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M ~t1.,ll"tY. ot' w:, If ~u say the
%'h.l t. the 1l.111 r':e 11ul a nd full ..f
The l n.' -leual not-n. l.,nenone w ben t'hrtot
Antd tut?. a it flight of a m~ouoet*or a
% Illt tin one lot tw. uInti me. lft alunny
(.' n thu ghtf~il witb ag. like ioe dog
uplThe 't
1 reo.cu11.r the .tl~ll~lren'v i'hrlntmaa mirth,
Aol b- ave toKatif' did tin antt p.an
Just be-fore i hrtott.,nn. arreafltrig to have
A mecrry good libe, sank at now we can.
Mire" oty. vie iv ll lodttie a brief note
Just nmoting our iii. cout and fullest 8.
Fur ftoer,'lu n.t klindred to share a tbig
At lb. "1.1 homeotiead, *round a rousing
go..d tire.
The ga~rri shall echo with youth's mirth
ful b'him.s,
i.y.f thle .hlldren free to e p tore;
Well hnlid a neat loner of freah ever
Anl at raw dyed pink, na we used to be
A t'hriotnisl tree will add zeal to the feast.
Anid poulish tig eyes of the girls and the
toy s,
Just like it did when nour children were
And nhrc.ti in the harvest of Christmas
time Joys.
Then, let us pre pare for an old-fashionfed
In honor of Chriat in pure gratitude
Faor faeors ceedad lesgSeje.
urhuarta will erekindle Pa shappier mnooed.
Our twilight of life legions to deacend,
Andi age, like a hulk, is drifting away
To the westward of youth, farther and fast.
Whlle 'lime plucks snifter the momenta
each day.
tSo let us itndite, as I ciy, a brief note,
Juel stating our warmest aod fuilest de
Vor friends and kindred to share a hig
At the old homiestead, 'round a rousing big
dawn bright and fair, for the west
ern sky was one great flame of
glowing pink, but pretty Madit"
Early was not in harmony with
iI,- beauty and sentiment of the occa
sion, tier fair face was clouded, and
although srranging the Christmas tree
for the children, more than once a sad
tear fell acrosa holly, beribboned parcel
and decorating tinsel.
Madge had a lover, and that was the
s-ecret out. There was not a truer-heart
ed lad in all the county than Ned Wal
ti-ra. They had exchanged vows of con
staincy to be confronted by her stern, self
willed father with the ultimatum that he
would sooner see her dead than wedded to
a son of his bitterest enemy!
It was an old-time feud, and the lovera
bad supposed it long since burled with
old liufus Walters himself-a lawsuit
over a trifle, won by Walters fairly, but
the obdurate farmer would not forget
se forgive.
When his edict came Madge demu.sed.
Ned rebelled. and they met clandestinely.
The morning before Christmas Early
had learned of this. There had been a
violent scene, lie threatened to turn
Nellie from the house if she ever coun
tenanced Ned again.
"Father," she sobbed piteously, "I love
"And I hate him!" snarled Early, "and
all the Waiters brood, and always shall!
He'll defy me, eh? I'll hitch up after
dinner and drive to Newburg. lie's cash
ler in the hank, and Ilari'el owns it. Well,
I've got over eight thousand dollars on
deposit. I'll draw it out and inform 1)ar
rel not a penny do I put in again while
that young jackanapes is in his employ.
Insult me by defying my will, eh? Try
to steal my daughter? Why, i'll drive
him from Newburg, a beggar!"
"Oh, father, you wouldn't be so cruel!"
moaned poor Madge.
"I'll show you."
" 5 5 5 5 5 e
Early went ott his willful way. He
drew his money, partly in gold, and plac
ad it in a satchel under his buggy seat.
_Then he visited some sorekeepers, put
-in the afternoon and about dusk started
for home.
