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11 7-1 , 1--. ·:
ya, I, o!.HV, HUT CON f SAY AGST1, 98.420 PRYER
Ownesr f taxable roperty in Chon
t.a ce~ey, esays the River Press,
vwil be:olnpelled to dig auplarger t doh
-trbutdll.is to the public treasury this
year. The county board of equaliua
tion, at its -"Monday= session, ,conclud
ed that' the condition of the county
f.ances- and the "prospective expen
4itures for the coming year `require a+
larger revenue, and the tax levy was
-aude as follows:
State fund.. .. .. .. ..2% mills.
General county fund .. 21' "
Contingent.. .. .... 2
Poor.. . ... .. 3 "«
Road.....,... . 3 "
Bridge.. .. ....... 1' "
Bond.... ........ 1
General school.. .. .. 4
Total...... . . 17... ".
The above levy is 1% mills higher
than that of last year, and for county
purposes is two mills higher than that
of 1906. The levy for the state fund
is made by the state board of equal
ization; the levy for ge3eral school
purposes was fixed by the tenth legia
lative 2assembly; thb other items in
the rate of taxation are levied by the
county 'board of equalization..
' The Chouteau county tax- levy' of
this year will apply to the largest as
sessment in the history of the county,
The total assessment this year is
$12,630,435, and increase of about $600,
000 over. that of 1907, and $1,500,000
greater than the valuation of two
years ago.
The friends of Steve Kenney, and'
their number could only be estimated
by counting his acquaintences, were
inexpressibly shocked and grieved to
hear of his untimley death, which oc
curred at about 9 o'clock Saturd'ay
evening, as he was being taken to
.et train on his way to the Columbus
hospital at Great Falid,
lie went hoilte Wedfiesday afternoon
after teillig some of his friends that
he was not feeling well, but his
death was a surprise to everyone, as
he was a picture of health, and sturdy
His funeral was held on Tuesday,
at 9 o'clock a. m., and was largely
attended. There were many beauti
ful floral offerings from sympathizing
"Steve," as he was known to his
friends, came to Havre about six
years ago, and entered the employ of
Geo. T. Sanderson, in the dray btsi
ness, soon :after ..acquiring: a line of
his own, which he operated up to the
time of his death. He .is survived
by a wife and four children, and leave
a mother, four brothers' and two sis
ters to mourn his departure.
He was a member of the Modern
Brotherhood of America, and his fam
ily will receive the benefit of $2.000.
Insurance, which he carried In that
The Bloomer Girls bloomed on the
baseball field in Havre last Friday,
and put up a game that kept the
Havre boys busy from start to finish,
to score a winning.
The game was largely attended by
an enthusiastic crowd of spectators,
who witnessed one of the best exhi
bitions of the great American sport
that has ever been presented on
the local grounds. Both sides played
ball all the time, and it was either
side's game until the last inning,
when the local club scored the run
which broke the tie and decided the
game in their favor, by a score of
five to four.
The "Bloomers" surprised everyone
by the game they put up, and no one
who attended has been heard to kick
at not getting their money's worth
at the price of admission. Cone
again i.rls.
The following is the score by in
nings:- -
SGirls 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0-4
Boys 0 .2 0 1 0 0 1 0 1-5
T. . B.IE P. P T BOAT &I· '
·· .-; ·
.. "EWe point with pride to the faot that at lact we have made him find the b~ttom of hi. Iocket.
.,. ... . -De it1ar in Philadelphia Reo~ed.
4- ---- .
it is/our painful duty to record the
death of one of the' oldest and most
highly respected pioneers of north
ern Monta.na, Michael J, Healy, who
departed this life on Sunday, after a,
lingering ilineas. The news of his
death, while not entirely unexpected
by those who realized something cf
the serious nature of his illness, was
nevertheless a shock to his legion
of friends, and the expressions of
regret at his taking off were univer
sal. and heard from all sides.
M. J. Healey was one of the mak
ers of Montana history. Coming to
this country in the 70's, he worked
in 1887-8 for the old. "Diamond R"
outfit,. freighting in the lower Yel
lowstone country, Simon Pepin of
this city, being chief wagon master
of the outfit at the time.
Coming to Fort Assinniboine in
1870, he was employed there for some
time, as wagon master, until he was
ap;pointed under sheriff under Sheriff
Afterwards he was appointed cus
toms inspector for this district, which
position he held at the time of his
demise, and had located a ranch on
Beaver creek about three miles west
of town, where he made his home un-a
til last spring, when he sold a por
tion of the ranch to the county for
poor farm purposes, and moved into
the ci ty, occupying the' residence
which he had recently purchased, at
the time of his death.
The funeral was held on Tuesday,
the remains being accompanied. by
members of the Eagle lodge, which
turned out in full force, headed by
the Havre City band, from the res
dence to the Catholic church, and afte
the church services to the Holland
undertaking rooms, where they re
posed pending their shipment to the
family burial grounds at Sun River,
on the evening's Montana Central
Mr. Healey's immediate family who
mourn his loss, consists of a wi'e,
two daughters and two sons.
