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««till Continues to Improve.
KXK('» ti vk M.VXtHON, Washington, July
Ä- 1 »<• l'"*''* " f 1 ,he , P J Mid '' n, '°
mt i nU os without material change. At lp.
^ llis pulse was 98 : temperature, 98.4 ; res
piration.. 1 s - At 7 P- m * his Pulse was 98 ;
'..'.^rature. HNi.2: respiration, 19.
Ijcriu-d. D. W. BLISS,
(r,,K J. K. BARNES,
Lxi;, I tic k Mansion, Washington, July
.ci— The following was sent this morning to
the Cabinet bv the President's private secre
v; The improvement in the President's
conditio** continues. He slept well during
the night, the cool weather being greatly in
liis favor- This morning his pulse was 88,
ill, normal temperature and respiration,
liment now living administered
it he is daily adding a little to
it is found that his system
The noun
more than supplies the waste, and while it is
probable 1
his strength, sti.- ---------.....
is not yet capable of resisting unusual excite-j
.mil the surgeons in charge insist upon
U Tllrt iv pose a-can ho secured.
W\siiiN( hon , July 22.—The President
tead.v improvement. The
lothinu which were t arried into it by the
f bone cut off from a rib
' '"IT to-d-iv discharged more patches of
vv0 un«l to nay - paunes or
11,11 J into the wound also came out to
is feel specially gratified at
and drive
day. The surgeon
this as it shows that the wound is draining ,
out thoroughly clear to where the bullet lies,
im l everything in the nature of foreign or j
irritating substance is being forced out. The '
wound could not be healing better. The j
nieces of clothes discharged to-day, Iroth i
woolen and cotton, were fibres of the shirt
alld ,. oa t worn l»y the President.
' The l-resident feare. Imt the .»HS«™» do
not, that the bullet may have injured Ins i
ripple him. Dr. Bliss says
spine and may
he has little doubt as to the location of the
fell, ami there are some indications that
it is liecoming encased. The surgeons de
cided to lbrbid the Cabinet officers to visit
the I'roinfent daily. The President gains
strength «n<-e the fever left, but slowly, be
cause of the waste by the drainage of the
Hiniiig Stocks. !
V , iv VoKK Tulv '» -The Mining \sso
• N "',' u " h ' .■ 7„
ciated 1 ress reports as toilov s concerning the
mining stock market for the past seven days :
Business at the Boards show an improvement
,v.rti,it nflisi week both in niinifer nf '
over that la t week, both in number ot
transactions aud prices. Speculativ e advance
instate Line stocks has l»een assisted by re- 1
ports that the Pipe Line is to I* repaired
and thoroughly tested liefere purchasing
new pipe, liiere is also reported to be a
Luge short interest in these stocks. The!
main feature of the minin<> stock speculation
° ^ A *
has been the activity in trade in Central
Vrizona. The Stock Exchange sales of this
^to< k yesterday amounted t<* over 60,000
shares at from 3] to 2]. Two weeks ago the
price was (in- The decline is attributed to j
the manipulation of some officers of the com- |
paiiv. During the week tb.e Eureka Consol- !
idated declared a dividend of fifty cents per j
>harc. and the Evening Star one ot five per I
«eut. The bullion receipts at New York for
'lilting Excitement in Wyoming.
Cm-:VENNE. July 22.—The discovery of
cornier and silver bearing ore near Fort, Lar-i
, , f . I
am " ls ( ' r, atln " excitement. Miners !
arc stampeding to the new district, which is
alxiut six miles wide and swarming with
prospectors, ail of w hom are making loca
C <1» /(A
\ai\ Irom $(>0 to i
t ions. Surface assay
l ,ei ' I on- Smelters will be erected at once,
The townsite of Hamilton has been laid out
iml buildings are already going up. Emi
gration has set in from this citj\ Miners are
getting; Si per day. "tenderfeet" $3, and there
is a big demand tor labor.
Asiatic Cholera. j
l)i> Moi. vus. .) ni v 22.—A case pronounced J
Asiatic cholera was discovered in East Des !
Moines to-day. It will probably be fatal.
I'nnisjIvania Republican Convention
f \ ii, adki,i*h j a. July 22.—The Republican ;
Convention will meet on September:
h tli at Harrisburg
Post Office Accounts.
