and
storms have stopped.
Other parties, with nearly 1,200 head more
of cattle, have also gone to the Muscleshcll
The Hot Springs, about eighteen miles
west from Camp Baker, and in the vicinity
of Major Reed's ranch, are to be converted
into use. Burt Whitson, with commendable
enterprise, is to erect buildings and prepare
the waters for medicinal use early in the
spring—a little point that invalids will do
well to note.
Weather Report by Telegraph.
Fort Sitaw, January 23, 3 p. m.—It storm
ed all last night and part of the morning
here. Has stopped now, but It is still very
Twenty-eight Milk Spring, southwest of
Benton, January 23, 3 p. m.—It has
been storming hard ever since morning;
can't see 150 yards; air full of snow; buffalo
driven before the storm; storm coining from
the north, "square." The snow is about four
inches deep where it is sheltered, but the
wind Is blowing so that it is blown off the
Dkrr Lodge, January 23, 8 p. m.—It com
menced snowing here this morning at 10
o'clock, continued till noon, and is now
lilowing a perfect gale from the northeast.
Virginia, Jan 22, 8:25 p. m.—It has been
very cold here ali day. It commenced show
ing and blowing about 10 o'clock. The wind
is from the northeast.
Later. —There is now a terrible wind, and
the snow is flying so you <5an't see the length
of your nose. . ' v
Bozeman, January 23, 8:25 p. m.—The
weather is stormy, with signs of more snow
before evening. It snowed about two inches
this morning. The storm comes from the
Corinne, January 23, 3 p. m.—It is clear
here now, but has been very cold; it is now
Snake River, '.January 24, 8 a. m.—Last
night was the severest, of the season; wind
blowing a gale; cold intense; snow three
inches deep, and still cold and stormy.
Tito Reduction Works.
The Helena Silver Reduction Works arc
now running continuously, day and night.
The delivery of ore is uninterrupted, and the
roasting, crushing, and smelting goes forward
with the precision of clock-work. The
stream of liquid metal flows from the furnace
as smoothly and unending as a silvery brook
let pursuing its quiet, meandering course
through a lowland meadow. It will make
old fogies agitate their mental and physical
corporosities to learn that from one smelter
alone flows twenty hundred weight of bullion
every twenty-four hours !
The Helena Reduction Works, let it be
known, are a proved success. Through the
enterprise of a few of our citizens, headed
by Mr. Bohm, the metropolis has now an In
stitution for the manipulation of silver ores
such as no other section of Montana can
boast. It is worth untold thousands to Hel
ena and the silver interests of the Territory
—which this announcement of its achieve
ments amply verify.
Judge Murphy.
The Montanian , In noticing the proposed
departure of Judge Murphy and family for
Bozeman, says: "The many friends of
Judge Murphy will be sorry to learn that ho
expects to leave Virginia the coming week,
and to take up his abode permanently at
Bozeman. His object in removing, we un
derstand, is to perfect a title to a ranch he
has pre-empted in Gallatin county. Judge
Murphy, both officially and socially, has
made many friends since his advent among
us, and the public generally will regret his de
• --- —s ----
General Gibbon arrived from Fort Shaw
yesterday, and left for Fort Ellis this morn
Col. L. M. Black is expected itéré to-mor-
row, and will attend the Fair.
----te- <te> --
Indian War Claims,
General Hardie telegraphs as follows:
"Persons interested in Montana Indian
claims must furnish me with copies of their
vouchers or statement of present ownership
without delay. I wish to conclude my re-
- — I 1 8 1 <i te--
The Silver Lipobb of the Vipond district
are among the richest in this Territory.
Large quantities of ore are said to assay $200
per ton.
Remaining in the Post Office uncalled tor at Helena, M
T., on the 24th day of January. 1872.
