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From the Daily Herald of Slay 13.
A Horrible Tragedy near Cow
Reported Massacre of A. J.
Simmons and Party by a
band of Sioux Indians.
* -
They Are Said to Have Been
Surprised by the Treacher
ous Red Devils and
butchered in Cold
Painful reports lwive l>een rife for some
days at Fort Benton that Special Indian Agent
Simmons and party have been killed by a
band of Indians, (Sioux) somewhere in the
neighborhood of Cow Island, Missouri rivet.
These reports reached Benton through half
breed sources, and seem to be credited by
those best informed of recent Indian move
ments in the upper river eountiy. Mr. Ar
noux, of Benton, writes to Mr. Broadwater,
of this city, of these reports, and states (hat a
considerable sum ÿ money has been volun
teered by the merchants and others of lliat
place to induce a responsible person to pro
ceed below and ascertain the truth or falsity
of the information received. The half-breed
accounts are to the effect that Simmons and
men, while passing some point above Cow
Island, were hailed from the river hank by
Sioux, who signified their desire for the party
to land and talk willi them; that the party
complied, went ashore, were overpowered
and subsequently killed by the Indians. This
terrible tragedy must have occurred—if occur
it did—between the 2(ith and 29lh of April.
As previously communicated by our Ben
ton correspondent, and published in the IIku
AiiD of May 8th, Mr. Simmons' party took
their departure from that place ou the morn
ing of the 24th ult., ou the splendid new
Mackinaw boat "Jas. M. Arnoux," bound
down the river to interview and issue pro
visions to the Sioux. Six men constituted the
party, as follows: A. «. Simmons, Special
Indian Agent at Fort Browning ; Chas. D.
Hard, Deputy U. S. Marshal : Wtn. B. Judd,
employee of Indian Department at Browning;
J. X. Beidler, employee of Indian Depart
ment at Fort Peck; Wm. Bout, Interpreter;
and one other man whose name we have not
yet learned, engaged at Benton to make up
the quota for the hazardous river trip.
It w ill be remembered that our correspon
dent, waiting us on April 27th, suited that it
was thought by Benton people that Mr. Sim
mons "would encounter tbe Sioux before
going many miles, as the war party, supposed
to be Sioux, who tired upon a party of white
men at Eagle creek, and stole' four horses
from them on the 10th, are probably linger
iug on the river not far away." The infer
ence la tiiat these are the Indians who have
lieen guilty—if reports are corroborated—of
tlds fearful butchery. Wc earnestly trust,
und are not without hope, tiiat the accounts
of this tragedy will yet prove to have been
greatly exaggerated or wholly unfounded.
The wires between Helena and Benton are
broken, and we are obliged to await further
advices through the torturing slow medium
of the mails. , ;
Latku.—S ince the above was placed lu
type, the operator at Beuton telegraphs to
Mr. Fredericks, of the Helena office, that
the impression is general at that place that
Mr. »humons and his entire party were mur-
dered by the Indians, as first reported. Fur-
ther news of this bloody tragedy Is expected
at Benton this evening or to-morrow, and
will be immediately telegraphed to the Her-
----- I— « <1> »»tew-
Weal Sul« Items.
From the Independent of the 11th inst:
The Pioneer Company, on Bratton's Bar,
near Pioneer, had cleaned up over $2,000 up
to last Saturday evening. All expenses this
spring have been covered and a dividend de
clared to shareholders.
During the winter the Miners Ditch at
Frederickson has been extended to Spring
gulch, a distance of nearly two miles. The
ditch will be carried to Antelope gulch, where
Messrs. Pemberton & Kelley own over two
hundred acres of mineral land.
We have had more sickness in town this
spring than ever before known, and that it is
attributable to a neglect of proper sanitary
precaution in a great measure, there is no
Henry Valiton, Esq., has recovered from a
severe attack of mountain fever, and we are
pleased to sec him on the streets attending to
business again. .
There are "rumors in the air" that a promi
nent Federal official in Deer Lodge is about
to resign his position.
The Commissioners have appointed John
O'Neil, Esq., Hoad Supervisor of this Dis
trict. The appointment gives general satis
From the Northweet of the 11th Inst-.
