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From the DaUy Herald or Stay 9.
Fretjfht far Jleiuvitu
V An immense amount of freight destined
for Montana has arrived at Corinne. The
lUpoHer says: "We are infonftecl that an
immense amount of freight arrived here last
evening and this morning from the East.
Machtsf tills freight is said to have been on
the Unioh Pacific Railroad for from fohr to
six weeks. Some paper and stationery des
tined for this office is said to have arrived,
but» not yet unpacked, which has been in
transit from Chicago to this point exactly
four weeks and five days. The bulk of this
freight is destined for Montana, and shippers
have suffered every inconvenience sad ex
pense from this delay in the arrival of their
merchandise and machinery. But now the
hearts of the merchants and freighters will
be made glad, and the scene at the freight
booses will be the liveliest ever experienced
here. We trust this may have been the last
serious detention of freight on the Union
Pacific Railroad, yet a road w miserably
managed is liable to be out of running order
any time.
Ri ver Sew«.
The Sioux City Journal of the 34th says :
" The river commenced rising at noon on
Monday, and in the t wenty-four hou» ending
at aeon yesterday, it rose some eighteen
inches. The Far West will leave for Benton
Thursday, with 150 tons of government
freight, and merchandise for way points.
The Sioux City will commence loading to
day for Fort Sice, and way points. The
steamer Mary McDonald, from St. Louis, ar
rived at Sioux City at nine o'clock yesterday
morning. She left SL Louis on the morning
of the 3d. The McDonald remained at our
levee until five o'clock last evening, when
rite cut loose for 1 Benton.
iDfartaat t* Settler»«
Gen. Sanders, Register of the Land Office,
has received by telegraph notification from
Commissioner Drummond that persons who
made settlement anywhere within the Rail
road Belt, prior io the receipt of notioe of
withdrawal of the Railroad lands, will be
afidwed to perfect their purchase# of pre
emption claims at the minimum price of
$1 35 per acre. <c : v
Patrol Duty. 3
For the better protection of the settlers of
Gallatin valley, says the Courier , "a detach
ment of thirty enlisted men of the Second
Cavalry, under the command of Maj. Thomp
son, passed through town on Sunday on their
tray to the Flathead Pass, for the purpose of
doing picket dtfiy and patroliag the approaches
to [the Gallatin valley. A supply wagon ac
companied the expedition, and we understand
reliefs will be sent out eveiy ten days. We
also learn that a similar force will be sent to
the Yellowstone valley. This will be gratify
ing intelligence to those living at exposed
pointy and will stimulate them to the cultiva
tion of more kind than they would have done
had not this protection beenjgiven them. It will
also' encourage others to settle on and develop
imrta which have heretofore remained tenant
less on account of the constant dread of a
savage inroad."
The Grand Central.
It to said that the largest and most complete
hotel in America, if not in the world, is the
Grand Central of Now York. It may have
two thousand guests under its roof, yet every
detail of the vast machinery moves with a
systematic precision as curious as It is won
derful At its tables on ? may eat from morn
ing until night, and command every luxury of
the market. He may ascend and descend by
rapid ^levators that ply between basement and
dome. In the great laundry six thousand
pieces may be washed and ironed every three
hours. Its marble vestibule is the tallying
point of business men from eveiy part of the
' country, and in the luxurious parlors and
broad corridors may he seen a congregation
of youth and beauty representing all sections
and climes. Finally, the cost of enjoying this
''perfect home" of the traveler is less than if
hé attempted to support hirnself or family on
the European plan. ; , - j r
ik cl 1 *! 1 *»***'
Holzman-* Btw have removed to their
store, formerly occupied by Higgins &
lorn, which ihppeen fitted up inelegant
style. They will keep the old store running,
however. % >vD 0riT
• '• 1 r 1 i'JrVj Schilf teg .
—Wje are under obligations to Mr. Charles
Bvfetoÿ, Superintendent of the Helena Re
duction Works, for several numbers of the
Daily Hebald for 1868. As the fire in Octo
ber last destroyed all our files, we prize these
*ew copies very highly. !