A two-wheeled cart passed him as Ihe
approached Dobbins Grove, a lonely piece
of timber near the burying ground, but
two strangers drove it, and he bar, ty
noticed them. Then, a. he turned a
bend he was halted surumarily. The gli'
was standinj; untenanted. One of its re
ce-nt occupants grabbed his horse's bri
dle, the other presented a revolver, and
reaching under the biuggy seat drew out
the treasure satchel.
'Keep still, or I'7l shoot!"~ he gruffl
warned, and the frightened farmer knew
that he had been followed from town by
The thlef tossed the satchel to his com
panion, who threw it into their own ve
hicle. Then both pulled Early from his
buggy, ovefpowered him, tied himt hand
and foot. and giving his horse a cnt with
the whip sent him flying down the road.
The affrighted Early saw their own horse.
startled by the runaway, dash into the
timber at full speed, but the robbers, now
absorbed in hIs acpture, did not notice
thia fact. He was carried through a
thicket and dropped at the edge of a
"He'll be safe from harm or help till
we're far from pursuit!" lst,ýhed one of
the men.
They went away. Early found himself
helpless. It was very cold, and his limbs
be-gan to stiffen.
The mown had risen, and he could se-c
the scintillating frost flakes in the air.
lie wonderedl If he would remain undis
co-vere-d until Ihe had frozen to death.
I tenth ! The thought chilled him to the
soul. What a rueful ('hriatmuas eve,!
lnwath? lie quivered, as for the first
time' he noted that he lay near the fence
surrounding the township cemetery.
Yes. and there yonder-that tall stone,
standing so close, so clear, so seemning.
ly accusing in the white moonlight-the
consceince-satricken man recognized as
the mnnouu,-nt of the enlemy he so bitt'-r
ly hmated.
What fearful thunglita ran riot through
his n iad ! Htow dwindling was his rion
corous antipathy in the light of his own
awful peril! It almost seemed like ret
rlbutioin, his being left here to die, after
strivjing to be, gar the son of the man
towards whom. In this moment when eter
nity loomned-realize"d he had been un
An hour went by. Ule was chilled to
tF-i ii. r"^""t. IT" f. 't 'h t long t..7r.r
drr.l 1.iiL . h ti.i 'i n" ho .. o f- . .
fr.1an l...!typ. Tli ..," 1n. r ..
I ut .I. I.. -crt, . A. ,p. r:.ti" ..,.rt
ti r-i . lr.n . htt o 11-.117ri.;.f 1
tli -1"1 : i--r 11:. I. it-' Mr; . Euurl
. i-ii i~iii ii.'nhvel the fmhr iriiian .-~r~
I init. I....,. ni. liot hir (toirn I-yi ".ito-.
S' ..l un itr iiln"t ."iii lIr riir.eu-. Tin iit
to \ htri-. t .- rt.i, "iti ' M~r. Eartol wit
l ht i. II 1."1n-i. .t .""
'lhen .trheyc riil at the helped.1r 1. him j
liftil trsin to the lii. cl hoo
"t.onI i. th ritler..t, I'e f batnr itot wtt
II'1 troile raitll to tewaritiEaly.' tr,
*U\\hl liey r.It Ri iti hte thele hireou.
t rl riup t theitir.
"(l'..ime t3 i inr t t rear I'ver boat iti 'it-!.
yon hall nod itego iiiwnrltametdi~. Iii
"I'tllr he cn anin alsoI tetle thehon,
Itefoire the gt.rea.o lz nteod
fTii"hainedf-rzeulc Eallry trttred al~ndg
tahvered.s ceat ipl and ala utr.'ieihe
s ki i iii i; i ii wi i
- 1,.
I iy
li ýi g( ! t -S " II
E 3
nih 0
,. , ___
f A be .Y.
rýyAý -"Y .-I
} 4
I sto Madge. Her father wa. narrating
his misad',entures.
"'Madge," he said, "as I lay freezing
to death, ao near the grave of $eth Wal
term, it meeiiied like retrihution. I'1 e been
wrong in my hatred. I aee it dlfl'rr,'ut
stow. i've dune a mtean thing in trying
to drive him aon from New burg."
