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To the Editor of the Herald.
The Montanian claims that, "out of eight
members of the Bar of Gallatin county, five
signed a petition forjudge Murphy's removal.
The other three signed his remonstrance, and
two out of those three gave as a reason for
not signing the petition for his removal, that
they had signed his remonstrance under a
misapprehension of facts." This is not so.
Those that signed Judge Murphy's remon
strance are as strongly in his favor now as
they were then. The petition for the Judge's
removal was never shown them, but was kept
in the dark while in was here.
There arc only five lawyers in this county
who arc practicing, or even pretending to do
so. Only two of these signed the petition for
Judge Murphy's removal. Three signed his
remonstrance. The other three that the
Montaninn counted are, 1st, S. J. Beck, who
is simply a farmer and has never paid for a
license or made application, but lives in the
country on his farm. lie signed a petition
against Murphy. 2d, "Judge" Street, who
resides on his farm, and "ranches" fora live
lihood. 3d, II. F. Williams, who not suc
ceeding at the law, has gone over into the
Yellowstone valley, and is living on a ranch.
Of the five practicing lawyers here, C. W.
Turner and J. J. Davis are the two who
signed the document averse to Murphy.
At Virginia City there are three that I
know of who signed this petition, as lawyers
of the First District, against Murphy, who
have not the slightest claim to call themselves
such. 1st, A. M. S. Carpenter, whom you
know very well. He has never paid for or
taken out a license to practice law. 2d. R.
Raybom, who is simply Acting Deputy U. 8.
Marshal. 3d, F. C. Deimling. Neither of
these "legal" gentlemen have a license, nor
have they ever tried to transact any business
as lawyers.
This petition against Murphy claims to be
signed by the Lawyer» of the First Judicial
District exclusively, but I think there are
others besides those above named who signed
the petition, but who have no more right to
subscribe themselves lawyers of this District,
or any other, than an Indian. The majority
of the lawyers of this (Murphy's) District are
decidedly in favor of retaining Judge Murphy.
Bozeman, May 6th, 1872.
—--- m « i mi ►> ^-----
tliuNonla Item«.
From the Pioneer of the 4th inst. We con
dense as follows:
McWhirk & McEwin's ferry boat is run
ning regularly at the crossing of the Hellgate,
on the Bitter Root road. *
The new county hospital, now being erected
by Dr. J. H. McKee, is almost completed.
Last Wednesday two Indians of the female
persuasion raised the war whoop on Front
street and went for each other in a manner
that was fearful to behold. Each had a large
butcher knife drawn, and assumed positions
offensive and defensive, but the timely infer
ence of their red friends prevented the shed
ding of blood, and spoiled a good item which
we were on the lookout for.
Mr. I. C. Robinson, of the mouth of Cedar,
w as in town last Tuesday, and from him we
learn that the Kiyus Bedrock Flume Com
pany, who have worked hnrd the past two
seasons opening their ground, have at last
reached bedrock, and their prospects now are
fully as good or even better than they antici
A party of Indians who visited Forest City
a few days ago reported that a man was
drowned in the Hellgate river near Horse
Plains a day or two previous. It seems that
a Frenchman, whose name we have not been
able to learn, left Frenchtown one day last
week in a boat to go to Horse Plains, and
when near that place his boat capsized while
crossing a rapid place in the stream and he
was drowned, as reported by the Indians.
Sr, Lotus, May 4.—The Ansergcr, a Ger
man Democratic paper, emphatically opposes
the nominations at Cincinnati.
New York, May 4.—The Journal of Com
merce thinks the Democrats cannot support
the Cincinnati nominations, and intimates its
belief that they were made lor the purpose
of torcing tlie Philadelphia Convention to
endorse him, or to throw the election into
the hands ot the Democrats
A Herald Washington special says : At a
Cabinet meeting yesterday a message from
the English government, with reference to
the negative principle of international law,
which Secretary Fish had brought himself to
be willing to accept as the condition ot our
retreat, was so unsatisfactory to this Gov
ernmeut that there will probably be no back
down after all, and the position assumed by
the President at first be maintained
Cincinnati, April 4 —The Commercial en>«
dorses the nomination of Greeley and Brown,
but at the same time expresses the opinion
that Adams and Trumbull would have been
better, and reserving its right, in case ot a
Democratic nomination, to support the
strongest Republican candidate, whoever it
may be.
