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.Volume XL
Number 39
Straw Hats
Crash Hats
Canvas Hats
w Linen Suits Light
^ Underwear front
4 75c a Suit to $7.
A Choice Liriez
To Close at a Discount of 25 Per Cent
® 1
A Beautiful Line of Low I Handsome Hosiery sri M
^ Shoes From $1.50 to*§* Solid and Fancy Colors
$3«5<>. I From 25c to $1.25.
Just the Things For Hot Weather.
It Will Astonish You To See How Much A§!
Dollar Will Buy At
Rogers & Chaffin,
Hamilton, Hontana.
Synopsis of the Proceedings of the
Board of County Commissioners,
in Special Session
Hamfton, Montana, July 30th, 1900.
The bmrd of county commissioners
of Ravalî county, Montana, met in
special se^ion at 10 o'clock a. m.
Present; Janes R. Rawlins, W. E.
Gleason ancE. A. Johnson, commis
sioners; andHoward D. Smart, coun
ty clerk.
The following bids were received for
the constructs, 0 f court house.
Chas. Staber\ Helena $19,750.
Boardtnan & 'Varner, Hamilton $21,
George Dildine,Missoula, $20,850,
H. S. Newton, Itssoula $20,995, with
out plumbing.
On motion the c n tract was awarded
to Chas. Stabern, ijd he was required
to furnish a satisfactory bond in the
amount of the bid f^ the faithful per
formance of the wot.
The plans for the ail, submitted by
A. J. Gibson, were entwined and ac
cepted, and the clerk was ordered to
advertise for bids forbe construction
of the building, bids to be received
for building complete,J S o for founda
tion in separate bid; * r iok work in
separate bid all of btancc of work
in separate bid.
The clerk was orderet to advertise
for bids for steam heatig- plant for
court house and jail, am for two cell
and corridor steel cells ad steel doors
and gratings for jail, bid for all the
above work to be subutted to the
office of the county clerk u Monday,
Sept. 3rd, 1900, »t 9 a. m.
On motion adjourned.
J. R. Rawi.ins, Chainun.
Attest «
Howard D. Smart, C» r k.
Synopsis of Proceedings of Board of
Equalization. |
Ihe Board of county commçsioners |
of Ravalli county, Montaaa, met as'
a county board of equalization at 2
o'clock p. m. all members of the
board present.
A telegram was received from the
Northern Pacific Railway Company
protesting against the assessment of
11440 aeres of land selected by them as
idenmity lauds; board refused to make
any change in the assessment.
In the proposed raise in the assessed
valuation of the stock of merchandise
of R. E. Perkins it was decided to
make the increase $760.
The supplemental assessment book
of 1899 was examined and assessments
The work of equalization being com
pleted, board adjourned.
Attention Builders.
Notice is hereby given that sealed
bids will be received by the clerk of
School District No. 28, Ravalli county,
until Aug 18. 1900, for the construction
of a new school house.
Plans and specifications for same
can be seen at the home of M. M.
Williams near Victor, Mont. The
board reserves the right to reject any
or all bids.
M. M. Wir.r.iAMS, 1
J. F. Wir.MAMS, [ Trustees
Ei.y Downing, )
Clerk of School District No. 28, Victor,
A ten room house in rice neighbor
hood for rent. Call at Western News
helps the team. Saves wear and
expense. Sold everywhere.
Court Decides That a Man Is Not
Obliged to Make Home for HI«
Justice Russell, of the supreme
court, the other day granted James
Hyland a decree of separation from
his wife, deciding that, in refusing to
live with him without her mother, she
had legally deserted him. Hyland, in
his suit against his wife, declares that
he was and still is willing to live with
her, but that he will not have her
mother around.
"For the sake of peace," the affidav
it continues, "I was willing to sweep
and dry the dishes, although 1 knew
these were not a husband's duties. I
gave my wife $14 out of the $15 1
earned as a weekly salary, but, noth
ing I could do satisfied my mother-in
law, who insisted upon annoying me
upon every possible occasion."
The affidavit then goes on to say
that, unable to bear it any longer, lie
ordered his mother-in-law out of the
house, and that his wife left with her.
Justice Russell, in allowing the de
cree, states that the husband cannot
be compelled to support his mother
in-law. lie holds that Hyland was
right in ordering her out of the
house, and that this was not sufficient
cause for his wife to leave him.
Nnvy Now Looking for Armor Device
to Overcome Superior l'enetru
tton of Solt-.Voai-il Cup.
Consideration is being given by
naval experts to the invention of some
armor device which will overcome the
superiority imparted to an armor-pier
eing projectile by a soft steel cap. The
bureau cf ordnance has received sev
eral suggestions, the adoption of which,
their authors believe, would nullify the
effect of the soft-nosed shells.
