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From the Iteilv Herald of February 5.
v \cu Departure.
Alter near a score of years in the active
and energetic work ot running a planing
mill for all it was worth, and with the
prestige oi its l>eing the tirst ot its kind in
the Territory. Messrs. A M. Holter A: Hro.
have retired from the planing mill busi
ness iu Helena, and sold their machinery
and stock to Messrs. Ketchum. Zastrow A
Co., of this city. It was au eventful day
in Montana when Holter «Y Hro. were able
to «apply the demands of builders for
mat« hed tlooriug, moulding, and panel
doors when the-e matters of publie utility
were a luxury that few eould afford to
bring from the States. The planing mill
therefore of Holter Ac Hro. at that early
day was a public benefaction, and so ap
preciated by the early timers that it
-erred them greatly in building up the
towns aud supplied the proprietors with
the ready cash that lorined the nucleus ol
their present ample fortune.
Far these many years the planning mill
whistle in our town sounded the welcome
morning salutation of "all s well, except
when silenced by the contlagration of 1871
which destroyed the null building and par
alyzed its machinery. The same energy
that had made the mill a sucre«« soon
built another one and pro»ided it with bet
ter and more costly planers, saws and -
lathes. As it stands to-day. transferred to
Messrs Ketchum, Zastrow Ac Co., it is ca
llable of doing the Iwst of work and a great
deal of it in a given time, and as rapidly as
any other mill in the Territory.
Messrs. Ketchum, Zastrow Ac Co., the new
owners, are a firm well-known to our com
munity and are worthy successors of the
Holter Brothers who. for enterprise and
steadfastness of purpose, bear with them
in their retirement from this active busi
ness the substantial proofs of public j«at
ronage and approbation.
We wish the new owners of this valu
able property the success and prosperity
that their iudustry and enterprise so richly
merit, and the retiring firm all the results
attendant upon a successful, profitable and
active business life.
active business life.
special Ucttina ol the City Council.
Pursuant to a published call of the
Mayor, a *i»ecial meeting of the City
Council was held last night, Mayor Hund
ley presiding.
On motion of Alderman Cole, it was re
solved 'bat the City Treasurer lie instruct
ed to transfer all moneys of any fund in
the treasury to the general fund.
Two hills, one for $.'50.71 and the other
for $*1*J0. were ordered paid.
On motion of Alderman Cole, the Mayor
was authorized to procure the opiniou of
counsel, in addition to the City Attorney.
upoL tue rights of the city to the gronnd
occupied by the tlume in blocks 30 and .10.
Masonic Proceeding*.
The proceeding« of the Grand Bodge of
A. F. A: A. M., of Montana for the year
D-d, including the transactions of the 20th
annual Communication held at Bozeman.
October 1st and 2d. 18H1, hire just been
received. The style is uniform with pre
ceding volumes, ouly it lacks the picture
of the last G. M., much to the general re
gret. It contains Hid pages, including a
report on foreign correspondence aud the
name of e*ery member of all the lodges.
There were at the close of the last annual
Communication twenty-eight chartered
lodges, with a total membership of 1,138.
Two additional lodges have since lieen
organized under disinflation, one at Glen
dive and one ai Livingston.
Iliitte's l nregenerate.
The deplorable condition of Butte society
is thus depicted by an Inter-Mountain
writer : "There are more tramps, piek
jiockets. bummers, thieves, thugs, and
mnrderers in some parts of Butte to-day
than there are in all the rest of the Terri
tory combined. Scarcely a night passes in
your SilvenCity without a "gun play" or
without some poor wretch lieing knocked
down and "rolled" of everything he
)x»Messes. Tin reputable citizens of Butte
know little or nothing of the opium smok
ing, the deliaufhing. the blood letting, the
crime, and the total depravity which exist
in Butte. There arc hundreds of incipient
Con Murphys there ; men without visible
means of support, too lazy and worthless
to work, and who can earn a livelihood
only at the expense of honest men. This
element of Butte's population has doubled
within the past six months, and it is con
stantly increasing in number How the
wretches manage to exist is a mystery.
They receive no countenance nor support
from the mjuare gambling men. who un
derstand them to lie a thoroughly dis
reputable and dangerous set. and who are
probably as as anxious to rid the town of
them a* any other das« of citizens"
Hubs of the fniyerse.
