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willing to let well enough alone out in this
country: but my worthy opponent says it
i- a good thing to place wool on the freelist
md to reduce the tariff on lead, but he
produces no facts or figures to sustain his
Now, friends, I can only promise you
this, that if, by your suffrages, you direct
that 1 be clothed with that wonderful, that
supreme, yea, that magnificent robe of
authority to represent you, I will go down
to the congress of the United States, and if
>y hard study and close application to the
things I find there, it by industriously at
tempting to do the very best for yon under
the circumstances, if it is within the
books to accomplish anything for Montana,
you will find that I will accomplish all I
c*a. [Voice, "That's what." Loud ap
plause.] You will find, my friends, that I
will not be down there at any time the
or party, or rotten ring in Montana, hnt I
will endeavor to stand down there as the
representative of the whole of this free, in
telligent and worthy people. I am not un
mindful ol the magnificent dignity of the
favor I seek. The American Congress is
the most magnificent body of statesmen
this world has ever seen. There are as
sembled there the cream of the intelligence
of these Slates and Territories, and it is in
deed a body of men, to associate with
whom would have satisfied the unsatiable
ambition of Julius Ceaser himself; but in
my humble way I will try to be worthy of
the trust if you think proper to send me.
, v nice. " \ ou Will get there," and loud ap
There is now one particular mat
ter to which I desire to call your
attention before I close. In a speech de
livered at the town of Great Falls, my
friends Toole and Word thought it proper
to cast forth an insinuât iort. They did not
make a charge because I say to yen here
t'»-night, they could not truthfully make
any charge against me, hut they took the
cowardly method so oftem employed by
unworthy villains who so often blight the
rair lame of some man's wife or sister by
making an untimely nod or a facetious
wink, or a t;p ct the linger, or do some
thing in an underhanded, disreputable way
that could not be tangibly seen, but would
still convey the rmpression that something
was wrong. He sard that during my ad
min'-'ration ol an office in this coirnty,
»here was somtlmg wrong with the admin
istration of it.
Mr. iooleis a lawyer of some pretensions,
and Mr. Toole well knows that every fact
and every item and detail connected with
my administration ofthat office was then
and :s now a matter of public record which
any individual, Toole and Word inclusive,
* an go to at any time and fully and com
pletely examine in the probate court of
this county in black and white; and spread
upon t he records is a full and complete his
tory of each and every act and deed, word
and figure connected with my administra
tion of estates in this county; and I court
that as a favor of each and every inquiry
made, of a full, complete and thorough in
spection of those records. I here and now
challenge any man, yea, further still
who breathes the breath of life to-night
to present a fact or figure which will show
me in a dishonorable or dishonest light be
tween the living and the dead. (Loud
cheers and continued applause.)
I have said this from the public rostrum
I have said this from the public rostrum
in Northern Montana, and the word has
gone to the cohorts of the great Samuel
and Joseph, and they have had it now for
several days and they have not yet pre
sented one fact or figure which would
cause the finger of suspicion to be pointed
at me. [Loud applause]. I threw that
challenge forth advisedly, and I am proud
to say here to-night that I threw it forth
without fear of having any recoil from the
>hot. [Loud applause]. I courted inves
tigation. I am w illing to stand upoq a
broad plane betöre the public gaze, allow
ing my opponent, if heplease,tostanddown
in a rille pit, protected from public
scrutiny. Let them inspect me as they
please, bat as to Mr. Mr. Clark, my oppo
nent, I have not one word of disparage
ment to say. If I cannot win this election
upon the square issues at stake in this
campaign, I do not want to win it
by causing one particle of pain to one
human being. We are trying the merits
of a ease and not attempting to bring sor
row to human hearts. We are attempting to
protect the people from an iniquitous law
that is threatened, and not trying to dis
entegrate Montana society. Upon this
class of platform I stand here before the
people. If any man has ought against me
to say, let him come up squarely with the
charge, that I may meet it like a mau. I
do not want any
I do not want aoy foul insinuations cast
out. Let the man come forward with his
lacts, and if I cannot repudiate them, or
show him to be a malicious liar, I will quit
the canvass [Loud applause]. Why, my
dear friends, all things I have done in this
county are matters of record in the county
here. Why is it necessary to insinuate
anything ? Why canrot the editors of the
papers and speakers on the stump go to
the records of the Probate Court and find
out the facts, and, if there be anything
wrong, get it ; say to the people such
things are so and so, and they are wrong
[A voice, " They cannot do it."] ?
