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Monthly Business Meeting Held
Last Night.
Ute Business of the Past Month Be
Count'd convened for its regular monthly
jBteting- Present : Mayor Fuller in the
cbair: Aldermen Howey, Liesner, Harrison,
^siiburn, Adkinson, Donnelly, Worth
Featherly, Morris. Zmmmm
'.Minutes of previous meeting read and
Reports ol Officers.
Arrested for violation of city ordinances
130 . Arrested for Territorial offenses 11.
Paid into the city treasury^ for impound
ing r attle * 100 . Report placed on file.
Reports all fires to date. Recommends
the purchase of a new hook and ladder
truck; erection of fire escapes on all high
and daDgercus buildings; also the pur
chase of rubber coats for firemen. Referred
to committee on fire department.
Controversy about alley, claimed in
block 12 , running south from Edwards
street. Reports that original location of
Senior street was from 40 to
50 feet farther east than is now
shown by later surveys. Alley has been
used as such for a number of years, and the
only remedy for the parties interested is to
call in the aid of the courts. The renum
liering of houses of the city has been com
pleted. Over 1,000 new numbers have
been put up, besides the old ones. All
numberings start on Broadway, north and
south. Reports that many streets have no
names posted on corners and on streets, the
names of which liaverecently beenchanged,
the old ones appear and recommends to
have proper signs put op.
Estimates cost of grading Ewing street,
south of Broadway at $2,500, and recom
mends the work to be done.
Alderman Worth suggested that the es
timate was too low. The street should be
cut down eight feet at one time and moved
that the report be referred to a special com
mittee. Carried.
Aid. Worth, Donelly Adkinson appoint
ed as such committee.
Reports expenditure of $741. Placed on
Report on sidewalks; A number of
places were reported having damaged or
broken sidewalks.
Various causes and excases were assign
ed by the property owners for their con
Alderman Worth moved that the street
commissioner be instructed to order the
owners to relay sidewalks as the city or
dinances require.
Mr. Botkin stated that the law does not
excuse owners on account of grading
streets. Tbecity has this right fora'l times.
Motion of Worth carried.
Reports of Standing Committees.
Verbal report by Mr. Howey, who stated
that Bishop had come to see him and
claimed that the work was not properly
done and offered his services to take him
to such places for inspection. When he
inspected the mains, he found that the
work had been carefully performed in all
its details. The superintendent and con
tractors were doing their duty.
Aldermen Worth and Harrison reported
likewise. They state that, the rumors that
had been circulated abont the work were
without foundation.
The committee recommend placing a
light on Lyndale avenue and Roberts
Mr. Harrison asked to defer action on
the matter for 30 days as the company's
contract, had nearly expired and at the
present low rates, they were not anxious to
continue the service.
Alderman Howey moved that the report
lie adopted. Carried.
A number of bills were presented and
allowed. The most important are:
Marshal Hard—l>oariI of prisoners.............8296 65
Payroll—City Engineer.............................. 395.00
Sewer Department, (estimate No. 1).......... 997.50
(estimate No. 2)........... 198.12
payroll, sup't_............ 250 00
" " Inspector's payroll 641.50
" " lumber........................ 213.69
Aid. Harrison reported back the bills of
the Herald, Record and Independent Pub
lishing companies. It was re
ferred to the committee on ways and
Mr. Griswold's bill for twenty-five dol
lars, for loss of time on account of injnries
received daring a fire, was referred to the
committee on fire department.
An ordinance granting the Helena street
railway company an extension of time un
til August 1889. Adopted.
Ordinance granting the Helena street
railway company the right of way through
Lawrence and Centre streets, to ran by
either horse, or steam or electric power,
with provision left for the council to re
duce the tares after 1891, was referred to a
special committee. Aid. Harrison, Feath
erly and Morris were appointed.
