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President** Condition.
I xhitivk Mansion, Washington, Au
i.ai ' • -- • — —
„u-H-The President's condition to-night I
is not as favorable as desired. There are re-1
newed apprehensions as to his recovery. The ;
a*.. ..
ur .reons endeavor to allay them, but do not
l ( , nV there is more danger to-night than
[],, j, ;t st two nights. The rise in his tem
... ituIV and pulse were very marked this
and tin* fever came earlier and
, ,1 longer. There are fears of another
a , u , I)r>, Hamilton and Agnew are
! lii-rr. and will remain until there is a
tin- tli 1 .' better. There will be a care
at ion to-morrow morning, and an
„I, ss ,l,o ,„„1,.,,, gets Hindi hot- j
Hi, Hites says positively that
„I is inc h hotter than last night,
no danger ot another pus j
W ;l>
ut 1 1 is assertion is discredited in
rtcis. and there is much anxiety for
<if to-morrow's developments,
mi. Mansion, Washington, Au
:',0 a. m.—T'lie 1'resident passed a
]»• night and slept without an
The rise of temperature yesterday
sulfided during the evening and
ar at any time through the night,
i lie appears better than yesterday
I'n94: temperature. 98; res
I). \V. BUSS.
.1. K. BARNES.
.1. .1. WOODWARD.
i). II. AGNEW.
; . ,ng. and shortly after thc morning lml
1,1111 \\;> issued lie was etherized. Tlie in
1 i-i ,i, extended downwaid and forward, and
;l , , uniter opening made into the track of the
|. ; dl In-low the margin of the 12th rib. which
it is bcli
He Imre the operation well. lie has now re
,,,.1 red from the effects of etherization and
1 - in excellent condition.
si-nol. i D. W. BLISS,
Washington, August 8.— During the past
tin- President lues periodically experienced a
rise of temperature, indicating another ob
strnetion to the flow of pus. A surgical
1 w ill effect tlie desired object.
operation was performed at J o « lot k this : (
liiornimr by Dr. Agnew, assisted by all the 1
surgeons in attendance, by which free com
munication between the pus cavities and the ;
surface of the body has been established.
The operation was performed under the in- ■
fluence of ether. Thc President endured it
well, and at this hour (10:30 a. m.) is doing j
as well as could be hoped.
Executive Mansion. Washington, Au
gust 8—1 p. m.—Thc necessity for an opera
lion, which was performed upon thc Presi
dent this morning, became apparent to the 1
surgeons yesterday, when they found that |
p < * '. , *. . . , I
ihe drainage tube ol the size at 1 er o use
no longi-r be passed a!ong .he traek o
the hall between the ribs. The process ot
.rmnnhiinn it ti,of ltoint had cone so far as
to* partially close* the orifice, and the ribs !
]!n vented the pushing aside* of the flesh 1
i which was liealing between them) enough
si that a tube could he iutroduced. The re- '
alt of this state of things w as that pus
suit Ot tills state Ol Illings «a» i»»«> j
formed in the deeper parts of the wound j
rather fluster than it could escape through
the half obstructed opening between the -,
ribs, and its gradual accumulation began to
„luse disturbance. It was therefore decided j
to make a new opening into the track of tlie !
hall below the last rib. so that the ribs should
no longer prevent keeping an opening of the ■
wound by the solid backing which they af
forded to the granulating flesh between them, j
The operation was performed at the request j
of the other surgeons by Dr. Agnew. As :
soon us the patient had been put under the ^
influence of either, a long and slightly curved :
instrument was introduced into the wound,]
--------------------------- # !
pushed between the ribs and carried down- j
______1 .1___ a 1__A_____1- «r 4l»A Knllnt until it !
incision below the twelfth rib, cutting until
his knife met the end of the first mentioned
ward along thc track of the bullet until it
could he felt below tlie lust rib from the out- j
side. Holding this instrument in the wound j
as a guide, Dr. Agnew then made a cautious |
instrument at its point, where lie w'ished to
intersect the track of the ball. The opera
tion was not a difficult or dangerous one, and
the patient bore it and the etherization ex
tremely well. There is now an opening to
deeper parts of the wound, which does not i
pus between the ribs and which always can
be kept free, and no further trouble with
accumulation ot pus is anticipated. Since
accumulation ot pus is anticipated
the operation the patient has rested quietly
and is now asleep. His pulse at this hour is
100 and he has neither fever nor any other
unfavorable symptoms.