W. D- Howells, the novelist, in "A Flor
entine Moaiac," February i'entury) having
said that "almost any would choose to
live in Florence if he did not live in Hod- !
ion, or New York, or Helena, Montana,"
our northern exchange, the Benton Hirer *
7Vo.*, is inspired to remark ; "We con
gratulate our neighboring city upon lieing 1
« lasse*. 1 with the other "hubs of the uni- j
verse." We judge the author must have ■
at some period drunk in its lieantiful
scenery or -«cue other e«iuallj inspiring
8. R. Buford. a Madison county stock- j
grower, claim* to have the premium calf of
the Territory. On the day it was ten
months old. it weighed nine hundred and
fifty pounds, aud was only in moderate fat.
The calf is a male, seven-eighths short
horn. end wu> bred by Capt. W. S. South- |
mayd. of npper Ruby valley.
It i* writ known that Dr Priee'sCreani Rutiug
1'cwilt-r ha* liceii made for many year* without
reducing it# atandatd of perfect purity, and that ,
th.-re is not another linking powder in the market '
that etui aiand so good a t* **t for effectiveness, J
hcalthfuJne*» and freedom front injurious sub- i
»taias-s. The test is in the family biscuit«« in the |
From the I tell v Mrr.nl of February 6.
More liiillroti from the Drum l.umnion
The hulIioD received yesterday by the
Merchants National Bank was the last of
the shipment* for runs made at the I)rmn
l.utnrnon mine for the month of January.
The aggregate run for the month, amount
ing to $75,000, is a very good -flowing. con
^jderinn that a portion of the stamps in the
pernumeaej of the great lode and the prac
great mill were hung up for a part of the
time for repair*, and which were left in
f»ad shape by the former management. As
it is. under the new management of R. T.
Hay lisa, the < General Manager, and Henry
Hratnoher. Superintendent, it is expected
that the mine aud mill will produce $100,
000 for the short month of Fehl uary.
From Mr. Ed. Delaney, who has spent a
month at Marysville, we learn that great
changes have been made by the new*
management in the interest of ttie stock
holders and for the credit ami reputation
of the mine itself. He also states that the
citizens of Marysville have reassured con
iidcnce in everything pertaining to the
ticability of the officers and men in charge
of every department. With Mr. Jtayliss as
General Manager and Henry Hratnoher as
Superintendent, every department runs
without the friction noticed in the former
management, which made things run un
pleasantly liewise of the preference shown
to classes an.l nationality. At present
there are no favorites, and a man, in what
ever capacity, who is competent and doesliis
duty will become a fixture lieeause of his
merits, and not because he is a favorite
countryman. Mr. I.uther is in charge of
the machinery, and Mr. Setten has control
of the i«ns and settlers, and the stamps
are under the management of a practical
machinist, who h»d the confidence of the
proprietors of the Alice mill at Butte.
It is with great satisfaction ami conti- ,
«lerne that the owners and stockholders
recognize in the new management a happy
family of practical miners, experts, man
agers, su|ierintemlents and machinists.
All that is wanted for such a bonanza as
the Drum l.iininion is the intelligent, prac
tical knowledge of «ach men as have charge
there now to make it one of the greatest
producer* of the precious metals in the
Important Sale.
Tae valuable property in the city known
as the Juuilio block, on the corner of
Broadway and Warren street, w as knocked )
off this morning, under a forced sale, at
#30.000 to Mrs. Elizabeth Yaw ter. Several
of the prominent capitalistsof Helena were
at the sale, running the property up from
$20,000 until it was hid off. The sale of
this property, end the price abtained for
it, is a very suggestive pointer to the value
of real estate in a central portion of the 1
city. As an investment the purchase is a
good one and it will bring 12 per cent in
terest in rents.
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
In the Herald's report of the proceed
ings of the Council of the .'id instant, Pres
ident Armstrong is credited with having
introduced certain hills relative to the cor*
porate authorities of Bozeman. The re
port should have stated that Armstrong
introduced C. B. 3d, an act to amend «je«;*
turn 1,219, ol' chapter 67, of* the fifth di-'
vision of the revised statutes ; C. B. 31, an
act to amend section 155, of chapter 2, of
first division of the revised statutes; C. B.
35, an act concerning liounty for killing
certain animals ; C. B. .'16, an act to amend
the second sub-division of section 211, of
chapter 19. of the third division of the re
vised statutes.
Comity AttorneyLaw.