Report submitted covering all fires from
Angnst 25th till now.—Committee calls
attention to a party suspected of being a
fire bug and recommend to have him or
dered out of town or put under surveill
ance. Also recommend that that a chim
ney inspector be appointed to work under
the fire committee and marshal, and that
an ordinance be passed to make it an of
fense to leave chimney holes uncovered.
Inspector to make report to officers and
Motion to carry till next meeting and
for the conncil to act upon it as a body.
Lively debate followed. Carried.
In the suit of McManus against the city
over some controverted ground, committee
recommended settlement by paying $375
and that warrants be made out lor the
amount. Carried.
Petition of Thos. Cruse Savings Bank
for readjustment of taxes for the carrent
year on a basis of 40 per cent., amounting
to $320, rtferred to Committee on.Taxes
Sands Bros, bill for $50—overtaxation,
referred as above.
Petition to have role removed from in
front of Atlas building. Carried.
Ordinance to regulate right of way of
telegraph and telephone companies and the
erection of poles was read and referred to
committee on ordinances.
The articles of agreement between the
city and the Helena Water Company were
read. They provide for the furnishing of
water for fire purposes and the flashing ol
sewers ; also for 50 hydrants, more or less,
at the rate of $50 per annum. Company
agrees to have at all times a pressure of
not less than 60 pounds at any point in the
The second part of the articles caused
much debate. It reads as follows:
It is expressly stipulated and agreed
that if, hereafter, the said first party
(city ) shall be held liable for the payment
of the money agreed to be paid to Geo. F.
\\ oobton, his assignees, etc., by virtue of
ordinance 93, and if, in pursuance of the
final judgment that may be renderd in the
litigation now pending with reference to
said Geo. F. Woolston, his successors, etc.,
the amounts that may, as the result of such
final judgment, be found due him or them,
and if if said Woolston, his successors, etc,
shall hereafter be required in all
respects to comply to the terms and
conditions of such ordinance as to the
quality of water and pressure, then the
said second party, (Helena water company)
agree to refund to the first party any sum
or sums paid to it by the said second party
by virtue of the terms of this contract."
Mr. Botkin here stated that in his opin
ion this contract was not a legal document.
It was too vague.
Mr. Howey wanted a clear and definite
agreement and not take any chances in the
Mr. Harrison moved to strike out every
thing that was not clear as to the liabili
ties on either side.
Mr. Morris wanted the matter in such a
shape as to be safe for all time to come.
The agreement was then referred to the
judiciary committee.
Alderman Howey surprised the Council
by handing in his resignation, as he was
going to enter upon the duties of Probate
Judge. The resignation was rejected and
Mr. Howey will serve out his term.
Ordinance to prohibit the posting of
bills on telegraph polls; referred to commit
tee on ordinances.
Motion was passed that hereafter all ac
counts should pass through the hands of
the auditing committee so as to guard
against the possibility of duplication.
Council then adjourned.
The Apportionment of Funds Among
the Several Districts for This
Miss Helen P. Clarke, the efficient conn
ty superintendent of public schools,
has jnst completed the annual apportion
ment of moneys in the school fund for this
county, and has kindly furnished the Her
ald a copy of the same as follows :
Helena No. 1.............................. 822,289.53
Ten Mile No 2......................................... 1,131.21
Prlckley Pear No. 3 ................................ 588.69
Trlniiy No. 4......................................... Î65.60
Harmony No. 5....................................... 461.7:
Silver Creek No. 6 ................................... 992.69
Spokane No. 9......................................... 1,362.07
Spring Creek No. 10................................ 126.9^
South Fork Sun River No. 11......... 1,800.70
Belmont No. 12....................................... 3,047.35
Rock Creek No. 13.................................. 230.86
Mountain No. 14...................................... 738.75
Upper Silver No. 15................................. 311.66
Canyon No. 16......................................... 253 94
Silver City No. 17 .................................... 369.37
Cartersville No. 18.................................. 357.83
Gloster No. 19.......................................... 1,131.21
Unionville No. 20.................................... 450.17
Mitchell No. 21....................................... 288.57
De»rborn No. 22...................................... 438.63
Amount not apportioned........................ 1.76
Total amount.................................836,939.28
County Supt. Common Schools.