Executive Mansion, Washington, Au
gust 9—8:30 a. m.—Notwithstanding the ef- ;
fects of yesterday's operation the President
slept the greater part of the night. This
morning at 8:30 his pulse is 98: temperature,
99.8 ; respiration, 19. Since yesterday after
noon small quantities of liquid nourishment,
given at short intervals, have been retained,
iv vu ai snort intervals, nave wau
nd this morning large quantities are being
administered, with gastric disturbance. !
C„K aoo, August S.—The inter ' W '
........ ....
vuu snows a inarKen liiiinoYc-iiicaav —---
«■ mlnre, and the respiration ia nonnal and ;
-1 . T , ,, j v cool
(Zac, yZr-OrtniiVdlage.
let in shows a ma
lx ratlire, and the i
pulse- 94. The weather is very cool.
Washington sjx-cial says: The Doctors saj
tfiattho operation this morning was slight
and the result satisfactory. Either was in
haled and an incision started at the month
that made bv I)r. Agnew three weeks ago,
*1 >—d below the twelfth rib to a june
bon With the track of tlie ball, instimd of j
alxive it, ns in the c: use of the previous ineis
•on. Two ounces of pus was liberated.
Indian Fight.
Denver, August 3.—The Tribune's Los
\ egas special says : A special from Socorro,
N. M., says an engagement between renegade
Apaches and ranchers and Mexicans has
— ««« anu iviexieans nas
just taken place on lied creek, in the San
Mateo Mountains. Seven Mexicans were
wounded, one of whom died this moraine
ounded, one of whom died this morning.
The government scouts who arrived here this
morning report the Indians, who are sup
posed to be under the leadership of Payne,
as coming north and killing everything in
their way. A large number of defenceless
whites are reported killed already, and there
can lie no mercy expected for those yet to be
encountered. Four sheep herders were mas
sacred in the the San Mateo Mounta
------------- ------- ai ns, and
other sheep men are missing i
A Inter dispatch from Cnpt. Jack Crawford I '
at Fort Craig says that at 11 a. m. Thursday I
the Indians jumped Mitchell's party of ten i
Americans and twenty-six Mexicans, out
Iront Chloride Cith with a train in Red can
their trail.
Heat in iTlinois.
( - 1{ lc vt;0| August 3___The weather this !
afternoon is very hot, the thermometer rang-1
ing up to 941°. Some thermometers about A
tlie city range as high as 98° in the shade— ;
the record for the summer
Chicago, August 4. —The
heat continues
thermometer, 93
The weather, which has j
but tlie ground, especially where it is high
and sandy, is greatly in need of rain.
. .
Mississippi Democratic Convention.
. . . ,
Jackson, August 4.— The Democratic!
.. ,, ,. , . , . , , n .
state Convention adjourned last night alter
^ ie ballot. Ten ballots have been taken
, „ .. ,,
to-day so far without definite result. The !
, : ,, , , . t. 1 i 1
last ballot stood: Stone, 10G; Barksdale, j
... . ... ^ ,, 10 , P1 1
9G: Wcatherstonc. 23: Calhoun. 18. There ;
is e\ ulentlv a dead-lock.
turns are all one way. It is impossible to j
estimate the majority, but the State has gone j
overwhelmingly against prohibition. As far |
as heard from, not a single county has been j
North Carolina Election.
Wilmington, August 4.—The election re
( . lirr iorl by the Prohibitionists. j
_ ________ ________ j
Temperance Congress.
