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Fine Speed Programmes for This
Year's Meetings of the Fair
The twentieth exhibition of the Montana
Agricultural, Mineral and Mechanical as
sociation will be held at Helena from Au
gust 26 to 31 inclusive, but a spring meet
ing will be held in July from the 3d to the
6th inclusive. The programmes are as fol
Conditions—Running, three or more to
entre and three to start. Trotting—five or
more to enter and four to start. Colt stakes
close March 1. Trotting entries close Aug.
1. Running entries close evening before
the race. Running purses divided into
three moneys—70, 20, and 10 per cent.
Trotting purses divided in four moneys—
50, 25, 15 and 10 per cent.
Wednesday, July 3.
1— Running, $100, two furlongs.
2— Running, $200, six furlongs.
3— Running, $200, four furlongs, for two
year olds.
4 —Trotting, $250, 2:45 class.
5—Trotting, $250, 2:35 class.
6 —Running, $200, five furlongs.
7— Running, $300, one mile.
8— Trotting, $400, free-for-all class.
0— Running, $100, 600 yards.
10— Running $150. four furlongs.
11— Running, $250, one mile handicap.
12— Trotting, $250; 2:28 class.
Races for this day will be made up dur
ing the meeting.
In the event of any of the above classes
not filling, others will be substituted.
1— Ruhning, $200, two furlongs.
2— Running, $300, six furlongs.
3— Running, $250, four furlongs.
4— Trotting, $500, 2:40 class.
5— Trotting, Nursery states for 2 year
olds, bred or raised in any of the Terri
tories or Oregon, $50 each $250 added, 2
in 3.
6— Running, $500, one mile.
7— Running, Derby stakes for three year
olds, $50 each, $500 added, winners of any
race this season of the value of $500 to
carry five pounds extra, li miles.
8 — Trotting, $ 1 , 000 , 2:28 class.
9— Trotting, Juvenile stakes for 3 year
olds bred and raised in any of the Territo
ries or Oregon, $50 each, $250 added, two
in three.
10— Running, Pioneer stakes for 2-year
olds, $50 each, $500 added, winners of any
race of the value of $500 to carry five
pounds extra, six furlongs.
11— Running, $500, selling race, winner
to be sold at auction, and any excess over
entered price to be divided equally be
tween the association and the second horse.
Horses entered at $2,500 to carry entitled
weights. Allowances: Une pouud tor each
$100 down to $1,000, then two pounds for
each $100 less, six furlongs.
12— Trotting, $1,000, 2:20 class.
13— Running, $200, three furlongs.
14— Running, $300, oue-halt mile heats.
15— Ruuuing $500, one and one-fourth
16— Trotting, $500, 2:35 class.
17— Pacing, $500, 2:28 class
18— Trotting, Helena stakes for 2-year
olds, $50 each, $250 added, 2 in 3.
19— Running, $300, handicap for 2 year
olds, five furlongs.
20— Running, $1,000, handicap, mile
21— Trotting, $1,000, 2:24 class.
22— Trotting, Montana stakes for 3-year
old, $50 each, $250 added, 2 in 3.
23— Running, $300, handicap for beaten
horses, entrance free; horses not accept
ing their weights will be held for 5 per
cent of purse; five fnrlongs.
24— Running, $500, handicap, one mile.
25— Trotting, $1,500, free-for-all class.
A Record of the List Filed Since Jan
uary 1st.
As the first of January is the time
when quartz lodes are "jumped" or re
located, there is usually a large number of
location notices filed on the second and
third days of the new year. This year,
however, the number is unusually small in
Lewis and Clarke county and covers
mostly new locations; so it is inferred there
has been little jumping in this section.
Clerk and Recorder Tooker famishes us
with the following list of quartz lode lo
cations, field in his office since the 1st inst:
The Leader, James H. Sinclair, on Silver
The Dreaducnght, Jeff Davis gulch, Wil"
liam Cunningham.
The President Harrison, Wolt creek, W.
W. Cousins.
The Ada, southeast of Helena townsite,
Mrs. John Wood.
The Krusage, Monitor gnlcb, Jesse Wilk
inson et al.
The Merrimack, Ten Mile district, Jesse
Wilkinson et al.
The Alabama, Ten Mile district, Jesse
Wilkinson et al.
