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Orvcr I iN. MAIN SITasr.
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HELENA, MONT., SEPT. 1, 1894.
We rertl/ tyIat thRis edition consists of
7,ooo copies.
PerJ P. Ball, Jr.,
Editor said MNauer.
The COLORED CITIZEN, a paper de
voted to the social, moral and Indus
trial Interests of the colored Ameri
can of this state, is a new venture. It
is an enterprise that should receive
such hearty support from all classes
irrespective of race, politics or creed
that its assured success should be
guaranteed from the outset. It can
not be denied that our people, through
force of circumstance, occupy a pe
culiar status in this country. We are
not thoroughly known. Our better
qualities are not presented fairly to
the public. Our inirmities and short
comings are constantly magalled and
dwelt upon, while our better attri
butes retraln unpresented. Is it
strange, then, that our people should
endeavor to secure a mouthpiece-a
newspaper--herewith to educate the
puhlc ton a full appreciatie ouf er
werth, that we may be jadged impar
tially and not have imposed upon us
as a people harsh criticisms that
shd rest pa individuals only? The
state of Mo.tals has just right to
toel proud of its twaty4ve hundred
oslered citiseas tfoud in every county
of this fair ad prospueos common
wealth. They are to a man wealth*
prduces. They are of the brawn
that have ufettered and exposed to
the nshin of a eor unsurpassed clime
the treasure wealth of ages-thy
are the me o w made known and
demonstrate to the outi worla the
peeldiitlles of this vast empire preg
ant with unllmtel resources-they
are the me who will erelea. come
hae by theuesals to help develop the
weerdetrl Indutries lying dormant in
Sstate. They are the men who
will toa futu arm a arm with capi
tal In unison and harmony and free
tenum bhkeriag, discrd and unrest,
'develop and make bloom as the rose
\the entire paseef thisOed-favored
land of premise and plenty. Our peo
pe are sympathetic, seeltive and
tracitable aid hence are a desirable ac
atos la all well-dispesed eemmnual
tiesl. ecam ed the cordial relations
esietiag between all classes populate
ing this state arl the colaesd citisles
thUret, they are exceptidnally pr
pers, happy and contested, which
pebably accouats for the constantly
increasing populatio of color who,
with rare exceptions, are very worthy
additions to the community. We be
peak far our people a bright future.
Uewly bat asurely their sterling qualli
ties are becomig nhamow, ad re long
the ban d prejedice which overhaang
them like a pall will be dispelled by
the light of favorable public opian ,
ad thea will the future blessom aUd
ripe late frailt that will only
await our efort. Hedged in
on all sides by adverse cir
cumetances our people are bound to
evolve into usefulnes and greatnesseo.
Barriers must be surmounated and pub
lic senilment won over in our beha·lf.
We ask the aid and co-operation of
our fellow citises in behalf ofar
people n oaaf this eterprise. Just I
proportion to the aid received will re
salits be obtaild. We launch this
venture with no emlaes to push but
very, very many kind frlends to favo.
It matter not to the average citi
s whether the tarf bill becae
law with or withoet the predmaet's
a.lgauta. What ib wasted iL a ces
nation e tariff tinlkerng so the bud
e inteirests t the country may re
mepMAIcas are feellfg very com
fertable. Seet
Ormi mm ne i mm - Tnm iy.
hpakar Tide iPut Filowig leleaward inder
the Able l raungent of the Cap
ital Catmiste.
A great deal of quiet and effective
work in the interest of Helena for the
permanent capital has been system
atically and thoroughly prosecuted in
every section of the state duriug the
east few weeks by our able capital
committee, the presiding genius of
which is that thorough and energetic
organizer Hon. J. P. Woolman, ably
assisted by theubiquitous Hon. Wm.
Muth, its genial and affable secretary.
Every member of the committee is
enthusiastic in the endeavor to con
duct an active, vigorous and winning
fight, hence the steady and growing
popular tide in favor of Helena.
Having conducted a very successful
still-hunt campaign-a campaign of
cold and incontrovertible facts in
favor of Helena-a campaign of edu
cation-the committee are now turn
ing their attention to the popular and
effective excursion mode of campaign.
The recent invasions of the
capital city by thousands of de
lighted guests who, after en
joying the royal hospitality
of our genial citizens, returned home
with none but words of praise of the
kind treatment received from our
citizens and of the superior claims of
our city over all others in the state
for the permanent capital, can but
result in untold good, and will surely
do much towards scattering broad
cast throughout the state the fair
fame of Helena and her claim on the
votes of all thinking men for the per
manent capital. Keep up the good
work, gentlemen of the committee,
and on the 6th of November your
splendld efforts will be rewarded with
an overwhelming victory for our be
loved city.
