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The German Boyal Family Give a Cordial
Greetinglto the Visitor.
Reception of Queen Victoria.
London, April 23. —Queen Victoria ar
rived at Imisbrnck to-day, on her way
1 'rom Florence to Berlin. Emperor Francia
Joeeph met Her Majesty at the station.
The greeting between the two sovereigns
Wiis cordial. In deference to the wishes of
Her Majesty, the authorities will give no
official reception upon her arrival at Char
lottenberg to morrow.
Munich, April 23.— Queen Victoria ar
rived here to-day on her way to Berlin.
Her Majesty was greeted at the railway
station by Prince Regent Leopold, Queen
Marie and all the members of the royal
now in the city. Members of the British
legation and Papal nuncio were also
Berlin, April 34 —Queen Victoria ar
rived at Charlottenburg at 9 o'clock this
morning. The empress, crown prince and
c rown princess of Saxe Meiningen received
her at the depot. Prince Henry and his
sisters,—the Princesses Victoria. Sophia and
Margaret,—Sir Edward Malet, British am
bassador at Berlin ; Duke of Rutland and
burgomaster and the municipal council of
Berlin were also present. The greetings
between Victoria and the royal family of
Germany were warm. The crown prince
conducted the queen to an open carriage,
drawn by four horses, which she entered,
and with the empress beside her was driv
en to the castle. Crowds of people lined
the route and cheered enthusiastically as
the carriage passed. The queen paid a
visit to the emperor shortly after her ar
rival at the castle. The doctors feared
that the meeting would excite the empe
ror, and probably upset him, but their
fears were groundless. The emperor
seemed rather brighter after the interview,
and his temperature was normal.
Berlin, April 24.— Queen Victoria and
the Empress drove out tnis afternoon on a
visit to the Dowager Empress Augusta and
the Prince and Princess of Saxe-Meiningen.
The streets were crowded, and the Queen
and Empress were greeted with enthusiasm.
The Queen made three visits to the sick
room of the Emperor, who is keeping his
l>ed until he gets stronger. He has been in
excellent spirits and has had several re
freshing naps. The meeting between Vic
toria and her daughter, the Empress, this
morning was very touching. They em
braced and kissed each other repeatedly.
The Queen w ent immediately to see the
Emperor, and was astonished and delighted
to find him looking better than she ex
pected. 8 he will depart to-morrow, unless
ihe Emperor should have a relapse.
Alarming Condition af Affairs at the
French Capital.
Paris, April 19.—Gen. Boulanger ignored
the appeals of hundreds of friends to avoid
publicity to day. On entering the Hall
De La Paix of the Chamber of Deputies a
crowd of deputies craned forward to see
him, and Boulanger, thinking they mani
fested sympathy for him, smiled. A storm
instantly broke, deputies crying, "A bas, le
Dictateur !" "A bas, Boulanger!" Towards
midnight there was an uproarious Boulan
ger demonstration in the Place de Bourse.
A strong body of police has driven the
crowd back and made several arrests.
Paris, April 2U—This evening about
1,500 students assembled in the Latin
quarters and marched to the Hotel Du
Louvre, shouting "Down with BoulaDger,"
"Down with the Dictator, etc." They
came in collision with a crowd of Boulan
geri 8 ts and were driven into the boule
vards in disorder. Reassembling, they at
tacked a Boulacgerist newspaper office.
The Boulaogerist party, following, at
tacked the students with loaded sticks and
many were wounded. Finally the police
separated the combatants and arrested a
large number.
Paris, April 22. —A crowd of anti-Bou
langerist students to-day set fire to several
bales of newspapers of La Lanterne and
L'Intransigeant in a wagon on Boulevard St
Michele and then maltreated the horse and
driver. About 1,000 market porters volun
teered to defend the printing presses of the
journals, which the students threaten to
attack. It is estimated 40,000 persons were
parading in the Latin quarters last evening
ki favor of Boulanger. They were mainly
tradesmen and working people, who gath
ered to defy the students. The police had
hard work to keep the crowds moving.
Premier Floquet's tour of the police sta
tions was due to the idea that the police
were only awaiting a chance to declare for
Paris, April 22.— Premier Flcquet
was waited upon by a deputation of stu
dents who came to complain of the action
of the police during the political disturb
ance here Friday last. The premier in
formed them that he would repress all dis
turbances with a firm hand, and at the
same time would see that the police did
not exceed their duties. He subsequently
visited the principal police stations and
assured the officers the support of the gov
ernment in the exercise ot their duties. He
reminded them that they owed fidelity to
the republic, and ought to be vigilant and
firm in order to ensure the security of the
public and respect for the law. The La
Cocardeur says the nomination of General
Boulanger for the Chamber of Deputies in
the Department cf Isere is contrary to the
wishes of the General and his committee.
Paris, April 23.— Another anti-Bou
»ngi 8 t manifestation was made in Quartier
Latin at midnight. A party of students
burned Gen. Boulanger in effigy.
Paris, April 23.— The municipal council
after a violent discussion to-day adopted
an order of the day opposing Plebiscite,
condemning the Boulangerist campaign,
and declaring the council ready to place
it 8 ell at the head of the people in order to
save the liberties and preserve the repub
lic. A vote of confidence in the ministry
was also adopted.
Paris, April 23.— In the Chamber of
Deputies to-day Count DeMarinprey inter
pellated Premier Floquet regarding the
appointment of a civilian (DeFreycinet) as
minister of war, declaring it revolutionary
and sure to have a bad effect on the army.
Floquet cited the success of civilian war
ministers under ancient monarch« and
referred to the DeFreycket patioiians in
1870. The chamber adop'ed an order ex
pressing confidence in De Freycinet.
— —.. -
Death ot a Venerable Judge.
Kansas City, April 24—Judge Samnel
D. Le Comte died to-day aged 74. He
served as chief justice of the territory of
Kansas from 1854 until the admission of
the territory into the Union. He presided
over the first constitutional convention
held at Le Compton.
Texas Republicans.
Fort Worth, Texas, April 24.—The
Texas State Republican Convention to
elect delegates at large to the Chicago con
vention, and nominate a state ticket, met
to-day. The convention is the largest and
most representative Republican body ever
assembled in Texas. Fully 400 delegates
were present, and were about equally
divided in color. When the names of
Blaine and Sherman were mentioned vocif
érons cheering and applause followed,
especially at the mention of Blaine.
Interesting Discussion Over the Tariff
Washington, April 24.—During the
course of his speech McMillan declared
that the internal revenue system, against
which the gentleman from Pennsylvania
(Kelly) inveighed, bad not been inaugurat
ed by the Democratic party.
Kelly admitted that the Democratic
party had not enacted the law, bnt he de
clared that it had made it necessary for
the Republican party, which remained in
congress during the war, to provide sinews
for that war and thus forced that party to
resort to internal taxes and all the hard
ships resalting from them.
McMillan said the gentleman from Penn
sylvania not only inaugurated the internal
taxes, of which he complained, but he put
a tax on railroads and on incomes and
capital deposited in banks, but these latter
had been removed and those which the
gentleman said worked hardships never
had been removed. The gentleman had
not done everything which he said the
Democratic party has the responsibiliiy
for not doing. He (McMillan) remembered
the gentleman coming before the House
and saying he favored the repeal of the
system, but that his caucus determined
otherwise, and he bowed his neck to the
yoke. [Applause on the Democratic side].
Kelley—Has not that been done by your
Democratic caucus? (Applause on the
Republican side.)
McMillan—Does your party favor the
total repeal of the internal revenue sys
Kelley—I speak for myself.