The Celia, Stemple district. Gay A.
The Copper Queen, Three Mile creek, K.
H. Harvey.
The Thistletop, Rock creek district, Wil
liam Barrett.
The Park, ou Mount Helena, William
The Crystal, Mount Helena, William
Butler, et al.
The Caliko, near French Bar, Theodore
The Republican, Vaughn district, Albert
The Harrison, Try Again gulch, Albert
Schaub, et al.
The Evening Star, unorganized district,
F. E. Gage, et all.
The Iron Bluff, Three Mile creek, Joshua
Spain, et al.
The Anaconda Ball.
The following card bas been received
from Anaconda : The second annual ball
of the Marcus Daly Engine aud Hose Co.'s
Nos. 1 him 2, postponed trom December
31st, will take place Tuesday eveuiug. Jan
uary 15tb 1889. Hoping you may fil'd w
convenient to ntt®nd, ar>d th«t all wnj un
derstand iu..i îu'Mia'inu* <i tor De
cember 31st are tquaity cordial lor Janu
ary 15th. we are
Yours respectfully,
Committee of Arrangements.
Pardoned by the President.
Washington, January 2. —A warrant
for the pardou of Benjamin Hopkins,
cashier of the late Fidelity Bank of Cin
cinnati, wa9 mailed to the warden of the
Ohio penitentiary at Columbus this after
noon. Accompanying it was an order for
Hopkins immediate release.
Catholic Hill Will be Graded
Once and Eighth Avenue Wid
ened—Ordinances Passed.
A special meeting of the City Council
was held last night, Mayor Faller pre
siding. Present Aldermen Lissner, Don
nely, Worth, Clewell, Harrison, Loeb,
Morris, Simons and Adkinson.
A petition from boys of Helena asking
permission to coast on Lawrence street
was granted.
Loeb presented a resolution, authorizing
the appointment of a committee of three
to act in conjunction with the sanitary en
gineer to see that the proper fire pressure
was kept up in the hydrants. Adopted
with an amendment substituting the
fire marshal for the sanitary engineer, the
committee appointed being Loeb, Klein
and Simons.
The committee on taxes and licenses
reported in favor of allowing $320 rebate to
the.Thomas Crnse Savings bank; also for
allowing the claim for rebate of Sands
Brothers for half the amount asked.
Cross walks were ordered on Helena
avenue and Main streets at the intersec
tions of those thoroughfares.
On motion of Loeb the pending reeolu
tion for the widening of Eighth avenue be
tween Rodney and Davis streets was
adopted. The street will be widened
twenty-three feet on Rodney street and
twenty-seven feet on Davis. The clerk
was ordered to at once institute condem
nation proceedings against the property
desired, which is owned principally by
Max Sk lower.
Worth, chairman of pnblic buildings
committee, announced that the insurance
had expired on city property. Matter re
ferred to his committee to renew and if ad
visable increase the insurance on the city
hall and other property.
Owing to the fact that through the de
lay in realizing on the bonds part of the
sewer work was paid for out of the general
fund, an ordinance was passed, transfer
ring $5,943 from the sewer lund aud trans
ferring $17,500 from the fire department
fund to the general fuud.
The special committee, Adkinson, chair
man, reported in favor of adopting the re
port of the city in the matter of the alley
in block 12 claimed by Hugh Daly.
Adopted. This leaves Mr. Daly to seek
redress in the courts, if he desires to push
the mitter.
An ordinance was passed appropriating
to The Helena Water company $3,445.20 in
payment for water furnished the city dur
ing September, October and November,
The special committee on the proposed
grading of South Ewing street (Catholic
hill) reported in favor of having the work
done at once, as it is mostly rock work and
can be done as well in winter as at any
other time. The report advocates a gradi
ent that will'take nine feet off the highest
point. Kirkeudall said that no such work
coaid he done as cheaply now as in the
summer. He moved to amend by asking
for bids for the work at once and bids for
the work beginning next April; then to
accept the cheapest bid. Amendment lost.
Report adopted and clerk ordered to adver
tise for bids to do the work this winter.
An ordinance creating the office of
city detective, at a salary of $1,500 a year,
was adopted. This ordinance was made
necessary by the expiration of the old ordi
nance, which expired Jan. 1.
