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Tem of Airiea us. City of Helm
Plain Facts and Figures For the People
on the Installment Plan - Why
You Should Vote for Helena.
Now comes the city of Helena and
for answer to the petition of the town
of Anaconda to be made the perma
nent:capital of the state of Montana
sets forth the following reason why It
(Helena); should be selected as the
permanent capital and why Anacon
da should not, viz.
slt. Helena is located geographic
ally nearly in the center of the state,
while Anaconda is situated in the ex
treme southwestern corner of the
state. Helena can thereforbe con
veniently reached from all parts of
the state whereas ,Anaconda cannot.
id. Helena is the railroad center
of the state with lines diverging in
every direction. Anaconda Is isolated
as a spur. One can, therefore, easily
reach or leave Helena by a choice of
several transcontineatal routes,
while Anaconda ,s dependent wholly
as her "spurs."
Si. Helena is situated near the
seater of the state's population and
will remaln so. Therefore it is and
wil conlanue the meeost accessible
petat to a very large majority of the
peple a the state. Anaconda i as
romte to centrifopiir im ant
ib geographically and will grow still
mere so as the population of the state
massos Vm UmorY'ALLUNEW.
Heles Is the geographical ceter,
the ralroad center and the center of
popuates of the state of Montana.
As to th tines eeastala fte a cap
tal ity macema "Isn't in it."
4a. aelea s the social, religious
mand msal eanter ao the state of M,
tae. ero have gathered the best
ub l of selety tin the state. Here
agral stamspherae. ers ar
uafi dlrhes of all deominations
umh large ad attentiv cotgrega
ete aer the rsing gemeratie
have pae relldgi susreuam lgs that
tbmetlmg pNesat o much craves.
a'- gt typ moral -mrsmag, r
gemist In eastern capital cities
an iang to an ahundat degree
AaMseas ma esa ma claims to pre
enmtmLa in these seatl artFe
las 4"simply arges that they are
aet nrequte to a capital city-that
they are eastern notles but as good
I thisetate.
tae. the state. Ei v is as fLe a
s-beed sytem as wu l be L emhd an
whe Ia the coentry with teachen
ample ual preemluetly tte for,
their calling. inas a cemmodl
balMiags grace and ermameut every
was la the city. The highched, has
few If any equals for architectral
beauty and perfect arragemeat
he higher branches may be purmed
in er excellent univerlsty with Its
eg aoft precient ua learued pro.
4ae Here ar pubic libraries
ls with valuable and useful books
when the yog and ol may satisfy
their literary cravings. Anaconda
mabs no pretentious In these irec
tim. While she has schools to be
sare, they don't come up to the metro
plitu a standard now demaded s
etLes aspirin above the ordinary
village. Aacoda has not, nelther
dles she crave for ine and commodi
es school buildings, neither does she
care fr such things as public libra
ris. Anaconda Is a strLctly balaes
townsa L in ait to make copper and
when that is done the tale Is tod.
assax smzoonm owAsAt.Marr.
Helem is the social, relig.eus ad
mral center of the state. Anaconda
Is the cpper center of the state and
makes no claIm otherwise. elena is
the edacational center of the state,
with all the cecomitants Incident
therets. Anaconda makes no claim
he this line, being satW se with the
simple udilments for the eaung snal
og to elatm these of her peuth who
t o p arae the highr rades of
m1i5s to Worn.. ishMrn-i.M- e Me
summer 1-Womn.. a e la. e5p.s
C.ors- ary t. alek u-eal
D..m as he eas..
There are many parents who seem to
have no zealin . ne whateve Of the
roper diet for children. They give
them whatever they happen to have at
hand, or, what is much to the same pur
pose, anything they cry for. The infant
mortality of the country Is something
awful, when e considers it. Hundreds
of thousands of children die every year,
many of them from the efeots ao Inju
dicious feeding alone.