McMillan—Who will speak for your
party? (Laughter.)
Kelley—Will you vote for such amend
ment ?
McMillan—I do not propose to vote for
such amendment.
Reed—Then what are you talking
McMillan I stated that $60,000,000 was
annually received trom the internal taxes.
If these taxes were taken off,where does the
gentleman from Pennsylvania propose to
get a revenue ? Did he propose to replace
a tax on tea and coffee ?
McMillan—You have not courage to do
Kelley—Have you and your party cour
age to tax tea and coffee?
McMillan—We do not propose take off
the internal taxes.
There are none of us so brave,was Reed's
Following McMillan, Barrows, of Michi
gan, was the next speaker. The tarilf on
imports was to-day confessedly protective,
in that it was levied not for revenue only,
but to encourage American industry and
protect American labor. The Republican
party insisted that the present protective
system should not be disturbed, except so
far as might be necessary to correct its
incongruities and harmonize its provisions.
If Congress follows the lead of the Presi
dent in his bold declaration and secured a
redaction by such a revision of the tariff
as he proposed, leaving untouched, as he
suggested, the internal revenue system, not
only would the protective system be de
stroyed, but the nation would be out on
the highway of free trade. As the mem
bers were free traders or protectionists, the
bill of the committee would be approved
or condemned. The pending measure stood
without a parallel in the history of Ameri
can legislation. The bill exposed to for
eign assault maDy of our principal indus
The great wool growirg industry of the
country, only in the infancy of its develop
ment, was to be exposed to the minioDS
of foreign competition, which would surely
prove its destruction. The majority tried
to delude the people into the belief that
cheap wool meant cheap clothing. He ad
mitted that wool would be cheaper when
our foreign rivals were trying to destroy
our industry, but when they eliminated
from our market three hundred million
pounds of wool we would find ourselves
bound hand and foot at the mercy of for
eign producers.
What restraint wonld there be, then, on
his power or cupidity ? In exuberance
of the President's zeal for free trade he
wanted an entire reduction secured by the
revision of the tariff, but even the free
traders of the Democratic party lacked the
courage to move on that line and occupy
this advanced position.
Burrows said the President's assertion,
that the duty on imports enhanced the
prices of both foreign and domestic articles
to the consumer, had been echoed by every
free trader in the United States and hailed
with delight by the free traders in Eng
land. He challenged any man to
name a product of a single
well established American industry
that could not be bought cheaper to-day
under the protective system than at any
time under free trade. The difficulty with
the president's theory was that he forgot
that the price of acomodity did not depend
on the rate of daty, but upon the great
law of supply and demand. Efforts were
being made persistently to induce the
American farmer to believe the protective
tariff was hostile to his interests. Burrows
argued that the farmer was directly inter
ested in maintaining the protective system
and the home market. If protection had
enhanced the value of land in the North it
would bring it to the South. It would
bring the Sonth an era of unexampled
prosperity. He believed in protection,
not for his state alone, but for his
country that believed in American in
dustry, in the American people, and in
American labor against the world. Let
me warn yon, gentlemen of the Sonth, he
continued, that this measure bodes no
good to you. It will arrest the invest
ment of capital and bring your industries
to a standstill. There is no portion of the
country where these measures should
meet with more united and determined
opposition than in the South. Untoward
circumstances have heretofore retarded her
material progress, bnt the way is now open
for her to march unimpeded to a splendid
industrial future. The advance had al
ready been sounded. He who does not re
spond to its inspiring summons will soon
find himself without a party and without
a following.
The committee then rose and an attempt
was made to have a night session. It was
defeated by the Republicans refusing to
vote, leaving the House without a quorum.
The Honse then adjourned.
Withdraws From the Church.
New York, April 24—The Churchman
will, in its next issue, publish a long letter
from Rev. Mgr. Leon Bonland, of this city,
honorary private chamberlain to His Holi
ness, Leo XIII, addressed to the Pope,
withdrawing from the Catholic church be
cause he cannot subscribe to the teachings
of the syllabus doctrines, proclaimed by
the last Vatican council, and because he
cannot "admit pretensions of nlramon
atism," claiming aa it does absolute au
thority, not only in matters religious but
also in matters scientific, philosophical,
social and political.
Death of a Noted Horse.
New York, April 21.—Dexter, the fa
mous trotter, died this morning at the sta
ble of Robert Bonner, in this city. He was
30 years old. He died of old age and ex
haustion. Dexter was the greatest trotter
of his day. He was the first horse to trot
a mile in 2:17[.
Northern Pacific
Express Go.
St. Paul, Minn., April 19 , 188 S.
To all Whom it may Concctn:
Notice is hereby given that the property as
below, now remaining unclaimed or other
wise, in offices of the Northern Pacific Express
Company at different points in the States of
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Oregon, California,
and Territories of Dakota, Montana, Idaho
and Washington, will be sold at public auc
tion, to the highest bidder, at Helena, M. 1.,
on the 5 th day ol May, 18 S 8 , unless the same
shall be called for and charges paid thereon.
Note. —Explanation of abréviations: Bdl for
bundle; b bx for band box; east for easting; p bx
for paper box; ek for sack; tk for trunk; val for
Ashland, Wis.— 1 sk, Anderson, C.; 1 val,
Hammond, 8.; 1 keg, Markioitz, M.
Avon, Most. —1 bale, Day, R. A.; 1 pa, ' ra
mer. Mrs. W. A. „ „
Aitkkn, Minn— 1 val. Broat, O.; 1 frame, Dex
ter, J. H.; 1 val, Everett, <J. E.; 1 pa, Haynor,
Rev. A. J.; 8 cast, Neal W. E.; 1 pa, Sewell, D.;
1 sk, Harris, Fred.; 1 pa, Xoiby, Thos.; 1 pa Dor
ter, R. G.; 1 pa, Pfeifer, W.
Arlington, Or.— 1 tk. Slioner, H.; 1 pa, Walk
er, H.; I pa, Walker, Win.
Astoria, Or.—I bx. Armstrong, W.; 1 bx, aus
man, N.; 1 pa, Allen Miss I.: lpa, Barlow, Clias.;
1 pa, Barton, S.; 1 pa, Boy Ship Pomora 1 p bx,
Bertrand, C\; 1 pa, Berg, A. P.; 1 bx, Campbell,
W. \V.; 1 bx Colebrook, F. W.; 1 bx. Dempsey,
Mrs. T.; 1 banjo, Elmore, 8. B.; 1 pa, Farrell, F.;
1 cast, Foss, F.; lbx, Haft, L. W 7 .; 1 pa, Johns, V;
1 pa, Jones, J. S.; I pa, Lumley, A.; 1 pa, Lanfer,
J. J, • 1 pa, Montgomery, A. J.; 1 val, Maxwell,
J. YV.; 1 pa, McCaffery, T.; 1 pa, Mathews. W.
A.; 1 bx. Pool, M.; 1 bdl,Reubens, C.; 2 pa, Ross,
W T . G.; 1 pa Ruddock, J. W\; 2 pa, Reed, F. C.;
1 pa, Saper, T. T.; 1 pa, Snell, R. J.; 1 pa, Thoen,
P ■ 1 pa. Trepanier, I.; 1 pa, Thumes, T.: I pa,
Welch, J. W.
Adams, Or— 1 pa, Jones, A. L.
Boni i a Mont.— 1 pa, Horre, T.
Bkarmouth, Mont.— 1 bdl, Brady J.; 2 bx,
Clem, Israel; 1 pa, Morse Si B.
