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From kb« Dot It Herald of April 18.
A Young Man Robs a Fellow-Traveler
of $ 1, 100, But is Caught and
Made to Disgorge.
Butte. April 18— [Special to the Her
ald.]—H. W. Straight, a young man just
arrived from the East, was arrested yester
day at Silver Bow junction and made to
give up £1.100, which he bad stolen thé
night before from his room-mate, John
Stewart, wto had also been his fellow
traveler on his westward journey. Straight
had given his companion a dose of drugged
beer, and when be fell asleep stole his
money from under his pillow. The prisoner
was given a hearing before Judge Lippin
cott to day and was bound over to the
Grand Jury on the charge of grand larceny.
Straight is only eighteen years old and
comes of a fine family of Williamsport,
The Stock Growers.
Miles City, April 18.—[Special to the
Herald.]— The stock growers' meeting ad
journed yesterday.
The new officers elected are: Joseph
Scott, President; W. B. Hundley and H.
Tusler, Vice Presidents; R. B. Harrison,
Secretary. The members of the Executive
Committee for Lewis and Clarke county
are: J. T. Murphy, D. A. G. Flowerree and
Tnftmas Crnse.
The stock commissioners elected the fol
lowing officers: President, Granville
Stoart; Vice President, S. S. Huntley;
Secretary and Treasurer, R. B. Harrison.
The Full
Return# Will
be Hunted
The returns of the 226th grand monthly
drawing of the Louisiana State Lottery
company on Tuesday, March 12,1889. The
record will interest many readers. No.
2,887 drew the first capital prize of $300,
000. It was sold in fractional twentieths
at $1 each, sent to M. A. Danphin, New
Orleans, La.: Two to Isaac Lowber, 701 S.
20th street, Philadelphia, Pa.; one to L. K.
Flynn, Nashua, N. H; one to Miss A.
Emery and Benj. Nusbaum, 103 State St.,
Chicago. 111.; one to Jas. B. Commons, Chi
cago, 111.; one to a correspondent
through Wells Fargo & Co.'s Bank, San
Francisco, Cal.; one to Wellington A. Grif
fen, 521 Clay St., San Francisco, Cal.; one
to Fred A. Young, Providence, R. I ; one
to E. Nusbaum, 614 Arch St., Philadelphia
Pa.; one Jno. Schwenk, 1421 N. 24th St,
Philadelphia, Pa.; one to Cbace & Butts,
Providence R. I ; one to Continental Bank
of St. Lon'S, Mo., one to First National
Bank, Memphis, Tenn.; one to German
Bank of Memphis, Tenn.; one to Fred
Schade, Chicago, Ills., etc, etc. No. 10,420
drew the Second Capital Prize of $100,000,
it was also sold in fractional twentieths at
$1 each to; two to Fenton S. Hamilton,
Hamburg, N. J.; one to Henry Jeesel, 154
Essex St. New York City; one to A. J.
Scott, 86 Fourth Avenue Chi
cago, Ills ; one to Jno. A. Martin, 45
Avenue A, New York City; one to George
Berchhoold, 179, W. Madison street, Chi
cago, 111 ; one to a depositor Union National
Bank, New Orleans, La.; one to Adoue &
Lobit, Galveston, Tex.; one to Lorenz Sie
bert, 813 Summit street, Toledo, O.; one to
Ketcham National Bank, Toledo, O, etc.,
etc. No. 39,823 drew the Fourth Capital
Prize of $25,000. The next occasion of a
similar kind will occur Tuesday, May 14th,
1889, of which full particulars can be had
on application to M. A. Dauphin, New Or
leans, La. _ _
A Natural Product of California.
It is only in Butt« County, California, and in
no other part of the world. We refer to the tree
that produces the healing and penetrating gum
used in that pleasant and effective eure for con
sumption. asthma, bronchitis, and coughs,
SANTA ABIE, the King of Consumption. H.
M. Pärchen & Co. guarantees and sells it for 81 a
bottle, or three for 82.50. By the use of CALI
FORNIA CAT-R-CURE, all symptoms of catarrh
are dispelled, and the diseased nasal passage is
speedily restored to a healthy condition. 81 a
package. By mail. 81.10. Circulars free.
Game Killing.
Captain Harris, superintendent of the
Yellowstone National Park, has written a
letter to the Secretary of the Interior re
iterating a complaint made last fall that
the Indians from the Lemhi and Fort Hall
and from the Wind River reservations in
Idaho have been banting down soath and
sonthw(8t of tbe Yellowstone National
Park and killing tbe elk and other large
game which occasionally leave the confines
of the park and wander down into the
plains Tbe complaint has been referred
to the Indian bnrean, and maybe made the
occasion of proceedings against the agente,
Gallagher and Needham, who have been
previously warned that they must pnt a
stop to these practices.
Special Treasury Agent.
Washington advices state that there is
quite a ^spirited contest for the special
treasury agentship at the Seal islands,
Alaska, to succeed E. S. Tingle, Cleveland's
appointee from eastern Montana. Dr. G.
W. Grant, of Livingston, has strong en
dorsements on file for the agency, and ia
understood to have the backing of Delegate
Carter. West Virginia also presents a
a prominent candidate in the person of
Chas. J. Goff, brother of Governor Goff.