An ordinance providing for sewer con
nection to be done under the supervision
of the superintendent of sewers was read
and referred to a special committee, includ
ing the city clerk, to report at the next
meeting. Aldermen Morris, Worth, Har
rison, Clewell, Featherly and Donnelly
were appointed as the committee.
The plat of the Northern Pacific second
addition was adopted.
Alderman Worth made a motion to the
effect that the council should take action
in regard to establishing a fire alarm sys
tem, and that the fire committee should
look into the matter and report.
Alderman Harrison moved to amend by
instructing the city clerk to advertise in
some paper of general circulation among
firemen to the efiect that the city is will
ing to entertain bids for putting in an
electric fire alarm system. Adopted.
The City Clerk was instructed to adver
tise for bids for lighting the city.
Superintendent of Sewers Miller sub
mitted a report as to the expense of estab
lishing a storm Hushing sewer and recom
mended that a box flame be built for the
present. This flume can be built at an es
timated cost of $1,500, and is designed to be
placed in Last Chance gnlch. The report
was referred to the committee on streets
and alleys.
A resolution was adopted to condemn
certain property on Arch avenue for the
purpose of opening a street from Clore to
Main, the interested property holders to
bear the expense.
The city clerk was instructed to corres
pond with manufactories with the view of
purchasing a hook and ladder truck.
Marshal Hard was instructed to use his
judgment in allowing the toboggan slide to
cross Broadway.
Alderman Loeb offered a resolution to
the effect that the auditing committee be
allowed a clerk at the rate of $50 a month.
Carried. Adjourned.
A Schemer From the Land of Mor
mon Working Helene For
Town Lots in Gar
den City.
There is in town at present a man from
Utah, who is engaged in the philanthropic
task of disposing of town lots in Garden
City, Utah, for a "nominal consideration.'
Garden City, he claims, is located near
Salt Lake City, within sight of the Mormon
capital and distant only so-far that one can
ride to it from that place for five cents. What
one will see at the end of that ride is not
known—presumably the townsite of Gar
den city, or some kind of a sight calculated
to warm the pilgrim's heart and make him
think that he has struck the promised
land. The beauty of the scheme, though,
is that ODe don't have to see the
place to become a property holder therein,
as the agent in question has come to Hel
ena for the avowed purpose of letting oar
people in on the ground floor and giving
them title to corner lota in Garden City
for "a nominal consideration." This con
sideration, we are informed, is in the shape
of a subscription of $1 per month, the sub
scriber at the end of so many months
being given a deed to a lot or
lots in Garden City. We don't
know whether or not Garden City has a
house iu it or merely a few hashes of Utah
tage brush, but we do know that one
Simon Hamburg sold several lots in Border
City, California, to Helena people, who are
uow willing to sell ont cheap. The "Bor
der City" scheme was a "fake" of the purest
water, and the Garden City project bears a
suspicious resemblance to it, from what
little we have heard of the latter.
Since writing the above we see that Gar
den City, Rich county, Utah, is mentioned
in the Postoffice Gnide for 1888, and is
credited with a population of 200.
Vienna, January 5.—Richbauer, form
erly president of the Reichsrath, is dead.
Judge Goodwin's Graceful Pen'Pays
Tribute to Our Great Terri
[Silt Lake Tribune.]
The land of great ranges and great mines
stands now on the threshold of Statehood
and the dowry she brings is very grand
Among mining States and Territories she
stands first ; among the States and Terri
tories that are rich in flocks and herds
there is but one superior; her agricultural
lands are measured by the numbers that
tell the full compass of States in the east;
in area she is an empire. The year jnst
closed has been prosperous in all things.
