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V om the 0*1 y Hei *ld oI «Ht >ber 1.
Kxrur*i<m lh rough th«* tinte «if the
A party consisting of the following
la«lies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. John
* S. Harris Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Carpenter,
Mr. and Mix C. W. Cannon, Mr. and Mrs.
C. Is Ellis, Mr*. E. Sharpe, Mr. and Sirs.
Henry Cannon. Miss Birdie Cannon, Mr. D.
C. Corbin, and Mr. Frank Sharpe, left
Helena last Monday at 6 a. in. on a six
horse Troy Tally Ho coach, with W. K.
McCotnas holding the ribbons. They cm
barked at îfc.'W on lioaid three )>oals. Com
inodore Hilger and son* in <ommand.
\ fier a «it-lightful sail of 2* milts they dis
embarked at Vestal's ranch. Resuming
their seats in the coach, which had pre
ceded them r iu the Benton road, they ar
rived at Spit/ler's hotel, where they spent
the night.
The following day was parsed in driving
through the Prickly 1'ear canyon to Mart
Mitchell's station, where the second night
was passed. Leaving Wednesday morning
for home ria Silver City they reached here
at 5:30 p. in.
The excursionists found 'the scenery to
excel their most sanguine expectations, j
lioth in beauty and grandenr. Messrs.
Hilger. Spit. 1er. and Mitchell did much to
add to the comfort and pleasure of the
party. No more careful, accommodating,
and competent driver ever handled the
reins over six tine horses than Mr. W. 1». !
An abundance of luncheon, wines and
fruits were provided and served from time
to time by the experienced caterer, Tom
Curti«, ami his assistant. Ham Stokes.
All returned home well pleased with
their three days trip through the moun
ricnce n
Le route's Fir-I Expe
i I aliloraia Camping.
It has long l»een known that there was
in existem-e a private journal, distributed
among a few friends, retord ing Dr. Joseph
Be Conte's first impression of California
scenery and customs, as exhibited in a
camping trip to Yoseiuite, and many efforts
have been made to procure a copy by those
w ho had heard it spokcu of as the liest
extant description of the valley. It is now
given to the public iu the Orerland Monthly,
lieginning with the Octolier number. It
was a trip in real California rough and
ready style, with a party of rollicking
university boys, taken soon after the dis
tinguished geologist's arrival in California.
The journey is exceedingly interesting in
the unconscious picture gives of the
sweet-natured man of learning roughing
it among the boys and quietly carrying on
meanwhile his silent enjoyment of nature,
and keen-eyed observations upon all he
V Itadersburg Scandal.
The Jtfft r*t»t ( ounti / Sentinel, published
at Boulder, has the following: "A young
man by the name of George U- McKay
was caught on a ladder in attempting to
enter a prominent residence in Badere
burg. At the time it was thought that
burglary was intended hat snbstsjueutly,
on being arrested, it was ascertained that
lie was attempting to euter the room of a
fourteen-year-old daughter of the proprie
tress of the house, w ith a view of having
an improper intimacy with the young
lady. Sanders, of Helena, was retained
for the defense, a^d our townsman and
District Attorney, George F. Cowan, was
sent for to prosecute the case, but unfor
tunately in the interest of justice, be was
»lisent on nflicial business and could not
From J. U. Sanders, counsel lor the de
fense, who was pres«-nt at the hearing of
the case at Boulder, we learn that McKay
was ttound over to await the grand jury's
action, and has given hail for his appear
Holy Orders.
The find Catholic ordination in Helena
will lie the occasion of the ordination of
Viscount Stephen de Rouge, S. J.. w ho will
lie oida.ucd a deacon by Bishop Brondel
to morrow morning at the Cathedral al 8
o'clock, and on Sunday next will be raised
to the priesthood.
Mr. Rouge is a young gentleman who
lias lieen in the mountains for three years
as a missionary among the Indians, and
who, leaving the attractions of a luxurious
and wealthy home in Paris, bid all adieu
when he came away for a residence 1«*
youd the tuaik of civilization to instruct
and save the untutored savages in the
Rocky Mountains. He has lieen stationed
at Colville and St. Ignatius Mission, where
his duties consisted almost entirely in
teaching and directing the Indians. Being
in regular line of descent from the noble
and wealthy family of ex-President Mc
Mahon. of France, he would in his own
country lie entitled to the honor of lieing
«ailed a Viscount.