In hot weather children should be
carefully watched and aver permitted
to touch artioles oa food that are at all
questionable. A little perfeootly ripe
ruit, either with a little gruel or other
sittable diet, should be given. If a
child ti at all delicate or the digestion
seems to be at fault, cooked fruit may
be given. This s eminently safe and al
ways rollseable Use as little sager as
may be In a.der to der the saou pal
atable and carefully select the kind to
be given. Cooked srawberries ad
blackberries, withthe seeds strained
out, are eoaellent and may be eates
reely. Baspberris a usually le to
give without cooking, provided they M
perootly ripe and thoroughly wshed.
Very acid fruit an not to be given to
young children. The rason for this is
that being largely on a milk die, the
add in the fruit makes a thick, tough
eurd in the stImah, which, in man
ase` tis imposible to diges Oranges
disagree with a peat many persoac
and although they are almost nivtreml
Secommended for children the nmat
Sshouldbe observed as to whethr
they disagree for there is probably as
larm of indigeot so distresag as
that produced by . r mae. Pineale
has upon smmposmesaamewhat fr
lr elet, oly usually less saurae
Thee ae many prnsas who aen
posedti the use a moei espaly is
weher It i howeesr, ste to
that properly made soup and a
bit o well ooked meat at nlat. fy
hreds and thoghly masdead em
Sno harm to c hildren Sad
oten prod the happiest sesale
Thmei in ms negetmbls. a mal
me. t that, toI elt hemie when It
esst in the digestive auge in ay
tly et fast" Ssauimet So a
m germ. This grm will ati
*el uless this ubetmase is psremh
Vegetohies a vrmous sort ae speeai
Vpelie aIbis deme thei d
al m hot ' is. .
au its well to br an4dt ct
ma seahos aa 1n t rno
'Milk, i the soismg e de a
whueea shebs ha steibed a
l at~il use ps u aeg
* ton f oughtt a .seelys Sa
most lard sptl ma as quesl e
S be alok wed a to e lael bt
bus mg In a SThoe a .Bn.ct uieaee
nmsemeagh topelsowm ea htbs
ha, whsle the rbset ehS W d
-h may besabhe to y salt absentti
Ia is use s aessY uthis biahale i
be empmely vdend. It is mbub betse
toas&sitl It dlulag the hot seeseuto
emtain isfoales that m haews ta
bc .asowed ma to masa diitet
saup mosteatihersesnomi the r"
if they em made at all-NOew k
LAW.i~)~r-Y- i o
Doask plas ba unb&tetsl
S i l d sbi k 3e.erw all mum.
yrp mcy LY will injq
l ath tibnwh itd
beiq asa in the be chyou atoda
will be . wad d vat clth aee* pr
Yb. Ys evuahl ~--- mlyus
whmen the 1ml7 noum ands.
Whi yo a l to pa bumder d
bathbe. ad eippae adea aa S
.you wilt probabhl be iiw4
wt I t. a, ah To.
will k.. dtea-,tft bu awurY,
b. -c m. dobe 1mg ob ld de
DMmmbwe si mok dmist p.1oiMM
mateswll act be Iuwvul b,
al th oe bet lmoa l wih isk
ye abhosvla.1 *pw~u b in the we
ter; to boa he bathhouse dac
hogewst haute, gwerlaw tm up
m~ue~o hoob -M plemma holr
this sect I sala t war
cwith aoothlb badte. Uhr
-eso sea .. to !allow.
-r bet by $ oampoob pd d
Slae lm Ieh, swsone aeawa.
woad who is bemla is
Ww "isik radpi t Beek eed a
Ih ~ theuuihot mumbuom a
Sthan d who ka hows bte
Saar If the scradd d wor
to yo Sb e t re
alwqep bamba der
I, Da'asrnem b y yor ih m
yoaewlt a b bea resced ea u
yawmof Sob. heit nm a aoa
Za - tgbe Imý be i. AM wow
beuamo -mimam
Dm's sew yur lw d for wareby
to alk shots, me'e Ism at
suit ~ tb s»sae ,ý ae sais
blo ai Ua'amteu - -1
Do satl m k.p atm mdriu
a..ulebb b.. ·hbw.
weraadq cerr
ealdesens ot water ~rtmakssh.
lug shower. Be warned by the hum
ble membem of creation end betake
yourselves direotly from th waves to
the dremning room.-New Yark Worl
Jtee.. tre m tsummei rl.