"Oh. father!"
"And you can tell him so. I've been
un-('hriatianlike thism Christmuam eve, and
my life ham been apared when I gave it
up for lost. I take it am a warning~, and
the loam of my money a. ia punialisseut."
Mad',e. crying. 1wam on her kit'. at
him side.
"Oh, father," abe auobbed. "then Ned--"
"Caun come here when he wants..'
"Thank you. Mr. Early."
"Ned!" quaveredl Malgi'.
"Hello!" gasped the astonishiaed farmer,
for, tearing off his false beard, the, hid
,nan's rescuer revealed his real id..ntity.
In few wvordm Nied Walters explained
the mystery. lie felt that lhe msusat see
Madge that Chrismtasa eve, and disguising
himself had started on foot for the farm.
lit had taken a shuort cut through the
timber. an came acrosm the vehicle and
horne of the rnhbberm. lie had driven on,
hoping to find an owner, when Early',
criem for heli. had mttracted him.
"It ib the smmm rig. Mr. Early," maid
Ned. "for here is a Christmam present for
you. sir!"
The smiling Ned drew from under his
coat the oid mau'm matchuu] found tunde:
the meat of the gig.
!Nellie was trembling with joy. Witi%
e.agerness her father inspected the con
tents of the smtchei. Thetn him eyes lifted
to the handa~une. manly features of the
la'rm..n w bo had maved him life and him
lie arome, and solemnly joined Ned and
'tMadge. hand in hand.
"And there, Ned Waiters," he saill
heartily, "there im your Christnmas I re.
SChristsmaas Giving.
It is a good rule to give a Christmam
rwhat you enjoy giving to members of
tyour own :amily. mod limit your ..ther
-gifts to the children of your mcquaint
-ance. If you thum narrow your circle at
C'hristmam your friends will apprecistte
othe stand you take, and ceame to pester
thernt'ttvee alntett what they shall give
un. the r ow will to i wh more pea.
;nlt"n tini your nuity as t'hrian
nr "llr "-u hen than Lt,- rer been p.,.
i, -I, ni-c ti" ii . .,-inntge s)"ten .
1~ n'"l . ret frieti.-. n~- ono ajt. ". i
! t 1t makingr lurn; -You can reu
iit, lu- int the stun"t indt ttdal wtnv. ..tn
thir-u le.thbluy tn tuturvetsir,-. ",and nitu
nt nIt1;nt thetudi.u -it. rttnt le ide whitT
I- in veueto e "or.t nto nnrreul the tnutotn
frt: .ttt 'tto .f ('hru-.ltmun trijttg.-Adat ('
X1n. -t 1.t \'..t utn:ttu * I! tout inutflptattion.
Where Are Last Year's Toys.
- a l.itt. het,-.ohi U Iuoe-hy yut look abeneni
uatth gluee
\,nd ...jile what the gifts the Saint shaull
t ring uto t~ot mayn It,:
A ts.,tt-..uul fan -lus tutll oUT bends. a thou
utund dretuara yutt dIream
it) d.Il1isa mault' in ond~trutua ways or things
t hat go Ity steam:
Youill ilk e whatever en loeu, you know,
Ant chlktiatsy y'ou vow
f~ kurp y.urttT (cu-sIea welt, butt oh
\Vlhere are the 110311 f last year now?
yout ahottte4 at the Jumping Jack you'd
tuttgeul the Saint to bring:
Yun luoghet; to aee the snllcs of the monkey
ott the string:
Toe faulry book, the pictured bloeks, the lit
tle trtt'fl the doll-
Ak how. Soit danced with gladness asa you
luoukeut uporn them atll
lott that was long, so long ago,
And yott, you know. somhehow,
flat-c newsf wants to-day, and oh
Where I the toys of last year now?
Oh snilous wsn, oh lady fair, you court the
fates to-day,
And there are blessinga rich and rare for
which you meekly pray;
A loving glanee. a happy smile; perhaps the
strength to take
New-found responsibilities tor wealth or
honor's sake!