Beaverhead Booming.
"Ye3, we have had a prosperous year in
Beaverhead county," said Mr. B. F. White,
of Dillon, to day, in response to an inquiry
as to the state of things in that section.
"Business is good at Dillon and the town
is improving rapidly. We feel more
neighborly to Helena now, too, since
our railway facilities have been
increased. I can now leave Dillon
at 3 o'clock in the morning, get to Helena
at 11 o'clock, do considerable budMis and
get back home again at midnight the
same day. It makes a pretty long day,
bat such a condition of things is a great
convenience to our people."
"How abont statehood? Oh, we're all
in favor of statehood down there. I think
there is a bare possibility of the Dem
ocrats admitting Montana this Congress,
but hardly think it will be done. A
number of Montana Democrats, do doubt,
would be glad to see Tom Carter euchred
out of a seat in Congress in this way, but
let them admit us if they want to. It
can't come too soon for me. Bat if they
do admit ns, we'll turn around and elect
Carter to Congress from the State of Mon
tana by a bigger majority than he had be
fore. He's all right."
District Court.
4219—Althea Chadwick et al. vs. B. H.
Tatern, exeentor, et al.; demurrer to an
swer; motion to strike out portions of an
swer and motion for judgment on plead
ings submitted on brief and taken under
4433—John Milligan vs. Lydia J. Eng
lish et al.; demurrer to amended complaint
submitted on brief and taken under ad
4460— Sarah Borren vs. Joseph Borren,
divorce; default of defendant entered.
U. S. vs. Charles Muller, forgery; de
fendant waives arraignment; pleads not
guilty; C. Connolly appointed to defend;
trial set for 9:30 to-day.
4208—Montana Central Ry. Co. vs. Sarah
W. Redding et al.; on trial.
Centennial Celebration.
New York, December, 14.—President
elect Harrison has been invited to attend
the Centennial celebration of Washington's
first inauguration in this city on April 29th
and 30th next, and also to refer to the ob
servance of the event in his inaugural mes
sage. This is his reply:
"Indianapolis, December 13.—I have
the honor to acknowledge the receipt of
your communication of November 27, in
relation to the Centennial célébrât ion of
the inauguration of President Washington,
and I am very much obliged to yon for the
fall and detailed information as to the
plans of the committee, which you have
giveD me. Of coarse a response to the offi
cial invitation must be deferred. I shall
be glad to hear from Mr, King at his earli
est convenience and any information of
historical reference that would be of ser
vice to me, in case I am called upon to
take part in those interesting exercises
which yonr committee have in contempla
tion. Very truly yours,
Benjamin Harrison.
President Cleveland and those who n ow
constitute his cabinet have been invited to
Preparing for the Inaugural.
Washington, December 14.— Chairman
Britton, of the inaugural committee, has
received favorable answers to his request
for the use of the corriders of the Interior
and JPoetoffice Department buildings for
sleeping quarters for the troops daring the
inauguration. The available space will
accommodate abont 10,000 men. The sub
committee on civic organization has al
ready received applications lor positions in
the parade from seventy-five organizations
aggregating 13,000 men. This is 2,000
more than were in the parade four years
ago. The following names were added to
the reception committee: Col. Fred Grant,
Walker Blaine, Emmons Blaine, John M.
Thurston. T. W. Noyes, A. W. Wyman, H.
D. Barr, Horatio King, H. B. Edwards and
Seaton Monroe.
A Grand Public Reception Yesterday
Evening at Indianapolis.
Inquisitive Reporters Vainly Try to Pump
the President Elect as to his
Cabinet Appointments.
