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VOL. V., Ike. 48. HAVEK, CHOUTLa1 COUl~TY, MONITANiA, WEDN~gRY, MAY 13, 1908. $2.00 E R YEAS.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office in Gussenhoven Block.
Havre, - Montana.
Physician and Surgeon
First National Bank Bldg.
Havre. - Montana:
Office in Oxford BldI
Havre. - Montana.
United States Commissioner
Notary Public.
Justice of the Peace
Skylatead Building.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law
Room 19 and 20 Gussenhoven Bid.
Next to Hotel Havre.
Havre, - Montana.
Justice of the Peace
Notary Public.
Office opposite Securety Bank.
Havre, . Montana.
Latest Appliafees
verytkhimg up-toedate. First Class Work
Havre. Montana.
ALMAS & MvesiazIE,
Physicans & Surgeons.
Office in OxforAJBld.
Havre, - Montana.
Gro. W. VaYxuM,
Real Estate and Live Stock a
Harlem, . . Montana.
W. S. TowNxx,
Fort Benton, - Montana.
GBarw r & Rosy,
Attorneys at Law
Office in Skylstead Building.
Havre, Montana.
Havre, Montana.
Cleanliness is next
to godliness'
If you would keep cldan try the
Hot Water, Shower
or Steam Baths
Hockett 1 McGill. Props.
If you have anything
that needs to be done in
the BUILDING line as
me for -fligures.
Chris Benache
Helena, April 11, 1908-At a me't
ing of the democratic state central
committee held in the city of Helena
on the 11th day of April, 1908, it was
ordered that a democratic state con
vention be called to Mneet in the city
of Bozeman, Montana, at 12 o'clock
noon, on Wednesday, June 10, 1908, for
the purpose of electing' six delegates
and six alternate delegates to attend
the democratic national convention to
be held at Denver, Colo., on July 7,
1908, to nominate a candidate for przs
ident and vice-president of the Unit
ed States; also to elect a demccratic
state central committee and chairman
The representation of the convention
has been apportioned among the sev
eral counties as follows, the basis be
ing one delegate for each 50 votes or
major fraction thereof cast for Hon. T.
J. Walsh for candidate for congress in
1906. Also six additional delegates at
large from each county, irrespective of
the vote cast. Th several county cen
ti'al committees of the democratic par
ty in the various counties of the state
will take such steps as may be nec
essary to hold the primaries and con
ventions at such times and places as
may be convenient in order to comply
with the above.
Membership of Convention
Beaverhead.... ............ ..19
B3roadwater... .... .. ....... .. 15
Carbon.. ................. .. .. 18
Cascade.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 35
Custer.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 1
Chouteau.. .. .... ............. 14
Dawson.. .. ... .... .. .. .. 11
Deer Lodge.. .. .............. 34
Fergus....... ............... 2
Flathead.. .......... .... .... :;1
Gallatin.. .. . . .. .. .. .. .. .... 0
Granite.... .. .......... ........ 14
Jeffelrson.. .... ...... -. ... 19
Lewis and Clark.. ...... .. ..... :
Madison .. .. ...... .. .. .. .. 25
Meagher.. ...... .... .... ...... 10
Mirsoula.;. ...... ..... .. .. .... 29
Park....................... .. .24
Powell.. .......... .. ........ 15
Ravalli.. ............ . ...... 21
Rosebud.. ...................
Silver Bow.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..107
Sweetgrass.. ...... .... .. .. ....
Sanders.. .. ... .. ...... . .. 11
Telonr...... .. .... ... .. .... .. .... 12
Valley.. .... .... .... .. .. .. 12
Tellowstone. .. ................ 1
Total.. .. .. .. .. .. .. ......4.)
Ihe state central committee has a
dopted the following standing rules fo
the government of the convention:
First-Delegates and alternate dele
gates shall be democratic residents of
the county they represnt.
Second-In the absence of a dele
gate his alternate shall cast his vote.
Third--in the absence of a delegate
and his alternate, a majority of. the
delegation of that county shall be en
titled to cast the vote of the absentee.
Fourth-In case any county shall be
without any representation, either by,
delegate or alternate, such county
shall not be entitled to vote.
Fifth-In the preliminary organiza
tion of the convention the unit rule
shall not prevail, but the vote of each
delegate shall be counted in accord
ance with his views.
By order of the democratic state cen
tral committee. I
/ Chairman.