You grasp new hands and gladly go,
And faithfully you vow
To cherish end to love, hot oh.
Where are the toys of last year now?
-Chicago Record-Herald.
Roast Peacock.
In the earlier times a peacock wasn per
haps) the motit gorgeous sod decor.ttive
disih ont the ('bristtnisj board. This wias
jrilpared biy first crertfully removinig the
akini without losing the feathers. The
fiwl was then dressed, stuffed with all
kindhs of goial things, roasted and finally
uewe d into its skin,. still retaining the
i rilliant pilumiage. The beak was pilde'd
anil the diis' l it for a king, was placed
upniii the table amidj the blare of truin
Iota and the rapturous applause of the
rc-el . a.
Latest Quotation.
Cut. Kentuck-Uncle. what's the price
of yob turkey?
Uncle Iteohien-R ell, sah! dat dog he
got my trousers and some of mah leg; but
I don't grudge dab pirier--oo, aith!
Somewhat Uncertain.
Lena-.re you giong to give Mari a
Chribtmas present
Jiianeliear no:; I don't know yet. I
can't finid out wehettir abe's cring to
give me anltliing.-i'hiludelphia Btullttin.
Somme Cuperstltiona of a Perlo! R~ich
in Peculiar Rlgns,
lITH the eteej,(Z"f
there is no tit ' itt
"the whole twel"'
month about bot i
so ninny sup " t
tions cluster an Ye rs a d Nom
funn of divination
r ~ " " to foretell tih' fu
ture Is practicedi itt
almost evr adon Jan. 1. This. of
'comtae,- --particularly the -case with
}dung p-iople who desire to kr~ow wheth
er they will get married during the "'om
ttg y-ear or soon thereafter. In the ,'oun
Itry districts of England and German/t
there is a tea and coffee test which Is
tmust satisfactory. A teaspoon Is balatnc
ed carefully on the edge of a cup. Then
tea or coffee, a. the case may be. Is drop
ped Into It. drop hy drop. Every dlrop
that the spoon will hold without tusing
its balance means soother year before
the wedding. One or two large drops will
usually upset the spoon, and so this is
a very popular way of looking into the
The actions anti voices of domestic ani
mals on New Year's day are perhaps
more significant than any other omens.
A dog's cheerful bark on the morning Is
a most auspicious sign, while his howl
is very unfavorable. To meet a cat en
the worn of the new year is considered by
people in the Latin countries as a sign
that they will change their residence, and
it also betoken. ill for the future.
Throughout southern Europe it is re
garded as a most fortunate sign to see
a pig, signifying plenty for the cotmingj
twelvemonoth. The sight of a snake is the
worst conceivable omen, for it means
death by violence. To see a jackdlaw,
magpie or crow is a sign that the he
bolder will be cheated on all sides during
the following year.
On New Year's day a hard-headed
&cotchman will take a Bible and place it
upon a table, letting it fall open of itp
own accord. Then, without looking, he
will place his finger upon the page where
it has opened and read the verse on which
it rests. This is supposed to indicates his
fortune for the coming twelvemonth.
In France the children do not hang
up' their stockings on Christmas, but on
New Year's eve. Theee are not filled by
Santa Claus, but by the Christ child. He
comes with a whole convoy of angels to
help him carry the gifts which he linings
to make the little ones happy. The lat
ter do not enter the parlor where the
stockings are hung until each cne has
knelt before the father of the family and
received his blessing.
New Year's day in Persia is celebrated
much as our Easter is. Fancy eggs are
sent as presents. The wassail cup is a
feature of the day throughout all Europe.
At every country house in Russia there
is a feast and procession in honor of the
To the New Year.
Up to the great heights lead,
WVith gentlest dream and deed;
Sow thou the perfect seed
Bind deep wounds that bleed,
And lift, from darkest night,
Earth to eternal !ight!
-Atlanta Constitution.
One Token Barred.
"IDearie, what do you want me to give
you for C'hristmas?"
