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HELENA, MONT., SEPT. 17, 1894.
We certify that this edition consists of
2,000 COPIES.
Per/. P. Ball, Jr.,
Editor and Marsger.
VnaxoNT got there in good shape.
ARKANSAs went democratic. Score
this, gentlemen on the other side.
The Missoulian ranks among the
bhet and newsiest dailies in the coun
try. Brother Boos knows how to suc
cessfully run a paper.
Elsewhere will be found an interest
ing letter from Mr. R. B. Brook, one
of the leading colored citisens of Bill
ings. We hope to hear from him and
his lively community often. He kind
ly forwards his subscription for the
campaign editlon.
Tan democratic party of the nation
Is quaing in its boots. And well may
it. During its short lease of power it
has wrought ruin and destruction over
the length and breadth of this fair
laud, At the earliest opportunity the
people will turn down the party of
false premises and reinstate the party
that the nation will again love, honor
and maintain in power.
A democratic president and demo
cratic congress have been running the
government for eighteen months, dur
lag which time little else has been
resang. Industry has practically
bas stepped. Labor has found little
eplsymst, and when employed It
has beet at greatly reduced wages.
-uth government and people have
bee rnnig n debt. The total losses
to the country, its business, property
and wages, are beyon human calec
lates.-.ov. McEinley.
Wasre rumsi this paper at a los
simply becase the frienads of the
cane we represent are indiueret.
We have edeavored to make it read*
abe sad efective-to what extent we
have succeeded Is left to others to
w udlgment. Our eciency, how
evr, has baee smewhatlmpared be
ame mach of our tim has been ab.
ebrked rutling around to gather
ready cash (not promises) for our
priates. Recently we approached a
gentleman who has a healthy beak
acce.at and also couslderable Helena
real estate. We stated our case, ex
platned our aeed of ready cash, ad
asked him for cash assistance. We
wero t down on by him in a most
summary manner. 8aid he, "Are you
net a holder of comlderable Helena
real estate Won't the keepling of
the capital herepsedt you several
thousand dollars? Will not the loss
of the capital make. worth so
many thousand dollars less because of
the depreciation of value resulting
therefrom? What's the matter with
yo bearing the burden of the O -s
s yourself even if you do have to
go in debt to do lt? This iso time to
slk or shirk duty." That's just the
paint we make. "This is no time to
sulk or shirk duty." The contest for
the capital will be hotly conteaded
and the signs point to but a small ma
joerity either one way or the other.
Therefore let the several hundred
colored voters of this state be looked
after. They will be the balance of
power. A hint to the wise is suM
M5 M IM1 INM .
The nomination by the recent re
publican county convention of J. P.
Dall, Br., for the position of coroner
of Lewis and Clarke county is evi
dence proof positive of a growing di
position on a the part of the republican
party at least, to obliterate the color
line in selecting nominees for the suf
frage of the voters of this county.
This s indeed gratifying and encour
aging and it argues well for the fu
ture. The disposition to ignore the
colored citisens grows less and lees as
time rolls on, and the time is near at
band when he shall be accorded the
tull ad just recognition to which he
is entitled. We regret that Mr.
Ball's business Interests will not per
mit him to accept the protered nem
inaties, which we ar asured would
resut in his triumphant election, yet
the princile of recognition has been
accorded by our political friends,
which isa step forward and Inthe
eaht deectlse.
There is a studied effort on the part
of the paid emissaries of Anaconda to
engender among the colored citizens
of this state a prejudice against Hel
ena by working upon race passions.
We hope our people will be slow to
pass judgment and that in no event
do so until after proper investigation.
The claim that Anaconda carries the
colored vote of this state in its side
pocket is a serious reflection upon the
intelligence and independence of our
people and should be resented in
terms emphatic and unmistakable.
Outside of a few noisy, unrepresenta
tive, dollar a-day-and-drinks hire
lings, very few colored people are
making any fuss over the capital
question. It is a mrtter that de
mands little attention on their part,
for it's a simple proposition which of
the two aspirants is best fitted for the
permanent capital city. And as this
is a matter that should be determined
by cool, impartial judgment rather
than by prejudiced passion, it will
cause the citizens of Helena no con
cern, for the colored citizen may al
ways be counted on the side of wis
dom and justice. The careful ob
server will note the class of men
few in number but loud in mouth
who go hither and thither sawing the
air and befouling it with falsehoods,
made to order to fit the occasion.
