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glory of color, her magnificent bowls fall
af water and her fountain dash
ing its torrid waves over her
convex, semi-circnlar, crescented wall,
portion of which was as white as the
whitest marble, and shading into pink,
yellow, and where the water was colder or
insufficient to protect them from color ab
sorbing Bunlight, becoming a death-like,
earthy grey. Now her fountains contain
barely enough to moisten the lips of the
upper and nearest circle of bowls, and all
her walls are parched and dry, and, like
Jupiter, the posts will soon fracture her
walls, the sun suck up her moisture, and
the winds will lick up her dust and dis
perse it to the four corners of the earth.
When about to dissolve the relations
that had lasted but little over sir hours,
and that seemed to be one of those acci
dents that go so largely to make np the
sum of our lives, the Senator, with a few
parting words in his own inimitable man
ner. said:
"1'roftssor, I have been thinking, as we
drew near the last step in our descent from
Jacob's Ladder to Liberty Cap, how ad
mirably you have mastered the art
of so presenting these wonders as to secure
the undivided attention of the pilgrim.
You may be either unconscious of the art,
or you are artful enough to conceal it un
der the very simplicity of your method.
As an intellectual caterer, you are able to
see that after Minerva, the Pulpits, Orien
tal, Periodical and the Cleopatra terraces
there could be no relish for the less beau
tilul, though no less interesting subjects
we saw in the upper plateau. That
the salads, potatoes, bread and coffee mnst
precede the cake, the fruits and the wines.
I repeat it, your method of presenting
these wonders and the order of their pre
sentment, is a triumph of art, whether you
are conscious of it or not. It all seemed
so Datural and simple that, like everything
that carries us out of ourselves into any
special subject, we never suspect that
the chief artist in the drama
has anything to do with the
emotions that delight us. Iu fact,
1 am sure that under other guidance we
might have looked in bewilderment at an
incongruous and inexplicable multitude of
old time kilns in every stage of growth
and decay and nothing more."
"Senator," I said, "I do not at all merit
the praises you bestow. In marking out a
pathway around and over the terraces I
sought a route that would involve the least
fatigue, while bringing into notice all that
is really worth seeing. In making the
ascent, I found it easier to follow a good
hard road, taking in all that is on the west
of the terraces, than to çlimb the steep
magnesian stairs that lead to each plateau,
the visitor often becoming so tired that he
is unable to eDjoy what would otherwise
delight him. It is true, also, that a birds
eye view from above gave invariably more
pleasure than that from below."
"And so, of course, you reasoned ont a
method that proves to be the best and
entitles you to rank as an artist, deserving
the thanks and gratitude of all lovers of
art, as you certainly have oars."
I may say that notwithstanding my re
fusing all money compensation, the Senator
took good care to send me ample proof of
his generosity and his satisfaction with
what he chose to call my artfully concealed
art of interesting the pilgrims.
Mrs. Conkling, during her sojourn, made
frequent visits to our cabin and won the
admiration, esteem and affection of my
daughters. She is the queenly descendant
of a royal race. Genuine motherhood and
loyalty are written on ever lineament of
her beautiful face. Wherever there is a
sorrowing heart in need of sympathy that
heart is sure of hers.
On August 19, 1893, she sent a Tennyson
in gold to Miss Nellie Henderson as an ex
pression of her " affection and a reminder
of her visit" to Mammoth Hot Springs.
"I dare say you have a Tennyson but I
trust you will use the volume I send you."
In this, her hour of sorrow, we quote
from that volume :
"I hold it true what'er befall;
I feel It when I sorrow most,
"Tls better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all."
G. L. Henderson.
The Legality of the Sale of Sewerage
Bonds Disputed and a Special
Meeting of the City Conn
cil Called on the
At the adjourned meeting of the City
Council last evening Mr. E. W. Knight, as
a representative of Mr. Hauser, whose bid
for $60,000 of sewerage bonds had been ac
cepted by the city, requested the privilege
of having his attorney, Mr. William
Wallace, Jr., make some remarks upon an
an alleged defect in the ordinance author
izing the sale of the bonds. This was
granted and Mr. Wallace addressed the
Council. He claimed that the ordinance
providing for the issuance of the bonds was
defective in several minor particulars.