Whereas, The Supreme Ruler of the
Universe in his wisdom has seen fit to
remove from our midst our dearly be
loved brother, Albert H. Stadum, and
Whereas, He was a frequent and
welcome visitor and helpful worker
for the cause he loved thereforer be it
Resolved; That in his death Al:en
dale Lodge No. 35, K. of P. has loat
a genial companion and brother and
his family a loving husband and
father and be it further
Resolved; That these resolutions be
published in our local papers and a
copy furnished the bereaved family.
W. M. Smith,
H. Archiba'd,
S. L. Hanley,
Lumber cut fuli size at my mill
saves you 20 to 30 per cent. Measure
up and compare with lumber from otk
or mills. I only dress off about 1-16
and 1-9 or any amount you wisk tak
en off of a stick the fall sise. You
therefore get from 29 to 30 per cent.
mere lumber tkaa Is austomary. Alt
ftis worth ksavin? Jos. Gu;Inekeve-.
Every Rancher and His Entire Family is invited by the Havre
People to Come to This City on Saturday. June 6th
"Market Day.' Entertainmernt and Prizes for
Visitors and Bargain Sales in all Lines
of Goods by the Merchants
Market Day-Does not the words
set many old memories at work? We
are sure they will in the minds of a'l
those of our readers who are n ar
ing the age of fifty. They will re
call those days in the long ago when
the periodical trip to town was made.
Well, it were not possible in this day
and age to live again as was done in
those old days, but the business men
of the city of Havre acting through
their official organization, yave de
cided to go out of their way in an
endeavor to offer some inducements
to the ranchers of Chouteau county
to make the trip to our fair city. To
become better acquainted with each
other-to show to the people of this
county that when we say that this
city is the foremost in Northern Mon
tana; that she leads in business and
social affairs-is not an empty and
meaningless boast. To do these very
things the Industrial association have
decided to set aside one day in each
month-the first Saturday - to be
known as "Market Day."
The first "Market Day" will be held
on Jdne 6th; the sceond will be held
on Friday, July 3rd, as the Fourth
comes on Saturday. But about the
first -"Market Day" Havre will do
her best, the professional and business
men have raised a fund to be devoted
to the entbrtainment of visitors on
that day; committees. have been ap
pointed to provide for the comfort of
Wm. Cance, formerly chief store
house clerk, has been appointed store
keeper in place of A. H. Stadum, who
died recently.
A. C. Deverell will be here some
time this week on an inspection trip.
Four machinists, one blacksmith
and six helpers were laid off last
week. The orders also took off one
gang foreman A. L. Burke. Jos. Hur
ley will have charge of both floor
gangs until further notice.
Several of the 1900 clays engines
are now arriving They will be put
in service principally on the moun
tainous road. They are all the
Mallett type, 12 wheelers, articulating
comnlounds, but larger than the 1800
The shop men have organized a
good ball team and elected A. L.
Burke manager and H. Dunsforth cap
tain. The line-up is as follows:
Dunsforth, c., Wright, p., Daily, p.,
Burk, 1st b., Long, 1st. b., Sandberg,
2nd b., Kerr, 3rd b., Prebble 3rd b.,
McClosky, ss., Oglesby, 1. f., Peter
son, r. f., Prebble, c. f.,
A game was played Saturday after
noon with the general office clerks;
score-Shop 39; clerks, 5.
Sunday they crossed bats with a
picked nihie from the city. Score 18
for the Shop team and 14 for the
picked nine. It was a fair game af
ter the third inning. The features of
the game was a long running catch
of line fly by Oglesby; 2 home runs
by Burke and errorless fielding by
McClosky and Kerr. The opposing
team used poor team work, every
man for himself and poor support to
the battery.
The Beckstead Drug Co. donated
a ball to the winning team.
Cold that hang on in the spring de
plete the system, exhaust the nerves,
and open the way for serious illness.
Take Foley's Honey sand Tar. It
quickly stops the cough and expels the
cold. It is safe and certain in results.
Beckstead drug store.
the ladies nd childrean, but let us
tell it in detail.
Mayor Burke, has set aside 3rd
avenue between 1st and 2nd streets
as an auction and display space.
Ranchers having any stock or any ar
ticle which they would like to sell
can bring them to town and they will
be sold free of the usual commissions.
Peisons in the city will be charged
the commission.