The American girl is ashowing her
amadng address and aptitude at a thou
sand spots by the seaside and mountain
this summer, as in a seome ao summers
As the "summer girl," she has her
Rattling fir of criticism to iee, but the
astonishing thing is not that she makes
a few blunders in her sodial code or
shows too little restraints is her bea-s
vior, but that she does not fall into
worse pitfalls and ast all restraint to
the winds
Of the thousands and tes a thou
sands of American girls whoe behavior
amases and whose beauty oharms by
every beaoh and an every hillsde the
great mass have seen little or nothing a
any but the narrowet social conditions
in village, town or the restricted circle
of a small city house until they find
themselves in a big hotel leading a life
of unmitigated publiioty and living in
the midst a strangers.
Most t these girls have had nosocial
ezperiencm. Their mothers have had as
little Their men folk are away. On
the instant they have to admust a ode cr
village behavior to greprious mdi
tnms and a free contact which would be
trying to one o experience They make
blunders and do much that is foolish,
but their blunder are for the most part
trivial and their folly mre playfulness
which rarely brings them into her..
Yet if they understood how much re
serve restraint and a rigorous salt com
trol do for a woman in public and pri
vat, how quikly it wins a respeot
whioh piaes lnto admiration, and an
admiration which ripes into something
warmer, the Americn summer girl
would add the only charm she now
iaeks.-Philadelphia Proe.
Wem e am as Os eme Oeuis.
"As a matter at ft," oa u e a
Week, "although eight wome now
have the right to prasties bde.s the
mnaeme ourt, no women has ver
malled hoeself that right its a pri
treal way. The law admittlgwem to
uf aed iped Preddeat ays m
the 1th i Pebrury. John N. Glover
a- Missouri introduced th bill in the
house Nov. 5, 1877. Benadmia Bitler
arted it to the h e from the com
-a"t' 3 1I, 187% and it psned the
ho theim sme day. The vote was 1W
to e.
"The law aspe tit 'aq womm who
shall have been amember tAe bighest
ourt of any ater a teMritou eR tu
sprem cou a the Dist.lrte OT
M for the space di three s
person c good moal charater, shall,
Snotiw end the production seath
seord, be admitted to aice doe
he supreme Courte the State'
Ma. L.ooood was eligibbe Lomo
Swas . mlted to the k c pe
"No other mesmberoa
Mart oraety
tts essXi M DeoWe OWG
dat alil Osl was the aemi to
Uh was aditsted eb 8, 15. TN n
ollowe Ma. Ada tiabnamder 9i
bra Oct 16 18.; Mea . Carele I
Kileasi d umo. mn N. "1m
M iWoo Mu Ie butiles ci Msse.
4l, t A50 3, 18O4 Z d Ml. Eat.
Km c actsy 8a W4 1lWm"
no ru w ssru ti Fe "
amt r, Y tirhta Nw Tubes .1.
though dlarn beem uIg0 the hm ye
vdd s a"d aquhel s of auwrym
i ther ammmd fm 066$mbbe
-r Wde you.rd M iooi r I.
!`ru hub roe a o her slee
rr- --o' thm.wootm. -. ht a
aa lia pubQis bwelbe d he
-~ ml tat wm bml t dim i
it w of h e week sa
wg--m- p·mr - a pac t te
uqmaaie S. which all her wink. both
InWuubetel0610 mit wm lb -.
d mthat Mm A l ta
ha sems obdhimie 6 0 4 "Sub fo h
Uinbi., athough do b. buhge l bum
A iw e p wUlMIU her hoax
OWNtt. h aufaes with the Masuda aw
~it ashn d *0 mmy bow vi l
metham of AmmLa M4 shepo w h
be r~ s hr w..ca lb. e Mm
4a , theC MiUd whomat, ah
-vny h lu lolqe a,
mhe ethel taleht. Mu.. z l
work hr -5 m itf short whd
he IAalmualam b bimab mad wbt mad
- o ath w aded oomplabtm su
pal he war tha he - bsie
clm dau with a Thom .u uis.