She has advanced to the foremost place
among mining regions; she boasts to-day
two or three of the first mines of the West,
while her really first class mines are num
bered by the scores. Aside from her mines
she is the great grass yielding region of
the republic; her hills in the summer look
like rolling billows of green. She has
more good agricultural land than any of
the old Atlantic seaboard States; for here
there is perfect present prosperi-y and a
promise of unbroken prosperity for the
future. Among her best productions are
the boys and girls that are growing np
under that bracing climate and amid the
hopes which make all the hearts in that
great Territory light. That they will
always be trne men and women and Amer
icans goes without saying. That they will
always be country-loving is a self
evident fact. The winters make
comfortable homes a necessity ;
the winter nights mean a growing love
for the homes that shelter them, and
when men love their homes and are proud
of their birth place, it is but a step to ad
vance to the point when the heart ex
pands to take the whole country in. Were
Montana an island of the sea, she would
hold within her resources everything es
sential for a nation's happiness. Her area is
great enough to make a ruling grand di
vision of the earth; her resources are great
enough and diversified enough to bring all
needed things within her demands. We
trust that befere another New Year's morn
shall dawn she will be a full caparisoned
state, with her own local officers aud with
full representation iu the congress of the
republic. It i3 her due. She has the
needed capital; the needed backing; the
needed people and patriotism and intelli
gence. There are a hundred reasons why
the hoou should be granted; there is not
one why it should be withheld.
Colorado U. S. Senatorship.
Denver, January 2.— The seventh Gen
eral Assembly of the State of Colorado con
vened at noon to-day. Hon. H. H. Eddy
was chosen Speaker of the House, and M.
B Carpenter President pro tern of the Sen
ate. Both houses then adjourned until 1
o'clock to-morrow. The Republican mem
bers holding a Senatorial caucus to-night
decided who should be the next United
States Senator from Colorado to succeed
Senator Tom Bowen. The cancus ad
journed at 9:30. The first ballot resulted
as follows: E. W. Walcott, 45; Thomas M.
Bowen, 15; H. A. W. Tabor, 1. The nomi
nation of Walcott was then made unani
mous. The Legislature will meet in joint
session to formally choose the Senator ou
the 15th inst. The nomination of Mr.
Walcott is considered a great triumph lor
the young Republicans of the State, as he
is but 40 years of age. He was fought bit
terly by a combination composed of ex
Senator Tabor, ex-Governor Evans, Senator
Bowen, Congressman Symes, Dr. Moore
and Judge Elbert. In the fight, however,
Mr. Walcott had the friendship of Senator
Henry M. Teller.
Maine Senatorship.
Augusta, Me., January 2.— The joint
Republican caucus, to night, recommended
Hou. W. P. Frye for Senator by acclama
tion. _ _ ___
Michigan Senatorship.
Lansing, Mich., January 2. —The legis
lature of 1889 convened to-day. At the
Republican caucus to-night James Mc
Millan, of Detroit, was nominated by accla
mation to succeed Senator Palmer.
Accused of Treachery.
Suakim, January 2.—A deserter from
the rebels says Osman Digna tried to send
the members of his harem to Suakim fear
ing trouble with the Dervishes and that
Arab scouts stopped the women and sent
them back to Handonb. The Dervishes,
the deserter says, have become suspicions
and accuse Osman of treachery.
Mills Closed.
St. Louis, January 2. —All the flouring
mills in this city excepting one closed
down to day, under an agreement entered
into by the Millers association at the late
convention held at Milwankee.
Irish Evictions.
Dublin, January 2. —The evictions on
the Olphest estate, in Donegal, to-day
were attended with a series of exciting
scenes. The honse of blacksmith O'Don
nell was strongly barricaded. The bailiffs
were repulsed and then the police attempt
ed to capture the place. Sergeant Me
Corab was disabled by being wounded with
a pitchfork in the cheek and leg and was
struck on the head with a stone. Ringing
cheers greeted each successive repulse, and
finally, the soldiers having been ordered
to fire the besieged, on the advice of Father
Stephens, surrendered and ten persons
were arrested.
Coin Dies Destroyed.
Philadelphia, January 2. —To-day all
the dies, numbering between 800 and 900,
used during the year 1888, in the United
States mint, were destroyed under the
direction of Superintendent Fox, in the
presence of the Chief Coiner and Assay er.
Sentenced to the Pen.
Chicago, January 2. —Hronek, the An
archist convicted of conspiring to assassi
nate with dynamite Inspector Bonfieldand
Judges Gary and Grinnell, was refused a
new trial and sentenced to twelve years in
the penitentiary to-day. Sixty days was
allowed for filing a bill of exceptions.
Collapsed Syndicate.
London, January 2.—The Chronicle's
Vienna correspondent says: The Hunga
rian Maize ring's syndicate has collapsed,
having lost 3,000,000 florins. The Maize
ring can be bought for half what the syn
dicate paid.____
Alaska Boundary Line.