Mr. Rouge arrived this morning from the
Wr:t and will remain in the city for some
•lays the guest of Bishop Brondel.
Sluughtermg (.unie.
A good hunter from the West Side yes
terday reports a large number of Flathead
Indians in the Big Blackfoot valley lielow
Nevada creek, who, during the month of
September, slaughtered at least 300 deer.
The »[tortsmen on the east side of the
main range and the hunters engaged in
supplying the Helena market with veni
son are greatly incensed at this intrusion
of the Indians on the source of their sup
plies for their fall sport. They appeal to
Major Bonau. agent of the Fiatheads. to
send out a messenger to call these Indians
liack to tlieir reservation and keep them
W i «tiling Cards.
( aids aie out annoum tng the approach
ing marriage of Mr. Carliu D. Joelyu xml
Miss Nannie Kelly, daughter of U. S. Mar
dial Kelly. The wedding w ill take place
at St. James church, Deer Lodge, Wednes
day. Ch tober 11, l*«».}.
From the Pillr Herald of October 2.
Prairie Fire.
The current Huetutmlman says: "Dr.
Parberry. who returned from the Mussel*
shell this week, gives a brief account of a
disastrons prairie tire which occurred on
Careless creek last week, sweeping from
that point and spreading northward to the
summit of the Snowy mountains. Ban
ches. stock, dwellings, stables, fences, cor
rals, sheep sheds, hay and hundreds of
miles of bunch grass was lapped up by the
devouring element in a twinkle. Dr. Par
berry's ranch and f1,500 worth of improve
ments was swept as bare as a barn floor.
Sweeping onward in its mad career it came
to a ranch belonging to a widow lady on
Swimming Woman, and demolished every
thing, even burning a pair of horses and a
cow that were in her stables, and compell
ing the inmates of the dwelling to fly for
their lives. Stock were burned to death
in a numlter of cases. The tire caught from
the noonday camphre of a freighter, wiio
carelessly or maliciously allowed it to get
a start.''
The New Military Degree in the Order
of Odd Fellows
"The Patriarchs Militant" is the name of
the new military degree which the Sov
ereign Grand I.odge of Odd Fellows has
revise«! and authorized. The unit of the
organization of the degree is the "Otnton."
The Canton shall consist of at least fifteen
members. The Cantons throughout the
world shall lie organized into hattallions.
regiments, brigade«, «livisions and an army.
Four cantons shall constitute a battalion :
a regiment shall consist of three battalions ;
three regiments shall form a brigade ; three
brigades shall make a division ; the army
shall embrace the entire rank and file of
the "Patriarchs Militant." The "Grand
Sire" of the I. 0.0. F. will lie ex-otl'cio the
theoretical commander-in-chief. There
will be ten commission«-«! ottu-ers, ranging
Iroru a lieutenant general down to an en
sign. There will lie nine non-commissioned
officers. When the membership of a Can
ton shall reai-h 102 the Inal}- will lie termed
a "(Land Canton."
Lo*t Hi* Money.
Last night a miner came into town for
medical treatment auil brought with him
the sum of -515 (so he says) with which to
defray his expenses while here. He im
bilied considerable of Helena exhilarator in
the course of the evening, an«l retired
about mhlnipht to a room in the head
quarters lodging house. This morning
when he arose he complaint-«! to the pro
prietor that he had lost his money, and ac
cused his room-mate of robbing him. The
room-mate, vv ho is a stone masou now at
work on the court bouse, was examine«!
this morning by Judge Lnglish and ex
onerated of the charge. The fellow is
out of his money, as in the case of Matt
Foley a few days ago. Such «-ases are lie
« .-outing fre«|nent in Helena.
Washington advices (private) of the
•Jiith contain this item : "Delegate Toole
waited his turn at the White House yester
day and was favored with a brief hearing
on appointments. He asked for action on
three applicants, two lieing for laud office
service. The President asked if these
were to till places vacant. 'But one,' was
the answer. T will attend to that,' said
the President. The appointment of a Mr.
Langley (Langhorne?) was pressed for
Land Begister at Helena. The President
promise«l to consider the case. 'I wool«!
like a Receiver also ; the papers are before
you.' The President merely nodded, and
turning to another caller, Mr. Toole with- i
A Fire Alarm.