These men call for nothing save their
dollar a day and whisky, and their in
fluence with the people goes for
naught. When the time comes a very
large majority of the colored voters
of this state will quietly go to the
polls, scratch out Anaconda, put a
cross opposite to Helena so as to be
doubly sure and then as quietly go
home, leaving the hirelings to do the
After one has been nominated for
an offclal position It is natural that
be should have showered on him con
gratulations and whispers of "you are
the strongest man that could have
been selected and your election is al
ready assured'" These empty adula
tions come always from friends, ad
alrers or would-be beneficiaries.
They carry no weight. Nay, they are
detrimental. For ere long this ob
scure citimse who has been rushed into
prominence by a streak of luck or
otherwise commences to inflate his
own importance and strength which
he soon has so magnified that he
grows arrogant, self-defiant and dic
tatorial. Quoth he, "Am I not invul
aerable ? Who dare oppose me ? Am
1 not the cynosure of all eyes? Why
need I rustle for votes? My elec
tio is already assured." This
is the man most easily downed. The
man who would win must rustle, and
rustle hard at that, for adversaries
are ever striving to put the rollers
under self-supposed assured success.
Beware young man l
FI ID 1i1 111 i ll r W
We have an element in our boey
politic that is ever on the watch and
lookout for whatever is "free" Any
thing that's free is popular and catchy
and the rabble are ever ready to rush
hither and partake thereot. A free
lunch placard acts as a magnet and
he will scramble to be Arat in the
gratis feast whootherwise would stand
abashed and wavering on the thresh
held of a ten cent cafe. So fid we
this same human weakness among the
brawn and brain of our land. The
same Impulsive and self-propelling in
stinct that causes the hungry tramp
to rush in and partake of a free lunch
reardless of the cleanliness anad the
ceasequent after results, beckoned
and inveigled, syren like, the sturdy
husbandman to take an abdomen full
of free wool. The after result of
nausea followe of course ; the stom
ach rebelled, as might be expected,
and now the American wool interets
are in the throes of a violent par
The up-to-date editor strives to
furnish his readers with fresh, home
made editorials. He should discuss
matters pertinent and apropos. He
should present live matters of inter
est. He should not presume upen the
leniency of those who patronise his
paper. He should not ask his patrons
to forbear with his paucity of brain
power. He should gather his scat
tered energies at least once a week
and give his Sabbath stay-at-home
readers some food for thought and
meditation. But is this the case with
many of our leading papers that are
ever effervescent with self adulation?
A host of witnesses can but answer
nay. There is urgency for demand
on the part of the public of areform
in this direction. Let the editor
who is so blatant for reforms of all
kinds in his poorly written and
thought-bare editorials, reform him
self and resolve to heanceforth give
his aaditor a few well arranged
thoughts that are home-made at
east though otherwise scanty.
navy, psr dissertatlens by learned
and thesretical cales asuitesmsss.a
obtuse and uninteresting papers by
renowned men of the profession fur
nish but a poor excuse for editorial
matter and cannot be palmed ol,
therefor, even though placed in the
customary columns usually allotted
to such matters. The public is ex"
acting and wants its pound every day,
and the demand should be complied
with. True, to do so, ye editor may
have to cudgel his dull brain or gaze
starward wistfully for a few wanted
ideas, or get down to real drudgery
and work up something acceptable.
But what care the public for these
hardships? Are not editors supposed
to be workers? Are they not rated as
men of supposed brains? Is it not de.
manded that they should give a quid
pro qus for their salaries? Them
let us reform and resolve to do our
duty in the futnre.
Insanity is generally pie tded where
no other defense lies. The campaign
of prejudice and falsehoods is a like
desperate expedient. A strong ef
fort is being made by the adroit and
skillful Anaconda management to
tincture the colored citizens of this
state against Helena on the ground
that it is a city so imbued with prej
udice against colored people that life
here is unbearable. 'rom week to
week we have produced short sketches
of a few of our leading colored citi
zens, which should be convincing to
the average fair-minded judge that
our people are faring well in this city,
and that they are not only employed
to a ma" in steady, lucrative business,
but have also been so favored that
they have accumulated much valua
ble real estate and so on. The only
argument adduced so far against
Helena is that colored people are
barred from some of the saloons and
restaurants. However, no specific
charges are made as to what places
are included in this vague indictment.
We have talked with a number of our
leading colored citizens and they are
unanimous in their condemnation of
the groundless falsehoods that are
being spread broadcast by the Ana
conda management. True there are
several low dives in this city that are
so impregnated with colorphobia that
probably in order to show their race
rancor a colored man might probably
be refused service, but they are In.
variably short-horse whisky shops or
ten-cent hash houses. Our colored
citiseas have their own homes and gen
erally eat there, but when they do eat
out they select a decent place, either
kept by whites or their own color, and
they invariably receive courteous at
tention. This same treatment is Ac"
corded to every decent colored man
who may come here from abroad.