Large Number of Visitors
• Cabinet
Indianapolis, December 14 —General
Harrison and Mr. Morton passed rather a
quiet day. They did not have a very large
number of callers at the house. Mr. Mor
ton is still somewhat indisposed on account
of a sore throat. Among the callers to-day
were Gen. Washburn and Col. Underwood,
of Minnesota. Col. Underwood is presi
dent of the Harrison and Morton club, of
Minneapolis, which has a membership of
2,000, of whom 600 have decided to attend
the inauguration in a body. Mrs. Morton
a nd Mrs. Harrison had a number of callers
during the day.
For a time this afternoon Gen Harrison
was besieged by newspaper correspondents
who were in a flatter of excitement over
the report published in New York this
morning to the effect that Blaine had
been offered and accepted a State portfolio.
The efforts on the part of the corres
pondents to indace Gen. Harrison to talk
upon this 8nbject proved a Hat failure.
Immediately after his election Gen. Har
rison caused it to be known to the press
representatives he would neither affirm or
deny any newspaper rumors or stories
regarding himself or what he proposed to
do. He has observed this mle with a
tenacity and rigidity that eminently char
acterizes his disposition and when ap
pealed to on the ground of its extraordi
nary nature, to give some expression re
garding the Blaine report, he replied with
considerable emphasis:
"It makes no difference what is the na
ture to the report, or through what channel
it comes,I cannot allow myself to be troubled
with qnestions about such things. If I
should say anything once I would be ex
pected to again and yon can see what it
would to." An a8Socited Press correspond
ent, in conversing with Mr. Morton late
this afternoon, incidently mentioned that
the Blaine story seemed to have caused a
great deal of excitement in eastern politi
cal circles, judging from the character of
the press dispatches. Mr. Morton remained
as dumb as a sphinx upon the subject. It
may be stated, however, that no one can
be found of those who are about General
Harrison that would be likely to know
whether there was any credence whatever
in the reported tender of the State portfolio
to Mr. Blaine.
Grand Public Reception Tendered to
the Vice President.
Indianapolis, December 11.—The pub
lie reception to-night, tendered at Tomlin
son's hall to Vice President-elect and Mrs.
Morton by the citizens of Indianapolis, was
the most brilliant affair of the kind ever
witnessed in this city. The great hall was
tastefully decorated with flowers, bunting,
banners aud pictures of General Harrison
and the distinguished guest of the occasion.
Shortly after 8 o'clock, Mr. Morton entered
accompanied by Mrs. Harrison and followed
by General Harrison escorting Mrs. Berg
land. They took their places in the center
of the long line of distinguished guests.
Next to General Harrison and Mrs. Berg
land stood Mrs. J. R. McKee, the hand
some daughter of the President elect, with
her sister-in law, Mrs. Edward McKee.
Then followed Governor and Mrs. Gray,
Mayor and Mrs. Denny, Mr. Pierre Gray
and wife and others. At the head of the
line stood the Vice President elect, with
Mrs. Harrison. On the floor of the hall
around the side had been placed seats
which were quickly filled and perhaps
2,500 people were seated in the galleries
watching the brilliant spectacle before
The crowd was admitted at the front en
trance on Market street and passed slowly
down the hall in line, two abreast, and
shook hands with Mr. Morton and Gen.
Harrison. Many of them also shook bands
with Mrs. Harrison, bat after a half hour
the ladies, becoming tired, Btepped back
and occupied seats the remainder of the
evening. Mrs. Harrison occasionally came
forward, sometimes to Gen. Harrison's side
and again by the side of Mr. Morton. The
stream was an endless one and extended
far down through the hall into the street
and nealy two blocks distant. Every one
must get at the end of the line before they
coaid enter. It is estimated that 10.000
people passed through the hall, not all of
whom, however, had a chance to shake
hands with the President and Vice Presi
dent-elect. From 2,000 to 3,000 were
tamed away. About all the society neople
in Indianapolis were present—as many, if
not more, ladies than gentlemen. Shortly
alter 10 o'clock the party retired.