Between !* and 10 o'clock this morning a
cry of "tire " from Jackson street ularm«Hl
passers by and soon drew a crowd to the
City Iaiundry on that street, where the
lire started. The stove under the boi'-r
in this institution was set very close to a
wood partition and became so hot this
morning that the wood caught fire. The
flames were soon extinguished by the
prompt application of a few hncketsfull of
water, the only damage lieing a small hole
burnt in the partition. The building is ol
frame an«l would have bnrned np with a
flash bad the flames once obtained head
way. Fortunately they were discovered in
The Into-Mountain pays the following
compliment to our retiring .'secretary :
"Secretary Tooker retires from office with
the best wishes of the people of Montana
for his future welfare. He has made a
most capable, dignified and popular officer,
and has given unqualified satisfaction to
Democrats and Republicans alike. The
Inter-Mountain indulges the hope that he
will continue to reside in Mantana and he
as successful in winning laurels in business
as he has lieen in winning the esteem and
confidence of the jieople during his official
A Card.
Having received many assurances of
patronage from the business men of Hel
ena, and having awaiteu the completion of
the numbering of the houses, which we are
assured will lie completed by the loth of
this month, it affords me pleasure to state
that my canvass for the New Directory of
the city of Helena will commence on that
date. D. A. MILLER.
We understand that a young child of
Mr. Lewis, of W. G. Bailey A Co., is lying
ill with the diphtheria. V placard bear
ing the name ot the disease was this
morning erected ujton bis premises on the
west side.
♦ -♦
New Crow Agent.
of the 1
Cro«». in ptaw of Armstrong, a***
Secretary Lamar's friend, Henry E.
Williamson, of Mississippi, has been ap
pointed by the President agent

From the Dailv Herald of Octolier 3.
Two liichwnvmen Waylay a Traveler
and Kuli him of Ffli.i.
As we go to press we learn of a robbery
that occurred last night near Helena, the
particulars of which are not obtainable at
this late hour. A man named Nefas while
j traveling on the liozeiuau road was held up
by two men last evening near Beavercreek
and relieved cf f'225 which be had in bis
possession. < >ne of the men covered him
with a revolver and the other "went through
him.'' He says the revolver used was a
w hite handled one with one side of the
stot k broken off. He further describes the
men as follows: One was over six feet tall,
while the other was of short stature, aud
I further than that be did not notice. After
the robbery he came into Helena and noti
fied the authorities of the occurrence. The
officers are now on the trail of the robbers.
Death of William Schult/.
The many friends of William Schultz
will lie grieved to learn of his death,
which took place at 2 o'clock this morning
at the house of Henry Monroe, in the
Prickly Pear valley. Mr. Schultz was a
native of Holstein, Germany, and was
about 63 years of age, aud unmarried. He
will be rememheml here as one of the
ear'y day Ireighters, and one that would
pull through notwithstanding the weather
or the roads. It is snppose«l that he die«]
of consumption, which was contracted
from exposure while out on the roa«l. His
teams of mules and h«irses have been run
ning out ali summer, or Bince last spring,
when #Ir. Schultz was first taken sick.
He was a worthy citizen, and by economy
and hard work had gathere«! together
some wagons, horses an«! mules, and was
otherwise pretly well rixe«l. While he has
many friends, it is believed he lias no rela
tions in this country.
♦* -♦*
Died at Tacoma.
By a letter from Dr. F. C. Miller, of
Tacoma, W. T., we learn of the death of
John White at that pla«-e on the -th ult,
The deceased was formerly a'resiilent of
Helena and well known here. Snbseqnent
ly he was engage«! with his brother Geo.
K. White in mining and «aw milling in
Lump gulch. He came to his death by
in juries received from falling down a twen
ty-five foot shaft, an«I bis fall was probably
«lue to the weak state in which he was left
by an attack of erysipelas from which he
was just recovering. He was generous,
kind and hospitable, and the new s of his
tleath will be hear«! with regret by all his
former friends.
History el. Montan«.
Messrs. F. B. Coleman, A. L. Marshall
and G. P. Stewart of Chicago, representing
the firm of Warner, Beers & Co., publish
ers of the History of Montana, arrived in
the city last night and took rooms at the
Grand Central. Th«-y have brought a large
number of the books with them and will
commence the distribution of the same to
subscribers Monday morning.