The Enquirer says the platform is splen
did and the ticket strong, and believe« that
the Democracy will sustain both.
The Gazette ridicules the convention and
the results ot its labors, and believe« that
the Democracy will have nothing to do with
The Commercial reports that Pendleton
and Hendricks have both announced their
intention to support the ticket, and the lets
ter will be a candidate for Governor of Indi
ana, on the Liberal Republican ticket.
Memphis. May 4.—The nominations at
the Cincinnati Convention are almost »nan
i mou si y regarded as the strongest possible.
The Avalanche and Appeal endorse and will
support the ticket.
Detroit, May 4.—The Free Press, a Demo
cratic paper, says that Greeley is a strong
man with whom to demoralize the Republi
can party, and considers the chance of the
Democracy assured, if its convention makes
a strong nomination and platform.
The Post ridicules the Domination of
Greeley, says it will not effect the Republi
can party, and utterly ruins the prospects of
the Democratic party. t
The Tribune and Republican say that the
most sagacious friends of the Liberal move
ment regret Greeley's nomination, and would
regard his election as a public calamity.
Nashville, May 4—The Union and Amer
ican speak well of the Cincinnati ticket, and
say it will sweep the Northwest if seconded
by the Democracy, upon whose action it suc
cess depends.
The Banner warmly endorses the Cincin
nati platform, and thinks its nominations
strong, though it suspects that they were
made through a political intrigue.
Yesterday 150 sheep, valued at $15,000
were shipped from here to San Francisco.
Part of tbeflock were sold by B. F. Cockerel
of this county, to California men.
New York, May 4.—Greeley has not been
in tiie city to-day. It is reported that he
will remain at Home at Chippaqua till after
the nomination was formally accepted, and
to «void the injudicious remarks which were
liable to be called out by the congratulations
of friends.
New York, May 5.—August Belmont was
interviewed yesterday on the reult of the
Cincinnati Convention, and said: "It may
be policy to adopt the ticket ; he believed
that Greeley would run well iu the south ;
but thought that it was Btill too soon to
Judge what should be the best to be done—
he would do anything to defeat the Adminis
tration, not because he had anything against
Grant ; but he does not like the idea of the
Government—the Philadelphia Convention
must meet yet. Then the Democratic party
must act wisely. It was his opinion that
the Liberal ticket would be withdrawn in
September it the Democratic party should
nominate a good ticket. But in the mean
while the Democratic party abould do noth
ing, aa It might be turned againat them when
their nominations were made.
The Brooklyn Eagle endorses Greeley.
Chicago, May 6.—The Tribune editorially
endorses the Cincinnati ticket and asaeris
that the nomination of Greeley Is the work
of the people as against the politicians. It
recounts bis elements of popularity and pre
dicts that he will carry, with one or two ex
ceptions. all the Southern and Southwestern
Htstes. New York snd Pennsylvania, and at
least three of the New Eegland Slates.
The Times says the nomination is sur
prising and amusing, snd declares the con
vention a failure in its immediate results;
but whether it can be remedied yet, is a
question which it intimates that the Demo
cratic National Convention will dec'de.
A fire broke out at Hudson, Wisconsin,
yesterday afternoon in the basement of the
Chapin House. . It spread rapidly, destroying
the hotel and contents, with eight or ten
business houses aDd a large poriion of their
stocks. The total loss Is estimated at $125,*
000. An old man named Connelly, was
burned to death in the hotel.
vu^nk Jones,
Jake Miller.
Jefferson City Meat Market !
M ESSRS. JONES & MILLER give notice that,
having opened a first-class Meat Market at Jeffer
son City, the best of all kinds of meats will be famished
to tributary camps, at reasonable rates. A meat wagon
and pack animals will ply daily for the accommodation
of an. _•___vrSm-apSS
The Great
Blood Purifier.
A Certain Cure for Rheumatism,
Gout, Neuralgia, and all
Kindred Diseases.
It completely restores the system when impaired
by disease; revives the actioD of the KIDNEYS
and GENITAL ORGANS; radically cures SCRO
FULA, SALT- RHEUM, and all Eruptive and
Cutaneous Diseases ; gives Immediate and perma
nent relief in Dyspepsia, Erysipelas, Tumors,
Boils, Scald Head, Ulcers and Sores; eradicates
from the system all traces of Mercurial Disease.