Indianapolis, December 14.—Mrs. Har
rison and Mrs. Morton were entertained by
Dr. and Mrs. Allen, this afternoon, at a
five o'clock tea given in their honor. Mrs.
Schnyler Colfax and Mrs. Senator Mac
Donald were among the many prominent
ladies present.
Exciting Theatrical Scene.
Cleveland, O, December 14.—Daring
the presentation of a border drama at San
dusky, O., to-night by a travelling com
pany, three Indians engaged in a quarrel
in the dressing room. John Ungerer, the
stage manager, interfered. He was struck
with a tomahawk and shot at and fired in
tarn at the Indians. Ungerer was forced
to retreat and his wife grabbed his pistol,
discharging a blank cartridge in the face of
one of the Indians, who fired at her three
times, inflicting a slight wound. By this
time the audience began to stampede and
four policemen carried the redskins to the
city prison where they were locked np.
No Chinamen on Board.
San Francisco, December 14.—The
steamer City of New York, which anived
to-day from Hong Kong and Yokohama,
is the first steamer that arrived from the
Orient for a number of years without a
single Chinaman aboard bound for this
por*- _^_
—White Snlphnr Springs Husbandman:
Matt Welle, who suicided at the Higgins
House last week by taking morphine, rep
resented himself to be a son of Dr. Wells,
of Oakland county, Michigan. He was a
man of good education, had attended Ann
Arbor and other prominent schools. He
had work for Jacob Severance for several
years and was a good hand in almost any
capacity. Bat he had become addicted to
whisky and cards, which resulted in his
taking* his own lifö. It was discovered be
fore entirely under the influence of the
drug that he had taken it, and Dr. Kampe
made a heroic effect to save him, bat with
no avail.
My Poor Back!
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Relief Bill Passed by the Chamber of
Paris, December 14.—In the Chamber
of Deputies to-day, Peytral, the minister of
finance, admitted the bill authorizing the
postponement for three months, of the
Panama company's liabilities, included
the interest and the redemption of bonds.
He said the lottery prize attached
to the bonds, issued under the law of 1888,
would continue in accordance with the
guarantees of that law. Goirand opposed
the bill. He censured the managers of the
canal and said it would be impossible to
leave the work of construction in their
hands any longer, as they had been guilty
of employing misrepresentation in order to
attract capital.
Of the committee appointed to condsider
the Panama canal bill seventeen are op
posed to it, tv. o favor it and three reserve
their opinions. DeLesseps and his col
leagues have resigned from the Tribunal
of the Seine. At their request the tri
bunal has appointed a committee to set
tle up the canal company's affairs
Kergariou expressed the fear that the
government would be lead into guaran
teeing the operations of the canal company.
Flonquet, prime minister, said the gov
ernment simply asked for a committee.
The government was solely solicitions for
the small bondholders. If the chamber
should reject the bill the company would
be bankrupt, and if they adopted it they
wonld be given time to make other ar
rangements. Urgency for the bill was
then granted by a vote of 333 to 155.
Sullivan's Challenge Accepted.
New York, December 14.—Kilrain has
accepted the challenge of John L. Snlli
van to fight to a finish for $10,000 a side.
An unknown man will cover Sullivan's
money to-morrow. The fight is to come
off within six months or not at all.
New York, December 14.— Charles
Mitchell will act as Kilrain's backer. The
parties will probably meet in Canada to
arrange the preliminaries, or some other
place ontside the jurisdiction of the United
States government. Kilrain's backer is
unknown. Kilrain, after posting his money,
said : "I would not make a match with
Sullivan if I did not think I coaid whip
him, and I guess, when the battle is over,
people will agree with me that I am the
champion. Sullivan has said some hard
things about me, but I won't talk about
him now. I'll wait and meet him iu the
ring. I know I can whip him, and I will
make him feel sore for the way he has
Mitchell declined to say anything abont
his matches with Dempsey any more than
he wonld probably make arrangements
with Dempsey to box him 10 rounds in the
east and fight him to finish in San Fran
cisco. _ _
How a Woman Anarchist Talks.