Tingle has been absent from his poet for
some time, and his successor is expected to
be aononnced soon.
«ou. w Eiawp'v
It« superior excelhnce proven In millions of
home« for more than a >,uarier of a century. It ia
use<t by the United States Government. Endorsed
by the heads of the Great Universities as the
Htroiigest. Pure-t. and most Healthful. Dr.
Price » Cream Baking Powder doe* not contain
Ammonia, Lime, or Alum, t-oldonlv in Cane
From the Daily Herald of Aprl 19.
One of teh Great Improvements at the
Broadwater Hot Springs.
One of onr contemporaries, in referring
to the Plnnge bath at the Broadwater Hot
Springs, speaks of it as " a swimming pond,
surrounded with a stone lining." To those
who have seen tbe plans for this great ad
dition now going on at tbe Springs,
the term "swimming pond'' seems
totally inapplicable. A Herald
reporter was shown these plans this morn
ing by Private Secretary Langford, and was
surprised at the magnitude of tbe work.
The plunge bath will be second only in im
portance to tbe grand hotel itself. The
bnilding which is to enclose the mammoth
bath will be a frame strnctnre 120x320 feet
and one story high. The design is Moor
ish, and when finished the building will
be an architectural gem. It will be some
thing like a green house, exteriorly, being
made np of walls that are largely com
posed of glass. There will be 12,000
square feet of glass used in its construction,
half of which will be stained glass and
half plain. Under this magnificent
canopy will be tbe great plnnge bath,
a basin 300x80 feet in dimen
sions, abont eight feet deep and
lined with cement. The extra space in the
building will be utilized for 100 dressing
rooms, all of which will be handsomely
furnished and lighted with incandescent
electric lamps. The warm water for the
baths will be brought in by pipe« from
tb« thermal springs above and will enter
the plnnge by a small water-fall,
behind which will be a group of incandes
cent lights, which will be seen though
the spray of the miniature cataract with
beantifnl prismic effects. The hath proper
and the foundations for the building are
now completed, and work on the snper
strnctnre was commenced to-day. The
new plonge bath will be one of the greatest
attractions of the noted summer resort.
Montana Wool.
[Rocky Mountain Husbandman. |
Montana never prodnced a nicer, stronger
and more even staple of wool than will be
shorn this spring. There was scarcely a
single cold snap daring the entire winter
and not a single storm, consequently onr
flocks went ont to feed every day and
Dever suffered [from hunger or cold an hoar
daring the whole time and the effect can
not fail to assert itself in the smooth and
ev® texture in the growth of wool. There
should not be a weak place in the fibre
for there has been nothing to produce it.
Excruciating cold or scant feed stops the
growth of wool just as it does the growth
of a young animal and thns produces a
weak place, bnt as we have had nothing of
this kind dnriDg the past winter Montana
will send forward a clip that for evenness
and strength has never been excelled, and
it ongbt to bring a good price.
Electric Lights for Livingston.
Tbe next metropolitan convenience to be
be introduced at Livingston will be electric
illnminatioD. Mr. W. S. Jackson, superin
tendent of the Thomson-Honston system
in the Northwest, returned yesterday from
the Park connty metropolis, where he
closed arrangements for the immediate
construction of an electric light plant with
a 100 horse power steam engine and a
capacity for supplying 20 arc lights and
600 incandescent lamps. The plant will
be managed by a local companp, of which
E. E. Stebbina and George M. Hatch are
Robbery ?t Dillon.
Says yesterday's Inter-Mountain : J. H.
McCarty, trainmaster of the Idaho division
of the Utih & Northern railroad, (and Mr
Stein, general foreman of the mechanical
department of the same division, arrived
in Bntte this morning. They report that
there was a robbery at Dillon last night,
the depot at that point being broken into
and burglarized. The robbers secured
$150 of the railroad company's money and
made good their escape. No trace of them
has been obtained.
Women's Relief Corps.
The Women's Relief Corps of Wadsworth
Post G. A. R. met at 7.30 last evening and
considered the programme to be presented
at an [entertainment to be given on the
evening of Memorial day, May 30. The
entertainment is for the benefit of the Na
tional Relief Corps Home, to be erected by
the Women's Relief Corps, for the shelter
and support of soldiers' mothers and
widows and army nurses.
United States Trial Jurors.
The following named persons have been
summoned as United States Trial Jurors,
to appear at the Coart Hoase on Taeeday
morning, April 23, at 10 o'clock, and
answer to their names :
John Worth,
Peter Kruger,
Wm. H. Gnthrie,
C. C. Stubbs,
S. L. Dyer,
Charles E. Colbert,
M. L. Stone,
R. A. Craig.
Jas. H. McFarland,
James McKenzie,
Roland Hilman,
M. Barns,
Richard Hoback,
Henry Sieben,
J. F. Wileon,
I. S. G. Van Wart,
George D. Beattie,
Ed. Zimmerman.
— W. H. Dixon, assistant general passen
ger agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St.
Paul railroad, arrived from St. Paul yester
day, accompanied by D. P. Frisbee, travel
ing passenger agent of the same favorite
road. Mr. Dixon is well known in Helena
and always receives a warm welcome from
his many personal friends and friends of
the popular route which he represents.
