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Orlam IN N. MAmIN Strsr.
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O e Year ...... .................. ...........- ..........
Six Months.... ............................ ..... .. 1 0
Three M onths ................... .... -.. . .
Entered as second class matter September
Ist, IMS, at the Helena, Montana, Postoce.
HELENA, MONT., OCT. 1, 1804.
We artif Mael our total issue has
aggregated 9000 aves.
PerJ. P. Bali, Jr.,
Edibr sad MaXeer.
Every effort should be made and no
stone left unturned to elect a solid re
publcan legislative delegation from
"\ I county. It is a matter of na
tineal Importance compared with
which all else pales. It may be re
corded with certainty of fulfillment
that if the republicans of this county
fail to elect their eight nominees for
the lower house that their Is great
danger of the loss of the legl.lature
ao Joint ballot. Thereforf there should
be unity of action among the several
aspirants for msetorial honors who
shall be, until the caucus picks out a
faverite, e.ectant benedlclares.
The fact that the said half dmen ex
pectants are all men of astute polit
al acmen-adroilt and skilled party
leases-men of vast fertility of r
wu a-meln of nnching political
- Isll Ruer,1 tt-orsw~rhat
If they all pull right and pyll together
that seass will be amred. 1Unless
thew be gomplete aty of actieon I
weood n deaod the esult will be de
._a t cA n useqet less of the prise.
to bettor plan cosld be ftrmlast
i V those half do.en getlamt e
to get togetheran agree ypo a plas
of asotl In oeieting the legta
dae gnmpalgn, whie sheuie be dl
et as ea.ly as p~We from the
wftlabe for canty s. This part
of the easapaliga sheaId be conducted
with all the earasstnor and dignity
.1R dshu ams and a entreat
matessoet amesa Importance. We
- tt everyat
s*m Mattened te with a vie oof
snc and eery Momiea" This dome,
aetra tfrm Montaan will be repub.
Tedraw theeler lias mw les t f..
iamale, eaither Is it Americaa. Ti
lme that sle pee draw the saes
ees eww bmlmme will sr, les a f.Il
an week acme that Is mawerthy t
Sadvanud by say decent Amerlcas
siW s. It le the dut of tbhse wh
call themseves mea, American cit
s or vitallsd uautematam to mu
aue edrt t. brak dew. all M._l
d pe.a*de, regardless of whether a
Jsalbl te t or mad.. It le wetd
seaithlal to be mauy ual teo be wIt
c.inuo of delug the right thing
The writer hereu has begr n I prod.s
isal bulasem for years ad eaver I
a igle lastase has be draws the
oiler he, and be thak hbe shall
alwady preserve esuclet amuhoed to
me the ame course. Whether a
at be has let thereby cats mas grs
alaugle .1 hi ccloui - m- s haw
Sg de his duty to hIs fellow maa.
minam mmmm,
The scandal and corruptie. atteod.
at s the ammatorial contest of 'll
Is a teamch i the aestrUi of the
peeple of the whole coumtry. At
bhes the seeds of a pralclems prac.
tis were plauted. teadily have
they germinated, vutil their fruit is
ew apparent. Eceuraged by the
uccess attalaed lathe past, the man
agomeet of the Auacce4a compuny
have made up their miads to win over
the majrlty vote of the state, If a
comstmale percentage thereof have
to be purchase for a cosi4deratle
to accomplish the ed. This practice
sla vogue, it lsdiScult to surmise
where an whme it will ead, sad who
will escape the cootauinatiag ae
me thereof. The chldre eof today
will Imbibe the urruadings. Cau it
be hewe that they will escape the
ge.wral public demorallt tlu. preva.
l~an an, it be epected that they
will fbe uog eough to repel the
oen sucompasag them? N they
mscemsrlly will succumb sanl all vic
im to the debauched stato of alfals.
Thes. It devlves upm geedtp ctmmsmte
lemi the visni d deb shrlg
pastce that the Amaceeda cempeay
is endeavoring to engraft into the
politice of the state, by casting their
votes against the methods and prac
tices employed by said company. The
crucial test I* at hand and no honest
and self-respecting ian can falter.