It is Purely Vegetable, being made from an herb
found indigenous In California. It is therefore
peculiarly suitable for use by Females and Chil
dren, as a Blood Purifier and Renovator
Agent« lor montant«.
NOCURE.NO charge
$5000 WILL BE *■
To any person producing any Medicine able to show
one-third as many living, permanent cures as Dm Fit
leb'b Vegetable Rheumatic Remedy; and a further
reward of 1100 for any case of Chronic or Inflammatory
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Rheumatic Ague, Sciatica,
and Rheumatism ot the Kidneys it will not cure. This
Rheumatic Syrup is used Inwardly only, pleasant to the
taste, and guaranteed free from injurious Drugs. It is
not a (£uauk Medicine, but the scieutificprescriptiou of
Jos. P. Fitler, M. D., Professor of Toxicology and
Chemistry, graduate of the celebrated University of
Pennsylvania, A. D., 1833, whose entire professional
life has been devoted specially to this disease. This
,th is
cmc ever oiscovereu. 1 ne proof tnat no otner specific
exists is found in every community in persons anlictcd
for many years past and still sulfering. If physicians
could cure it, if a specific did exist, this would not he
so,—a tact that must be universally admitted. The oft
deceived sufferer may wisely ask. what security or evi
dence has he that Dr. Filler's Rheumatic Syrupovill
cure his case. The protection offered to patients against
Imposition Is In a legally signed contract which will be
forwarded without charge to any sufferer sending by
letter a description of afilictiou ; this guarantee will
state the exact number of bottles warranted to cure,
and In case of failure the money paid will be returned
___patient. No other remet)y has ever been offered
on each liberal and honorable terms. Med'cal advice
with certificates from prominent Physicians, Clergy
men, etc., who have been cured after all other treat
ments failed, sent by letter, gratis. Afflicted cordially
invited to write for advice to the principal office.* *
South Fourth street, Philadelphia, Pa. Dr. Fitter*
Rheumatic Syrup is sold by all Druggists
Washington, D. C., April 22d, 1873
To the Democracy or Montana.
Fellow Citizen» : —I learn from personal and political
friends at home, that my enemies are industriously
circulating a report throughout the Territory—that I
am coming back to run as .an Inde]tendent candidate for
I brand this statement, by whomsoever uttered, a
so fat as It relates to any " Independent " candidacy on
my part. I have never for one moment thought of
pursuing any such course. That I will return home at
as earlv a day as possible, is certain. And that I shall
be a candidate for the nomination for Delegate to the
43d Congress, is equally certain — subject, however,
In thus announcing myself a candidate, I appeal
directly to the democratic voters of the Territory.
I appeal, fellow Democrats, to you to attend the
Vrimarie » in your several precincts, and to see to it,
particularly, that the delegates to your County and
Territorial Conventions are composed of men who can
be neither bullied nor purchased into a betrayal of the
important tmsts confided to them—delegates that will
faithfully carry ont the wishes of the constituencies
they represent
Every Democrat in the Territory is perfectly familiar
with the means resorted to—at the last Convention—to
accomplish my defeat, and thwart the expressed desires
of a large majority of the Democracy of Montana. And
I merely ask at your hands, that the " wrong " then
done be "righted" now.
To the people, and the PKorLE only, do I make this
appeal for a reversal of the action of last year's Con
Very respectfully.
Your obedient servant,
Jobbers and Dealers
F reighters,
Indian Traders!
Highest Price« paid (or all kind« of
Also Agent« for, and keep constantly
on hand, all kinds of
Farming Implements !
And nrc prepared (as we are shipping largely at
as Low Freights as the Railroad offers) to «ell at
Ft. Benton any and all kind« of mer
chandise in our line at ns cheap rates
as are offered at Corinne, Utah.
We give Particular Attention to
Freight Consigned to us.
For Vehr« we have made a specialty
of this Bueince«, and guarantee
equal satisfaction in the future, as
we have given In the past, to all
Partie« entru«ting their Buatncss
to our care.
Being the Agents for the Northwest Transportation
Company's Line of boats, we are prepared to give
through bills of lading from here to Chicago, St. Louis,
or New York, at remarkably low figures, for any and
all kinds of merchandise, ores, etc. From Fort Benton
we can give through tickets (steamboat or iWlroad) to
any point In the East.
