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W. C. KESTER, - - President
4 H. L SHORT, - - Sec. and Gen. Mgr.
...he OnlyDemocratic Paper in Chouteau County....
Entered at the posloflice at Havre, Montania, as second class matter
but contains first class reading matter
New that the question of instruc ed
delegates to county, state at:d naton
al conventions is so much in the pub
lic mind; When the country has jut
about conceeded that the alnministra
tion's candidate must be named wheth
er, as in the case of Montana, the
voters want hintm r not; Wh n the
enemies of William Jennings Br) an
are moving heaven and earth to pre
vent, state delegations from being in
structed for hint; the Washington
Star, the most widely circulated news
paler at the nation's capital and a
publication which has never been a:
cused of being strenuously ipr.-Bryan,
has this to say regarding the question
of instructed delegatt's to iD nver:
The Star quoted the men who are
appealing for uninsrtuct,.d delegatioi s
as stlying that their re tiue-t is li.t an
ti-Bryan; not formulated for or a
gainst any man. And then the Wash
ington editor goes on to express these
incontrovertible facts:
"As a matter of fact however,
those who hold this strain ar
masquerading. Their request is
formulated against a particu!ar
iman, and that otan is Mr. Bryan.
* * ' They are going to the
convention with the object of
beating him in view, and the mote
uninstructed delegat: s th re are,
the better their chances of suc
cess will be. In vain w.ll they
spread their nets in sight of any
instructed delegate. Morttover, as
hMr. Bryan probably se s the
fight against himt at D nv, r will
be directed by New York mon- a
eyed interests;: and they work only
in one way their wonders to per
form. A nomination made by th
influence by money would have to
be supported in the catnpaign by
the same influnce', and that
would make success at the polls.
impossible. Mr. Bryan himself
though bound to support the tick
et would be so heavily handicap
ped that his value as a stump r
would be reduced to the mini.
There is much in this editorial from
an ultra conservative paper which is
absolutely true. ,In Washington dur
ing the last week, when men of po
litical prominence from all parts of
the country have be n pr sent, there
hits been an army of anti-Bryan agita
tors nearly all hailing from N. Y.
and all lavishly provided with funds
for entertaining liurpose s.
Our Washington corres)ondlent, MIr.
Willis J. Abbot, says in a recent let
ter to the Herald many things along
these lines; among others Mr. Ab
hot writes: "The anti-Bryan cam
paign, like the Parker campaign, is
financed in Wall Street, and the same
mncn are conductig this one as did
the forimer one. And yet no hea sway
is being made, no state that might
be regarded as friendly to Mr. Br: al
and to progressive democracy has
Iesitn lost to either. The red culous
claim th it all uninstrue t d d le a
tiolns a, anti-Bryan delegations is
one not t1, be ctonsidered for a Inllm
ent by a::y intelligent observer of pol
ities. At the same time the demand
of the loyal and sincere fr:ends of
MIr Bryan that all delega:icns should
be instructed is a justifiable and pro
per one. The state that does not in
lruct till be claimed, wh th r just
ly or unjustly, by his foes. The
state that instructs is on reeord and
tile whole nation will know where its
public men stand."
It behooves Mr. Bryan's fr ends a
moIlng ('houte:mu county demllocrats o
get in and add their little ntight.
The new admnilnistration of c:ty a'f
fairs has now been in charge of the
government for nearly a month a id
their cooduct has given most un
iversal satisfaction. The new admnu
istration officials have simply- taken
hold of their offices and s ttl d down
with a determination to improve
wherever there was th- 1 ast opp r
tunity for improvement and they hav
all been busy. No department has
been busier than the special poll e
officer George T. Sandclrson who has
charge of the park and the sa itary
conditions of the streets and a'leys.
Thrle has been a wonder:ul cleaning
up all around.
The recent republican state conven
tion and the cold blood-d methods
of applying the gag rule used in it
by the machine gives cause for con
siderable speculation. The question
:arises--can personal popularity be
handed about at the will of a state,
man or peoples' hero? We doubt if
there are any who would qu-st:cn
Roosevelt's position in the hearts of
the American vcter today-BUT we
doubt if there are many voters in the
rank anl file of the republican parly
in Montaua today who could or would
utter ine word of approval of the
meithods employed by the administra
tion imachine to shift the President's
m sntle to the shoulders of Mr. Taft.