The sanctity and purity of the ballot
is in jeopardy. The welfare and fu
ture reputation of our state are at
stake. The attempted effort to pur
chase a portion of the voters of this
state to secure the location of the
permanent seat of government at
Anaconda must be frustrated, and let
the flat go forth that the men of this
state cannot be debauched and
swerved from duty by the l1thy lucre
thrust forth by the polluted band of
the Anaconda company.
Would it not be more generous and
Christianlike of our fellow citisens to
size us up and estimate us on the basis
of our many good qualities and char
acteristics rather than by the rule
that seems to prevail? Why should
the disposition exist to rate us in toto
no higher than those among us who
do not even enjoy our own respect and
fellowship. Our citizens must com
mence to think more concerning this
matter, which is of suce vital im
portance to the better and more pro
gressive element of our people. We
enter no plea for social equality.
That is foreign to the matter in con
troversy. What we complain of is
the predisposition to class every one
of us no higher than those of us whom
we ourselves ostracise and refuse to
associate with. We do not ask access
to your social circles. We have our
own, and it, too, is barred agairst
those who are not acceptable from
our standpoint, and this prerequisite
Is not based on color, either. Our
plea Is for fair and Impartial treat
ment in place of public accommoda
tion, resort and the like. When we
are barred and no other defense can
be set up than that we are colored
AmericanL it is hih time that pub
lic sentiment should receive a purg
lag and the body politic be rid of the
surplus bile. Race prejudice against
us-who are more thoroughly Amer
icas than the vast unassalmlated po.
tien of our population who enjoy every
ht and privilege unstlnted-must
and vqry soon at that. We ask
for justice and fair play and our do
eands cannot be Ignored. Then let
eur people rise to the urgency and
gravity of the occasion and free
themselves from the lrklng color
pre]j that enslaves their man
co dwarfs their nobility of
as abiing faith ia the
-M and mnd judgment of the
public, especially when ab emergency
arises that calls for the amrtise
thresLm. Hence we feel that the sys
tematic and aggresive plans so
adroitly laid and skillfully manipn
lated to debauch by bribery and oth
ed this state will prove abortive.
Many mu there are this state
whse impecunous conditiom has rem.
dred the easy prey to the wiles and
craft of the Anaconda emimsaris.
Thes me are to be pitled, for they
re forced victim of debauchery. Yet
we do not lose our faith even in these
aseas. Unless constitutimally wroeg
their manhood will yet assert Itself
and the yoke of corruptioe will be
dumped at the earliest opportunity.
Public opinlon will and must be re
spected. The people seldom go, or al
low themselves to be led very far from
-the pathway of rectitude and dty,
and thereby lies the hope of the ult
timate survival and supremacy of the
right. The majority of the people of
this state neither approve, counte
aacea tolerate the campaign of
bribery that is being waged by the op
pomests of Helena in the capital coo
test. Hence we may oo look for a
rise t the public barometer, which
shall voice the snatiaet of the bst
elek ats of our body politic, and
which will i turn have its effect an
those who have strayd or feel In
clined to roam from the pathway of
rectitude and true clttiweship, Yes
sound public opinion will always purge
itself and cleanse its stomach when
The state is overrun with a horde of
hengry, cadaverous and unscrupulous
tramps with a superabundance of jaw
and a lack tf brains. These men
make themselvesceusplcuous by their
unceasingr and persistent celrs of
somthing to sell. Their goods gen
erally caUist of imaginary induoece
that they prois to have over this
thing or that peon. They some-
time have facts and Iurmns that
they think valuable and that they in
Ist sheuld be prchasei of them. The
public is wary, these times, and hap
pily for goed citines, they are slow
to encourage the siniter derign o
men prying around seeking whom
they my devour. Ilea of this clas
should be shunmmed and abbhrred.
Yea, they should be dealt with I a
me mary m.n ser and taught an
b. tleas that shoul requre s
time to Moser ram.
Lack of Kthbuasm ueptl r hnrvt..