—John W. Keenan, writing from Soda
Springs, Oneida county, Idaho, says : " Tins
to going to be a good place to make money
in, for the railroad wUl tea here by Novem
ber next, and this will be the shipping point
for Montana and the Northern mines, which
are going to be good. There are about
twenty-five ladies in the town, and it is really
a pleasant place."
— H. R. Horr Is an applicant for the ap
pointment of Superintendent of the National
Park,. ML Horr is one of. the discoverers of
the celebrated Hot Springs tih the Yellow
stone» where he to mow located. He has
made numerous and extended explorations of
the Park WbhfietMnd, and Is a person quali
fied for and ffiker rfnt ; o^tbc appointment of
S^nnW&ntT' ,(rT0$ ma dfUns will be
favorably cqnshiemlby.tbe Government.
Frau the Daily Derail! of Mar 10. '
EwiSern H on tana Items.
>4 / Front the Courier of the 0th inst. we ex
tract the following items of general interest :
Mr. Nelson Story, one of our most promi -
nent and highly esteemed citizens, has been
confined to his home by sickness the past
J. R. Gilbert, Esq., the enterprising Rev
enue Collector for this district, is making his
quarterly call upon our business men.
We are pleased to hear that Miss Sophia
Guy, who has had a severe attack of Scarla
tina, has about recovered.
A large number of cattle will arrive.in this
valley between this time and August There
are now, w.e understand, on the way about
7,000 head.
The Banuack Indians stem to lie decidedly
on the steal. We learn from the Monta nia n
that they recently stole six horses from Pete
Dailey, a ranchman living about twenty miles
from Virginia City.
We understand that a party of four Indians
were discovered near the mouth of Bridger
Canyon, a few days since, endeavoring to
run off some stock. Their timely discovery
prevented the consummation of their opject.
Maj Bowen has received a dispatch from
Maj. F. D. Pease, Agent for the Crow In
dians, who has been East since January, that
he would arrive at Virginia City on Saturday.
Hie family of Major Bowen accompanies
Major Pease, and Major Bowen goes hence
to meet them at Virginia.
Mr. A. M. Esler, of Helena, passed through
onr town last week, going to the Yellowstone
valley, and returned Sunday. Mr. Esler is
looking out for a good quarts', lead, that will
pay to erect a smelter. Mr. Esler was the
first man in the Territory to erect and suc-
cessfully work a smelter, and being the rep-
resentative of large capital, wherever he may
locate his works, it will assist very materially
in developing the resources of our Territory.
----— „ iwi >.--
Mr. Rosevelt, agent of Wells, Fargo &
Co.'s Express Company at Missoula, is stop
ping in the city.
—Gen. Lester S. Willson, who has been
absent some months in the States, returned to
his home in Bozeman last week. Mrs. Willson,
who has been abseil for the past year visiting
with her friends in 81 Lawrence county, N.
Y., accompanied her husband back to the
Assistant Surgeon Campbell, U. 6. A.,
who has been stationed at Fort Ellis during
the past three years, arrived in the city last
evening en route to Washington, to which
place ho has been ordered. He leaves on the
Overland coach to-morrow.
Frontier Protection.
Our dispatches yesterday stated that the
Senate Military Committee had unanimously
reported in fav.tr of furnishing 1,000 stand
of breech-loading arms' and ah adequate
amount of ammunition, to arm the settlers of
our exposed frontiers as against the Indians
on stealing or murder intent. The bill will
sneedily pass, and the Gallatin and other bor
der sections will be sufficiently provided with
the means to aid in the ptotqation of their
homes._ ^
—The Redaction Works, after a brief stop
for the purpose of repairing the boiler, arc
in full blast again.
—The Corinne Heurter says the grass
hoppers ore so big on the east side of Bear
river that the narrow-gauge locomotives mis
take them for oxen on the track.
—Hon. Sample Orr, for many years of
Meagher county, has opened a law office in
the Whitlatch building, and will hereafter
practice.hto profession in the metropolis.
From the Daily Herald of May 11.