Bi tte, Mont.— 1 val, Burke, M. C.; 1 pa, Ben
nett, A. A.; 1 bale Dathelin L , 1 sk Emigli M.L.
1 pa, Falkins, W. N.; 1 pa, Green. Miss A. L.; 1
pa, Hooper J. F.; 1 pa, Hanley, C.E.; lpa,Haase,
C.; 1 pa, Kree, G. W.; 1 val, Kine, Thos.; 1 bdl,
Leland, Frank; 1 pa, Omara, M.; ~ pa. News; 1
pa, Preston, N.; 1 pa, Roberts, A. W .; 1 pa, W ed
lake, C.; 1 pa, Weed, F. 8.
Buffalo, D. T— 1 pa, Fisher, E.; 1 pa, Scott,
Mrs. M.
Billings, Mont.— 1 pa, Atkins, J. B.; 1 pa,
Bigelow, J.; 1 bdl, Devine, J. A.; 1 bdl, Haskins,
R. R.; 1 pa, Hann, C.; 1 pa. Hoof, M. J.; 1 tk,
Mathews, W.; 1 bx, McClure, E.; 1 saddle, Regan,
R. R.; 1 bx, Smith, F.; 1 pa, Stevenson, F.; 1 tri
pod, Taylor, E. L.
Belfield, D. T.—1 pe tin, Austin, H. J.; 1 bale
Compton, A. E.
Bismark, D. T.— 1 val, Adams, A.; 1 pa. Burr,
T. P.; 1 pa, Custer House; 1 val. Higgins, A.; 1
pa, Hara, J.; 1 val, Jackson, J.; 1 bdl, Owner; 1
val, Pearson, C.; 1 bbl. Van Hauton Bros.; 1 pa,
Wilson, A.
BraiNeud, Minn. —1 bag, 1 val, Allen. J.; 1 bx,
Alworth, J.; 1 gun, Campbell, D.; 1 val, Camp
bell, D. 1 pa, Cheney, E. L.; 1 bdl, Donovan, J.;
1 pa, Keenan, E.; 1 bx, Kerns, T. C.; 1 pa, McKay
M. R.; 1 bx, Nnud, G.: 1 pa, Olson. M.; 1 chest,
Van Kleeek, E.; I bx, N. P. Ref. Car Co.; 1 bx,
Hall, J.; 1 pa, Veon, A. E.
Bozeman, Mont.— 1 pa, Alward, W.; 2 east,
Becby W. 8.; 1 pa, Cheney, IL; 2 bills, Hurley,
T.; 1 pa. Harper, W.; 1 tk, 1 gun. Jolley Doctor;
1 pa, Leoy. A.: 1 pa. Monroe, G. W.: lpa,Mounts
A: < o.; I pa, Osborne, Mrs. C.; 2pa, Walff, MissC.
1 pa. Walker, C. R.
Centerville, Ou.— 1 pa, Bonnefer, M.; 1 pa,
Hallis & Co.
Carbonado, W r . T.— 1 bx, Edwards, Win.; 2
cast. Marten, M.
Centralia, W. T.—1 faucett, Crosby, W. & Co.
1 coil rope, Coff, W r .; 1 bx, Comins, J. F.; 1 pa,
Petzold. S.
Cheney, W. T.— 1 bx, Higle, A. E.; 1 bx,
Prichard, R. G.; 1 bale, Tustin, F.
Chehalis, W. T.—1 pa, Banforth, F.; 1 val,
Hammond, J.
Coefr D'Alene, Idaho.— 1 pa. McKelvey.W.E.
Custer, Mont.— Pugh, C. F.; 1 val, Robbins, J.
Cassei.ton, D. T.— 1 pa, Lundholder, O.; 1 pa,
Miller, M. D.; 1 bx, Peterson, G.; 1 tk. Preston.
G.; 1 pa. King, W. J.; 1 val, Koehler, M.
Carrington. D. T.— 1 pa. Brown, H. H.; 1 bx,
Carter, Mrs. F. A.; 1 bag. Duff, J. G.; 1 cast, Dur
bror, L.; 1 pa, Kirkwood Hotel.
Cooperstown, D. T.— 1 pa, Anderson, M.; 1 pa,
Rugna, T.
Colfax. W. T.— 1 bx, Benago, L.; 1 pn, Boody,
G. E.; 2 pa, Commoner; 2 bx. Crouch, W, C.; 1
pâ, Forey, A. A.; 1 pa, Ferguson, H.; 1 pa,
Holmes, G. P.; 1 pa. Hillyard, W. R.; 1 block.
Hall A Noble; 1 pa. Reiser, J. L.; 1 bdl cast, Lie
bes, A.; 1 bx, Morow, J. W.; 2 pa, Palouse Soap
Co; 1 bx. Stewart, H.; 1 bx. Smith, J. A.; lpa,
Trumble, F.; 1 seive, Talbott, E. W 7 .; 1 pa, Win
slow J ; 1 cast. Waite, W. W\; 1 pa, Gilbert A J.
Cascade Locks, Or—1 IkII, Tuck Hing.
Dawson, D. T.— 2 cast, Moline M. A 8. Co.
Drummond, Mont.— 1 pulley Haparanda,Synd;
2 bx, Rogers, W. A ; 1 val, Farrell, Pete; 1 pa,
Rogers. J.
Detroit, Minn.— 1 pa, Anderson; 1 val, Byer
son, A.; 1 bx, Brown, D. L.; 1 val, Cameron, J.
G.;' 1 pa, Converse, M. L.; 1 pa. Irvine, A. K.; 1
pa, Evans, R. T.; 1 pa, Gilbert, D. J.; 2 pa, Hos
tetter J M ; 1 pa, Halverson, L. J-; 1 pa Keller
A B ; 1 pa, Kluse, A. T.; 1 tk. Miller, Ed.; lbx,
Nester, T. J.; 1 bx, Perkins, E. M.; 1 bag, Ritar,
1 val, Senate, A.; 1 pa, Loberg.A.; 1 val. Wood, J.
Duluth, Minn.— 1 bale, Anderson, A.; 1 val,
Bathec, W\; 1 bx, Bontin, W.; 1 pa, Cummings,
J. N.; 1 tk, Callings, A.; 1 pa. DeLong, Mrs.; 1
sk Gower, R.; 1 pa. Goldsmith A P.; I pa, IIuse,
Geo.; 1 pa, Holquist, L.; 1 baby cab, 1 sewing
machine. Nelson, P.; 1 bag, Reinick, H.; 1 pa,
Ringsted A Co.; 1 pa, Secor, Mrs.; 1 val, Seeley,
J. E.; 1 val, Shaw, Wm ; 1 pa. Teeney, W.; 1 pa,
Veadson, D. L.; 1 pa, Vincent, C.
Dayton, W. T —Ecoles, Miss D.; lpa, Green,
J. E.; 1 pa, Hardin, D ; 1 pa, Cravylett, Mrs. S.;
1 pa, Pavne, Miss C.; 1 bx, Metts, W .
Elk River,Minn.— lpaChadbuon, C. II.; 1 pa,
Kirby. B. W.; 1 pa, Pariasian, M. J.; 1 pa, Up
ham, G. B. 1 pa, Whitmore, N. K.
