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The Voting Contest for the Diamond
Ring Came to a Happy Finish Last
Friday Night. Miss Morgan Second,
Presented With a Gold Watch. Miss
Hendrickson Third. Receives Gold
Bracelet. Large Vote is Polled
Last Day and Herald's Sub
scription List Gets Boost.
The Herald diamond ring contest
closed on Friday, August 14, and that
it was an unqualified success is
evidenced by interest taken by the
contestants and their friends through
out the county, and by the large vote
~ast, the total for, the different con
testants, according to the count of
the judges, being 118,284.
The close was an exciting one, and
the preliminary counting of the votes
from the Herald's records, which
which took place on Friday night
last, and lasted until nearly 12 e'
clOek, was eagerly watched by thh
three leading contestants-M-i-s Flo
rence Fleming, Miss Margaret Mor
gan, and Miss Vera Hondrickson, of
Chinook, who, accompanied by h-?r
mother, came up to take part in the
wind up of the contest, and by many
friends of the contestants who crowd
ed the Herald office during the pro
gress of the count.
To s y that the young ladies wera
in a .utter of excitement would be
puttifig it mild, and they varied the
time occupied with the count by flit
The republicans of Havre held a
meeting in the city hall last night,
for the purpose fo considering the or
ganization of a republican club. The
meeting was called to order by Rep
resentative Goff, and started off by
the election of Olaf G. Skylstead as
temporary chairman, and W. B. Py
per temporary secretary.
The chairman called for express
ions as to the advisability of organ
itltton of the club at the present
nuecting. and after remarks by Goff,
Lewis and Smith, who favored imme
didate organization, their Views were
adopted by the meeting, which then
got down to business and organ'z
ed the "Chap. N. Pray Republican
Club," and electel the following of
ficers: Pfesident, Olaf G. Skylstcali
vice-president, D. S. McKenz!e; asc
retary, W. B. Pyper; 'treasurer, Frank
B. Brown
Tte c'Lairman appointed the follow
ing members on committees:
Executive: R. X. Lewis, Dr. J. A.
Wright, W. IH. Blair, Al. G. Gray and
P. Wallander.
On membership: A. S. Grimmer,
Contlnued on page eight
ting from the Herall office to the
Hotel Havre dancing hall, where the
regular Friday evening dancing school
was in progress.
When the count was completed, and
it was announced that Miss Fleming
had won the coveted prize, the en
thusiasm of her friends knew no
bounds, and she was literally over
whelmed with congratulations, which
she blushingly received, but that she
appreciated the entire situation was
evidenced by the sparkle in her bright
eyes, and the happiness so plainly
apparent on her face.
But now came a surprise, as pleas
ant to the other contestants and
their friends, ,, it was unexpected,
when the Ileralcd, with:ut previoue
warring, advertieem.ýi:;t, or notice of
any kind,' brought forth, and present
ed *'to Mlisc Margar.'t .Morgan, next
on the list of number of votes, a
beautiful gold watch, to Miss Vera
Hendrickson, an elegant, soled gold
braculet. The young ladie.s were so
taken by surprise at this unexpect
ed action of the tceralc, h.i:at they
__ . - P l ý ml ."a l l " . y ,r
* n -
-De Mar in Philadelphia RowErd
could hardly put their thanks into
words, but they thoroughly appreciat
ed the generouuity of the Herald,
Swas was evidenced from the cxpircsion
on their happy smiling faces.
In contest of this nature, it is but
natural that the winner should feel
the elation attendant upon success:
and it is just as natural that the
Ii f Y F YNAlT
A. B. Clarke, who returned the first
of the week fronm an outing on Up
per Beaver creek, reports the host
flagrant violations of the state
game laws, in that a party of poach
ers are dynamiting trout in the wat
ers of that stream, and taking them
b" other unlawful means. Mr. Clark
x a unable to catch the parties red
handed in their nefarious pursuits,
but he found the evidence of their
work, as in one "cache" which he
discovered, there were big trout
blown in half, most evidently the
work of dynamite.
They would evidently dynamite the
deep holes, and where the conditions
were not favorable for this, they
would build dams, draining the wat
er below, and then go into the shal
low plcaes, where the fish we re im
prisoned, and sceure them by any or
all methods of netting, shovelling,
or otherwise. Mr. Clark destroyed
several of their dams.
What aggravates the situation
while it is hard for the average lay
man to get the specific evidence a
gainst the bandits who are violating
the law, is that hundreds of young
ducks and chickens have been slaugh
leoosers should experience some de
gree, of dissapointinent, and the Her
aid is grateful for the inspiration that
led us to undertake to alleviate, to
somie extent, this dissagpointment of
the young ladies who failed to reach
the coveted prize. That the young
ladies were richly deserving of this
c<nisderation goes without the saying,
tered during the past month, in thIn
immediate vicinity of lHavre, and by
the time the game season cpens, the
indications are that there will be but
little sport left for the legitimate
sportsman who respects the provisions
of the game laws. The law pro
vides for the appointment of twelve
deputy wardens for the whole state;
this is not enough; their territory is
too large to cover with justice to
either themselves or the people who
pay for the protection of the fish
and game.