Prickly Pear Valley.
A large amount of land will be cultivated
in the Prickly Pear valley this year. The old
farms now cojnmand high prices. Offen
ranging from $5,000 to $6,000 have been
made and unaccepted. All, or nearly all the
lands susceptible of irrigation from any sour
ces at present available, are now taken up.
Several grazing ranches have been located on
the edge of the timber in the foot-hills. The
season is very much backward, but a few
weeks of warm weather now would set the
crops well ahead. The settlement is one of
the most flourishing and prosperous in the
Territory ; and the farmers are making per
manent improvements and putting up sub
stantial farm houses.—Gazette.
The Jefferson Smelting Works.
Mr. Cannon, who visited the Jefferson
Smelting Works yesterday, informs us that
eveiy filing is working like a charm, and the
Smelter is regarded as a great success. The
company have ordered from San Francisco
one of Root's celebrated blowers in order to
furnish capacity to run the furnace and cu
pdler at the. same time. They intend to put
up another stack some time during the sum
mer. CapL Guycr is now engaged in cupell
ing the bullion, previous to starting up the
furnace again. The works have run very
smoothly and successfully since they first
started, and the bullion now on hand will pro
bably net from $8,000 to $10,000.
Startling Humor.
A rumor prevailed in the city yesterday,
that A. J. Simmons, Chas. D. Hard and "X."
Beidlër, while en route to the Milk River
Agency, were attacked by a band of hostile
Sioux and overpowered, one of the party hav
ing ^been killed. We Sincerely trust the re
port^ without foundation, and that the num
jprfp3|frtood$ of SmtuuiBS and his comrades
taa^ w 4oon- reficVtxV frefit Mhèir painful
Virginia City Item«.
The following items we clip from the Mon
tanian of the 9th inst : *'
Barring unusually bad weather, death and
the comet. Judge Hex L Hosmer, Postmas
ter and Mayor of Virginia, will leave for the
Pacific coast on Monday next. The Judge,
(stopping a day at Corinne, will go to Sacra
mento and San Francisco on private business,
and will thence visit the interior on a pleasure
It is reported that, the farmers at Stinking
water and adjacent valleys have sown a much
greater breadth of grain this year than ever
The Steritt mill on Granite will start, up the
first of next week on Kremlin quartz. Mr.
Wui, Murdock of Summit, is in charge.
Capt I). P. Hancock, U. S. A., has been
assigned to duty at Ellis, and, with his wife
and child, arrived here on' Friday last from
St. Auguntine, Florida, where he has been
spending the winter.
Mr. H. C. Harrison, on his ranch on Wil
low Creek, last year from 40 bushel* of white
Taos wheat sown, harvested 876 bushels.
From 80 bushels'of Ramsdale's Norway oats,
raised 1,723 busMs ; and from 23 bushels of
Montana Rye, he raised 416 bushels.
Lient. Hamilton passed through town on
Monday evening with seven deserters, en route
to Fort Ellis.
Tibbe& Co., on Slater's Bar opposite Ado-
betown, last week cleaned up $1,300 with two
men sluicing, from drift dirt. Hyde & Sweet-
land took out $325 for their first dean-up.
There will be plenty of money taken out of
old Alder this season, and for many years to
- — »w ►» W --
. Porsonal.
—Col- W. W. Johnson, U. S. Collector of
Customs, returned homo from the West Side
last night.
—J.-H. McFarland was one of the-passen-
gers on the overland this morning from Cor-
inne. "Mac" has been down among the Lat-
ter Day Saints for two or three weeks past.
The North Pacific Lode.
The North Pacifie mine, we understand,
has a vein from 18 to 20 inches its width.
This lode is being worked by Rothschild,
Edinger & Co., with a full force of men, and
large quantities of rich ore have already been
taken oat, which is used at the Helena Re-
duction Works.
---- h — ioi s » ------
-"life is a desert marriage ami mirage
are the same thing, only differently spelt
—The "Dolly Yardens"—first of the season
arrived this morning, and are on exhibition at
Sands Bros.