Washington, July 22.—The Postnxaster
<'Cneral notifies all postmasters that their
•I'uiterlv accounts must be forwarded as the
a " ri ' , |tiires, immediately after the clase of
l u, v «lUarttT. Delays will lie no longer tol
! ra,0,i - ^ tailure to comply will be cause
w removal.
Ior '> was nearly
Kev <' r al of the
; ,ro destroyed.
s I'owi Destroyed by Fire.
fru/w 1 ,!ANnSr0 ' July 22 '~ A dispatch j
h!», j ,ll;l " wlla * AV - T -»says the town °f
" near, y burned down to-day. |
UH> * ' 'duahle blocks in town
h oss is not known, ld 18
- - —-- !
Extensive Libel Suits.
*Ji. July 22. Two more libel suits a
each have been entered against
There are si
.. , , -
1,1 Jii aggregate amount o
liiliinn Publishing Company.
four suit __
MOojkhi til,.,I • 777°7'7 V
m««! against the Tribune, one hav
' ' H "ii tilt'd In the Denver & New Orleans
' ailr «a<l and three bv ex-Governor John
^ President. The suits are
1 "* Jr•ihn,ie\s attacks on ex-Governor
n ' an< l the management of the road.
____ I
AI Kansas Huffianisni. i
, " Tll: ko( K . July 22.—There is more I in
™»W.'i,ilVny,.o„,„' v . J. T. W. Matthews,.
ilitoi- i
unti r, " Dines, who was ordered to leave
,1 ' 1(1 su - but returned in defiance of the
of the out,a
* ,
, to
r *' v '
Ubi gone to the well for water. The
1 "ho shot him was seen but not recog- 1
Judge Harris was also advised to ! if
' country. !
,v * flit
THE STRl _^ E ended.
Lapham Elected to Succeed Conkling.
! take a recc*~T n 'ti7"l':30, which Wearried
lp. 1 "" ' carried.
_ __
ALB*KV,J 0ly22 ._0i joint ^
ham had 60; Potter, 40; Conkling, 28 ; Wood
ard. 1 ; necessary to a choice, 67.
Senator Jacobs moved that the convention
T . , ., ---- '» "«carried,
chan announced that the Democratic
»VI dm «V. A ..Il 1 . _
members would hold a conference immedi
ately, and also that the Republicans would"
hold «1 cans would
hold a conference immediately. The eon
veution then took a recess.
At 3:30 p. ni. the Republican conference
assembled in the AssemhlvehimW « 7
.I. ^ y h ^ r,Senator
y in the chair. The roll was called
_ i aud 21 Senators and 09 Assemblymen ans
wered. Skinner renewed his motion of this
morn in <r_*w *iw. ,, , „ , s
- ® rcd ,)€ caPed and each
The roll was called and Eldridee C I n
Imm was named by «1 members Conklin^
'-W; Woodford, 1; Evarts, 1. The vote is the
to ! 8ame as that cast in joint convention.
' 0n motion of Senator ___— » •,
member rise in his place and name his can
didate for U. S. Senator. Carried.
( , r v.
T ' a P ha *" s nomination
■kt- , 7, .,
Winslow Eldndge
was made unani
mous ' amidst three cheers.
The Republicans met in joint convention
thlS afternoon - 13 Senators
; "" ^ present '
^ pur P ose °f aowinating a U. S. Senator.
Draper moved a substitute—that the cau
joint convention
' i rr \
> Assembly
Skinner moved that the roll be called for
of « kin ner moved that the roll lie called for
or ^ -------_ ~ ~
! CUS eommittee a caucus for this after
j u< ^ ou ' 01 ' refusing, that a special com
mittee call it. He intimated that the stal
Wa J S would retire lmless this were done.
j Ha , ynes ob J ected to turning this confer
' eiM ^ ^ nto a cau ^ us -
j Iiobertson said he had been assured that
i t lOSe re< l uestin g this conference would abide
^ resubs ' and be bad learned that if the
conference adjourned until 5 p. m. all would
said the crisis had arrivé
i xiaiuerr said tue crisis had armed,
and lf thcre was not union the Republican
party in the State would l>e hopelessly di
vided. He was for union and harmony.
[Great applause.]
Pitts said the past should be ignored. He
wanted the roll called and each member to
name his choice
Woodin favored the motion for a caucus
! 4 P- m - The time could well Ire spent in j
rrosnects in '
: shaking hands over the bright prospects in !