A law providing for county attorneys is
generally sanctioned by the press and the
people of tbe Territory. Two bills looking
to this end are pending before the I.egis
latnre—ooe introduced by Kennedy, of
Missoula, aud another by l'orbis, of Silver
Bow*. The tormer is considered by many
the liest of these measures. It provides an
ulisolutc salary for the attorney, and also
that the officer shall receive tees for the
prosecution of misdemeanors before Justices
of the Peace and Probate Judge, to be
taxed as costs to the defemlant in case of
plea oi guilty or on conv iction. The Anr
Xtrrth-H'tid savs: "This bill will enable
the County Attorneys to appoint deputies
in other towns of the county than the
county seat, the deputies to receive the
lees ; whereas, if the County Attorney re
ceives only a certain fixed sum as a com
pensation he will not lie disposed to ap
point deputies to lie paid out of his salary,
and would lie disposed to begin all his
prosecutions at the couuty scat, sometimes
brmging defendants and witnesses long
distances at the expense of the county.

Alder gulch, southern Montana, which is
estimated to have produced upwards of
«ixty millions of dollar« in gold, stands at
tbe bead of the placer producing mines of
the world. Platinum is now found to be j
another and, it may lie, a greater treasure
of the famed gulch. last fall an inveati
gating miner, owning a claim near Yir
ginia City, reduced with tie common min- j
ing {ian & quantity of the sand and gravel
found in the ''pay" portion of the gnlcb
and sent the concentrates thus obtained to
Edison, the electriciaa, being aware that j
he would be more concerned about the dis- j
covery of platinum than protmbly any oth- '
er nu|n in America. The miner's ideas ;
proved to lie well founded, and his most
sanguine expectations were more than re
1 alized. Some days since, he received two
« tards from Mr. Edison, on which were
pasted the parti« les of platinum obtained
from the concentrate* sent. The cards and
samples of platinum can be seen at Vir
ginia City. The local paper looks upon it
as one of the most important discoveries
yet made in Montana.
Madi»onian : Warm winds have had
some eff ect in lowering the depth of snow ;
but it is still deep enough in the bottoms
to prevent cattle from gettiug first class
grazing. In the neighliorhood of Twin
Bridge*, the oldest inhabitant cannot re
member when the snow ha* been so deep
as it has lieen thus winter.
streets, and the spacious and well kept
From the ttellv Bei aid of February ~
The Christian Church.
A walk over to the west side ot the city
in the bright sunshine and bracing air
that greeted the inhabitants of Helena this
morning amply repaid our reporter for the
short space of time consumed in that ex
cursion. The substantial buildings, w ide
a red porphyritic conglomerate, used the
yards of private residences all tell in uu
mistakahle language of the imjiortame
that the west side is fast assuming as a
residence part of our city. Among the
few public buildings that have recently
been put up oa that side ot the city, the
Christiau church, on Henton avenue, is one
of the most distinguished, both as regards
its handsome exterior and the admirable
adaptation of the interior to the use*» for
which it is designed. The architecture is
distinctly Gothic in all points. The main
walls of *ht edifice are built of blue lime
stone. with rough cut surfaces and hand
somely pointed at the interstices, while
the trimmings and buttresses are made of
first time in Helena, we believe, in the con
struction of this chnrch. Mr. W. A.
Peter*, of this city, is the architect, and
the structure will ever remain a* a monu
ment to his taste and skill.
The finishing of the interior is massive
ami very handsome. The carpenter work,
which was done by Ketchum, Zastrow A:
Co., will tie finished to-dav and Mr. Wm.
Lorey, who, we believe, has the contract for
painting, will soon complete his work. I
The seats, which are to he run in ana of
circles, with two main and two side aisles, j
have not yet been pat in. and the only
thing that yet occupies the floor is the
stand for the pulpit.
The heating and ventilation of the
building are perfect, the heat lieing sup
plied by the latest pattern of an automatic
hot air fnrnacc, and the cool air by ventila
tors in the windows ami by a cold draft
box. which runs from tide to side of the
building, and which emits the cold air
through registers in the Moor that can lie
opeutd and closed at will. The win
dows are of handsome stained glass, each
one of which is surmounted by an appro
priate emblem.
The reporter is iudebted to the Rev. U.
L. Streator for his kindnes in showing him
throngh the building and explaining its
manifoldconveniences. The Disciples are
certainly to be congratulated on the com
pletion ami possession of such a handsome
and commodious place of worship.