Before us lie some interesting mem
oranda, at least to us. The sunshine
and shadow of our efforts to start
this paper are therein unfolded.
What a variety of types compose the
human family I They differ is sie
(so reference to avoirdupois). They
difer In temperament, self-import
ance and general coetour. Some
have received us with a hearty hand
shake, encouragnlag words, valuable
a4vice and substantial aid. Others
turned loose oa us a cold shower bath
as seen as we were ushered into their
frigid presence. Not a few listened
to us as we unfolded our plans with a
bored air, a cynical smile and a
pleasesg.quick expression. Some
couldn't see what need the colored
people had for a paper. A few, just
a very few, thought it was the worst
thing possible to have a colored pa
per, as it might have a tendency to
cause 'our colored brethren" to draw
the color liUe, which, of course, would
be un-American. Some friends when
seeing us coming, would have some
important business just across the
street and we would lose track of
them. Oftimes when trying to
whistle up courage or catch our
breath, up would come some whole
souled "vir" with a twinkle in the
eye, a hearty grasp of the hand, a
kind word for the paper and a "come
and se me again If necessary." We
shall ever feel grateful to kind
friends who have given this venture
enuceragement, advice and aid, and
we take this means of publicly thank
ng them. We know there are many
friends who have not had the oppor
tunlty of extending a helping haan
because of our inability to see them.
We trust that no umbrage will be
taken eo that account. To square
ourse lves before such, as well as all
others who may desire to make this
enterprise a success, we kindly invite
every well-wisher of the OOLOne
."rrwsm to either call, write or send
for us. By the co-operation of the
general public we hope to make this
a useful, live readable paper that will
reSect credit upon the people it rep
resents, the city of Helena and the
state at large.
N1ME L UElNffl
We note with pleasure that the re
publicans at the recent city primaries
elected four delegates and five alter
nate delegates from our colored citi.
ea, who shall represent Ine interests
ao the three hundred colored voters of
this city in the comlag county con
ventin. This is a step in the right
directlon and should only be the enter
ing wedge to a fuller and more just
epresenstatlos in the future. It has
been a mistaken policy of the several
political parties to ignore the colored
voters. The republican prophets in
making forecasts have very generally
put the colored vote down in the "cer
tain republican" column. liecent ex
perience should teach them that the
colored vote is fast becoming an un
known factor in politics. He can no
loeger be held la lie by the "grati
tude" plea, It has become stale and
thrneabexe. The average colored
veter ae today le as thrghly prac
tcal and saeacls as the white veter
The latter drtte pelitically hither and
thither. Is it strange that the for
mer is commencing to take the the
cue and di likewise ?
Gentlemtn of the republican party,
of which we are proudly a member,
allow your attention to be called to
the necessity of courting and prop
erly treating the colored vote just as
considerately as are other integral
factors of the party of progress and
reform. Perhaps we may ruftle the
feelings and serenity of some of our
republican leaders because we are so
outspoken in demanding just consider
ation and proper treatment for the
colored voter. But don't chafe and
lose your temper, gentleman, for it is
better that you should he rudely dis
turbed, even by us, in your erroneous
ly supposed mortgage or ownership of
the colored vote, than to have the
party suffer through your oversight,
overconfidence and lack of humane
political sagacity. Th. up-to-da.te
leaders in politics are those who can
and do read the signs and steer the
ship of state accordingly. The polit
cal horizon is aglow with an urgent
demand for justice, fair treatment
and political recognition of the col
ored Americans of this country. THE
COLORED CITIZEN is with the party If
progress but is not afraid to bring
some of the leaders to taw when it
thinks the party will be jeopardized
by holding its peace.
Senator Power has received a
hearty welcome by his hosts of friends
from all parts of the State, who were
pleased to grasp his hand and con
gratulate him on his excellent ap
pearance, notwithstanding his ardu
ous duties, incident to a long, active
and tiresome session of Congress. The
senator Is always on the alert to sub
serve the interests of our state, hence
it is that though single-handed and
alone he has carefully guarded and
protected the many and diversified
interests that have arisen affecting
the welfare of the people of Montana.
I IWd epimu ksldeau Cu le Elad
Ralea alnla rs thea Tc.