! view The motion was carried and -i reee«« '
wl «t 11 !
wm take» until 4 p.m. |
In joint convention Lapham was elected j
U. S. Senator to succeed Conkling. Lapham '
received in joint convention the full Repub- '
' iu„ vufu T . ; Ilu /^P uo
Lean vote, the Democratic vote being cast |
for Potter. There is much cheering and en- j
1 tliusiasm over a united Republican party. !
Robber Gang Broken Up.
' . . , * ** j
' 1 01 se ' era 111011 is with a gang ot rob
>erS ' who have held U P and robbed all stran
____ ____* • * . i . mi « .
Denver, July 22.—Antonito has been in-!
. ■
gers coming into town. The gang has to
night l>een broken up by the hanging of the
principal, George C. O'Connor, who in liis
capacity of Justice of the Peace, shielded
them and had citizens arrested and fined
without the least lawful provocation. Last
evening O'Connor came from Alamosa. He
fell asleep, and because the brakeman awoke
liim at his destination he had the brakeman
arrested. He then went to the Raymond
ed its limit, when O'Connor rode through
town on horseback, with a rifle and two re
volvers, threatening everybody. The vigi-!
lance committee caught him in his saloon
and lni.ur him in the old «1ni<rhter hn,i«tp i
and bung him m the old slaughter house.
says j !
"Billy the Kid."
New York, July 22.—The
!------ " o------------ -- "I
i "Billy the Kid" was born and brought
! There is a general lielief in the 4th ward j
"? "f " an ': 7'T fr ,Ch 7 n °" ncing
his death repoited that his real name was,
McCarthy. The 5th warder's name was Me- i
Carthv. A Sun reporter last night talked
' ... , ,, ~ ,
with some 4th warders, all of whom had
j known McCarthy, and they were all of the
that he and "Billy the Kid" were
j opinion
identical. There is one way to make suie
of it," said one of the gang. "McCarthy, when
ten years old was badly burned with acid.
He was treated at the Chambers street lios
pitai but I think lie must have the scar ou
■' ' —------ 1 ----- J -- 1; -
the upper part of one of his legs and on his
Heat in the Northwest.
Chicago July 22 —Reports come from all
f , lf . Vorthw'est sl.ow hur that vesterdav
o\ei the Northwest si o g « . 5
was intensely hot in most places, and that,
the storm, when it came, was one of the
most severe ever known, being a combina
., j , , ...
tiou ol lightning, thunder and teaxj rai
Many cases of strokes of lightning are men
tioned, some of them disastrous. Two -tele
graph operators died at tlie key.
Execution of an old Murderer.
cuntox, (Mo.,) July 22— Patterson, who
murdered j ames G. Clark near Leesburg,
Henrv count y, on December 1st, 1868, was
hanged here this morning in the presence of t
8,000 people, half a mile from town. He
made no speech, hut thanked the sheriff foi
his kindness. He eluded arrest for ten years ,
a fter the crime, and was taken in Livingston. j
Illinois The case has been delayed ever
si «c hv legal proceedings. '
' j 1 o i ®__
. ^ ._ »« -----throat
Affairs ill Transvaal.
Durban, July 22. ie rat o tc con
ve ifti 011 prepared by the royal commission 0
Boers are disposed to accept does not exceed
£500.000. The draft has not yet been ac- ]
cepted by the Boers, who are still consider
in „ the c i au8ea relating to the natives and
fiunoes, and that tlie Transva.1 Volksroad
* __ r _____
Nihilist Meeting.
vention prepare« uy me upjm lumm,»™,. ot
virtually retroceeds the whole of Transvaal
to the Boers The total of claims which the to
meeting ol the execuuve coiuuiinc-e. ocicjui in
exileg came from Geneva. The meeting re
solved to warn the Czar once more, and then j
he does not heed it he and his pig-headed
advisers will perish. i
Hanging of the Talbot Boys.
Chicago, July 22.—The Journal has a
^!^t 1 ^ raMa T iUeM0 ' Sa - ,ing ' hatthe
w f re han 8 ed th ore to-day for the
murder of their father.
