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That's How Montana Republicans Got
There Yesterday.
Brainy Tom Carter Goes to Congress With
A Majority of 3000 or More to
Back Him.
Montana is Redeemed From Bourbon
Rule And Will Enter the Union a
Republican State.
Victory, Victory, Victory!
Carter Carries Helena, Butte, Deer Lodge,
AaaconcU, Missoula, Great Falls,
And All The Self Re
specting Towns in
A String of Handsome Majorities Stretch
ing From Missoula to Glendive.
Democratic Strongholds Go Back on
Their Record And Fall Into Line.
For Carter And Protection.
Hip, Ilip, Hurrah!
The Bcodle Candidate Given a Back-Set
That Will Endure Groever
And Aye.
Money Can't Influence the Honest Elec
tors of Montana, who Stingingly
Repudiate the Barrel.
irter Counties so Far Heard From are
Lewis and Clarke, Silver Bow,
Deer Lodge, Missoula, Cas
cade, Yellowstone, Park
and Beaverhead.
Waterloo is Nowhere!
laconda, Martius Daly's Camp, Gives
Carter a Send Off to the
Tune of 600 Majority.
ool Men, Lead Men, Silver Men, Cattle
Men and Ranch Men all Vote
for Carter.
'rotection Now is all the go, Good Bye,
Sweet William Good Bye-"
But Read the Great, Grand and Glorious
ection day in Helena closed with the
snow storm of the season and the
lery Hakes proved bnt prophets of the
ical storm that raged yesterday from
and of Montana to the other and
red under deep and effectually the
ocratic candidate for Delegate to
pesa, Hon. W. A. Clark. Hon.
mas H. Carter, the gallant Republican
dard bearer, is now our Delegate to
;ress, the first Republican to hold that
b since Billy Claggett stepped down to
place to Maginnis 16 years ago. And
t is more, our able young delegate will
;o the National Capital with as big
ajority as that which sent Mr. Toole
:e two years ago, More, too, Montana
harmony with the new administra
and President Harrison will take the
r on the same day that Delegate Car
goes to Congress. It was a grand
glorious victory and Montana has
on to be proud of the noble
in which she spoke yesterday for Pro
ion, for Harrison and for Carter,
he election in Helena was the most ex
ag and animated we have seen for years,
m early hour five hundred people were
vded about the polls and so
scene remained all day. The vote
vy and fully polled. At the close it
i known almost to a certainty that Car
was ahead, but the final count was not
ipleted till early this morning,
ly 4 o'clock in the afternoon a large
wd besieged the Hebald office, where
letins were out from that time until
sr midnight.
he first encouraging news came from
te and Billings for Carter ; then Deer
Lodge, Anaconda, Missoula and Helena
were announced Republican, and that
settled the question. By 7 o'clock it was
known almost to a oertainty that Mr.
Carter was elected, and the surging crowd of
five hundred people watching the Her
ALD's stereopticou bulletins cheered en
thusiastically as fce majorities from the
West and North came rolling in. At nine
o'clock the enthusiasm could no longer be
restrained and about 300 Republicans,
headed by a brass band, started on a
triumphal march through the city and pro
ceeded to the residence of Mr. Carter,
where they serenaded our next Delegate.
They afterwards returned to the Hebald
office and stood until after midnight
watching the bulletins and cheering for
Harrison and Carter. It was a great night
indeed, and never did Helena see such en
thusiasm on the close of election day.
Returns were receivod by the Hebald's
special wire in the counting room, where
Operator Wheaton took the good news off
the wire with his accustomed facility.
From the Herald's special service, the
Western Union and the Associated Press
service, the Hebald was enabled to re
cieve the news promptly and announce it
ahead of any other newspaper by means
of an illuminated bulletin worked by a
stereopticon. It was a novel style of bul
letin service and proved eminently satis
factory as the cheering hundreds
watching its changing shadows last night
will testify.
Following are returns that came in by
the Hebald's special service:
Deeb Lodge, November 6.—[Special to
the Herald.]—Carter will make a sweep on
the West Side. Anaconda gives him 600
majority and Deer Lodge 28. He will pro
bably have 700 majority in the county.
The Democrats concede Silver Bow county
by 130 majority. In this county Republi
cans will elect all county officers except
possibly the assessor.