Mr. Frisbee, we believe, is on his first visit
to Helena, having succeeded the genial
Frank Roes in the traveling agency. The
" Milwaukee," is one of the every
excellent roads of the country and does
credit to tbe great railroad system of the
Northwest. It is very popular with Mon
tanaians and any one bearing a card with
the characteristic "red square" in tbe
corner may always rely upon a warm re
ception by onr bosineee men.
Has Wants a Tonic
When there Is a lack of elastic energy in the
system, shown by a sensation of languor and
unrest in the morning, frequent yawning dur
ing the day and disturbed sleep at night, Hos*
tetter's Stomach Bitters infuses unwonted
energy into the enfeebleu and nervous, endow
ing them with muatular eiergv, an ability to
repose healthfully, and digest without incon
venience, Nervousness, headache, biliousness,
impaired appetite and a feeble, troublesome
stomach, are all and speedily set right by this
matchless regulator and lnvigorant. The min
eral pcisoDS, among them strychnia and nuz
vomica, are never safe tonics, even in infinit
esimal doses. The Bitters answers the purpose
more effetually. and can be relied upon as per
fectly safe by the most prudent. Fever and
ague, kidney troubles and rheumatism yield
to it. ____ ap22-24-26w25
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoriîù
From the Daily Herald of April 20.
The Methodist College Located in one
of Helena's Suburbs.
The incorporation of this institution
which was effected some three weeks ago,
virtually fixed its general location at the
city of Helena. For eeveral days past the
Trustees have been in session again and a
large amonnt of "wind work" has been
done with reference to its hopeful future.
A lively interest was awakened by real es
tate men, and earnest (bnt honorable] com
petition was entered into concerning the
particular site. After a thorough canvass
of the varions propositions several of,
which were especially worthy of(attention)
the Board concluded to tackle a certain
Hard proposition, as the most available for
the purpose intended, and if a few more
preliminaries can be satisfactorily arranged
I among which is a more thorough canvass
of the city for cash contributions j the m<«t
elegant snbnrb of the city is likely to look
it squarely in tbe face, and not blnsh an
der the eye of its careful scrutiny.
The Architects favored with a first
choice are Messrs. Panlsen and McConnell,
whose design was happily named "Montana
Gloria," and betokons something of the
glory of tbe edifice, a part of which is to be
erected at once, tbat will soon adorn an
impertant avenne of our city, and tbe in
stitution tbat is destined to become a joy
and pride to our citizens.
Strong Suspicion That She Has Been
Lured Into Disreputable Sur
Farther light was to-day thrown upon
the disappearance of the 16 year old
daughter of Farmer Kelley, of the valley,
by the arrival in the city of the brother of
the yonng girl, who is searching for his
sister. The family home is on
a ranch near Diamond gnlch, about
seven or eight miles from Helena, whence
the girl disappeared last Sunday night.
The direction of her flight was noticed by
traces left on the gronnd and her track
was followed for some distance from the
farm house to a point wheer it became evi
dent that Bhe had taken to horseback with
some party evidently in waiting there for
her. Subséquent investigations developed
that she bad [fled to Helena in company
with a man, who was also mounted. In
Helena traces of the pair were again fonnd
in a hotel, where the parties had registered
as man and wife. From that place, which
they left the next day, they were traced to
a house of ill repnte in the south end of
the citybnt here the cine was lost. Suffici
ent evidence however, has been developed
to lead her friends to suspect tbat she has
either volnntarily gone to a disreputable re
sort or been lnred thither unwittingly by
the man with whom she escaped from her
Tbe brother of the girl has enlisted the
aid of the officers and is still prosecuting
the search. If the suspicion now enter
tained proves well founded, more sensa
tional developments may be expected,
among which is the probable arrest of the
man who spirited her away from home.
Rich Specimens of Silver and Coppe
We saw to-day at the Merchants National
Bank several wonderful specimens in pare
native silver and copper—richer and more
beantifnl than anything we have seen in
years. These specimens are from a lead in
the vicinity of Helena, which, it is said,
carries 25 to 30 feet of very rich ore, and
for which the owners ask a cool million of
dollars. Judging from the specimens and
from a few hints that were dropped, it is
not improbable that this discovery will
soon canse a decided sensation in mining
Death of Miss Benda.
Miss Benda, the Bister of Mrs. H. C
Yaeger, of Helena, died at Fort Maginnis
yesterday from the effects of a paralytic
stroke, the result, it is believed, of a fall
from a horse which she sustained at Bonlder
a year ago. Mrs. Yaeger left on telegraphic
summons the day before, bat, as tbejoniney
is long and partly a stage ride, did not ar
rive in time to see her sister living. The
fnneral will be held to-morrow at Fort
The deceased was formerly a resident of
Helena, where she tanght school. Her
many friends here will he pained to hear
of her sadden and premature demise.
In a Bad Way.
Andrew Ferguson, a well-known pipe
layer on the sewers, was arrested last night
in a dazed condition tbat was at first at
tributed to an overdose of whisky and taken
to jail. He was pnt in a bank with the
idea that a night's rest would sober him np.