Now, my dear friends, I did act as pub
lic administrator in this county lor two
years. It is useless to go over the causes
which lead to my appointment. Suffice it
to say I did not seek it. I drove out to
see--in the valley, and asked him to
take it. I failed. I tried to get two or
three other parties lo lake this appoint
ment. At any rate I accepted the ap
pointment. Now, the facts are, that dur
ing my administration I settled estates to
AMOUNT OF l'EOM $40,000 TO $60,000.
I received not more than $2,500 for two
years' work, including expenses. Now, I
know an estate in which you are all in
terested here, the attorney's fees lor which
estate amounted to live thousand dollars,
and a couple of good Democratic lawyers
swore that was a reasonable charge, double
the amount that I received in lots for the
period of time that I was connected with
that office. [None that so.] But
I have no explanations to
offer; I am prepared to refute any sort of
charge coming irom any direction, and I
defy any man to show aught against me
that 1 cannot show to be incorrect. And
let me tell you that one ol the most diffi
cult tasks to-day in the world is to admin
ister upon an estate and do that estate
instiee. As soon as a man does, it hap
pens that the buzzards begin to collect.
Laughter.) I tell you, fellows who never
had a claim against a man in his lifetime
will charge one up after his death. It is
only necessary to swear to it. It is pat
upon record in that form to be passed
upon. Daring my administration in this
county I attempted in some measure to
stand guard at the portals and prevent the
robbery of estates, and I now take occasion
to mention certain rejected bills presented
to me and sworn to by the individuals, but
I believed the bills to be fraudulent and I
rejected them fearlessly. What was the
Gleet? A man who had sworn to one of
these bills and presented it before said
w hat do you think I am? A per
jurer' I gajd. As that I am
not prepared to say, but you can
ue me on that bill. I have now in my
possession and here in my pocket a letter
written f, y a Democrat to one of the heirs
o the Stokey estate asking them what
they received as their portion from the es
tate. I hare just received that letter back.
I would like to tell that gentleman, if he
is here to-night to ccme around and I will
explain to him
He could have gone to the Probate Court
and have found that out in about two-and
a-half minutes by just looking at the re
ceipts of the heirs of the estate. But in
stead of doing that he went to the trouble
of writing to the heirs, and the result is
these good people seat me back the letter
and told me to answer it as I saw fit. I ob
serve in this morning's Independent a let
ter directed from Marysville on this mat
ter. I do not wish to explain anything,
but I believe the letter was written in a
spirit of good faith. I suppose the gentle
man who writes that letter inquiring about
certain facts is honest with me and wants
to know how much money Geo. Stokey
had on him at the time of his death.
Now I will refer him (I suppose the gen
tleman is in the audience) to Lr. Steele
and Wm. Hudnall— Steele was Coroner.
Stokey died in an alky way from expos
ure. I knew nothing of this until ten days
after, when Dr. Steele turned the matter
over to me, and what he turned over to me
I turned over to the heirs in the course of
administration. Now, ask Steele or go to
my record, and you will find it as a matter
of fact in the county records. What be
came of a nice gold nugget? That gold
nugget is now in the charge of the Stokey
heirs in the city of St. Louis, and the re
ceipt of the Stokey heirs is on file in the
Probate Court ol Lewis and Clarke county.
What became of the gold watch ? That
watch was sold at its appra : sed value to
John Fraser. I wrote to the heirs, asking
what disposition should be made of the
watch, and they said that I w r as to do what
I thought best in the matter.
to Fraser for $100, and I turned that $100
into the assets of the estate in due coarse
of administration, lor the receipt of
which money look to the records of the
probate court, and you will find the re
ceipt in full. Now if there arc any other
questions in that connection connected
with my administration of i states I do not
remember it. But I will say to individuals
generally, go to the probate court and you
will find a full, Iree and complete state
ment and showing of each and every item
and thing done or asked, in which I was
connected during the years I administered
on estates in Montana I say further I be
lieve you will find that estates which I ad
ministered on were administered as cheaply,
if not cheaper, than aoy that have been
administered in Lewis and Clarke county.