The law allowing the city to issue bonds
for imptovements says that bonds may be
isfiued not to exceed two per cent of the
valuation of property for certain specific
purposes. He held that a specific purpose
had not been mentioned in the resolution
authorizing the advertisement for bids for
bonds, bat two or more things had been
mentioned. The original resolution offered
by Mr. Howey only contemplated bonds
for sewer purposes, bat it was so amended
as to embrace grading and opening streets,
Mr. Wallace also enumerated a number
of points which had not been complied
with, thus, in his opinion, rendering the
sale of the bonds to Mr. Hauser void.
He also said that the proof of publica
tion of the advertisement for the sale was
not on record, and that the advertisement
did not specify the particular purpose ot
the bond issue, nor did it state in what
town or city the sale was to take place.
On this point City Attorney Botkin
maintained that the proof of publication
was easily accessible; that while more
than one purpose was mentioned in the
notice, all the purposes mentioned were
within the purview of the enabling act,
and that the notice of sale stated that it
would occur "at the office of the under
signed," and was signed by the city clerk
and dated Helena, Mont.
Mr. Knight held that the failure to com
ply with any particular of the law im
paired the market value of the bonds in
the East and it would be impossible to
place them.
A discussion ensned on the question and
ended in t # he Council's deciding to hold a
special meeting next Tuesday night to
consider the matter.
For St. Louis and Grover.
We are surprised that the great organ of
the party failed to record the departure of
the Montana delegation to the St. Louis
convention. Last evening's lightning ex
press bore away A. J. Davidson and Mar
tin Maginnis. They carried a banner in
scribed, "For St. Lonis, Grover Cleveland
and Reform." The country is safe.
Closed Up,
Telegrams received here to-day from
Billings announce that the Gazette, of that
place, had been attached by its creditors.
The liabilities are placed at $5,000.
The Sterling Electric Franchise Laid
on the Table—Salary of the City
Engineer Raised to $2,000.
The City Council met last evening pur
suant to adjournment. Present, Mayor
Fuller, Clerk Botkin and all the Alder
The report of the judiciary committee
on the ordinance granting an electric light
franchise to William B. Sterling, was
handed in in three sections, each member
of the committee presenting a separate re
The report of Alderman Harrison was as
follows :
Yonr committee on judiciary, to whom
was referred the application of W. B. Ster
ling for franchise to bnild, maintain and
operate an electric light plant in the city
of Helena, finds from careful examination
of said franchise, as snbmitted to this
council by Baid Sterling, that the same is
not sufficiently reciprocal of the privileges
and benefits which would accrue to said
Sterling sbonld this council grant the fran
chise as submitted by him withont further
terms and conditions, securing the better
protection of the public interests and re
serving in this council an equitable juris
diction. Your committee, therefore, rec
ommends that the franchise in question be
not, in its present form, granted to said W.
B. Sterling.
Yonr committee would further recom
mend that this council require that there
be embodied in any franchise presented to
it for consideration, covering the rights and
privileges sought by said W. B. Sterling or
other, or all persons whomsoever, the fol
lowing and other conditions, viz.:
First—Sufficient evidence and security
that the franchise sought to be procured is
not being had with the purpose of specu
lating therewith, nor for any purpose what
ever other than that which shall be stated
in said franchise.
Second—Such terms and conditions
should be embodied in said Sterling's fran
chise as will seer, re in return for the valu
able privileges he would acquire under its
grant, the construction, maintenance and
operation of a first class modern and im
proved electric light plant, both with re
gard to its central machinery and outlying
attachments, in every place and particular.
Third—The minimum capacity of the
proposed plant and the maximum of rates
to be charged consumers of lights should
be definitely stated in any franchise which
may be hereafter submitted to this council
touching the matter in question.]
Fourth—Yonr committee is of the opin
ion that there should not be granted by
this council the right to place any pole or ]
poles on Main stieet, between Helena j
avenue and Bridge street, nor upon any
public grounds of this city.
Fifth—This council should reserve the
right to order said Sterling or other appli
cants for the privileges in question, to lay
his or their wires under ground whenever
in its judgment it maybe deemed neces
sary or expedient to do so.