Kllensburg, W. T. — 1 pa, Boreli, P.; 1 pa,
Brown, C. L.; 2 pa. Creger, S.; 1 pa, Chairman,
R. C.: 1 val, Cox, W. R.; 1 pa, Dawson, J. E., 1
pa, Dani s, A. C.; 1 pa, Finley, J. P.; 1 chair,
Holtzman, F.; 1 tk. Harris, E.; 1 pa, Hines. C.; 1
val, Hanlon, J.; 1 keg, Hatch, C. M.; 1 val, Luke,
IL; 1 val, 1 bag. lue, Sam; 1 pa, Larkin, G. H.; 1
val, May, F.: 1 pa, Oneil, \V ; 1 vai Ryan, J. G.; 1
cast, Sands, Jas.; 1 pa, Schriner, \V.; 1 saw, Tay
lor, J.; 1 b check, Voegler, F.; 1 pa, Welch, J.; 1
pa, Ashby, J. H.; 8 pa, Bennett, N.; 1 bx. Des
Voigue, G.: 1 pa, Gass A R.: 1 basket. Eards!y,E.;
1 bdl, Sullivan, Jno.; 1 pa, Taylor, D. M.; 1 pa.
Zereageble, J.
Fargo, D. T. — 4 cast, Anderson, A.; 1 val
Borvers, J.; 1 val. 1 bx, Bennett, J.; 1 pa, Devoir,
R. L ; 1 fire pot. Diale. R.; 5 pa. Democrat; 1 bag,
Davis. W.; 1 pa, Guoduer Co.; 1 pa, Grady, W. R.;
1 pa, Halsey, A.; 1 pa, Hrrris, W.; 2 sieves,
Haupt. A.; 1 pa, Harkins, W.; 1 pa, Hendricks,
G. A.; 1 cast, Henderson, A. E.; 1 pa, Jones,W m.;
1 cast, Johnson, J. A.; 1 pa. Johnson, A.; least,
Johnson, J. A.; 1 p bx, Jaynes, J. L.; 1 pa, King,
A.; 1 pa, King, Geo.; 1 pa, Kur, Jno.; 1 east,
Langiior, G. W.- 1 bdl, Loring, W. E.; 1 pa, Lee,
I, . P.; I gun, Moore, H. A Co.; 1 bdl pals, Mc
Naughton.A.; 1 pa.McKinzie, J.; 1 grip.ftiurpliey,
S. ; 1 pa, Moore, W. P.; 1 pa. Maxey A Co.; 1 p bx,
Normandson, N.: 2 bgatt, O'Brien, J.; 1 sack,
Oconer; 1 pa. Bolster, B.; 1 pa, Patterson A D.;
1 bx, Robinson, E. M.; 1 sk, Ross. AN .; 1 pa. Rice,
Ed.; 1 cast, Smith, James; 1 pa, Stravglava, J. A.;
1 pa, Snowden, J. H.: 4 cast, Smith, J. AN1 pa,
Turner, D. J.; 1 pa, AVilliamson. J.; 1 pa,Wagner,
C.- 1 east. Wood, AV. A.; 1 pa, AVineatt, R. L.; 1
val, Williams, J. M.; 1 pa, Youngsbury, R.; 1 pa,
Zahler AH. „ „
Fort Totten. D. T.— 1 bx, Buonhauser, G
Fergus Falls, Minn.—1 washing mach. Bliss,
AA r . C.; 1 cast. Cowing, AV. A.; 1 bx, Smith, C. A.
Fort Ripley, Minn— 1 pa, Trask, M. P.; 1
cast, Hatch, H. O.
Garrison, Mont.— 1 bdl, Hollond, T.; 1 bdl,
Higgins, T.; 1 tk, Morrison, G.; 1 gun pt at. Mc
Master, A.; ti traps. Mather, E. R., 1 val, Sullivan,
J. ; 1 bdl, AVoodburg, T. G.; 1 bdl. Brannan, J. T.
Gallatin, Mont. —1 bx, Hawes, C. B.; 1 sk,
Condon. J.; 1 roll, Hennesay, A. J.
Glendive, Mont.— 1 hammer, Campbell, C.; 1
pa, Lee, M.; 1 sk, Roseburg, C ; 1 sk, Rigby, M.
E.; 1 pa. Times; 1 tk, 1 pa, White, J.
Glvndon, Minn. —1 pa, Peace Opera House.
Glenwood, Minn.—I pa, Ackerman, W. S.; 1
pa, Sandberg, J.; 1 val, Paulson, P.; 1 coalter,
Paugbery, G.
Grand Rapids, Minn.—1 pa. Smith, Mrs.M.A .
Gull River, Minn.— 1 val, Johnson, J.; 1 sew
ing mch, Finn, J. J.
Helena. Mont.— 1 pa, McDonald, J.; 1 cast,
Briggs A B.; 1 bx. Bowman, R. AV.; 1 pa, Barrett,
Mrs. E.; 1 bdl, Bourse, D.; 1 basket, Barrey A.; 1
pa. Barron. G. H.; 1 bag. Beaver, T.; 1 bpl, Burke
F ■ 1 bx, Boyce, J. R.; 1 val, Cantwell, R. E.; 1
pa, Cliauncey, J. S.; 1 pa, Cox, C.; 1 bx, Curtis,
C. D ; 1 tk. Carter. J.; 1 pa, Cummings, AV.; 1 bdl,
Doylè, J.; 1 pa, Yarbough, Ben.: 1 pa, Kirley,
Thos.; 1 val, Dunn, T.; 1 pa, Dougherty, M.; 1 pa,
Erickson, J.; 1 pa, Friberg, G. AW; 1 val, Fitz
gerald F.; 1 pa. Gloslin, M., 1 bdl, Gleason, D.;
7 sax, Graham, AV. H.; 1 pa. Harris, Annie; 1 pa,
Hurd, J. H.; 1 bdl. Hausen, M.; 1 val, Handley,
J. H.; 1 bx, Helfridge, F.; 1 pa, International
Hotel; 4 pa. Jump, C.; 1 tk, 1 val, Jackson, AA 7 . N.;
1 bdl, Kelley, J.; 1 pa. 3 cast, Kinna, Jno.; 1 tk,
Kelley, M. J.; 1 pa, Kelley, E. J.; 1 pa, Kerley.T.;
1 pa, Kenck, K.; 1 bdle, Kelley, Pat; 1 val, Leite,
H.; 1 pa. Leonard, Miss F.; 1 bx, Murphey, J. T.;
1 pa, Marchand, G.; 1 val. Miller, J.; 1 val, Mc
Donald. J. J.; 1 bdl, Miller, F. C.; 1 bx, McClure,
E. ; 1 pa, Kuin, Fair, 1 pa, Mills, J.; 1 pa. Miller
D. A.; 1 bdl. Mathews, Geo.; 1 pa, Marti, Dr.; 1
pa, McCauley, J.; 1 bill, Moore, F. H.; 1 pa, Mc
Millan, A. F.; 2 bdls, Monroe, AW: 1 pa, McLeod,
J.; 1 tk, Nicholson, T.; 1 bx, Nagle, R. J.; 1 bx,
Oleson, O. P.: 1 pa, Pruiss, F.; 1 pa, Pryoe, C.; 1
sk, Peterson, C.: 1 bdl, Pembert. E.; 1 val. Pease,
F. AW; 1 pa, Robinson. J. A.; 1 tk, Roberts, A.; 1
bx, Raudall, L.; 1 pa, Snowden & AW; 1 can. Ray
mond. AV.; 1 tk, Roberts, AV.; 1 val, Stewart, AA .