A reception committee of ladies
will be on hanta at the city hall to
entertain the ladies and children of
visitors and light refreshments will be
Arrangetnents have been made for
a performance of the Edison mov
ing pictures at the `Bijou, frbe for
all out of town Quests.
The hotel has agreed to give half
rates and the restaurants will give
seduced rates.
The livery stables will also make
special rates for these days and a
public corral for free use of ranchers
who may wish to bring their own feed
or stock for sale, will be provided.
The merchants of Havre have been
induced to make special bargains to
the ranchers for "Market Day," and
you know that neans some rare bar
gains for sure.
Those store agreeing to give spec
ial bargains are as follows:
41r clothing--the Hub, The. Fair
and Commercial.
The school board held a busy meet
ing in the city hall Monday night and
after reviewing the condition of af
fairs in the city thoroughly, determin
ed to close the city schools for the
rest of the term. The teachers will
be paid up to tomorrow, May 14th,
and the, season's work closed.
Word has beel received from Miss
Helen Burnell of the East side primary,
department, who was called home by
the serious illness of her mother.
Miss Burnell writes friends in the city
from her, home Webster City, Iowa,
that her mother is doing nicely add is
slowly recovering her health.
Considerable apprehension is felt by
members of the board and other
friends of Miss IIelen Pinney for her
welfare. Miss Pinney left Havre three
wceks ago Tuedday bound for her
home in Michigr n. She was sick at
the time of her departure and no word
has been received from her since and
she was a great letter writer. /It is
reared she may have been taken dan
gerously ill enrolite.
The season's work has been great
ly interrupted by this closing and,
while It is to lie greatly regretted,
there are none but will agree but that
tie action is for the best
The board received two offers for
sites for the new school house at this
nleeting. One is made by Gus De
Celles, 300 feet in the DeCelles addi
tion in south west Havre at $150 a
to foot lot. The other is made be Si=
umn Pepin, 300 feet adjoining the
East Side school lproperty on the east
a t S2,200
The bids were read and placed on
lile to await thti sale of the bonds
voted at the last election.
One who suffers from chronic consti.
pation is in danger of many serious
ailments .Foley's Orino Laxative cur
es chronic constipation as it aids di
gestion and stimulates the liver and
bowels, restoring the natural action
of these organs. Commence taking it
today aid you will feel better at once.
Foley's Orino Laxative does not nau
seate or gripe and is pleasant tb take.
Refuse substitutes. Beckstead Drug
In Dry Goods-The Fair, Commer
cial and The Boston store.
In Groceries--W. S. Hedge, the
Pioneer, Commercial, Hulfish & Co.
Shoes-Lou Lucke, the Fair and
the Hub.
In Drugs - Havre Drug co. and
Beckstead Drug Co.
In Hardware-Broadwater, Pepin &
Broadwater and Commercial.
Jewelry-Churchill Jewelry Co., B.
Strouse and Havre Jewelry Co.
It is said that the barbers will be
persuaded to give away a hair cut to
the longest haired man-but no josh,
they will give special rates, as no
doubt many other institutions will
whom the committee have been unable
to see as yet,
Then for the first "Market Day,"
Saturday, June 6th., the Havre In
dutsrial association have decided to
offer the following prizes, open for
ranchers only:
$5.00 for best ranchers" team.
$5.00 for largest wagon load of peo
ple coming from any one place.
$5.00 for the finest bushel of pota
toes exhibited.
$5.00 to the rancher coming in the
greatest distance.
All ranchers desiring to have any
goods auctioned off, are requested to
send list of same to W. B. Pyper, sec
retary of the Industrial association,
who will see that the same is bulle
tined and advertised.
Watch for further announcement.s
For many days there seems to have
been a systematic round of knocking
against Havre in rogue among the
newspapers of Great Falls and Helena
and the wildest reports have been giv
en publicity. All of this has been to
the great detriment of Havre. It has
become so rank that the Havre Indus
trial has filed the following statement
with the Great Falls Tribune:
Havre, Mont., May 12, 1908.
Editor Tribune:
The reports which have been pub
lished in The Tribune of the small
pox situation in Havre are grossly
exaggerated. The facts, as secured
from Health Officer Dr. J. S. Almas,.
are as follows:
Six houses in Havre quarantined,
also three houses outside the city
limits. Twenty-four cases in all.
No new cases since the eighth instant
Disease is of the mildest typ?, pa
tients not confined to bed and leave
only slight eruptions. There is no
diphtheria or other contagious dis
ease here now. Schools, churches,
theatres closed and all necessary pre
caution taken against the spread of
disease. No, alarm is felt here.