Sixth—All poles should be placed nnder
the direction of the Street Commissioner,
and it shonld in the franchise sought for
be made competent for said officer to deter
mine the length of poles to be used, to
change the location of any pole or poles, to
order their renewal, to order the same to
be planted; in other words, we are of the
opinion that this Council shonld grant no
more than the riget to the proper use of the
poles when erected, retaining to itself in
every other way full and complete control
and jurisdiction.
Seventh—Your committee finally recom
mend that in view of the danger which
often^roceeds from elecric light wires from
various causes, that any person or persons
to whom an electric franchise may be here
after granted by this city, shall enter into
a contract with said city to save it harm
less from any and all costs or liability for
damages which may arise ont of the con
struction, maintenance or operation of its
plant or any part of it.
Alderman Adkinson presented the sama
report as the above, with the exceptions of
the first and fourth conditional danses.
Alderman Lissner submitted a minority
report, recommending that the franchise be
granted to Mr. Sterling.
On motion of Alderman Loeb, all three
reports were laid on the table.
The 1878 Eclipse.
Pioneer, Mont., May 16,1888.
Editor Herald:— When was the total
eclipse of the sun in 1878? Give date, if
you please. A. G. W.
The total eclipse of the snn, visible
throughout Montana, occurred on July 29,
1878. In Helena the day was fine and the
stars and moon were visible during the
obscuration. Oxen went to sleep on the
streets and chickens to roost in their coops,
although it was early in the afternoon.
Distinguished Railroaders.
A party of distinguished railroad men
arrived over the Montana Central from the
East yesterday. They are President Sayre,
of the Lehigh Valley Railroad, other offic
ials and friends. The party is ander the
conduct qf H. C. Davis, president of the
Rocky Fork Railroad, and formerly assis
tant general passenger agent of the North
ern Pacific. They went over to Batte this
afternoon, and will return to-morrow and
go back East over the Northern Pacific.
Paine's Celery Compou nd in a Nerve Tonic
which never fails. Containing Celery and
Coca, those wonderful nerve stimulants, it
speedily cures all nervous disorders.
. Paine's Celebt Compound purifies the
I blood. It drives out the lactic acid, which
" cau** Rheumatism, and restore* the blood
making organs to a healthy condition. It is
the tine remedy for Rheumatism.
Paine's Celebt Compound quickly restores
the liver and kidneys to perfect health. This
curative jxiwer, combined with its nerve
tonics, makes it the best remedy for all
kidney complaints.
Paine's Celeby Compound strengthens the
stomach, and quiets the nerves of the dures
tive organs. This is why it cures even the
worse cases of Dyspepsia.
Paine's Celeby Compound Is not a cathar
tic. It is a laxative, giving easy and natural
action to the bowels. Regularity surely fol
lows its use.
rURES Nervous Prostration. Nervous Headache. Recommended by nrof^onal and business
Neuralgia, Nervoua Weakness, Stomach , .. M . , nmimirf«
and Live; Di.eases, Rheumati.m, Dya- ,
r oeosia and all affections ot the Kidneys. WELLS, RI CH ARDSON & C O. Prop S
- V^Wv"
for Infants and Children.
v | Taitiifla li j * Tfil in rfilldna that
I recommend it aatnperior to any prescription
1 to me." H. A. Aacan, M. D.,
1H 8* Oxford 8k, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Without injurious
THE CIVTAtB CO., 77 «array Street,
Castorfs cures Colic, O o ua Hp a tt on.
Sour Stomach. DiarrhcBa, Eructation,
Kills Worms, (iras stoop, and promotes <U
I. T.
Decoration of Soldiers' Graves and
Other Appropriate Exercises.
Billings, Mont., May 31.—[Special to
the Herald.]— Memorial Day was gener
ally observed here yesterday. A commit
tee of John A. Logan Post, G. A. H., dec
orated the graves of all the old
soldiers baried in the cemetery,
while the graves of others were
also decorated by their surviving friends,
In the evening the Congregational
Chnrch was profusely decorated with flags
and flowers, and a large concourse of citi
zens attended to take part in the ceremon
ies. Poet Commander Goss presided, and
in a few well-chosen remarks introduced
Kev. Alfred Brown, who delivered an elo
quent address.
Patriotic songs were sung by a large
choir and a solo by H. Oldam. The Webb
Gnards in fall uniform attended and pre
sented a fine appearance.
A Montana Central Depot Cracked
Open by the Electric Fluid.