The Walker-Derby Wedding.
elegantly attired in ivory satin, with full
Pfiovess train, trout ol lace, and the usual
Diamonds were worn as ornaments,
After the ceremony a reception w as ten
A fashionable audience, says the Chicago
Inier-Ocm» of the *23d ult, comfortably
filled the amlitorium of the church of the
Messiah last evening, while the ceremony
which united in wedlock Miss Gertrude S.
Derby ami Mr. Robert P. Walker was jier
formed. The br»de is the daughter of Wm.
M. Derby and the groom the manager of
the Montana Cattle Company. The Rev.
David N. I'tter officiated. The brides
maids were Miss Fannie Derby, Miss Mary
Booth, Miss Clara Hannah. Miss Lillie
Last, and Miss Bertha Ballard. Mr. Clias.
Corwith aeteil as liest man. The ushers
were Messrs. NYm. M. I>erhy, Jr., Charles
Jicers, Thomas Hoops and C»rl Bradley,
who wore as hadgeS a lover's gold knot
suspended from which w as a liell with a ,
diamond set in the base. The bride was
dered the bridal party at the residence of
the bride'- parents, No. 70 Twenty-third
street. Mr. and Mrs. Walker left last night
for Washington. On their return they will
give a formal reception February 4th at
No. 70 Twenty-third street, the event to
lie follower by their departure for Sun
River, M. T., where they will reside.
Cheap Postage.
The clause in the postoffice appropria
tion bill increasing the weight of single
letter rate and reducing the rate on news
papers issued from th * office of publication
reads as follows ; "That upon all matter
of the first class, as defined by chapter 1*0
of the laws approved March 3, 1-72, and
by that act declared subject to |<ostage at
tbe rate of 3 cents for each half ounce or
fraction thereof, postage shall lie charged
on ami after the first of July, 1—5, at the
rate of 2 tents fot each ounce or fraction
thereof: and upon all matter ef the second j
class, as defined by said act and by that
act declared subjeet to postage at the rate
of 2 cents for each pound or fraction
thereof shall lie charged on and after the ,
fist of July, 1*85, except as prov ided in
section 25 of said act approv ed March 3,
1879, 1 cent for each pound or fraction i
thereof, and all acts so tar as they fixa
different rate of postage than herein pro
v ided upon such, first and second class
matter are to that extent hereby repealed
on and after July 1,1885."
Bott * Mtr-Mountain : Gambling is the
fertile parent of poverty, vice and crime,
keep« the victims poor,aud throws their
families on the county for support. The
money that comes into the coffers of the
keepers of gambling houses is applied to
no useful purpose ; they are fast livers and
parasites on society, and their influence is
harmful! to all affected thereby. There
may be a direct gain to the cities and
counties where these men pay license to
ply their minons trade ; bat there would
be a greater gam if the money they ab
sorb were applied to legitimate uses.
Further than this, the morals of a com
munity must never be set in the scale
against the price of their betrayal.
G. R. I >avis, of Billings, who has returned
from a visit to the Crow Agency, reports
the Indians strongly opposed to leasing
any part of the reservation. The few who
signed the lease say they did so upon the
grossest misrepresentations, and they will
sign a protest against it. Several of the
prominent chiefs arc desirous of visiting
Washington aud there entering their pro
tests against the lease. Mr. Davis accom
panied the Board of Trade committee
which left Billings on Monday lor the
—Andrew J. Hurleigh, jr., of Miles City,
is on a visit to the Capital.
—A. J. Davis, President of the First
National Bank of Hutte, is in the city.
—Prof. McMillan, of the Montana Col*
lege, was over from Deer I^odge yesterday.
—Miss Ray Rockman arrived in town
j from Elliston last night, and is the guest
I of Miss Rumley.
j —Charles W. Hoffman, of Bozeman. is
• among the visitors from Gallatin couuty in
Helena to-day.
—Arthur P. Curtin is another of our
merchants who will start east in a few days
for a spring stock.
— Kd. Delaney's smiling lace is seen
again iu pleasant places aliout the city
after his visit to Marysville.
—Mr. George Sill, the popular agent of
the Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Com
pany, has arrived in Helena.
—The attractions of Helena still hold
the suave manager of the Butte InUr-Moun
tt uu within their magic intluences.
—Rev. Father Guidi, who bes been ab
sent for some time at the Missions, in Mis
soula county, returned yesterday to Helena.
—Ferd. Gam, representing one of the
best bouse« iu San Francisco, W. and I.
I Steinhart A; Co , is in the city on his spring
—Jack Maloney, an officer of a former
Legislature, from White Sulphur Springs,
is in the city aud is a regular attendant at
the daily sessions.