Mr. Jere. Koaeh, of the firm of Murphy,
Kenyon & Co., Pioneer, met with an accident
a few days ago which demolished one rib and
demoralized a couple more. While working
on the saw-mill he fell through into the pit,
striking his side against the carriage timbers,
and inflicting the injuries mentioned. Charley
Kenyon brought him to town, and under skil
ful treatment he is rapidly recovering.
The Beer Lodge and Helena road it getting
in pretty good condition again. Three or four
good days will set it right Sleighs are only
run now about two miles—this side of Clark's.
. Personal.
-Capt. Mills, of tbe 7forthirc.it, Is in the
—Lieut. Doan, of Fort Ellis, who has been
stopping in the city for several days, left for
that Post this morning.
'—Johnny Forbis, the successful competitor
for the West Point cadetship, took his de
parture by overland coach this morning, to
enter upon his four years course at the 17. 8.
Military Academy !u June.
—Walter W. Johnson, who returned from
the West Side on Saturday, has just made a
survey of the Atlantic Cable mine, to be sub
mitted to a company which have been nego
tiating with a view to purchasing the same.
—Among the attorneys of this city, who
have gone to Radershurgh to attend the Dis
trict Court, which convened this morning, are
Judge Syrues, Col. Johnson, Warren Toole,
District Attorney Williams and Cliumasero &
—Jno. Keating, who ha9 been laid up for
several weeks, in consequence of a broken
leg, caused by that runaway accident, is able
to hobble about on crotches. We saw him
on the streets to-day for the first time since
the unfortunate occurrence,
—Mr. Wm. Goody er, of the Indian office,
left by the Benton coach this morning, to
gain if possible, nt an eftrly day, reliable in
formation of the fate of Agent Simmons and
party, the killing of whom by Sioux Indians
in the neighborhood of Cow Island, was re
potted here from Benton on Saturday last.
—C. A. McCabe, a successful miner of Elk
Creek, was one of the passengers on the Over-
land from Corinne this morning. Charlie has
been visiting with his friends in the East dur-
ing the past winter, and comes hack to Mon-
tana perfectly satisfied that this is the best
country on God's footstool. Says he don't
want any more of the States in his.
--We were pleased to receive a call yester
day from J. L. High, Esq., recently acting
U. 8. Prosecuting Attorney for Utah, who
arrived on the overland coach Saturday.' He
was one of the unfortunate passengers who
were in the coach that upset near Pleasant
valley, and received some severe bruises.
Mr. High will remain several days in the
metropolis, and then proceed to Fort Hall,
and thence to Chicago, his former home.
—Mr. T. H. Kleinschmidt and family, after
an absence of several months in the States,
returned to their home in this city on Satur
day evening last The trip np from the Rail
road was exceedingly fatigueing, and Mrs. K.
and children were pretty thoroughly worn out
by the stage jaunt of over 400 miles. Mr.
Kleinschmidt and lady were kept tolerably
busy to-day in receiving their many friends,
who cordially greeted their return to the
Tbe New Pamphlet of the HI. A. id. Sc
III. Association.
We have received from Messrs. Wilkinson,
Ronan & Co., publishers, the new pamphlet
containing the premium list, rule9 and regula
tions of'the Third Annual Fair, which com
mences on the 8d of September next. The
work embraces a good deal of valuable in
formation, such as rules to be observed by
exhibitors, general arrangements, programme,
ticket system, a full list of premiums to be
awarded in the several departments, etc., etc.
The pamphlet itself is ahadsome specimen
of typographical neatness, and reflects much
credit upon the publishers.
Judge murphy.
Judge Murphy of the 1st Judicial District,
is receiving first-class notices from the press
of Montana. We have been informed that
all the attorneys In this city except two, have
signed a remonstrance against the Judge's re
moval.— Independent.
Arm« for Settler«.
Mr. 8. T. Hauser is In receipt of a telegram
from Washington, stating that one thousand
breech-loading guns and two hundred thou-
sand cartridges, for the use of the settlers of
Gallatin valley and ether exposed points of
our frontier, were shipped to-day.
-—- I m » »-^w—-----
I test«.