—We are informed that quartz miners can
find employment on the Legal Tender, El
Dorado and North Pacific leads, at good
—An old bachelor, at a wedding feast, had
the heartlessncss to offer the following toast :
"Marriage— the gate through which the happy
lover leaves the enchanted region and returns
to earth."
—Wm. Y. Pemberton, Esq., formerly
partner in the law firm of Woolfolk, Pem
berton & Toole, of this city, is spoken of as
the Democratic candidate for State Auditor of
—Mr. Timothy Wilcox's team attached to
a wagon, took occasion yesterday to slide off
on their pins at break-neck speed, toward the
ranch in Prickly Pear valley. What damage,
if any, was done, we did not leant.
—The Minnesota Company, owners of the
Legal Tender, arc taking out large quantities
of very rich ore for shipment to San Francis
co, which it is raid, will average $400 per
ton. The vein is 18 inches in width.
—Wo learn the El Dorado Co. have struck
a body of pure Galena ore, at the bottom of
their shaft, at a depth of 65 feet from the sur
face, 30 inches in width, and surpassing any
ore previously taken out of the mine. It is
said to be perfectly pure and entirely free
from iron. The El Dorado is owned by the
Helena Smelting Company, and is being
worked by S. H. Bohm & Co.
The Great Wholesale and UctuiS
Clothing House ot Montana.
New goods, latest styles, received daily the entire
season by Fast Freight, from New York. An immeuse
stock of Clothing and Geilte* Famishing Uoods con
stantly on hand. Specialty made of Hydraulic Hose
and Rubber Goods of all kinds, including dans &
Klein's Water-proof Rubber Coats~a very superior
article. Gans A Klein is the oldest established Cloth
ing House in Montana, and they SELL CHEAP.
- » ^ f it-mi
Symptoms of Catarrh.
Dull, heavy headache, obstruction of nasal passages,
discharge falling into throat, sometimes profuse,
watery, acrid, thick and tcnaclons mucous, purulent,
muco-pnrulcut, bloody, putrid, offensive, etc. In othets
a dryness, dry, watery, weak or inflamed eyes, ringing
in ears, deafness, hawking and coughing to clear throat,
ulcerations, scabs from ulcers, voice altered, nasal
twang, offensive breath, impaired smell and taste, diz
ziness, mental depression, tickling cough, etc. Only
a few of the above symptoms are likely to be present
in any case at one time. No disease is tnore common
or less understood by physicians. The proprietor of
Dr. Baez's Cataiihaii Rewiiiy will pay |500 reward
for a case of Catarrh which he cannot cure. Sold by
Druggists at 50 cents. 608.
Teeth like orient pearls, set in cushions of rose ;
A breath like the perfnme the toilet bestows ;
These are charms to win hearts when all other charms
But they can't be preserved without Sozodout aid.
A Rare C hance to Make money by a
Small I livrât nient.
Tiie best stand in Lincoln—the Poet Office Store—
for sale on good term» ■ Store room, ware house and
liable«. A good remnant uf stock in merchandise,
and one-seventh interest in the famons Lincoln Flat
Drain Company, now yielding well.
Being compelled to return to the States this Sum
mer, I will sell the abovo property for k*w than one
half Its value. "«** S- A. P. ROSE
Lincoln, Montana, Hay 5th, 187 *.
How to »1«.
Thousands fsll a prey to disease not because the
maladies that affect them are necessarily fatal, bnt be
cause they lack the reqnisDe amount of active vitality
to make a valiant resistance to the enemy. . It is a wise
'precaution to keep the body always In a state of de
fense—always prepared to " fend off " the germs of
epidemic and other disorders, and to baffle the evil in
fluence of damp miasma and sudden thennomytrical
changes. There is no difficulty In doing this. It Is a
fact as well authenticated os that two anti two make
four, that Uostetter's Stomach Bitters is specially
adapted to this purpose, and for tlje simple reason that
the Invigorating and regulating properties are superior
to those of any other medicine in the world. Dnring
the twenty years that it has been In general use,
ample opportunities have been afforded to compare its
medicinal properties with those of other preparations
claiming to be of a similar class, and the result has
been its adoption by the American people as the stand
aid ionic of the age, Us Introduction into every civil
ised portion of the Western Hemisphäre, and an annual
sale which dwarfs into insignificance the demand for
all its would-be competitors.