Winnipeg, January 2. —Mr. Ogilvie,
the Dominion land surveyor, has recently
returned from an exploration of the Yukon
country and will report to the Dominion
government that the boundary line be
tween British Colombia and Alaska shonld
be fixed at least fonr miles farther south
than fixed by Schwartka.
Kilrain's Challenge..
New York, January 3. —The Clipper re
ceived a letter from Lonis B. Allen this
afternoon stating that Jake Kilrain or his
representative would meet Sullivan and
his backers at Toronto, Monday January 7,
to sigh articles fora match for $10,000 a side
and Police Gazette diamond belt.
Possesses many Important Advantages over all
other prepared Foods.
Makes Plump, Laughing, Healthy Babies.
Regulates the Stomach and Bowels.
Sold by Druggists. 25c., 50c., Sl.OO.
"ort folio of Lea
A Portfolio of beautiful baby portraits, printed
on fine plate paper by patent pnoto process, sent
free to Mother of any Baby bom within a year.
Every Mother wants these pictures ; send at once.
Give Baby's name and age.
WELLS, RICHARDSON A CO., P.ops., Burlington, Vt
for Infants and Children.
' "Caatorla is so well adapted to children that j
I recommend it as superior to any prescription
known to me.'* H. jl Athkr, m. D.,
Ill Sow Oxford 84., Brooklyn, N. Y. I
Castoria cures Colic, Constipation,
Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea, Eructation,
Kills Worms, gives sleep, Mid promote, di
injurious medication.
THE CENTAUR CO., 77 Murrsv street, N. Y.
Coal Miners and Knights of Labor
Have a Desperate Fight.
St. Paul, January 4. —A Pioneer Press
Seattle, W. T., special says: Since New
Year's there has been much wrangling be
tween the Knights of Labor and the
Miners' Union, two rival organizations at
the little coal mining town of Newcastle,
eighteen miles from here. The trouble
arose over a Miners' Union man being given
the preference over a Knight. To-day the
Knights of Labor began an attack upon
the Miners' Union. A force of thirty
Knights cut the telegraph lines, stationed
sentinels and began assaulting the men at
the mines. The attacking party after
wards boarded the 9 o'clock train at New
castle armed with rifles and rode to Coal
At that point the regular force of the
Miners Union was attacked by the Knights
with every kind of missile. The train was
on a trestle, and some of the leaders were
thrown off, falling seventy feet or
more. They then returned to Newcastle
aud assaulted there again. Foreman Duu
can Ross was badly injured. Terrance
Mularkey was using his Winchester upou
the Unionists, so the Minera Union brought
out their rifles and opened fire on the
Knights. Three men fell. Their names
are not yet knowD.
The Sheriff with a posse went to New
castle this afternoon and the fighting was
very fierce. There was a call for the militia
The latest reports are to the effect that the
trouble is about over. A train arrived
late to night with one corpse, whose per
sonal experiences were pretty severe. S.
F. Crobnt, of the Miners' Union, who wa"
injured, says he was first saved by a bad
shot of a.Knightand was then clubbed down
with the butt end of a gun. Others then
jumped on him and he is badly injured.
Deadly Shooting.Attray.
New Orleans, January 2. —A' special
to the Picayune from Aberdeen, Mississippi,
says: This evening, near Fentress, Frank
and James Coleman quarrelled with
Charles and Wm. Delay about the posses
sion of a farm and the quarrel ended in
a battle between the parties with double
barrel shot gnus, in which Frank Coleman
and Charles Delay were instantly killed
and alter the guns were emptied, the sur
vivors engaged each other in a hand to
hand conflict in which James Coleman
was wounded in the head and Wm. Delay
badly wounded in the thigh. Two sisters
of the Delays, who had appeared on the
scene during the melee, were also wounded.
Fatal Dynamite Explosion.
Morristown, Pa., January 2.—A horri
ble accident occurred yesterday two miles
from Sunneytown, in this county. Two
yonng men named Erb and Schoecker, em
ployed at Miller's dynamite factory, were
at work in Swamp creek, near the factory,
mixing ingredients of dynamite. It 1 «
supposed in mixing the stuff the proper
proportions were not placed therin and as
a result explosion ensued. The meu
were blown to pieces and fragments of
flesh scattered over a wide area. None of
the factory buildings were injured though
the shock was felt iu houses two miles
from the scene.