The democratic party of Lewis and
Clarke county assembled in conven
tion last Monday and nominated a
ticket especially strong in spots.
There was a lack of warmth and en
thusiasm, and attendance from the
outlying precincts that was striking
ly manifest. The proceedings, how
ever, were harmonious, and the work
of the convention was expeditiously
rushed through to campletion. It was
apparent that many of those who, in
the good old days of the party had
filled the air with their overflowing
lung power and party yell, had be
taken themselves to new fields where
their ardent spirits could find where
of to feast. We do not predict the
slaughter of the whole ticket, but
the chances are that a very large
portion thereof will be gently laid
away for future use.
"WIAIfl i A llaki"
Il3. & Curh br uegruen.
The democratic party of this state
has met, nominated a ticket and
adjourned. The balance will be re
corded later on. The proceedings
were apparently harmonious and as
enthusiastic as could be expected
under the prevailing condition of af
fairs. A succession of defeats and
adversities has educated them to hollo
loudest when most scared. And that's
about the way things stand 'n the
democratic camp. Were it not -for
the miserable failure the national
democratic party makes when in
power and the desire to down it anad
get rid of it, it occurs to us that little
difference would be made who repre
sents Montana in our natientl legisla
ture. Smith, Hartman and Oorbett
all good names. Oorbett might
eaoy some prestige or notoriety for a
time, but he would soon be lost and
forgotten ia the crowd. Smith might
be wined and dned fora time by his
populist frleads, but he. too, would
soon be absorbed and relegated to the
commissary department Hartman
has gained some notoriety on account
of his perseoality, but whether like a
rocket he has lashed to be semeor
heard of no more s unknown, and
perhaps never will be. After all It
a bowl, a yell and a scramble for h
emolumets, pleasure and poliical
prestige attached to the petlos ~td
whoever gets there r1ll do a ll he
to babsesle the dearpeeple, a
showing to the-wean and lay the pies
for re-electiom. Be let the people
less no sleep, nor yell themselves
ouse trying to send a farvmrite to
congress, for there good mea get ln
diferent-ndliferent ones get bd,
and bad oes get worse. o hurtak
for the fellow who can pull the wool
over the most eves.
1k1t "" I"
Our citlYaes pride themselves that
there is ao color lime drawnla Helena.
There should nt be allowed a sea
blaace or vllrg of this malady to
exist here. Our citinse are too pro
greslve and liberal to tolerate for a
moment the germ, even, at a pestil
eace so foul uad n-Americaa. Yet,
now and then we can hear whisper.
that t or this o that one draws the col
line, yet it Is hard to draw the matter
to a satisfactory focus when the truth
or falsty thereof L sought. We p.
peal to our citinens to look well inte
this matter that we may place ero.
selves abreast of the moat liberal and
progressive cites of oour state. Color
phobia surely does not exist In the
lrngr and more progressive cities ao
the state, and It must not exist here,
for Helena, If anything, is always in
the vas of the procession of progress
and reform.
Id Idb MK lad Mek in.
The citinus of Helena have been
deluding themselves, or perhaps have
allowed themselves to be deluded. Be
this as t' may, there must be some
speedy uanfoing o hads, pulling oa
cots and getting dew tee square bd
- if It Is seriously intended to sec
ces.nlly compete for the permanent
capital. The capital committee Is
doing moseet ective work, but It It al
ready overtaxed and came single
handed, without the aid and co-op
ratios af our citisans, cope with the
nanumerable details reqgning careful
attention. We must shake o oer
lethargy, revitalise erselves and
each and every on as smt In win
aing the pending battle. Our lght
must be one of argument, facts and
"garea Our case mat be decided by
the good citlUaeas aOf the state. We
shall not try to buy anyee. The
gravity of the situaties demans that
ar gued citlas make a Pght to
the mid. as to whether a majority of
the vtem of this state a true adL
go oltissus whose vetssshnl be cant
acoesuing to the best satrets et the
state, or whether a corrupt corpora
tion shall be able to bribe, debauch
and purchase a majority of the elect
ors and freemen and put us on record
as a cesspool of corruption. The
question that presents itself is a grave
one and calls for the earnest and
united efforts of all good citizens to
demonstrate whether we are not, or
are a commonwealth that is for sale
to the highest bidder.