Saratoga. August 4—The Temperance
Congress, held under the auspices of the
State Temperance Society, began a four days
session to-day Addresses were made by IT. ,
S. Senator Blair of New Hampshire, and:
Neal Dow. ^ ________'
Boston, August 4.—The Catholic Total
Abstinence National Union, in session here :
a( i 0 pt c d resolutions approving the splendid
wor k (j 01ie by temperance women and cadet j
^ 4
S0L . ieties 0 f the country in furtherance ot I
tempcralK ,. The clerp and press are heart |
j]y thanked for their aid, and resolutions of j
i,„„i «fitmi ctm^rlo in ;
^lo ted " !
^ ^ ^ ere at 0p _____
A Forger and Bigamist. [
New York, August 4.—A Tribanne Lake j
Wood, N. J , special says : Thomas Marvin,
..W~| .I.»-,»!«.»«.'.—--------- ------ —• \
who married and deserted a young lady of j
Richmond, Ya., last month, is identified as
it a n -__ a m if___' --,1__IfWlv moi*.
the Albert T. Marvin who on July 10th mar
ried a young widow of Lake Wood and short
ly after abandoned her. On Tuesday a tele
gram was received here from the Chief ot
Police of Richmond accurately describing |
the Lake Wood man, and saying that if he
appeared his arrest was desired. The tele
gram removes all doubt as to the identity ot
j Thomas Marvin and Albert T. Marvin, con
: sequently he is now wanted in Richmond for
^ forgery and in New Jersey for biga my.
: Sentenced.
New yoRK August 4._Geo. Y aiker, of]
! lUitn, Allouai i. v»w. j
j Boston who a bducted a child seven years of j
! - - » • • i_____
>v est ~>ew iu.\, x»., "'j'" J
have been arrested on suspicion of being the
, ... » i I
murderers and thieves who were discot ered
j.^ from in frout of her p are nts' residence in
j cit y wa8 ^ntenced to the State prison
j ^ y ears
| ------ ——► *•—
at McKeesport last night, and who escaped
after killing one man and wounding several
others. ^
Thieves Unearthed.
Pittsburg, August 2. —A thieves'den was ■
unearthe( j tOH ] ay by McClune, a hardware *
u i, n bad suffered from their work,
merchant who had suffered from their work,
and the thieves opened fire, killing McClune,
mortally wounding one officer and seriously
wounding two. Some 200 people are on the
j track of the murderers.
Destructive Fire
Deadwood, August 3.—A fire early this j
morning in the lower part of the city, known j
» F-»«» OW- to SL tKC ^;-r:
buildings. Loss about $100,00«, sma.
surauce. Many families eocaped
their night clothes. The fire broke out in
c • „ I
YVilliams' grocery louse. t
! known.
Forest Fires.
; econ ]taVi wis tUc northern part ol' that
' peninsula has been damaged consider.^,
^ '»'V - !
.—------ * - • llt
; tog now harder than ever, running m
and uncut timber, and threatening immense
The peopic are aerioueiy ».armed,
Deduction iu Mail Service.
August 6— Second Assist
* h *' pimer reports a net
ant Postmaster-G and gteamboat ]
reduction in e qmoU nting toS314,- '
ma.1 b . I
j <M, and that ginfc Marc j, !
reduction and diseon mu ;
4th is $1,3 »
Railroad War.
New York, August 2.—Some roads are
selling tickets to Chicago with rebates. The
actual fare in all cases is $7. Freights are
utterly demoralized.
' """f »/T 1
«***' ^
logK a, ' on the narirm.
i i.m- ». .1
"Herald" and "limes" on the
Railroad War.
New York, August 3,-The Herald and
TVmcSjicach in leading editorials, declare that '
the only remedy for the war of rates grow- 1
ing out of the abuses of railroad management
is to be found in legislation, and the only |
effective legislation must come from Wash
ington. The Herald says much may be done !
by State enactments, and what can be done 1
should he done by every State. I
The Times says it kn only be secured
Saratoga Race
Time, 1:15.
In thc 0110 and five-eighths mile race, Fob
won ' Lon g tame Herbert 3d. Time, 2:49].
Saratoga, August 4.-In the first race,
A | irce < ^ ua ^ ei m ^ 0, Tuho won, Y ampiie ~d, i
Lo adere 3d. Time 1-15' 4 .
In thc one and a quarter mile race, Get
Away veil, Golding 2d, Fair Count 3d. Time,
Mortality in New York.