Now there seems to be
about which somebody inquired, but I can
not pay attention to every foolish question
in this campaign.
Bring on your charges; bring on your
guns, end if I don't spike them as fast as
you bring them on I will sell out for a
cent. [Applause]. I have not brought
one single fact to bear in this campaign
calculated to cast reflection upon the in
tegrity, virtue or honor of my opponent.
He is, for aught I know, a decent, genial
and virtuous gentleman. I have nothing
to say to the contrary. Nor will I do so so
long as Mr. Clark thinks proper to treat
me as a flentleman. What we want is a
lree field and a fair fight on the living
issues of the hour, and 1 believe upon these
issues we will he entitled to, and receive
approbation from a majority of the people
ol' the Territory on the 6th day of Novem
ber. [Great applause].
ber. [Great applause].
Hon. William H. Hunt was then intro
duced, but owing to the lateness of the
hour, refrained from any extended re
marks, saying ODly that he was glad to see
such an outpouring, and that only a few
weeks hence he himself would have the
pleasure of addressing the voters of Marys
Ex-Mayor Kleinschmidt closed the
speechmaking of the evening with a brief
Among some of his remarks he said
"every time free trade was introduced panic
and destruction bas followed. We have
done well enough under protection and
ought to allow it to continue by giving ut
terance through our ballots that we do
not believe in fostering free trade. No
workmen or citizen can afford to allow
free trade and its adherents to gain power
and prestige."
The Helena delegation, with Mr. Carter
at its head,then resumed seats in the special
train in waiting at the depot and returned
home, arriving here at 1:30 o'clock this
Enthusiastic and Thoroughly Harmo
nious Republican Convention—
A Rousing Set of
Miles City, October 8. — [Special cor
respondence of the Herald.] —The Re
publican county convention that convened
here this morning and placed in nomina
tion a ticket that for good sound Republi
can doctrines could not be bettered, was
remarkable for the perfect urbanity,
the perfect harmony, that characterized its
proceedings. In such strong contrast was
it to the wrangling and discord that
marked the Democratic convention held in
the same place the Saturday previous, that
various members of the latter party com
mented upon it.
To say the Republican ticket
nominated is a strong one, is but ieebly
expressing it. To say it will be
is but forcastiug a belief born of a strong
conviction and a certainty of the honor and
integrity ot' the party, the candidates of
which are its best exponents
The Republicans of Custer county are
most thoroughly aroused by the nesessities
of the hour. A most perfect system of the
canvas has been maped out, and already
inaugurated by John E. Kennedy, member
o! the Territorial ^entrai committee from
this county, and chairman of our central
committee, who, with the assistance of an
able corps of earnest, enthusiastic Republi
can workers, , propose .to bring Custer
county to the very front as the
of onr territory.
As an index to the popular feeling here
in Custer, witness the following rousing
set of resolutions which were adopted by
the convention amidst great applause, and
the reading of which was often interrupted
by outbursts of loyal enthusiasm.
The Republicans of Custer county, Mon
tana, in convention assembled, do most
heartily and thoroughly endorse the plat
form of the National Republican Conven
tion, held in Chicago Jane 18,1888. We
recognize in the nomination of Benjamin
Harrison and Levi P. Morton, for President
and Vice President of these United States,
men of sterling ability, sonnd judgment,
and devoted patriotism to that party that
seeks to do them honor, and while we are
debarred by a democratic congress from
exercising the right of ballot, we do most
sincerely pledge onr moral support to their
candidacy and express the sell-same inter
est J n the campaign as do onr comrades in
the states. Believing, as we do, that the
tenets of the Republican party are those
most conducive to the prosperity and wel
fare of the people as a whole, and as indi
viduals, we do most earnestly urge upon
every man, in exercising the prorogative of
the ballot, to cast his vote tor that party
that has in the past proven itself worthy
of confidence, worthy of trust, and worthy
the support of every patriotic minded citi
Resolved, That we believe in a protective
tariff, that insures ua prosperity and suc
cess in every walk of life, that crowns hon
est labor with commensurate reward, and
by which our infant wool industry of the
Territory of Montana may be fostered and
Resolved, That we object to and de
nounce that policy of the present adminis
tration which obstinately refuses to recog
nize the petition for admission into the
Union of our Territory, which in common
with others is now knocking at the doors
of Congress.
