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THE SAM*. •. » *T»*tV.
Ik* WMBkmr
l Blaer Ike Victim.
Situriaj evening t maa auneJ Daniel
Sheehan nirivei in Ihiseity from lows, aad
pot op at tbe Depot Hotel, in the Vicinity of
the Union Pacific Depot. Ht»*»» miner
front Montana, tad Lad recently p»t to
Ion to incest »one aoatr in land, bat faB
iag to acroap&h bis purpose be concluded
to return to the goU nrints. and ns then on
bis way hack. While at tbe hotel be was ap
proached by a stranger, who entered into
oonTentstioa with him, and after a while
■««b some remark? derogatory to the char
acter of tbe boose, intimating that it was not
safe for him if be bad any money, to remain
there. Tbe stranger advised him to go to
another hotel in company with himselL
While an their war xsp Ninth street, they
stopped in at the doSar store, near the comer
of Jackson. The "stranger" began icvest
ing in prises, and. «noos to relate, won
nearly ever}' time on 5a 11. Sheehan finally
condndrd to see how it was himself, and was
urged by bis strange friend to bet what he
was worth on Sa IL He accas di ngtT «fid
so, and the amoant of the prize finsBy reached
the sum of Sa IL on which he was
betting, was plainly shown to him, and pot
into the envelope, and then into the case, so
that he saw where it was placed, or at least
thought he saw it. He now palled out the
envelop and opened it, when lo, and behold!
"presto, veto, change!'* it wasn't Sa 11 at
all, bot Sa 4L The man aaw his money
ascend the wooden tube, and was coanânv
Ur taken down.
The ''stranger," to cany out the Um that
he was a true friend, told Sheehan that he
woo^f go and get an officer, and he started
oat for that purpose. He soon returned with
Deputy Marcha! La Foal, and ihrocçh his
Main the sum of seventy doCara was re
tamed, upon Sheehan giving a receipt stating
that he had no farther claim on the dollar
store. It had been preciously stated to Sbee
<tai if the dollar storemen were arrested
he would also be arrested, as both ponies
were guilty of gambling, and be was recom
mended to give the receipt.
Sheehan coadnded that it was better to
take the money than lo be arrested and pay a
After this receipt had been given. Sheehan
started up town in company with a man who
took him to the City Hotel and obtained a
room these for both of them. The register
shows this man's name to be "P. M Green,
frrwn Quincy."
The two retired to their room and went to
bed. Green in a few moments, pretended to
go to deep, and began snoring. For various
reasons Sheehan became uneasy, and got out
of bed about midnight.'and told Green he
wanted to take a iralk as be could not sleep.
Green told him he might be robbed, but
She«*«« mid he csnU protect himself as lie
h««l a pistol, and tbe conversation ended in
Sheehan's pointing the weapon at Green, and
telling him that he believed be was one of
the parties concered in winning his money.
Green saw murder in the mountaineer's eye.
and jumped for the pistol. A scuffle and
load veiling ensued, which woke up tbe bouse
and brought some policemen and a crowd of
citizens to the spot, but sot before Green bad
succeeded in getting possession of the pistol
and throwing i* out of tbe window from the
third story. After the row was quieted. Cap*.
Kelley heard Sheehan's stoiy, and be then ar
rested him and sent him to jail with Police
man Counts, with orders to keep him in cus
tody until Monday morning, to appear as
witness against the Ninth street establishment.
Yesterday morning Captain Kefley met 1m
Food, and naturally making an inquiry of
him about Sheehan. La Fond informed him
that le had gone West on the 11:90 train. It
appears that Marsha| Kimball had visited the
jail, and seen Sheehan, who declared that he
would not make a complaint against the dol
lar store man, as be knew that it wouM be
impossible for him to recover any of his
money. AH he wanted was to be let out and
go West, as he had been such "a d—d fooL"
The Marshal accordingly gave him his lib
erty, and he is now far on his way to Mon
tana, a poorer and a wiser man.—Oa«ik»
Btt y AafaM 54.

