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Vol.. 1. No. 3. HELENA, MONTANA, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1894. 2.o P.Y YA.
ioloid llzeal's ie Oife
A $5 (ra9on Portrait Frq(.
tMade from any good photograph desired)
To each person who shall send us Twenty-five Cash Subscriptions ($12.80)
by September IT7th, 1804, for the Campaillg Ultioa of the
COLOzRD CfrrIzu, will be giwve
I FI 11131 1 3ll 3.11 illpn hOllt Fil.
NOTICE TO AGENTS.-Persons accepting above oaer will please send in
their names and postomce address at once. Just as fast as names are secured
forward them in with the cash by registered letter,. receipt of which will be
acknowledged. Photograph for crayon may be sent in with Arst cash. As
.on as $12.80 has been paid in a due order for crayon will be forwarded to
agent, and crayon will be shipped 80 days thereafter.
187 N. Main St. Helena, Mont.
Grrs ;-Eanclosed please find postal note for 80 cents in pay.
meat of your Campaign Edition. Please sead complete file, in
cluding first issue.
(NAMa ) ............
(Poe oro ic ) .................................
(8sRumr AND No.)..
½ D. S. HODGE,
WANAMAKER & BROWN, of Philadelphia
lew fall, ad Winter lamples lust leceived
D. S. nODoE, c2 North Warren St.
CLARKS & FRANK, - - Montana Shoe Co.
T. $4. (LEWELL,
B O N. Main St., Cold Blook,'Helena, Mont.
Books, Fine Stationery, School Books
Special attention given to Subscriptions to Papers, Magazines, Etc., from
all parts oo the world.
enerai Agent for the Smith Premier Typewriter.
00 To
PEIRSALL, The Grocer.
Staple andC Iancy Croceri. . NAY,
nperted andlDethtlo GRAIN AND
gpnars and Liquors. PFED.
w Dnsesm Ie mr -n sI-E-L
-eeuh rmWt Dews Wlth RMmDs
SNew was.sy
(.oprriht, mn. b the New Yort Pnl
And now they have g , tis aemat
and house fof represeatve gs, with
only three month moned mappy biA
left in them. What re we to sly? Oe
war of almost continuous .e ale a
what haI they dme, and bow boe
they done it? The Republies camot
mae the lagage of repo , at tbvet
ivo or abse. The whole vocabulary has
been exhausted y themselves speaktag
of themselves. We nnot hope to equal
in commentia on the reae t e threu -
does and effetive weeds of the esti
dt of their own ice.ho It we were to
search the whole dictionary of diatribe,
we could not equal the charge to "ps
t7 perdy and pa.y dishoor" made by
the president agaiet the Iemate and no
-oeived by the hose o repreentativ4
with its 100 Demostle maority, wit
o..a.d...s nM...e..
If we were to commet upon the preo
ident anrd his aotip, we could not e
Ieguage half so damain as Demorab
ic maims ed In open senats with up.
lifted hands asseverating the truth of
personal keral and personal bad
faith. If we were to comment ponp the
house of representatives and its leaders,
we should be deemed guilty at puse
partisaaship if we used even their own
wards Ia desoribing their own .Uml.
What a ondition for a partismeartle
tobe in, to be obliged In commo do.
eseao to softer words about his ens
Am es they use about themselvesi
And senemies are not saiate in em*
bryo, betlag thMar breasts and coasim.
lag their traansresics to reu the
heights of sainthood through thlqlbgs
of sn. Oh, olt They e saimplyeait
mn standing by the brokbe bdines of
a whole oountry and trying to tell %a
destroyed It, and baing met M se o we
Cavisty acant se any hr a r e
reproach or o harnhaue Earlier sd
fr that purpnos-worthier and have
gathered all those laurels All we an
sy is that all the three ides am pob
ably right. The president and seate
have told the truth about eah other
and the bor about itsesl
Withth hi simple eqesion of faith
"i their veraity, let us turn to a slight
review of what they have done There
s no doubt that this review will be as
diastastefl and uanatiranr to the
majority of bhones Demorats as to Be
publicans themselves Whatever good
there has been doeor has been spoled in
the doing. If the horuse has yielded to
the dictates of a long denounced oom
mn sense d adopted proper skles it
was only after all sound precedent had
been violated in the attempt to avoid
the neoessity. If the congre has re
pealed the parhaing ol. sem of the Sh.r
man at, it was only done after sob
long delay as has deprived the country
ot any advantage the repeal might have
given it. Nor has the mystery of the
collapse at the compromise and the con
nection at the president therewith ever
been cleared up. Whether he consented
to that compromise or not is not for me
to say. That is a family seret but it
is no family secret that thatoompromise
was not repudiated until after the .e
publican members were sounded and it
was olear that they would have no part
er lot in it
Two such msmuimmtanlp a thmee
between the reident and the smaM, if
Rpubllcaa, would haveosused a -mp
tis as of burned woolen among the po
pl- But the Democray has limitatiois
a to morality very mah enlarged.