"Veil, precious, I've got eleven fratned
photographs of you now."-Detroit Free
The best thing to put in a warm Christ
wais stocking is a houir child's toot,
Indoor basket bail will receive con
siderable attention Au Butte this win
Voluntary weather bureaus have
been established at Dayton, Summit
and Gateway.
There will be a convention of may
ors held in Helena during the legis
lative session.
January 5 a winter course in agri
culture will open at the agricultural
college at kiozomlan.
Cascade county is proposing to en
gage in the telephone business.
last week E. J. Dailey of Butte was
convicted of manslaughter. The jury
was out sixteen hours.
Judge -Knowles. of -the Federal
court holds that timber may be cut
from mineral claims within forest re
Henry Lemos of Baleeville. a well
known farmer, was crushed to death
recently. His horses ran away while
descending a steep hill and upset the
The Indians in Flathead county are
slaughtering deer and other game is
great numbers. The Indians hunt in
large bands and have been known to
kill as high as sixty animals in one
Plans for the new brick union rail
road station at Helena have been com
pleted by the architects. The build
ing is to he of brick, modern French
renaissance in style.
Professor Shaw maintains that Mon
tana's climatic conditions are super
ior for pork production to those of the
corn belt, and that crops can be rais
ed here that will fully take the place
of the corn, which cnnr'it be raised in
most parts of Montana.
"Dad"' Johnson, one of the best
known engineers on the Northern Pa
cific. while on the tender of his engine
at Billings last week, slipped and fell.
fracturing his skull. He died several
hours later. Johnson had been in the
employ of the Northern Pacific for 20
The quarantine near Havre, in which
150 Canadian Cress have been confined
for several weeks has been broken up,
after a thorough disinfection. The
enforcement of thie quarantine and the
supplying of new clothes to the In
diana quarantined has cost Choteau
county about $7000.
Fatal California.
San Francisco-The list of fatalities
attending the railroad collisioti at
Byron, Cal., is receiving frequent ad
ditions at the Southern Pacific hospital
in this city, where 22 of the victims
have been brought. Eight deaths are
reported beside the 10 killed outright.
A telegram from Fresno announces
the death of D. J. Vernon, another of
the injured.
Other patients are reported in a
critical condition.
As inquiry is progressing into the
cause of the collision, a new complex
ion is given to the origin of the di's
aster. Immediately following the
meeting of the trains the supposition
was advanced that Engineer McGuire
of the Stockton Flyer was largely at
fault. Recent developments places
the burned and bruised engineer in a
different light. It is acknowledged
that the leak in the boiled of the Owl
engine delayed the progress of the
train and when it reached Byron there
had been considerable schedule time
lost. When Conductor William Dolan
of the Owl stopped at Byron he found
a freight train standing on the other
track and he sought to secure its en
gine to supplant the faulty oae of the
Owl. It is mserted that considerable
time was lost in trying to arrange the
transfer before the plan was found un
availing and then it was decided to
send a flagman to signal the approach
ing local.
Portland, Ore.-The veterans in
thu service of the Oregon Railroad .l
Navigation company will receive the
compliments of the Christmas season
for the company in the shape of an
omcial notice of the inauguration of e,
new pension system beginning Janu
ary 1, 1903. The information was giv
en out by President A. H. Mohler to
day. The circular of notailcation was
Issued today and is dated the 25th of
December. The circular says:
"On January 1, 1903, the Oregon
Railroad & Navigation company will
establish a pension system and pro
vide the necossary fund for the same,
the benefits of which will accrue to
those employee who have been 20
years continuously in the company's
service, and who have reached an age
necessitating retirement therefrom.
The amount of pension to be paid
any employe will depend upon the
length of his continuous service with
the company, and the average month
ly salary during the last 10 years
Mlnsrs Caught In a Snowslide.