Wick es, Mont., November 6.—[Special
to the Herald.]—Carter's majority here is
• Glexdive, Mont., November 6.—[Spe
cial to the Herald.]—Glendive precinct
gives Carter 117, Clark 91.
Stillwater, November 6.—[Special to
the Herald.]—Caster gets 37 majority
This precinct gives Carter 68, Clark 36.
Y antic, Nov. 6.
Clark has 32 majority here.
Rimini, Nov. 6.
At the Little Jennie precinct Carter gets
24, Clark 16.
Gbaxtsdale, Nov. 6.—Carter 81, Clark
62 at this precinct.
Como precinct gives Carter 37, Clark, 35.
Silver Bow Junction, Nov. 6.—Clark
22, Garter 15.
Old Silver Bow—Clark 18, Carter 9.
Granite, Nov. 6.—Carter gets 147 and
Clark 85 in this precinct.
Garrison, Nov. 6.—The vote here was
Clark 43, Carter 34.
Butleb, Nov. 6.—Carter gets 33 and
Clark 8 here.
New Chicago, Nov. 6.—Carter 68,
Clark 36.
Helena, Nov. 6.—Carter's majority 392.
Kessleb's, Nov. 6.—Carter 72, Clark
Gbeat Falls, Nov. 6.—This city cast
987 votes, of which Carter gets 2 to Clark's
1. Nearly whole Republican ticket
Fobt benton, Nov. 6 —Clark's majority
here 45 ; in Big Sandy 25.
Wolf Cbeek, Nov. 6.—Carter 31 ; Clark
deeb lodge.
Elliston—Carter 100, Clark 25.
Drummond—Carter 28, Clark 45.
Pioneer—Carter 22, Clark 58.
Hennessey—Carter 3, Clark 5.
Stone Station—Carter 23, Clark 21.
Carter 45, Clark, 35.
This precinct gives Carter 84, Clark 97.
Sulphur Springs—Carter 178, Clark, 111.
Bonita—Carter 51, Clark 3.
Glasgow—Clark's majority 40.
Missoula—Indications point to a major
ity of over 500 in this county for Carter.
Democrats concede 200.
Dillon, Nov. 7.—A conservative esti
mate of the vote in Beaverhead county
gives Carter 150 to 200 majority. Carter
has 100 majority in Dillon.
Billings, Nov. 7.—This precinct gives
Carter 230, Clark 193.
Marysville, Nov. 6.—Carter 247,
Clark 203.
The above are merely bulletins, showing
the drift of the tremendous vote that was
cast yesterday for Hon. T. H. Carter and
that gentleman has reason to be proud of
the grand victory he has achieved. The
returns will not be all in before to-mor
row, but from what reports have been re
ceived, the Hebald estimates Mr. Car
ter's majoiity by counties as follows:
carter's majorities.
Deer Lodge....................
Lewis and Clarke..........
Silver Bow.....................
Parfc- ...... .....................
Republicans Elect Everybody as Far as
Heard From.
The returns from Lewis and Clarke
county up to the present time indi
cate a majority of 500 to 700 for Carter and
point to the election of the entire county
ticket by majorities ranging from 300 to
800. Following are the returns by pre
Carter, 1144. Clark, 1068.
Wilson, (Prohib.) 13.
Cole, 1202. Turner, 979.
Davis, 1024. Steele, 1091.
Gillette, 1155. Neill, 1082.
Hunt, 1191. Wallace 1011.
Crounse, 1144. Mitchell, 1048.
Balliet, 1190. Connolly, 1005.
Jefieris, 1287.
Barden, 1274.
Tooker, 1133.
Walker, 1058.
Howey, 1042.
Ellis, 1134.
Musser, 1172.
Miss Clarke, 1190.
Marsh, 1158.
Green, 905.
Conrad, 918.
LaCroix, 1056.
Bickett, 1141.
ClemeDts, 1126.
Pelletier, 1055.
Follenins, 1015.
Mrs. Kinney, 989.
Wade, 1039.
Carter 960.
Clark 643.
Wilson (Prohib.) 6.
Cole 963.
Turner 619
Davis 871.
Steele 674
Gillette 954.
Neill 657.
Hnnt 966.
Wallace 628.
Cronnse 957.