lut did with a baub. "-lhIlaielphea
mw buhiemabl weoum d
to woM m, have plawd wel
Wakd m. At AMat u tee
was a buwudow r d -sl adap,
nd ea ted w lm, Mmlu Wsbu
low tat tbad wedh r would cr
bast itrdwmat owb I lthq ama
the umeml bath butboid, beiwu dd
, ald ths warM adeadl Sb the
w th.U with uoarmibuis puesti
w at do Ilw LIru
aaI nom m rri W a aaor
thr~ ~r hume fe the
Slam a ueep abey lii
Pubsum e~gldWs vdttws we l be
Mar mven as m beuns som
he d A Dar.p dhar haý"
In Deorille the nights of Labor
grew to an alarming etmt. They would
meet in theown ball ever sMerdsy
alght, and it was stat at one in that
every man and woman eploed ina the
mills at Ducarville had been Initiatled
and was a full fedged member.
Evearytns, howewr, moved along
peaceably until one day the weave hoade
In the 31dm cotton all mead a smMe
psed on the wall to the efect that be.
ginning on the Mait o the next momth,
the company would e compelled to reduo
the price of weavlng fromn Mto n ts
per "bolt."
The next morning ther appeared on the
sidewaiks and on the walls of many homes
some mysterious chalk marks
The same night, about s o'clock, a peat
st.msm of copl eo be seen going t
ward theim eity hal, and then the unnlalet
ed began to speak of the chalk marks and
nod their heads knowingly.
The Knights kps their own couneel, ad
it was absolutely Imposeible to obtain any
information as to their Intentions, but the
indications appeared to point to a big
All the next moraidg little knots c
workmen about the 1ldoms mill could be
seen evidently disosing the situation.
mBefo 10 o'oolek tt was announced that
a committee Knight, compose of
Franklin Watson, the dora superintend
eat, who, strange to say, was a lading
spirit among the Knights, and two work
meo,would wait upon Julian Camson, vie
president, and also presidet of te biggest
tobacco factory In town, to protest againt
the proposed reduction.
Mr. Carson was a fair man and disposed
to settle the matter to the satisfaction e
all parties oon.erned, but n secoa.
thought be eerred It all to Geneal Ma
ager Cookshaw.
SuperlntendentWao, peaker or
the committe, told the sll ma-nger
that should the pahposed reduction be
made a strike d the Eldor employees
would follow and advised It.
"I'll ran .tis mill ar to my own
eas," Cooks aw a "d, " a ny
time our people become da.m.lsod and
want to quit they aa do so. There a
thoandsC dt Ile workmen who would be
esy to o glad he al their plasso"
A strike was Inaugurated.
Geaneal Manager Oeokshaw beesme oh
tmat and dnrd that e would sweep
the Kaghts at labor tem the faee of the
1But his effrts to D the es of the
riokers were absolutely fr
The ght la a few days began to wa
asedingly weIm, ad a leprt that all
te mplepea o the other amlk would be
a led out In s ampathy sa d no nitt
the report was tas, or la lee than li
hours t.em te time It had gaine ear
nots a wheel machinery In Da.
was te d upaohm
wore all c the poor e e, and their sa
ded aC ameat to a pet dal.
It would oem da the stihoe mat be
Thempeoplec Deaarilleweavery
wa a son" r In DamHe,
Vle o thMe eam o .ce4 .
• TLa. N ta o, a the dead, wulat
atev.ey mgnu weepwhen others wept
ad laugh when they laughed. Be would
T rs, wlam aomdes thedy It ama wm
I thi sk, as eal villag pa se althouh
he hasd bll sway ia boservifle of narly
I$ I oldaek tet a a htadit t",i
-ean m wk e ýhedcem tetes a "Mhe
la..he o a w thy atikm o htoo"
The hureh, we. mewde, ma d after tm
l serv , taseeonra. - emowea
tha the st meetg at is onek Mther
w4 be a mass meellage o peon ed
D earville at mthe tble que a n
wateul. e bd r tse bew a head.