A HkuaUi reporter called upon the gen
tlemen this morning and was shown a «-opy
of the history. It is hamlsomely gotten
up. printed on g«xxl paper in large readable
type, aud ttound neatly and lastiugly in
re«l morocco. The liook contaius nearly
fourteen hundred pages of reading matter
and illustrations, and far as we have ex
amined it gives every appearance of a
trusty and valuable work. A move ex
tended notice is reserve«l until further in
Fust I- reight to Chicago.
We learn from Mr. A. L. Stokes, general
agent of the Northern Pacific at Helena,
that he is in receipt of advices from the
M. «& St. L. B. B. that commencing Sun
day, September 27th, last, they will run a
fast freight train from Minnea|iolts and
Minnesota Transfer to Chicago. The train
will leave Minneapolis at 1:30 p. m. daily,
ami arrive at Chicago the next day Imt one
following at 8 o'clock in the morning.
This train wil start on time regularly, and,
barring unavoidable delays, will make
card time every day. Helena shippers
will lie glad to hear of this new departure.
An Otticc*Hol<ling Paradox.
It is not often that an office-holder retir
ing from office is a fit subject for congratu
lations. yet Helena has witnessed such a
paradox. One of our federal officials who
was recently relieved from the duties of his
office, last night entertained a company of
friends who thronged around him to pre
sent their congratulations. The sparkling
champagne of the host lent its aid as the
fluid to convey the happy toasts drunk on
the festive occasion.
one °* mo8 t profitable points.
Growing Interesting.
The Chicago Kaihcay Age says : "The
engineers of the Chicago «Ne Northwestern
Company are now pushing through Cen
tral Wyoming, by way of the Sweetwater
river, far north of the Union Pacific, and
evidently intend to strike the Idaho line
nearly due east from Boise City. A branch
to Yellowstone Park, from near Bander,
Wyoming, on the Wind river, seems also
to be in the programme, which means
competition with the Northern Pacific at
matters are growing
new Northwest."
interesting in the
Home Manufacture.
The haudsome cornice work of Sturrock
& Lang has brought the firm a great num
ber of orders from all parts of the Terri
tory the present season. This special feat
ure of the house has grown to large dimen
sions, and the increased force of workmen
is hardly sufficient to answer all demands
upon the firm. The cornices on the Ma
soqic Temple, Union Block, Auerbach's
bnilding, and other suberb structures are
all of 8. & L. manufacture.
Inforantiwn Wauled.
Of tiie vv hereabouts of Gustav Herman Kopp, j
who left Hutte on September lat, ISM. Said he
w as going to Oivgon and waa ai-companied when
be left Butte by David t-orbs. Andreas J. E. j
Stevenson, Madison, Nebraska. Oregon and
—A w«*ekly paper is to be publishetl in
—A lodge of colored Mason* has lieen
organized in Butte.
—At Billings the thermometer registered
97° in the shade Octolier 1st.
—Bozeman had a $1,000 incendiary tire
Sonday night. They have no clew to the
fire bug.
—Diphtheria is raging in Salt Lake,
niue out of one family having recently
died «if the disease.
— East of Glendive the range grass has
suffered much from prairie fires. Herds of
grazing cattle w ill have to seek other parts
for winter feed.
—A large bla«k bear which had been
committing depredations near Bozeman
was killed there last Monday at a slaugh
ter house near the town.
—It is rumored on the streets that the
property on Main street on which stands
McFarland's livery stable was purchase«!
to-day for $13,000 by Henry Yergy.
—James A. Dunlevy, a farmer residing
four miles from Helena on the Benton
road, died to-day at n«>on. His disease was
was typhoid fever combined with erysip
—The sawmill of Jurgens A 1 Tice, near
Marysville, was destroyed by fire last Sun
day night. The mill and 10,000 feet of
lumber were burned. The calamity was
due to accident.
—Blank 1 sinks manufactured, at reduced
prices, an«l ail bindery work on the short
est notice, at the HFRA 1.0 bindery. Work
unsurpassed. Be sure and get our prices
before placing orders.
—The first installment of 0,000 head of
cattle, to lie shipped from Wallula Junc
tion to Helena, for Conrad & l'-iee, of Fort
Benton, arrive«! last evening and ««insists
of about forty car loads.