—Everybody is interviewing our friend
Kleinschmidt, whose exceedingly interesting
oral namrti/e, entitled, "What I know about
St. Louis," surpasses in graphic and enthusi
astic portraiture Mr. Greeley's letter descrip
tive of "The Future Great City of the World.
—The Interior Department has our thanks
for a copy of Prof. Hayden's "United States
Geological Survey of Montana and Adjacent
Territory," recently issued from the Govern
ment printing office. It is a volume largely
devoted to the Yellowstone country, which it
scientifically describes. The many striking
features of our wonder-land are illustrated liy
numerous engravings, rather rudely and
cheaply cut in wood. The work is one, taken
altogether, of considerable merit.
—We açe indebted to Mr. Clagett for a
handsomely printed pamphlet copy of the
"Proceedings of the United States Centennial
Commission," which assembled at Philadel-
phia in March last, to inaugurate measures
for celebrating the One Hundredth Anniver-
wuy of American Independence. This cele-
bration is to take place in 187Ö, at Pliiladel-
phia, and, as contemplated by the act of Con-
gress, will be an international exhibition of
arts, manufacturas, and products of the soil
and mine.
- I as -
XlfU Watcbinan.
Mr. Ooulaon, by request of many of oar
citizens, has consented to act as night watch
man to fill the (dace of officer McCarthy.
Coulson, we be 1 i eve, will be a faithful and
vigilant watchman» and give general satis
From the Dully Herald of May 14 .
Court martini.
The St. Paul Pioneer of the 13th mat. has
the following military news: À générai
court martial for the trial of Capt. Iuman, As
sistant Quartermster at Fort Abercrombie^
for neglect of duty, was convened at Depart
ment Headquarters in this city on »die 1st inst.
The court is composed of the following
named officers:
Col. Geo. Sykes, 20th Infantry.
Surgeon Anthony Heger, U. S. A. ,
Maj. J. E. Aard, 20tli Infantry.
Capt. J. H. Gilman, Commissary of Subsis
tence, U. S. A.
Capt. J. C. Bates, 20tli Infantry.
Capt. John Hartley, 22d Infantry.
Capt. Win. Fletcher, 20th Infantry.
Capt. Malcom McArthur, 17th Infantry.
Capt. John N. Coe, 20th Infantry.
First. Lieut. T. II. Fisher, 22d Infantry.
Maj.- G. N. Leiber, Judge Advocate, Ü. S.
A. Judge Advocate.
—Capt. Cook, of Boufter Valley, is in the
—W. F. Sanders has gone to Raùersburgh
to attend Court.
—Paymaster Walker returned from Fort
Shaw, accompanied by his two daughters,
Miss Julia and Miss Maggie, who have been
visiting with their friends at the Fort.
—Barney Collins is lying quite ill at his
cabin in Tucker gulcli.
—The material of the Salt Lake lievieie
was sold recently at auction, by order of the
Supreme Court of Utah. It was bid in by
Oscar G. Sawyer, late editor of the Tribune,
and that gentleman will soon open up with a
new journal.
—By an advertisement in the Hkhalvi to
day, it will be seen that the Territorial Cen
tral Republican Committee is called to meet
in this city on the 25th inst. Business of im
portance will he transacted, and it Is expected
there will he a full attendance of the mem
bers thereof.
—Two large ox trains wheeled out from
the Diamond "R" Warehouse to-day with
freight for Montana, and vast quantities of
merchandise arc yet on hand, and coming in
constantly, for trans-shipment to the pros
perous territories north of the railway.— Por
inne Reporter 7 tn tuet.
—Mr Bohm is running his lead ore at the
Smelting Works into "pigs," preparatory to
shipping it to St, Louis. He has contracted
with the North Western Transportation Com
pany for the shipment of 100 tons from Hel
ena to St Louis at $40 per ton. As lead if
worth (i| cents a pound, this will net Mr.
Bohm $90 per ton, or $9,000 for the lot.
Pretty good.
From the Dally Herald of May 15.
Tbe Reported Itlnrder of Hr. Simmon«
and Party.