For particulars, address
(Ltwtf-mvT Fort Benton.
\ LL parties owning or having knowledge of the ex-
J\. isteuce of good Galena Silver Ore in Montana
Territory, are respectfully solicite*! to communicate
with the undersigned, with the view of his erecting
-a ad-
____ e.'
to offer superior inducements to interested parties.
For further particulars apply by letter, or In person,
witli sample of ore, at Messrs. Hoyt & Bra's store,
Helena. A. M. ESLER,
d*w8m-feb20 Agent
ot mineral
am now the
____ ,________ ________authorised
to make mineral land surveys for patent under the sets
of Congress of July 26th, 1863 and June 9th, 187».
No second survey will bs required when the prelimi
nary survey has been executed by myself.
I keep on hand all the blanks that are requisite in
making applications.
All requisite proofs can be made before me at the
time ot making the preliminary survey.
For cost of surveys, publication fees, etc., call upon
or address me at Helena, V. T.
No charge made for advice or Information.
Office on Brrckenrldgs near Rodney street, next door
U. A Land Office.
dAwtf-mylB GEO. B. FOOTE.
'no. tsT
U, a Land Offi
Helena, M. T., March
HBU1I- .... I., jnuVhf, 1979. j
\TOTICK 18 HEREBY GIVEN that William Berkln,
L [ Wra. H. Parkison. Chester W. Higley. John E.
Tyler, James Poore, Loyal M. Lott, George B. Russell,
Anton M. Holter, William T. Sweet, Wilbur F. Handers
and Junius G. Sanders, constituting the Polar Star
Mining Company, have this day made application for
patent under the act of Congress approved July 86.
186«, for (8900) twenty-two bundred linear feat of the
Rumlcy Lode, situate in Parkison Mining District, Jef
_ .. ^ jpd described as
square from
- .--six and seven
north of ranges (4 and 6) four and five west from prin
cipal meridian bears n 78 deg. 18 min. west distant 169
feet, and running thence n 88 deg. SO min. w *200 feet
to a post, thence n 7 deg. 30 min. e 160 feet to a post,
thence s 83 deg. 80 min. c 2*00 feet to a post, thence s
7 deg. 80 min. w 160 feet to the place of beginning,
containing an area of 8 8-100 acres.
The adjoining claimants to these premises are Park
ison, Bcrkins A Co., claimants on the
and North Pacific Lodes.
wOOfl-ml) 7
Mary Virginia
ADD. H. SANDERS, Register.
[No. 80.]
U. S. Land Office, Helena, M. T.,1
March 27th, 1872. f
TOTICE is hereby given, that Jfoaepb Finher
and Jacob Froliner have this day made ap
enty-two hundred linear feet oh the Mammoth Lode,
beariiig silver and gold, situated in Hot Springs Mining
District Jefferson County, Montana 'Territory, ana
described as follows:
Beginning at a post 4x6 inches, from which the X
section corner on south boundary of section No. (9)
nine in township No. (8) eight north of range No. (8)
three west, from the principal meridian bears s. 38 deg.
16 min. w., distant 1762 feet, and running thence n. §5
deg. 80 min. w. 100 feet to a post ; thence n. 64 deg. 80
min. e. 2200 feet to a post ; thence s. 28 deg 36 mtn. e.
100 feet to a post; thence s. 64 dog. 30 min. w. 2200 feet
to the place of beginning; containing an area of
(8 5-100) five and 8-100 acres.
There are no adjoining claimants. The nearest claim
ants are C. W. Cannon, Joseph Fuite, and others,
claimants on the Legal Tender lode.
W90d-mh28 ADD. H. HANDERS. Register.
[No. 81.]
U. 8. Land Office, Helena. M. T.,)
April L 187*. f
N OTICE is hereby given that Beniamin F.
Marsh has this day made application for patent
under the acts of Congress approved July 26th, 1866,
and Jnly 9th, 1870, for (2900) twenty-two hundred linear
feet of the Argentum Lode, bearing silver, and situate
In Colorado Mining District, Jefferson County, Mon
tana Territory, and described as follows:
Beginning at a post from which the southwest corner
of township No. (8) eight north of range No. (8) three
west, bears N. 63 deg. 02 min. E., distant 374.46 chains
and running thence 8. 46 deg. W. 2200 feet; thence 8.