Resolved, That we send greetings and
expressions of loyal congratulations to oar
fellow Republicans in Rhode Island, Ore
gon, Vermont, Arkansas and Maine, and do
bat trust that their brave example
may be followed later by the other com
monwealths, and that in November the
country, from the Atlantic to the Pacific,
may be swept by the Republican party
and gathered once more into the Republi
can fold.
Resolved, That in the nomination of the
Hon. Thomas H. Carter for Delegate to
Congress from this Territory, we recognize
a man in every way qualified for the high
honor, a man of irreproachable character,
of brilliant attainments and of undoubted
loyalty to his party, and we do unhesitat
ingly pledge him the most hearty support
of the Republicans of Custer county.
Resolved, That we heartily endorse
the platform of the Territorial
Republican Convention, held in
Helena September 18th, 1888, and
especially urge early legislation as [regards
svrvey8 of the public domain, the estab
lishment of a territorial bureau of immi
gration, and a registration law.
Resolved, That in view of the large and
constantly increasing depredations com
mitted on the property of stockmen, sheep
men and ranchers by wild animals, we
urge the passage by our next legislature of
a comprehensive bounty bill, providing a
remuneration to those who will give their
time and labor to the extermination of
these pests.
Resolved, That we recommend the abol
ishment of the fee system about to go into
effect in this Territory, believing that the
present system of employing county offi
cials ou a fixed salary has proven to be the
most economical, and is calculated to
obtain the best and most honest services.
Resolved, That for the purpose of exer
cising suitable control over the various
public accounts, we urge the creation of
the office ot county auditor.
The head of our ticket is in itself a tower
of strength. p From one end of the Terri
tory to the other the name of Joe Scott is
a most familiar one. It is a household name
in Custer, honored, respected, revered, and
his candidacy lor the Council alone will
briDg many doubtful voters and not a few
Democrats to the Republican standard.
The Hon. F. M. Kriedler will bring to
his assistance as candidate for Membi r of
the House, a two term experience iu the
New York State Legislature. He is a
gentleman well and favorably know in this
section and is sure of a strong vote. His
associate on the ticket, Mr. Loring B. Rea,
is quite prominent iu cattle circles of the
Territory, and has an extensive acquaint
ance among the stockmen, whose united
support he can assuredly depend upon at
the polls.
For Sheriff the Republicans have placed
in nomination a well known and tried Re
in nomination a well known and tried Re
publican, John Tally, a man thoroughly
lamiliar with the workings of the office
and competent to administer its duties.
For Treasurer, by acclamation, and with
an enthusiasm rarely evidenced in assem
blies of the kind, did the convention nomi
nate Harry F. Batchelor, a young
Republican, well known for years
as the popular cashier of the
Stockgrowers' National Bank. His
friends in this county are legion, and even
in the Democratic ranks can befonnd many
who will give him their unqualified sup
port and who will use every honorable
means in aiding the Republicans in elect
ing him to an office heretofore conducted
in so very unsatisfactory manner.
Amidst applause that made the rafters
of the convention hall ring, was A. T.
Campbell nominated for County Clerk and
Recorder by acclamation. Mr. Campbell is
one of the "old timers" in Custer and can
confidently expect upon polling a large
vote in November. Like Mr. Batchelor, his
popularity is not confined alone to his
party, but Democrats as well will do him
honor by supporting him at the polls.
Mr. Jos. Farnum, Secretary of the Con
cord Cattle Co., a young man of fine at
tainments and unquue8tionable Republi
canism, was nominated for Assessor, and
possessing, as he does, such an acquaint
ance on the range as well as in town, he is
sure of an election.