We can say one thing for the th ee
republican representatives in Washin
ton----they were too smart to be prel.
oul. when the gag was applied.
lla\vr.'s' Bryan club should be a
wake., 'there is rumors of an im
ruense amount of money sent out from
New York to defeat Bryan at Dan
ver. It is hardly likely that any of
it will be wasted in Chouteau county
but it never does any dama e to be
up) to snuff.
It. is not customary for c :ntral corn
niittees to instruct the delegates se
lected by thenm but we hope that the
Choutean county Democratic central
colnmlittee will pass some rousing
Bryan resolutions.
D]on'i forget "Market Day" in this
city on Saturday, June 6th. Come
and bring the whole family. You will
all be welcomed royally.
Good morning! Have you voted in
the Diamond ringl contest?
Health Value of Vegetables.
Eat lettuce for worn out nerves.
Beets and turnips give iron to the
blood. Tomatces stimulate a torpid
liver. Celery is good for rheumat'c
people. Spinach is rich in salts of
potassium and iron. Carrots cleanse
the blood and clear the complection.
Asparapus is beneficial to the kid
ne:-s. All kinds of greens in spring
cleanse the blood and regulate th:
system and remove that tired f eling
petuliar to spring.--Housekeeper's
The man who owns his honle is in
a position that, the renter can never
reach. The renti r usually f nds that
his rent is too high, or he is dissati -
lied for some reason, and is restless.
lie wants to move. lie does not ta'ce
the same interest in municipal af
fairs, in his own affairs, nor is he as
soli(itous of his neighbors, as the
man who owns his own 'home.
A statement prepared by the lnter
ior department shows that the am!ount
of forest lands on the Fort B lknap
Indian reservation is estimated at a
bout 157.1,00 acres. The total ar a of
tWe reservation includes about 4'7,000
1 ellowstone county delega es to the
State Democratic c:nvention have b en
instructed to vote as a unit for the
nomination af \VWn. J. Bryan. Y 1
louvstone has 13 delegatl.s and every
litlit bit helps.
.John Nelson, the Ilinsdale iterch
;antm, has made an ass:gnlllunt ft r
the benefit of his creditors. His lia
bilities are abott $21,000, w.th a s ts
not vetry lefinitely defined.
The I'nited Sttaes geological survey
maintains 332 gauging sta:ions in the
t'nited States. 24 of which a e loca'
ed in Montana for irrigt lon and flood
co t ro .
TI"\\o iew el'vators are to Ite built
at ('ulIbertsonit durinlg th" ctltillg sult
Sna r. ' h's certainly lool, s as f drc
lai.d farming can lie made to pay.
An etrdtuated 111itan is wt ltil two tutI
ednuated ment, rtelember - th's boys
when you get cut in the world.
Alorfliats agree that a bad manl
nwy be reforlnted, but it is different
in the case of an egg.
The Havre Junior bas ball team
was defeated at Chinook by i.,ore
of 11 to 5. They say t itas though
the absence of several of the regular
players. The boys are/ goig ,down
next Sunday for another game..
Business Local*.
For Rent-Two furnished rooms,
2% blocks from Boone's drug. store.
Enquire at L. O. Hudson's residence.
"Talk With Carruth" for any of
the following houses:
1-room Cabin.. .. .. .... ..$6.00
1-room Cabin.. .... .. .. 5.00
4-room Cottage.. ........ ..20.00
4-room Cottage.. .... .... ..26.00
4-room Cottage.. .. .. .... ..20.00
6-room House.. ........ .. ..16.00
6-room House.. ........ .. ..21'00
Nearly all of the above have elec
tric lights and city water'
"Talk With Carruth."
Fence posts, poles and cord wood
for sale. Write to
Browning, Montana
You can get a 20 to 30 per cent.
stronger job by l'uying your lumber
from Gussenhoven. Why? Becaus
his lumber is frola,20 to 30 per cent.
stronger and larger than is uiually
FOR RENT - One 4-room c-ttale
with water.