— S. C. Gilpatrick, ex-Sheriti of l>ewis
ami Clarke county, amt wife left ou this
1 morning's train for the East ami the New
Orleans Exposition.
—Wm. Muth has an attack of the travel
ing mama aud will leave to-morrow morn
ing for a short business trip east. Sorry to
lose sight of him, even for a few weeks.
—Jake Eeldberg. tlie jolly clothier, is at
his accustomed place of business and says
the reporter who sent him oil to Kansas
City is laboring under au hallucination.
—Mr. Herman Gans, of the firm of Gans
A; Klein, will soon leave for New York to
personally superintend the purchase of a
large stock of clothing aud gents furnish
ing goods for an early spring shipment.
—James J. Mayne, who has been quite
ill at Canyon Ferry for the jiast two months
has been convalescing for several weeks
aud yesterday was aide to come in to the
—J. B. McMasters, Sheriff of Deer Lodge
couuty; R. G. Humber, Treasurer; W. F.
Shandley, Recorder, and Joseph l.odge,
Assessor, are in the city from the West
—1. S. G. Y an Wart is putting his house
in shape, so that he can leave, in the course
of a week, for New York to inv estigate the
dry goods market and to make purchases
for the spring trade.
—Geo. Gibson, Lieutenant Colonel 3d
Infantry, commanding Fort Missoula, ar
rived iu tbe city this morning, ao-oni
panied by his wife. They are the guests
of Major Henry Clayton, Paymaster.
—Anderson Buker. one of the oldest
residents, and one of the heaviest tax
payers of the Bitter Root Yalley, is on a
visit to Helena. Mr. Buker, we under
stand, favors the « reationjof theuew* county
of Bitter R«?*»*.
—Rotiert f! Fisk, editor iu chief of the
Herald, who has lieen confined to his
house tor most of the time since his acci
dent last Novemlier, is only able to ride
down to his office and hobble round there
for a while each day on crutehes.
— H. M. Pärchen, wife ami children. Mrs.
D'Acbeul, ami Mrs. Charles Rumley, of
Helena, and H. A. D'Acbeul and wife, of
Butte, will leave on the Northern Pacitic
to-morrow morning, eastwar«! Iiouml. The
party will lie gone some little time, and
will take in the Worlds Fair at New
—A. M. Holter, one of Montana's oldest
►ml wealthiest citizens, accompanied by
his daughter, Miss Clara, will leave on the
eastward Wind train to-morrow morning.
It is Mr. Holter s intention to spend some
days, ea« h, in the cities ol St. Paul, Minne
apolis, Chicago, St. Louis ami New Orleans;
from which latter point lie will probably
sail for the West Indies, and will be absent
from Montana for several months. We
wish them a pleasant trip and safe return.
i G W Dann
Ç H Rehberg
The following is a list ol tbe names ol
students attending the Helena Business
College, who have gained ten per cent, and
upwards in their handwriting during the
month of January :
S H Baumann
J P Losse
F J Edwards
C F English
M Jacobi
T F Smith
Rudolf Johannas
W 8 Hilger
J L Mclver
J T Shinnick
Estella Haskill
Hattie A Blake
J C Butler
A Haskill
D M Halford
F L Bandy
G W Walters
G Lehman
W E Fsrsell
J Harrington
K E Baughman
A I Loeb
FG Barto«
A L North
L Israel
F Hirsch
G Gilpairick
C F Gilpatrick
F Pope
F Schmidt
D W Alden
J Mitchell
B Loeb
J J Geiger
C N Reinig
J Gebauer
C Gabiseh
P Witmer
W Lehman
J H Hibbard
E 8 French
K L Fi*k
J Ficken
L Idtnge
L Wolf
E V Rutiottani
M E Henie
G C Stoddard
The following students are advancing to
a point of excellence in penmanship :
F J Edwards S J Baumann
F J Sterling C F English
W H Smith
Bozeman t'hronUie : The Crow lease will
wait until the hot weather for its investi
gation. Then the Senators on the com
mittee will employ the summer vacation
in a jaunt to the Yellowstone valley and
eondnet the examination cl witnesses at
the Crow Agency. The committee has
decided not to load up the last days of the
session with this investigation while the
treaties and other important matters of
legislation are landing.
Bozeman's tire engine i# to be the liest
that money can buy.
Job lot of boys caps at Humbert Ac Ken
nett's at 50 cents each.