The record upon which Its popularity rests is a
cariosity in medical literature, for It Includes an almost
unlimited variety of human ailments, and disabilities.
In fact, no other remedy possesses such a variety of
hygenic virtues, and it lato these characteristics that
it awes its prestige as a household medicine.
Jackaan Street.
Frol Chopping, lowest rates.
Great Stock Sa c.
Kuo sale, in lots to suit purchasers. SO head of largo,
tine mules, Its head of medium sized mules, about ¥00
head of mares and geldings. Also one flue American
Jack. The above mentioned property I am determined
to sell within the next four months. Buyers will And
it greatly to their interest to call on me before porchas
:ig eiscwhere.
i' Stables, Main street, Helena, M. T.
A Fine Collection of the beat new Bal.
lads and Instrumental .'lu vie.
New Song Book».
New Novel*,
New Picture»,
All the I.atc Paper» and Periodical».
The Kan-Kan.
This celebrated restaurant—the oldest in Helena—at
No. 5 Wood street, desires to solicit the liberal patron
age in 73 that was accorded toit in 71. Elegant par
lors and sleeping rooms har e been added to fine place,
thus making it the must dasirab'e stopping place in
Helena for visitors to the city. Meals at any sour of
tho day, and elegant lunches served whenever ordered.
The Uqpors and cigars are imported expressly and only
for the use of the Kun-Knu, and the oar is not
equalled In the city. When you visit Helena »top at
this elegant restaurant.
wtf-febS ED. ZIMMERMAN, Prop'r.
This commodious and elegant hotel has the fallowing
0110 -price, and all guests are treated alike, hi the most
courteous and gentlemanly manner:
Board per Week......% 10.00
Single Heals, « • » - . T5 el»
Lodging, - . ... 75 cl«
Imported Liquors and Cigars onlv kept at the Bar.
SAM. SCHWAB. Proprietor.
Information Wanted.
Information is wanted of the whereabouts of David
Phaperton. He left Corinne about May 16th, 1871, for
Montana, since which time nothing has been heard
from him. Any information leading to his wherea
bouts will be thankfully received by Joseph I'imper
ofs, or the undersigned at Fergus
ton. Plum River, llhnofi
Palis, Minnesota.
Idaho papers please copy.
We »end single Gulled »tote» Wate lie»
by Express to any part of the Territory, and aEow the
purchaser to open the package and examine the watch
before paying the bill. Send for onr price list, whieh
gives foil particulars.
A. K. WILL & CO.,
No. 35 Main Street, Helena, M. T.
d&wtf-ink20 P. O. Drawer, No 20.
Carriage», Cutters, Bob Sleds, Wheel,
barrows, miners' Picks, Etc*
. __________badly m __
riage be smashed up, McLean will soon turn it ont as
good as new. Just now the establishment Is turning
out a lot of aingls and bob sleds, which for durability,
far exceed those made in the States. A new break (an
invention by McLean) is attached to the ruimer, by
which means the * ..... '
the other is entirely o
no mistake. Mr. McLean has on ban
manufactured for th» spring trade, a large sn
nu. I
and is bavin
. _ _ U
Miners' Picks—which are known to be A L Charges
for everything are low down, to suit the times. Wagon
tires as low as fifteen cento per pound, and all repairing
All work guaranteed to give
in the same proportlo
Now is the Time to Improve your Stock.
The celehrated stallion. Captain Boll ver, is
for sale. He is a coal black horse, seven \ ears old in
June next, and stand» 18 V, hands high. lie was sired
by the Sidney horse, Bolivar, who was imported from
Sidney, Australia, in 1S61. Dam was Imported from
Lexington, Kentucky, in 1853. Captain Boliver took
the first premium at the last Territorial Fair, held at
Helena. He can trot a mile, without training, inside
of four minutes. Is perfect and sound. For farther
particulars inquire at Travis' stable, Helena, where he
can be seen on and after April 15th. 1ST2.
d4 wtf-wmli 19-dapl5 Owners-.