Maior Walker, Paymaster U. S. A., who
returned from Benton yesterday, states that
the reports received at that place of the killing
by Indians of Agent Simmons and party
were from two different sources—from half
breeds, who crowded into Benton through
fear of the Sioux, said to be preparing in force
for the war-path ; and from White Eagle, the
well-known Grosventre Chief, who subse
quently arrived at that place. Both reports
agree as to the killing by Sioux of seven men
bound down the river m a lioat, and the place
of the killing was given in each instance as
Cow Creek, above the Muscleslicll. White
Engle was surprised to learn that the half
breeds, who arrived at Benton in advance of
him, had the same information be bad
brought, ami tiiat the news hod already been
communicated to the people there. It was
difficult to find at Benton a responsible person
willing to incur the risk of proceeeding down
the river to ascertain the truth or falsity
the reports, und to determine the fate of the
party. One of White Eagle's braves was
finally secured for the undertaking, and de
parted on his journey to obtain definite infor
mation in the premises, and to return
speedily as possible thereafter. Some days
may yet elapse before we can say for a cer
tainty that the reported tragedy has or has
not foundation in ft
Later —Since writing the above, Mr. Good
yer, of the Indian Office, telegraphs ns from
Fort Shaw, 11:30 o'clock this a. m.
"Reports not yet confirmed. Will not
know for certain before Sunday."
Mabbinv Affair nt Cudar.
Private advices received in the city last
evening, state that a stabbing affair occurred
a few days since at Cedar Creek, by which
Rock Drolctte received several ugly and severe
slashes in the shoulder from a knife in I
hands of an insane Frenchman, who recently
emigrated from over the sea. The. assailant,
after his attempt upon the life of Mr. Drolotte,
retired to his cabin near by, and plunged the
same knife into in» own breast, wounding
Himself, it is tliought, fntaNy. Mr. B*.!«»ta
painfully though not dangerously hurt.
The New raining Law.
The new mining law w hich appeared
the Herald last evenin'\ interests all our
people, and we have therefore struck off
extra edition to supply those who may want
it. Those owning or interested in mines will
find it to their interest to read and understand
the new law._ __
—A. M. Essier returned last night from
extended trip through the eastern part of the
Territor y. ^ ^_
—Superintendent Viall, we learn, is on his
road homeward, and is expected to arrive
Helena within the next ten days.
from Corinne«
Corinne, May (L-*-W. B. Webb and wif**,
John Mahan, Owen Gaffney, Virginia City.
May 7.—W. McCoy, James Burgis, Vir
ginia City; G. W. Lauf, Joseph Hanna, Vir
ginia City; A. L. Richardson, Deer Lodge; C.
A McCall e, T II KleiOschniidt nnd wife, Joe
Dinbeny, Arthur Brown, A. P. Espensliard,
J. H. McFarland, Helena.
May 8.—G. McFarland, W. II. Smith, six
Sisters of Charity, Mrs. O. 0. Harwood,
Helena ; E. H. Eîlenhurst, J. H. Koller, Deer
May 9.—Miss Ella Kelly, Miss Bridget
Kelly Mrs. Mary Kelly, James Kelly, Deer
Lodge, 8.' Purviin. S. Weber wife and five
children, Virginia City.. >
Corinne, May 10.—A. E. Hanford, A. J.
Edsall, Mrs. Bowen, H. Williams, Frederick
Smith, Master Pease, Virginia City; M. T;
Burgess, J. B. Hussey, Sidney Holst ou, He
lena: 8. E. Child, Fred Mead, Deer Lodge.
May 11.— Ö. E. Webb, Mrs. Gilgk and son,
P. W. Woodward and wife, F. D. Pease,
Virginia City ; Johana Casey, John Mallard,
James Mallard, James Stevens, 8. M. Hall,
Corinne, May 12.— W. S. Reed wife and
daughter, A. Loponce and wife, Helena.
Corinne, May 13.—James Bettner, L.
Martin, G. D. Chenowith, E. Wilson, T.£M.
T. Meivemail, A. O. Lambert, W. Ilumsey,
C. B. Latham, Clias. Latham, Helena.
Corinne, May 14.—R. Sireet, wife and
daughter, W. Clancy, W. C. Boydc, Moses
Hirschman, Helena; U. Wolff, Banuack;
Miss N. Bessie, A. W. Renie, Viigiuia City;
Mrs. M. Pastor, Miss Paster, II. M. Dollinger,
Z. W. Burnham, Deer Lodge.
I he
UtlsRioula Items.