Iu our next issue we hope to have
the data from which to weave a story
of Mike Healy's life in Montana, and
of his work in th' unbuilding of cur
present grcat comiran w2ath.
.I. J. Ober and W. A. Gre.g le t rn
Monday night for Polson, Montana,
where they have purchased a gen-ral
-merchandise business. Mr. Gregg will
move his -family. to Poison at once,
but Mr. Ober will remai in Hav. e
for some time.
..0: RAC! A$SOCIA,'!..~~·L_ ~ ~ · ~-·
A meeting of business men who
arl lovers of legitimate sport, and
anxious to advance the interests of
Havre, assembled at the city hall this
The meeting was called to order by
Judge W. B. Pyper, and J. C .Bailey
was elected chairman, and D. P. Van
'orne seeretary.
The meeting was enthusiastic
throughout, and spirited addresses on
the subject of racing sports were made
by Messrs. Wright, Swanton, Carnal,
Lewis, Pyper and others.
On motion it was resolved to organ
ize the "Havre Fair and Racing As
sociation," and incorporate the same
with' a capital stock of $10,000.
Jas. S. Carnal was elected treasur
er of the association, and com
mittees were appointed as follows:
On organization: Carnal, Pyper and
'Tis nearly done-but two days. more
remain until the contest for the Her
ald's handsome $275 diamond ring will
have come to an end, and one
of the four contestants, who have all
worked so long and earnestly, will be.
declared the winner.
There is not much that can be said
of the past week, for the reason that
the Herald management knows but
little of what has been done; we
kiow that the three leaders have been
most active every minute of the day
The following is the standing of the contestants at 4 p. m., Wednesday,
August 12th, 1908. This week. Last report Total
Miss Margaret Morgan, Havre.. ..... .. 2088 17102 19190
Miss Vera Hendrickson, Chinook .. .. .. .. 281 12775 15636
Miss Florence Fleming, Havre .. .. ...... 2545 10880 13425
Minss Beulah Kennett, Hlavre .... . . ..... 0 5874 5874
Withdrawn.... ......... . ... ..- 118 118
Total vote of the week, 7494.
In the HAVRE HERALD Voting Contest.
For . o - -s
Not Good UnIeo Voted Before Ag. 14, 1908.
Oruselection of groundc: Swanton,
Wright and Yeon.
After a general discussion, taken
part in by nearly all present, the
meeting adjourned subject to call, up
on receipt of the stock book, and
the return of the incorporation papers
from the office of the Secretary of
It is hoped that the people of Havre
wili take a live interest in the new
association, as it means much, not on
ly in the line of the promotion of
an enjoyable sport, but as an advertis
ment of the city, aand a financial
benefit of all who are interested in
the growth of Havre.
There will be no services in the
Methodist church next Sunday except
Sunday School at 12 and Epworth
League at 7 p. m.
anrd though they have not turned in
many votes, we are certain that th-y
have many thousands in reserve and
that the last few hours of the con
test will be exciting.
To accommodate and satisfy the
interest of our patrons, the Herald
will post bulletins every hour on Fri
day, if the contest developes as anti
At ten o'clock Friday night the
ballot box will be closed and w:th
the register will be turned over to
Messrs. Auerbach, Boone and Camp
bell, the judges.
Organization is Completed; Officers anmd:
Committees Elected, and Havre's
Democracy is Now Ready for the
If there were any entertainers of
the belief 'that there was and, "fact
ional fight" in the democratic ranks
in Havre that belief would certainly
have been dispelled had they been
present at the meeting' of the solid
t',.m cracy which was held at the
city ball. on Thursday night of last
The meeting was enthusiastic to the
lhu!lt, and harmonious likewise, and
was composed of the most representa
live body of prominent citizens that
has oer assembled in Havre, for a
like purpose.
'The meeting was organized by the
selection of E. H. Campbell as chair
man, and W. C. Kester as secretary,
after which th report of the committee
aprointed atthe'neeting Tuesday eve
ning was taken up.
The committee reported that in view
of the fact that the Bryan club had
ceased to exist -by reason of its hav
ing helped to attain the object of the
organization, viz., the nomination of
Mr. Bryan, recommended the organi
zation of a Havre Bryan and Kern
Democratic Club, having for its ob
ject the promotion of the democratic
ticket--national, state and county, and
pledging its support to such promo
tion of the interests of the party.
The report of the committee which
recommended the use of the constitu
tution of the former Bryac club .wtl
such technical changes as to the el
ection of Bryan instead of nomination,
and that mqmbers of the old Bryan
club be declared members of the new
Havre Bryan -al Hisn Democratic
club and that:the'.sei oe on7,of officers
of.the new organisatiqu be left to the.
meeting, was adopthd. The constitu-'
tiorn was read and adopted by sections,
and was then placed on the cha r
man's desk for signatures. After a
short recess it was found that the new
club started wth a membership of ov
er fifty, and the meeting proceeded to,
the election of officers for the new oi'
E. H. Campbell was placed in nomi
nation for the office of president, his
nomination being seconded by Mr.