Mitchell 634.
Balliet 968.
Connolly 612.
Jefferis 1,005.
Green 585.
Barden 1,047.
Conrad 546.
Tooker 919.
LaCroix 669.
Walker 887.
Bickett 707.
JTowey 893.
Clements 669.
LUis 944.
Pelletier 644.
Musser 965.
Follenius 623.
Miss Clarke 977.
Mrs. Kinney 602.
Marsh 941.
Wade 655.
Carter 157.
Cole 153.
Davis 147.
Gillette 153.
Hunt 148.
Crounse 154.
Balliet 152.
Barden 158.
Jefieris 155.
Tooker 154.
Walker 125.
Ellis 149.
Musser 154.
Miss Clarke 158.
Marsh 154.
Clark 74.
Turner 72.
Steele 73.
Neill 71.
Wallace 81.
Mitchell 70.
Connolly 71.
Conrad 66.
Green 69.
LaCroix 69.
Bicket 99.
Pelletier 75.
Follenius 70.
Mrs. Kinney 64.
Wade 70.
Carter, 21.
Cole, 24.
Davis, 20.
Gillette, 24.
Hunt, 26.
Cronnse, 25.
Balliet, 29.
Jefieris, 31.
Barden, 27.
Tooker, 26.
Walker, 20.
Howey, 24.
Ellis, 25.
Musser, 26.
Marsh, 25.
Miss Clarke, 25.
Clark, 49.
Turner, 46.
Steele, 49.
Neill, 46.
Wallace, 44.
Mitchell, 45.
Connolly, 41.
Green, 37.
Conrad, 43.
LaCroix, 42.
Bicket, 50.
Clements, 46.
Pelletier, 44.
Follenius, 44.
Wade, 45.
Mrs. Kinney, 45.
Carter, 247.
Cole, 240.
Davis, 221.
Gillette, 246.
Hunt, 244.
Crounse, 229.
Balliet, 248.
Jefieris, 285.
Barden, 147.
Tooker, 246.
Walker, 243.
Howey, 240.
Ellis, 288.
Mnsser, 236.
Miss Clarke, 237.
Marsh, 258.
Clark, 203.
Turner, 203.
Steele, 206.
Neill, 2Ö0.
Wallace, 199.
Mitchell, 214.
Connolly, 190.
Green, 158.
Conrad, 295.
LaCroix, 195.
Bickett, 200.
Clements, 202.
Pelletier, 151.
Follenins, 206.
Mrs. Kinney, 203.
Wade, 185.
Carter, 19.
Cole, 14.
Davis, 15.
Gillette, 17
Hunt, 16.
Cronnse, 18.
Balliet. 17.
Jefieris, 19.
Barden, 10.
Tooker. 18.
Walker, 18.
Howey, 18.
Ellis, 18.
Mnsser. 18.
Miss Clarke, 24
Marsh, 18.
Carter 45.
Cole 42
Davis 31.
Gillette 34.
Hont 41.
Carter, 31
Cole, 34
Davis, 36
Gillette, 38
Hunt, 37
Crounse. 31
Balliet, 34
Jeffers, 38
Barden, 50
Tooker, 33
Walker, 46
Howey, 35
Ellis, 40
Mnsser, 36
Miss Clarke, 35
Marsh, 35
Carter 72
Cole 72
Davis 52
Gillette 70
Hunt 71
Cronnse 60
Balliet 70
Jefieris 80
Barden 74
Tooker 73
Walker 63
Howey 67
Ellis 66
Mnsser 69
Miss Clarke 69
Marsh 64
Clark, 9.
Turner, 14.
Steele, 11.
Neill, 10.
Wallace, 12.
Mitchell, 9.
Connolly, 11.
Green, 9.
Conrad. 18.
LaCroix, 9.
Bickett, 10.
Clements, 10.
Pelletier, 10.
Follenins, 10.
Mrs. Kinney, 4.
Wade, 10.
Clark 35.
Turner 38.
Steele 58.
Neill 28.
Wallace 39.
Clark, 50
Turner, 45
Steele, 44
Neill, 42
Wallace, 43
Mitchell, 49
Connolly, 46
Green 42
Conrad, 30
LaCroix, 47
Bickett, 33
Clements, 44
Pelletier, 40
Follenins, 44
Mrs. Kinney, 44
Wade, 44
Clark 58.