CoL toibner arrived from Flathead Lake
—Rev. W. I- LlackwelL of Bozeman, is
In the city.
—Jesse Armhage. Agent for the Black feet
Indians, arrived yesterday.
Maj. Pease. Cap* W. B. Cutter, Dr. While- ]
foot, and C W. Hoffman, left for Bozeman
this mnrsina !
—Gapt. IL Guy er. of Jefferson City, gave j
us a call this morning. He says the smelting
works of Marsh & Co. are about to stars up j
Bow Water Altaian (aapuj.
This company, organized early last spring.
are now laying their pipes through Main
street and will, in a few days, be prepared to .
famish their customer^ with pare water from j
Grizzly solch, and at a greatly reduced price, j
They hare already laid their pipes through
tbe streets of the West Side, which is a great ;
couTenience to the citizens of that part of '
the city. We hope the enterprising nien coo
netted with the company will meet with the .
mccess they deserve. :
A^bair party, consisting of swat forty |
j persons, of both sexes, wets out from tbe
I city yesterday to one of the tribulaay wooded ]
• canyons of Ten Mile, and a most enjoyable
j time was had ly the participants. Flowers
were plenty on the mocataia skies, and berries j
abooa.'ud a short distance from the psc-nic j
grounds. A splendid repast was spread and !
heartily partaken of beneath tbe dense shade j
and umbrageous foliage of majestic pine and
fir. The hours sped pleasantly in the ever
green groves till 5 o'clock p. m.. whew the
party repaired to the Hot Springs where odr
friend WannrdSer and lady were called upon
to serve lunch and othtrarise refresh their
guests before proc e e d ing to town. Autumn
pic-nicking is «.'together delightful, and like
occasion* of enjoyment will doubtless fre
quently follow to tbe month of October.
rm tie kb Bmü <e Asm n
cr—ie (a Earapr.
Mrs. J. R. G üben, of this city, is in re
ceipt of a letter from Miss Bessie Everts,
stating that she would leave New York on
the 31st of July, in company with a lady
friend, for Ecrope. and expected to be absent
two years. During this time she experts to
master French and German, and become pro
ficient in painting and drawing. She remains
in t«A» until the 1st of September, and
froca thence will go to Paris to finish her
education. Miss Everts formerly resided in
Helena, where she woo many friends by her
genial manners and gentle, amiable dispos
a. In the social circle her sparkling wit
and brilliant cooversatkma! powers, rendered
this young lady the admired of all admirers,
tad the observed of all observers.
Tbe BHhiSM Cmtmaceal salt
Salt Luc. Utah. August 10, 1*12.
T© tbr Edisac of theBenii:
As the work of ih.' conference is about
concluded, I will give yon a few of the re
sults. There have bees formed three dis
tricts. Helena. Corinne and Salt Lake. Four
men appointed— T. C. Iliff. W. W. Aktersou.
Hugh Duncan and myself. Corinne District,
four men; Salt Lake District, five men. with
the hope that fifty per cenL^will be added in
November. Tbe session has been a harmoni
ous. though very laborious one. and the con
ference is fully organize*!
I expert to be at home ea the l<fch—one
day after vou receive this.
i. A. V A N ASOX
Jefteesox Citt, August 15,1S72.
To tbe Estor of me B<nU:
The following dispatch was received bv
me today, and if you wiph you may publish
it, as I do not know 4>f the gentkaman's
whereabouts. N. MERRDLAN. P. M.
Tuledo. Ohio, August 13, f?72.
To P. M-, Jeffkesos Cm, M. T. :—
Can you inform me of the whereabouts of
W. H.* Calvert Ï HU father died suddenly
two weeks ago. and hU two afflicted asters
are very anxious to hear from him. Please
take the trouble to eonvev this to him and
answer. B.* THOMPSON.
I alarma It on X» antrS.
The friends of W. F. Stem write to the
Heuld for information concerning that per
son. Mr. Sirin, in 1*58-9. we believe, was
proprietor of the City Meat Market, on Bridge
street. Can any of our readers tel! us of the
present residence of the gentleman ?