The Presbytery of Montana opened its
session at Miles City yesterday.
Orders taken at Humbert Ac Keuuett s
lor the new dress shirt.
Puller s Hot Springs. Ma dt aon county, is
advertised for »ale by the administrator,
See adv.
The Granite Mountain Mine, at Philips
burg, is producing aliout >4.0UO worth of
ore per day.
David T. Williams, of Crow Creek. Jef
ferson couuty, made a business call on the
Herald to-day.
We call attention to the advertisement
of the Hudson Mining Co., under the head
of "Sealed Proposals.
Dunlap derbys and soft hats of the latest
styles at Humbert At Kennett's.
Now is your time to buy of Humliert Ac
Kennett clothing at cost. Don't tail to call
and examine.
The Northern Pacific road-master at
Miles City has ready for use a supply of
explosives in case of an ice gorge m Tongue
river at that point.
The legislative Council |>a.s«ed a con
current resolution to adjourn »int dit on
Saturday. Februaiy 21st.
Two Bellies, one of the principal men of
the Crow tnlw. is lying at the point of
death, in his camp, six miles alwve Fort
The Helena meat markets are supplied
with the most elegant beef, and Lindsay's
hangs out some nice plump turkeys,
ducks, etc.
Yellowstone county contracts at round
prices for the maintenance of its paupers.
For hoard $*.50 per week is }taid. To bury
a |KXir house inmate $*20 is allowed.
Miss Margaret Blaine, daughter of Hon.
James G. Blame, acted as bridesmaid at
the marriage oi Miss Mattel Jenks to Mr.
Nathaniel Simpkins, of Brooklyn last week.
Acitizeu of Beutou recently received in
telligence from Washington giving assur
ance that there was a good prospect of the
passage by Coagress of the northern reser
vation bill.
Sheffield, who recently mllicteil danger
ous wounds on Foley in au altercation at
Living9tou, was bourn! over in tbe sum of
$*2,500, in default of w hich he was sent to
the Bozemau jail.
The St. Paul Piomtr-Pre ** of tbe 3d inst.
is guilty of the following: "T. C. Power,
manager, and T. B. McDonald. Miss Adde
Belgrade and Miss Frankie McClellan,
members of the 'Siberia' company, arestop
P'»K at the Men!.ants,
It is known th.t a private letter was re
ceived in Helena stating that Mr. D. A. G.
Flowerree, of this city, was to tie married
to a lady in Missouri on Wednesday, the
4th inst., but the lady's name was not
Kennedy and Malley, in jail lor com
plicity in the shoot mg aff ray at Titulier
line, were given a hearing Wore Judge
Hartman at Bozemau. and wav ing exami
nation their homls were placed at $600,
each to await »lie action of the grand jury.
Wot- Alleu RM run over by a loaded
Wagon recently between Gallatin and
Pony, hiA-aking ami mangling his lirnlnj
terribly. He was by himself am! died
soon after tbe accident. He is supposed to
have lieen intoxicated.
Two full pages of one of tlie Billings
paper- is re«iuired to publish the delin
quent tax list of Yellowstoue county.
The expense falls largely upon the ab
sentee town lot speculators, the «osts
charged up against them amounting to
several thousand dollars.
The request of Lieut. Frederick Schwafcka
to lie allowed to withdraw his resigna
tion from the army lias lieen refused, as he
was granted one year's leave of absence,
now almost completed, with tbe under
standing that his resignation would take
effect upon its expiration.
Benton Pit»» : We regret to learn of the
a« tion taken in the case of Marshal Botkin
as we lielieve that he is tbe victim ol malice j
in high place. We sincerely trust the Sen
ate will display stubliorniiess enough to
refuse to confirm the appointment of Capt.
Kreidler. and thus turn the whole matter
over to the new administration. Marshal
Botkin will willingly step down and out
at the request of President Cleveland, but
we do not blame him tor making a vigor
ous "kick" under existing circumstances.
Mit <lnRite Nadia. « lairvoyant.
Tells of event« in the paet. present und future, :
advice on health and domestu relations, (lives .
lertH. with nann*«. iiusinc*» sittings a apeciulty.
Daily consullatiixi at JiiiiiIhi Block, upper floor,
room IS. ('all early. dtf-janfl
Brand« adeem wd u absolutely par«
top d >wn on a hot «toe«.un til Mated,tB»
otïSSÜil j
q Hired to
its «ihthulvi» in NEVER *«r. «a t «tion kb.