New \ ork, August •». — Ihe llcruld says
the rapiditv with which children are dyin&
1 * , _ _ ,. .
tins summer in New York and Brooklyn is a
. .. , .
subject of considerable concern. Malaria 011
... . , ,
ad ^i<lvs. îowcvtr, is mij pina m , .uu
thousands of adults are suftering who never
. . , .
'felt its eftects betöre. Lvery one is asking,
. , .
What is the cause?' 7
..... .
New* York, August i.-iht
and Sunday morning, sixty of which were j
caused by the heat. There are a surprising !
number of deaths from scarlet fever and
diphtheria—as many as in winter.
Heavy Storni.
Y ouk, August 2.—There w as a heavy !
Tribune says
there were 148 deaths Saturday afternoon
.'"""' ''""7' • » . • J !
storm along the Hudson iivei last evening.
Much damage was done by hail in many j
New* Y'ork, August 3.—Governments are
strong and one-eighth higher. There was a
strong bull movement in Louisiana consols,
owing to heavy purchases lately in London,
Stocks generally are higher, though there
were several reactions.
v. _____ j
stnifk by l, K l,tn,n K and a.voral
lnjnra . ^ — ———
ß £ Me., August 3.—The Indian at- [
^ ^ ^ ^ 3 , n81 was j
, The hln<-k fort was airain oc
orated °' da ^' The block tort was again oc (
copied by sett tiers, and was again, surprised ,
and burned by "savages." Addresses and a j
parade followed.
Brewlr.^ War. j
St. Louis, August 3.-A brewers'war has j
öl. liUUis, August a .—a .»«*»»»« |
which threatens to be bitter and de- j
struct i V e of the rates. All the breweries of j
_ . - ». » .» i i i* ii . vit* i
the city, have been burned. The loss is not
the city have followed the lead of the Win
kelmeyer Brewery and reduced the price
from $6 to $7 per barrel
Stock Yard Purchase.
»St. Louis, August 3.—It is reported from
East St. Louis this afternoon that Jay Gould
has purchased a controlling interest in the
National stock yards.
------- -♦
Augusta, Mich., August 3. —Fourteen
buildings, comprising the business part of
j known. _
„ .
The Chinese Students.
New Y'ork, August 6.—The Post's Wash
ington special says: It is reported that in
J d f the return of the Chinese students in
u . . .. .
I this country. It is believed at any rate that

this order will ultimately be reconsidered.
There is a suspicion that the refusal of our
government to permit the Chinese youth to
! enter our military schools in large numbers
! had something to do with the recall.
Spotted Tail Killed..
Deadwood, August 6.—A Pioneer special
from Pine Ridge Agency, Neb., says : Crow
Dog, captain of the police at Rosebud Agency,
shot and instantly killed Spotted Tail about
3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. There had
been an ill feeling between them for some
time. Crow Dog went to Fort Niobrara un
ume. uvn uvg ..tu* w ----------—
j furt b er developments. Trouble is antici
j j)ated
Générai Arthur,
îïEWPOBT, R. L, August6.—Vice President
^ ^
Providence, R. I., August 7.—General
Arthur is at West Island

Sharks Caught.
sew York, Auaurt 8,-Th». morn^r
sliarks were caught to-day in the North and
East Kr«_
! Ar,esin " w
ell Boriug ou the Plains.
; on me nains.
_ _ . .... . .
New York, July 31.—A Washington spe
^^„„er Loring has requea
y of Greelev Colorado and
ted Prof. AVh.te, of Greeley, Coiorml», and
Prof. Aughey, Lincoln, Nebraska, to act as
Commissioners for the selection ot a site for
sinking experimental artesian wells in the
arid regions east of the Rocky Mountains,
] The area comprises the western portions of
' Dakota, Nebraska, a small strip of western
I Kansas, the eastern portion ofMontana, Wy
! omi ng, Colorado and New Mexico and about
; one -thir<l of Texas.
Indian Alfairs.
Washington, August 9.—The Indian
Bureau has received official information of the
killing of Spotted Tail at Rosebud Agency
last Friday by Crow Dog, another Sioux
cmei. No particulars have been received.