Turner 60
Steele 62
Neill 77.
Wallace 59
Mitchell 72
Connolly 62
Green 51
Conrad 57
LaCroix 59
Bickett 69
Clements 65.
Pelletier 65
Follenins 63
Mrs. Kinney 62
Wade 68.
Carter 33 Clark 8
Carter 24 Clark 16
Cole 17 Turner 23
Davis 2 Steel 38
Gillettel 7 Neill 20
Hunt 15 Wallace 25
Carter 38 Clark 18
Cole 36 Turner 20
Davis 23 Steele 32
Gillette 39 Neill 17
Hunt 37 Wallace 19
Crounse 38 Mitchell 18
Balliet 40 Connolly 16
Jefferis 44 Green 12
Barden 41 Conrad 15
Tooker 33 LaCroix 22
Walker 34 Bickett 22
Howey 36 Clements 20
Ellis 39 Pelletier 17
Mnsser 39 Follenins 17
Miss Clarke 34 Mrs. Kinney 22
Marsh 38 Wade 18
Carter 123 Clark 102.
Carter 2,104 Clark 1,711
Cole 2,165 Turner 1,598
Davis 1,895 Steele 1,765
Gillette 2,109 Neill 1,739
Hunt 2,157 Wallace 1,629
Crouse 2,101 Mitchel 1,682
Balliet 2,158 Couuolly 1,617
Jefieris 2,292 Green 1,490
Barden 2,321 Conrad 1,464
Tooker 2,052 LaCroix 1,625
Walker 1,940 Bickett 1,848
Howey 1,935 Clements 1,795
Ellis 2,078 Pelletier 1,699
Mnsser 2,137 Follenins 1,638
Miss Clarke 2,167 Mrs. Kinney 1,591
Marsh 2,099 Wade 1,694.
The above are the returns of Lewis and
Clarke county as far as received np to the
honr of going to press. They indicate that
Mr. Carter will have from 500 to 700 ma
jority in the county and that the county
and that the cocmty ticket is elected
throughout. The race between Walker
and Bickett for Assessor will be the clos
est, bat Walker will get away with it. The
other legislative and eounty officers on the
Republican ticket will have from 300 to
800 majority. What's the matter with
Lewis and Clarke?
The vote for township officers in Helena
was as follows:
Woodman, 2,123 O'Donnell, 1,595
Fleischer, 2,182 Smith, 1,553
Cleary, 2,162 Qnirk, 1,592
Quentin, 2,113 Atkins, 1,587
A Jolly Republican Advising a De*
leated Democratic Candidate
Not to Despair.
Michigan Solid.
Detroit, Nov. 7. —Michigan has gone
Republican by a plurality of 13,000 to 18,
000 oa the electorial ticket. Lace (Rep.)
for Governor, rans behind the rest of the
ticket 5,009, owing to the opposition of
the liquor men. The Republicans gain
two Congressmen, perhaps three. The
legislature on joint ballot insnres the
election of a Republican Senator to suc
ceed Palmer.
The Empire State.
New York, Nov. 7. — The opinion
formed last night which gave the State of
New York to Harrison (Rep.) for President
and to Hill (Dem.) for Governor, was con
firmed by later scattering retnrns. The
districts yet to be heard from cast in,1884 a
total of 36,452 votes. The reports by coun
ties indicate a farther gain of 5,200 for
Harrison. _
Democrats Give it np.
New York, November 7.—The World
"extra" says; In the latest advices
Republican gains in the south and east
exceed all expectation. Carefal com
pilation of Congressional returns received
at this hoar would indicate that the Re
publicans will control the next house by
from eight to ten majority.
The Rejoicing Republican Small Boy.
Keep np the Gains.
Indianapolis, Nov. 7.—Fonr hundred
precints of Indiana show a net Republican
gain of 1,576.
Minnesota Vote.
St. Paul, Nov. 7.—The Globe says Wil
son Dem. is elected governor and Harrison
and Morton carry the State by 12,000.
The Pioneer Press gives Merriam, Rep. for
governor, a plurality.
Gives it Up.
Chicago, Nev. 7.—The Herald Dem.
says Harrison is elected.
Democratic Figures.