44 deg. W. 100 feet; thence N. 46 deg. B. 2200 feet to a
trap rock 18x12x8 inches; thence N. 44 deg. E. 100 feet
to the place of beginning, containing an area of (B 6-100)
five and 5-100 acres.
There are no adjoining claimants. The nearest claim
ant* are Anderson, and others, claimants on the North
Pacific Lode. «
w98d-ap4 ADD. H. SANDERS, Register.
N 1
[No. bZ.]
U. S. Land Office, Helena. M. T..1
April 13th, 1872. /
April 13th, 187*. f
OTICE Is hereby given that John Lsyd and
Michael By an have this day made applica
tion for patent under the act of July 9th, 1870, for
(74 7-100) seveqty-four and seven nnohuudreth acres of
-----.... grated in Bor*"" " '
_______,___ „ ___ _ountv. 1
described as follows :
Beginning at a spruce tree 30 inches in diameter, from
which the N. W. comer of section a township Na (9)
placer r- ting land, situated In Boulder Bar Mining
D.iirict, Meagher County, Montana Territory, and
north, range No. (2) two east bears S. S3 deg. 10 min.
W. distant 110.95 chains, and running thence N. 7» deg.
45 min. E. 33.63 chains; thence N. 6 deg. 45 min. S.
7.28 chains; thence 8. 84 <5eg. 15 min. E. 6.06 chains;
thence 60 deg. 15 min. WT 5.46 chains ; thence 8. 83
deg. 30 min. E. 317 chains; thence N. 10 deg. E. 5.61
chains ; thence N. 63 deg. 30 min. & 7.90 chains ; thfnco
8. 79 deg. 30 min. E. 8.06 chains ; thence N. 18 deg. 48
min. E. 8.0S chains; thence N. T9 deg. 80 min. W. 2.68
chains ; thence north 7.00 chains ; thence N. 89 deg. 46
min. W. 9.41 chains; thence 8. 82 deg. 46 min. W. 28.1T
chains; thence 8. 78 deg. W. 4.89 chains ; thence 8. 38
deg. W. 2344 chains to the place of beginning, con
taming an area of (74 7-100) seventy-four snd seven one
hundredths acres, being on unsurveyed lands to sea
No. 28 and 26, township Na (10) ten north, range Na
(2) two esst from the principal meridian Montana Ter
The adjoining claimants to these premises ate —
Clark, James Hullvan, Nelson Shields, J. E. Hall and
James Grubb.
[NO. 83.}
U. 8. Land Office, Helena. M. T.,
N OTICE is hereby given that
___ack, Nicholas Hllfer
April 18th, 187*.
that Richard Hobs
___ llilffer and Henry
Pfluumer have this dav mado application for
patent under the act of July 9th, 1870, for (80) eighty
acres of placer mining land situated to Diy Gulch Min
ing District, Lewis and Clarke County, Montana Terri
tory, and described aa follows:
The west X of the southwest X of section Na (29)
twenty-nine, township Na (10) ten north, range Na (B)
three west, Montana Territory.
The adjoining claimants to these premises are John
E. McDonald, James W. Jennings and James Blake.
The records of this office show pre-emption claims
filed on this tract by 8olon Johnson and James A.
Culp, who are hereby notified to appear at this office
within ninety days from the date hereof and show
cause why this entry should not be made, or any claim
they have to said tract will be forfeited.
_w90d-aplS ____ add. H. SANDERS, Register.
[No. 84.]
U. S. Land Office, Helena, M. T.,)
April 23d, 1872. )
OTICE Is hereby given that John Kent I
April 23d, 18T2.
by given that Jol _______
and David Blacker have this day made ap
Acts of Congress ap
tly 9th, 1870, tor (2200)
if the Leviathan Lode,
plication tor patei
proved July 26th, 1866 , and Jul;
twenty-two hundred linear feet of______________,
bearing gold and silver, and situated in Cedar Plain
Mining District, Jefferson County, Montana Territory,
and described as follows:
Beginning at a post from which the X sec. cor. on
tho West boundary of section (18) eighteen, Township
Na (5) five North of Range No (1) one East beare 8.