Craig, Mont., May 31.—[Special to the
Herald.] DnriDg the storm last night the
Montana Central depot at this place was
struck by lightning. The whole roof over
the office was torn eff and the ceiling of
that and the waiting room was ripped off.
The bay window was separated from the
building by the shock and all the glass in
the house broken. No person was injured.
A. McKay & Co , of Helena, have the con
tract for repairing the damage, which will
amonnt to a few hundred dollars.
Barker's Residence Burglarized.
A few evenings ago, while Mr. and Mrs.
J. W. Barker were out at the theatre,
burglars entered their residence on Ewing
street and ransacked the premises. Trunks
were opened, bureau drawers rifled and
furniture and belongings unceremoniously
dumped about the floors. The burglars
carried off clothing and valuables to the
amount of about $400. There is no cine to
the thieves.
A Natural Product of California.
It is only In Butte County, California, and in
no other part of Ute world. We refer to the tree
that produces the healing and penetrating gum
used in that pleasant and effective eure for con
sumption, asthma, bronchitis, and coughs,
SANTA ABIE, the King of Consumption, H.
M. Pärchen & Co. guarantees and sells it for SI a
bottle, or three for 82.50. By the use of CALI
FORNIA CAT-R-CURE, all symptoms of catarrh
are dispelled, and the diseased nasal passage is
speedily restored to a healthy condition. 81 a
package. By mail, SI.10. Circulars free.
Thinks it is a Quibble.
Helena, June 1st, 1888.
Editor Herald:— Mr. Wallace's re
marks to the Conncii last evening probably
failed to convince those who heard them
that there was any irregularity in the pro
ceedings antecedent to the issue of the
sewerage bonds, bat mnst have satisfied
them that bis clients wished to withdraw
their bid. As a matter of fact, the require
ments of the law seem to have been scrup
ulously observed at every point. It is
difficult, for example, to regard seriously
the objection that the place of sale was not
sufficiently stated, when the advertisement
reads that the sale will take place "at the
office of the undersigned," and is signed by
the City Clerk and dated Helena, Mont.
The other objections that were raised are
no more formidable. It would also seem
that in the interval of a month between
the notice and the sale, the parties intend
ing to bid shonld have examined and sat
isfied themselves as to all matters affecting
the validity of the issue, and not have
waited until after the sale to hunt np what
they chose to call defects in the proceed
ings. The necessity which this action has
imposed upon the city of abandoning the
work or re-advertising the sale is unfortu
nate, as the latter alternative will be apt
to impair the credit of the city, and at best
will occasion a waste of precious time. X.
Bob Ingersoll to Nominate Greshain.
New York, June 1.—Unquestionably
the great oratorical event of the Republi
can National Convention will be the speech
of Colonel Robert G. Ingersoll, as it was in
the Republican convention of *76, when for
the first time he christened Blaine the
"Plumed Knight." Colonel Ingersoll has
been invited by the delegates of Illinois,
his native State, to present Judge Gresh
am's name to the convention, and he has
agreed to do so, This will be the colonel's
first participation in politics for several
years, and if Gresham shonld be nomina
ted he may be expected to take the stamp.
Chinese Troubles.
London, Jane 1.—In the House of Com
mons to-night Baron DeWorms in replying
to the question, said there was no treaty
with China giving Chinamen a right to
emigrate to the British colonies, nor had
England engaged to admit Chinese emi
grants. He was hopeful the proposed con
ference to consider the matter would arrive
at a decision satisfactory to the colonies,
while not wounding deeply the sneepti
bilities of the Chinese.
(Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of purity,
etrength and wbolesomeneas. More economical
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competition with the multitude of low test, short
weight, alum or phosphate powders. Sold only
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street. New York.
MAKING Powder Co., 106 Wall
Skin entirely stone. Fleet, a muss of
disease. Leff diminished one-third
1« size. Condition Hopeless.
Cured by Cniiciira Remedies.
For three years I was almost crippled with an
awful sore leg from my knee down to my ankle ;
the skin was entirely gone, and the flesh was
one mass of disease. Some physicians pro'
nounced it incurabla. It had diminished about
one-tliird the size of the other, and was in a
hopeless condition. After trying all kinds of
remedies and spending hundred of dollars, from
which I got no relief whatever, I was persuaded
to try your Cctic ira Remedies, and the result
was as follows: After three days I noticed a
decided change for the better, and at the end of
two months l was completely cured. My flesh
was purified, and the l>one (which had been ex
posed for over a year) got sound. The flesh
began to grow, and to-day, and for nearly two
years past, my leg is as well as ever it was,
sound in every respect, and not a sign of the dis
ease to be seen.
