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A Review of Happenings in Both
Eastern and Western Hemiepheree
During the Past Week-National
Historical, Political and _Personai
Evenlts Tersely Expounded.
ýWyoming'$ recent blizzard was the
worst ever known.
Ambassador Tower has presented
his credentials to g~mperor William.
Fire recently partially destroyed Ful
ton market at Chicago, causing a loss
of $100,000.
Harry mk. Stanley, a well known min
ing engineer, is dead at Mexico City.
Aged 4b years.
A semi-official announcement now
places the Italian claims against Ven
ezuela at $2,000,000.
Winston Churchill, theO novelist, re
cently elected to the New Hampshire
legislature. is ill in St. Louis.
Alfred B~ouvien. Widely known
through his connections with theatri
cal affairs for many years. is dead.
E. A. Nickerson and others of Ever
ett have purchased 200,000,000 feet of
standing timber in western Washing
Governor Van Sant, republican, re
ceived 155,044 and Rose. democrat.
99,022 votes, making Van Sant's plur
alit) 56,527, in the recent election.
Four hunored thousant' persons are
reported to be destitute and starving
as a result of thie crop failure in Fin
French authorities have become con
vinced that the death of Mrs. Ellen
Gore was accidental and have de
cided entirely to drop the case against
M. do Rydzewski.
Volairine Le Cleyre, a noted anarch
ist and teacher of languages, was
Little Liver Pills2
Must Mear "SInatuh N
i. w- -'- we.,,.e Ss.6nt
Iae -u rn-urnýtMe.T
~mmiem~.~. Ud. bU~.
g gi~rl
_ I I
AJ.i W 0 ON fASý
..7 Gold fld Oliver.. .5100
4e".... .7. IGold, Silver Cop'r L6
S. N. U. No. 52. 1902
Cmshb w.ioeti UrN
'"um ` v~g~I
shot and fatally wounded re ently at
i-'haiadelphia, by Herman Helscher, a
former pupil.
It A~as been learned that R. C.
Whayne, a Louisville business man,
wº5o was found dead recently with a
gun shot wound in his breast, carried
1240,000 life insurance.
After long conferences trafmc offi
cdals of lines east of Chicago have
determined to make extensive changes
Iin commodity rates, which will amount
to a general advance of aboutL
cent7Tb e new schedules will be
placed in effect as soon as arrange
ments can be made alter January 1.
and by January 16 all changes will
be operative.
Ely Hyman, a Jew who begged for
admission to the general hospital at
Toronto recently, is dead. An exami
nation of his clothing resulted in find
ing scrip worth $31,000. Other papers
showed him to be worth $100,000. For
20 years he has slept in sheds and
stables. He sold papers and begged.
His heirs are his wife and daughter,
living, it is thought, in San Francisco.
President Roosevelt attendee. the
funeral services of Mrs. Julia Dent
Grant, held in the Metropolitan Meth
odist church. Members of the cabinet
of the diplomatic corps and of both
houses of congress, and representa
tives of the G. A. R.. the Loyal legion,
the Union Veterans' legion, and the
Army the the Tennessee, the Army of
.'ire Cumberland and the Army of the
Ohio were also present. The church
services were short..
Dr. Lorenz has for the first time
since his arrival in New York operated
on a club foot. The patient was a
four year old girl. Dr Lorens knead
ed and twisted the crippled foot until
it was aioft and pli~able as a piece of
putty, 'then he deftly moulded it into
its proper form, and announced that
the operation was completed, and a
plaiter cast was fitted on the foot.
The doctor said that the child should
he allowed to use her foot as much
as she could after three or four days
and :that it would be necessary to
kteep the cast on for six or seven
months. after which she could walk.
Crazed From Their Sufterings.
Boston. Dec. 24.-Almost crazed
iiozo their sutteruogs, froat bitten and
ajeipless, it0 men ini a bOust were pick
d up by the scnooner ManhbaseL 4,
wilies oil iiigiulaod light. 't'hen for thu
ýrst tame it was leat ned that the
,tiiooLCI5 sl'rank A. Palmer and Louie
.s. Crary had been in collision ano
*at the-y bad sunk off Thatcher's isi
.aznd on Wednesday evening.