The lancer of the 11th inst. has the fol
lowing items î '
Since the location 'of the railroad to this
(joint has become a settled fact, town lots are
going off like hot cakes.
The üîez Perce Indians, who left here last
week on their way to their reservation in
Washington Territory, intending to go by the
Lo Lo Pass, have returnod, and are now en
camped on the opposite side of the river.
Since Wednesday last the Hellgatç river has
been rising rapidly, and is now up almost tp
high water mark. During the few days cool
weather last week and the early part of this,
it fell so low that it was almost fordable.
Clias. Haydon, our enterprising livciy man,
left last Thursday morning for Helena with a
number of fine American homes which he in
tends disposing of in that market. ;
Col. W. 8. Scribner, late "Ye Local" of
this paper, has dissolved his connection there
with, and this morning took Ids departure for
the Jocko region. Good bye, Col, and may
success and prosperity crown your every un
dertaking. You have the best wishes of the
Pioneer family.
We are informed that Rev. T. Cl titff bas
purchased a lot on Main street, near the resi
dence of Dan'l J. Welch, and that he con
templates the erection of a M. E. Church
building upon it veiy soon. A good Church
building is something that bus long been
needed here, und we ave glad to know that
this want is so soon to tie supplied.
■ S te W I —I ►. II ' —T-
Remaining In the Post Office uncalled far at Helena, M
T., on the 15th day of Hay, 1ST«.
Aavignon Dan I)
Anthony R J
Asbury H H
Benham Wm
Bell J D 2
Beal W L
Binger Frank
Bloom Solomon
Bradley Frank
Briley N L
DeBorde J M
Dent Alfred 3
Dent Geo W 2
Edmonds W
Greene Gustav '
Griffit Wm
Grinnell P G
Hardy Rufus
Hilton Hobt L
Humphrey« G-O
Jewett William
Johnson 8
Kèlogg Jölin N
Miller r.evi '
McKay Geo 1
Ortis Kossuth
Quinten Jomçs G
Ray B F
Ueeee David
Schwank Frederick
Hence r Chas
Sharp James
Sieten Leonard
Spiva H N
Story Wm
Thomas John
Todd J L
Wells Goorge
In Boseman. on Sunday, the 5th Instant; to tlte wife
wife of Wm. H. Randall, a daughter.
In Virginia City, April Mth, to the wife of A. Lam
brecht, a son. • ,
At the residence of her brother, Wm. McWhirk,
Missoula, on Thnrsday, the 2 th «lay of May. 1872, of
consomption, Henrietta, wife of Isaac Ilarr.ron, aged
22 yearn.
Treasury Department.
Office of Comjtboixeb of the CTiuuutcv,)
Washington April IT, 1872. j
WHEREAS, by satisfactory evidence presorted to the
undersigned. It lias been made to appear that tbe
noiitumi National Hank of Helena,
in the town of neieua. In the Connhr of Lewi» and
Clark, and Territory of Montana, has been duly organ
ized under and according to the requirements of the
Act of Oongreea, entitled "An Act to provide a National
Currency seenred by a pledge m United States bonds,
and to provide for the cfrculntlon mid redemption
thereof,'' approved June 8 »!, 1864, ami has complied
with the pro vision» of said act, required to be complied
with before commencing the business of Banking
under said Act. Now, tiwrefore, I, Joini Jay Knox,
j tS!%fS^ä£ÜFS&JiS&Sfö
Hukam, ____ __
town of Helena. In the County of Lewis and Clarke,
and Territory of Montana. Is nnthorieed to commence
the business ot Banking under the Act aforesaid.
Tn testimony whereofwitness my lumd and seal
office this 17th day of April, 1812.
[I.. N.) Acting Comptroller Currency.
{No. liWO.l w2m-mytB
Khan k Jones, JakeMuxeb
Jefferson City Meat Market
M ESSRS. JONES * MILLER give notice that,
having opened a first-class Meat Market at Jettes
son City, the best of all kluds of meats «111 be famished
to tributary camps, at reasonable rates. A meat wagon
and pock animai» will ply daily for tbe accommodation
of alL __ w8in-ap25
Will practice In all the Cowts of Record in Montana.