One 2-room cottage with water.
One basement, suitab:e fdr light
house keeping or light business, such
as a shoe shop, dressmaking parlors,
etc. Light anid heat. Enquie a
Gussenhoven's Lumber Yard or Phone
61. or 24. ',
The Palace Barber shop is the on
ly barber shop equipped with elec:r c
massage and plain and shower and
steam baths.
I want your lumber business and
will bid for it and come prepared to
furnish lumber anywhere in the Un
ited States.
Do you need any straight cars of
lumber? Can mix saw dust, fence.
posts, slabs or aythinng in the lumber
line. Get in with a ne;ghbor or twa,
if you can't use one alone. Gussepho
ven has anything you need and can
put it in one car.
Stay at Home
and, Let Your
You can accomplish
more in a shorter
time and at less cost
By Telephone
than you can accom
p1lish in any other
way. .. .. :.
Havre Electric
+++I~~93·. H+++++++++++++++..++e
i I do All Kinds of .
Work . .
+ l.et me.l Give You Figure
e a
+ +T
: Bert Tallon t
+ +
4. 4.1
I a .44
Rheumatism causes mbre pa'n and
suffering than any other disease, for
the reason that it is the most comr
mon of all ills, and it is certainly
gratifying to sufferers t~o know thiat
Chamberlain's Pain Balm will afford
relief, and make rest and sleep possi
ble. In many cases the relief from
pain, which is ta first temporary, has
become permanent, while in old peo
ple sub ect. to chronic rheumatism, of
ten brought on by dampness or Chan;
es in, the weather, a permanent cure
cannot be expected; the relief from
pain which this liniment affords is a
lone worth many times its cost. 25
and 50 cent sizes for sale by all drug
Gordon Bros.
Real Estate
and Ajustment
of Claims
.I. S. . Gordon. ex-Claim Agent, Great
Northern Railway, and now of the
above firm, makes a specialty of
adjusting Stock, Fire and Personal
Injury Claims. Write or call and
see us
11 Fourth Street North.
Great Falls, Montana
You want-comfort and satisaction
of clean smooth shaves every
The Carbo Magnetic is the only
OUARANTBED to give this.
Thesecret Electric Tempering
positively merges every par
ticle of carbon (the life of
steel) into the metal--giving
diamond-like hardness
throughout the blade--some
thing absolutely impossible
with fire tempered steel used
in making all other razors.
But test this razor in your
own home--or have your barber
use it on you. Secure one 30 x
mu. Per
10 Cent Discount
on all SUITS. For example
if a Suit is marked $18.00
deduct $1.80. Is this a sav
ing? I guess yes. 10 pet cent
cash discount on all Suits.
$, aMens Balbrigan Underwear in
$.3. 50 and $3.00 Hats .plain and fancy, regular price
for three days U 75c. a garment for three 55A
days. per garment
35c, 25c Men's Hose in fancy Boys Wash Suits, only a limited
and plain for three days I8C a'sortment on hand for 45C
per pair - - Saturday - -
It will pay you to call and fee what's doing *
Don't put it off until week after
i Ae HUB
* *i* ~* * * ** *C
'Our Stoek of
Jewelry & Silverware
flas lately been greatlysupplemented
with goa&s of Highest Quality, Latest
Designs and at Lowest Prices.
We carry Photographic and Musical Goods
and Edison Phqnograph Records.
We do Fine Watch and Jewelry Repairing
and any Style of Engraving. -
Jeweler and Registered Optometrist Opposite Hotel Havre
1- ....... ', %, , .
i Bargains in Real Estate
City Property Ranches
5-Room Dwelling, City Water' One of the finest sheep ranches
and Electric Lights. Good Lo- in northern Montana, with two
cation. or three bands of sheep, 300 head
of cattle, 100 head of horses,
3-Room cottage, :ý blocks from camp outfits, machinery, imple
business center. ments & etc. This is a fine open
4lAcre tract across the river ing for a sheep man.
anld other acre property. Ranch property of all kinds
and prices. Call and see me and
Lots on installment plan. investigate.
Plate Glass and Burglary Insurance and
/ Surety Bonds.
- I -,.

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