For County Commissioner the name of
Nathan Hackett was presented to the con
vention and was heartily accepted. Mr,
Hackett has had considerable experience
in matters connected with county affairs
and his nomination is considered a strong
Hon. W. A. Burleigh, Sr., rsceived the
unanimous nomination for County Attor
ney and his well known ability and great
popularity will secure his election over his
The present encumbent of the Probate
Judge 's office, W. C. Staehle, was the unan
imous choice of the convention for the
third time, and his election is a foregone
Chas. B. Taber, for County Surveyor; Jno.
Gibbs, for Coroner; Miss Louisa Cooley, for
Supt. of Public Instruction and C. S.
Young, for Public Administrator, all well
known Republicans and each thoroughly
competeut to discharge the duties of their
respective offices, were the unanimous
choice of the convention lor the offices
named and brought to an end the nomina
tion of a ticket peculiarly strong and pe
culiarly acceptable to the people at large.
Before adjournment the convention se
lected the lollowing representative central
committee for Custer county: C S Whit
ney, E A Kieedler, Ed Campbell, Wm Har
mon, J C Callahan, C S Young, R C Rich
mond, S Gordon, Larry Kendall, C W
Snyder, John Wright, J B Collins, Ed
Jones, L J Whitney, T Savage, M G Alap
les, A H Swordfiger, J E Kennedy, W S
Snell, C E Joubert, H R Marcy, W A
Bowles, F C Robertson, N Hackett, J B
Aloes, J Struthers, C H Loud, W J Chees
man, AI P Wyman, AI A Cree, A Bitt and
John Blakely. The convention named
John E Kennedy chairman, J
B Collins vice chairman and S
Gordon secretary of the central
committee—and at a meeting of the com
mittee held later the following were ap
pointed an exeentive committee:
J. B Collins, John E. Kennedy, L. J.
Whitney, Ed. Campbell J. C. Callahan, C.
S. Whitney, S. Gordon, E. A. Kreidler and
Ed. Jones. To this snb-ccmmittee will
devolve the real work of the campaign,
and they were selected on account of their
availability to the prompt attention to
matters that are liable to come before the
committee at any time, and also for their
known zeal in the cause, though each
member of the central committee is by no
means backward in his earnestness for the
success of the entire ticket, and will work
for it. We mean business in this campaign.
Eyery Republican in the county considers
himself a committee of one to rnstle for the
ticket, and he will do it. Saccess to Car
ter, to Scott, to our whole ticket, is our
motto, and the grand old stars and stripes
are oar colors. Custer.
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'THE CENTAUR CO., 77 Murray Street. N. Y.
Obsequies of the Democratic Vote in
the Sixth Ward.
The Democratic flambeau oorps, about
fifty strong, turned out iu a lugubrious
parade last night under command of
Sweet William Webb. They were togged
out in full regalia, and were evidently
bent oa some funereal mission. With
dimmed torches, bowed heads and trailing
colors they silently followed the mullled
drums to the depot, where they proceeded
to assist at the obsequies of the laboring
mau, who was laid out cold by the orator
ical efforts of Gen. Turner and District
Attorney Smith. These legal lights deliv
ered lengthy tariff discourses for the bene
fit of the toiling classes, for whom they ex
pressed a deep and fervent regard and an
unspeakable concern in their welfare.