There is a class of colored men who
go hither and thither pawing the
ground and sawing the air because
the color line is drawn against them
by some whisky shop or what not.
Follow these same men to their shops
and you will fnd to your humiliation
ahd disgust that they (ever blatant,
mouthy and indignant when they are
the victim) are thelfirst and foremost
to draw the color line against their
own people, and that, too, no matter
how respectable or gentlemanly, and
that they will not only refuse to
serve them, but will boast in public
thereof. Men of their class should be
bi anded, and when they go about de
manding from others what they them
selves refuse to accord, they should
not only be refused accommodation,
but they should be ejected. Men of
this class should inrst extract the
beam from self before hunting for the
mote In others. They should first put
their own househo:d la order before
looking after that of others.
We hope our people throughout the
state will jealously guard and preserve
the reputation they have so deservedly
earned of taking and adopting the
practical, sensible and right side of
public lssues. We are satisfied that
every sensible colored man in the
state will concede without argument
that as between Helena and Ana
conda for the permanent capital the
latter town Isn't "an it." That being
the only natural decision, we slncerely
hope that every colored man will
spurn with indignation, and even force
of arms if need be, any effort that
may be made to change or bias his
oplinia or warp his judgment by the
promise or offer of boodle. Let not
the charge of our enemies be verified
that we are purchasable. Take a
stand for the right and let not the de
bas and corrupting influences of
our insidious enemy swerve you from
the right. Our manhood should ever
be precious to s, sad what we have
gained letus not ow lose. But tothe
coetr let be true men whese
-riinta ial evere weam tt re
1 3M3 ?. UWIiat
Mr. P. Bartell had a hard time
while la Helena. He couldn't get hil
boots blacked and he couldn't get any
whisky. That's what he told the pub
Ulcln a letter written to the 8tandard.
Mr. Bartell certainly dserved better
tratment, and the fact that he was
known and spotted as an Anaconda
striker probably accounts for the lack
of heospitality shown this distingluished
visiting statesman In this particnlai
case. Mr. Bartell does not say that
he tendered the bootblacks extra
compensatioa for the treatmet of
the unusual territorial dimenseons of
his pedal,o we have to Infer hi the
abseasm thereof that It was a strike
for higherfees rather than a case of
color line. If Mr. T. J. Cronin, or any
other saloon keeper, refused Mr. Bar
tell a drink of whisky they should be
very severely handled by the public,
for wheneveran out of town man once
tastes the high grade liquors such as
are dispensed only by Helena men,
they who taste thereof never rest n
ril they become resldents of our city.
We assure Mr. Bartell that on bhis
next trip to Helena that he shall
have his shoes shined, and we will see
that Mr. T. J. Cronin sets 'em up with
his own hand.
A VIB 818 W C#IC.
The Anaconda Staudard of Septem
ber Md contains an article headed
"OCnese have the calL A colored
man stands no show to get a job in
Helena," ad signed "A Colred Voter
and Taxpayer" of Helena. This
writer knows that he is giving pub.
licity to a bare-faced falsehood. The
fact that colored men have almost a
monopoly in this city of the jobs this
colicy scribe says they stand no show
to get is a reutatioen of his false al1
leations that any man can verify.
It i true that no Irm or family here
will retaln a colored man simply be
cause he is a colored man if he Lsin.
competent, don't faithfully attend to
his bsnemor swills too much whisky,
as this voter has probably done. It
has come to pas that every time
some celered man hatches up a grier
"ce or wants a stake he write a let
ter to the Standard. These letters
command a price, and hece we are
not srpried at their frequency. It
s a matter of rumor that the beds
here a working the gam for all It
Is th, andl that in the precession
these selusame me wim do the ed
M hMrralag for Helena for the cap
AS A lill AT TIE A.TI,.
Mmdie Iekle, the Qeeas .a the Ibl ia.