Thle survivors were ianded today. Of
~he 21 men who made up the two
rows, six were carried down when
the vessels sank, four died during the
t(-ri ible three days' drift in Massa
chusetts hay, and another became in
sane and jumped overboard.
Princess Leaves.
D~res~den, Saxony.-The crown prin
cess of Saxony fled from her home on
, ,e night of December 11.
The Dresdener Journal says today:
"'f he princess, in a state of intense
metiual excitement, suddenly deserted
hýcr family at Salzburg and went
abroad. The Saxon court functions
or the winter, including the New
Veal's reception, have been canceled."
Seattle Pressman Suicides.
Seattle, Wash.-William J. Blurdette,
a well known newspaper pressman,
committed suicide by shooting himself
while in ~iis own yard. Gambling
losses, followed by despondency, is
sup lposedi to have been the cause. Bur
dette was a native of the Isle of
Wight. He leaves a widow and sev
eral relatives here. - -
Wrecked Near Quincy.
Wilson Creek. Wash.-A Great
Northern eastbound extra freight was
Swrecked near Quincy, 40 miles west of
Ehere. Thirteen cars were ditched, hut
no one was injured. The cause is un
known, but it is believed the rails
spread. The wreck delayed trsffiP'
nearly 13 hours. Passengers were
I Marconi Announces Success.
H~alifax, N. S.-After eight experi
ments conducted with the greatest se
crecy, Marconi announces that he has
solved the problem of wireless trans
Ioceanic communication and has suc
s ceesfully transmitted wireless mess
ages from the shores of Canda to the
Icoast of England.
Tacoma Public Building.
War1'dngton, Dec. 24.-Assistant Sec
retary Taylor of the treasury depart
mo;it has selected as tht te for the
public building at Tacoma. Wash., the
west side of A street, between
Eleventh and Twelfth streets. The
price is $96,000.
Byron Wreck Death List.
San Francisco. Dec. 24.-The death
list of the railroad collision at Byron.
Cal.. Saturday night is swollen to 25
by the- ending of the life of Miss Stella
Howard of San Francisco.
tOpen Colville Reserve.
R'ashington.-Congressman W. L.
__ Jones of Washington has introduced
-a bill in the house to open to settle
ment the remaining portion o h
Colville Indian reservation, in the
state of Washington. containing 1,
5t00.000 acres.
- Winlock Freight Wreck.
__Tacoma. Wash.-Northern Pacific
Sfre-ight train No. 53. engine No. 460.
was wre~cked at Winlock.
A poet of the right stamp is one
who sends return postage.
"I have kept Ayer'a Cherry Pec
toral in my house for a great many
years. It is the heat medicine in
the world for coughs and colds."
J. C. Williamna, Attica, N. Y.
All serious lung
troubles begin with a
tickling in the throat.
You can stop this at first
in a single night with
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. b
Use it also for bronchitis, *
consumption, hard colds,
and for coughs of all kinds.
?batRss b: Ik..N5$aS. whtalqdts5.
Oaw dya~ eetee. it MNL talkeft.
A AReal Joke.
"I hope, Mr. Starrborder," said the
a smiling landlady, "that you are satin.i
f fled with the table." t
e "Indeed, I am, Mlirn Scrimpen. g
tl These prunes are delicious, and Ii you t
'lease, mia'am, I believe I'Ul take an
e ot'ier of those luscious chicks. wing!."
o "T Isntalk s abou hinv rentin hem
.0 inuriou tolao HIAlas al nnene" ad 1
Hea. "W hy so"akdtegad
"Bcas it capis. optn t bu a
alarm wuz the cause o' mes gittin' five
id years at hard labor."
S'We o~s OaseHundred Dolisar Reward foe
11~ ease sf Cattarrh ithat can ne toheezed byBahll'
lc Catankh Cure.
F. J. CHtENKY &Co., Prob~. Tolede,O.
It We the undersigned, have knows lý. J. Ches.,
lu forth.epast 15 est,, and believe bims perfecCy
bon'rable in all bu-i,,ess transactions and fin.
it ancrally able to carry oulany obilgatiem made
by thtei firm.Wi-hTu.
ýf Wholesale iDresgista, Toledo.
voWALmODI KIti ass & 1MaJYn.