With oily tongues, smooth, slick de
meanor, and all the blandishments
of forensic eloquence they plied the help
less workingmen with such large and fatal
doses of tally that it had a prostrating ef
fect. Nearly every Democratic vote iu the
Sixth Ward was massacred at long range
with the protestations of affection with
which these benevolent Chadbands assailed
the ears of the depot electors, and those
who did escape saved their lives by a wise
and hasty retreat from the charmed circle
in which the oratorical serpent exercised
his fatal fascination. But votes were
slaughtered by the wholesale and were at
once interred in the yawning grave of
Democracy—buried out of sight forever,
because they had been turned by
the force of Democratic eloquence
into the ranks of the Republicans. The
funeral pyre was not lacking either
and the holocaust was offered up to the po
litical gods on the shrine afforded by the
flaming coal sheds of the railroad company,
We do not know that this was a prear
ranged part of the programme, but it was
a timely happening nevertheless. The or
ators and flambeaus acted as chief mourn
ers at the funeral and after the ceremonies
proceeded to a convenient saloon, where
they held a wake over the corpse
of the Democratic vote in the
Sixth ward. The incinerated re
mains were then placed in the free trade
urn, (tarn low wages,) and
were deposited in a safe place to
were deposited in a safe place to
await the distant resurrection. With be
coming solemnity tne flambeau crowd
then reformed (this will be good
news to their Iriends) and
marched back to the city. Proceeding to
the residence of Col. Broadwater they in
formed him of the successful funeral at the
depot and then indalged in a dance of
death before his door. This done, they
replaced the reeking scalps of the Sixth
Ward Democracy in their girdles and with
mnflled drums proceeded to flambeau
headquarters, where they chanted au ode
to W. A. Clark and dispersed. Aleanwhile
the newly made Republicans at the depot
were rejoicing iu their freedom from Dem
ocratic bondage. They attended their own
funeral with evident relish and gloried in
the death of the Democratic man and the
putting on of the new Republican. The
last heard from this reformed band they
were marching through the streets sing
"Oh: Grave, where is thy victory?
O: Death, where is thy sting?"
Smith—D istrict Attorney Smith—who
orated to the fathful last night, spoke with
he fervor of Delegate Toole for free wool.
Smith was volcanic, and he erupted plenty
upon the protectionists. He talked right
out in the line of Cleveland, Carlisle and
Clark, and showed he was in close sympa
thy and communion with those who pnt
him in office. Grover was next to God.
"There is only one thing," exclaimed
Smith, "that can beat Grover Cleveland,
and that is God Almighty himself." We
are not sure that Smith did not really
desire to give Jehovah second plaue, for it
was God and not Grover he call "a thing."
Smith, we expect, will retain his portfolio
as long as Cleveland does his. He will be
simply Lawyer Smith after next 4th of
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Winter Term Opens January 2,1889.
Assaying, Chemical Analysis
and Surveying.
The Laboratories and Assay
Rooms for practical instruction, are
the most complete of any in the
Schedule of charges on Analytical and Assay
Work, sent on application.
For Catalogue address,
Montana National Ban!
Helena, Montana.
Capital, - - - $250,000.
C. A. BROADWATER,.....President.
A. G. CLARKE, ...... Vice-President.
E. SHARPE,..........Cashier.
S. E. ATKINSON,.....Asst. Cashier.
C. W. Cannon, Herman Gans, S. C. Ashby,
H. F. Galen, R. C. Wallace.
H KLEXA....................................MONTANA..
Paid up Capital, - $75,000.
Surplus & Profits, 15,000.
Interest Allowed on Time Deposit«.
E. D. EDGERTON, President.
C. K. COLE, Vice President.
JOE. N. KENCK, Asst. Cashier.
E. D. Edgerton. C. K. Cole.
J. B. Sanford. Chris Kenck.
8. J. Jones. Goo. B. Child.
Wm. Muth. Jacob Loeb.
G. O. Swallow.
O-alloway 3
v. ,
The Galloway Cattle Co. have for aale 35 head
of yearling and 15 head of two-year-old Galloway
Half-Breed Bulla.
Bulla purchased of this Company two years
I ago by the Muaaelahell Association have given
' the very beat satisfaction. Befer to D. Blacker,
As beef cattle the Galloways have no superior
and , having a heavy coat of hair, have no equals
In standing the severe winters of Montana.
The Bulla can be seen at the Company's ranch
near Bercail, Muscles hell Valley. For partlcu
ars addrresa
ANDREW J. FISK, Secretary,
daw-feb !3 _ Helena, Mont.
BUI Heads,
Note Heads,
Funeral Notloea,
_ -. Visiting Cards.
Wedding Invitations,
Letter Heads,
And everything else In the line of printing
Artistic work and the most reasonable prices.
Harness, and general
line of Horse Furn
K. of L. Block. North Main Street.
Has Removed to
Helena Avenue and Main street, Adjoin
ing the Power Block, on the North.