S, G. AHERN, Dubois, Dodge Co., 6a.
Terrible Suffering from Skin Diseases.
I have been a terrible sufferer for years from
diseases of the skin and blood, and have been
obliged to shun public plaças by reason of my
disfiguring humors. Have had the best of physi
cians and spent hundreds of dollars, but go no
relief until I used theCuTicuRA Remedies, which
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Olive Branch P. O., Miss.
From 113 Pounds to 175 Pounds.
I have taken several bottles of Cuticura Re
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About this time last year, when commencing i»s
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GEO. CAMPBELL, Washington, D. C.
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pi pV'CSkin and Scalp preserved and beauti
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Constitutional Catarrh.
No single disease has entailed more suffering
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sight, of hearing, the human voice, the mind,—
one or mere, and sometimes all, yield to its de
structive influence. The poison it distributee
throughout the system attacks every vital force,
and breaks up the most robust of constitutions.
Ignored, because but little understood, by most
physicians, impotently assailed by quacks and
charlatans, those suffering from it have little
hope to be relieved of it this side of the grave.
It is time, then, that the popular treatment of
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reach of all passed into hands at once competent
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fling and obstructed breathing, and rapidly re
moves the most oppressive symptoms, clearing
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senses of smell, taste and hearing, and neutra
lizing the constitutional tendency of the disease
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Sanford's Radical Cure consists of one bot
tle of the Radical Cure, one box of Catarrhal
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Potter Drug & Chemical Co., Boston.
Straiifc and Weaknesses,
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Galloway Bulls.
The Galloway Cattle Co. have for sale 35 head
of yearling and 15 head of two-year-old Galloway
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Bulla purchased of this Company two years
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Territory of Montana, county of Lewis and
Clarke—SS. In the Justice's Court, of Helena
township, before Junius G. Sanders, Justice of
the Peace.
Marcus Lissner. plaintiff, ) j. g
versus >
Oscar Bache, defendant. J
The people of the Territory of Montana, to the
above named defendant, greeting :
appear before me, Junius G. Sanders, a Jus
tice of the Peace, in aud for the county of Lewis
and Clarke, at my office in the city of Helena Jon
Saturday, the 19th day of May, A. D. 1888, at 10
o'clock a. m. of said day, then and there to make
answer to the complaint of Marcus Lissner, the
above named plaintiff, in a civil action to recover
the sum of one hundred and five dollars, balance
due lor board and rent furnished by plaintiff
to defendant at his special Instance and request ;
and in default thereof judgment will be rend
ered against you, Osoar Bache, the above named
defendant, for the sum of one hundred and five
dollars and costs of suit in this behalf expended.
Given under my hand this 10th day of May, A.
w4t-my!7 Justice of the Peace.
Of Horses at Townsend, Jane 2d,
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mai _____
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Morphine habit cured in 10 to SO days. No
pay until cured. Dr. J. Stephens, Lebanon,
Ohio. w«m-mTU
Montana National Bank
Capital, - - - - $250,000
Surplus Profits, - - 90,000
C. A. BROADWATER, . - President
A. G. CLARKE, ■ • • Vice-President
E. SHARPE, ■■■■■••■ Cashier
S. E. ATKINSON, ....Aset. Cashier
C W Cannon. Herman Gans.S C Ashby,
H. F. Galen, A. H. Wilder.
Dealer' in
Sole Agent for Hill's Concord
Wall and "A" Tents, Wagon
_ Cove rs, etc.
Helena, M. T.
Carload FLASKS and VIALS.
We offer these goods to Cash Buyers at Prices that DEFT COMPETITION ! (1
Parchen's Corner,......Helena. Mont.
^ v: 1 :
mm ;
The treatment of many thousands of cases
of those chronic weaknesses and distressing
ailments peculiar to females, at the Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y.,
has afforded a vast experience in nicely adapt
ing and thoroughly testing remedies for the
cure of woman's peculiar maladies.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
is the outgrowth, or result, of this great and
valuable experience. Thousands of testimo
nials, received from patients and from physi
cians who have tested it in the more agg a
vated and obstinate cases which had baffled
their skill, prove it to be the most wonderful
remedy ever devised for the relief and cure of
suffering women. It is not recommended as a
"cure-all," but as a most perfect Specific for
woman's peculiar ailments.