It Li neless he s thct the enr pop
ulate turned out. beame the seem wee
e a- .'rln ,an, a 4*9***
An Improised sead banirn armago
belo e 1 oe' Mirs bisle iwasrle,
a mlovel ile beat at IT, who we he
elf oe ci the trtke. emplphel in the
Dirm mill, waee- pinking her war
through the grow at menn ae
-,' Mmm. lathing the stopsth ae
gy nesuade ad@li a moment steet
wsle wee head in sweet asp
The - l pthm r rks s tali
about srle rebeisiad nJesd
it athe ma tself seemed he stop and
leek eurlomly apen th etea m
a the outakibua at the eed, cou stand
Then eneal Caoksw mdes
a stneseent thm the laa anoth
r hoar esesy hltesy in Dearille we.
Th ear ale b ende, ad al were
enrg seeneson the pubre eagmall the
ioplee ID illlaned oat owitness
a mos las tt wthe hlstery
ci s little ie. asprlndate we
meted a beat ma ,a ano rb-oe o e
Dudss Uwaelep, wee th vear pietumeet
elo nase
Mr. ad Mn Coehabw wont ao ea a
tended brdal tamr, ad I've hear it aMd
Aan he this day the o Dmeeer
ille tell at the agrea whenh oee
qasinem ads s hasereminoen he.
wm late Mitery wttheutapossleL.-ai
Tim ahn
e.a -bq q. M PIAMda Is
bMM -^
do1K1MS*Aha- I s
w mo as -- h T 6 t
- ,prr -- & 3 - 1
-l r d- I
-er. T. ~uIw.l, G 4 Cmaar u
aMs bst aieo--Ills.
Judge Tbeaen Hubbard CeswUl, thl
new grand commander of thee outheri j
rLdiotiom d te
born in oe
county, N. Y., :
1696 His Maso.
to life began to
Nevada Olty,OaL,
In 161, when hie
was made a Mae
ter Mason. He
was then ezal.
edto o the R al
Asre degse I
18s and oeted
Knight Templar
T. L. CAsWKLL In the same year.
He was erowned an active inspector ge
eral, thirty-third degree, of supreme coun
oil for the southern jurildlieton in the city
of Baltmose In May, 1870, and in Otober,
1889, was adeo grand mlnister of state d
the supreme councIl, thirty-third de,-
for the southern jurdleion of the Unit
ed States. In October, 1868, be was elet
ed deputy grand commander by tmhe
peme council of the southern jortediotlao
of the SMttish Rite.
No Knemulo body In Wisconsin permits
the use of wine at its suppers, nor hua it
done so or the past 1 or 80 years.
Senor Bagieta, the prime minlster at
the most Catholic country on the face of
the earth-namely, Spain-holds the rank
of grand master of the Preemasona in hat
In numerical Mending the mat promi
ne.t grand l rank as follows: New
York, Illinol Pelnylrantl, Ohio, Mioh
ia, Mass· k ts, Missouri, Indiana,
n, Iowa, Manle, Kanas, eatmehy,
-emsemse, Calfombl.
o. Marquis F. KIng of Portland, Me.,
Sbeen appnted gnd temroer -t the
Sodge of Maine in placeof Frededek
oos, esseae.
In Rom the headquartoers o the i
oell aof the SBotaileh Rite Li a
u polqa a prlnaely measi on e
belonging tea pope.
The eo elod Masumat Washlngtso have
a new hall in thateity. It hias de
ame otlis Rite and a Myle Sharine.
-Majemremse l Jaieph Wase- the a
t Buanker BHil, was a nmember at lag
auommos begs.
Peaylaa lodges sever allow mhr
ehaneMbehe lasneced y visitlng Ma
ses or the -o thathe demand dms
as sged to the ,velter.
lows 1emse~t b owme am...n Dames
Aay mamba of h baels fteal who
hsa beea a mahe Shinent is m osa e
-en, who ýhal .ld lliti be.
M.-e unable to lo U s heum
sme .ahe hbut whmby he e Bems a
lwiher sd lolhm ab, shnUpt See the
eat sowns sees' d M sethile to
v tem s r t .ltlw daUs she
----balsa m 1,ia Ibs, 3mb i
to bams sball bS lehiml, howellr" if
he hm wlitin Same moas pium " aid
d..s.bi. boe Ina ammas hoe dum -me s
-.asot e to e trib e la banat tad.