New Yok, November 7.—The Evening
Telegram pats Harrison's plurality at 10,«
000, Hill's at 1,700.
Democrats Claim Virgina.
Alexandria, Ya., November 7—W.W.
Scott, secretary of the Democratic State
committee, claims the State for Cleveland
by a reduced majority, probably between
4,000 and 5,000.
Furnished by Commodore Power at
the Request of the Democratic
Grover Cleveland—Captain.
William A. Clark—First Mate.
Martin Maginnis—Second Mate.
Sammy Word—Pilot.
W. J. Penrose—Chief Cook.
Roustabouts—Moritz Koch, W. M.
O'Dwyer, J. S. Dickerson, W. J. McCor
mick, Jimmy Sullivan, Willie Webb,
Charley Curtis, W. B. Hundley and others.
\ i
The steamer is now at the dock awaiting
her cargo of passengers and freight. Bound
for all points on Salt River. Fare—A
straight Democratic ticket per head.
Rates—Torches and transparencies used in
Democratic parades carried tree. No wool,
lead, 6ilver or any protected article of
manufacture or produce allowed on board.
If steam gives out and they have to hoist
sails Robert Buncombe Smith will furnish
the wind by standing an the shore and re
citing from Goldsmith. W. A. Clark will
assist, if necessary, by giving his opinion
of Patrick Ford. If this fails they will
anchor Sam Word to windward and tarn
on his Sanders stop.
Sweet William Webb
Has done his best to come off the perch,
bnt his bets poll so stroDg that he can't let
The Result on Delegate at Lake Pre*
Great Falls, Nov. 7.— [Special to the
Herald.]—Oat of a total of sixty votes at
Lake precinct, Cascade county, Carter for
Delegate received 49 and Clark 11.
The Man Who Bet the Barrel Would
Get There.
A Republican Congress to Support
Harrison and Protection.
New York, November 7.— [Special to
the Herald.]—General Harrison is elected
to succeed Grover Cleveland. New York
for Harrison by 20,000 majority. The next
Honse of Representatives Republican by
from twenty to twenty-five majority.
Chicago's Vote Complete.
Chicago, November 7. —City complete:
Cleveland, 62,168; Harrison, 58,661;
Palmer, 64,123 ; Fifer, 57,813.
The Man Who Won the Hats.
Tbenton, N. J., November 7.—The
Democratic plurality is now estimated at
5,000. The closeness of legislature will
make the contest for United Sates Senator
next winter nnosnally exciting.
The County Republican by a Whoop
ing Majority.
Butte, November 7. —[Special to the
Herald.]—Carter carried Silver Bow county
by a whooping majority, and it don't take
a hundred words to tell it.
Returns as Far as Received Give Car
ter a Majority.
Gbeat Falls, Nov. 1.—[Special to the
Herald.J—Carter's majorities in this (Cas
cade) county are, as far as reported, these
Lake precinct, 38; Sun River Landing, 6;
Middle Run, 5; Grofton, 10; Bel48; Cas
cade, 1: Soldier Creek, 8; Sand Coule, 20.
The following are îeported as Clark's
Kibby, 12; Gorham, 11; .Great Falls, (es
timated) 100.
The Business Man Mho Voted for
A Republican Majority of Fifty-three.
Cokedale, November 7.—[Special to the
Herald.}—This (Cokedale) precinct polled
a total of 99 votes, of which Thomas H.
Carter received 76 and Wm. A. Clark 23.
Precincts Reported Show Kepnbli*
can Majorities.
Hobb, Park county, Nov. 7.—[Special to
the Herald.] This precinct cast 37 votes
for Carter, and 31 for Clark.
Gabdineb, Nov. 7.—[Special to the
Herald.] This precinct polled 71 votes
Carter 47; and Clark 24.
Sam Word--"Sick ! Send for v Ma<
Greeting to Harrison.
The following telegram, conveying con
gratulations and jubilation to the Presi
dent elect was flashed to Indianapolis this
morning :
Helena, Nov. 7.— Benjamin Harrison ,
President Elect , Indianapolis , Ind.: —Mon
tana is in- line with other near future Re
publican commonwealths. Our Republi
cans are wild with enthusiasm over their
and your success.
L. H. Hebshfield,
Chairman Rep. Ter. Com.