Call and see him at his New, Spacious and Elegant

The treatment of many thousands of cases
of those chronic weaknesses and distressing
ailments peculiar to females, at the Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffulo, N. Y.,
has afforded a vast experience in nicely adapt
ing and thoroughly testing remedies for the
cure of woman's peculiar maladies.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
is the outgrowth, or result, of this great and
valuable experience. Thousands of testimo
nial», received from patients and from physi
cians who have tested it in the more aggra
vated and obstinate c&ots which had battled
their skill, prove it to be the most wonderful
remedy ever devised for the relief and cure of
suffering women. It is not recommended as
" cure-all," but as a most perfect Specific for
woman's peculiar ailments.
As a powerful, invigorating: tonic,
it imparts strength to the whole system,
and to the womb and its appendages in
particular. For overworked, "worn-out,"
run-down," debilitated teachers, milliners,
dressmakers, seamstresses, "shop-girls," house
keepers, nursing mothers, and feeble women
generally, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
is the greatest earthly boon, being unequaled
as an appetizing cordial and restorative tonic.
As a soothing: and strengthening
nervine, "Favorito Prescription" is une
§ ualed ana is invaluable in allaying and 6ub
uing nervous excitability, irritability, ex
haustion, prostration, hysteria, spasms and
other distressing, nervous symptoms com
tnonly attendant upon functional and organic
disease of the womb. It Induces refreshing
sleep and relieves mental anxiety and de
, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
is a legitimate medicine, carefully
compounded by an experienced and skillful
physician, and adapted to woman's delicate
organization. It is purely vegetable in its
composition and perfectly harmless in its
effects in any condition of the system. For
morning sickness, or nausea, from whatever
cause arising, weak stomach, indigestion, dys
§ epsia and kindred symptoms, its use, in small
oses, will prove very beneficial.
" Favorite Prescription " is a posi
tive cure for the most complicated and ob
stinate cases of leucorrhea, excessive flowing,
painful menstruation, unnatural suppressions,
prolapsus, or falling of the womb, weak back,
* female weakness,' anteversion, retroversion,
bearing-down sensations, chronic congestion,
inflammation and ulceration of the womb, in
flammation, pain and tenderness in ovaries,
accompanied with "internal heat."
As a regulator and promoter of func
tional action, at that critical period of change
from girlhood to womanhood, "Favorite Pre
scription " is a perfectly eufe remedial agent;
and can produce only good results. It is
equally efficacious and valuable in its effects
when taken for those disorders and derange
ments incident to that later and most critical
period, known as " The Change of Life."
"Favorite Prescription," when taken
in connection with the use of Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery, and small laxative
dqses of Dr. Pierce's Purgative Pellets (Little
Liver Pills), cures Liver, Kidney and Bladder
diseases. . Their combined use also removes
blood taints, and abolishes cancerous and
scrofulous humors from the system.
"Favorite Prescription" is the only
medicine for women, sold by druggists, under
a positive guarantee, from the manu
tacturers, that it will give sati6ïaction in every
case, or money will be refunded. This guaran
tee has been printed on the bottle-wrapper,
and faithfully carried out for many years.
Farge bottles ao° doses) $1.00, or six
bottles lor $5.00. '
For large, illustrated Treatise on Diseases of
Women 060 pages, PLper-eovered), send ten
cents in stamps. Address,
World's Dispensary Medical association,
663 INaiu SL, BUFFAI.Q, N. ï.
663 INaiu SL, BUFFAI.Q, N. ï.
iasued March and Sept.,
I each year. It is an ency
clopedia of useful infor
'mation for all who pur
chase the luxuries or the
necessities of life. We
can clothe you and furnish you with
all the necessary and unnecessary
appliances to ride, walk, dance, sleep,
eat, fish, hunt, work, go to church,
or stay at home, and in varions sizes,
styles and quantities. Just figure out
what is required to do all these things
COMFORTABLY, and you can m ake a fair
estimate of the value of the BUYERS'
GUIDE, which will be sent upon
receipt of 10 cents to pay postage,
111-114 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IU.