There has been a bad feeling between these
two chiefsfor a long time, and recently the
? ecretar y of the Interior ordered Spotted
Tail to comc to Washington to council with
tke Department nbout the Sioux. The De
P artment thinks that Crow Do b r S ot J^ous
^P°Med Tail s prominence and influence,
as the latter was killed tlie vor - v da >' he was
to start for Washington. Crow Dog was
ta P tain ot ' the V° Vwc at 1{oeebltd A - enc ^
When S l )otted Tail and Crow Dog were in
Washington together the last time there was
bad blood between them and they carried
pistols lor each other. Spotted Tail was am
bitious to become chief of all the Sioux, and
Crow Dog was an aspirant for high honors in
........... . ...... .
Indians, but a few months ago was restored. !
T l,e Indians hate him, and have protested ]
against his being pineal <>\ei them. The In
dians are so much dissatisfied that, it is said,.
they will not remain at ''
Agency. Eastman, the agent, was once re
moved because of his unpopularity with the j
Eastman is in charge.
Tlie Indian Bureau has information that
investigation to-day G. YV. Bryant, Meltei
and Refiuer of the Carson Mint, was the
principal witness. He bad obtained sonic
bullion at tlie Carson Mint from the Nortli
ern Belle by remittin
the refining charges
on it, but found that he could not work it
without loss to the government. On notify
ing Mr. Lowe, of the Anglo-California Bank,
that charges would have to he imposed, the
bullion was taken away from the Carson i
Miut. Bullion from the Northern Belle went
through Carson en route to San Francisco,,
i )U ( ij| 0V could not obtain it, although they !
p aa | the same prices as the San Francisco j
g AN Francisco, August 9.—In the Mint :
investigation, Blanchard, counsel for Con
gressman Page, stated that Low, of the An
glo-California Bank, to whom the mint
^ iargcs A ./iwü! , 1 ,l!i
by Wm . Als0 ,„at a con
spjracy had licen formed by Low, Dodge and I
the late Director of the Mint, Landerman to
enable Low to profit unlawfully in the j
Northern Belle's bullion. After a wrangle
between the counsel the question was taken i
under consideration by the commission, to !
be hereafter determined according to thc de- :
velopments of the investigation. Several,
witnesses testified to the discharge of mint
employes by Dodge because they were friends
of Page. __ ^ ^ . . _
Maine Democratic Convention.
Lewiston, August 4.—At the 2d Congres
sional district Democrat i c Convention, after
the temporary organization, Gov. Garcelon
made a advising the indorsement of
Washington Gilbert, the Greenback candi
date, or an adjournment without making a
nomination. He had the
+.Yiot it* tV»A crrppnllflpVpiM
pledge of Gilbert
that if the greenbaekers assisted the Repub
licans in the organization of the House he
would resign. The convention refused to
adopt either course, and after the permanent
organization Franklin Reed was nominated
by acclamation. The resolutions endorse the
Cincinnati platform and the administration
of Governor Plaisted, and execrate the at
tempted assassination of President Garfield.
Virginia Democratic Convention.
Richmond, August 4.-The Conservative
Democratic State Convention met at noon,
T V ctnHHfl in ihe chair After half an
J. N. Stubbs in the chair. After 1 al a
hour's recess several delegates reported and
the committees were formed. There was
then another recess. On reassembling, tlie
committee on permanent organization made
a report, and Thomas S. Babcock was made
President. The Convention then adjourned
till 8 o'clock.
From New Zealand.
San Francisco, August 8. —Advices from
Aukland, per steamer Zealander, July 16,
says : A destructive flood and water-spout
at Thames did damage to the town amount
ing to $50,000. One life was lost. Much
damage is reported from outlying districts.
On Mav 29th the vessel May Queen an
* T 1^4 K 4 1
chored at Oaba Island to obtain laborers..
, , , « ,, ,
The natives killed two boats crews of blacks
and one white man.
An American and a Frenchman, named
respectively Brett and Folloit, were killed
by the natives at New Britain last February.
Funeral of ex-Governor Bagley.