Haunts, May 1C, 1872.
Sugar __Extra C, 22.
Smut*—10 g»J, kegs, irtdWBO; 5 gat keg*. $JO0$11 ;
tn cases, six gal., $14.
Coma—Obi Government J'ava, 40042: Costa Rica.
»3086; too, 85086; Chartres, $Ttf.
Car Frvith.—C aL Peach«*, 2* R*, $1«; Stefa*.
Peaches, 2 lbs, $ 20 » SO; Cal. Pears, 2» It*, »15: da
Plnms, egg, 2* Its, $14; do. Apricot*, l* ft#. $14; da
Damsons, t)( It*, $14; da Quinces, foe, $14; States
Blackberries, $s 50; da Gooseberries, $7; da Pine
apple, $2 53 ; da Strawberries, $S ; Green Gagea, ))0 50 ;
Scnppernong Grapes, $12; Cherries, $12; Cranberry
Santa,$15; Con Honey, 2 R*, $17018 per case; 4 Bn,
da, $2S; glass, $12.
Car Vkobtabi.es.—W inslow's Com, $»; CaL To
matoes, $11 ; States da, $8 ; String Beans, $ 2 ; Lima
Beans, $10 ; Green Peas, $10.
Fish.—M ess Mackerel, X bids, $30; do. kits, $ 8 ;
Codfish,PS; Salmon, case,$14; Oysters, $ 8 ; Lobsters,
$10 50; Sordine», *, $33032 ; if, $ 86 .
Canules __Work's 13 or., 35c.
Soar.—Castile, $ 31030 ; Balihltfs, (TSIb box) $30;
Selineffct's, $10018. - - *
Toiwooo.—Chewing—Cable Twist, $1 050,1 M; Gold
Bar. $101 05; Black Navy, 89020 c; Bright da, $1 00 .
Smelting—'Virginity, $1 25; lpgleside, 90c ; Montana
65c ; Game Cock. 60c.
Datai) Fmrrr».-K Y. Appier. 10c ; CaL Peaches, 27c
Blackberries, 26c; Cherries. 35e; Raspberries, 45q;
Currants, 25c ; CaL Grapes, 25c ; Pears, 80c; Raisins,
whole boxes, $ 1 ; half da. $3 50; quarter do., $1 75.
Tea.— Imperial, $1 2502 ; Young Hyson, $1 5001 75 ;
Gun Powder, $1 T502 ; Japan, $101 10.
Spice».— Pepper, 50000c; Cloves, T5c; Nutmegs,
:*1 75; Cinnamon, 85c; AlsptcP, 50c; Mustard, 50c;
Bernard's assorted ground, per casa, $602.
California Wines. — Landsberger Champagne, qts.,
$22 50; da pints, $27 00; Angelica, gallon. $3 00; Port,
do., |3 00; White, do., $3 00; Sherry, da, $3 00; £1
Dorado, $3 00; Wine Bittere, $3 to; Oregon Cham
pagne Older, $9 00 ; Brandy, according to age, $3 <[email protected]$s ;
Missouri Imperial, pint«, $ 30032 ; California Wine
Bitters, per case, $12 50.
Beep ,—$14020 per hundred pounds.
Sundries.— Salt, 60tc: Brooms, $70S; Soda. 20c;
Saleratus, 18c ; Cooking Extracts, $303 50; Rice, 17c;
Hominy, 15c; Dooley's Yeast Powdere, $2;
P. & M. Yeast Powders, $2 75; Concen
trated Lye, $14; Com Starch, 22Xc; Pepper Sauce,
pints, $804; Tomato Catsup, pints, $4; CaL Pickles,
kegs, $6 25; Matches, telegraph. $2 ; Bar Lead, 16c;
NaiLqSAlOd, $15018 ; Ropc,25n30c ; Bacon,24026c ; Laid
30c; Whittaker name, 35c; other brands, 28080;
St. Louts Crackers, 18c ; Starch, 18c : Quicksilver, $1 25;
Green Apples, 80040c: Coal Oil, 20c; Com Meal, 10c;
Wrapping Paper, 17c; Hostetter's Bitten, $18 50;
Drake's Bitten, $15; Pineapple Bitten, $14; State's
Pickles. 0 gal. $8 ; da, 10 gaL $14 ; Helena Cracker», 17c.