Chouteau county should have
deputy, and while the territory would
still be large, a good, live man could
cover it quite thoroughly, and cer
tainly be in a position to make ex
amples that would tend to head off,
to a great extent, this indiscrimi
nate , and wilful, and wicked viola
tion of the laws. The next legisla
ture, if the situation was properly
laid before them, would doubtless
remedy the matter, and the Herald
can see no other way out of. the
For first class meals go to the Jim
for they have one and all been un
tiring, while working almost day and
night, in promoting the Interests of
the Herald, and we can hardly find
words with wkich to exprees our ap
preciation of their work, and to thank
them for so materially and greatly in
creasing the business of the Herald.
The young ladies in town did noble
work, but we must give especial cred
it to Miss Vera Hendrickson for
her splendid work, as she had a large
field ·to cover, with less people to
work on, at large, than had our home
contestants, and with the display of
the same energy, and with better op
portunities, the result might easily
have been different. As it was, Miss
Hendrickson increased the circulation
of the Herald in her territory, by
some hundreds of subscriptions.
The contest was a spirited one from
start to finish and the outcome was
a guess from the beginning until the
votes were counted. The position of
the contestants changed several time.,
Miss Fleming starting in the lead,
during the last few weeks Miss Mor
gan being first, Miss Hendrickson
The Judges Decission
Havre, Montana, August 17, 1908.
Onexamination of the ballots and
books of the Havre Herald Diamond
Miss Florence Fleming, Havre..
Miss Margaret Morgan, 1avre..
Miss Vera Hendrickson," Chinook
Miss Beulah Kennett, HIavre .
According to the vote Miss Florence
Fleming has won the diamond ring;
Miss Margaret Morgan, second, and
Miss Vera Hendrickson th'rd; and
as far as we can see, the contest
was codnucted in a fair and impartial
Iql11 Q!p wl6ý'iM NM-w~l ° 7
Dcn't forget the meeting of the
Bryan adn Kern Democratic club of
Havre, at the city hall, on Monday
evening, August 24th. at S p. m.
We trust there will be a full atte
ndance of the club, and that all who
are interested in the cause of demo
cracy-the people's cause, will b
there to sinn the club list and join the
There will he an interesting sassion
as there is important business to be
transa.t+- -" the Rev Christler has
promised to give us a rousing address.
Turn out and bring your fr:eneds.
Don't forget the date.
...... .- 4W--t ---- -
An altercation occurred on the de
pot platform on Friday last, betwe n
Jesse Clarke, the harness maker, and
Dave Goss, Jr., and during its prog
ress young Goss drew his pocket
knife hnd stabbed his opponent in
the left side, inflicting an ugly, but
not dangerous wound. The fighters
were brought befroe Magistrate
Pyper, who fined Goes $40, and Clark
$14.70. The fines were paid and the
case dismissed.
second, with Miss Fleemife third.
The contest throughout yWp of
friendly one, with no biteheese, i
with no exhibitions of pett
les, and the congratulatieas
her competitors extended Miss 1ii,
ing were as sincere and eordMall.~'
any she received.
After the count was eonclude de $e
Herald served an elaborate suppi Ad
the Grill cafe at which attended4
Misses Fleming, Morgan and HandOihi
son, as the guests of honor; Mrs. ý,an.
IHendrickson, Mr. and Mrs. H. .
Short, Mr. and Mrs. Kester and .ti
Della Kester. Messrs. Smithson &
Hanson, proprietors of the Grill,; d
themselves proud with the spre~'i
they set .forth, and the young ladise,
while complaining somewhat of soaw
feet, showed that their seeking ibr
votes had not impaired their aplte
tites, by thoroughly enjoying and do
ing full justice to the good thinge
furnished for their delectation. AtIt
a pleasant hour at the supper talke
Editor Kester called "thirty," avm
the Herald diamond ring contest, wm
pleasant memories passed into histowr.
Ring Contest, we find that the, fot*
lowing votes were cast for the var
ious contestants:
.................... 41,784
................... 37,954
.......... .. 32,761
.. ................... 5,872
Judges Havre Herald Diamond RtM
Matt Bice came in from the James
Bice ranch, on Little Box Elder, ten
miles south of Havre with a speci
men that made the eyes of the local
sportsmnen bulge out, until you could
have knocked them ot.i with a stiek
as the saying is. The specimen in
question was the head and skeleton
of a monster salmon trout that was
caught on the Bice ranch. The
trout being 23 inches long when it
was caught, and weighing 4% lbs.
The big fish was taken while strugg
ling in the grass, into which it had
floundered during an ovreflcw of one
of the many spring creeks whic mean
der tne ranch. It seems that some six.
years a'n Mr. Bice stocked the
springs and reservoirs on his ranch:
with salmon trout, and the. specimen
exhibited is onee of the results of'
his fish planting. Mr. Bice h~d well
provided against the loss of his tT.£r
eure, by baking his prize, and PieI
clean the skeleton which he b trouEtM
in, just to show that they are is
pumpkins when it, comes to big ltti
up on Little Box Elder. epo, .!
derson insisted with real tears k4 MR
continoa:don pRaw qht

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