Detroit, August 9.-The funeral of ex
Governor Bagley was very largely attended
yesterday afternoon. Large delegations were
present from all parts of the State, including
Senator Ferry, Governor Jerome and man}
n.» J Cfn in aAi Diolu Aîflliv t limi —
past and present State officials. Many thou
sand people lined the streets through which
| fa. en d cortege
j Asiatic Cholera.
Chicago August 8.—A special says that
the people of Fennimore, Wis., are terribly
, me pcupic ui i-cuum««»., ...» -------- j
excited over a genuine case of Asiatic cholera,
- f'. . , ,
cut reenlted latally with Alvnon Palmer,
a resnlent of that village, Saturd.av. .
Extensive Bobbery.
New Y'ork, August 9.—The robbery of
$40,000 worth of securities from the office of
Z ' ,. T , 0 ^ _ T . .. v
J. C. Y\ al<»tt & Co., No. 4~ Broad street, was
reporte<l on YVall street this morning.
vmiuuu .. -------
OTTAWA, August 9.—The weather the past
few weeks has been very severe on children.
Canada Weather.
Liverpool, August 2.—McGrath and Me- j
Kavitt having pleaded not guilty to the j
indictment charging them with having at- j
tempted to blow up the town ball, tlie jury ; \
found them guilty ot causing the explosion , 3
with intent to endanger life and damage the j
town ball, and McGrath was found guilt\ ol ; a
haying knowledge of the explosion at the j
police office in May last. McGrath was sen- ,
tenced to penal servitude for life and McKa- j
vitt for fitteen years.
Land I eugue Meeting.
Dublin, August 2.—At the meeting of j
the Land League to-night l'amell said it |
would be the duty of the League to select
cases in different parts of Ireland to see w liat j
the land commissioners were going to do and j ^
how much they were going to lower the
rents. That would be a crucial test whereby j
the working of the bill would stand or fall. ;
I 1 o 1
! rate of four inches an hour.
] Sceret consistory.
Rome, August 4.—The Pope to-day held a
sccr( q consistory, at which twenty-two Car
ance, although her main boom was broken
j and the crew said she was leaking at the
dinal were present. The l'ope referred to
! the recent disturbances. He declared that
I the disturbances proved that the vicar of
ty in
The Viceroy of India
don. August 4
telegraphs as follows concerning Indian at
News from Candahar states that the !
country is quiet. Tlie report from Lahore
that nineteen Lazaras and others had been
murdered by Afghans befor
arrival in Candaliar is untrue.
Crops in Roumania.
i Blcharest, August 4,-Tlic crops in R 011 -
mania have for a long time promised an ex
cell ont harvest, but the blight, while the
! wheat was ripening, destroyed thousands ol
j acres, leaving a great part not worth gather
ing, and the production ot l g 81 will he less
: tka11 ka ^ an avera ge yield ,
Avob Khan's •
Gambetta. .
r „ . x . ,, , .. !
Tours, August 4.— Gambetta arrived to -1
, , , », ;
day, and was enthusiastically cheered by an
crowd of people.
Made.d, Augllat 4.-The Ii.fi.nta Malia j
I will shortly be married to an Austrian Arch- j
- — - — •
duke, brother of Christine. The Princes
j Eulalia is barely 17, and her betrothed is still
beardless. The young people fell in love
i with each other during a recent visit ol the
! Archduke to Lagranji. The wedding will
: probably take place in Madrid in December.
Found Guilty.
. nvrww Ancmst 4_In tlie Central Crinii
! n>ll c ourtt ö-day the voting Irishman, Patrick
j w^Zind guil.y of threat- !
■ * ' . T , ■ , m , -, i
■ ing to kill the Secretary for Ireland (Forster) |
| unless be Pleased the Irish prisoners and j
j resigned his office. The verdict was accom
j pauied with a recommendation to mercy,
j Counsel for the Crown said that Forster de
( sire d the lightest sentence consistent with
° 0
justice be passed upon the prisoner. Sentence
j was jiostponed.
Irish Land Bill.