No tribabull parne n la b basat fand
re a le m amount Sha 4 sme a pst.
ha 10 fabtomen wampam hor a see
sea' barbeS or less than m an amme
- - enaolonag do sat antluaemaloiL
aum s toh heho paeU . sald as the
olho and other a mpe at s hoe -
fea tol sit mas ae emebh tbe may
No mambe of the belt shall be
mtlad hto va ses' baseo maui di
mses aftee She data O his aldehm toh
the bele feund
Sveey mm ber I po siamdn l the
baslt fund at th date anm Oa .nt
sal be liaMble theeor, but no membe
Sbe the date t his admalsion to the beam
Is tfud.
h pgest un's Noowell, d at PmFo
-ast lfltooa Pa. I,.s ebrslh
Rhe ilear new I o r membea ton
- mmlt' t lly
Pas lvals sloe ad I oasantly .
- blleblhls idtad the ohllowin- -'
nomatnivs to tShe peat moam l she
Uniaa Staes: Augsuitu P. Coalder, Al.
As!L3 rodl 0. DoIwns sad Wl.
loos T. imams
The a lodge atd the Ushtd Orde at
With Abaham at 8. LoIs ieetal She
ter, Jiab Pel, New Yeek; Nsmarmse
ýr=m, I m, laimLubabs ky, Newe
The sde hab Itomraghol on She ems,
bt e bas bem Boteea team Psualse.
The bial mebashilp i aMeat 1,00.
The leoal lodges abuml speasos
ai a sot ben at d per week.
The geed leig le e all who hoee
base mambe er eis moats th r 0&.
The adr has a nioeal asteesy s
JIns bend thas eant $14s.
Kdmaishsa saen or amoe..
The sawm asmasmeams at sh or.
as 1,101 dealsh samtrh $4*4,US ead so
is ppo h estabau he W eet by fa.
ma l nding the alis mNilagmn 0etab.
The imalemanuaelpsata mde het the
iimantary a smow a nmaie.n.
The sder is hewing wamdarful prg.
seinm lNa meabmista
sid oe
Theoter hs ieawessl maryeaest em
he as oe at taip o she yiea.
barn some
Ams d.. tl* That Is Nos sa mpe
Tripe. ea Ne...
Odd Fellowship is indeed an odd tm
totto. Without being a p.ea. .o oN
Ineuiahie brotherly love; witheat
temperanoe mooety, it demanbe i
without being a loyal it
II does not pa to lM a
yet It s foundaed upon ag
nl passes eso noaatlioal 1ar sof
allme and gathes its broath.eoo la
mystio tiesof fraternal ymphd e
a every -hoe. mountain m e a
d the woiM.
Dr he peat 10 yeass the
gran hal e s p.1 out Su"s.s
m-... and per dict
Bevr. Frank W. Dvas, grand magr a
iaow, is ld lghtwelgh4t, eo
but 90 ponds
N. M. alon has served as
bruy of the grad lodge at YlroM i
years. At the lnes on he wae e *as
ea with an elegant jewel appropele a
his rank and mtrae.
No deaths In the New Bampshir
Fllows' Bell eoolatlon wee par. s
in the math of July, Omeauently no a
usumente In Augat.
Three brothers of the name of
w. a., a. and Jam.. X., ilned Mh
of aouf patriarbch, high pris and aeri
ito Granite enoampment, No. 14, as .
mond, N. a., laeS term.
The eoat of maintaining a brother in te
New Hamphlre hom, eept In a eeo
extreme slohaes ad helplneae., is
$ per week.
Elijah Bells of a Lake City I the di.
es Odd ellow In Utahb, aged 80. Jo.h
G. Andamon of the same olty I the olden
In the order In Utah, having been arnm.
bar 48 years.