The Pople Oily Waiting to Il re the
lim of Approval.
Fair and beautiful, pure and snp.t
less as the driven snow, bedecked witU
jewels becoming and honestly ac
quired, unsurpassed in comeliness and
grace, serene and angelic, winsome
and affable, hospitable and noble
stands Helena, the Queen of the
Rockies. With eyes beaming with
confidence and gladness, confiding in
the uprightness, purity and manliness
of the electors of this state to do
their duty, reposing the utmost con
fidence in the integrity of its citizens,
implicitly relying upon the true and
tried manhood of its broad minded,
unflinchable and patriotic citizens
in the hour of stern duty, she patient
ly and confidently awaits the ides of
November when she shall be clothed
with the habiliments of permanent
capitalhood by a large and unmistak
able majority of the citizens of this
glorious commonwealth. Then will
the people of this state with joyous
acclaim imprint the kiss of approval
on the ruddy and pouting lips of Hel
ena the fair, and ever shall she be
loved, honored and revered by all who
hold dear, virtue, fairness and true
womanhuoo. Then shall the union
between Helena the beautiful and the
commonwealth of Montana receive
the unanimous sanction of all good,
honest, pure and true-hearted citi.
zens, and each and all shall ever vie
In the future to make the well chosen
alliance one of happinoess content
meat, pleasure and profit, and may
the result of the league be a common
wealth wreathed in a perpetual broad
smile of prosperity, plenty and hap
iUll Jflhti
hd Wark aII a bamy fal njiud.
The nominations have all been made
and issue is now joined. From now
till election much hard work is ahead
and to assure success there must be a
united and steady pull by each and
every interested party. The republi'
cans of this county have selected a
strong and winning ticket, excepting
one or two nominees, who are not up
to the standard demanded by the
voters who generally elect the suc
cessful candidates. This, however,
is a matter of small and if
perchance two or men Of
ik - uw he ticket and
the electors feel t below grade,
let them be slaugh red and their
fate will serve as a warning in the
future. There is no doubt that the
republicans could elect every oeBer
In the county year in and out, if the
proper nominees, who are quite uo
merous within the folds of the party,
were selected. But, in the confusion
and scramble some objectionable and
weak brothers geierily steal in, and
it is for this class that the discrim
mating and independent renublicas
voters go agunning.
oII m IP T-l- vin I mWI
And now comes another one-he
calls himself "A Colored Citizen"
and his letter is in the Standard, ai
usual. Amount received therefor nol
known. He says: "There is not a
first class eating house or hotel in thi
town (Helena) where a negro can gel
accommodation." This is a frilled
falsehood,and the writer knows it. The
r1imnm made the rounds of this city
a few days ago, and asked the pro
prietor and managers of our leadini
hotels and eating houses this question
"Do you make any discrimination u
account of color in conducting yoni
business "' In every instance he wai
answered I. substance that they nevel
have and do not do so now. These ae
facts, and it is true that no gentle
manly colored man will be refused
accommodation at our fret class eat
ing houses or hotels, or In fact an.
other place of public resort in the
city. The places referred to do nal
accommodate tramps, vagabonds a
disreputable characters no matter
what may be their color. The fact a
being a negro will not of Itself entitle
the "Colored Citizen" who wrote tbh
above referred to letter to decent
treatment in any Arst clas place 1i
Helena if he comes under the clas
of tramp, vagabond or disreputabl
character, either or all of which wil
probably cover his case.
Vol. 1, No. 1, of the Coomma Crn.
we, published at Helena, Montana,
and edited by J. P. Ball, has reached
this oece. It is a six column folio
its columns are well lled with choice
reading matter and should rearl
the hearty support of every race.
UIke all other good newspapers who d
not uphold oemema power, but has
the interests of the people Ia general
.at heart, the Cream s iret, last and
aln the time for Helena for the per
maneat capital.-Havre Advertiser.
( iB. m mw 4
saw- . a ..M /. Ie.. m
I*can ss A s M w s"PI.