As a powerful, invigorating tonic,
it imparts strength to the whole system,
and to the womb and its appendages in
particular. For overworked, "worn-out,"
" run-down," debilitated teachers, milliners,
dressmakers, seamstresses, "shop-girls," house
keepers, nursing mothers, ud feeble women
generally. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
is the greatest earthly boon, being unequaled
as an appetizing cordial and restorative tonic.
As a soothing and strengthening
nervine, "Favorite Prescription" is une
qualed ana Is invaluable in allaying and sub
duing nervous excitability, irritability, ex
haustion, prostration, hysteria, spasms and
other distressing, nervous symptoms com-,
monly attendant upon functional and organic
disease of the womb. It induces refreshing
sleep and relieves mental anxiety and de
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
is a legitimate medicine, carefully
compounded by an experienced and skillful
physician, and adapted to woman's delicate
organization. It is purely vegetable in ite
composition and perfectly harmless in Its
effects in any condition of the system. For
morning sickness, or nausea, from whatever
cause arising, weak stomach, indigestion, dys
pepsia and kindred symptoms, its use, in small
doses, will prove very beneficial.
" Favorite Prescription'* is a post*
tive cure for the most complicated and ob
stinate cases of leucorrhea, excessive flowing,
painful menstruation, unnatural suppressions,
prolapsus, or falling of the womb, weak back,
" female weakness," anteversion, retroversion,
bearing-down sensations, chronic congestion,
inflammation and ulceration of the womb, in
flammation, pain and tenderness in ovaries,
accompanied with "internal heat."
As a regulator and promoter of func
tional action, at that critical period of change
from girlhood to womanhood, "Favorite Pre
scription " is a perfectly safe remedial agent,
and can produce only good results. It is
equally efficacious and valuable in its effects
when taken for those disorders and derange
ments incident to that later and most critical
period, known as " The Change of Life."
"Favorite Prescription." when taken
in connection with the use or Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery, and small laxative
doses of Dr. Pierce's Purgative Pellets (Little
Liver Pills), cures Liver, Kidney and Bladder
diseases. Their combined use also removes
blood taints, aud abolishes cancerous aud
scrofulous humors from the system.
"Favorite Prescription" is the only
medicine for women, sold by druggists, under
a positive guarantee, from the manu
facturers, that it will give satisfaction in every
case, or money will be refunded. This graxan
tee has been printed on the botUe-wrupper,
and faithfully carried out for many years.
Large boi'les (100 doses) $1.00. or six
bottles for $5.00.
For large, illustrated Treatise on Diseases of
Women (160 pages, paper-covered), send ten
cents in stamps. Address,
World's Dispensary Medical Association,
663 Hain 8t, BUFFALO, N. IT.
issued March and Sept.,
Leach year. It is an ency
clopedia of useful infor
rmation for all who pur
chase the luxuries or the
necessities of life. We
can clothe you and furnish you with
all. the necessary and unnecessary
appliances to ride, walk, danoe, sleep,
eat, flab, hont, work, go to church,
or stay at home, and in various sizes,
styles and quantities. Just figure out
what is required to do all these things
COMFORTABLY, »nd you can make a fair
estimate of the value of the BUYERS*
GUIDE, which will be sent upon
receipt of 10 cento to pay postage,
111-114 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, HL
J. B. HAMBLIN, Lessee.
Will make a ipecialty of Blank-Booka
manufactured to order. Mining Blanks
of every description, snob as Pa j-Bolls
Assay Blanks, etc., eto.
Magasines neatly bound at low prioes.
Mechanics' Tools, Mill Supplies, Belt*
ing, Brass Goods and Pipe Fitings,
Battery Screen, Steel Wheel
barrows, Iron, Steel, Pipe
and Heavy Hardware.
Disston's Celebrated Circular Saws,
and Rival Steam Boiler Feed Pumps.
Agents for Atlas Engines and Boilers,
and Leffel Double Turbine Water
Wheels. Catalogues Furn
ished on application.