Deserted by the Traders.
Zanzibar, January 2.—All the British
traders have deserted Dar and Salam. Pre
vions to their departure an attack was
made upon the place by the coast tribes.
Daring the fight many of the insargeuts
were killed and much property was de
stroyed. A great scarcity of provisions is
reported along the German coast line. The
situation at Tragamoyo and Dar and Salam
is daily becoming worse.
Public Printer.
Chicago, January 2.—A Journal Wash
ington special says: "The latest candidate
for public printer under the incoming ad
ministration is H. F. Osborne, of Los
Angeles. Osborne was a delegate to the
last Republican National Convention and
is editor aud principal owner of the Los
Angeles Express. He is a practical printer
and his friends here say he is no incon
siderable factor in California politics. Os
borne may prove a formidable candidate."
Reception of Gladstone.
Naples, January 2.—A reception was
given to Gladstone at the municipal palace
to-day. All the members of the council
were present to greet the great English
statesman who, upon his arrival at the
palace, was received with military honors.
Syndic, on behalf of the city, welcomed
Gladstone and thanked him for his past
services to Italy and especially to Naples.
Gladstone, who was deeply moved, made
a brief response.
Alleged Bribery.
New York, January 2. —A remarkable
story of alleged bribery in the Central
Labor Union in behalf of the boss brewers,
in order to raise the pool beer boycott, has
been unearthed and is said to be well au
thenticated. The Volks Zeitung, a Socialist
labor paper, will publish a fonr-colnmn
article on the subject to -morrow. A bar
keeper named Eck, a well-known detective,
Von Greichten, and Secretary Reifert, of
the Boss Brewers, are charged with the
bribery. The number of the Central Labor
Union's delegates concerned are said to be
It's Easy to Dye
Warranted to color more goods than any othea
dyes ever made, and to give more brilliant and
durable colors. Ask for the Diamond, and take
no other. 36 colors ; to cents each.
WELLS, RICHARDSON â CO., Burlin gton. Vt.
For Gilding or Bronzing Fancy Articles, USE
Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper. Only to Cent«.
Army Nominations.
Washington, January 3. —The Senate
committee on military affairs to-day or
dered a favorable report to be made on
the following army staff nominations :
Captain |P. D. Vroom, of the Third Cav
alry. to he Inspector General with the rank
of Major, vice Farnsworth, deceased; Cap
tain D. W. Hunt, of the First Cavalry, to
he Judge Advocate with the rank of Major
vice Curtis, promoted ; Captain G. B. Davis,
of the Fifth Cavalry, to be Judge Advo
cate with the rank of Major vice Gardner,
retired ; First Lieutenant Robert C. Craig,
of the Fourth Artillery, to be Assistant
Quartermaster with the rank of Captain
vice Forsythe, promoted.
No action was taken on the nomination
of Captain D. M. Scott, of the First Infan
try, and First Lieutenant Chas. Hoy, of the
Twenty-third Infantry, to be Commissary
of Subsistence, owing to the absence of the
members interested in their cases.

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or over exertion, and which ultimately le ad to
Premature Old Age, Insanity
and Consumption, 81.00 « box or
six boxes for 85.00. Sent by mall on re
ceipt of price. Full particulars in pam
phlet, sent free to every appllcanL -- .
We Gmarrantee Six Boxes [mn]
to cure any csss. For every 15.00 order received,
we send six boxes, with written guarantee to re
fund the money if oar Specific does not effect a
core. Address all communications to the Sols
49-Sold In Helsna by H. M. PARC HEN A OO.,
Sols Agents. daw
And all goods in my establishment, some slightly damaged
by fire and water and the most of them not damaged at
ail» will be sold at a great sacrifice to make room for a
new stock ordered. Gall early, at the new Iron Front
Building, North Main Street.
Montana National Baal
Helena, Montana.
Capital, - - - $260,000.
C. A. BROADWATER......President.
A. Q. CLARKE,......Vice-President.
E. SHARPE,.........Cashier.
8. E. ATKINSON, - - - . Asst. Cashier.
C. W. Cannon, Herman Gans, S. C. Ashby,
H. F. Galen, R. C. Wallace.
Paid up Capital, - $75,000.
Surplus & Profits, 15,000.