London, August 4.—The Liberal leaders j
in the House of Lords, except Earl Granville,
had a conference with Gladstone lasting over
an hour to-day to ascertain what amend
ments to the land bill the government are
willing to accept. Earl Granville was pres
ent in the House of Lords to-day although
he had to be wheeled to his seat. Lord
] Denman's motion for the rejection of the
. . . .
; W «« «» 'he House going into committee
to-day, was rejected^without division. ,
, Dublin, August 4.— The Freeman s Jour- 1
. bdieves that Forster will resign as soon :
j '"l assent. !
^ tne lanu 0111 reteivesuie ruyai
A Pastoral.
Dublin, August 8. —A pastoral by Arch
bishop McCabe was read in all the chapels of
the archdiocese of Dublin on Sunday. The
Archbishop says : "We must raise our voice
even at the risk of being misunderstood by
friends and misrepresented by enemies and
warn the people against the alarming im
pending danger. Some months ago, when
an alliance between Ireland and the w*orst
infidels of Paris was conrted by unauthor
ized agents, our Catholic instincts recoiled
from the dishonoring union. Similar at
< . . »
tempts are now being made." The pastoral
r . »
I adds, Secret societies are deadly enemies to
j ' .
1 domestic peace and nation.al prosperity."
| Application Granted,
; Dublin, August 4.-The Land Court graat
! e d the application for the liberty of substi
tute service of writs in different parts of the
county of Limerick, on the ground that ser
j yice could not be effecte d in the usual way
| 0W j Q g to tbe s t a t e of the country. Facts
were state d showing the ill-usage that pro
-------- w *
I cess servers received, and the danger of the j
. j^. e 0 f one persisting in an effort to effect
— ! » « . . •
; a j e g a j service,
Pxris, August 4.—Morton, the newly ap-,
pointed U. S. Minister to France, was pre-,
1 . v J
; sented to Phillaire, thc French Minister ot
! Foreign Affairs, yesterday. Morton, and
j ****"**"' j .....- -------- ----,
; Gen. Noyes, the retiring Minister, will have
! .. " ... D • » f a
an audience with President Grevy to-mor- ,
row, when they will present credentials and
= .ettera of recall reepeet.vely.
letters of recall respectively.
~ „
of * w ,ns ° e r ° r>< *
of Angaat 4.-Emperar I raneis i
Joseph was enthusiastically received by the
}[e drove at 03ce to the residence of
people. 11 C uivu- ill UJIC tu tue iwiueuto VI
r i . a * .
Emperor William, who advanced to met 't
him. Thc Emperors embraced affectionately i
an( j remained in conversation in the castle
1 for three-quarters of an hour.
Loss of an American Vessel.
Capetown, August A— 1 The American
sliip Calcutta, Capt. Smith, front Cebu, l'ltil
lippi ne Islands, May 3, for Boston, was total
\ y wrecked on tlie coast of Kaffaria on the.
3 q 0 f Only three of the crew were
savo d. The Calcutta sailed from Cebu with
a ç ar g 0 of sugar and liemp, valued at about
$->00.000, Shipped by File, Hubbell A Co., of
Minala, Fliillippine Islands. There were
500 tons of - Cel)U sugar consigned to the Bos
ton sugar refinery, which is owned by the
corporation, and 370 bales of hemp consigned
^ allett. llamelen, W all street, New Y 01 k.
" as owned hy E. Law renee, j 1 ..
of ,ioston - She "; ls chartered in January
* ra ot New \ ork, but subsequent
^ r det. 1 bo vessel and cargo are tally in
sured - ^ ^
Miscellaneous Foreign New n.
. . . , w
London, August 4— Irevelyn, Secretary
ters affecting foreign residents, said the gov
eminent had agreed to negotiate relative to a
revision of the treaty w ith Japan, and was
now in communication with other treatv
powers 011 the subject.
A dispatch from Durban sa\» the Trans
vaal convention lias been signed and that the
government of that territory w ill be trans
ferred to tlie Boers on Monday next. In the
House of Commons, Gladstone gave confirma
tion of the news of the signing ol
vaal convent ion.
London Ranks.