AW; 1 val, Stevens. Mrs. C. C.; 1 pa, Silverstein,
R. ; 1 tk. Smith, Ella; 1 pa, Sanford, J. R.; 1 val,
Sullivan.T.; 1 bill, Sperling, Geo.; 1 bdl.Treeosity,
S. ; 1 pa, Titus. H. T.; 1 p bx. Turner. A.; 1 bx,
Touîdent, T.; 1 bdl, Thompson, J.; 1 bdl, Llie,
Adam; lMa, Ursaline, Convent; 1 bdl, Wolf,
Henry; 1 nul, Wenstrom, P.; 1 val.Weeler, J. H.;
1 pa,'AVhitehell, J.; 1 bdl. West, Thos.; 1 pa,
AVhite, F. L.; 1 val, Wilhelm, J. C.; 1 pa, Wehe,
Jno.; 1 sk, Yerxa, L. B. _ _ .
Hexing, Minn.— 1 pa, Baxter, C. B.; 1 val,
Peterson. D. , . _
Hawley, Minn.— 1 cast, Johnson & L.; 1 cast,
Kacker, AV. __
Heron, Mont.— 1 sk, Clark, C.; 1 pa, Sing,
Chung. _ „
Kalama, AA 7 . T.— 1 pa, Baker, C.; 1 pa, Oleson,
Mary. _ ,
Jamestown, D. T. — 1 iron, Beal, O.; 1 bx,
Beemis, P. AA 7 .; 1 sk, 1 val, Cathain, F.; 1 pa,
Donovan, >L; 1 pa, Drake, T. _H.; 1 bdl poles,
Fawe; 1 pa, Klans, C.; 1 pa. King, E. AW; 1 sk,
Matson, A.; 1 pa, Orland, M.; 1 pa, Reed Opera;
1 pa, Pratt, A. J.; 1 pa. Pope. R. R.; 1 pa, Portter,
A. IL; 1 pa, Telvage. C.; 1 bx, Shane, T. A.; 1 pa,
AA'ilbur, D. L.; 1 pa, Williams, F. K.
Livingston, Mont. — 1 bdl, Brien, P.; 2 east,
Babcock At M.; 1 pa. Bland, F.; 1 pa, Burtolf, F.;
1 pa. Bircli, L.: 1 pa, Cline, E. B.; 1 bdl,Chandler,
AA'. R.; 1 sk, Chambers, Bert; 1 cast. Chambers,
G. T.; 1 bx, Dickinson, E.; 1 val, Fox, R. G.; 1
val, Jacobs, L.; 1 pa, Leimen. M.; 1 pa, Leroy,H.;
1 pa, Laughlin, T. J.; 1 bdl, McGrath, Pat; 1 pa,
McLeod, R.; 1 pa, Marsh, A. H.; 1 pa. Morgan, J.
P.; 1-val, bdl att, Noble, D.: 2 bx, Pyle, AV. E.; 1
pa. Perry, L.; 1 sk, Riley, M.; 1 pa, AVeymouth,
Little Falls, Minn. — 1 tk, Myers, J. M.; 1
roll, Tubble, A.; 1 bx, Bulkman, E.; 1 s mch,
Pieble, E.
Lake Park, Minn.— 1 pa, AWignet-, Prof. H. C.
La Moure, D. T.— 2 bdl cast, Keene. J.; lpa,
Kohler, A. C.; 1 bx, Lutz, C. K,; 1 pa, Orsborne,
A. J.; 1 pa, Parker, W.; 1 coil wire, A'incent, Z.
Lisbon, D. T.—1 cast. Arms <St M.; 1 bx, Alien
ing, H.: 1 bdl, J. H. C.; 1 pn, Friel, M.; I east,
Hopos. G. C.; 1 east, Hample, O. G., 1 pa, Haines,
AV.; 1 pa, Hanson, M. J.; 1 bdl cast. Holt, J. C.;
I east, Livermore, F. G.; 1 pa, Maginis, G.; 1 pa,
Noble, AV'illiam; 1 cast, Pryee, È E.; 1 val,
Richard, H. C.; 1 pa, Smith, AV. K.; 1 cast, Sur
eick, M.; 1 pa, AA'ilson, R.; 1 tk, AA'i.son, A.; 1 tk,
Sullivan; 1 bk, Astell, G. M.; 1 pa, Burbank, G.
F.; 1 pa, Blanehood, F.: 1 pa. Logan, J. F.; 2
cast, Robinson A J.; 1 pa, Shorty, N. E.; 1 east,
Stuart, E.; 2 val, Vaughan, AW IL; 1 pa, Whitney,
C. F.
Lewiston, Idaho. — 1 pa, Akers, G. AV.; lpa,
Blaekington, Geo.; 1 bx. Cooper, T. 15.; 1 pa.
Jurgenson, É. C.; 1 drill. Mead, I'.; 2 da, Philipi
Si Y.; 1 pa. Stone, Miss S.; 1 pa, Waldorp, T. II.;
1 pa, Dickerhart, H. E.
Missoula, Mont. —1 plow point, Bennett Bros.
Miles City, Mont. — 1 bdl. Burk, Jno.; 1 bx,
Cullom, G.; 1 pa. Hiekes. H.; 1 val, Jones, A. E.;
1 pa, Keenan, AV. T.; 1 bdl, Loring, H.; 1 lall,
Ross, Wm.; 1 val. Stair, T.; 1 bx, Sarage AA 7 . E.;
1 val, A 7 ondevil, L.; 1 violin, Walters, G.; 1 pa,
Densman, S. T.
Mingusvili.e. Mont. — 1 sk, French, C.; lpa,
Rutherford, T. T.
Maxdan, D. T.—1 bdl, Endes, F. If.; 1 pa, Tut
tle, R. M.; 1 sk, Stock, J.
Mouktpklikk, D, T.—l pa, Pratt, H. A.
Minnewauken, D. T—1 roll, Cubbion, J. M.; 1
fiddle, Bonney, M.; 1 bx, Rolph, IL; 1 rack,AVare
Bros.; 1 sk, Aldrich, H. H.
Motley, Minn.— 1 hammer, Dickson, J.
Moorhead, Minn.— 1 chair, Anser, Mrs.; 1 pa.
Rose, H. B.; 1 pa, Bell, G. E.; 1 bx, Bolen, Mrs.
J.; 1 pa, Bjorkuist, P. J.; 1 pa. Davis, J. E.; 1 val,
Griffin, E.; 1 pa, Hawkinson, P. AW; 1 tk. John
son, L.; 1 pa, Johnson, I.; 1 pa, Knight, T. H.; 1
cast, M. Foundry ; 1 bag, Meloy, J.; 1 pa, Moss
ness, O.; 1 pa. Decamp, H.; 1 pa, Neeley, H. D.; 1
pa.Onstead.G. H.; 1 pa, Swan, Geo.; 1 pa, Sharpe,
J. H.; 1 bbl, Saxieoti, J. B.
Minneapolis, Minn. —1 pa, Amedan, F. D.; 1
bdl chain, Aldytin, H. A.; 1 pa. Anderson. C.; 1
sewing mch, Buckiin, C. G.; 1 pa, Bell, A. AA 7 .; 1
tk, Curtis, E. A.; 1 sk, Crouin, J.; 1 sk, 1 val,
Clarke, AV 7 .; 1 bx, Church ii G.; 1 bdl, Conley, R.;
1 pa. Davis, AV. N.; 1 val, Erickson, J.; X bx,
Hegener, H. H.; 1 bx, Jentscb, IL; 1 bdl, Kildee,
J.; 1 val, Kissell, Airs.; 1 sk, Kelley, T. IL; 1 tk,
1 bx, Moore, Capt. G. D.; 1 ja, Alotb, J. H.; 1 val,
Olesin, L.; 1 val, Pynn, J.; 1 sk, P iiilson, H.; 1
grip, Russell, R.; 1 pa. Sport, L; 1 pa, Swenska,
Folka; 1 pa, Smart, Miss; 1 sk. Specht, G.; 1 pa,
AVinson, H. P.; 1 pa, Williamson, E. R.; 1 val,
Yack, H.