What they think at the White House
of the United States Watch Co's
lUarion Watches.
The following is from Gen Porter, President Grant's
Executive Mansion.
Washington, D. C., Oct., 13th, 1871.
Dear Sir— My watch has kept excellent time since
I have carried it. Yesterday, In some unaccountable
" ' " you replace^__. _
to be in
way, the crystal was broken, will you replace it, and oil
'led or ex
New York a day, about Thursday or FrMa\
week, and I wiu call at your place, 13 Maidcii Lane, for
the works ; they have never been oil
catch left the factory. 1 expect
irsday or Friday of next
F. A. Gluts, Esq.
Yours very truly,
The watch referred to above, is No. 37,335, Stem
Winder, Trade Mark "John W. Lewis—manufactured
by the United State* Watch Co., (Giles, Wales 4 Co..)
Marion, N. J."—and bas been carried by Gen. Porter
for over a year. We are glad to see that our officials in
high places appreciate fine American mechanism, and
set the example of patronizing home productions b
stead of sending our gold abroad for inferior articles.
set the example of patronizing home productions in
stead of sending our gold abroad for inferior articles.
The above Watches are sold In Helena
by A. K. WILL A CO. only.
The Leading Jewelry House of the Pacific Coast is
J. W. Tucker £ Co., of San Francisco.
The most noted manufacturers of wafoh chains, jew
elry sets of elaborated design, and ladies' and gent's
rings bf exquisite finish, are Tucker JC Co., of San
The Jewelry House that receives ail the orders from
the Interior in their Une of trade are J. W. Tucker ft
Co. of San Francisco. dtve&w-mhl
This Celebrated Stallion
Will stand the present season at Moore A Travis' livery
stable, Helena, M. T., at f¥5 the season, uiouey due at
the time of service ; season ending the first of August
Bob Gee is a beautiful dark bay, 16 hand* high,
finely proportioned, splendid style, handsome main and
tail, and weighs 1200 lbs.
Good pasture furnished for mares from a distance at
S3 |>er month. Good care takcu, but no resiwnsibllity
for accidents.
Pedigree :
Bob Gcc is by Rifleman: he by liiiported Glencoe ;
first dam by Hugh Fields' Okl John ; ho by Timolean ;
he by Sir Archy; he by imported Diamead; second
dam by Burns' Black Whip, ol Missouri.
H. R. BAKER, Agent wlm-ap25
a complete stock of everything pertaining to a
and will shortly begin to exhibit a portion of
selling our
notwithstanding the great advance in Eastern
Orders for the Jobbing and Retail
Trade Carefully Filled and .Sau»,
faction Guaranteed.
d&wtl-ap23 SANDS BROS.
Wantctd^a Buy.
Hides, Furs and Wool.
The undersigned will pay the highest cash prices for
Hide«, Furs and Wool, at Helena or at any point in the
Territory. Office at G. II Man's, Main street. Helena.
Any person hi the Territory having these articles for
sale, arp invited to write to me in regard to prices, etc.
N. R.—Freighters bound to Benton will And it ad
vantageous to apply to me tor freights. w3m-aprS
Happy Belief for Young Hen from the
effects of Errors and Abuses in e*rlv life. M&hood
restored. Ncrvons debility cured. Impedimenta to
Marriage removed. New method of treatment. New
and remarkable remedies. Books and circulars sent
free, in sealed envelopes. Address HOWARD ASSO
CIATION. No. 2 South Ninth st. Phil., Pa. dtf-o20
S. T.-I86O-X.
0 N W A R D!
Thfc medical revolution which commenced years ago
with the gradual disuse of blood-letting, salivation,
drastic purgatives, and powerful opiates, goes' bravely
and gloriously on. Bvcry day the sick grow wiser.