On general principles political slate
making is objectionable, but some
times It becomes necessary and ex
pedient. It is a matter of record
that the Republicans of this county
in recent years have for cause been
unable to elect a solid legislative
It is high time that the leaders
should get together and remove this
cause. It is useless to presume upon
the loyalty of the Republicansof this
county. They will enthusiastically
support and elect good legislative
nominees but they will weed out and
knife names that fall below the high
standard demanded. Therefore we
advocate slate making when it comes
to legislative nominees. We take it
for granted that there will be at
least two senatorial factions In our
coming county convention. Let each
faction select for presentation to the
convention the necessary names
able men of experience in matters of
state; incorruptible; strong individ
ually; strong collectively-this done
let all others be barred. Do away
with the free for all scrub entries.
Demand that only first class material
and none other shall be presented for
entry. This arranged there can be
no chance for scrubs to rush by in the
general confusion and enthusiasm
that sometimes warp the cooler and
sounder judgment of men huddled in
convention. As to which faction
shall have the majority on the loor
of the convention cuts no figure as to
the pith of this article nor to the
mass of the people, we opine. No
matter which way the current shall
flow the majority would nominate
an invunerable ticket. To this ex
tent we advocate slate making and it
is hoped that it will be acquiesced in
and that the result will be so satis
factory that public opinion will en
dorse its propriety and advisability at
least when applied to nominees for
the legislature.
It has been asked why do we wish
to draw the color line and Issue a pa
per devoted to the interests of the
colored citisen? The question ans
wers itself. Why do the Germans,
Scandinavians and other dationalities
have their own organs? So it is with
the Afro-American, he can be
reached and convinced quicker and
better tbrough a paper of his own.
Every people have modes peculiar to
themselves and the Afro-American is
not an exception to the rule. Then
we have a race pride that has clung
to us from generation to generation,
that time can not eliminate.
The political pot should be skimmed.
Be much harmony is unAmerican for
these part
There are about 800 colored people
In this city.
" To the manor born, always thor
oughly American. patriotic, industri
ous and reliable, the colored citizen
deserves favorable public opinion."
Be it said to the shame of a large ma
jority of the people of this country
that there is a strong disposition to
"count out" the colored citizen. As
long as he confines himself to the
groove of a menial this disposition re
mains quiescent; by general consent
it is agreed that this narrow sphere
should circumscribe his aspiration.
If perchance he seeks the trades or
professions for a livelihood, immedi
ately his color arouses the antagon
ism of the masses. True it is that
there are laudable exceptions to this
skin-color prejudice epidemic, but the
malady is so deep seated in the rank
and file that we meet from day to day
and who delight to flaunt in our faces
their race rancor that we are forced
to the conviction that the latter re
tlect the general unfavorable public
opinion prevailing against us as a
people' This is not as it shonld be.
Point out, if you can, a single integral
factor of the body politic of this
country so thoroughly American as
our colored citizen. He knows no
home save his America. He fondly
loves this country for he knows of
none else. He has borne arms for the
independence of his country and for
the preservation of our Union. He
has contributed by his unceasing in
dustry to the upbuilding and estab
lishment of the most prosperous coun
try on the face of the earth. He has
ever been a producer-he is of the
bone and sinew of the country. Added
to these excellent essentials he can
always be counted upon the side of
law and order. Anarchy and com
munism find no abiding place in his
patriotic heart. He spends not the
midnight hour loading dynamite
bombs to destroy the property of his
fellow citizen. He is not found in
secret conclaves cons irin to over
turn and destroy the institutions of
his country. He does not ally him
self to marauding hordes who delight
to levy tribute upon the industrious
citizen through whose country they
rove. He does not spend bis time saw
ing the air in a vain endeavor to pros
elyte some sensible citizen to imprac
ticable political dogmas. To the con
trary, he fills the bill of the ideal
American citizen. Why then exists,
or is permitted, the ever-present,
never-ceasing, all-pervading preju
dice against the colored citizen that
is a disgrace and blight to the fair
name of this country. Down with it.
It should be declared un-American.
The abuse must be corrected. Pub
lic sentiment and opinion must frown
it down. The initiative to accom
plish this must be taken by the better
class of people. Their example will
soon be followed by the rank and file,
and soon there will be none in this
fair country so unmanly as to vent his
prejudice against the colored citizen
on account of his race, color or pre
vious condition. Let good citizens
take the matter in hand al once all
over the country and wipe out with
one fell swoop this national race
prejudice against the colored citizen.