Ammerman J S
Bachelder Mrs L A
Beam John B 2
Blake Wm
Branton Richard
Buford Jas A
Canntidy W E
Claresy Vincent
Criswell Jas
Davis Geo II
Day John
Earnest Henry
Edwards W P
Evans Miss M E 3,
Evans Roderick
Fisher Leroy
Gruwell A T
Greenwood Peter
Kasten E
Khole A
Kingiy' C
Hubbard J E
Hudson W H
Leakey Wm
Largey P
Langlois L 2
Levan Frank
Lader Jesse
Lusk W R
Martin M
Miller Daniel
Mordough Mrs Emma
McKim Geo W
McMartin Robt
McRae Meil
Nicholson T T
Pierce E W
Remish Louis
Robb G W
Ross J B 3
Schofield Henrs
Shafer J B
Sweeney Edward
Swets Henry
Thompson Peter
Thompkins John
Warrem Mrs Mary
Wilson George
Beauchemin D
Braude Mdc Marie 2
—The thermometer indicated 10 degs. be-
low zero at 0 o'clock this morning. Rather
-The resignation of First Lieutenant T.
H. B. Counsulman, of the First artillery, has
been accepted, to take effect July 10, 1872.
—The receipts at the Ladies'Fair last night
were upwards of $400. If the weather is
not too cold to night, that, amount will bo
considerably increased this evening.
—Edward Hancock, formerly of this city,
died a short time ago in a California asylum,
having been insane for the past year or more.
The deceased, we believe, was one of the
proprietors of the old Bull's Head Market, at
the foot of Broadway.
- »> ■.»■ - - ! •
An Appaal to Hcsuoo.
Health would he much more carefully guarded tho n
it 1» at present, and the average of human life length
ened by many years, If common aenae and the light of
experience were accepted by the universal public as
their medical monitor and guide. The true philosophy
of health la simple. It consists in refraining from In
dulgences and Imprudences which Impair the vital
forces, and in supplying any deficiency of vital power
and constitutional vigor that may exist, by invigora
ting and alterative treatment To reinforce and regu
ulate a feeble system, and to prevent a more vigorous
physique from yielding from unhealthy and debilita
ting Influences, Hoatetter's Stomach Bitter* is unques
tionably the most potent of all vegetable purifiers. A*
a stimulant, it Is the purest ever administered in medi
cal practice ; as a tonic and stomachic, the most lnfal
IIMe; as on antl-l'iiiour agent, the safest and surest,
and as on aperient and regulating medicine, mild and
painless, yet irresistible. It is a protection against
disease of every kind, and all seasons, and is particu
larly efficacious as a means of forearming the system
against the ailments generated by a raw, damp, un
genial atmosphere. Hence its great value as a winter
tonic and invigorant. No one predisposed to indiges
tion, biliousness, constipation, rheumatism, or nervous
headache, should ever be without this vital elixir. As
a certain doss of couutry dealers are vary anxious to
dose their customers with "local hitters," of a worth
less or pernicious character, which they represent to be
equal or superior to the great national tonic, the pub
lic is hereby forewarned against their "tricks of trade:'
If you feel dull, drowsy, debilitated, despondent,
have frequent headache, mouth tastes badly in the
morning, irregular appetite and tongue coated, you are
suffering from Torpid liver or biliousness. In many
coses of Liver Complaint only a part of the'symptoms
are experienced. As a remedy for ail such casee, Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery lias no equal as Its
effects perfects cures, leaving the liver strengthened
and healthy. Sold by all first-class druggists.
Monday morning, January 22d, to the wife of E.
Loeb, a eon. __
At Fort Clagett, Mouth of Judith River, Montana
Territory January 1st, 1872, Louis Bontpard, aged
about 62 years.
8L Louis papers please copy.
New Year's EVe, rrom congestion of the lange, at tho
residence of his sister. Mr*. Frank Lodge, S6S Fulton
btreet, Chicago,.111., Charles F. Clark, eldest son of the
late Rev. C. P. Clark, of Ottawa, 111, aged SB years.
The remains were taken to Ottawa, 111., for burial.
The deceased was formerly a resident of Helena.
In tbe District Court of tho Third Judicial District of
the Territory of Montana, In and for the county of
Lewis and Clarke.
Marr Mealy, Plaintiff, against Patrick Mealy Defendant,
The'peoplc of the Territory of Montana send greeting
the a'
above named Defendant.
)U are hereby required to
brought against you by the above named plaintiff
e District Court of the Third Judicial District of
the Territory of Montana, in and for the connty of
Lewis and Clarke, and to answer the complaint filed
therein, within ten day» (exclusive of the day of ser
vice) after the service on you of this summons—if
served within this county: or, if served out of this
county, but in this district, within twenty days; other
wine, within forty days—or judgment by default will
be taken against you, according to tbe prayer of said
complain L
Tbe said action is brought to obtain a decree dissolv
ing the bond* of matrimony now existing between the
plaintiff and defendant, and for general relief, besides
costs of action.