True there are disreputable charac
ters, both white and colored, who
tramp in here and who should not be
received either in decent society or
respectable places of public accom
modation. Against such the line of
demarkation is drawn, but not on the
color basis. We trust our colored
friends thros:hout the state will not
allow themselves to be led astray by
designing and unscrupulous men who
are low enough and so indifferent as
to frankly acknowledge after elec
tion that they were hired simply to
get votes for Anaconda.
It's amusing to note how tenderly
we are handled by some of our ex
changes who deign to notice us at all.
It's probably new business with many
of the novices who have been called
on by professional courtesy to com.
meat on Tan CirrITz's appearance.
From the labored and studied effort,
the changed, interlined and corrected
copy, it would appear that the per
functory duty of giving us a passing
mention had puzzled the enervated
brain of the perhaps some day to-be
editor. We always feel charitably
disposed towards this class of weak
kneed brethren who are short on
moral stamina and force of character
and who are afraid to pen a frank ex
pression of opinion when the color or
race question is involved and who, in
stead thereof, go chasing around to
And a beam of reflected public opin.
ion to harbor themselves
While we do not advocate the clos
ure of the voice of a minister of the
Gospel in matters public, yet we
think when he allows himself to be
drawn into the vortex of the political
pot and mixes up with the unsavory
elements that babble to the surface
that his usefulness I, treatly im
paired, If not totally destroyed. Pol
itics and religion don't mix any more
than do oil and water. The divine
who dabbles in Montana politics espe
clally the Anaconda part of it is
totally unkeltered religiously and it
will oaly be a question of a short sme
before he will forget the Osaman .
mets and the laod's prayer. The
Gopel path Is faliof the corpss of
sietracked divnes decopy. from the
path of duty by the sedactive peliti.
cal phateom of promised leaves and
His Baies laissta will at Allw hi. is
lnks the Ber fir Curier.
Hr will ake Fhlgrdps lutsad of Held
lmg laquests.
HELENA, Mont., Sept. 12, 1804.
To the chairman and members of
the Republican central committee of
the county of Lewis and Clarke, state
of Montana :
GENTLEMEN :--Permit me to tender
my resignation as nominee for coro
ner. With a deep feeling of gratitude
to my many friends in the late Repub
lican county convention, who pre
sented my name and who selected me
by such a handsome majority for the
responsible position of coroner, for the
unsought honor conferred and for the
political recognition accorded my peo
ple, who feel flattered thereat, I re
luctantly tender my resignation. It
is due to you, as delegated representa
tives of the late convention, to inform
you that it is no lack of appreciation
of the honors conferred upon me in
dividually and as a representative of
my people, that impels me to take
this course. My business interests are
such that they would be greatly jeop
ardized, were I to accept the nomina
tion. Besides, my advanced age pre
cludes my fully performing the ardu
ous duties of the position. Believing
that these causes are good and suffi
clent and that my party and you gen
tlemen will concur with me, I very
respectfully remain, with best wishes
for the success of the party.
J. P. BALL, Sr.
like Yaeep e WoaM Nid Us.
The EumepmuIe ltkes.
In the name of decency; out of love
for those who have gone before, ne'r
to return again; as a mark of respect
to the martyred Lincoln; for the sake
of our wives, children and relatives,
let us not disgrace ourselves, humili
ate our friends at home and abroad,
or bring down on ourselves the con
demnation, derision and scorn of the
good citisens of the whole country,
irrespective of race, by making cats
paws of ourselves to further the sin
ister designs and promote the selish
interests of Marcus Daly. His fertile
brain has conceived the idea of herd
ing us together somewhere and some
how for the purpose of influencing us
in behalf of Anaconda. A bright
idea dawned upon his ingenious brain
and the thought struck him that the
"Emancipation Racket" was just the
thing to make the colored brother
swallow bait, hook and all. With
this idea in shape the next step was
to put it in execution and the follow
ing will explain the second step:
"BUT'rr, Sept. 1.-Thecolored people
of Butte held a largely attended
meeting at the A. M. L. church to
night and decided to celebrate Eman
cipation day in a glorious way.