'0 Wholesale Itrnggisis. Toledo. 0.
to all'sOatarrh Care In taken' Internally,sctin
ýe reotlyon the blood and nileons surfsees a
the * system. Price 7h per bottle. sold by all
a- orngistat. Testlmn,'lals free.
Heall's Family Pills are the best.
Apricots sad Figs.
The apricot. it soaked in its own
bulk of colt! water for 48 bourn, is said
Lu- to be almost like fresh fruit. Figs
Dn should be immersed In hot water for an
50 ou On Get Allen's Peet Hae U
ed Write Allen it. Olmsted, LeRoy, N. Y, for a
free sample of Allen's Foot Ease. It cures clit
'nt blatns, sweating, dtamp swollen,, aching feet
naIt makes new or tight shoes easy. A certailt
cure fr turns aond lunions. All druggists set
1W it 2.e bunt accept any sul-stitute.
C halra Usned by Royalty.
Two oak chairs made for the use of
te, the king and queen of Englanud when
in they visited Middlesbroughi, in 1899,
elt have just been sold for £4 Es each.
°g The best way to cure indigestion ie to
isremove its cause. This in beet done
of by the prompt ueof Dr. August
Koenig as Hamburg Dirops, which r'egu
tv- late the stomach in an effectual man
-- ner. - - -
Lessened Coat of Travel.
'sat Before the Siberian railway was
as available, a trip from London to Shang.
of liai cost frmo $325 to $475. Now it
lut can benmade for from $65, third class,I
in- to $166, Jfrstelass.
The kleptomaniac takes things as
Why BecaL'Jse~
S y u fIt acts gently Iwithout unpleasant after-effects. I
th b * f 41 la x iv It Is wholly free from objectionable substances.
ýh. + fa r~l lax tlYIt contains the laxative principles of plants.
It contains the carminative principles of plants.
It Is pure. It contains wholesome aromatic liquids which are
agreeable and refreshing to the taste.
It is gentle.
It Is pleasant. All are pure.
P All are delicately blended.
It is efficacious. All are skillfully and scientifically compounded.
It is not expensive. Its value is due to our method of manufacture and to
It is good for children. the orginality and simplicity of the combination.
It is excellent for ladiem. To get its benefiial effects- buy the genuina.
It is convenient for business men.Mauctrdb
It is perfectly safe under all circumstances.t
It Is used by millions of families the world over. AL R I i 5 k P( _
4 t stands highest, as a laxative, with physicians. 5 I IiJ i ) IV r1
3 If you use it you have the best laxative the world San F'rancisco. Cal.
poue.Loulevltie. Ky. N~w York. N. Y.
Robbers Beat the Life from Theirl
Bodies With a Cluh and An Ax-Mr.
Lewis Was a Pioneer of the Big
Bend Country-Owned Two SectionsI
of Land
Almira, Waah,-Judge J. A. Lewis. a
pioneer 76 years old, and his aged
wife were murdered in coldest blood
by unknown robbers who, after a
struggle, brained the old man with an
ax and then murdered the wife by
besting her to death with a club.
The double murder was as coolly
planned as it could possibly be, and
jthe object was doubtless robbery, as
the judge was worth $20,000 or $25,000,
and was supposed to have money in
the safe which he kept at his coun
try home, five miles southea. t of here.
The theory is that the terrible
crime was committed by some visitor
who came on the guise of doing busi
ness, as the safe was found open, and
had evidently been unlocked by Mrs.
Lewis, as she alone was able to work
the combination. The hand of the
aged judge, palsied with age, was una
ble to turn the tumblers successfully.
The crime was discovered by 0. J.
Williams, a tenant of the judge's, who
found the judge's body.
The job was evidently planned with
the utmost care, for the back door had
been barricaded by a table and two
charsr piled against it. Lying on the
floor was a bloody ax. The judge had
been pounded to death with the blunt
side of it. Evidently after completing
the search the robbers went out the
front door, locked it behind them and I
iBefore leaving, however, the rob
bers went to the corral, where Mrs.
Lewis had been milking the cows, and
waylaid her with a club. There was
evidence of a fearful struggle, but at
last the poor old woman was beaten
lifeless and her body was buried un
der a heap of hay and snow in the
center of the corral. Her body form
ied the little mound which Williams
11 saw on Saturday.