J. B. HAMBLIN, Lessee.
Will majee a specialty of Blank-Books
manufactured to order. Mining Blanks
of every description, snoh as Pay-Bolls
Assay Blanks, etc., eto.
Magasines neatly bound at low prioes.
Mechanics' Tools, Mill Supplies, Belt
ing, Brass Goods and Pipe Fitings,
Battery Screen, Steel Wheel
barrows, Iron, Steel, Pipe
and Heavy Hardware.
Disston's Celebrated Circular Saws,
and Rival Steam Boiler Feed Pumps.
Agents for Atlas Engines and Boilers,
and Leffel Double Turbine Water
Wheels. Catalogues Furn
ished on application.
Mram of
781 Mar be r, Street.
G O AND LEARN HOW to »void
disease, and how wonderfully
'oar are made Private office, 211
_ _ leary street, San Francisco. on
sultation of Lost Manhood and all Diseases of
Men. 4^-Send for a book. w 1 y-nov5
Morphine habit cured in 10 to 20 days. No
pay until cured. Dr. J. Stephens, Lebanon,
Ohio. w6m-mv!7
For Sele.
A stock ranch and horses.
G. S., Herald office.
Address, J.
Notice to Co-Owner.
TO JAMES KELLY:—You are hereby noti
fied that we have expended two hundi—d dol
lars In labor and improvements for representing
claim for two years on the Kelly Lode situated
in Ten Mile district, Lewis and Clarke County,
M. T.. about one fourth of a mile from Rimini.
The location thereof being of record in the
office of the County Clerk and Recorder of
Lewis and Clarke County, and recorded Oct.
20th, 1886, in Book "H" of Lode Locations, page
411. In order to holn said premises under the
provisions of Sec. 2324 revised statutes of the
United States, being the amount required to
hold the same for the years 1887 and 1888, and if
within ninety days after this notice you fail or
refuse to contribute your proportion of such as
co-owner your filterest in and to said Kelly
Lode Claim w'll become the property of the
subscribers in accordance with the law in such
cases made and provided.
By Joseph Hoffman.
By Joseph Hoffman.
Dat ed July 12,1818 w3m-jyl9
THE HERALD has iu stock the followiug
blanks. They are nea.ly printed ou good paper,
with red ruling for a border. The forms have
beef carefully prepared by a lawyer, are in con
■Jrmity with the statutes of the Territory, and
are applicable to any county in Montana.
Per doe. Per 100
Notice of Appeal.
Undertaking on Appeal
Aff. ord. and notice for wit..
Summons............ ............
Und. on claim and delivery.........50
Writ of attachment.....................50
Und. on attachment...................50
Affidavit for attachment.............50
Aff. publication summnos..........75
Ord. publication summons..........50
Summons for juror......................35
Warrant of arrest.......................50
Writ of attachment......................35
Und. on attachment....................35
Affidavit for attachment.............50
Summons.................................... I35
Summons for juror..................... [35
S3 0)
4 00
2 00
3 00
3 00
3 00
3 00
3 00
4 00
3 00
4 00
2 00
2 00
3 00
2 00
2 00
3 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
3 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
3 00
4 00
3 00
3 00
J 00
3 00
Bond for deed..............................75
Quit claim deed...........................75
Warranty deed..........................75
Bargain and sale deed.................75
Lease.......................................... • .50
Mortgage ................................. .75
Assignment of mortgage.......... .75
Mechanics lein............................75
Notice of location (quartz).........50
Deed of mining claim..................75
Application for patent...................
Water Right Ixtc&tion.................50
Lode Representation...................50
Placer Location......................... 50
Sheriff sale..................................50
Bounty certificate (wild animals) iso
Certificate of Incorporation.........75
Bond........... so
Acknowledgements.................... *35
Chattel mortgage........................75
Bill of sale....... . ..... 75
Power of attorney............... .50
A discount of ten per cent, made on orders
amounting to $5. and twenty-five per cent, on
orders amounting to $10 or over.
Postage prepaid on all orders. Special forms
of any blanks made to order at low prices.
Check and money orders to be made payable to
FIsK BROS., Helena, Mont.
3 00
3 00
4 00
8 00
2 00
4 00
4 00
3 00

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