And you are hereby notified that If yon fail to appear
' at
I pi _
the Court for tbe relief demanded in said compla;
0 »P:
and answer tbe said complaint, as above required, tho
.....a default against you and apply
said plaintiff will take
Given under my hand and the seal of the District
Court of the Third Judicial District of the Territory of
Montana, in and for the county of Lewis aud Clarke,
this twenty third rtny of January, in the year of our
Lord one thousand eigiit hundred and seveuty-two.
H. P. WADE, Clerk.
By Aue II. Beattie, Deputy Clerk.
Bankruptcy Notice.
Supreme Court of the Territory and District of Hon
tuna—In Bankruptcy.
In the matter of James Goatling, Bankrupt Territory
and District of Montana. 8. S.
A warrant Is Bankruptcy has been issued by said
court against Hie cstaie of James Oostling, of tho
County of Lewis and Clarke, and Territory of Montana
1 the
__ iV property'
to said Bankrupt, to him or to his use, and the tfaus
»ty of
in said District, who lias been duly adjudged Bank
rupt opon petition of hie creditors, aud tbe payment of
any debts and the delivery of any property belonging
täte, will be held at a court of Bankruptcy, to be
holden at Virginia City, In »aid District, on the 17th
day of February, A. D. 1873, at 18 o'clock a. m., at the
oflç f of^Thc-o. Muffley, the Register in Bankruptcy of
V. S. Marshal for said District
H— u,I L T., Janua ry 1», iW, _ w3w-jan3S_
A'ii iA Far first-claaa Pianos—Warranted 0 yean.—
No Agents. V.ß. P1ANU Co., MB Broadway,
New York. wly-jett
< 4 /
J.ViLin Prm-rletor. R H Ift-Povtt.» * < o- Ptwiuium
Q«n. Ag'lt, Sin FraniC-eo O.V. «n 1 3: »o-1 3 l Commerce M.X.Y.
HILLIONS Bear Testimony to their Won.
derltal Curative Effects.
They arc not a vile Fancy Drlnh, n.il. .. i'uor
Sum, Yn.lsh.cy, Proof Wp'rlta and îîrfhse
Liquors, doctored, ipicrd and sweetened to please tho
taste, called "Tonics," "Appcusers, "Restorers,'' Ac.,
tlmt lead the tippler on to drunkenness and ruin, hut are
a true Xedlctne, mad« from the native roots and herbs of
California, free IVom all Alcoholic Stimulants.
ant A Lira filme PRINCIPLE, a perfect.
Renovator and I n vigorate of the System, carrying off all
poisonous matter and restoring the blood to a healthy
condition. No person can take these Bitters according to
directions, and remain long unwell, provided their bones
are not destroyed by rihneral poison or other means, and
the vital organa waited beyond tho point of repair.
They are » Gentle Purgative as well as a
Tonic, possetring also, the pcoaliar merit of acting as a
powerful agent in relieving Congestion or Imiaumutlon
of tho Liver, and all tho Visceral Organs.
young or old, married or ringle, at tho dawn of woman
hood or at the turn of life, theso Tonic Bitters have no
For Inflummutoi-y und Chronic Rhcumut Ism
emd Gout, Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Aillions,
Remittent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases
of the Blood, Elver, Kidneys and Bladder,
these Bitters have been most successful Such Dis
eases arc caused by Tttlated Blood, which Is gene
rally produced by dcrangbmeut of tho Digestive Or
Fain In the 8houUtera, Coughs, Tightness of the Chest,
Dizziness, Sour Eructations of the Stomach, Rad Taste in
the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation of tho Heart,
Inflammation of the Lungs, Pain in tho regions of the
Kidneys, and a hundred other painful Symptoms are tho
offsprings of Dyspepsia.
They Invigorate the Stomach and stimulate the torpid
Liver and Bowels, which render them of nncqualed effi
cacy In cleansing the blood of ail Impurities, and Impart
ing new Ufa and vigor to the whole system.