—The thinl anneal term of St. Vincent's
Academy begins on the 1st Monday in ï*ep
tember. .
—Mrs. E. T. McFarland and hcr dsngLîer,
"Pink." have gone on a pleasure tour to the
West Sde, to visit their friends in Deer
Lodge and Missoni*, ana w ill be sbsent about
tw o weeks.
—Jno. Symes. a brother of Hon. Geo. G.
Symet, of this city, has purchased a half in
terest in " Brick" Pomeroy's La Crosse ZJesa
oerct. Politically, it is of the Greeky and
Brown stripe.
—Scribner's precinct, at Flathead Lake,
out of dl ballots cast, gave CTagrtt a majority
of 3L Had every precinct in Missoula made
as good a return as this, the county would
have given Clageit an overwhelming majority.
From sbe Daily Herald of Assart IT.
Parted on the ooach last night, stopped over
! at Virginia City. He will arrive tomorrow
j o^ht, in company with Governor Potts,
— W. F. Chadwick arrived from Virginia
—Rev. J. A. Vac Aah arrived home from
Salt Lake on the overland coach las: nighL
—Tom. C. Power, of Benton, and J. IL
MeKnight. Post Trader at Fort Shaw, ar
rived in the city to-day.
—Geo. F. Cope, editor of the JfinkMMa,
after a protracted absence in the States, has
returned to Virginia City.
—General James A. Garfield, who was ex
i «I a Hrlraa
Biabap 5&arvta'a Opiaia
In the St. Louis C&rittUi* AritwcaU of the
Tth imü., we notke a correspondence from
Bishop Marvin, the eminent theologian who
has elicited so much favorable comment from
. our people during his visit to this city, in
j which he pays the foOowhts handsome and
j deserved compliment to a Helena audience:
"My congregations, morning and nighL were
; large. It is my conviction thaï I rarely, if
' ever, preached to a greater quantity of brain
done op in the some number of packages,
. The order was perfect and attention univer
: sol and unbroken throughout.'
Dt») » Inltair Thrir Fatkcr».
AiV«Mw,S*Sh«U Tf Br«p.
The following particulars of an outrage
which would be deemed shocking outside of
ecu lecherous and Iust-narcing "kingdom '
w tat«, from tbe Ogden Jmmttmm of last
"Las* Tuesday morning, about Id o clock.
Jcnaente Low. a giri fourteen or fifteen
years of age, daughter of James Low. of
Hooper, went on horse-hack to hut: a cow
which had rot come home the night before.
She did cot return, and search being made,
the horse she rode was found near a bog
slough, very wet. Fhe slough was dragged.

*n<i for two days every passible effort to find
the body was in vain.
"YesOerdaT morning the Udy was found,
and a messenger dispatched to Ogden for
Coroner Fife and Dr. Anderson. On their
arrival at Hooper an isqaest was held. The
evidence disclosed the astonishing fact iba
the enformnate girl had been crurMv out
raged. While searching for the k« cow she
mes two boys, about fourteen or fifteen years
of age. named Thomas Poidy andNrikPeser
Neilsoc, who told her the animal w as in thrir
hod. They induced her to go some dis
tance; dragged her off the horse and ravished
bo. She threatened to tell her mother of
the treatment she received, when the boy
Nielson, to scare her, pushed ho into the
sk<cgh_ near the river. She go* into deep
water and was drowned. Tbe boy Ptudy
voluntarily confessed the crime, ond subse
quently NeQson made a dean breast of it to
the Conner. Dr. P. L Anderson made a
post mortem examination, which demon
strated bevond doubt the violation of the
girl's person, »nd fflsclosed bruises in several
, ..
Subsequently aa inquest was held and the ,
young malef »t tors placed under artest to an
swer for their offense, but as the case is one
which comes under the jurisdiction of the
,h, ,!.■ pua«
win hear no more of iL Tbe poor little vie
tim met a belter fate than »is endarod by
thousands of ens!avo.L detnoebed victims of
a relLrion w hose chief corner stone is crime.
—Conttf Rf '*rtcr 22L4 insi.