The celebration will be held at An
aconda and an Invitation will be ex
tended to the colored people all over
the state to participate. Prominent
and eloquent speakers will be secured
for the occasion, and no pains will be
spared to make the celebration a
great success and a most enjoyable
A feature of the day will be a ball
game, to which the colored club of
Butte has issued a challenge to the
clubn of BHelena ad Anaconda. The
date for the celebration will be an
nounced in a day or two. It was
originally intended to hold it on Sun
day, but it was decided to-night to
put it of a day or so"
On the heels of this there bobs up
in Helena, and later on likewise will
in other towns, a very nice, well kept
sad smooth talking gentleman, wo
very modestly informs yeou that the
colored people of Butte are gong to
give a grand Emancipation celebra
tion Sept. 54, at Anaconda, and that
you are invited to attend. Upon i
quiring uas to wLat the fare and ex
pewse will amounat to you are In.
formed that all expenses will be pai
by the colored people of Butte.
There's where the cat is let out of the
bag. The whole scheme unfolds it
iA cmagI me m Ear h
As the Cmria has oft repeated,
there are no strings on us. We are
running a paper devoted to the later
eat and welfare of our people. We
shall applaud what of good is doas
them, and condema all that is bad.
We shall be with thbo who are oar
frienda and have so demonstrated it,
and we shall be agalnst those who are
unfriendly to oar people. We wear a.
uumle and will therefore speak oar
oplates. We shall always endeavor
to be actuated by the right and what
s to er laterees as a people. We
will defend sa parse or thing n.
friale to ar eed. We will a
tagonize whatever is detrimental to
our people. We will investigate
wrongs or indignities imposed upon
our people. We will forsake professed
friends when we become convinced
that such friendship is only fictitious
and is reluctantly extended to our
people solely for the purpose of ac
complishing an end political or other
wise. We shall cultivate and gravi
tate to persons, places and things
friendly to our people in word, action
and deed and that are free trom preju
dice and race rancor, and that will
accord us all the rights, privileges
and immunities extsnded to American
citizens. We are determined to stand
by our peopl--their troubles are ours
also. A single privilege withheld on
account of race or color makes the
fight ours and we will make public
battle through our columns against
persons, place or thing so offending.
Grut Fall asIdm s the Crst.
A va., concourse of citizens good
and true and so numerous that the
capacious court room at Great Fall.
was wholly inadequate, gathered last
Tuesday in and about the court house
of that city. A more earnest, enthu
siastic and determined assembly of
citizens has not been seen in the
state. Eloquent, fiery, and convince
ing addresses were made by leading
citizens and such a frenzasy of enthusi'
am was aroused as would put tc
flight and abash the most ardent and
brazen Anaconda striker. A Capital
club was formed and several hundred
names were eagerly enrolled. This le
only the beginning of a popular upris
ing that will swell and spread ove
the entire expanse of this state and
which will bury Anaconda under a
handsome majority November next.
The Mard WeV t 't1sem With th
Mald Ct.
We frankly admit that the Ana.
conda Standard is the best paper pub.
li4hed in the state, and that Mr. Dali
deserves unstinted praise for his ea
terprise. Such being the case the
OCImsN was eager to have access tc
its valuable columns in order to gel
the news of the day. So without de
lay we sent a bundle of papers over t.
our esteemed and highly valued con
temporary with a request to ex
change. Not having received the
coveted prise, immediately after the
second issue came from the press we
sent another lot of papers with an
other request to exchange. Still the
Standard cometh not to us. Not tc
be deprived of the news of the day,
we have been forced to dig deep is
our empty pockets-made especialli
so,trying to run this paper with prom.
lees from friends who give us kind,
soft, soothing words but not a dollas
cash-each and every day. This hi
evidently a case of colorphobla, ato
the 8tandard is lavish in its gener
oilfy and prides itself on being is
every sanctum as well as at ever
crossroad in the state. The Cimzr
knows it's a little of color and maj
not, because thereof, be just as ac
ceptable a visitor to the exchange
table of th. Standard as its fellow
contemporaries of the state, yet 11
must file a protest against having the
color line drawn against it, and the
Crrzsx in retaliation will ask and
demand that every colored man is
this state vote or work against Aas.
conda, even down to the paid Butte
strikers. We don't mean that the
strikers shall stop taking their Dali
tips, but that when the time comes
that they simply draw a peacit
through Anaconda and put a cross
to be sure, oppositeathe name of Hel
enat. This will be kicking back is
good shape. Our paper must be re
T7I MNALl £111.
We note with pleasure that the dif
ferences heretofore existing between
the Helena Herald and Typographical
Union No. 96, of this city, have been
amicably adjusted and that the union
has secured all it demanded. We
have been intimately comnected with
the printing fraternity since 16'6, and
we are glad to say that not one time
have we ever had a single disagree
meat with our typographical assist
ants. At best the pathway of life I
thorny enough, and it behooves us to
put in our idle time plucking Sower.
instead of puncturing each the other.