—Why tlo the Galloways make the liest
butter cows? The reason given by in
vestors in the breed is that when one cow
gets fighting with another, having no
horns, she has to bull kcr.
—Hirer Prêta: Healy Bros., of Bismarck,
have received the eentract for building a
school house at the Fort Peck Indian
Agency, to cost $10,(100. That is a pretty
expensive school house for au agency.
—It is reporte«! that a m«mster snake,
weighing about one hundred pounds, was
recently discovered, coile«l around the cone
of Old Faithful geyser, by an eastern tour
ist. That tourist must have had 'em bad.
—The coroner's jury on the insane men
burne«! iu the lire at the Warm Springs
Asylum returned a verdict exonerating
from blame all persons connected with the
institution. The origin of the fire still re
mains a mystery.
Jear raised anaverage of thirty-seven
—Owing to the supply of «-oal running
short, the Montana Copper Company, at
Butte, closed down Wednes«lay. It is ex
pected, however, that operations w ill lie
resume«! in a week, as a new supply of coal
will arrive by that time.
Inie-r-Mountain : Platt Burr, vv hose pre
liminary examination was held Wcdnes
tlay, was tin.« morning liouml over in the
sum of $1,000 to answer to the grand jorv,
the case havii g lieen taken under advise
ment by Judge Lippincott over night.
—The artesian well of the Inter-Ocean
Hotel at Miles City struck water last Wed
nesday at a depth of 152 feet. Water is
now flowing from it at the rale of *(H) gal
lons every twenty-four hours. This makes
the fourth well of the kind at Miles City
— Inter-Mountain : It is rep«irte«l that
General Itee, the Chinese consul stationed
at San Francisco, is in the city incognito,
w ith the purpose of seeing that no injury
«■om«* to the people of the country which
he represents, in their eviction from Butte
—Bozeman Chronicle : M. V. Hoffman
bushels of Scotch Fife wheat to the acre.
The graiu was sown May Dth, has never
lieen irrigated, and is now worth eighty
cents per bushel, the seller to get the
—The preliminary examination ol Platt
Burr, who was arrested on the charge of
burglarizing a safe, t<xik place in Butte on
Wednesday. At the close of the testi
mony the court took the matter under a«l
viseinent until next.day and placed Burr's
bail at $1,4*K).
—"The History of Montana" is meeting
with immense sale in Gallatin county.
All previous subscribers have taken it and
(laid the balance of the subscription price,
the proliable loss of such subscriptions
there lieing estimated at not more than
one-half of one per cent.
—Sparks from locomotives are the pro
lific causes of prairie fires in eastern Mon
tana, and residents of that section suggest
as a preventive of su« h evils that the rail- .
road company burn off the grass on each
side of the track for tile space of 200 yards,
wherever the road passes through grassy
—Rirer I'rem : The lieef herd of the
Benton A Ht. I/onis Cattle Company was
started from the ranch on the Marias, y«a
tenlay, for Maple creek, cm route to Chicago.
The herd, which has been closely cat and
contains only the prime beef on the range,
numbers 1,0'i J bead. Joseph A. Baker and
J. A. Harri« will go with the cattle to
—Helena's business streets are wonder
fully changing their aspects of a few years
ago. The magnificent three and fonr
story business structures reared and rear
ing under attractive modern architectural
plans impart an improved and gratifying
appearance to the former one-story bor
dered thoroughfares. President Broad
water, of the Montana National Bank, has
probably done more than any one man in
Helena in bnilding up aud beautifying
Main street.
—The "special postal delivery" system
went into effect yesterday in all cities and
towns of the United States having a popu
lation of over 4,000 at the last Federal cen
sus. letters having a special delivery
stamp, which costs ten cents, will be de
livered immediately within the carrier
limit of any free delivery office, or within j
one mile of the postoffice in towns without
the free delivery system.
From l.ouuto 2,000 head of « lean Sheep. All
raised in Deer Ixslge county. Addresa
wtf-aep3 New Chicago. M. T j
—Willie Hermann has entered St.John's
college, Minnesota.
— Major Boyce retnrne«! from Miles City
last evening. He is registered at the Mer
chants to-day.