Kick Quartz.
Capt Henry Gayer has our thanks for a j
collection of choice quartz spechnens from
the rich silver district of Jefferson and Clan
cey Creek. Some of them are specimens of
ore from the famous "Legal Tender," which
the owners are now takinz from that mine, at ;
a depth of its feet. It is said the twe wiii j
average t=100 to the ton. Ruby silver can be
seen all through it- The samples from the .
Enseiman lode. Cherry Creek District, are also
very rich, showing native silver distinctly to
the naked eve.
Eh-gaat Jewelry.
Borstodt A Banos have just received from
New York, a splendid collection of Dia- j
monds, Pearls, Rabies. Saphires, Emeralds
and other precious stones ; riegant Cameo.
Pearl, Coral, Moss-aguie and ( >nyx Sells, and
a general assortment of fashionable and
stylish jewelry. Also ladies' and gentlemens'
watches of the latest styles and most approved
work. Prices greatly reduced. Watch and
clock repairing as usual. dlw-«ng6
f Irma.
— W. F. Stien, information of whom was
called for through the Heexli» last evening,
died in this ciiy about two years ago.
—Jno. BrlL of Ten Mile, was in the city
to-day. He says the miners in that tiL-tri T
are generally doing w eiL About Ci* men are
at work, smd water is abun iant.
—The Trustees of the Presbyterian Church
of this city have pert htsjd the lot on the cor
ner of Sixth avenue and Ewing street, and
wilL wc understand, soon build a snilable
church edifice thereoi- It will be built of
brick, we kara.
—ThedistiDciytin Terre Haute tlnd-i lately
closed for repairs. It closed ten days, and
ihie, together with the fact that Barncm's

show had just gerne, cast a gloom over that
community that lager beer and soda water
could not overcome
—Hon. J. M. Edmonds. Secretary of tbe
Union RepuWkan Congressional Com mince,
has placed ns ander obligaiions for a copy of
theCongr»sioaal Ihctkmaiy, cemjuled ^
the use of Congress by Ben. Pearler Poore,
Clerk of the printing records. ,
y " f * ~ . .
Tlie f(4k)Wil!j ITC Bishop TnUit S sippoml
1! j. c. and » ï* ia.
Triratr. Aajtart SSfb.
rvcaoenc Stbooi Hcos*. 5 >
. Safeday, XIV after
x!. Hceiday. AazwK
Ia txdcr to «ma tbe ItW reperta tbat_ taye bora
freefey cirrxtated by parôe» iatowtad ia ir.«rauf kt
bBKseas. tti: all of bt rtocb at vaecc taa»»! «»»
toevygd by Ire. Onsfer kb. tSTL 1 àvia aS *ore
«bo may tare aa ofpona&ity to cali and tuunire sty
rtoeâ, ti ifefctbCjf ^K«i rit: Waeebraw'-M aad
M Soctb Cbatan <ai«l Lambs- Yard, roras at Mar
tre and (Stan ttmta Usber Yard. (*»» Sw»
CSss«« «re«. Lmabs Yard. UM fa ISS Wort -Uu»
«fart. «3 o«n& tbt berat dirtxirt. «tare I «Ü2 tare
a tbocongbSy »ea»no«d «oex «d datai for fi.«M
a^gu Tt* ok band, and aïs di2y adAof » *y already
.»wl aJ caber n.™ b tb r Nor tb Wert.
For fertbrr xtoaaiiaa. addreoa boor H. tone
Hrfesa, Xit'jri. cr Gca A. Loot Cunt», dab.
lduA«n ««git;
W» arta ata(tr t allrd stain Wauk
b» Expfafa fa aay pan at tbr Ternaory. ta alfa«
mrebaarr fa etas tbr aatkaer and eKaataar tbr nui
MoreparéactaKL Smdfaroar jrint firt. «foc*
tire» fall iwücstara.
• No. 33 Mtaa Strata. Bcfeata. M. T.