!n « mntiun homo for . quarter of « century It haa
«tood the ''on-UDH'r*' reliable tret.
Dr. Price's Special Fiarcrii Extracts.
Tfc* *»rwf mI .i
3r. Pricrs
fst,sM«t éelIrUsv ai.d Katar* I Savwr Lm«i. a ml
*- Lupulin Yeast Cams
■ v Bread. Th- best Er> 1! j
Yeast -n th. World.
And dealer in
Will be SOLD CHEAP to Hose them out
< >m* Lines ol'
Fashionable Goods,
all tlie
Smoking Jackets.
Seal Caps and Gauntlets.
Silk and Plush Suspenders.
Silk Mufflers, all styles.
Silk Handkerchiefs, in endless variety.
Silk Scarfs, in cartoons, etc., etc.
Too late to say much about Winter Cloth
ing, and too early to speak of next
Owing to the great demand for our goods this
Winter, we have made great innovations in our
stock, and while our assortment is yet complete,
it will obviate the necessity of making a clear
ance sale, as desirable goods and reliable prices
have always the desired effect.
Our Prices are at all Times
A Fact too well known to Advertise.
Crow Ai.iv« v . Movtam,
January 10th, isfl.%. §
By direction of the Commissioner of Indian
Affair-, I hereby invite pro|>o*als, or bi«l*. for tin
purchase of the following «iescribed buildings
an«! property, *ituat«-d at the (il«l Crow Agency,
l.*) miles south from Stillwater, Montana:
One water mill ShtfS. ami machinery,
turbine wheel.
« itJi
One wooden
22x00 feet.
building «-aHed a seed house.
due portable mill, without carriage, three mile**
from Stillwater, on the r««a«i to Ohl Agency.
Bid« will he received at tLe Crow Agency, by
mail, until the ?«tli day February, l*V>.
wXt-Jaa I '
will be'reortvcd until 1 p. in
*rv », is*, for furotehing fc
Or»i< Bor lm>i a> Attain«.
Wa*uis«;TOX, January 22, M.
O FALKD PROPnSAIA, in«lor*ed ''Proposal«
► r tor Beef. Work Cattle. Work rattle. Agricul
tural Implement«, Wagon«, etc., aa the ease may
bti and directed tollte Commiaaioner of Indian
Affair«, Xoa. * and *7 Wooater tereet, Sew York.
of Friday. Kel.ru
_ for the Indian «ervice
about 2*0,0(10 pounds liref for Crow Agency.
Mont., and 130,non pound« beef for Fort Perk
Agency, Mant., 1100 bead stock cattle, NO bull«,
and SMI yoke work «rattle for Agencies in Da
kota. Indian Territory and t tah Also, to.il«
feet assorted pine luntlwr. 11« pair* glased win
dows, agricultural implement«, harne*«, wagon«,
»tovea, tiarbed fence wire, etc.
KI.1VK FORM* A Kg NOT ttql IRKH IOK Blit».
Schedules showing the kinds and quantities of
heef, stock and work cattle required at each
Agency, and the kinds and quantities in gross of
the other articles, conditions to l«e observed by
bidders, and all other oei-csaary instruction«, w ill
be furnished upon application to the Indian
Office in Washington, or No«. U ami 67 Wouater
street, New York; Wm. H. Lyon, No. #(i Bros' I
way. New York; the Commtenaries of Subsis
tence, U. 8. A. at Cheyenne, Chicago. T-eav«-n
worlii. Omaha. St. Ixiuis, St. Paul, and Yankton,
and to tbe Postmasters at Bisinan k. Itek . Sioux
City, lows. Kan «a» City. Mo., ami Helena. Mon
A pari of the Iw-ef must l«c deliver« «! al t ie
Agency named not later than May 1st. amt bid
<iers are requested to state in their pro|MMials, tUe
quantity they will agree to deliver within tlmt
lime; the remaining beef, ns well as cattle aud
all other articles, must l«e delivered not later
than June 9) next.
Bids will be opcne«l at th«- hour and «lay alai. e
stated, and bidder* are invited to I« présentât
the opening.
All bids must be accompanied by ccrtilird
checks upon some V in tel States Dc|to*itory. far
at least hvk percent, of the amount of the pre
posai. II PRICE,
w'3t-feliA _ C ommissioner.
Th»- well known and favorite watering pla< <■ hi <1
health resort, known as l*i i.LEit « Hot Scrisi.
upper Hubby Valley, will Iks sol«l at Ailininis
trutor's sale on Monday. March 2«l. lss.*». in frost
of Court House in Virginia City. Sale will take
place at 2 o'clock p. in.
w.R-toblS Administrator.