Marshal Jcnct., AA 7 . T.— 1 pa, Ralph, J. K.; 1
bdl, Stuart, D.
Medora, D. T.—1 bx, Stevenson, J. H.; 1 bag,
Hogan, J.
Milnou, D. T.— 1 pa, Call, F. A.; 1 pa. Fir, T.
H. ; 1 pa, McKenzie. J D.; 1 val, Partman, C. A.
AIapleton, D. T.— 1 val, Ketcher, 8.; 1 bag,
Meindle, A.: 1 pa, Murphey, J. C.
Morris, Minn.— I pa, Johnson, T.; lpa.Nan
datly, T.; 1 pa, AA 7 esiltng, AV. J.
Moscow, Idaho.— I fa, Anderson, * '. R.; 1 pa,
Craig, T. J.
New Rockford, D. T.— 1 tk. Carity, J.
Napaoine, AA 7 . T.—1 pa, Smith, J.
Nor. Pac. Junction, Mi>n. —1 hat.Oppengood,
O.: 1 val, Henry, E. F.
New Salem, D. T.—1 lxll east, Nohl Bros.
New York Mills. Minn.— 1 pa, Anderson, T.
S.; 1 pa, Comsby, C E.
Oriska, D. T.— 1 wood, AA'ings, G. AI.; least
Ol&rk (j j*]
Oly'mpa, AV. T.—1 pa, Crosby, F. S.; 1 pa, John
son, A.
Palouse Ji ni t., AV 7 . T.— 1 bag. Stuooy. W.
Puyallup, AV. T.— 1 b*. Sharp. H. N.: 3 bdls.
Chin, Ying; 1 tk, Larne, AW; 1 val, Crouch, J. B.
Philipsburg, Mont —1 bdl, Sasse, L
Park City, Mont.— 1 cast, Absliire, H.; 1 p bx.
Steers, S.
Portland. Or.— 1 pa, Anderson Si Co.; 1 bx,
Alsky, B. Si Co.; 1 pa, Armbaek, B.; 1 bx, Broom,
M.; 1 rail, Baien, P.; 1 pa, Beeby, AV. S.; 1 bdl,
Birt, J. H.; lbdl, Banks, AV. C.; 1 gun, Crozier, AI.
1 pa. Cole, S.; 1 sk, Carroll, F. H ; 1 pa, Chri
stoper, 8. AW; 1 i a, Durkee A: B.; 2 bx, Drew. G.
AA 7 .; 1 pa. Oregonian; 1 pa, Ellwood, E.; 1 bdl,
Eagan, AV.; 1 pa, Fisk, J. H.; 1 p bx, Felgliam.R;
1 bx, Fleckinstein Si AI.; 1 wood, Frank Bros.; 1
val. Gibbs, Jno.; 1 pa. Griffiths, A. D.; 1 pa,
Goodyear, R. E.; 1 tk, Green, Chas.; 1 pa, How e,
J. P.; lbx, H. AV. W.; I pa. Hall. B. N.; 1 bdl,
Hansen. P.; 1 pa. Hawkins. E.; 1 umbrella,
Jones E. J.; 1 bdl, Kwong, Tai; 1 bdl.Keniey, J.;
1 pa. Leidorn, AI.; 1 bdl, Montone, D.; 1 val, Alal
eolmson, T.; 1 pe coral, Aletler, J. K; 1 val,
Alathews, G.; 1 bdl, AleLellan, F.; 1 val, Aliles,
C. F.; 2 racks. 1 sk, Alartin, E. J., 1 bdl, Nolan, J.
AI.; 1 bdl, Redmon. J.; 1 bx. Rogers. AV. A.; 1 pa,
Riggs, F. AL; 1 pa. Swearing, H.; 1 bag, Shells,
('.; 1 pa, stratten, J.; 1 pa, Steven, G.; 1 bx, Sun;
1 bdl, Thomas, J. E.: 1 pa, Terry, G. AV.; 1 bdl,
AVilliams, R.; 1 sk. Wood, T. F.; 1 pa. Williams,
E. E.; 1 pa, Warren, H.; 1 tk, Walt-on, R. L.; X
bdl, AVilliams, Jno.; 2 chest, 1 bdl, AVheeler, AV.
H.: 1 pa, Woodword, C. ii Co.; 1 pa, Gerund, P.
Perham. Minn.—1 IkII, AVagner Bros.; 1 bdl,
Aladdock. T.; 1 cast, I.udker, A. E.
Port Townsend. AA 7 . T.— I bx, Dear, B. F.; 1
bx. Sunde, T. A.; 1 tk, Tibbals, H. L.
Peadleton, Or.— 1 pa, Best, T. H., 1 pa, Levy,
A.; 1 pa, Alerriam, G. H.
Pullman, AV. T.—1 pa. AA T iIcox, C. B.
Pasco, AV 7 . T.—1 pa, Bennett, N.; 1 bdl, Alan
ning. M.: 1 pa, Philips, B.; 1 bx, Poole, G. VV .; 1
bdl, Patterson, Geo., 1 pr book, Tymes, Geo.; 1
pa, Welten, O.
Ravalli, Mont. —1 tk, Hau«en, II.
Rathdrum, Idaho — 1 pa, Tedford Si B.; 1 pa,
Turner, AV. J.
Royalton, Minn. —1 board. Dunsmere, AV m.; 1
pa. Brown, C. C.; 1 pa, AIcDonald, J. Ai.; 1 pa,
Dexter, J. II.
Rices, Minn —3 pa, Holden. C. H.
Riparia. W. T.— 1 bdl. Moody, B. P.
South Prairie, W. T.— 1 pa, Taylor, H. E.; 1
bale, Hale, T.; 1 val, Hoddar, J.; 1 pa, Erickson,
E. . . ,
Seattle, AA 7 . T.—1 pa, Blanchard, E. J.; 1 bicycle
Bass, II.; 1 bx, Fostrom, O. P.; 1 bx, Douglass,A.
J.; 1 pa, Harris, A. C.; 1 r>a. Hart, G. AV.; 1 pa,
Higgins, G. T.; 1 val, Keller, J. E.; 1 crate,
Keenan, J.; 1 val, Morris, L.: 3 pa, Martin, Dr.E.;
1 pa. Mintee. A. E.; 1 bx, McLaughlin, D. J.; 1
bdl. Post. Jno.
Sprague, AV. T.— 1 bdl. Allison, H. B.; 1 bx,
Barns, W.; 1 bx. Brown, J.; 1 pa, Eckstrom, H.;
1 pa, Langnour, H.; 1 bx, Milton, A.; 1 val, Ross
ner, R.; 1 bdl. Snodgrass, J. R.; 1 pa, Simonson,
1 bdl. Stuart, J.; 1 pa, Washburn, S.; lbdl, Wal
ker, D.
Spokane Falls, AV. T.— 1 pa, Albon, E. J.; 1
cliair, Alston, D.; 1 pa, Arthur, A.; 1 pa, Adams,
AV 7 . H.; 2 bx, Adams, J. M.; 1 Ml, Butler. J.; 1
table. Chandler, A. G.; 1 pa. Cannon, J. tj.; 1 bx.