New York, December 14.—Mra. A. R.
Parsons, widow of the executed Chicago
Anarchist, spoke to about 700 people to
night. She dwelt at length on the Chica
go hanging and said, as innocent blood
had been shed, then innocent blood
must be shed in revenge. "While I was ad
dressing a meeting in Trafalgar Square,
London," she said, "I learned that Lord
Bonfield (of Chicago) had ordered the An
archists not to be allowed to meet. He
had ordered his scorpions to see that no
public demonstrations take place in Chica
go. That is free America, while we are
publicly proclaiming onr theories in mon
archical England." Then she talked of
"the destitution of the workingman," and
said: "We want a teetotal change in the
ownership of the world's wealth, land for
the landless, toil for the toilers, homes for
the homeless and death for all tyrants and
tyranry. It is death for all who stand in
the way of the remedy."
Pears, Prunes, Ac. When the climato is eo mild
graseremaine green during all the year. U.fl. Cen
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try* Describe rour e»-e fully, uod -end 4 cents for sesled
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Montana National Bant
Helena, Montana.
Capital, ... $250,000.
C. A. BROADWATER,.....President.
A. G. CLARKE.......Vice-President.
E. SHARPE, .......... Cashier.
8. E. ATKINSON, ..... Asst. Cashier.
C. W. Cannon, Herman Gans, 8. C. Ashby,
H. F. Galen. R. C. Wallace.
Paid up Capital, - 870,000.
Surplus A Profits, 15,000.
Interest Allowed on Time Deposit«.
E. D. EDGERTON, President.
C. K. COLE, Tice President.
JOE. N. KENCK, Asst Cashier.
B. D. Edgerton. C. K. dole.
J. B. Sanford. Chris. Kenck.
S. J. Jones. Geo. B. Child.
Wm. Muth. Jacob Loeb.
G. O. Swallow.
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is the outgrowth, or result, of this great and
valuable experience. Thousands of testimo
nials, received from patients and from physi
cians who have tested it in the more aggra
vated and obstinate cases which had baffled
their skill, prove it to be the most wonderful
remedy ever devised for the relief and cure of
suffering women. It is not recommended as a
" cure-all," but as a most perfect Speciffc for
woman's peculiar ailments.
As a powerful, invigorating tonic,
it imparts strength to the whole system,
and to the womb and its appendages in
particular. For overworked, " worn -out,"
''run-down," debilitated teachers, milliners,
dressmakers, seamstresses, "shop-girls," house
keepers, nursing mothers, and feeble women
generally, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
is the greatest earthly boon, being unequaled
as an appetizing cordial and restorative tonic.
A« a soothing and strengthening
nervine, "Favorite Prescription" is une
qualed ana is invaluable in allaying and sub
duing nervous excitability, irritability, ex
haustion, prostration, hysteria, spasms and
other distressing, nervous symptoms com
monly attendant upon functional and organic
disease of the womb. It induces refreshing
sleep and relieves mental anxiety and de
^ Dr. Pierce»« Favorite Prescription
physician, and &d&pwu tu „ uman o uuiwlc
organization. It is purely vegetable in its
composition and perfectly harmless in its
effects in any condition of the system. For
morning sickness, or nausea, from whatever
cause arising, weak stomach, indigestion, dys
S epsia and kindred symptoms, its use, in small
oses, will prove very beneficial.
"Favorite Prescription'* is a post
tlve cure for tbe most complicated and ob
stinate cases of leucorrhea, excessive flowing,
painful menstruation, unnatural suppressions,
prolapsus, or failing of the womb, weak back,
" female weakness," antéversion, retroversion,
bearing-down sensations, chronic congestion,
inflammation and ulceration of the womb, in
flammation, pain and tenderness in ovaries,
accompanied with "internal heat."