Interest Allowed on Time Deposits.
E. D. EDGERTON, President.
C. K. COLE, Vice President.
JOE. N. KENCK, Asst. Cashier.
E. D. Edgerton. C. K. Cole.
J. B. Sanford. Chris Kenck.
8. J. Jones. Geo. B. Child.
Wm. Muth. Jacob Loeb.
G. O. Swallow.
Mechanics' Tools, Mill Supplies, Belt
ing, Brass Goods and Pipe Fitings,
Battery Screen, Steel Wheel
barrows, Iron, Steel, Pipe
and Heavy Hardware.
Disston's Celebrated Circular Saws,
and Rival Steam Boiler Feed Pumps.
Agents for Atlas Engines and Boilers,
Turbine Water
and Leffel Double
Wheels. Catalo!
es Furn
ished on application.
»WOVEB B.OGO.OOO people believe that »
W, WWW, WWW hegt to bov Seeds
of the largest and most reliable house, and they use
Ferry's Seeds
Illustrated, Descrip
tive and Pnoed
For 1889
Will be mailed FREE
to all applicants, and
r to iast year's customers
_ without ordering it./nra/u.
JMIta« I otSSSai
In e xi ste nc e. I should send for it. Address ,
o. M. FERRY* CO.. Detroit. Mich.
J. B. HAMBLIN, Lessee.
Will make a specialty of Blank-Books
manufactured to order. Mining Blanks
of every description, such as Pay-Rolls
Assay Blanks, eto., eto.
Magazines neatly bound at low pr
issued March and Sept.,
each year. It is an ency
clopedia of useful infor
mation for all who pur
chase the luxuries or the
necessities of life. We
ean clothe you aud furnish you with
all the necessary and unnecessary
appliances to ride, walk, dance, sleep,
eat, fish, hunt, work, go to church,
or stay at home, and in varions sises,
styles and quantities. Just figure out
what is required to do all these things
COMFORTABLY, end you can make a fair
estimate of tile value of the BUYEBS'
GUIDE, which will be sent upon
receipt of 10 cents to pay postage,
111-114 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, UL
l K. COLE. M. 0« J. M. SUCH. M. 0
Office— 106 Grand street, (near Main.) Calls
ly answered, night and day. Tel ephone,
E. S. KELLOGG, M. 0.
larfwa rad Homeeopatble Physician,
Gives speci al attention to di seases of the EYE,
BAR, THROAT and CHEST. Also, All
Chronic Dtaeaaea. _
Physician, Surgeon, Accoucheur, Oc
enlist and Lariat.
Member of San Franeisoo Medical Society, also
Nevada State Medloal Society,
Office Over Pärchen's drag store. Nntranes
from Broadway and Jackson street. Consulta
tions In German and English. dawtf-oM
iji Wm
:•! li A
k a
The treatment of many thousands of cases
of those chronic weaknesses and distressing
ailments peculiar to females, at the Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo, N. Y.,
has afforded a vast experience in nicely adapt
ing and thoroughly testing remedies for the
cure of woman's peculiar maladies.
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
is the outgrowth, or result, of this great and
valuable experience. Thousands of testimo
nials, received from patients and from physi
cians who have tested it in the more aggra
vated and obstinate cases which had baffled
their skill, prove it to be the most wonderful
remedy ever devised for the relief and cure of
suffering women. It is not recommended as a
"cure-all," but as a most perfect Specific for
woman's peculiar ailments.
As a powerful, invigorating tonic,
it imparts strength to the whole system,
and to the womb and its appendages in
particular. For overworked, "worn-out,"
run-down," debilitated teachers, milliners,
dressmakers, seamstresses, "shop-girls," house
keepers, nursing mothers, aad feeble women
generally, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescr.ption
is the greatest earthly boon, being unequaled
as an appetizing cordial and restorative tonic.
As a soothing and strengthening
nervine, "Favorite Prescription" is une
qualed and Is invaluable in allaying and sub
duing nervous excitability, irritability, ex
haustion, prostration, hysteria, spasms and
other distressing, nervous symptoms com
monly attendant upon func*'onal aud organic
disease of the womb. It induces refreshing
Bleep and relieves mental anxiety aud de
spondency. -*»
r*« Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Is r. legitimate mediciue, carefully
cot .1 lOunded by au experienced and skillful
ph 'f.cian. and adapted to woman's delicate
or . aization. It is purely vegetable in its
co „position and perfectly harmless in its
effects in any condition of the system. For
morning sickness, or nausea, from whatever
cause arising, weak stomach, indigestion, dys
pepsia and kindred symptoms, its use, in small
doses, will prove very beneficial.