That party mam to ealise what Gen
eral Butler said in j.t-"that nobody
was truly unassailable until his charao
hr was g-ne "
The tarif bill "perfdy and dis
hooar" has become a law. and an inter
eating law it i How a Demooratic m.
at believing In the platform otits party,
could have passed it, how a Democratic
home could have pssed it, having 100
majority, is "mply incomprehbeible
Bow the prsident could have permitted
it to become a law is imply an impond.
ble rstdy in human nature. How m
the country reoonalle this action with its
former estimate o him? e was deemed
by a very large part of the people ama
man of sound common sense ad
peat will power. Hs reptaton for
good certainly had a shook I the
eae the Sandwich Islands And this
is more likely to suffer fom the om
~t between the letter to Wilson end
the surrender to German. I w not ne
,f those who expected such a emit.l
arrender ain the capitalatio. . He
.aght to have handed in his side .
and siged the bill.
A ame ap~er.
It bedidnot casemt, then by both
beau ed emate be ha been pea
sas to be not een a t~otr in the
trm--ai BSerema the peledns,
iasteed ed sal MaO Bswe and
yedestal. must i reakonedwith
resat of them, and the egreqe will
all be on the Demooratle side.
bhe truth about the Wilon bill Is
it was a foolish bill when it weat
ao the ways and means committee
was made sill more foolish n the
It had neither policy nor pre
ad yet it has beenereted into a
all, to be worshiped by part
tons and that, tooe with theom
and approval od their own Mose
The senate bill does have some reg rd
the blmaesm of the country in spot,
it will prove a failure, like the other,
not to the sme dem The
in Fall River, New Bedford sad
here over th cotton shedule, said
et the best ever made, show, e a
Ifalinest Demooratio apitalist pit it,
that "labor has got to ligqidate." Stooks
liquidated-that , gone down
half-except Sugar. Imbor is to do
same. But there will be this difer
t: ooks are snamltd ve, laborms
N ilrerdy thehe nr traders re spreadla
i over the contry lying statemet a
pw much obheaper carriage cloth, ash
_ worstaoating, oballies(btnot
), will be hereafter beamse the tr
tax is takesn a. Well'tho opera
in Fall liver and New Bedlrd
buyn ome at them this week at leats
b fewer e them after "abor
hs liquidated." "IquLdated labor"
Willu ber ey few scrriges to gi the
imedt a cheasp ea yage cloth and will
ver seldom in anion meton
4the men whomake tmhe.qlv
t d rriage olo and union mel.
- potde t our w olen milL
awill be luhky if they are noat "liul
dated" nto the tramp The p
liquidating has began, and when it
ended what thent Mee "ligde.d
" Does aot Wilson chairman oi
Sways ad men committee declse
the ight has begnto esad ely to
ol saaee traet mos noht i s
, tlhe sme thing l n a bewll abg
eeditatioa, whicsh sem to Indiaoe
eMt a ltadel is .ed the ci gat,
hi the tenor a t whisk is umis.akabist
Does naot the pruedent hislf It his
laest entribullon to the complete let
writer tell s ath this ad "te.
absee a vantage pman am whisk
b" e -m further u. rlve m
are zeftv seredopm metIo _
American inadutry, for he - the sa
aed laguaaed hisgriid.
xs anes.
Be could not have meant sugar, for
in his last published epistl with mat
lovely but unamistakable lroamloaula.
he ahorted the brethren not o ibe
frightued at that, and weas as tnder to
it in a eled wary ase was and is ope
ly for its brother tenat of the am
hotel Soor, the Dominion Coal company.
Why should we comment om the popgn
Milk? They sleep side by side ia the
havens oft ret. It is bad to bedead, bt
it miat be disgusting tobe a dead hum.
bag. They cannot even bang on them
the little shreds c hypoorisy for which
they were intended. Mr. OCrlisle has
moothed even the hillook on the
graves. The world enjoys very getly
the Demooratic deanunciatioan trusts
today. And how good all this talk isi
The deeds of the people may not be all
that the deoalogue demands, but their
language is. Their votes are wrong.
their actions are fatal, but Sing out the
banner and warory la "St Pecknrif
and down with monopoly!" and the
public will forget the Sugar trust they
did aid and even the Coal trustthey
tried to aid.
istory does not lack parallel. Said
the Rev. Mr. Stiggins at blessed me-.
cry, "All taps is vanities," and yet
down the reverend throat there coursed
its way a "vanity" which had sugar
in it-"warm, my dear young friend.
with three lumps of sugar to the tum
blr. " "I left BbyCharles and Stemeie
-the Duke of Bulokngham-laying his
duty before him," said King James at
the reprobate Delgarno "Oh, Geodie
Puglins Geordie, it was grand to hear
Baby Charles laying down the guilt d
dissinalation and Steenie lecturing on
the turpitude of incontinence."