FOB SKIM DISEASES, Eruptions, Teiler, Salt
Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimples, Postules, Bolts, Car
blindes, Ring-worms, Scald Head, Boro Eyes, Eryripelai,
Itch, Scurfs, Discolorations of tho 8kln, Humors aud Dis
eases of the Skin, of whatever name or nature, are liter
ally dig up and carried out of the system In a short time
by the un of those Bitters. One botlio in such cases will
convince the most Incredulous of their curatlvo effects:
Cleanse the Vitiated Blood whenever yon find Its Im
purities bursting through the skin In Pimples, Eruptions,
or Sores; cleanse It when you Cud It obstructed and slug
gish In the veins; cleanse It When It is foui, and your
feelings will tell you when. Keep the blood pure, and
U>e ncalth of tho system will follow.
Pin, Tape and other Worms, lurking In tho «y»
tern of so many thousand-, are effcctmilly destroyed and
removed. Says a distinguished physiologist, there Is
scarcely an Individual upon the face of tho earth r\hc
body Is exempt from the presence ol worms. It Is ms
upon the healthy element- ol'the body that worms exist,
but upon the diseased hui -ore and altniy deposits that
breed these living monsters of dl-co-c No system of
Medicine, no vermifuges, no aniholmlntie-, v.-llf tree the
system from worms like thot-o llh;et>
Bold by nil Dn-~ir:sa-.-.J Br.il.-: ».
J. WALKER, Proprietor. Il II. .MCDONALD A 03
Druggists and General Ageihs, San Francisco, Cult
fnmla, and 32 and 3t Commerce Street. Now York
First National Bank,
Designated Depository of tlie United States.
d&wtf-jy30 ______________
Having been appointed Deputy Surveyor of mineral
lands for the whole Territory of Montano, I am now. the
only person in the Territory that is legally authorized
to make mineral land surveye for patent under the acts
of Congress of July Sfitb, IBM, ana Ju
8th, 1870.
en the]
store m
For cost of surveys, publication fees, etc., call upon
t are requisite In
No second survey will be required when the preliml
All requisite proofs can be maae
time of making the preliminary survey.
For cost of surveys, publication fee
nary survey has been executed by myself.
- ' - on hand all the blanks that aw
All requisite proofs can be made before me at the
or address me at Helena. M. T.
No charge made for advice or Information.
Office on Breckenridge near Rodney street, next door
TJ. 8. Land Office. _____
d&wtf-mylB GE O. B. FOOTE
NOCURE.NO charge
To any person producing any Medicine able to show
one-third as many Uvlng, permanent cures as Dm Fir
UER'a Vegetable Rheumatic Remedy ; mid a further
reward of f 100 for any case of Chronic or Inflammatory
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Rheumatic Ague, Sciatica,
and Rheumatism ot the Kidneys it will not cure. This
Rheumatic Syrup is used inwardly only, pleasant to the
toste, und guaranteed free from Injurious Drugs. It is
not a quack Medicine, bnt the scientific prescription of
Jos. P. Fitler, M. D., Professor of Toxicology and
Chemistry, graduate of the celebrated University of
Pennsylvania, A. D.. 1833. whose entire professional
life lias been devoted specially to this disease. This
entn oath is conscientiously bo
' " infallible, spe
prbof that ho other specific
exists is fonnd in every community In persons afflicted
for many year, past and still suffering. If physicians
could cure it, if a specific did exist, this would not be
so,—a tact that must be universally admitted. The oft
deceived satterer may wisely ask, what security or evi
dence has be that Dr. Fitter'» Rheumatic Syrqp will
cure his case. Tbe protection offered to patients against
imposition la In a legally signed contract which will be
forwarded without charge to any sufferer sending by
letter * description of affliction ; this guarantee will
iue new oeen aevoien specially iu nuo
preparation under solemn oath is cons
lieved to be the only positive, reliable,
eifle ever discovered. The proof that no
state the exact number of bottles warranted to cure,
an) In ease of failure the money paid will be returned
to Ute patient. No other remedy has evor been offered
on such libera! and honorable terms. Medical advice
with certificates from prominent Physicians, Otagy
---etc., who have been cured after all other treat
________street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Rheumatic Syrup Is sold by all Druggie»»

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