Judge Lewis was a pioneer of the
I Big Bend, and was formerly a probate
Sjudge here. He owned two sections of
e land. There are no children. Dr.
Lewis of Wilbur is a brother of the
dead judge.
5 New York.-The body of Mrs.
II Ulysses S. Grand now lies in a sar
cophagus beside that in wdrich the re
mains of her husband rest.
o Headache
,.All Bodily Aches
it PAIN.
Commends Peruna to All Catarrh Sufferers.
d \
at Ron. Louis B. Johnson Ia the sou of the late Reverdy Johnson, who warn
is United State. senator from Maryrland, also attorney general under President
ye Johnson, and United State. Minister to England, and who was regarded as~the
id greatent constitutional lawyer that ever lived.
In a recent letter from 1008 F Street, N. W., Mr. Johnson says:
S "No one should longer suffer from Catarrh when Peruna Is
idaccessible. To my knowledge it has caused relief to so many of
as my friends and acquaintances, that it Is humanity to commend Its
use to all persons suffering with this distressing disorder of the
Lu. human system. "-Louis B. Johnson.
Catarrh Polsoms.
Catarrh is capable of changing all the
life-giving secretions of the body into
scalding fluids, which destroy and in-.
flame every part they come in contact
with. Applications to the places
affected by catazwh can do little good
save to soothe or quiet disagreeable
symptoms. Hence it is that gargles.
.qrrays, atomizers and inhalants only
serve as temporary relief. 8o long as
the irritating secretions of catarrh con
tinue to be formed sc long will the
membrane. continue to be inflamed,
no matter what treatment is used.
There ii bat one remedy that has
the desirable effect, andl that remedy is
BlIzzard in Colorado.
Denver, Col.-While Denver was
enjoying a calm, mild winter day
there was raging within a few miles
of h~e city the worst snow and wind
storm since the great storm of 1893.
The blizzard was general throughout
eastern Colorado and Wyoming and
western Nebraska. The average
snow fall was 11 inches, and a 45
mile wind blowing across the prairies
piled the snow in high driftc.
In Cheyenne business Is at a stand
still and the snow is piled In drifts
from ithree to six feet.
Knoxville's Blg Fire.
fKnoxville, Tenn.-Fire that broke
Eout in the Knoxville mill building, on
Commerce avenue, has caused a loss -
of $200,000. TIhe fire spread quickly
Fboth east and west, into the Broyles.
t Lackey & Co. implement house and a
Swholesale hide and commission house.
I All the burning structures are four
Fstories high. The block in which the
I fire started is the same that was burn
Fied out in 1897, with a loss of over
I $1,000,000. It is in the center of the
hIwholesale district.
Peruna. This remedy strikes at cons
to the roots of catarrh by restoring to
the capillary vesselatheir healthy elasa
ticity. Peiruna is not a temporary
palliative, but a radical cure. Bend
for Dr. Hlartmnan's lwates bok, sent
tree for a abort time. Address The
Peruina Drug Manufacturing Co., Co.
lumbus, Ohio.
If }ou do not derive prompt and ust
isfactory results from the use of Peru
na, write at cnee to Dr. H-artman, giv
ing a full statement of your case, and
he will be pleased to give you his valu
able advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
the Hiartman Sanitarium, Columbus. O.
Good For Little Folk..
Ihtti otrtttre the childiren with liquid and
ptill jliuts' 'The tall imfe, agreeahie laxative
i~r little cýt" is t'ataret~tattdy t'athartic. All
Play Both Ends.
In Gutatenuala, the Indian population
Itries to double its chances for the effi.
II acy of ptrayer by wutrstiiriuah at a
('hristian altar with inttiigs of its hea
titan decities htiddteni behind it.
hrQ smaamanesO os go eta arsarsU
rs aI .ter ltinS 4ay's smtot Dr. K1tmeuO..tmAUUU
Zsesr SeedS for uKRIS5.ee~~tt~
No woman has really ever thought
the photographer succeeded in doing
her justice.
Ftr ctttgtttt attd ,itdo there ta no better
nmedicine thatn l'iitt's Cure for Conautnp
tion. ltrice25 cents.
An easy way to find out how a man
stantds is to get on a crowded street
car with him.
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup the beet remedy to use
for their children during teetbIing pen d.
The intemperate florist finds no
salt ftor his whisky blossoms.

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