18 deg. 39 min. W, distant 693 feet, and running thence
N. 81 deg. K. too feet, thence 8. 9 deg. E. 2200 feet,
tlience a 81 deg. W. 100 feet, thence N. 9 deg. W. 2200
feet to the place of beginning; containing an area of
5 6-100 five and five one-hundredth acres.
The adjoining claimants are tho Clancy Mining ComJ
pony, claimants of the Left Hand Lode.
wvOd -ap*.*) ___ ADD. II . HANDE RS, R egister. _
[No. 83.]
U. 8. Land Office, Helena, M. T.,)
April 23<t, 1872. (
Y OTICE is hereby given that Joint Keating:
i) and David Blacker have this day made ap
ing gold and sliver, and situât»! *u Cedar Plain Mining
District, Jefferson County, Montana Territory, and
described as follows :
Beginning at a Post from which the South-west cor
ir ot section (18) eighteen, Township Na (5) five
North of Range Na (1) one East bears 8. 66 deg. 80
min. E. distant 2122 feet, and running thence N. 17 deg.
W. 2200 feet, thence 8. 73 deg. W. HO feet, tlience 8. IT
deg. E. 2200 feet, tlience N. 78 deg. E. 110 feet to the
place of beginning;containing on area of (886-100acres
<S'tie adioming claimants are Keating and Blacker,
claimants on Ohio Extension Lode Nor-h.
w90d-ap2B ADD. H. SANDERS, Register.
U. 8. Land Office, Hilena. M. T.,>
April 2d, 1872. j*
C OMPLAINT having boen entered at this office by
William Rou lant« against Alfred Myers
for abandoning homestead entry No. 460, dated March
4th, 1871, upon the N. X ot 8. E. X and 8. W. X of
H. K. X ot section 12, arid N. W. if of N. IL k of sec
tion 13 township 2 north, range 8 west, to Jefferson
County, M. T., with a view to the cancellation of said
entry, the said partie» are hereby summoned to appear
at this office on the 6th day of May. 187«, at 10 o'clock
a. m., to respond and furnish testimony concerning
said alleged abandonment.
AD». H. SANDERS, Register.
C*«. 80.)
U. R Land Office. Helena. M. T.,1
M>rÏÏ S—--
„ ______ April 29th, 1871. (
NT OTICE I* hereby given that Archibald Cam
vl_ bell mad Geargs Bichard« have this d
bearlog gold and «liver, and situated in Cedar
Mining District, Jefferson County, Montana Ter
. and described as follows:
lode, 1
ritory. and described a* follows:
Beginning at a Greenstone 15x7x6 to., from which
the V sec. cor. on the west boundary of section 08)
eighteen, township No. <B) five, north of range No. (1)
one east bears a 70 deg. 30 min. K. distant 1200 feet.
feet ; thence a IT deg. 15 mtn. E. 1000 feet to the place
ot beginning, containing an area of (8 8-100) five and
5-100 acres.
There are no adjoining claimants. The nearest claim
ants are Henrv Bear and George Cnrrine on the Van
derbilt lode. ADD. IL SANDERS,
vr9 0d- my* __ Regis ter.
[Wo. 87.)
V. a Land Office, Helena, M. T.',)
May 1, 1872. Ï
YOTICE Is hereby given that William B.
V. Wright, John a Barlow, John He*,
cklah and Jacob D. Tietieu have this day
made application for patent under the act of July 9th,
1870. for (160) one hundred and sixty acres of placer
mining land, situated in Holmes' Gulch Mining Dis
trict, Jefferson Connty, Montana* Territory, and de
scribed as follows:
The N. W. X ot the a W. X of section (1) one, and
the N. X of the a E- If and the a W. x of the a E.
X ot section (8) two, township No. (9) nine north,
range No. (8) three west, Montana Territory.
There are no adjoining claimants to these premises,
the nearest claimant being Alexander M. Woolfolk.
W90d-m y9 __________ADD . H. 8ANDK RS, Reg ister. ,
[Na. 8».]
U. 8. Land Office, Helena, M. T..1
May 4th, 1872. f
"VTOTICE is hereby given that William A.