ST ' L ? UI8 ' July 22 ~ The Dost-Di$patch's
Marysville, Mo., special says
F «... ' .. " Albei * and
. al xitt, corn icted of murdering
T tl PI r Tf) f 11 Ol* F tv TT ril 11. . n I f
** ieir ^ at ^ er - Er - Perr .v H. Talbott, on the
18th of September last, and respited once,
were hamreri thi« ,- n .i,.
eon- nf , 7 , 0 ^ , 1 presence
1 t om H '°°° to 10 ^°00 people. Up to a late
* 10Ur n 'ght they expected gubernatorial
7 interference, but at midnight they went to
bed after a lemrtl.v interview- Ja
nWV ^ ^ t ^ ieir
21 nlotl,er autl sisters an d Miss Lewis, to whom
! Albert was ,)etr °Hied. Mrs. Talbott was
s very bitter against the (rover nor for no! mm.
mut - ,, sentence nf he 1 ti ■
ting the sentence ot her boys. The pris
oners received the last sacrament from the
n Catholic church this morning. There was
I ".«""*■* '«-'ween the !
the ' fTT" 1 About noon
J, t,ie youngest, broke down com
pletely, and begged that something might. i
pletely , and begged that something might
ibe douo Thig nnnerved the women and
llindp *1 inveiKlo rpt :
7 ^ e ' T ' e >vomeu were re * j
! " 10ved ' Mrs ' Talbott frantically resisting, but j
! |x>ys> The brothers'JerVtak^JThT^ j
--------------uni j
^ uards R' d ^ ler away crying, "I hope you
j win 1>ç satisfied when have ki Hed niv
i tl. i._ . 1 . _ ; j
for !
for ' j7[7'- wc re uiKen to me gar -1
lows « an omnibus, being strongly shackled, !
the women aud the crowd following. The I
scene when the trap fell was very solemn,
the whole crowd uttering a groan.
M h«t Dr. Bliss and the Nurse has to say
About the Patient.
I bathi "g hilu with alcohol, and pretty soon
Dr. Bliss said : There w as rather a funny !
thing happened to-day (19th ) We were
dressing the President;, ™„„ds with and- '
septic dressing, which is done twice a day, !
and had him turned over on his side. I w'as
the President said, "Doctor, scratch my back.
I began rubbing his backbone with my hand,
and said, "Now, when you feel I have rubbed
enough, just say so." I continued for some
time, but the President said nothing. Pretty
soon I called for a liair-brush and used that
instead of my hand. I then rublved for a
long time, and his back was getting rather (
red. I then said, in a laughing way, "Now, !
j don't hesitate to speak out if you want me to
' s t°P- r * He didn't make any reply, l ' ~
! st0 P' . tie didn't make any reply, but after
' ? wblle be said , with a sort ot a sigh, "Well,
! Uoc ï r ' J? ere is au end to all things ; you can
| stop" We all burst out laughing at this.
j He liked it so much that he hated to have me
' ®*°P' 8 a [ ns every day. To-day he rolled j
' bmiself ! ov< : r in his bed and crossed his legs,
He begins to talk about sitting up and going
| out. Others predicted that by this time next
j week he would be able to get out of lied. I
! The amount of solid lood that the President 1
is eating and his returning strength seems to
justify these predictions. !
j stomach, along where the ball is believed to
have passed, and started the flow of pus. The
doctor says at least a wineglassful of pus
cfarfßfi Tl'Lûtli 1 C on înrlioo^ÎAn llinl llvti irAun/1 *
^^Pr^d on the Presffient's |
■ stomacn, a ion
^ ai 't ed , w hich is an indication that the wound
is open along the track ot the ball, and that
it will begin healing from the inside.
In regard to the incidents of July, the
nurse, daily at the bedside of the President,
says : He has not forgotten a detail, and, in
fact, never will. Every circumstance is photo
graphed on his mind as clearly as yesterday.
He referred to the incidents frequently, aud
in addition to his own feelings at the mo
ra ? ld ot the shooting, he tells with great
; spirit liow he watched the countenances of
those around him. He remembers accuratelv
lie wl Ç h ' s to r „ d tl
. or ie l ers to
them in any way, we remind him of the pro
mise made by Colonel Rockwell to keep them
all for him. Of course you heard the re
i mark made by hint about the heart of the
uat ion, etc. Well, the phrasing is not ex
actly right, and it is too fine a saying to go
1 out except iu its true shape. What he did 1 a
! 8?y was, "The heart of the nation will help
> --- J --------- - - ----
ot the nation will not let the old man
j the old soldier to get well," instead of "The
AH the surgeous said to-uight that their
highest hopes of the President's case had
i been reached up to to-night, aud that their are
confidence of recovery is greater than ever
betöre. Only one-eighth of a grain of mor
phine js giy / n everv ° twenty . fo " r hom , now
The Comet of 1812.