Clinton, J. B.; 1 bdl, Donohue, D.; I b il, Dilman
R. A.; 1 bx, Grangran, L.; 1 pa. Hill, G. F.; 1 pa,
Knapp Si L.; 1 pa, Lotze, E.; 1 rack, Long, P. J.;
To outfit yourself with a Nobby Spring
Suit, Handsome Cravat, or a Stylish
f Hat, and the place to go to is
Our stock is now complete with the latest nov
elties in Clothing, for Men, Youths, and Children.
You will find it to your advantage to inspect our
styles and prices before buying elsewhere.
Opposite Orand Central Hotel.
1 bale, Monahan, A. H.; 1 pa, MeCrearg, AV. B.;
1 bx, McCartey, Mrs. F. J.; 1 bag. Norman, Chas.
1 bx, Newport Si H.; 1 bal, Oglevy, R.; 1 bx,
Pease. Mrs.; 1 bale, Picup, AV.; 1 pa, Sandford,
Doc.; 1 bale, Tandon, M. AW; 1 pa, Stenger. M.;
1 bdl, Ucker, F.; 1 tk, 1 saw, Wandran. G.; 1 tk,
Wood, A.; 1 pa, Warren, Jno.
San Francisco, Cal. —4 churns, Czarnecke, K.
B. ; 1 sack. Green, A. K.; 1 pa, S. F. S. Si K.
Works; I pa, Jones, E.; I pa, Lohman, J.; 1 tk,
Murtagli, J.: 1 pa, Speer. H. J.; 1 pa. Spinney,
Dr.; 1 pair horns, 1 keg Sawyer, C. H.; 1 bx,
Viele, A. J.; 1 ease, Pearson, E. C.; 1 pa, Moore,
AV. D.
Steele, D. T.—1 east, Harconot, J.;
Sand Point, Idaho.— 1 bdl, Sumners, J.; 1 bx.
Dale, L. R.
Sykeston, D. T.— 1 Bx, Mathews. T.
Stealing, D. T.— 1 pa. Sterling Hotel.
Sheldon, D. T.—1 bx, Stair, E.
Sauk Centre, Minn.— 1 bdl, Sullivan, D.
Sauk Rapids. Minn.—1 bx. berg Bros.; 1 sk,
Kennedy H.; 1 bx. Moody, J. H.
Superior, Wis.—1 ehest, Heuing J ; 1 pa,
Jones, L. F.; 1 bx, Murphy, J. J.
St. Cloud. Minn. —1 pa, Durup, Mrs.: 1 val,
McArthur, H. IL; 1 pa, Nordstern,; 1 east, Ros
enberger Bros.; 1 sack. Wild, J.; 1 pa, Young, L.
St. Paul, Minn. —1 pa. Burns, M.; 1 roll, Bon
ner & M.; 1 bdl, Benjamin, N.; 1 swet. Biship,M.
1 bx, Baming, R.; 1 val, Blakley, J.: 1 val. Bin
gal, A. AV.; 1 pa, Beaher, P.; 2 pa: Benjamon, N.;
1 pa. Brewer, AV. N.; 1 pa, Buck, F. _G.; 1 pa,
Butts, C.; 1 pa, Cooke. H.; 1 pa, Ciasin, J. ft!.,
2 pa, Chaney, J. C.; 1 chest, Casey, A.; 1 pa, Con
way, J.; 1 pa, Carlson F.; 1 pa, Cumings, AV. AV.
1 pa, Feebus, IL H.; 1 sewing mach. Galvin. D.,
1 pa. Gilbert, P. M.; 1 chest, Gargin, T.; lbx;
Griffin, E. AW: l val, Hornuth, E.! 1 val, Harvey,
J.; 1 val, Halstein, AV.; 1 bdl, Hopt, A.; 1 pu,
Heibler, J.; 1 val, Johnson, C. F.; 1 bale, KeKen
za, J.; 1 pa, Maby, B. J.; 1 val, Me Andrews, T.
J.; 1 trunk, Marks, M. J.; 1 val, Nelson, G.; 1
sign, Noonan, AV.; 1 val, Owens, T. H.; 1 rack,
Pavian, L.; 1 pa, Plecken ii AV.; 1 val. Roice, J.
C. ; 1 p bx, Renshnn, J.; 1 wagon, Regan, l 7 .; 1
cast, Rhodes A M.; 2 guns, Strong, H. Co.; 1 pa,
Smith, E. A 7 .; 1 pn, Sargent, G. G.: 1 Ml rods. St.
P. W. & C. Co.; 1 pa. Scandia, M. Si Co.; 1 val.
Simple, F.; 1 pa. Tillinghart, A.; 1 bale, AVarring
T.; 1 pa, AValker, E.; 1 bag, AA'iîl s, J. S.; 1 pa,
AVing, G. M.
Tacoma, AV. T.— 1 pa, Agnew, A. G.; I bale,
Anderson, O.: 1 Ml. Brown. E.: 1 pn. Baker, s .
AV.; 1 pa, 1 wheel, Bearley, A.; 1 val, Cross, J, H.
1 pa. Clarke, AV. H.; 1 coat hook, Clark,Tim.; 1
tk, Cole,AW: 1 roll, Davie, T. A.; Ibagdunil: 1 sk
Edwards, AV 7 .; 2 pa, Fisher, G. A.; 2 pa. Fife. AV.
H. 1 bdl, Hop, lue; 1 pa, Jaguise, J. K.: 1 bale,
Levison, A.; 1 bx, Moore S.; 1 bag, McFarland,
M. ; 1 Ml, Mace, J. H.; 1 basket Mat Men Chin;
1 bag, Milton, A.; 1 pa, McDade, AV 1 hale, My
ette, J.; 1 ia, Merriam, W. A.: ! pa, Majors, C.
J.; 1 bale, Nep, L.; 1 pa, Power. *ir.: I sack,
Paddock, Û. A.; 1 bx. Right, J. AV1 pa. Ries. G.
N. ; 1 pa, Rudisei, J.; 1 pa, Storw It L.: 1 hale,
Smith, T.; 1 pa, Stout, J. M.; 1 sack, Stromsell,
J. A.; 1 bale, Vernon, J. A.; 4 i n. Wilt, J. H.; 1
pa, Young, C. D.; 1 sack, Tacoma. M.; M. Co.; 3
pa, Whipple, A. J.; 1 pa, Hill, H.; 1 val,Hanafer,
Tf.nino, AA 7 . T.— 1 bx, AVo! f, J. E ; l pa, Reg
less, AV.
The Dalles, Or.— 1 bx, Blanchard. F.; 1 tk,
Corey, AV.; 1 pa, Cameron, J. G.; 1 pa, Cheno
with, M.: 1 pa, French, C.; 1 pa. Golden, J.; 1 tk.
La veil, F.; 1 bale, McDonald, F.; 2 pa, Mays, R.;
1 val, 1 sack, 1 pa, Mauohe, F.; 1 val, Olson, J.;
1 bx, Russell, L.; 2 pe wood, AV&llston, H.; 1 pair
single trees, Yocum, B.
Thompson Falls, Mont.— 1 bx, Davidson, J.
R.; 1 val, Green, N. E.; 1 Ml, Haven, R.: 1 bx,
Jameson, J. AA 7 .; 1 Ml, Lewis, AV.; 1 val, Man
giver, M. V.; 1 pa, McKain, J. H.; l pa, Payne,
Geo.; 2 bdl, Williams, H.
Townsend, Mont.— I bx, Barrett, AV.; 1 gun,
Bump, G.; 1 bx, Cameron, AV. D.; 1 sack cast,
Lynch, J.; 1 cast, McCormac Co.: 1 tk, Lewis T
Tower City, D. T.—1 cast, Hawksworth, D.