IN Chessman and Joseph Davis have this
day made application forpatont under the act of Con
tana Territory, and described aa follows
The southwest X ot the northeast k and the south
east X ot the northwest k and tke northeast k of the
southwest X and the northwest k of the southeast X
of section (30) thirty to township No. (10) ten north of
range Na (8) three west of principal meridian Montana
The adjoining claimant! to these premises are Carr,
Fagan A Grass, Truett A Atchison, GeteheU Bros.,
Heniy Thompson, and the Helena town site.
w90d-my9 __ ADD. H. SAWDERS. Register.
[No. 90.]
V. 8. Land Office, Helena, M. T.
May 6th, 1872.
N OTICE is hereby given that _ ______ ,
Stymeit has this day made application for
patent under the act of Congress approved July 9th,
1870, for (60) acres of teacer mining land, situate to
Union Mining District, I^wis and Clarke Connty, Mon
tana Territory, and described aa follows:
The 8. E. k of the N. E. X and lot Na (7) seven of
section *(19) nineteen, township (10) ten north of range
Na «) three west of principal meridian Montana Ter
The adjoining claimants to these premises are 'Wil
liam A. Chessman and Abram C. Joues, et. aL
\ C. POWER & CO.
ave ordered and are shipping the
largest stock of
Notice to Miners and Others.
V. K Land Office, Montana Territory,)
Helena, April 8th, 187«. J
southwest quarter of section thirty-one (91) to town
ship Na ten (10) north, range Na four (4) west, con
taining one hundred and sixty-two 60-100 acres, and
said tract being retained by the Sarveyer General as
mineral land, all parties interested are hereby notified
to appear at this office on Monday, the 13th day of May,
1873 ant] make proof of their several rights to the
U. 8. Land Office, Helena, M. T.,1
________ . ' April 17th, 1873 /
\\T HEREA8, Nimrod Ford did, on the 24th day of
vy March, 1871, make Pre-emption Entry No. 249,
of Lota Nos. 8 and 4, 8ec. 83, Township 23 N. & 1 W.
and there ai .
tract of land made . _______
to give said Thomas Cavanai
an adverse claim or filing on saui
" Thomas Cavanaugh, now this Is
•lice that i
to give saiu l nomas Cavanaugh notice that be will be
allowed 66 days from publication In which to contest
this entry If he so draft«. ADD. H. BANDERS,
THE attention of Investors 1» called to the fact that
the Treasurer of Montana Territory is authorized by
law to issue, on the First day of Jane, A. D. 1872, uun
offer for sale at tholr par value. Bond« of the Territory
of Montana to thu amount of Forty Thousand Dollars,
or so much thereof as may be necessary to carry Into
effect the provisions of Section five (5) of an Act passed
at the Seventh Session of the Legislative Assembly of
the Territory of Montana, entitled "An Act to provide
for the funding of the outstanding indebtedness
ol Montana Territory, and the redemption of the fifteen
percent Bonds." Said Bonds to be issued with cou
pons attached, and bearing. Interest at the rate of (12)
Twelve per cent, per annum, payable setnj-aunually oat
J une 1st and December 1st of each year. Bonds re
deemable In seven years from date of issue, but at the
option of the Territory after the period of two years.
Persona wishing further Information with a view to
purchasing, will address
Tbeasukeb of Montana, Virginia City, M. T.
__ _______ w4 m «p4
U. 8. Land Office, Helena, M. T.,>
o April 25, 1872. /
JAMES It WE8TON, Probate Judge in and for the
County of Jefferson, M. T., havine this day made appli
cation to enter, under the Town Site Act of March 2,
1867, in trust for the several use and benefit of the oc
cupants of the Town of Hudenbarg in said oouo
ty, the following described tract of land, embracing the
site of said Town, viz. The South East one-quarter at
Sonth West one-qnarter of Sea Na (8) Eight, in Town
ship No. (6) Five, North of Range Na Ü) One Bast;
containing (40) Forty acre*.
Now, therefore, all parties Interested are hereby noti
fied to appear at this office on Tuesday, the 4th day off
June, A. D. 1873 at lOo'clocka. m., and then and the««,
show cause If any there be, why the proposed eu My
should not be allowed. ADD. H. SANDERS,
wflt-m ay* __ BegtotSk
We send single United ttotes Ww
by Express to any part of the Territory, and alfew
purchaser to open the package and examine tb* era___
before paying the bill Send for our price Uaff «toiak
gives full particulars.
Na to Main Street, L„
dAwtf-mhtO P. O. Dreweq

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