_ wyl-angl3 '
Mm of
751 Market Street.
G O AND LEARN HOW to avoid
disease, and how wonderfully
your are made. Private office, 2H
Geary street, San Francisco. Con
sultation of Lost Manhood and ail Diseases of
Men. A9~Send for a book. wly-nov5
Sole Agents.
PkLoct li fti ng» r ------- wg
Great English Remedy.
Murray's Specific.
A guaranteed cure for all Tnervous
diseases,such as Weak Memory,
Loss of Brain Power, Hysteria,
Headache, Pain In the Back, Ner
f _________ vous Prostration, Wakeful
iBiTORBjness, Leacorrhoea, Universal
Lassitude, Seminal Weakness, Impo
tency and general loss of power of the Generative
Organs;—in either Sex, caused by indiscretion
or over exertion, and which ultimately lead to
Premature Old Age, Insanity
and Consumption, 81.00 a box or
■lx boxes for 85.00. Sent by mail on re
ceipt of price. Full particulars in pam
phlet, sent free to every applicant.
We Gnarrantee Six Boxes [ürh]
to cure any case. For every 85.00 order received,
we send six boxes, with written guarantee to re
fund the money if our Specific does not effect a
cure. Address all communications to the Sole
AW-Sold in Helena by H. M. PÄRCHEN A CO.,
'i' <Uwce p26
DebfiitatM tJurr
____ Indiacrationa or
CURE by this N*w Impboyed
th i, «peci fle purpose, CORE or
■ ..--^ m~ Mme ---*'*""*"ITT 1 v'rurnrun iiin
riï/I.Ü" . bnuous, mild, soothin' .urrents of
ity dirertJy through all r.a^par. isstor
Cumn^- d auKf > i? ee ' t , h »" d Vigorou. eirsurt. Électna
hrilTrA T>V-»Ç-felt instant!; o' *„ torfeit J5.U00 in cash.
mpro , vem .l nt,0,,er *" oth<,r belli. Worst cases perl
cT ,h . r «™> nt h«.Sealed pamphlet 4c. stamp
Ssnde n Electric Co. l69U S«lle it., Chicago.
THE HERALD has In stock the following
blanks. They are neatly printed ou good paper,
with red ruling for a border. The forms have
beer carefully prepared by a lawyer, are in con
trinity with the statutes of the Territory, and
are applicable to any county in Montana.
Per do*. Per 100
Notice of Appeal................... 50
Undertaking on Appeal............ )so
Aff. ord. and notice for wit......... ]"5
Subpoena.................................... I35
Und. on claim and delivery...'..'.'..
„ -------------- .50
Writ of attachment.....................so
Und. on attachment.._____
Affidavit for attachment'...............
Aff. publication summnos......... ^75
~ !so
Ord. publication summons..
Summons for juror..
83 0)
4 00
2 00
3 00
3 00
3 00
3 00
3 00
4 00
3 00
4 00
2 00
2 00
5 00
2 00
2 00
3 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
Assignment of mortgage
Mechanics iein....................
Warrant of arrest....................... ..
Writ of attachment...............[35
Und. on attachment.................." I35
Affidavit for attachment.......'50
Summons..,..................... .'.'..'. 3 ™ '35
Summons for juror.................T~ I35
Bond for deed................... -«
Quit claim deed................'75
Warranty deed.................'75
Bargain and sale deed........ " '75
Lease......................................." 'gg
Mortgage ........................." '.75
Notice of location (quartz).. .. 50
Deed of mining claim....... ...... '-5
Application for patent,....'.......... V.
Water Right Location............... '50
Lode Representation............'50
Placer Location............... K
Bounty certificate (wild aniuiäüij iso
Certificate of Incorporation...... . .75
Chattel mortgage................. "..7 .75
Bill of sale.............. ... ...................
Power of attorney........ 'gg
A discount ot tan per cent, made on ordera
amounting to 15. anY twentv-flvTîl^ff 1 *"
orders amounting to 810 or over «****• 00
P™P aid 1 °n *9 orders. Special forma
"»»de to order at low priosa.
Check and money orders to be made payable to
FISK. BROS., Helen, Mont.
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
5 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
8 00
4 00
8 00
3 00
3 00
3 00
8 00
8 00
4 00
8 00
2 00
4 00
4 00
8 00

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