The president cllngs, almost to weari
as, to his free raw material. What is
there in it? Nothing but fantasy and
delusaon. What defense is there for pro
tection at all except in the broad doc
trine that this country should do its own
work and exploit its own resoures, or
oa the broad doctrine that full wages
should be paid Its workmen? Are not
the men who dig coal out of the mines
a worthy of encouragement as the peo
pie who toil in mills?
One thing cannot be reiterated too
atten, and I touch upon it again. This
country is weary almost unto death of
these disputes about tariff. We are
shove all things weary of this long in
actio and uncertainty. We were ready
to seise at anythingif onlyitwere a
finality. "Give as something we can
gure an and let us alone, " was the cry.
B.t, alas! even that repose is denied as
The leader in the house declares we
shall have no rest. The leader in the
seate still talks of storming the itadel,
and the deteted president, subdued, and,
as he says, taking his place among the
rank and file, "with one vole proclaim
a new agitation and a new crasas."
More than that, r. Cohsan and Mr.
Tsm Johnson and all the g al
brare men who would have s=gh the
act to its death poslaim theinr ustlag
hostllity theno.
eneoeme. a
Whatever the Demorats tbiak a
nob other, whatlev they .y a ab
other, however mush they may dii
fr to details they we adied av
erywhe in the ruggle r the over
trowc a the bill now beom a lew
after two ea at the ih-apple am
oertainty. We are promisld two years
mre unlem the howe be wsed from
the pump of these men ad th hands of
Mills and Wilson, a COi t Johmam
and the presidet we tad But the
Amerlan people will tabs eme a that,
aot Republioua alo4e but heIst,
ible people a all part and all
One year and a quarter t sush gaov.
enment will sm feor han a eemury.
Men begin to em now tat the eeps -
ity a this country wras a a matelr o
coume, a thing which happened f It
self, but was the remsut sesible
rea,of a sound system ad Swles flo
ast Bowever shor the srmlan...
paety may have omne o perlfetio it
governed, an the whole, wisely and
well, ad mwe dhll -oe ea its Ris
we- ta mo 1 e . Bmba
some lave amulems
It has long been a well aedMh
hot that abnormal L mao
eno a mong the than
among say other at the Duropmea am
aes am rman s nGoal repent eeihied
bem well amtbmtleated Iei dg
It now appens that the gsIeamnt d
Kiev takes the Iplme ee al lladae
provises thi s se apst Dds lait
ye: , it hbuealiltatenb. theweein4
ameft am dus ne d o the
govenrment In athei da em
msa died aged 110 ye arMl wlfs
the embrbas elsle two wome dad
aged rsepestvly 10M al d pate
In eurdlebe two m u cheds ft
mpeatves ges dt 1lll114 y b
Vadlkov another l d ad mie
oe hundaed s am In th
sam disti t hem diea a Jewam agd
10s; in emeigede, a manc 110
yes lina Teasem e, msterd 101; I
uma, two smm m ugem:ly 1a
aMd 106 yeaes iu a Jew
aged 101 ad a Christ * 11 ad
atly, a mekn l t 10 ym m Wb
haep. m .me 14 pums h big
within thea sum e sat wid m me
imit at ermedslet whmt hI agqm
mado noJw N .40 mmo . ,r '
the l.ar s ohamp amd s dfl r rilg
ha that g mp nra m resa m wasm
of the th Napteaom's o em, s esu ly
Lieatenant sdaim, andlaas 101 bnowa
L Nieolal AlmainevarnTh ombt, who
has eleated RN dlMthi.-Lomae
wo e as .meoo
Syoung woman who is e at aish
ali looked up t other d to m the
photograph a desmse Mead i the
mantlpless o..mais g to aMd as A
Am hae thought the monesa was emed
by the wind, has itocatMid with amsh
absolute sreguirity that she aitlly ru
and dosed doors and whdows, which
made not the lightest dlwleuos After
sahour or two the plao oe easdtvi
bating, ad a lamp sa a ple a books
as table took up the sam motion ad
hpt itup a ll day ad a t aet y.
Since them, a week 4 the looking
gleu attached to her bares h swayed
slightly at intervals The movemant is
light, but saolent to i be planly seen,
ad in the cae ad the m r the objects
redeotd seem to dne lightly up and
down as a commeaause t its motlo.