This morning, however, he showed no
signs of consciousness and the efforts of a
physician coaid not roose him from his
stnpor. It was evident that he was very
ill and the City Physician ordered him
aken to the poor farm, thongh it is feared
he is too far gone to recover. He has been
dissipating heavily of late, bis wife having
left him. His condition suggested a man
laboring under the influence of a drng and
it ia barely possible he may have taken too
mach morphine or some similar poison.
Selling Whisky to Indians.
New North-West: Sheriff Moore and
Deputy United States Marshal Frank
Conley left last evening for Snnset, on tbe
Lower Big Blackfoot, to arrest parties who
are alleged to have been selling whisky to
a band of six or eight Flathead Indians,
which reenlted in a row, last Monday, dar
ing which Felix Rael, a white man, shot
and killed one of the Indiane. Rael was
arrested, bad a preliminary examination
before a justice, was discharged, re
arrested and on the second exami
nation held to answer to the grand
jury. After the Indian was shot the
eqoaws stole the arms away from the backs
and kept them concealed till the next day,
when the Indians moved acroes the river,
or there might have been more killing.
They still bave whisky, and the settlers in
tbe vicinity are so mnch alarmed that one
of their nnmber came to Deer Lodge, and
made the complainte on which warrants
were issued for those alleged to have sold
the Indians whisky. It is said they ob
tained it at the saloon of M. R. Starr, and
could get all they wanted. Up to last
evening Rael had not been delivered at
Deer Lodge.
—Moritz Kock has resigned his position
as business manager of the Bntte Miner, a
post tbat be has filled with ability and
credit for two years past. Mr. Koch con
templates removing to Seattle to open a
printing and bookbinding hoase in partner
ship with Will C. Oakley, tbe well-known
typographical artist of Bntte. The Her
ald's best wishes accompany them in their
new venture.
An Institution Growing in Favor and
Becoming a Necessity.
From the report of Hon. Cornelias
Hedges, Secretary of the Public Library,
we take the following figures, showing
beyond a doubt the flourishing condition of
onr library daring the year jnst ended:
No. of volumes in library per last report 3 291
No. added during the year.......................'557
Total April 1,1889.............. . ............. 3 gjj
No. of books drawn during the year....!™ ...ls'sil
No. of books drawn during previous year... 8^393
Increased circulation............ 10,421
Largest circulation in one month (March)
in 1889 ................................................ ... 2 762
Largest circulation in one day (February
23) in 1886.............. . .................................. 198
No. of magazines suiscribed for................!! 8
No. of newspapers subscribed for................. 14
Increase of borrowers....«»............................ 307
No. of cards now in use................................ 1 286
Amount expended for books during the
year ending April 1. 1889, including
b.ndings, freight, magazines and news
papers....................... .. ........................$ 383 84
Amount for general expenses...... » .......... 1,309 79
Total............—..............................*2,193 63
The general expenses were as follows:
Salary of librarian at 8-50..........................f 600 00
Rent of library rooms at 830..................... 360 00
Printing..... ... ..... 26 08
Fuel...... . ...............~................................ ii7 7o
Putting weather it.Jps on windows........ 30 70
Gas...............-••—•••................. 84 80
Insurance on books................................. 27 13
Sundiy miscellaneous expenses..."......... 63 38
Total...............................................81,309 79
According to the last report (1888) there
is to the credit of the library................81,824 23
General expense fund.............. .81,151 70
Book fund.............................. 671 32
Total.................................81,824 32 tl,824 32
Collected—Library tax for 1888 ................ 4,444 18
Total..........._.................................. «6.268 02
Expense as above...................................82,193 63
Balance to the credit of the library..84,074 57
Amount in hands of city treas
urer..........................................82,441 18
Amount in Montana National
bank......................................... 1,630 39
Of this amount to the créait of
book fund............................... 81,569 87
Of this amount to the credit of
general expense fund............... 2,504 70
Total............. 84,074 57 84 074 57
There have been fewer books purchased
dnriDg the year than was intended, owing
to a failure to make satisfactory arrange
ments in the East. Many more books are
absolutely needed.
The present accommodations, both for
room and shelving are inadequate. The
term for which the present rooms were
hired expires in Jane and tbe rent there
after will be donbled and still farther in
creased if more room is occupied than
seems absolutely necessary. The growth
of the library and its patronage shows that
very soon a special bnilding for tbe exclu
sive use of the library will be necessary.
Tbe large increase of patronage ot the
library daring tbe year will require tfcct
tbe honrs tor keeping it open be increased
and the salary of librarian be propor
tionately increased; perhaps an assistant
besides employed before the year is out
These changes have already been voted.
It ia confidently claimed tbat no part of
the public money is more profitably em
ployed or ben fits equally a greater portion
of onr people.
We are fortnnate in having a competent,
very efficient and affable librarian.
The term of office of two trustees, Messrs.
Collen and Pärchen, will expire on the 6th
of May, comiDg.
Real Estate Transfers.
The following deeds have been recorded
this week.
Jerome Bray et nx to Blanche M. Clarke
a lot in Rimini, $200.
Solon H. Brown et nx to Eliza Beach,
lots 29 and 30, block 5, Depot addition,
Henry G. M. Kollock et al to J. S. M.
Neill, i interest ot the n. half of sec. 2, tp.
10 n, r 4 w, $1.