The Comet of 1812.
Rochester, N. Y., July 16.—Dr. Lewis
Swift, director of Warner Observatory, yes
tertlay received a letter from J.M. Schoeberte
of Ann Arbor, Michigan, announcing he has
discovered nebulous matter in R. A 5, H. 48,
00 , lolf .
M. decimation on 38 degrees 48 M, but day
light oliscured its identity. Dr. Swift this
mnniint« renorted lie had discovered the
discovered nebulous matter in R. A 5, H. 48,
morning reported he had discovered the
raatter iu consteUation Auriga, and it is
quite bright, being forger and more luminous
than the one discovered May 1st by him.
Its centre is strongly condensed, and from its
motion apparently very slowly. It cannot
lie ascertained if it is going directly towards
or from the earth. The comet is telescopic.
This is the fourth comet discovered since
May 1st. Dr. Swift thinks from the present
position of the comet it is the expected :
comet of 1812. It is moving very slowly
toward the northwest. Schoeberte puts in a
claim for the $200 Warner prize.
Sitting Bull's Appearance.
A correspondent of the New York Herald
j lus ( i e sc-ril>es Sitting Bull as he is now : An
or( y nar y specimen of his race—a swarthy
^uck a little above the medium height,
gHghtly st00 ped. ( but not stupid), and sad
v lacking a commanding or impressive
presence. His appearance disappoints one.
He neither looks the typical hrave of' whom
Fenimore C ooper wrote, nor has he the ent
demeanor ascribed to him by the
newspapers. The Indian dash aud vim are
want j n g although these are the attributes
f half a dozen of his councillors, compared
mu*, nuu m u» i»uuiciuu re » « huua «m
ieacefljl 0 * ne whatever he suffers in looks,
i0W ever, he more than counterbalances by
his other qualities—his tact, is what w e
Yankees would call catenet These make
him the mMtor mind of the camp, whose
sovereignity none dare dispute. True it is
that many of his followers have disagreed
with him. hut their difficulties did not dis
nail a dozen oi ms councillors, compared
with whom the wily savage does not appear
advantage. He has something of a stolid
look, and yet his countenance Ls a frank ami
until now but a handful of warriors and a
horde ot squaw's, papooses, and old men re
main. But of these he is king-bus word is
,aw - 1
National Education.
. -
Academy, read a paper upon "National Edu
cation—The Relation of the General Govem
! ment to . the E . ducati °n of the People.'' This
paper showed an alarming amount of illite
j racy in the United States and suggested
methods of removing it. It presented statis
I <Vt V» /«nr < n n. Xl. t i nWA rl. XÎ _____
tics ? showing that in 1870 the voting popula
1 tioa ofthe V" 1 «* 1 States was 7,623 000. The
i voting population of the Southern States was
2,775,000. The illiterate voters in the United
I States were 1,580,000, and the same class of ;
! voters in the Southern States numbered j
1 ' 1 ^ 3 ' 000 - Twent y P er cent of the entire!
I votiu g Population of the United States and j
i 45 per cent of the voters of the Southern'
States could not read their ballots.
total vote cast and counted at the last general j
dection in the whole country was 9,297,000.
Advance sheets of census reports and careful !
estimates say that from 21 to 22 per cent of
them were illiterate. The proportion is
larger to-day. Sixteen Southern States con
Ä e . There^Âi vo^ .n thê ÊÏÏ
era Northern and Western States. New
i * or k has 77,120 illiterate votes, Pennsylvania
Tork has 77,120 illiterate votes, Pennsylvar
67^108, Illinois 4,477, and Ohio 48,970. These
457,000 illiterate voters of the North showed
: * jA/vAj lllllvTHXt: \ Ultlo OI TI10 JNOrTIl SDO n vQ
j their distinctive power in the riots of 1877,
j and they can decide every contested election.
S' of" 1870 ^ fit ° W
j uuu vau umuc ocijr cwmwiru eieeuuu.