The house ad street an whih It is sit
usted in a saubrbam town were abs.
lately quiet when the movements begam,
and there was no visible aor oouaeotur
able aose for the phenomena, ad the
younag woman argues, ant nreasona
bly, that there is noomonjetrable reason
for a spirit to jiggle the furnitur. But
the facts remain, and ots ae stubbern
thinga-Philadelphia Praes
The Ohio senator is three years older
than Webster was when he made his
last notable oratorical efort, the "sevr
enth of March" spech and iLs thre
months older than the great expounder
was at his death. He is mre than thee
years older than was Calhoun when the
great South Carolinian addresed the
enate for the last time Clay was the
oldest of the great trianmvrate, but
when he spoke to the senate for the Ult
time his age was only two years gpter
than Sherman's.
Undoubtedly Sherman will best this
ecord. It is now almost 40 years sice
the distinguished Ohioan was rest
chosen to ongress, and his present term
extends nearly five years laonger. He has
been in public omoe more years than
Clay, although the latter's career from
his rst entrance into political lie ntil
his exit, counting the dferent periods
in which he was in retlrement, covered
a longer time than Sherman's service.
Baltimore American.
Da-.se Bomes.
To the lovers of strange goods the be
sars of Damascus are far more alluring
than those of Cairo and Constantinople.
The capacious chbests of the merchants
contain mauch that we would buy were
eour purses longer. Old embroideries of
wonderfhl colors, delate ohins, dlh
of many hue, swords o acning work
manship-all these e piled b aise mon
the boor. It is but saids- that a seal)l
smood eamen of the D--m swrd
mid empsraiag jail fit I
swrwere=as wi - ltl d
iron sed shelso r*. b Y rM
the blade would biro
out bheaklng with - S6
ao oost d si mal eall
Koslem wsh ~ uab --*^
med his sword !eta hiný ýI-ý
Good Wor.
lam mey intuuik'q shw0 ti
wlw1uig eeaoliy tubn gWS'
the Kabul iver at 'T1'hL
%Mth DCO. fin euy.
bem pmotlolag Sthub h a 1m
tank in thelr H s. i vs
er tara Oft als
owe sgtadrat, rlr ?t~*
rspr, aeoooeeasd
bup -maW boat
bunw laW the w1at_ )bI
.emmd M Is w ,
In th wirs oth..
able from fes ows
mdm . mi - r
The,. hu0beet.
thu i~ in th pmu
er e p~d :
i" the bet eores
-spas with 1 4UM
ausber - bm
Amrler, mdl
bC the AmCalL
ualmal tle
have been 113.446
In 1t~mt 1
weait with p
Nomed W a
I tmaw t
sodeataai.yl7 a
atibutad it atl
whim a swell y
I ---
thoes awfu slatk a
over my fee..
As -s u I
winaaalwm I loehel. 01 14
The ddq wadsdae ý.I
.tow heated city, .spaI wwl
led the waonm blew ' ltsi
felt reaer or lk wl
and a sar te !
Neerchoe he r" i 1i
home in maiming mSA=
feathere-New Ytub mI= L
Wwh se Uaag Taba
Maiwachusetto wyme em vets
they choom for membe ci the Lebal
shool boards. Som ae a. a tae
do not, and so- e nvaersos why
some od the ladle do not as
vo. A young bride who ns been lit.
lug only a few months sa mu am
ufaturing tow in the Uw sae wasY
.elted sad delighti wh told she
might vote. She hbd livd i Rhode re
land, where no suha pellvpi revaile.
It happened, though, thS although
young, she was still a eea et months
older than her hasbam4 ea wbhm, with
a pretty air ot impersms she went to
the registry office she was 4d fouded
when she was formally aledt her age.
"But I want to vote.-jM voete" she
"But, my dear Mrs. b-." aid the
registry clerk-who wasu i her has
band's employ-"all the laes do, and
why should you cae of all ladsP'
"Well, I won't. So t.se" and sbe
uattered indignantly aew. Ner hbs
band told me this to4 with great de
light, which I thought shabby of him.
-New York Press
The .amtisky 7agt et. Wem
Mrs. . . MoPheseom, wife cof cr
town marshal, was pisang the skirt of
a wood a few days ago and was ona
frooted by a rattlemake Immediately In
her pathway. His miaship lastiate-v
ly gave the usual signal warming with
his rattles, coiled himrnelf -p and ele
vated his head preparatory t batt"
The brave little woman, lstead of
sareaming like a wildeat and fainting
away, as many wome do when they
see a mouse on the ooar, selsed the ant
weapon sha could lay her hands and
opened the battle and soon dipatichad
the brute. She then delibeaely took
out her pocketknife, ad as deste.o.ly
as a skilled hunter would skin a deer
took of his hide and brought it home
with her and stuffed it with bran, and
now has it on exhibition at her rea
dance. The snake was of the yellow ape
les, measured nearly 5 feet in length
and had nine rattls and a batten-Ha
sel Oreen (K.) Herald

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