Chas. W. Cannon et al to Chas. Howell,
a lot in Grand Avenne addition, $400.
Frank Stallabras et al. to Wm. Franklin
et al, 320 acres ot coal lands in secs. 21 and
16, tp. 17, n r 4 west, $860.
Franklin Stallabras to Anthony T. Kol
dronp, 320 acres coal lands in secs 21 and 17
tp 17, n r 4 west, $50.
A. T. Koldroap et nx. to Wm. Franklin,
320 acres coal lands in tp 17, n r 4 west
secs 17 and 21, $1.
Chas. W. Cannon, et nx et al to Lewis C.
Anthony, lots 1, 2, blk 26, Grand Avenue
add, $1,300.
Jas. W. Carpenter, trustee, to the Big Ox
Mining and Redaction company, the "En
terprise" quartz lode, Enterprise mill sue,
Deer Creek quartz lode, Deer Creek placer
claims Noe. 1, 2. 3, and water rights, $1,
000 , 000 .
L. E. Gallow et al to James W. Carpen
ter, trustee, the same property, $800,000.
Thomas Qoinn to Elise J. Unger, lots 5,
6, 7 and 8, blk 77, Northern Pacific addi
tion, $1,400.
Elise Hohneck et nx to Thomas Quinn,
lots 5, 6, 7 and 8, blk 77, Northern Pacific
addition, $1,150.
William A. Chessman to William E. La
rean, bond for deed, lots 10 and 11, b<k 63,
Central addition, $2,000.
E. C. Richards and wife to Frank P.
Lindsay et al, lot 5, block K, Mauldin ad
dition, $1.
John B. M. Neill et ox to Enthanasia A
Eastin, lots 18 and 19, block 5, Valley View
addition, $700.
John C. Bullitt Jr., trustee to Charles B.
Lee, lot 18, block 5. Northern Pacific addi
tiod, $500.
Chas. B. Lee to Archie E. Loasby, lot 18,
block 5, Northern Pacific addition, $1,000.
James Blake to James Swan, lot 14, block
G. Blake addition, $700.
Frank S. Clark et ax to Conrad Mockel,
lot 68, blk 2, Helena townsite, $1,000.
Frederick Beischoff et nx to Howard J.
Lowrey, lot 1, blk 558, Helena townsite,
$400. _ _
The Remains of Charley Vivian to be
Given an Honored Tomb.
Denver special: Allen O. Meyer, of the
Cincinnati Enquirer arrived in this city
yesterday on his way to Leadville, for the
purpose of disinterring the remains of the
late Charles Vivian who was once one of
tbe best comedians on the etage, who
fonnded the Order of Elks in this conntry,
and who died at Leadville several months
ago of consumption. Mr. Meyer leaves
here to-morrow, and will remove the re
Sons of Veterans.
U. S. Grant Post No 1, Sons of Veterans,
held a business meeting last night at which
it was decided to attend the Department
Encampment at Bntte on May 13 in a
body. The Bntte camp proposes to give a
grand ball and banqnet and will make the
visit interesting.
Tbe local poet is flourishing. Ten new
members were voted npon last evening and
there are about sixty other applications be
fore them.
It has been learned that the National
Encampment to take place at Patterson, N.
J , has been posponed until September.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
—The Jay Goold Mining company paid
April 4th dividend No. 23 of 4 cents a share,
aggregating $16,000, making $365,000 paid
to date.
Hon. C. W. Hoffman, of Bozeman,
quartermaster general, with the rank of
brigadier general, on governor Leslie's staff
bas sent in his resignation to Gov. B. F.
Chas. H. Mnffly, formerly of Virginia
Montana, a son of Theo. Mnffly, well known
tbronghout the territory, assumes to-day
full charge of the abstract department of
Ricbard Lcckey's real estate office.
—The largest jewel ever brought to
Montana is now on exhibition at John
Steinmetz' jewelry establishment. It is a
diamond ot decided lemon color, nicely ent
and weighs 45 1-16 carats. Its sale price is
—Articles of incorporation of the Hensley
Smelting Company, whese place of business
is at Castle, were filed to-day with Secre
tary Walker. The incorporators are F. L.
Hensley, J. M. Hensley and J. P. Rhoads.
Capital stock $100,000 in one dollar shares.
—Bozeman Chronicle: The Bentz family
seems to be ill-fated. Abont a year ago
the elder Bentz died, last January a son
was accidentally shot and killed, and soon
after the mother was horribly murdered.
And now the oldest daughter is a sufferer
from blood poison brought abont by a
slight scratch. La»t week it was reported
that she had to have her arm amputated;
bnt the attending physician informs ns
that this was not done and that she is re
— Cféécô, (Iowa) Plain Dealer. John
Reynolds, of Helena, Montana, has been
spending a few weeks with his sister at
this place and with other friends. He for
merly lesided in this town going from here
twenty odd years since. He returns to
Helena this week. F. J. Mead of the Plain
Dealer, pnt in eeveral years at tbat place
aDd in its vicinity. Ue worked on one of
its early newspapers, (the Herald) which
need to come to ns at New Oregon printed
on wrapping paper, its print having been
snowed in some hundreds of miles away.