B. Carroll, of Miunestita, a brother cf
Matt Carroll, of Helena, is a late arrival at
the Internatioaal.
—GeorgeF. Marsh and wile arrived from
Butte yesterday. They are registered at
the Grand ( «utral.
—Mrs. George Clendeonin an«! child
from Fort Keaton, arrived at the Cosmo
politan yesterday.
Among recent arrivals at the Cosmo
politan are X. E. Davis. Bozeman, aud A.
J. Huy, Great Falls.
—J. S. Lyon and Miss Jennie Lyon
arrived from Choteau county yesterday.
They are the guests of the Grand Central.
—II. P. Rolfe sud family have arrived
from Great Falls and will make their resi
dence in Helena during the lalland winter.
—Merchant Birdseye reports a profitable
mining seasou about Blackfoot. He says
there is not an idle man anywhere in his
—Richard Barden, chief of the money
order department of the Helena p«jstoQice,
has returned from a mouths vacation,
sjicnt in difl'ereut eastern cities.
—Mrs. J. H. Mills, of Deer Lodge, came
over on a visit from the West Side last
evening with her little daughter and is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schnell.
—George H. Tilly, one of the rustling
s<{uad of ojieratoni in the W. U. «iffice here,
left this morning for his home on Long
Island. He will 1* absent about a mouth
Mrs. Mdutyre and Miss Laura S. Me
Intyre, the artist, the mother and sister
of J. I). McIntyre, the surveyor, departed
this morning for Denver, via the Fnion
—L. A. Luce, Es«)., a prominent attorney
of the Bozeman Bar, is visiting friends in ;
this city, accompanied by Mrs. Luce and
daughter. All are guests at the Grand
—Hon. John S. Gittings, State Treasurer
of Maryland, arrived last night from Bal
timore. The gentleman is accompanied
by a friend, Mr. Geo. W. Wise,of Meeteetse,
Wy., and is registered at the G raud Cen
— T. G. Woods, of Florence, was in town
to-day' and [laid the H EH A LD office a call.
He brought in with him several curious
specimens of stalactites from a natural
cave on hLs ground n«*ar Florence. The
stalactites caused much comment among
those to whom they were exhibited.
—Cashier Knight, of the First National, !
returned yesterday evening. His «-astern"
trip consumed sevtral weeks, during w hich
he plaits! his daughter at school in Pkila- i
delpliia aud afterwards visited New York, !
Baltimore and Washington. He also at
tended the Bankers' Convention at Chicago,
to which he was a delegate from this
Territory. 1
—A placer excitement exists in the
Flathead valley, Missoula county. It is
said that an ohl prospector who went
through that country nineteen years ago
then discovered $5.«Mi a day diggings at
Bad Bo« k. the place where the Flathead
river comes out of the mountains, but
passed them by lor the greater bonanzas at
Kootenai. This summer he returned to
Bad Bock, found his old prospect undis
torbed, and immediately located and com
menced working it. The result has lieen a
staiu|M*de to the place from the a«ijoiuing
History of.Montana.
[Uozciuiu« Chrvnirie.]
The agents of Warner, Beers A Co.,
publishers of the long looked for history
of Mod tana, t«<>gun in 18N2 by J. D. Stew
art, arrived iu Bozeman last week am! are
engaged iu tlelivenng the hook to sub
scribers. It was Mr. Stewart's intentiou
simply to present a biographical album sf
«KM» j «ages, but th«ise who afterward took
hold of its publication have made it a Isxik
ol 1,401* pages, handsomely aud substan
tially Itound. (irinted in clear type, and,
from the examination we have made, pro
mium-e it a comprehensive and exhaustive
work, invaluable lor reference an«l as ac
«•urate as it «"an lie made
Vegetable Sicilian
wax the Int prepriratKin perfectly adapted to
cure diaeaee« of the aealp, aud the tirât kue
remful respirer of faded or gray hair to iu
nature" eolor, growth, and youthful beauty.
It has had many imitators, hut noue hare eo
fully met all the requirement» needful for
the prujier treatment of the hair and scalp.
Hall's Hair Uexewcr has »teaddy grotsu
in faror, and spread its fame aud usefulness
to erery quarter of the globe. Its unparaL
leled success can be attributed to hut oom
cause: tkt rnt,rt fulfilment of Us promût*.