The rapid growth of city population and illi
teracy is an evil omen for American dem( >
cracy. In 1870 illiteracy had grown to one
s i xt h of our population, and in 1880 it was
one-fifth in this State alone. Nearly fifty !
P er cent °f the illiterate live in cities.
An animated discussion followed the read -1
ing of the paper. It was participated in by j
Dr. Murray, secretary ot the Board of Re- 1
gents ; Professor Lovell, trustee, Waterbury ; |
Professor Bradley, Professor Dean, Regent |
Fitch and Professor Bennett.
Regent Fitch offered a resolution favoring !
aid from the general government to the
several States in the matter of popular edu
cation > such aid to be apportioned according
to"^. !
The resolution was passed unanimously.
The Irruption of Crazy Men.
[Washington Correspondence New York Herald. J j
At the inangration of Mr. Garfield four i
insane men turned up here who wanted to
be inaugurated, each claiming to have been j
elected. Seven were arrested on the day Mr. J
Hayes was inaugurated. An equal number
wanted to take General Grant's place at the ■
first and nearly a dozen on the occasion of j
his second inauguration. Don't you remem
her what an excitement the marriage x
Nellie Grant created? Well, five or si
i c u c w s £!
"cranks," one of whom paid about $50 for his 1
railroad ticket, ranging in age from 30 to 60 j
years, came on here, each claiming to be the
Jroom. Two of them were sent to the insane I
Ssylum the same day iu the same ambulance, !
and they fought all the way over as to which
of them was the real groom. Daring the ex- j
eitement that followed the Nathan murder
mystery, sixteen persons in all, in different
parts of the country confessed to lieing the
murderer. In the excitement that took place j
during the consideration of the inflation bill,
as it was called, we had over a dozen finan- j
cial "cranks" to come, and over a hundred '
ablv quiet, except a demented New York
Congressman, who rode about the streets in- !
creasing the circulating medium by throw- •
_____ 1 .1 a _ x* i. • _____• _ _ * xi
were already here. They all kept reason-.
ing greenbacks out of his carriage in the
streets. In the insane asylum there are four
men who claim to be presidents, one or two
kings, one queen, and three men who have
financial theories that they claim will save
the country. The officers have been instruc
ted to "pick up and run in'' all of the known
"cranks" if they are heard to talk on this
subject at all.
Miles City Items.
[Yellowstone Journal, July Itith.J
The postoffice at Powder river is now open
- - - - - - - - 1
renchy aud Louis King Tuesday
night, for stealing a number of horses. The
stock was recovered and the men lodged
safely in the jail. There is strong talk of
lynching them.
Harry Bogard is enlarging Cosmos Hall by
the addition of another story, and when fin
fehed the immense building will be used for
1 a hotel.
The four-horse coaches from Glendive con
uuuv IV |mn Ul IV/ IV»* Al A C^Uiat Cl CAJ IUIJ ,
bringing from six to eight passengers and
tinue to pull into town regularly every day.
lots of express. Eighteen hours is the time.
Many alrattgora daily are arriviug Iron,
Deadwood and the Black Hills. They all
are pleased with our lively town and pros
pects and generally drive their stakes here.
- -
Deer Lodge Items.
[New Northwest, July 22th.]
There will lie twenty-eight bridges on the
Northern Pacific railroad between Little
TSinni-Oyyyf ««a
Diaektoot and Missoula.
Con Kohrs, Esq., left for Sun river this
w eek to inspect bis herds. If the market
keeps up lie expects to sell $60,000 to $70,000
vvo . rt î 1 of steers this foil
i A letter to Mrs. J. E. Dickey trom Mrs.
Cornforth, of Silver Star, says that about
July 15th, Samuel Wright, an old resident,
I was fntallir ininr»d l.\- «ftil« ^ Ul'
" or ^ 1 °* s ^ eers ^ 1S ^ a ^
was fatally injured by a kiln falling on him
He laid from 5 p. m. until 9 a. m. next day
before rescued, and died at 1 p. m. the same
Loss of a]
^petite,Nausea,bowels costive,
Fain in tl
teHead.with a dull sensation in
cli nation to e x ertion of "body or m ind,
Ir ritability of temper. Low spirits, Logs
o f memory, with a feeling o f h aving neg
lecte d 80m e~ duty, w earinesa , ï>izzine8a.