North Carolina made a gain of 3o10 e
year. The premSet mnembership is 4,7,
In Oregon the grand lodge per ap
or the earsung year is $1; th per capgt
levied by the grad emsampmea, Rak
The edlde of New ampmek
ine. Its orgaenlut a held 0 anand
sesome, three emianaual, -as ai
eso and .pedalp se- u a.i
d the suuoms waee hal In Coeaord ua
N 1inf othertowassand ilei N theWsa
A hotael at rooe, with N amp, a
Menal ity, near Sean be dlumne a 7t
Leem hoW, with N asr, -ear Aaahea;
a hoend, withl land, ear Whittler, ad a
N room heat, with land, as Glendale, San
aongu the puiutim aends asSualy
or anmiaaal prime h the loaMtag 4
Us peoose been dor 044 Calows* wa
wew and hpbeas O CIn ld ale
Amu" seasi.. of at Zeus eamd IA
-I- , l t a1L, rrpr (J
Udmame eman
About 5W Eanghts wue pumat at Ie
Yame at the -a ladga me taS.0
wera leshatassllown Cheat. Plebah
ged emnsemlol LE a Sera ,, a
vises; sev. a W. As da,, seems
P. D. Walker, mand eaper of ei
aed sele Wills . Javies, ad"
a , of ru d A.
Waee, gand r at s amestr 0. 1. at
an a A. TA. Td u ledge trustem
MYse lws was ch sen setenmselhm
Coamdarlng the dliatemued noWltid
Ma0, who ama his owln lile far l
sdewhi Daes wk fn too asht".
Iee~ t, we see now tifl seanN
at the get mets "ent
oaM as mmen Is hete Nab
desw aish I.m for his bsend.** on
The Inapratlss that moel the hueid
Juhast. Bbone in 1504 today thah
of aeatly o0,6W -ea who te
belws the alde of Go6 and º
h b i knd tI thir bbother rs,
ve fa the wiew and hihee., vi s th
tak and stead re eash other Iathb
depeaing .um of adveretty.
A asw isog w lmAts d in - .em
OCly, Ma, seuanly, with I membere.
bIt wasted u dui t o talk bai
felly about th ulseea4ur to ..blaWb w
Wongandthe magnmlmet work psi
Im lvl mr ha mthlam dohaW
a pmitll ham and bUlay out a I
dgmidammat lode meedlapeaod incruam
e mssbssbhlp. It I ma e olaing th
"Am wadi bllort no p iralpU" ii
biantifel lansguage ths pert of dIlI
sasgusi setoresra I. aiis mle Itt 1.1
The itv d Fard Worth we ashCied "
w p lansol d the aezsbt g
bd pud --r-cl I~ u
The a is·lt qwkuibleaahle c car a
a~i - y d lto - th larpit phUylb
wh pum wbee thq amod It.
Isa li thsre- N sabi of lb
LO. U. W. Ia iSYthm " rwas
If UN, 10 lpeml , thUe ws9I6,It
At" tole of popes te diawnof d
mew Iamtq wlll asn emst thin 5U
m0 Ulmted Workasa.
The.s wain 91 -eh- Is the Tezn. JUW
Odhe i toa the twin pamr
Mr. A. W. Rase har poisid a flU7
S*as whith Is 4.ileaau to J~ugs
Pita pass rat d Royh l AIAloim
I New Tart. Itle isai ' "Ganud RBi
Mush" madls him, plyed by blab
- ; the semuin.
Tbirt... dyslafter th death of 3.3
lb WItks uago hmo wIdfow roelvhd I
0` the amountd of hbm I turanbi M
the 3~o~l ALwrer
The 3o al AImma wr eo'lawd
Slinwas Jmolu 3 51
The· Jam 1$ is??
so Oiyp UWLUM wasrn ualimad Os the/lii
84 w ls that m& AorU 14, 1M
-rd .1 , - m aimiik
basah late peer pub.
smite d a m TMu ofsa ss the lim d $1.7 fi
Ulalp wist Wllan Y u.t Ipn
o n. S." tor t ur
h 'uteam l-ard amd Be wai p!U
taa at a A. U. 0. Q I e. a I n
api Newrr d Yak Uhitediltb M
a rspsj w ce WWI II. pr·amPS,
netata 01 MM. Ibis cunty,
r lb. 1·rb- -- d tb. eub.
a fin o aataga stbttwe k n PWº
Oss atU w ast lpsesa quetlor M
car holm On M ulal oasbk commjt
Isapl. Now Tart P~ldddpbV, go
adm OY eeL"wlamo
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