Boise, Idaho.-A special from
Meadows, in the northern part of
Washington county, says:
Prank Branham and Prank Payne
were k'.lled in a snowslide near the
Crown mine, on g.overnment creek,
about December 19. Their bodies
were recovered and held at the Crown
mining camp awaiting instructions
from relatives who have bcen noti
Historic Ivey te Hyde Peet.
Among the treasures preserved at the
residence of the Earl 01 Clarenadon is
the original gilt key to Hyde park,
sent by Queen Anus to Lend Chancel
lor Clarendon to give jM all times 1
admission to the pesils of London-a
reiic of singuiar nistorical Interest.
Observation cvg=
Electric Lightedi
Steam Heat~ed
wk.sTIIOUNI). AxxlýVE ui $
No. s North Coast
Limited . 7:30 p."mI 7:40 p. m
No. S, Burlington Es.
press.......5S~ l5spu
Nor 37 tte t:Op -I dp
N~. :.i~Cy Es. 11:05 a. m .3 I....
No. s, North Coasti
i~ti.tICOU... .....iZ:40 a .lm~y a.s.~
Sleepers for this
train open at q:30 p.
in. for reception of
No. 6, Burlington EL. *s:25 p. ms..Iss:35 p. m.
No. 8. Bitter Root
Locale... . .. :4p...1........ ..gp.L
No. t4. Twin City Es. t:4S p. m.
pressp.p. su:ao p.m
"Daily except Sunday.
No. s North Coast Limited1, fi.oe. Saist
Paul and eastern points, to the Pacije Coast..
No. a North Coast Lknlted frost the pa.
cific Coast to St. Paul, Duslutis and peiadlas
Ieastern points.
No. S. Burlington express, from >fatrss
City and all B. & N. R. ponts, sand all N.
IP. points west of Billings, to Seattle sand Ta;
i coma.
pNo. 6. Burlington express, from Taeoma sad
Seattle to Bsllings and all B. t N. &. posats.
No. y, Bitter Rost Local, sassts frost Bsth
for Missoula. Hamilton and all intermnediate
No. 8, Bitter Root Local, from Hassilto.
"and Philipsburg.
No.a i3. Local. connection from Twi~n City
express from St. Paul and all eastern possno.
Nit. '4. local, connection with Twin City
expiress for St. Paul and all points east.
Passengers for Twin Bridges, Sheridas,
Alder, Pony and Norris Branches leave Butte
!on No. 14 and arrive In Butte from thesm
points on No. S. Trains on these hranches do
not run Sundays.
General Agent.
Corner Main and Park Street.
e Tuý.Ml aspolia and St. Paul.
I Connecting with all railways for New York,
Chicago and all points east and south.
e Sleeping cars run through from Butte to
Minneapolis and St. Paul. Leave Butte for
St. Paul and east daily at 8:3o p. ms. Great
pFail; local daily at 9:45 a. mn.
a Arrives Butte from St. Paul daily 9:45 p. v.:
0from prest Falls local daily at 3:50 p. m.
e City ticket office No. 41 North Maine Street.
t 3. E. D'AWSON,
5 General Agent.
"Fa' years a Burlington badge or a Bar
lington uniform, whethe on trainman, en*
gine man, brakeman or agent baa stood for
all the courtesy and cohsideration of an
American gentleman and the loyalty to duty oif
the trained soldier."-Nebraalta City Tribune.
Three routes easat-via Ballin a St. Paul and
Denver. Burlington service whichever way you
H. F. RUGER. Agent.
35 East Broadway. Itutte, Mont.
Ii. B. SEGUR, General Agent,
Billings. Mont.
Short Line
Fast Time! Fast Time!
Pullman Dining and
[ibrary Car Route,1111
And All Points East.
Dolorado, Arizona and Mexico,
San Francisco, Los Angeles.
PotadAnd All P~acific Coast PofllU.
Depart. .05.ao 5. ms. a:4; a. m....Arrive
Depart....4:5o p. ms. 4:40 p. m....Arrive
Ticket Onfce, tos North Main Street. Butte,
H. 0. WILSON. General Agent'

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