—When the train from Wickes arrived
in Helena yesterday, two men who had
stepped off were arrested by Officers Crook
ham and Flynn. At the jail they gave
their names as Walter Brooks and George
Evans. They are wanted for robbing a
cabin at Wickes Tuesday night. On being
searched all the stolen articles were recov
ered—several pistols, a rifle, cartridges and
belt, besides several articles of jewelry.
Tbe arrest was promptly made, as the tele
gram, notifying tbe authorities bad only
arrived on boor before train time. Deputy
Sheriff Merrill arrived last evening and
will take bis prisoners back at once.
—Benton River Press: We learn from
gentlemen from Milk river that a prairie
fire has been ragiDg east of Clear creek
and south of tüe Milk river for some days
past. It is now extingnished. It was
observed that the fire started suddenly in
different places over a stretch of conntry
at least ten miles long. This looks as
thongh the fires bad been lighted by some
paities for a purpose. It is broadly hinted
and belived by many that it is the work of
half breeds who are gathering bones for
sale. If there is any evidence of this fact
it sbonld be produced and the gnilty parties
— Husbandman : The Helena Herald,
of April 15, announces the death of Her
man Rosenbanm of the Missouri valley,
which occurred at his Helena home abont
noon Monday last. Deceased was an old
timer of Confederate Gnlch, and we re
member him 83 one of the lucky miners of
Diamond City. He owned aDd worked
one of tbe richest claims in upper Confed
erate which yielded him quite a compe
tency. When this worked ont he moved to
the Missouri valley, where he purchased a
farm and engaged in stock growing, and
was at the time of his death the owner of
broad acres and large herds of stock.
—Articles of incorporation were filed
with the Territorial Secretary yesterday
for the formation of the Chestnnt Valley
CaDal company, with Albert Kleinschmidt,
J. D. McIntyre and Walter N. Granger as
incorporators. Tbe capital stock is $75,000
divided in 15,000 shares of $5 each. The
object is to constrnct and maintain a ditch,
aqueduct and canaltapping the Missouri
nver in Cascade connty, at a point on the
north bank of the Musoari at tbe bead of
Half Breed rapids and conveying tbe water
in a northern direction a distance of abont
thirty miles. This enterprise will open up
a section of fine farming land which has
heretofore been unoccnpied.
— E. S. Sherry of Canton, Massachusetts,
is in the city for the purpose of examining
tbe quality ot the water near Helena to
ascertain if it is suitable for washing wools
in tbe proposed Helena woolen mill. His
report will be awaited with interest.
— R. S. Hale returned yesterday from an
extended trip East, looking—we were
abont to say bale and hearty, bnt we mean
robust and vigorons. He spent most of
the winter in New York and Washington
and returns much pleased with his trip.
—Clerk Parker, of the First District
Coart, has appointed Jesse Wilson as his
deputy, to succeed Leon LaCroix, resigned.
Jesse is an expert penman, a good stenog
rapher and well versed in the details of
coart business. He will prove an acquisi
tion to the Clerk's office.
— Chas. W. Helmick, of the firm of
Reeder & Helmick, civil engineers of this
city, returned yesterday from Pennsylvania
with his bride, formerly Miss Ray G.
Fowler, who was instructor of mnsic and
drawing in tbe public schools of Helena
and left abont a year ago. The happy
con pie are receiving the congratulations of
their many friends.
—Clarence J. Kinna and his mother will
leave to-morrow for Oneida, New York, to
settle np some estate matters and to visit
relatives there. Clarence will be absent
about thirty days and his mother several
months. Clarence is one of tbe very few
native Montaniane grown to manhood and
has never been farther east than Ann Ar
bor, Mich., where he attended college.
—Leon La Croix to day resigned his po
sition as depnty clerk of the District Coart
in order to enter the real estate and in
surance business in his father's office.
Leon entered npon tbe dnties of depnty in
the old coart hoase, having been appointed
by Clerk Tatem, and has held tbe office
ever since to his own credit and the satis
faction of tbe bar and pnblic. His many
friends will wish him success in his new
field of labor. Clerk Paiker baa not as
yet appointed his successor.
and PsPT^anenfly.
^ChaaA Vogeler Co. Balto. Mo*
ROYAL foSoll
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never vu lee. A marvel of purity,
strength and wholeeomenees. More economical
than the ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold In
competition with the multitude of low teet, short
weight, alum or phosphate powders. Sold only
in cans.. Royal Baking Powdkb Co., 106 Wall
street. New York.
Humors* Blotches, Sores, Scales,
Crusts, and Loss of Hair Cored.
Terrible Blood Poison. Snflefed alia
man could infer and live. F«ce
and body covered with awfnl
aorea. Uaed tbe Cntlcnra
Remedtea ten wer ka and is
practically enred. a
Remarkable case.
I contracted a terrible blood, poisoning a year
ago. I doctored with two good physicians,
neither of whom did me any food. I suffered
all a man can suffer and live. Hearing of your
Cuti cue a Rehiedies I concluded to try them,
knowing if they did me no good they could make
me no worse. I have been using them about
ten weeks, and am most happy to say that I am
almost rid of the awful sores that covered my
face and body. My face was as bad, if not worse
than that of Miss Boynton, spoken of in your
book and I would say to any one in the same
condition, to use Cuticba, and they will surely
be cured. You may use this letter in the inter
ests of suffering humanity.