We congratulate the union upon its
victory and may all be peace here.
after, and may work multiply, type.
setting machines to the contrary not.
The Colored Cttisen is the latest
journalistic venture in Montana. It
is bright and newsy, is edited with
marked ability by J. P. Ball, Jr., anad
is the peer, if aet the superior, of
any of the "white" papers of the
state that have been engaged in Daly
ehllbltions of the Ilancial sIct.
tisa of the newspaper market is
mtas.Lc.-M eataJ.aer.
A Vigreo uad Active Campgn.
ieu. Henry C. Smitk, Chairma.
R. P. Hadena, Vke Chairiuu; Tlee. P. h
man, Trsueaw; Shaerwed .ele.
Snretary : F. L randl, AL an.
The members of the Republican
county central committee and the
several nominees assembled at the
city hail last Wednesday night for
the purpose of consultation and also
to effect an organization of the ccs.
tral committee. The attendance was
large and the utmost harmony and
enthusiasm prevailed. Temporary
organization was effected with Ron.
A. McMurpby as chairman and Fred.
Holroyd as secretary. After com-.
paring notes with a view to selecting
men to conduct the campaign who
should inspire confidence, infuse en
ergy and vigor in every detail of the
campaign and who had had practical
experience and demonstrated capac.
ity, Hon. Henry C. Smith, one of the
best political organizers in the party
fold, was unanimously selected chair.
man-Hon. R. P. Barden, than whom
there is no better known and more
popular leader and adroit campaigner
was likewise chosen vice-chairman.
Our popular young friend, Thomas P.
Bowman, was elected treasurer. The
important duties of secretary and as.
sistant were wisely delegated to tho-s
worthy and talented young gentlemen,
Messrs. Sherwood Wheaton and V. D.
Miracle. An executive committee
consisting of the above named gentle.
men, and Messrs. Gus Mahrt and Ges
A. Boyle of Helena, and Chas. P. Bry
of Kessler's and R. A. Wear of Mary,
ville, was chosen to manage the de.
tails of the campaign. With a corps
of officers and managers skilled and
versed in thq details of political war
fare as are the above gentlemen, the
candidates may feel assured that no
stone will remain unturned to further
their interest and roll up a handsoml
To the Uditor of Tmn Cas.om Cranu.
The past week has been both buy
and interesting to the people of Seat
tle and King county. There have bees
two county conventions held in the
city in the past week, the Republi
cans and Populists, before each o
which there was a colored aspirat
for nomination. Mr. I. P. Walker -
of our prominent young men was b
fore the Republican convention I
the nomination for constable, adl
Mr. A. A. Garner, one of the two cl
ored attorneys of this place was y
before the Populist Convention fio
the nomination of Justice of the
Peace. Neither, however, received
the nomination sought. In the County
nine colored delegates and in the
Populist Convention there was oe
colored delegate. The Democrats
have not yet had their county cos
vention, but I am told they will have
at least two colored delegates at this
convention which will be held in the
near future.
The Republican State Conventios
convenes at Spokane on the 19th inst.
King county has 88 delegates and a
like number of alternates, elected at
the county convention, seven of whom
are colored. The men going from
here are J. LE HZwkins and H. R
Cayton, editor of the Republican.
During the past week a large num
ber of our citizens have been to Taco
ma attending the annual conference
of tae A. ]. E church over which
Bishop B. P. Lee, D. D., presided.
The conference convened on the 8th
and inished on the 1Sth and there was
the usual exchange of parsons made.
Rev. J. A. Viney who has been sta
tloned here for the past year has been
sent to 8pokane and Rev. E. E. Mak
iell who was presiding elder over half
of the Puget Bounddistrict was gives
a charte at Portland as pastor.
The colored people refused to ac
cept a special day set apart by the
commissioners of the Interstate Fair
of Tacoma as Afro-American day
and held a meeting in Tacoma at
Chickering Hall last night and de
noonced the proposition.
SrAFLI . Wash.. .nt. IL
One of the new Montana publics
tionm is the COIoSND CrITEN, pul
lished at Helena in the interests C
the colored race of which, it is 5sai
there are more than two thousand i
the state. The Crr.rzt is a neatl
gotten up paper and is well filled wit
interesting informatton.-Big Tih
ber Pioneer.
That paper of yours is well gotte
up. I am much pleased with the edl
torials. That coroner's article pr'
seats the pper ew of the case. "
recent Butte case demostrates th
necessity of selecting a medical do
tor only for oromer. Come up as
get my card and some cash.-J.
Ktes- .

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