London, August (!.—The Times
that the accounts of tlie load in.
points out
f London
banks and discount companies recently pub
lished contrasts strangely w ith the prevail
ing reports about depression of trade. I 11
tlie year ending June, 1881, there has been
an increase of about £8,000,000 in the aggre
gate deposits of tlie principal banks ; £5,500,
000 in deposits of the principal discount com
panies, with corresponding decrease in loans
and discounts, and an increase £2.500.000 in
Attack 011 the Jews.
Berlin, August 4.—Renewed attacks by
mobs on the shops and synagogues of Jews
are reported in various places in Pomerania.
, . . * ,
Some ol the-shops were wrecked. I he mobs
were dispersed by tlie police,
^ ^
Dillon Released.
leased on Sunday f™, Kiln,ainaing.,ad. He
clrovc lrolu the J ad uuo st ' r ' e •
Dublin, August 9. John Dillon appears
to be in his usual health. The government
has not intimated the reason for his release,
which was a surprise to both Dillon and the
Laud League. It is expected that he will
make his appearance at the meeting at
Longlee to-morrow, and then proceed to
London and resume his seat in Parliament
to participate in the land bill discussion.
HradlauglPs Case
London, August 9.—The Court of Com
mon Pleas lias granted Bradlaugli a nullc.niz
for a new trial in the case of Clark against
Bradlaugli. The action was to recover from
the defendant a penalty of £500 for having
sat and voted in Commons without taking
the oath. Bradlaugli is confined to his room
on account of injury to his arm received at
the time ot ' his recent expulsion from the
House of Commons.^ ^
Handicap Races.
Birmingham, August 9.— Saturday even
ing George, the pedestrian, won the 1,000
yards handicap in 2:18. This beats the best
amatuer record in the world, Myers having
done the same distance in 2:18.4-5. George
is going to the United States to compete
with Myers.
i uen »t "-The storv te pro
London, August 9. Ihe storj is pro
nounced a ridiculous hoax th.at the Pnnce
of Wales had been advised not to dine his
friends in his yacht in the Isle of Wight be
cause of a Fenian plot against his life.
Desperadoes Corraled.
Cincinnati, August 8. —Two deperadoes
(negroes) have been corraled by citizens of
Oakley and Madisonville, and their capture
is expected. Thc Commercial has 3,000 penny
subscriptions for their capture.
Assessor's Report.
Boston, August 3.—The City Assessors re
port that the city property has increased in
value $25,000.000 iu the past year. The rate
of taxation has been decreased lrom $15.20
to $13.90 per $1,000 for the coming year.
Bozeman Items.
(Avant Courier, Auguat 4.]
The hay harvest is drawing lo a close.
The yield is somewhat lighter than usual,
hut the quality is said to he excellent.
The county officers, this week, moved into
their new and commodious quarters in the
new and elegant county court house.
The work of damming Mystic Lake has
I ne >\orK ui Uiummug iujauc utinc non
j be g Ullj au d notice of claim is posted. As
some apprehension is felt by many, we trust
xt.««Jll V».\ H'aI 1 »1 /-»»a rv HA /loll OTOr
the w;ork will be well done, that no danger
of breaking of the dam may exist.
The statement that Gallatin valley will
not produce a quarter crop of grain this
season entitïed to credit Grain on
account of the unusually dry weather eaily
in the seasmi) Avill be rather short and light,
but the late rains arc developing lioth grain
............. ,7 x ,
and vegetables wonderfully, and we think it
safe to predict that not leas than two-thirds
, #f#ur P.^ , vi]1 ^ , hc
Colonel Miluor Roberts, the Northern
Pacifie engineer, well known here, died of
Pacific engineer, well known here, died of
fever at Rio Janiero on the 14th. He made
the first survey for that road across the main
me dbi eunq mi h»h i««i «u™ me man
i divide, recommending the rente near Mnl
Ians pass.
Tlie A. M- & S. Association, having made
---- • VA
all necessary arrangements, will hold its first
regrJip- Fall Races, on its grounds neur Boze
i ma n t commencing October 12th and eontinu
ing four days. Purses to the amount of
$2,550 have been guaranteed.

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