" Favorite Prescription " is a posi
tive cure for the most complicated and ob
stinate cases of leucorrhea, excessive flowing,
painful menstruation, unnatural suppressions,
prolapsus, or falling of the womb, weak back,
" female weakness, anteversion, retroversion,
beariûg-down sensations, chronic congestion,
inflammation and ulceration of the womb, in
flammation, pain aud tenderness in ovaries,
accompanied with "internal heat."
As a regulator and promoter of func
tional action, at that critical period of change
from girlhood to womanhood, " Favorite Pre
scription " is a perfectly safe remedial agent,
and can produce only good results. It is
equally efficacious and valuable in its effects
when taken for those disorders and derange
ments incident to that later and most critical
period, known as "The Change of Life."
"Favorite Prescription," when taken
in connection with the use or Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery, and small laxative
doses of Dr. Pierce's Purgative Pellets (Little
Liver Pills), cures Liver, Kidney and Bladder
diseases. Their combined use also removes
blood taints, and abolishes cancerous and
scrofulous humors from the system.
" Favorite Prescription " is the only
medicine for women, sold by druggists, under
a positive guarantee, from the manu
facturers, that it will give satisfaction in every
case, or money will be refunded. This guaran
tee has been printed on the bottle-wrapper,
and faithfully carried out for many years.
Large bottles (LOO doses) $1.00, or sis
bottles for $5.00.
For large, illustrated Treatise on Diseases at
Women (160 pages, paper-covered), senJ
cents iu stamps. Address,
World's Dispensary Medical Association,
663 Main SL, BUFFALO, N. V.
7S1 Market Street.
O AND LKaRN HOW to avoid
disease, and how wonderfully
'our are made. Private office, 211
_ _ ' street, San Francisco. Con
sultation of Lost Manhood and all Diseases of
Men. Xff-Send f or a book. wly-novt
THE HERALD has in stock the following
blanks. They are neatly printed ou good paper,
with red ruling for a border. The forms have
bee» carefully prepared by a lawyer, are In con
tinuity with the statutes of the Territory, aud
are applicable to any county in Montana.
Notice of Appeal........................50
Undertaking on Appeal..........
A ff. ord. and notice for wit.........
Und. on claim and delivery........
Writ of attachment....................
Und. on attachment..................
Affidavit for attachment............
AfT. publication summnos.........
Ord. publication summons.........
Summons for juror.....................
Warrant of arrest.................... .50
Writ of attachment...................... 35
Und. on attachment.................... 35
Affidavit for attachment.............50
Subpoena.................................. .as
Summons................................. .35
Summons for juror...................... 35
Bond for deed.............................. 75
Quit claim deed........................ ,75
Warranty deed........................... 75
Bargain and sale deed................ 75
Lease........................................... 50
Mortgage ....................................76
Assignment of mortgage........... ,75
Mechanics lein............................ 75
Per do*. Per 100
S3 0)
4 00
2 00
3 00
3 00
3 00
3 00
3 to
4 OO
3 00
4 00
2 00
2 00
Notice of location (quartz)........
Deed of mining claim.................
Application for patent,...............
Water Right Location...............
Lode Representation..................
Placer Location..........................
3 00
2 00
2 00
3 00
2 00
2 00
2 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
8 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
8 00
4 00
8 00
8 00
3 OO
8 00
Sheriff sale..................................50 3 00
Bounty certificate (wild animals) .50 8 00
Certificate of Incorporation.........75 4 00
Bond............................. « ........ .. .50 8 08
Acknowledgements....;............. .35 2 00
Chattel mortgage........................ 75 4 00
Bill of sale............. 75 4 00
Power of attorney............... .50 3 00
A discount of ten per cent, mode on orders
amounting to 85. and twenty-five per oent. on
orders amounting to 810 or over.
Postage prepaid on all orders. Special forms
of any blanks made to order at low price«.
Check and money orders to be made pay able-to
FISK BROS., Helena, Mont.

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