F. CL Dca««!. So. m.
I VRK-EWPnON ENTRIES andr for too by L R
1 LYMAN, i»lr fofHn nf thr Land Utter, wvtboct
d»C No char** or (armait wtatrrer required, ex
«H tk Gaonaat price for tbr laad. «ni um wit
mm ca!y nqcnd ; to prscaptloB of Uuovatmfr two
■ i tar re r.« «re reqaired—two or three cosaing uigrlbcr
-a*» be «rime*»«» far each purer. ....
ÿrtifcrs who failed to eater tbeir land before Is!» U,
1ST. war do ro aor «pan aatisfsclory pai, tl t*» at- ;
nrree chda a made.
Drier the sew mining Jaw. made for tl«. «hieb in- ;
riwde* ah coot of pabtisbicz. and fere of the Sorceyor
(imnal and Land OBce Cooterted ciaira« adneaud j
before the Land Otter at Heien« and at Wanhiuim.
HOMESTEADS itor the North Pscific Kaiinnd,
.which suae be totaled by an Ascot.) and all kind* of •
5 Mir land bssineM cheaply and correctly tramarud.
Kremation reiaJiar to pabEe and railroad land* ran,
St apÿrïac to L. B- LI MAN. {
OSce near the Laad Ottotv Helena, M. T. ■
fdAwt f «Wg t]
______Caltera, Bab Weda. Wheel- •
harrawa, Btarr»' Pick«, Etc.
la -pert eareaee mansf artort ta Boctans I* thaï j
I and ran by tew McLoaX. corner of Man od
Oread rtrerts. HeJeaa. No roarer bow badly a car-;
rinse be «narijed ej«. McLean wiB eooa Urn it ont a* l
foodae new. Jssx now the ertabiiehment a tarring ,
«at a to* of rtnsre and bob eteda, which for darahikty, ;
far exceed Onae made in the State*. A new break <an i
in ©endow by Mc Lear' b attached to tbe ranner. by ]
the tütiag from one nde of the road U» 1
£££pvto-rtiS*«?to*w ^ A
•* twmri
• orbrr » «säresr oinasoi It »* a good tiUBg, and
aûstafee. Mr. Be Lears baa on hand, auf i» barbu
laafactared lew tba «(snag trade, a largv aanply c*
_were' PVir—wb»dh are ksowa to be A L Charge»
it# Off- ^__ w __ _ _
ASwwt guaranteed to ghë
at tar V*Wi*w Hwa
Malm » area C'a*»
Tbe fnüowiag à freon Gca Porter, Ptesldest Great »
Pbt Sia—My «auk ba» krp exeedest hate mace \
Teaterday. fa <
way, tbr errata! was Inkas, will yow.rentier it. and oil ,
tbewwka:'tber bare amr Vraouai or exaahaed ;
SremTVajebWt tbe factor.. I meet to be ia
New X'cefc a day. «boat Tbaraday or Praia!
_________ _ _________ _ of weit j
irceb. and I wi£ call at yoar (dan; U Maldcs Laae, far
ti* watch. Y oar, my tsraäy.
r. A. Giua Eeq. , _ ___I
The watch referred tr, «bore, ta No. EÄ S«*o
VTaader. Trade Mark "Jota W* '
fee over i Tear. We are dad to «» that owrcdkiai* in
high pian» appreciate fine Aarncaa mrhaiuaia. mod
art tbe exaasair of puroemng bonse tettlaetiooa ia
•tewd of readies ocr gold abroad tor rdmoc artids.
îd A etf-tmisi
^ " ~ m
lnfwrwaauiwn XX «anted.
nisas P. Zaswa will bear of ttaaetisc; fa h»
advantage by appjcln— so C. W. Iduirtga. Blackloot.
MuaUia ' *i=e«cg'-'
Tw Ike Bmbaata wf Baataaa,
Mr. E. B. Saw, of tbe eseat frait bots*« of Cotticg
A Ox. San Frewcire x Caltforoia. will leave tba Pacific
ce,*t for a tosr cjwcti Mcwiaaa. no tbe 4th of Ad
coat. Onto* freaa our saarcbaisTa will be reepectfolly
redkitedL dAwtl-aagl
Desire to call apodal aKeudoo » Uwir
Jwt recesved pet fa« freighn They awapràe tbe
' beat refected sack eure brcwgbi to tbr
The ioafwetia» at tbe pabfic ia invited.
j Apple-;«, » Jocrwa!