Iowa's Thirty Thousand.
Des Moines, Nov. 7. —Iowa's Republi
can majority will probably reach 30,000.
The Republicans elect every Congressman
except in the second district.
Voted lor Cleveland.
Indianapolis, Nov. 7. —Returns from
sixty-seven of the ninety-one precincts in
this (Marion) county shows a plurality of
from 500 to 800 for the Democratic ticket.
Republican Gain.
Indianapolis, Nov. 7.— Three hundred
and fifty precincts in Indiana show a net
Republican gain of 1,948.
West Virginia.
NewYobk, Nov. 7.— The Evening World
says West Virginia is still doubtful?
Democrats Claim Jersey.
Jersey City, November 7.—The Demo
cratic State committee claim the State by
8,000, the senate by 1.1 to 10 Republicans
and the assembly by 31 to 29 Republicans.
There are several districts in doubt, how
ever, and the opinions are based on very
meagre returns from Democratic sources.
All Advices To-day Confirm the (Honor
News of Tuesday Night.
Democratic Organs in New York and Chi
cago Concede Harrisons Election.
The Empire State Republican by 10,000
Except Connecticut and New Jersey the
Whole North Solid.
Democrats Unwilling yet to Give up In'
diana, bnt They Will Have ,'to, if
the Eetums are not Changed.
The M orld Concedes Harrison's Elec
New York, November 7.—An "extra"
of the World (Dem.) says: At 7 o'clock
the probabilities are that Gen. Benjamin
Harrison, of Indiana, ha» Wen chosen
President of the nation, and Levi P. Mor
ton, of New York, Vice-President. The
returns thus far received indicate that the
tariff reform issue proved strongest and
the State is hopelessly Republican. In
Illinios, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska
the Democratic ticket made large gains
upon the lines foreshadowed in the recent
tariff" debate in the Honse. These gains»
though encouraging, have not bean suf
ficient to offset Republican majorities.
The Tribune's Figures.
New Yobk, November 7.—The Tribune
says: The House of Representatives in
the fifty-first Congress will be Republican
by from 20 to 25 majority. The indica
tions are that this may be slightly in
creased. The New York delegation will
stand 18 Republicans and 16 Democrats.
In Connecticut the Republicans gain
two Congressmen and in New Jersey they
lose one. Some notable gains are recorded
in the South, in Louisiana, Arkansas and
Missouri, and in the West.
The Wool lnterest---It Helped to
Down the Free Tiade
The North Star State in Hepublicnn
St. Paul, November 7. —[Special to the
Hebald.]— It is assured Harrison and
Morton will carry Minnesota by a majority
which, considerably below that of Blaine,
is still entirely satisfactory to Republicans.
The contest on the State ticket is closer,
bnt there is no reason to doubt that all
Republican candidates will be elected.
Lind, Comstock and Suyder are elected to
Congres. In the 1st and 3d districts it
will require the retnrns to decide.
Missouri's Flop.
St. Louis, Nov. 7. —Neidringhcuse and
Frank, Reps., defeat «1 the Democratic
candidates for Congress in the eighth and
ninth districts by fifteen hundred majority.
Kimball, Repn. candidate for Governor
carries this city by nine thousand six
six huudred majority. The majority for
the Republican presidential ticket is about
400 lees. The returns from outside of
the city are coming in very slowly.
The Man Who Wagered aud M on.
Come to Stay.
Chicago, Nov. 7.—The Tribune prints a
table of electorial * otes which gives Cleve
land 162 and Harrison 239. It says edi
torially: The battle bas been fought, aud
to-day the Republican party is on its old
camping ground, from which it was
driven fonr years ago and has come to
Concedes Harrison's Election.
New Yobk, Nov. 7.— The Commercial
Advertiser (Dem.) says the latest retnrt. 1
indicate the election of Harrison and Mor
ton. Hill's election for Governor is claimed
by 10,000 plurality.
North Carolina.
Raleigh, Nov. 7.— One-fonrth ofjtbe
State ahows a Democratic gain of 9.382.
Illinois Never M'avers.
Chicago, Nov. 7.—The best information
obtainable so far indicates that Illinois is
25,000 majority for Harrison and 5,000 for
Price of Silver.
New York, Nov. 7.—Bar silver, 94].

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