Havre Industrial Association.
By H. W. Stringfellow, President.
lMr. E. Humphrey who owns a large
general store at Omega,O ., and is
president of the Adams County Te'e
phc'ne Co., as well as the Home Tele
phone Co., of Pike County, 0., says
of Dr. King's New Discovery: 'It sav
ed my life once. At least I think it
did. It ceemed to reach the spot--the
seat of 'my cough-when everything
else failed." Dr. King's New Discov
ery not only reaches the cough spot; it
heals the sore spots and the weak
spots in throat, lungs, and chest. Sold
under guarantee at Boone's drug store.
50e .and $1.00. Trial bottle free.
------~--t --
Get your mine timbers, fence posts,
cord wood and saw dust in straight
ear lots direct from the producer, J.
The best for the least moene at the
Jiam restaurant.
Lieut. Walter O. Bowman from duty
at Fort Thomas, Ky., has been orddr
ed to join his company at the post.
Following is quoted, from the Ar
my and Navy Journal of May 9th,'08.
"Very effectively does General Mac- ,
Arthur expose the hypocrisy that was
not wholly dissociated from the pass
age of the anti-canteen law when he
says: 'It always has seemed odd to
me that when the bill abolishing the
sale of intoxicants at army posts and
soldiers' homeswas passed, other gov
ernment reservations were not includ
ed in this bill. If it is unseemly for
beer to be sold at army posts, why
should it not be just as bad for whis
key to be dispensed at Washington.
The principle is the same, it seems to
me odd, indeed, but not surprising,
for consistency is not to be expected
in those who mistake zeal for intelli
gence, noise for argument, and the
dreams of visionaries for attested re
sults. "
Lieut. F. A. Barker, recently grad
uated from the Military Academy at
West Point has been assigned to the
2nd. Infantry and will soon join the
At a meeting of the ''Francis W.
Mansfield Camp No. 3, Spanish War
Vetrans" at the post on Monday eve
ning, steps were taken to hold Mem
orial services at the post cemetry on
Decoration day, also to suitably dec
orate the graves of departed com
rades. Sargent Brockshing, chaplain
of the camp will officiate at the serv
There are many improvements being
made at the post under the direction
of Lieut. G. W. Edgerly, one of the
most capable and energetic Quarter
masters in the Army. All the officers
quarters, as well as the barracks are
receiving a coat of paint and kalso
mine. The Post hospital is being
thoroughly overhauled. In addition
there are many improvements contem
plated, such as planting trees, con-'
structing a cement sidewalk in front
of the barracks, installing a concrete
reservoir in place of the watertank
which recently burned down, etc. It
is the intention to make old Fort
Assinniboine a place of delight to the
eye and spirit. It is rumored that
Lieut. Edgerly will be designated as
constructing quartermaster by the
War Department to take charge of
the extensive construction work when
the post is enlarged ot accomodate
a brigade this summer.
Captain Geo. D. Freeman, recently
promoted from the 21st Infantry, will
soon arrive to take command of Co.
'K'." The Captain was formerly sta
tioned at Fort Logan, Colorado. He
has seen much arduous service dur
ing the Phillippine insurrection, and
especially in the island of Samar,
where he took active part in many
engagements with the hostile Pule
Lieut. H. D. Mitchell has been or
dered to join his company at the post
upon arrival at San'Francisco.
Helena, May 12.-Through lhtters
which have been received by cattle
men residing here, it has been learn
ed that following the meeting last
week of the state board of stock comn
misnsioners, the Montana Livestock as
cociation was organized, not to take
the place of the present organization,
it is declared, but to be a truly state
association, representative of all the
stock interests. The letter states the
present organizations are conced:d to
be representative of only local inter
ests, and do not carry the influence
which the stockmen should exert. A
moiig those who launched the new as
sociation were Johni T. Murphy, W.
K. Flowerree, J. M. Holt, C. J. Mc
Namara, Jos. T. Brown, David Fratt
and others. J. H. Fresser, of Meagh
er county has been elected as tempo
rary president and J. W. Pace, of H 1l
ena, as secretary.
Partner Wanted with $500 cash.
Good business. Investigate.
XM Herald Office.
10 doz. ladies' Mexican drawn work,
turnover collars, 36c. values, on sale
S turday at 15 c. at the FAIR.

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