List sf Papers, Periodicals. laiaiises. Etc
ros «alz si
Day»' Dnan.
Boat*» rapt
Bwre SaiaréaT.
j Leslie's Oaamj C«nw.
Ulart. Nroçaps.
i " ** G«nsjao *
; - G a mm a ïnti t;.
! ** B(ns isd üâK
Harter * Karmar.
CÎErtraîiod Potk* Nrtr*.
• - " Gowe:&
Iri-k AEwricas.
" People.
" (ItiML
" RrpeWle.
' New Yi-rk Clipper.
- - i»*t r... -t_
" Lsd^er.
! ** " W«s2y.
Nr« York Tribaae.
" - WcfffeL
" ■* T'ises.
i "
Fsnsw Oausaiacsa.
Srtsrday Nipt
Sdrrtific Aârrxaa.
Torf. FVH axsd Fan^
?J<nm Kora! Nr* Yorker.
St. bad* RepBbHcML
" brace«.
Chicago TTStk:
" Tinae*.
LewS-iH!« CcrtrVr limruil
Xre rrrieia* Flaranc.
(tsdeaili Ccnareclii
New Virétim.
p..«awrnv'* Derarera».
■ Y ar.aer Nosioej;
JaCr Joker.
Rretgrt at Fbs.
Cbbaoey Garoer.
Lereile * Ladle» Ma,wiûse
I'etasoaV ~ "
Ladies Rrt*«it >rv.
. Arlaaue Moctbly.
4 Senbner's **
> Harper'«
I Edatx
Galaxy "
Bear Samdiv.
PbaaBT Pbeür*w
Howea Maw.
Jay </'kr ataar.V|Utj«r(aii«r.|LN.Sr< —rtba.
WHka' Spirit fî per qnartr W erttlr Territorial Euler- j
AitaCufoota - ** Berea. K per qaarter. j
Saa PraDciaco BiSttii do Wtorit do f
; s^^w^w'fcLc'ardo L ^' dt, ° ^ |
; ^
j AH tbe »bore Pap«* maKed reraiartT U> ^Verlber*
io or oot at tbe Terrilerr. at tbe above price». Afi
j «u-jen
be zmii ia advance, aad' in variably
Bed at tbe end at tûar paid for.
Harizar brew
ianda far tire '
r - .exted Drpvty Snwme at Karra!
Terntcry at Moatua. I aa mm tbe
tniy para ia tbe 'Terrifaey Usas ta ferity aiTboriatd
JO r>»k* misery nrvnr tor psirsal u&t tftt acii
: <d C*nsrsaa <d Za!y Sttb. ltofi aad das* kb. ist«.
No «y*~d ri--vry «J br I^iivd redrew .ire perron:
Cl TT NiJVfT ZJtf b«* CSCCVM L»T ■rVMJu.
1 * ktxp cq feind tS ÜR Varb * ùjtz ire w*;ikv ic
w-t^r.-F ^y VtrWifi
Ai! iqtàsb piVJod» caa ta atfe tafwt «cita
tiare et Baking tbe pceâmizmzr ssrwy.
Fer eart at sanrya, pa*®™ 1 ** ta*. <»2 ®î*oa ,
cr «àdraa» me a: iferêao. M. T.
No r&arge asaâe ter adTice «r itionaasirei.
Z°tû^ "" ' ilCÂT " ***
tXvrtf-Œv-.s GEO. R FOOTE
t ads Ike Art st Bay iCtk. !«f.