E. W. REYNOLDS. Ashland, Ohio,
Covered with Running Sors» 17 yeara.
I have been troubled with a skin and scaly dis
ease for seventeen years. My head at times was
one running sore, and my body was covered with
them as large as a half a half dollar. I tried a
grrat many remedies without effect until I used
the CUT 1 CUE A Remedies, and sm thankful to
state that after two months of their use I am en
tirely cured. I feel it my duty to you and the
public to state the above esse.
L. R. Me DOWELL, Jamesburg, N. J.
Dug and Scratched 36 yeara.
I go Mr, Dennis Dowing ten years better. I
have dug and scratched for thirty-right years I
had what is termed pruritis, and have snffered
everything, and tried a number of doctors but
got no relief. Anybody could have got 8500 had
they cured me. TheCUTicuEA Remedies cured
me. God bless theman who invented Cuticuba:
CHENEY G KEEN, Cambridge, Mass.
CntDnra Rem*dice
Are sold everywhere. Price Cutictba, 50c.;
Soap, 25c.; Relolvent. 81. Prepared by tbe Pot
TEa Drug ai*i>Chemical Corporation, Boston.
gfVLSend for "How to Cura Skin Disease," 64
pages . 20 iilusirations, and 1(0 testimonials.
skin prevented by Cuticuba Medicated
Relief Instantaneous, t ure Rapid
Radical and Permanent.
No single disease has entailed more suffering
or hastened the breaking up of tbe constitution
than Catarrah. The sense of smell, or taste, or
sight, of hearing, the human voice, one or more
and sometimes all, yield to its destructive In
fluence. The poison it distributes throughout
the system attacks every vital force, and injures
the most robust of constitutions. Ignored, be
cause but little understood, by most physicians,
impotently assaded by quacks and charlatans,
those suffering from it have little hope to be re
lieved. It is time, then, that popular treatment
of this terrible dhe«se by remedies within the
reach of all passed into hands at onre compe
tent and trustworthy. The new and hitherto
untried methcxl adopted by Dr. Sanford in the
preparation of his Radical Cube has won the
hearty approval of thousands. It is instanta
neous in affording relief in all head colds, sneez
ing. snuffling, and obstructed breathing, and
rapidly removes the most oppressive symptoms,
clearing the head, sweetening the breath, restor
ing the senses of smeil and taste, and neutraliz
ing the constitutional tendency of the disease
towards the lungs, liver, and kidneys
Sun ford's Radical Care for Catarrah.
consists of one bottle of the Radical Cure, one
box of Catabrhal Solvent, and Improved In
haler. ah In one package; price, 81. Ask for
Sanford s Radical Cure. Sold everywhers,
Potter Dbtg & ChemicalCoporration, Boston
t '
Hip, ktdney, and uterine pains and
weaknes«, re*l ve in««)- mm
me by the • nticnm Anti rain
Plaater. the first and only instan
taneous painkilling, strengthening plaster_
This is the Top of the Genuine
Pearl Top Lamp Chimney.
All others, similarare imitation.
This exact Label
isoneach Pearl
Top Chimney.
A dealer may say
and think he has
others as good,
Insist upon the Exact Label and Top.
For Sale Everywhere. Made only by
GEO. A. MACBETH & CO., Pittsburgh, Pa.
GEO. A. MACBETH & CO., Pittsburgh,
gse «kit err ry pair U «tur.ped
Th. Bcrt à P.cxAin.
"Korraet Shap«.'*
URT w*».
If vou want perfection in fit. with freedom from
corns and all discomfort you will slwar, wear
the Burt A Packard Shoe. « « »^nowiedged
as the more nm^ortaUe, the beU irronmf and mote *ylisA
gentleman's shoe made in the world.
Don't spoil your feet by wearing cheap shoes.
The Burt A Packard Shoo costa no more than any
Other Üne shoe, though none approach tt tnralue.
All stvles in Hand made, Haod-welt, and Bnrtwelt,
also Bovs' and Yocths'. If not sold by your dealer send
his name and yoar address to . t ^
» » iB |j successors to Bort «k Pa^ltard!
Packard & Field, Brockton, Mass, sold to
FRED GAMER, Helena, M. T.
Stock Cattle for Sale.
The uEdeJsigned has 200 head of atock cattle
for sale. Address
wtf-febll Bade reburg, M. T.
Dr. Powell Reeves & Co.
(Lat« of New York.)
has made many wonderful cures in the
(ifl and throughout the country, haa
now located
IN HELENA, M. T., ' ' t
l'orner Main and Wall Street*.
\ of many years' exper
1 lence treat« with
1 woderful suxess all
KFPTI RE cured
without pain or hin
drance Treat» all
formsof Throat,Lmg,
Nerve and Blood Dis
eases. Chronic Diseas
es and Deformities far
in advanceof anv '.n
gtluttlon In this coun
try. Those who con
template going to the Hot Springs for treatment
of any Private or Blood disease, can be cured (or
one-tblrd the cost at our Private Dispensary.
LADIES, By this treatment a pure, lovely
complexion, free from sallowncas. freckles,
blackheads, eruptions, etc., brilliant eyes and
perfect health can be had.