As the United States has led all oth
er nations in the adoption of the soft
nosed cap, there is no crying need for
haste in providing American men-of
war with additional protection. The
authorities understand, however, that
the success of American experiments
with the cap will lead other nations to
coopt the invention, and it is therefore
desirable that some plan should be de
termined upon to overcome the supe
Viority of the shell.
regular reports of happen
tersely told in newsy letters to
Special Correspondence to the Western New.
July 31st, 1900.- T. J. Cleary is
spending a week at the home of his
brother J. P. Cleary.
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Kennett and
and Mrs. A. M. Holter were Hamilton
visitors Tuesday.
Mr. Walter Lanson arrived from
Walla Walld, Wash. July 22tid to visit
his sister Mrs. H. L. Williams and re
cover from a late illness.
Born—to Mr. and Mrs. G. I. Watters
July 25th, a son.
Mrs. J. M. Price went to Helena
Wednesday and returned last even
H. D. Moore of Missoula was doing
business in Victor Wednesday even
Messers. Fred Poindexter and W. T.
Fowler were in the county seat oil
Tuesday last week.
Dr. T. J. Baird and J. M. Price
went to Lou Lou Springs on Wednes
day returning Saturday evening,
much improved in health we hope.
Mrs. T. W. Flowers, who has been
quite ill for the past week is slowly
G. M. Davis started for St. Regis,
Montana expecting to drive through.
H. Deranso has moved into the
Poindexter house on Main street.
Mrs. T. B. Ray is on the sick list
this week.
R. Parkhurst shipped the first ripe
apples of the season one day last
" The ranchers in this vicinity have
about finished haying and are begin
ing havestiug this week.
Rev. P. W. Haynes is visiting the
members of his congregation in Vic
tor this weeks.
Rev. M, E. Bailey preached his fare
well sermon to the Victor people Sun
day evening.
Miss Jessie Morris come up on the
Copper City from Floience Sunday
Miss Ollie Vert who has been very
ill is now out of danger and on the
road to recovery.
Prof. R. G. Young went to Butte
this morning. Prof. Young will take
charge of the Butte public schools in
M. M; Williams is doing business
in Hamilton today.
The brick work on the Appolonio &
Fowler store is about complete.
Our thermometer registered ninety
four in the shade yesterday which is
the hottest day of the season so far.
The town wagon scales are being re
paired today by J. W. Rickman.
It Saved His Leg.
P. A. Danforth, of LaGrange, Ga.,
suffered intensely for six months
with a frightful running sore on his
leg, but writes that Bucklen's Arnica
Salve wholly cured it in ten days.
For Ulcers. Wounds, Burns, Boils,
Pain or Piles it's the best salve in the
world. Cure guaranteed. Only 25c
Sold by the Bitter Root Drug Co.
Filed for Record.
The following instruments record
ing the transfer of realty were filed
with the county clerk during the past
Deed— W. B. Harlan to John F.
Logan, deed to water right in Rock
Creek, $1.
Deed—John B. Catlin and wife to
E. C. Dickensou, half interest in Fail
field lode, Three Mile, $1.
Deed—Emma C. Dickenson ct con,
to Leroy H. Dayton, same property,
$ 1 .
Deed— O. K. Everson and wife to
Mary L. Baggs, lot 10 block 12, Stev
eusville, $35.
Deed—Mary L. Baggs and husband
to George May, same property, $40.50.
Deed—Martha J. Allison-Renkeh to
Fannie F. Rockwell, lot 16, block 4,
Eivcrvicw addition, $200.
Deed—Mary A, Brown aud husband
to Samuel Brown, lots 4, 9 and 31,
The People Demand Pure Water.
Every summer when the sun begins to scorch the lawns and the horse *
flies commence to swarm, Hamilton's melancholera-morbus days hare come.
This is largely owing to the fact that the town's pure water supply is
extinguished and a foul water supply is substituted. By this arrangement
certain valuable horseflesh and beautiful landscapes, belonging to Mr. Daly, -
are kept in a fairly comfortable condition and the people of Hamilton, who
are valuable only in their own estimation, are kept miserable.
The pure, cold, refreshing water that within a few hours is melted from
the snow bauks high up iu the mountains and dashed down the Skalkaho,
over waterfalls and cascades, into the reservoir of the town's ideal water
works system, is diverted to the Bitter Root stock farm and the mams that
supply the people of Hamilton are pumped partially full of a stagnant fluid «■
drawn from the mill-pond that is the receptacle of train-loads of sawlogs
that are alive with vegetable and animal matter and which reek with a sick
ening slime, and ot dead and live carcasses and filth of all descriptions.
This is not an exaggerated statement. A visit to the banks of that pond will
convince anyone. Much sickness has resulted from the use of this water*
and much worse sickness is threatened unless prompt measures are taken.
The town of Hamilton granted the Anaconda Copper Miniug Co. a free
franchise for its water works system and guarantees it protection. The peo
ple of Hamilton pay liberally for the water furnished aud in.return are en
titled to fair treatment.