I WÎZ VMi fa Sarre» sad Faaral cd Miami data.
taxi at Lr»5 a*«i Ftoctr atta~. t ada-twad and
' œfa» œm of adn» nadrnt »taxi aixv. Htfexa
M. T- fknfiirtl
rfetb cd Bnwi aad Ab««* ia «
rmmf. Sana fetaaj cmred.
j Marrâipe »aawrexL Se» Brtboâ at traraeK. Ne»
and nsaarkabor reaefta. Bork» and «restau» rew
fire, is «e tod carefeçe*. Aodraar HOWARD AS30
1 CLkTYON. So. i fioasb Vatab FhiL, Pa. dlf-td
t. c. rowan.

{ .

j _ - s
I HU la II
. rowztL,
T. C. POWER &Bro,
Jobbers and Dealers
T rad e rs!
Highrat Prim paid lor all klafa wl
_______ _
ITT TIT5C1 _ _ J Li' 11 ID G
i llll/ijo End J? UKo.
» ______■___
AI aw Arrau Iwr, and keep ew Maalljr
-------all Atada af
Implements !
; ___ _ _ -----, _ __ ... ■ _. „
%m * *** prepared aa we are akip^ag iarroy a
a» are offered at Corinae, l tab,
Low Progkta as tbe Railroad oder«} ta at
Beataa any aad all klada wl VIer
haadtae la war ltae at aa cheap rate«
XV e cive Particular Alieutiwn iw
Freight Consigned to us.
>'»r Yean we karr Made aa «peeialir
•f tkla Baatneaa, aad çwaraalee
r*aal «atbiaetiaa la Ike taiare. at»
me kate (ivra taa ike pail, ta all
Partie« eatniatiaf tkelr Butine«
(• war tare.
_ f
Eciw me Aj»> for tbr NofÜat». Tfaaapartaoe»
Canpaay a line of bab. we are prepared to pw
tbruogh btS* of lading fron bee to Cidcago, SL Lock,
or New York, at itaiAaMt tow figorea, for aay aad
ali Linda at aae7rbandi*c. ore». e*c. Froea Furt Benfe«
«te cas grée tbroaçb tàcke* .«texiaViel te raProaff fa
asy point in tbe East.
For putxdm, addrew»
dttwtf-ayT Fart Bestot.
Auremar I« XV. I.< tsaa.
P Schutler's Chicago wagons,
Coan & Ten Broeke's Chicago
Buggies, Buckeye Reaper and
Mower, Fürst & Bradley's Sul
key Kay Rake, Fürst & Brad
ley's Plows, Runk's Gang
Plows, Skinner's Gang Plows,
Wilson sewing Machines,
Buckeye Crain Drills, Thresh
ing Machines, etc., etc., etc.
I rlmll keep constant!jr on haiul
a full stock of Wagons of differ
ent sizes: Open anti Covered
Buggies ; Wagon Wotwls : Wagvot
Covers; Extra Spring Seats:
Neck Yokes: Double and Sin
gletrees : also a good stock of
Flows of different sizes ; extra
Plow Beams and Handles ;—
Standing and Rolling Coulters : J
and, in £act, everything belong- '
ing to a well ordered
Agricultural House.
C>.!l!ic«te«l with tilC extcitoivc
«au n #*
AU fiarhiarrr «MA b, me i» AYarvaatrtS
sud well known house **f Geosge
A. D*we. of Corinne, 1 r-Itaîl l<*
enaMed to sell at j tri res thaï
will be entirely satisfartory. «
-sritk fair usage again.t BrraWaçr far
•nr year, ikaclf aay part af any Ba*
ckiar ar \V a;an give a ay la skeabave
time, ikraayk aay drlst.it rrmracd
kmwUl be replaced free af chante.
All bester» af iaqairy praaiplly
a a»«erect. Urlroa, B.T~
Oppaaite Yaatrr A fata.
«Tf-attia# ________\
Fton J»s* Miiiia
Jefferson City Meat Market !
M essrs, zones a miller eta aexe ts«.
bavfad «jvîsct a trc:-ciw Mr** Mtrkrt al Jvfir»;
«» Oty.^ t^ofaBfatatataaaaa-atafaraafe^
to tnbstarv caa^», «3 reartesabfe »»*** • A « a rai aag«
ata nectati=a> «iZ piy ta tbr acrtvauao^ca
of «£

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