UTil PINCIFI 11 TInll."
aly the Su lWL
The new tariff bill has become a
lawrby the ailure o te President to
veto it. And now the magnates of
the Democratic party are condoling
with themselvestand the disgusted
public. After sifting the matter and
analyzing the results Mr. Wilson, who
as the unwilling sponsor of the abor
tion, probably knows more about the
almost unrecogniszable corpse than
anyonc dele among the Democratic
jury of inquest now seeking to estab
lish the identity of the shapeless af
fair, after careful examination, re
peated verifcations and much mental
effort has finally consented to make
public as the result of his researches
concerning the status of what was
once known as the "Wilson" bill that
"the principle is there." That is,
that the care is intact, or partly so,
and that the balance has been nibbled
away a la monkey and cat style.
STIUll IrllIiAT ANr1 3man3 IN.
Owing to the press of busiuer inci
dent to getting out our first issue we
have been unable to make the rounds
of our merchants and business men to
solicit advertisements. We rest as
sured, however, that when the rounds
are made that a goodly number of
ads. will be secured. This paper will
start with a circulation of about 7T0
in this city. It will be placed in the
hands of every colored family in
Helena. It will also reach the homes
and omces of over 400 of our best
white fellow-citisens. Our circula
tion in the surrounding cities and
towns will be fully 800 each week.
Therefore our business community
should respond with alacrity, if only
for a small card, in aiding us to con
duct a live, energetic and readable
paper devoted heart and soul in the
interest of Helena for the capital.
An analysis of those who are offer
ing themwelves as sacrifices on the po
litical altar leads us to the conclusion
that they are composed of several
distinct types though all have an eye
single to the same goal. The candi
dates who profess to believe and stren
uously endeavor to impress upon en
forced auditors that they are espec
ially made to order for the place
sought and possess rare ability there
for are probably the most numerous.
Then comes another class who do not
prate so inordinately upon their spe
cial qualifications, but they are spell
binders in their way and when one
has finally disentangled himself from
their grasp he has had an up-to-the
muzzle dosec of what is familiarly
known as an "old timer's" record.
Yet strange as it may seem there is
a general disposition among a large
class to underrate and belittle the
services and acts of heroism of these
"bull team" Nestors. Quite a numer
ous class seems to be of volcanic ori
gin-projected as it were upward and
deposited as the result of the recent
financial panic. They look cadaver
ous and anxious and seem so willing
to sacrifice their personal wishes to
the wants of the people. Aftercare
fully studying all these different
types individually and in group we
are forced to the inevitable conclu
sion that never before in the history
of their county have the republicans
had such a bright galaxy of talented,
well qualified, patriotic, zealous and
self-sacrificing array of candidates to
select from. There is, indeed, an en
couraging manifestation of growing
patriotism among the gifted citizens
of this community. Time there was
when men good and true were slow
and loath to allow themselves to be
dragged into the vortex of politics
with its uncertainties and disappoint
meats. But thanks to the noble men
and self-sacrifcing disposition of the
tank eand file- of-ow , w
lined before us a grim and de
termined array of peut up talent only
waiting for the word to step forward
and don the yoke of obedience to the
demands of an insisting constituency.
The Herald has been selected by
the Afro-American club as its oi
clal paper. This is a merited tribute
of recognition to an able, fearless
and staunch republican journal that
has successfully weathered the ad.
versities of twenty-seven years. At
all times ably edited, bright and
sparkling, it is a welcome visitor not
only to the business men but to the
household. The Messrs. Fisk. sons and
nephews are apparently on their
mettle, since going it alone, judging
from the unusually attractive ap
pearance of their always more than
ordinarily Interesting paper.
119l1 TAliF-91 WAI66l.
lMed lads-lteed W g.
Senator Mills-and he is an author
ity on the matter-ln a recent speech
before the senate, the pending ques
tion being the recently enacted tariff
bill, said; 'The whole history of
tariff legislation demonstrated that
reduction of duties resulted in in
creased importation and increased
revenue." We would like to inject
this sentence-full to the brim with
craniums of some of the blatherskite
jawsmiths that we have heard stand
up before audiences of honest unso
phisticated workingmen and try to
make them believe that there should
be a muvuc'oN in tariff duties be.
cause it would inure to their benefit,
and that therefore they must be dem
ocrats to protect themselves and be
prosperous. What intolerable bosh!
Mills, who is a representative expon
ent of democratic tariff reform, de
clares in explicit terms that m.