Fl uttering oftSe Heart, Do ts before the
eye», Yellow Skin, Head i che, Reatless
ness at night, highly colored Urine.
TUTT'S PILLS are especially adapted to
such cases,one dose effects ouch a change
of feeling as to astonish the sufferer.
They Increase the Appetite, aud cause tbe
body to Take on Flesh, thus the system is
nourished, and by tbeirTouie Action on the
Digestive Organs. Regular Stools are pro
duced. Price £ cents. 33 91 nrray St, Jf.lC.
Ghay Hair orXViwsKicas rh&ngid to a Glossy
Black by a single application of ibis Dyk. It
imparts a natural color, acts Im fimtaneously.
Hold b, Druggists, or sent by expreiH on receipt of f 1.
Office, 35 Murray St., New York.
C »r. TCTTS IIAM U af Vslublr l.farasll.. sti h
Cnèhl *«tl«t» «111 b. Billd I REt es ■ppllrali»*. f
Harding, Martin & Cn,
98 Federal Street,
Boston, - - - - Mass.
„ „ ,
Ies !7' j Iardl *7' Martlu & Co * Wl11 not l>e in the
" 001 Market m Montana as purchasers the presen
But they Solicit Consignments of;
Wool, to which they will give
their Best Attention.
They will advance three-quarters of the
Boston Market Value on Draft, with
Bill of Lading Attached.
Their terms are five per cent, commissio
interest charged at the rate of seven percent, per
annum on advances. dxw3m-my7
I am prepared to pay the
Delivered at Helena, Terminus of Utah & Northern
Railroad, or Fort Benton.
d<tw2m-.jel5 PaRIS GIBSON.

feW . STOMACH ^ ^
I'eeble and »iekly Persons
Recover their vitality by pursuing a course of Dos
tetter's Stomach Bitters, the most popular invig- j
orant and alterative medicine in use. General de- !
bility, fever and ague, dyspepsia, constipation, !
I rheumatism, and other maladies are completely J
: removed by it. Ask those who have used it what ■
ll lias d° ,,e t° r them.
For Sale by all druggists and Dealers generally,
Civil and Mining« Engineer and Surveyor,
tt a Land Attorney for Minin«* an h
u - »• Ajana ^« orne y f° r Mining and
Agricultural Claimants, and
j Notary Public.
: „ , _ -
:EXolo:tL **' d t " tf Montana.
' "
fWtifirp+PQ nf Dmincit Wan+ori
! U VVd - ULtJU -
Deputy Surveyors who desire to make surveys
UIlder ^ Revised statutes, wiil be ad
vauced the required deposits and their certificates
taken at market rates, by the undersigned.
1 Address D. H. Talbot, Sioux City, Iowa.
Reference—First National Bank, Sioux Citv. Iowa.
dawlm-jylS D. H. TALBOT.
j —
! -
A graded band of sheep, consisting of about 1,200 ,
°, ver °! ,e > [ ei iL old ' alj ^? l,t 30(1 y ear üng Ewes,
I 4 °.? UCkS , X earli . n « a ! ld tWO-year-old
wethers, and about 900 Lambs, all acclimated and
over nine-tenths native sheep of Montana Terri- !
tory, yearling heavy fleeces "Fine Medium Wool," j
located in the vicinity of Helena, M. T., are for J
sale. For particulars inquire of or address the
Herald office, Helena, M. T. d<fcwlf-jy7
Head of Main and Bridge Streets,
BLAKE BROS., Proprietors.
For the use of Lawyers, Justices of
the Peace, Conveyancers, Survey
ors, Agents, Owners and Les
sors of Real Estate, <Ssc.
THE HERALD lias in Stock tlie following
blanks. They are neatly printed, with red ruling
for a border. Tlie forms have lieen carefully pre
pared by a lawyer, are in conformity wth tlie
statutes of the Territory, and are applicable to any
county in Montana :
for Attachment ; Undertaking on Attachment; Writ
of Attachment ; Notice of Appeal ; Undertaking on
Appeal ; Affidavit for Publication of Summons; Or
der for Publication of Summons; Affidavit,Order and
Notice for Examination of Witnesses; Undertaking
on Claim and Delivery of Personal Property ; Exe
cution ; Deposition ; Sheriff's Sale ; Summons.