Section 3 of Ordinance No. i.U, which grants the free franchise, provides -
That the said Anaconda Copper Mining Co. and its successors and assigns,
shall at all times provide a full and sufficient supply of water for the use of
said town for fire and other purposes, aud for the use and wants of the in
habitants of said town; said water shall be pure and wholesome and free '
from animal, mineral aud vegetable substances, that would render it un
healthful and unfit for domestic purposes."
Nobody pretends that any such water as stipulated in the above istbein©.
furnished. It is given out, however, that Manager McCrackin, of the water
works, Supt. McGinty of the Bitter Root stock farm, and their se?retary- -
editorsof the Ravalli Republican and Ravalli Democrat, declare, in excuse,
that they and their families drink the water and they don't see why other
people can't !
Such assertions as that are very unsatisfactory to persons afflicted with
a raging thirst and an irrepressible inclination.to break all past records iu
pedostriauism, especially when it is remembered that those fellows would.'
drink each other's heart's blood or suck tho Pacific ocean dry through a
straw if by so doing they can remain riveted to thoir jobs!
Excùses arfe not refreshing these hot enervating dog days. The people
want pure water and which may be had through a simple'twist of some
body's wrist—there's plenty of water in the Skalkaho and thousands of feet,
of pressure to force it down through the mains and hydrants.
block 8, and lot 2, block 11, Rivervicw
addition, Hamilton, $1.
Deed—Nellie 5.1. Nicol and husband
to Oliver Blood, two acres, Nicol ad
dition to Hamilton, $500.
Deed—Susan E. Robbins and hus
band to Oliver Blood, five acres near
Grantsdale, $500.
Bismarck's Iron Nerve.
Was the result of his splendid health.
Indomitable will and tremendous
energy are not found where Stomach,
Liver, Kidneys, and Bowéls are out of
order. If you want these qualities and
the success they bring, use Dr. King's
New Life Pills. They develop every
power of hrain and body. Only 25c at
Bitter Root Drug Co.
Proposals Fur Steam Heating Plant For
Kuvalli County Courthouse and Jail.
Hamilton, Montana,August 1,1900.
Notice is hereby given that sealed
bids will be received at this office un
til Monday Sept. 3, 1900, at 9 a. m.
for furnishing and putting in place a
steam heating plant for Ravalli coun
ty court house and jail according to
plans and specifications on file in this
office and in the office of A. J. Gibson
in Missoula.
Certified check of ten per cent must
accompany all bids.
The board reserves the right to re
ject any or all bids.
Done by order of the board of coun
ty commissioners of Ravalli County.
4t. County Clerk.
That Throbbing Ucadachc.
Would quickly leave you, if you
used Dr. King's New Life Pills.
Thousands of sufferers have proved
their matchless merit for Sick aud
Nervous Headaches. They make pure
blocd and strong nerves and build up
your health. Easy to take. Try them.
Only 25 cts. a box. Money back if not
cured. Sold by Bitter Root Drug Co.
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the co
partnership heretofore existing be
tween J. J. Moon and Fred Erb, pro
prietors of the City Meat Market, has
been dissolved by mutual consent, Mr.
Erb retiring from the business. J. J.
Moon will continue the business, as
suming all liabilities and collecting
all bills owing to the firm.
J. J. Moon,
Feed Eku.
Hamilton, Montana, July 13, 19J0.
Proposals For Steel Cells, Doors and Grat
ings For Ravalli Couaty Jail.
County Clerk's Office.
Hamilton, Montana, Aug. 1st, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that sealed *
bids will be received at this office un
til Monday Sept. 3, 1900 at 9 a. m. for
a two cell,and corridor steel cell for
Ravalli county jail; bids will also be
received at saine date for steel doors
and grating for jail building as per
specfications on file in this office and,
the office of A. J. Gibson in Missoula. •
Bids to state date at which material
will be delivered, and be accompanied
by a certified check of 10 per cent of*
the amount bid.
The right is reserved to reject any or '
all bids.
Done by order of the board of Coun-r
ty commissioners of Ravalli county,.
County Clerk.
Proposals For Construction or Ravalli .
County jail.
County Clerk's Office
Hamilton, Montana, Aug. 1st, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that sealed'
bids will be received at this office until"
Monday Sept. 3rd. 1900, at 9 a. m. for
the construction of a county jail at
Hamilton, Montana, according to
plans and specifications on file in this
office and in the office of A. J. Gibson
in Missoula. Bids may be submitted
for building complete, or separate bids
for stone foundation; separate bids for
brick work; separate bids for all other
Done by order of the board of coun
ty commissioners of Ravalli County,
County Clerk.
Good milch cows for sale on easy
terms. Call ou R. W. Nicol, Hamil
ton. 4t.
Sumer coms
are noted for hanging on.
They weaken your throat
and lungs, and lead to
serious trouble.
Don't trifle with them.
Take Scott's Emulsion at
once. It soothes, heals,
and cures.
50c. and St. All dnitlisu.

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