CRuZAID IMPORTATION will result from
reduction of duties. What do in
creased importations mean for the
American wage earner? It simply
means that there will be a reduced
demand to buy his labor, or if bought
at all it must be had at a rednced
rate. Why ? Because our manufac
turers cannot afford to pay more for
labor used in producing given com
modities than the same labor is paid
abroad for like commodities, for the
simple reason that they mnst compete
in price in order to stay in the market.
It matters not with the wage earner
how tariff theorists differ on techni
calities or whether duties are specific
or ad valorum, but let him keep both
eyes open and pencil in hand, and
when he is approached by tariff
butchers and quacks, let him write
down for his answer in large plain
letters, "Glve me a high tariff, for it
decreases foreign importations, raises
domestic wages and guarantees steady
remunerative work for American
wage earners."
The capital fight is warming up
and our people are mixing up fire
works, hurrahs, brass bands and the
like as side dishes to the cold and
stubborn facts why Helena should be
the permanent capital.
Cu.grrsfmaI Iartnl. ts ht Ir n8i
By AeriulaUem.
The state convention to meet here
on the (iLt will no doubt be composed
of many of the most distinguished cit.
izens of the state. The indlcations
point to a large, harmonious and en.
thusiastic gathering. The proceed.
langs will partake largely of a love
feast. It is conceded on all sides that
the splendid and brilliant record of
Congressman Hartman deserves
special recognition by his party, and
that he should be renominated by ac
clamation, which will undoubtedly be
done with such genuine enthusiasm
that our distinguished representative
will have a practical reminder of
the high esteem in which he is held
by his fellow citizens. Several di
tinguished and learned jnrlsts will he
presented for associate justice of the
Supreme court A new state central
committee will also be chosen.
luy Arr Called BIt Few Will Le I'hk.!
The republicans of this county will
convene on Tuesday, the 4th, for the
purpose of nominating members of
the legislature and county ottcer,
and also to select delegates to the
state convention. Judging from the
list of delegates it will be composed
of a larger number of distinguished
gentlemen than have ever assembled
in the county on a like occasion. It
will undoubtedly be such an enthm.
lastic and harmonious gathering of
leaders that the party will enter the
campaign cemented as a unit. While
the candidates for the various oMca
are legion, yet good feeling seems to
prevail on every hand, and while
many will be disappointed, we are safe
nla the prediction that none will sulk.
we tlfW Ld1to1elol1e-,
that the successful candidates will re
ceive the hearty and earnest support
of their less fortunate brethren, and
that all will unite to roll up a regular
old time republican majority.
IIg Cmue , Fln Ws, sisllst Exihit
Under the able management of its
effcient directors the Twenty-llfth
Annual Exhibition of the Montasa
State Fair, has been the most succes
ful yet. The grounds, exhibits uad
general aspect of things gave evi
dence of careful and skilful prepar,
tioa, reflecting great credit on all
parties concerned. The crowds have
been large, nine thousand being prev
eat on Thursday, and everyone seemed
highly pleased. The races have been
exceptionally fne and the general
exhibits were fully up tothe average.
On the whole the city has just reason
to feel highly flattered at the success
attending the fair, and visitors have
had their most sanguine expectation
The hue f All aCled Citiahe is th
We desire to obtain a complete list
of colored citizens residlng within the
state. We therefore kindly ask that
friends in the cities and towns
throughout the state send us the
names and postomce address oT the
heads, male or female, of as many
colored families as can be convenient
ly obtained. Persons so favoring us
will have acknowledgment thereof
made through the columns of this
A large and enthusiastic meeting
of this club was held last Wednesday
night. Prof. Cole's excellent band
enlivened the proceedings with patri
otic airs. President J. P. Ball, Sr.,
delivered his inaugural address, which
was an able paper full of wise and
sound advice to the members of the
club, as well as to the colored voters
throughout the state.
We regret that want of space pre
vents us from producing it in full.
Interesting addresses were also made
by vice-president Jas. Crump, B. F.
Hooper, W. P. Hough, Mr. Wheaton
of Livingston and others. The club
will meet again Wednesday night.
The Seattle Republican is one of
the brightest, best edited and newsi
est colored papers published. Mr. S.
R. Cayton, its editor, is a gentleman
of very considerable newspaper ex
perience, having climbed the rounds
from editor and proprietor of a cross
roads hand bill In Kansas to local re
porter of one of the leading dailies of
Seattle, Wash. He is made of just
the kind of stuff that constitutes a
typical journalist. He is an enes
getic rustler and don't down at even
blow though aimed with a strong atr
We predict for him long and cO
tinued success.

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