As a regulator and promoter of func
tional action, at that critical period of change
from girlhood to womanhood, " Favorite Pre
scription " is a perfectly safe remedial agent,
and can produce only good results. It is
equally efficacious and valuable in its effects
when taken for those disorders and derange
ments incident to that later and most critical
period, known as " The Change of Life."
"Favorite Prescription.*» when taken
in connection with the use of Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery, and small laxative
doses of Dr. Pierce's Purgative Pellets (Little
Liver Pills), cures Liver, Kidney and Bladder
diseases. Their combined use also removes
blood taints, and abolishes cancerous and
Bcrofulous humors from the system.
"Favorite Prescription»» is the only
medicine for women, sold by druggists, under
a positive guarantee« from the manu
facturers, that it will give satisfaction in every
case, or money will be refunded. This guaran
tee has been printed on the bottle-wrapper,
and faithfully carried out for many years.
Large bottles (100 doses) $1.00. or six
bottles for $5.00.
For large, illustrated Treatise on Diseases of
Women (160 pages, paper-covered), send ME
cents in stamps. Address,
World's Dispensary Medical Association,
_ 663 Wain SL, BUFFALO, N. Y .
issued March and Sept.,
each year. It is an ency
clopedia of useful infor
mation for all who pur
chase the luxuries or the
necessities of life. We
can clothe yon and furnish you with
all the necessary and unnecessary
appliances to ride, walk, dance, sleep,
eat, fish, hunt, work, go to church,
or stay at home, and in various sizes,
styles and quantities. Just figure out
what is required to do all these things
COMFORTABLY, and you can make a fair
estimate of the value of the BUYERS'
GUIDE, which will be sent upon
receipt of 10 cents to pay postage,
111-114 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, DL
V K. COLE, M. D« J. M. SLIGH. M. D
Office—106 Grand street, (near Main.) Calls
promptly answered, night and day. Telephone,
No. 78. dAw-je»
■argeon and Homoeopathic Physician,
Chronic Disease«.
special attention to diseases of the EYE
pi tue m x ft.
Also, All
Physician, Surgeon, Accoucheur, Oc
enlist and Anrist.
Member of San Frandaoo Medical Society, aleo
Nevada State Medical Society.
Office—Over Parchen's drag store. Entrance
from Broadway and Jackson street. Consulta
tions in German and English. dawtf-o26
The old reliable and
jever-failing remedy
.Tor wasting diseases, tbe
result of youthful fol
(lies and excesses In ma
nure years. $3.00 a bot
jtle, or four tat 810.00
snt C. O. D., or on re
-oipt of price. Also,
treat Private and Special
English Medical Dispensary,
Ta ken Up.
Came to my ranch on the South Fork of the
Dearborn, in May last, two horses, one black
with white spot on forehead, one sorrel with
white stripe hi face, both branded T on left hip.
The owner is requested to call at the ranch,
prove property, pay charges and take the horses
away. C. BISSETTE,
nov30-w4t Dearborn, M. T.
Mechanics' Tools, Mill Supplies, Belt
ing, Brass Goods and Pipe Fitings.
Battery Screen, Steel Wheel
barrows, Iron, Steel, Pipe
and Heavy Hardware.
Disston's Celebrated Circular Saws,
and Rival Steam Boiler Feed Pumps.
Agents for Atlas Engines and Boilers,
and Leffel Double Turbine Water
ished on application.
J. B. HAMBLIN, Lessee.
Will make a specialty of Blank-Books
manufactured to order. Mining Blanks
of every description, suoh as Pay- Bolls
Assay Blanks, eto., etc,
Magazines neatly bound at low prioes.
781 Market Street.
O AND LEARN HOW to avoid
_ disease, and how wonderfully
'our are made. Private office, 211
_ _ street, San Francisco. Con
sultation of Lost Manhood and all Diseases of
Men. 49*Send for a book. wly-nov5
U#e A IF IIEMV DebiliUted thronen
ff b M l\» fvl EL I wi a Tnditcretions or Ex*
ceiwt.WE UlARA.miTO
il RK bv ihi* New Improved
Eleptrlc Bell JL Suanen
Uory, or KKFlftD MONEY.
pMade t>>r this specific purpose.