They are no longer willing to open their mouths, shut
their eyes, and take whatev er the doctors are pleased to
prescribe without Injnry. They want to know the
nature of tho medicines they are reqmred to swallow,
and demand to have the inisterious Latin lingo of the
profession translated into plain English.
The invalid world understand at last that vigor is the
great antagonist of disease. The feeble decline to be
utterly prostrated hy depleting pills and potions, an
turning from such memlicamcnto with loathing, jndi
dously place their trust in a remedy wliich combines
with the properties of an alterative those of a pure
and wholesome toeie and Restorative. It is now about
tirelre yearn since tills grand desideratum was intro
duced under the name of
and from that time to the present its progress lias
been without a parallel in the history] of proprietary
medicines. With the spirit of the sugar cane—the
most nutricioua of all stimulants—for its basis, and
medicated solely with the juices and extracts of rare
vegetable specifics, such as Callsaya Bark, the best
known Tonic that the world produces, and which
makes it by ail odds the most unobjectionable invigor
ant. corrective and general alterative that has eve
been placed by science within the reach of the sick, the
suffering and the despondent. Hence it has overleaped
all competition, and Plantation Bitters is to-day the
most popular Tonic on either side of the Atlantic.
Meiican Mustang Liaient,
Probably but few articles have ever had so extensive
a sale, while none have been more universally benefi
cial than the celebrated Mexican Mustang Liniment.
Children, Adults, Horses and Domestic Animals, are
always liable to accident, and it is safe to say. that no
family can pass a single season without some kind o
an emollient being necessary. It becomes a matter of
importance then to secure the best.
are well known throughout the habitable world. From
the milion upon milion of bottlessold.no complaint
has ever reached us. It is recommended for Cuts,
Bruises, Sprains, Rheumatism, Swellings, Bites, Chil
blains, 4c., upon man, and for Spavins, Founders,
Ring-bone, Poll Evil, Scratches, Wind Galls, lloofalc,
4c., upon horses
Important to Owners of Horses.
'■This is to certify, that the Mexican Mustang Lini
ment has been extensiv- jly used in our stables through
out the country (we have2,600 horses) with thegreatest
benefit in all cases of galls, kicks, sprains, lameness,
stillness, 4c. Many of our men have had occasion to
use it in their families, and all speak of It in the
highest terms. One of our men got kicked and badly
cut and braised ; as usual the Mustang Liniment was
resorted to ; the lameness was removed and he was al
most well In four days. We can cheerfully recom
mend it as a valuable preparation for man or beast.
Yours respectfully,
I oreman of Adams 4 Co's Express (Stables, N. Y.
We take great pleasure In recommending the Mexican
Mustang Liniment as an Indispensable and valuable
article, and the best we have ever used for Sprains,
Sores or Galls on horses. Some of our men have also
used It for severe hums and sores, as well as rheumatic
pains, and all say it acts like magic.
J. E. HEWITT, Foreman,
For American Express Co., 10 Wall street; Harden's
Express Co.. 74 Broadway: Pullen, Virgil & Co., Ex
press Co., 14 Wall street ; Wells, Fargo 4 Co., 14 Wall
Over three hundred liverv stables in the city of New
York aione are using the MEXICAN MUSTANG LIN
IMENT, in all of which it gives unusual satisfaction.
/Steel rtate engraving with "G. HI Westbrook Chemist
and "Trade Mark, if EXICA S MU ST A SO L IVIMEST'
engraved across the face of each wrapper. The whole
bears the proprietor's private United States Revenue
Stamp, and not a common stamp, as nsed by druggists.
Lyon Manuyaotubino Co., ,
dtf-feb26 53 Park Place, N. Y.
WlH attend lo the Survey ot Land Claims, Undei
Ground OT Surface Surveys of Mine*. Accurate surveys
tor mining ditches of any capacity. Estimates and ex
aminations made for all classes of w >rk in the profes
Refers to Captain N. Wall, Helena; Bannock Dt
and Mining t'ouqwuiy, Baanack.
Address Helena or Dyer Lodge City.

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