The proprietors hare often been surpris**«!
a: the receipt of orders from remote coun
tries, where they had uerer made au cllort for
its introduction.
The use for a short time of Hall's Hair
Rknewer wonderfully improves the per
sonal appearance. It cleanse* the scalp from
a.l impurities, eures all humors, fever, and
«iryness, and thus prevents baldness. It
stimulates the weakened gland*, and enables
tLem to push forward a new ami vigorous
growth. The effects of this article are not
transient, like those of alcoholic prepara
tions, but remain a long time, which makes
its us«.* a mutter of economy.
ron TOI
MTiil change the beard to a natural brown,
or black, as desired. 1 1 produces a permanent
color that will not wash away. Consisting of
a single preparation, it is applied without
E. P. HALL & CO., Mua, N.H.
Sold by al! Dealers in Medicine*.
S<Toful«»n« P Memirl.-il, and
Blood Dinorder*,
the be*t remedy, beoin*. the
moat searching ami thorough
, Idood-purificr, is
Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
Sold by all Druggists ; $1, six bottles, $3.
A. J.
And dealer in
daw ly-jai.l
Will be SOLD CHEAP to close them out
Wain Hlreet. Helena, M. T.
and Retail*
<fc KLEIN.
Grand Opening
Being now in receipt of most of our goods, we are show
ing more Novolties and a Larger Stock of Cents' Furnish
ing Goods this fall than at any previous season forthe past
twenty years since we commenced business in Helena.
Our stock has been selected with special regard to the
wants of our customers, both wholesale and retail, and
bought before the advance in prices in the Eastern market
and are selling goods at the same price as they can be
bought at wholesale in New York.
In Suits, Overcoats and Pants, we have the latest pat
terns and designs, and our stock cannot be excelled for
style, beauty and workmanship.
Having had a buyerin Europe we areenabled to show the
latest novelties in Scarfs, Underwear, Hosiery, Mufflers,
and many other goods.
Wo carry a full line of Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps,
Fur and Buffalo Coats, Seal Caps, Blankets, Quilts, Bobes
and Robes, Rubber Coats, and Hydraulic Hose.
An examination of stock and prices is respectfully soli*
Corner Main street and Broadway.
Helena, M. T.,
Behr Broi. & Co., Decker Broa. and
Fischer PIANOS, Brass Band and Orches
tra Instruments, wholesale and retail.
A. B. Chase and Mason k Hamlin
ORGANS, all kinds of Musical Merchan
dise, Sheet Music, Books and Stationery,
wholesale and retail.
_ (law I y M* 1*25
is beautiful, all but her skin;
and nobody has ever told
her how easy it '
beauty on the skin
on the skin
IS to put
is Magnolia
Corner Main anti Uririz«* «Ireei«.
«•»»a. m. T.
Il«* I
Table the l«e*t in the city. Traitaient rate*. IS t«r
»3 per day, according to location of room*.
Headquarter* for Miner* nnd Ht«* g men from tic
TerriUiry. Fine Sample Room» for Comiucrci d
wjun 1 props ■
8ale of Territorial Warrants.
Tekkitorv or Montas«, Ai ditor - Orriez.
Hklkn a, Mostaba. Octotx-r 2.1*">V
Notice i* hereby given that on Monday, the
2d day of November, A. D., 1 **.",. at 12 o'clock M .
there will l»e nold at this office to the higbe*t hi «
der, for ca.*h, two thouaand dollar** !2,(»«'
more or le*e, of Territorial warrant », for
expen*e* «*f keeping and maintaining the con
vict. of thi* Territory in the penitentiary at I***er
Lodge, for the month of Octolwr, 1**5. Hide
are Invited up to the hour of *ale
wtt-ociH Territorial Auditor.
Notice to Holders of Territorial Warrants
Territory or Montana.
TutAM'RKK'* OlTti E.
.. .. Hfi.EX a. September 1-tb. I s *''
ik w h « re *»y given, that there arc funds m
the Treasury to pay the following Territorial
warrant«, namely: No*. «H, ltd, and from 232V
to ïi». both inclusive.
Interest on the aUivc dcscrilied warrants < *
this date.
_ w.Tt-*ep2( Territorial Tn*a*urrr
Men Think
they know all about Mustang Lin
iment. Few do. Xot to know is
not to have.

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