Christler in a brief but most spirited
address, his remarks being interrupt
ed many times by the applause of his
enthusiastic listeners. Mr. Christl
spoke in part as follows:
"It is with more than ordinary
pleasure, men, that I rise to give
expression to the one name, the one
feeling, the one thought, and the one
purpose that means the sacred duty
of each anid the property of all; no
ordinray pleasure, I say, for one who
reads, thinks, observes, and is anx
ious for that success of a cause which
it richly deserves, to come among
men and find them working for the
triumph, not of any one click or clan,
or selfish actidn, but for the triumph
of ideas, for the triumph of princ
ple, for the triumph of a living fa'th,
above all, for the triumph of a living
Men-No greater blessing is crowd
ing the pages of the events in the
preliminary work of the approachng
campaign than tonight's splendid so
lution of the difficulties and obsta
cles that have been lying in ambush
along the path of of our local demo
cracy, for how we are togethbr, now
that we are united by a common aim,
spirit and purpose in shouldering the
plain, practical, press'ng issu s of
the battle for the next three months,
we shall win more trophies for the
rights and interests o? the people and
also reclaim much that would oth-r
wise be given over to an alen hand.
Democracy's ship is manned, her
sails are set, the compass pointed and
her pilot William Jennings Bryan,
stands at the helm in all the power
and majesty of his being to sail a
grand voyage. The howing winds of
critcism and abuse will pass o'er him
and the seething billows of mal'ce
and hatred will go huntng after him,
nevertheless, it is the matured judge
ment, not of party or partisian poli
tics-for these can easily be eliminat
ed in the battle of 1908 by any man
who makes an honest, conscientlous
review of conditions and. .epecially of
sistency, and reliability, honest de
ductions therefrom, that he w:11 steer
the old ship into the port of victory.
I am hoping that the campaign thbi
year will be a campaign of educe
tion, and not of abuse and misrepre
sentation. It is too much the habit. -
I, can say it in all kindness of spirit,
for the press an4 the platform speak
er to abuse and belittle the parsondl -
ties of opposing candidates, many of
them the grandest typse of men too,
when, as the people's prophet and
guide both the press and the speakeg
should instead, analyze and review
for the purpose of instruction, the
moral ethics of the platforms and the
principles each seek to inculcate.
After a review of some of the pub*
lic necessities of today, together wlthl
a summary of the declaration oi
Thomas Jefferson on the highesi
codes of political economy, Mr. Chrislt
ler closed by saying:
"We can trust the faith of a pro
gressive Democracy. Let us then, 1i
I may use the language of another,
'with a short pull, and a long' pull,
and a pull all together,' raise the,
standard of our faith, and that it maj
be held majestically up, let us twisIt
around it the richest flowers of cun
effort, so that the morning sun of they
day after election will beam upon J1
as the splendid symbol of our cour.
age, our loyalty and our statesman
Mr. Campbell was unanimously el
ected president of the Havre Bryan
And Iern Democratic Club," and W.
C. Kester, being nominated for thi
office of secretary, was also elected
without opposition.
,, H. W. Stringfellow was nominated
for the ^office of vice-president, and
arose from his seat, presumably t..
decline in favor of some one with
more time to devote to the duties in
volved, but Brother Ed Doyle was s
Qual to the occasion, and was on his
feet in an instant with a mojion tha
the nominations be closed, and Mr.
Stringfellow was declared vice-presil
dent before he hardly had time to
realize what had happened. He ac
cepted the situation graceful:y, and
laughingly remarked that there were
some kinds of jobbing that a man
could not really take offense at.
C. F. Morris was the unanimous
choice of the meeting for the office
of treasurer of the new organization.'
On motion which was duly carried,
the chair appointed Messrs. Holland,
Newman, Christler and Bailey as a
committee to assist in the naming the
.differenrt committees according to the
constitution, and to report at a meet
ing to be held in the city hall on
Monday night of this week, after
which the meeting adjourned with ev
ery assurance that the democrats ed
Havre are thoruoghly united, and thaW
this union assures a democratic vie
tory in November..
The Havre Bryan and Kern Club
held a brief session on Monday eve
ning, to receive the report, of the
c mmittee appointed at the last meet
irg, which committee,, cons'sting ol
Chairman Campbell, Christler,' Nsw
man, Holland, and Bally, recom
mended the appointment of the fol
lowing as members of the committe..s
Executive-E. F. Burke, J. C. Bailey,
L. J. Christler and H. J. Meili.
Finance--E. T. Broadwat~r, C. F.
Morris and C. W. Young..
Membership-H. Earl Clack, Jas.
Holland and Ed. M. Allen.*
Registration and polling-H. L.
Short, Chas. W: Gardiner and D. P.
The meeting adopted the comm'ttee
report and adjourned until Monday
evening, August 24th, at the city hall,
~t which time Mr. Christler has
promised to deliver an addr-ss, which
o' itself promises an interesting sess
ion. There will be cthor features that
will tend to start the blood circulating
and it is hoped that the loyals will
turn out in force.
As a laugh producer the M'ssouri
Girt has no equal. It is not tbht
low vulgar comedy that is sometimes.
seen in stage performances, but. a
clean, refined comedy that is reilly
funny, without 'being vulgar. McI-'
tyre Op era House, Wednesday eves
ning,, August 19.

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