«-That "tlredV feeling and all Female We«k
ness promptly cured. Bloating Headache»,
Nervous Prostration. General Debility. Sleep
lessness, Depression and Indigestion, Ovarian
T.-oubles, Inflammation and Ulceration, Falling
and Displacement«. Spinal Weakness, Kidney
Complaints and Change of Life. Consult ths
old Doctor.
Acute or Chronic Ir flammation of the eye-lids
or globe, and Far and Near Sightedness. Inver
sion of the lids. Scrofulous Eyes. Ulceration, In
flammations, Abcess, Dimness of Vision of on*
or both eyes, and Tumors of the Lid.
Inflammation of the Ear. Ulceration c»
Catarrh, Internal or External Deafne»s or
.Paralysis, Hinging or Roaring noises, Thickened
thrum, etc.
fetkiinal Losses, Night Emissions, Ixtes of %'.tal
MW, Hleeples"ness. I espondency. Loss of
URMty. Confusion of Ideas. Blurs before the
IM, Lassitude, Languor, Gloominess, Depres
im «f Spirits. Aversion to Society. Easily Dla
MMgca, Lack of Confidence, Dull, L ist less.
Cuti for Htudy or Business, and finds life a
burden, safely, permanently and privately cured.
(a disease most horrible 1 in its result,) com
pletely eradicated without the use of mercury.
Hcroffula, Erysipelas, Fever Sores, Blotches,
Pimples. Ulcers. Pain in the bead and bones,
Syphilitic Sore Threat,Mouth and Tongue,Gland
ulai Enlargemet t of the Neck, Rheumatism,
CatarTh, etc, peimanently cured when others
I ave failed.
URINARY, Kidney and Bladder Troubles,
Weak Back, Burning Urine, Frequency of Uri
nating, Urine high colored or milky sediment
on standing. Gonorrhoea. Gleet, Cystitis, etc.,
promptly and safely cured. Charges reasonable,
Blood Poison, Venereal Taint. Gleet. Stricture,
; Seminal Emissions, Loss of Sexual Power,
Weakness of ths Sexual Organs, want of desire
n male or female, whether from imprudent
nabits of young, or sexual habits of mature
years, or any cause that debilitates the sexual
habits, speedily and permanently cured
Consultation free snd strictly confidential.
Medicine sent free from observation to all parts
of the United States. Correspondence receives
prompt attention. No letters answered unies«
accompanied by four cents In stamps. Send ten
cents in stamps for pamphlet and list of ques
tions upon Private, Special snd Nervous Dis
eases, Seminal Weakness. Spermatorrhoea, Ijo
potency, Syphillls, Gonorrhoea, Gleet and Vari
Terms strictly cash. Call on or address,
Cor. Main and Wall St«., Helena, M. T.
nov20-d&w _____
[Mo. 1649.1
Designated Depoutsry of the United
■ ■ • $500 000
- • • 500,000
8. T. HA USER, President.
A. J. DAVIS, Vice President.
E. W. KNIGHT, Cashier.
T. H. KLEINSCHMIDT, Ass't Cashier
8. T. Hauser. John C. Cnrtin.
A. M. Holter. R. S. Hamilton.
Granville Stuart. O. P. Higgins.
E. W. Knight. A. J. Da-is.
T. H. Kleinschmidt. Henry N). Pärchen.
T. C. Power.
First National...............^.Fort Benton. Montana.
Missoula National.................Missoula, Montana.
First National..............................Butte, Montar a.
Gteneral Banking Business Transacted.
Spring Term Opens March 27,1889.
Assaying, Chemical Analysis
and Surveying.
The Laboratories and Assay
Rooms for practical instruction, are
the most complete of any in the
Schedule of charges on Analytical and A«say
Work, sent on application.
For Catalogue address,,
. Amts. -412 BROADWAY. /V. K
Great English Remedy
Hurray's Specific.
A latvlNd cure for all "nervous
di s e ases ,such as Weak M ernurw,
Loss of Brain Power, Hy«:«ria
Headache, Pain in the Back, fter
.---- . von» Prostration, Wakefal
imonjosM, Lenrorrhira, Universal
Lassitude, Nemlnal Weakness, Impo
tency and general lose of power of the Generative
Organs;—In either Sex, caused by Indiscretion
or over exertion, and which ultimately lead to
Premature Old Age, Inaanity
snd Conanmption, 81.00 a box or
six boxes for 65.00. Sent by mall on re
eelpt o' price. Full particulars In pam
hlet, sen* free to every applicant.
We Ouarrant*« Nix Boxes [ajtsb]
phlet, sen' free to every applicant.
to cure any case. For every $5.00 order received,
we send six boxes, with written guarantee to re
fund the money If our Specific does net effect a
cure. Address all communications to the Hols
Man ufacturers,
«"Hold In Helena by H. M. PÄRCHEN A CO.,
Hole Agents. daw
A list of 1000 n< wapapers divided Into STATES
AND SECTIONS will be sent en application—
To those who want their advertising to pay,
we can offer no better medium for thorough and
effective work than the various aectloDs of our
Select Local Mat,
Newspaper Advertising Bureau.'
10 Spruce street, New York

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