Awswe r Ilth dfl Chul and '
After a ticket has been nominlar
there will always be found some men
who are willing, yea, even anxiu
that the sinews of war shall be (
nished and the hard work of run
and conducting the campaign shall e
performed by some other fellor
'"his clam of men will skulk in t4.
c,oak room when the roll is called;
they will play hide and seek and e;.
ploy every known subterfuge to dodge
and evade duty; they can't be foga
when needed; they are ever willing ti
accept, but give they never.
noble patriots will stand supinely
and see their fellow nominees be~
the heat and burden of the day, and
when the battle is won, then co-m
there gallant home guards, with
sword in hand and with lusty yell,to,.
van. None will be louder in thudl
hurrahs; none will be more blatan
and aelf-laudatory; none will be m-g
anxious to tell how his mighty for.e
were unceasingly employed to brli
about the happy result. This clamss
men should be held up at the start
and made to perform their duty.
Bring them to taw or leave them at
dles lewds a Ivhe DIlly Paper.
The citisens of Helena were sadly
disappointed last Thursday when thwe
searched our dailies in vain for a fall
and detailed report of the eloqgam
and admirable speeches delivered at
the auditorium last Wednesday utiht
by the several distinguished speakes
of that evening. It is generally ce
ceded that their efforts embolid
many points, facts and figures that
should be known by the peole
throughout the state, and many
listener on that memorable night had
Armly resolved to send several cap(
of the speeches to friends in the sats.
One of the meanest things our as.
mies can truthfully say of us lath
our daily papers are poor excuse I
the live and metropolitan city the
we claim to be. In this respects
are decidedly in the rear of the .
cession, and should we lose the c-*
tal we shall have unet cause to attdi
ute our defeat to the lack of eate.
prise of our daily papers.
Til ANAIDBA iict1niu.
Iam ieThird or w P w
·- ~ - ~'·~Y;·l
About one hundred and Bel.es
colored ctlisuea, of whom one hunarel
and ten were ladles and children, at.
tended the free excursion to Am.
ecoda last Monday. At Butte me
hundred and seveaty -ros*srsasl.
It was expected that quite a larig
number from Great Falls, Miessala,
Boeeman, Billiang, Uvingsto sl
several other cities would attend, bit
only about four materialised frs
these places. Thlday was very s
joyably spent at Anaconda, whose cit
iseaeextended every courtesy to their
guests. Nothing was too good lr
them and the keys of the city waf
for the time turned over to the e
cursiosists. Nothing occurred to nar
the pleasure of the trip, and every
one voted the affair a grand succs.
The trip was enlivened with excellat
music by Prof. Cole's band of sixtea
pieces. The excursionists arrived
home Tuesday morning, tired, 'tib
true, but well repaid for their trip.
Ovwr Uw l ElkMe CMtUl AIt
T Capihal Clea Te hetrr i
When the citisees of Helena ret
aroused they are a force. Until Ir
cently. It must have occurred to a
large majority of our citizens that
the people of the state were gold. tl
thrust the permanent seat of govsr
meat upon Helena whether or lt.
This idea is now dispelled and theY
have now made up their minds that it
will be necessary to do some rustlil.
to gain the prise. Hence the larg
enthusiastic and earnest assembla.e
of citisens that crowded every avail
able foot of space of the auditoril
last Wednesday night. The meetial
was presided over by Ex-Gov. s. T
Hauser. Pointed, earnest and -inpir
ing speeches were made by Mayor _
D. Weed, Et-Senator W. F. Salnde
Hon. N. W. McConnell, Hon. Marth
McGinnis, E. A. Carleton, W. E. Cal
lea, Col. pa. Word and Hon. T. B
Carter. The meeting throughoct W5
a thoroughly enthusiastic one, and re
suilted in inspiring every one witl
new energy.
Poe the irst time in the history '
Montana the colored people of t
state have a newspaper all their o
The name of the new exponent of tM
colhred race in Montana is the 0C
onmD CEriMR, and the initial numbs
appeared on the d inst. at Helena
The paper iL admirably gotten 4C
sad its eiite, J. P. Ball, Jr., is
for.ible writer.-DUios Tribune.

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