GENERAL BLANKS. — Deed—Warranty;
Deed—Bargain and Sale; Deed—Quit Claim ; Deed
—Mining Claim ; Notice of Location—Quartz ; Ap
plication for Patent ; Certificate of Incorporation ;
Mortgage ; Chattel Mortgage; Assignment of Mort
gage ; Power of Attorney ; Lease ; Bond.
PRICE OF ABOVE BLANKS—10 ets. each ; 12
for S1.00 • 100 for S7.G0. On orders for 200 blanks
($14.00) and upwards, a discount of 25 per cent, will
be nllowed. Postage paid on all orders by mail.
Also, the following Blanks on hand at $5.00
Pek Hi ndked w Ith same Discoi NT on Orders for j
|7)i> iTSTici' ( .„,n T w -, , ... . !
* , . ■* * 0" r,t of Attach
meut; l ndertaking on Attachment ; Affidavit for,
Attachment; Summons; Summons for Juror;
Juror; Subpoena.
Acknowledgments, " Man and Wife," $3.00 per
hundred; Acknowledgments, "Single," $2.50 per
hundred. Twenty-five per cent, discount on orders
200 and upwards.
Address. FISK BROS.,
Helen«, M. T.
A Thorough Blood Pnrlfler. A Tonic Ap
petiser. Pleasant to the taste, invigorating to
the body. Ttie most eminent PHYSICIANS
recommend these Bitters for their enrative
Trial Size, 50c. Full Size (largest in market) 61.
For the Kidneys. Elver and Urinary
Organs, use nothing but '«WARNER*» SAFE
UNRIVALLED. Thousands owe their health and
happiness to it. 19'We offer "Warner's Safe Tonie
Bitters" with equal confidence.
cLfcwIy-dec9 Rochester, N. Y.

Bind», etc.
Onivanity of
Forth« cum
of Nervous and
far r—len l U Mi *mt Trial fcefbre Pietoilag.
suffering from Nervous Weaknesses, General
DeMlIty, Does of Nerve Force or Vigor, or any
di s cs a o resulting from Abcsis and Other Causes,
or to any one afflicted with Rheumatism, Neu
ralgia. Paralysis, Spinal Difficulties, Kidney or
Liver Troubles, Lame Back, and other Diseases ot
the vital Organs. Also women troubled with Dis
eases peculiar to their sex.
Speedy relief and complete restoration to health
guaranteed. These are the only Electric De
vices nr Appl iances that have ever been
constructed upon scientific principles.
Their thorough efficiency has been pracncally
proven with the m e at wonderful snrrras. and
they have the highest endorsements from
the moat eminent medical mad ad entitle
men of America. Send at once for book giving
all »formation free. Address the manufacturers,
Cor. Michigan At. tad Jackson St., Chicago, III.
An electric appliance commended and used by
the Medical profession because of its giving th'e
1 mild, continuous current and concentrating its
power upon nerve and muscular centers. Suffer
I ers from Rheumatism, Nervous Debility, Kidney
1 and Bladder difficulties, Sciatica, Weak Back, and
1 the numerous nervous disorders so common in
these high altitudes, are requested to send for our
j illustrated book upon Medical Electricity, or
! curing diseases withont drugging the stomach,
J penalty of excesses and dissipation, and who nave
■ been misled by so-called dispensaries, restoratives,
&c., to you we say yon can be restored, and espeei-
ally request that you get our book, "Three types
of Men," containing facts (not arguments) that all
should know. Enclose 6 cents postage. Consulta-
tions at offices, or by mail, free. American Gal-
vanic Co., 359 Larimer st., Denver, Colorado,
Met Satisfaction Everywhere,
KINNA & JACK, Sole Agents for Montana.
Which will lie made up in fine style and the liest of
workmanship. Parties wanting any real costume
clothing, will do well to give me a trial,
__ ___ d<fcw6m-mv2
(SucecMaor.to S. Levine, tailor.)
Having bought tlie entire establishment from
Levine & Loe wen berg, and having on hand a fine
selection of the latest patems, consisting of
Soliciting a very liberal share of patronage from
the community and the surrounding country, I am
very respectfully, yours,
Remember the old Maud, opnoMlte th<
Cosmopolitan Hotel. Main St., Helena
Montana. dawly-jy IS

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