2 east, Thomas, J.
A 7 alley City, D. T.— 1 pa, McDonald, A.: 1 pa,
Yuel, Alice; 1 pa. Brown, S.: 1 Ml, Drotzen, A.
J.; 1 pa, Ddvidson, E. L.; 1 pa, George, Mrs. A: 1
pa. Little, J. H.; I pa, Murray, C. F.; 1 pa, Rib
ordy, L. D.; 1 pa, Richardson, O.; 1 sack. Senate,
A.; 1 pa, Thomas, C. F.; 1 bx, Yallandigham, F.
Verndale, Minn.— 1 bx. AA'ilson. O.
Wallace, Mont. —1 bx, Pryee, F.
Wkke j , Mont.— 1 pa, Laren, D.; 1 sack, Laf
arran, C.
Wallcla, Junct., AA 7 . T.— 1 bdl, Long, R.; 1
Ml, King, G. H.; I Ml, Hogan, Ed.; 1 sack,
Bristol, J.; 1 Ml, Newmeyer, L.
Windsor, D. T. —1 sack, Chapman, Chas.
Wheatland, I). T.—1 bag Hosig, A. J.
AVahpeton, D. T. —1 pa, Nelson, E.
Wadena, Minn.— 1 val, Stewart, O. H.; 1 pa,
Uuion House.
CHAS. SLOAN, Agent, Helena, Mont.
H. H. BROWNING, Gen'l Supt.
M. G. HALL, Supt., Portland, Ore.
Live stock.
Chicago, April 19.—Cattle—Receipts,
10 , 000 ; fancy, 5.30 ; steers, 3.70(5 5 ! stock
era and feeders, 2 60(5)3 65; Texas cattle,
Sheep — Receipts, 4,000 ; strong; poor to
choice, 406.55 ; western, 506.50 : Texans,
2 7505.25.
Chicago, .April 20.—Cattle— Receipts,
9,000; n arket weak; steers, 305 25;
stockera and feeders, 2 400 3 60 ; Texas
steers, 3 2504.
Sheep—Receipts, 6,000 ; atiady; natives,
406 60; western, 4 5006 35; Texans,
30 5 35.
Chicago, April 23—Cuttle—Receipts,
8,000; steady, strong and 5010c. higher.
Shipping steers, 3 700 5 10; stockera and
feeders, 2 350 3 60; Through Texas cattle,
3.7504 20.
Sheep—Receipts, 6,000 ; f-teady. Natives
3.5006 40; w.stern, 5 0006 30; Texans,
Chicago, April 24.—Cattle—Receipts
7,000 ; steady ; steers, 3 8005 ; Stockers
and feeders, 2.3508 60 ; Texas cattle, 2.50
Sp"ep—Receipts 5,000 ; higher; natives,
3 750 660 ; western, 50650; Texas, 40
Wool Market.
Philadelphia, April 20.—Wool is dull
and prices lower. Ohio, l'easylvania and
West Virginia XX and above, 30032; X,
2)030; medium, 36037; coarse. 35036;
New York, Michigan, Indiana and Western
fine or X and XX, 27028; medium 350
36; coarse, 35036; fine washed X and
XX, 33034; medium washed combing
and delaine, 37038; coarse do, 36037;
Canada washed combing, 35036 ; tub
washed, 36042; medium unwashed comb
ing and delaine, 27028; tub washed, 36©
42 ; medium unwashed combing and de
laine, 27028; coarse de, 26027; Eastern
Oregon, 14020; Valley Oregon, 20027 ;
New Mexico and Colorado, 13018.
Boston, April 20.—Wool is weak. Ohio
and Pennsylvania extra fleeces, 28030 ;
XX, 3O03OT ; Michigan extra, 26028;
fine territory, scoured, 50052; medium do,
45048 ; California, spriDg, 12016. Other
grades unchanged.
New York, April 20.—Wool is dull and
heavy. Domestic fleeces, 22037 ; palled,
18040 ; Texas, 13020.
Warranted Seed, -"üä
the public are anxious to gr t their seed directly from the
. grower. Raising a large proportion oi my seed ei abl- -
nie to warrant Its Iresliness and purity, as see my Vege.
tarde and Flower Seed Catalogue for 1888, FREI'
for every son and daughter of Adam. It' is
liberally illustrated with engravings made direct
from photographs of vegetables grown on my seed
farms. Besides an immense variety of standard seed,you
will find in it some valuable new vegetables not fourni in
^ any other catalogue. As ti e original introducer of the
f Eclipse Bert, Burbank and Early Ohio Potatoes. Hubbard
Squash, Peephead Cabbage, Cory Corn, and a score of other
valuable vegetables. I invite the p»tr- n»ge of the public.
JAMES J. H. GREGORY, Marblehwd,
Established 1864.
Importers of and Jobbers and Retail Dealers in
Heavy Shelf and Building
Celebrated 44 Superior" and Famous Acorn
W. G. Fishery Cincinnati fnraiM Iron Ranges for Hotels and Family Use.
Iron, Steel, Horse and Mule Shoes, Nails, Mill Supplies, Hoes, Belt*
ing\ Force and Lift Pumps, Cutlery, House Furnishing Goods,
g entennial Réfrigéra Lors, lee Chests, Ice Cream Freezers,
Water Coolers Etc., Etc.
VbitorN to thcUity are respcrlfnlly invited Io « all and Examine mir Gmiib
nml price«« bei««re purchasing.
32 and 34 Main Street, - Helena, M. T.
STcTAshby <fc Co.
Dealers in
We respectfully call your attention to the following list of
Standard Goods :
Mitchell Farm and K)>riit£ t Wng<>iiN: Stiidelinher Burn.' t ine t arriagCN. liii)e
gies and Bnrkboardx; Frazier Itoad (arts; Deerinir Finders and .Moxxerss
Penmylvania I.ama Mowers: J. MS. 'ShnmHH Jt Aons* bnllty Jlay Huk«'*; 1'nrt.l
A- Bradley Kiilhey and Vang Flews C ultivators and Harrens: Stnndaid Disk
Harrows: Planet, jr. Garden Drills, Cultivators and Horse Hoes : Grass Need
Sowers ; Victor Feed Mills : Horse rowers and Grinding; Mills; Hand- Fakes,
Forks, Shovels, Spadt s. Mattocks ait«! liées; Force-lain Lilted Pumps and Toll
ing; Ckicago Tonicne Scrapers: Cerium hi a M heed and Drag Scrapers; Kailretad
G rati in i; Plows : Darb Wire : Mailing Wire: Dine! in g Tx\ ine : Knuj and Light
Team Harness; Single ahd Douille lî»gïy Harness: Horse Blankets, Wliiiis
Lap Robes; Tents and Awnings Buggy. « arriage arel Wagen 4 ove rs: Etc.. Etc.
Togther with a full line of Ext ras and It« pairs 1er Wagons, Carriages. Bug
gies, Binders and all Maehiney. hnlers by 5*ail receive prompt attention.
North Main Street, Helena, Montana.
New Arrival of
We carry tlie largest line of the above stock in Mon
tana. Orders receive prompt attention.
Spencer & Nye.
Manufacturers and Dealers in
Send for' Illustrated' CatAlogue.
Tlx© Leading;
of Montana.
Country Orders Solicited.
Corner Main Street and Broadway.
Purchasers of
Will 8»r* Money by awaiting the arrival o(
a. p. cotnx'g
Nothing like it ever before shipped to this market.

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