Cure op Generative Weak
ness, giv- 1^^^ ing continuous, mild, soothirtfcur
> Electricity dirretly through all weak paru,
res to ri ag^them to health aid Vigorous Strength. Elec trio
Current felt ^^^^^"iu<tantly or we f jifeit $5.OHO in cash. Greatest
Improvement« over all other belts Wor>t cases permanently
Cured in three months. Sealed pamphlet 4 cent stamp,
Men only
Gnat English Remedy.
Hurray's Specific.
A gaWTliml car« for all !n«rvotui
diseases, >,uch as Weak Memory,
Lom of Brain Power, Hysteria,
Headschs, Pain In the Back, Ner
vous Prostration, Wakefhl.
{morons]ness, Lencorrbcea, Universal
Lassitude, Seminal Weakness, Jn po
tency and general lom of power of the Generative
Organs;—In either Sex, caused by Indiscretion
or over exertion, and which ultimately le ad to
Premature Old Age, Insanity
and Consumption, 81.00 a box or
six boxes for 85.00. Sent by mall on re
ceipt of price. Full particulars In pam
phlet, sent free to every applicant.
We Guarrantee Six Boxes
to cure any case. For every 85.00 order received,
we send six boxes, with written guarantee to re
fond the money If our Specific does not effect a
cure. Address all communications to the Sole
Ap-Sold In Helena by H. M. PÄRCHEN A CO.,
Sole Agents. daw
THE HERALD has in stock the following
blanks. They are neatly printed ou good paper,
with red ruling for a border. The forms have
bee' carefully prepared by a lawyer, are In con
■'jrmlty with the statutes of the Territory, and
are applicable to any county in Montana.
Per Jo*. Per 100
Notice of Appeal................... 50 |3 0)
Undertaking on Appeal..... ..... .50 900
Aff. ord. and notice for wit..........75 4 90
Subpoena.....................................35 2 90
Summons.....................................50 X 00
Und. on claim and delivery.........50 « 09
Writ of attachment.....................50 3 00
Und. on attachment...................50 3 00
Affidavit for attachment.............50 3 00
Aff. publication summnos..........75 4 00
Ord. publication summons..........50 3 00
Deposition...................................75 4 O'
Execution.........-.........................35 2 00
Summons for juror............ .36 2 00
Warrant of arrest.......................50 3 00
Writ of attachment......................35 2 00
Und. on attachment....................35 2 00
Affidavit for attachment..... . ......50 8 00
Subpoena..................................- .35 2 09
Summons................................. .35 2 00
Summons for juror......................35 2 09
Bond for deed.............. - .75 4 00
Quit claim deed........... « ............ .75 4 09
Warranty deed........... 75 4 00
Bargain and sale deed................75 4 09
Lcue............... 50 8 00
biortgage .................................- .75 4 00
Assignment of mortgage.........- .75 4 09
Mechanics lein............................75 4 09
Notice of location (quartz)...... . .50 8 08
Deed of mining claim...............- .75 4 99
Application for patent*................50 3 09
Water Right Location.................50 8 09
Lode Representation...................50 3 00
Placer Location.........................50 $ 00
Sheriff sale.......................-.........50 S 09
Bounty certificate (wild animals) .50 3 00
Certificate of Incorporation.........75 d 00
Bond............................. .50 3 00
Acknowledgements.................. .35 2 00
Chattel mortgage........................75 4 00
Bill of sale.............. 75 4 00
Power of attorney............... .50 8 00
A discount of ten per cent, made on orders
amounting to 85. ana tweuty-five psr cent, on
orders amounting to 810 or over.
Postage prepaid on all orders. Special forms
any blanks made to order at low price»
Check and money orders to be maos payable to
FISK BROS., Helena, Mont.

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