Produce. -The change* in produce are »light. Madison
and Union XXX flour is selling at $T 500715: Standard
XXX at $7 00 ; XX at $8 00, with small receipt* .and
good demand. Oats are in good demand at :
barley, 404Jfo ; wheat.3X03 Jfe ; potatoes,lVC ; «nions.
0010c ; cabbage, 8 c ; fresh butter, 60005c ; Fall <kutter,
40050c; eggs, 60c V doa ; hay, $30 V ton.
Eastern Exchange, burling, 1 per cent, daoenat
" " . seuhig at par.
Gold Bars, buying. 102.
Gold closed in New York at 114.
List of Pagers, Pertodicals, Magazines, Etc
von sals nt
~ ^--WEEKLIES.——,
Appleton's Journal . Now York Tribune.
Days' Doing». " " World.
Sporting Time*.
Boston Pilot.
Every Saturday.
Leslie's Chimney Corner.
" I'lltisi Newspaper.
" <1 ''German . *
" German Zeitung.
' " Boys and Girls.
iW]i$fi«aHg' ■ _________
Weekly. , Moores Rural New Yorker.
Illustrated Police News. 1st Louts Republican.
ft " Gazette-I ~ " ' '
" " Times.
" " Sun.
" " Democrat.
" " Herald.
Fireside Companion.
Saturday Night.
Scientific American.
! Turf. Field and Fans.
Irish AffterlCan.
" People.
" Citizen.
" Republia
New York Clipper,
i" " Day Book.
" Lodger.
» Weekly.
Chicago Tribune.
" . Poet.
" Time*.
Louisville Courier-Journal
New Orleans Picayune.
..ew Varitÿ ___
Pomer.tyV. Xtemncvat
ladles Repository.
Atlantic Monthly.
Overland "
Scribner'S "
1 » ■ -
Comic jy " ; ,
Galax, . "
Every Saturday.
Phunuy Pbellow.
HoVves' Music.
Wild Ooli .
Yankee Nodon*.
Jolly Joke r.
Budget of Fun.
Chimney t urner.
LeeaUe's Ladies' Magasine
Peterson's "■ "
Demorest'» "
Godey's *• "
Ladle's Friend "
Pai era Muideal "
Phrenological Journal
Pleasant Honrs.
An, of the above/or $1.50 per ju(irf*i-, |S.to for * mmtth*.
San Francisco Bulletin do
Sacramento Union do
Sen Francisco Exam'nr do
Courier De San Franeiaco
$8 per quarter.
Weekly Territorial Eotar
nirieâ $2 tier quarter.
Waveriy Magazine, do
London News, 6 par qr.
" Graphic 6 «
San FramSiSnlsh prie »
All the above Papers mailed regularly to subscriber»
In or out of the Territory, at the above prims. Ail
subscriptions must be paiù in advance, and invariably
discontinued at the end of time paid for.
wly-je22 J. T. WARD.
The Croat
Bloqd Purifier.
A Certain Cure for Rheumatism,
Gout, Neuralgia, and all
Kindred Diseases,
It completely restores the system when Impaired
by disease; revives tbe action of the KIDNEYS
and GENITAL ORGANS; radically cures SCRO
FULA, SALT RHEUM, and aU Eruptive and
Cutaneous Diseases; gives immediate and perma
nent relief in Dyspepsia, Erysipelas, Tumors,
Boils, Scald Head, Ulcers and Sores; eradicates
from the system all traça» ot Mercurial Disease.
It Is Purely Vegetable, lacing mode from au herb
found Indigenous in California. It is therefore
peculiarly suitable for use by Females and Chil
dren, as a Blood Purifier and Renovator
d&w-tf Axeat.fr «
e. e. iyme*«
CUIe Associate Justtea.)
Attente, mm* Ceonseller at L*
Will practica la all the Courte of Montana.
Office in Rentiey't Granite Block,

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