Oi: ALKD PKOINIHA124 will Ik- ns-cived .a th.
oflite of the Hudson Mining Co.. Xeihart
Mont. Ter'y. up to February IVh lss.', for the
immédiat«- transfer of almut 22 tons of mining
machinery from Townsend. Mont. Ter y. to Xei
hart. This mitchinery will inelmle one boiler
weighing .*»,11»« pounds one « rusher tbe lieax it «t
piirt weighing 3 ,<a«. (if tbe remainder, the heav
iest purts will weigh from WM to 1 .9« pounds
(mnmi ami sutth ient iH.nds must accompuny each
bid. Tin- right is reserved to reject any und all
Also, at the same time and place, bub will he
received for tlie yarding of 2«««,'R*i feet of log* ou
« • Brien Creek. In this the -nine privilege of r<
jet-ting any ami all Irida is reserve«!.
«Iqwlw -f« Ui _ Ag«-nt Hu<ls «ui Mining ('«>.
Territory ol Montana, county of Jefferson. In
the Justice Court .Township of Heaver « 'risk I*
for«'J. X Kelly. Ju«ti«-« of th«' Peace.
David Myles, plaintiff.
verso« jSCMMOXM.
Krvin V. Collier, defendant.
The js-ople of the Territory of Montana to the
ahov«- nanus! defendant, gmetnig
X-OC ARK HEREBY fllllMoNKI) to apnear
1 I* fore nx a Justice of the Pea«« in ami for
the county of Jefferson, at my office at Beav«'r
Creek, within ten «lays (exclusive of «lav of
service after the acrvicc on you of Ill's summons,
if «erv «-«I within this countv if ser\« «l out of this
«sanity, but within this district, w itli'n twenty
«lays: otherwise within forty «lays, to make ans
wer to the complaint of David Myl«-«. the atsive
named plaintiff, in a civil action to recover th<
sum of one hu.wired and twenty dollars, for ser
vices as laborer at your instance anil request and
in default judgim-iit will lie reudereil against
you. Ervin V. Collier the aUive named defend
ant. for the sum of :.nr hundred and twenty dol
lars and cotes of suit in your behalf expended
Given umler my liaad this fourth «lay of Febru
ary. A D. 1«* J N. KELLY,
W« fehl.* Justus ,,f the Pcs, .
Territory of Montana, county of la-wis and
In Jutew-e's Court, of Helena township, before
L- N. Smith. Justice of the Pews'
D MfCuteheon, plaintiff.
versus si '
above named defendant, greetl _
you ARE HEREBY »I MMUNE!» to Ik- ami
Ervin V. Collier. «lefendaiiL I
The people of tbe Territory <.f Montana, to th.
appear lieforc me. L. N. Smith, a Jumk* ol
Lw Pew«, in and for the «-ounty ofIa*w i»and
( lark«-, at In y olth-e iu Helena, on Snturilay. the
lWli day of January. A D I**, at 111 o cltx-k a
m. of said day. then un«l there to make miswer to
the complaint of Isaac D. M.-Cutcheiai the above
naiiK-d plaintiff, in a civil action to recover the
sum of two humlrcd and fifty dollar*, for service«
and counsel render'd by plaintiff in July and
August. and for serv i«s-a rendered by Joshua
Armitagi in July ami August. INK4. the account
for win. h is duly asaigm d to plaintiff. All of
which services were rendered for «Vfemlant at Ins
request : and in «lefanlt thereof, jiwlgrneiit will 1»
rcmlered against you, Ervin V. Collier, the above
named defendant for the -uni of two htimlrod
and fifty dollar* ami costa of suit in his Ik half
Given und. r my I m«l this id dav «»f lu., .,., ,
Justice of th«' Pew*'.
A. I». INK'.,
w It-frld
Xolice is hereby givcu, that the Trust, est of
HcliDol lNdtrU t Xo. ! <»( ('orvallin, Misooiiln cuiiii
ty. Monta is Territory, «Err for ml* Honda of
*ai«l «literie« amounting to SI.*««, red«emal.le
within 12 years, with interest a 7 per <s-nt. j* «
annum. For further particular- apply to tl««
G. T. Ji.XEs,
NAAMAN JOHNsiiX. Trustee*.
«». W. Million, C!k. . w It . >n!3

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