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Dr. Wilson, An Eminent Specialist,
Employed to Study Spotted
Fever—Plan of the
Gov. Toole, who was at Washington,
D. C., with his family in attendance
at the funeral of his wife's father, Gen
eral Rosecranz, when advised by wire
of the recommendation of the state
board of health that a specialist bb
employed to investigate the spotted
fever, promptly telegraphed Secretary
Longeway to employ the best skill
that money conld secure and carry to '
its conclusion a most thorough inves- :
tigation. j
Secretary Longeway, acting for the
state board of health, thereupon imme
diately secured the services of Dr.
Wilson, professor of bacteriology and
pathology at the University of Minne
sota and one of the most eminent
practicioners in his lise in the country.
Dr. Wilson arrived at Missoula last
Rriday evening and on the fol.owipg
day at a luncheon arranged by Dr. J.
J. Buckley of the Northern Pacific
hospital at Missoula met some of the
local physicians of Missoula and Ra
valli counties and discussed the situa
tion. He announced his determina
tion to make a thorough and exhaus
tive study of the disease, as to its
cause, treatment, etc.
Dr. Wilson has announced his plans
lor investigating the spotted fever
epidemic. With headquarters estab
lished at Missoula,Dr. Wilson proposes
to spend two months in his examina
nt conditions and possible causes of
the plague.
x His work will be chiefly to secure all
specimens that have any possible
connection with the possible origin of
the mysterious disease—water, earth
and whatever influences that are
pres|nt where any cases of the disease
have thus far developed. *
These specimens will be analyzed,
mounted and sent Bast for minute in
spection and scientific investigation
and discussion by eminent physicians
and scientists.
II My ui vvvi y ^vidi>«
2 ISt

When it comes to things to eat the best is what you
want. Quality is the test for our groceries. Price
don't count unless the quality is there too, but we are
UllCllllg IUI IIIC imio mumaiiou ■"-* w. —--
goods at second-class prices, These price reductions are for ypur benefit.
Take adv antage of them : j * j * **&'*'**'*
4s 4fi> a$5 iJ 5
California evaporated fruits
1 ft for_____.$ .10
25 ft for.....2.35
50 ft for.....4.65
( 2 ft for.....* .25
( 50 ft for______ 5.50
__ , , l 2 ft for.....$ .25
JlpriCOtS I so ft for..... 5.75
4 ft for.....$ .25
Prunes { 25 * for .....I- 40
50 ft for.....2.75
California Canned fruits
, ( 3 cans tor $ .50
^Piirt^ ' 12 cans for 2.00
» (24cans for 3.90
Grcea Gages \ 3 cans for $ .so
Mil '12 cans for 2.00
GflgPhmiS (24 cans for 3.90
! 3 cans for $ .50
12 cans for 2.00
24 cans for 4.00
__ (4 cans for $ .50
feather River ) cansfor i 50
Blackberries 1" c f J-J®
( 24 cans for 3.90
tempting Canned Vegetables, fresh and Palatable.
Glkboni Com .........I Can 10c..........12 Cans $1.15..........24 Cans $2.30.
Crescent Com ........2 Cans 25c..........12 Cans 1.40..........24 Cans 2.75.
$e $0 CHy C0«atœs...2 Cans 25c..........12 Cans 1.40..........24 Cans 2.75.
Bitter Root Belle,
Spread Eagle
««OU may be a good cook, but without Good Flour you can not
V'obtain satisfactory results. We have what is good. With
** every sack of either of the five brands bought of us during
this period will be given two cakes of Lilly White Soap, a white
floating soap equal to Ivory,
Gloria, Pillsbury,
Bold Heart
Anaconda Copper mining Co.
Hamilton is Busy
Planning Celebration
Of the Olorious Fourth—Mass Meet*
lng Held—Committees are
at Work.
A big, representative and enthusias
tic meeting of Fourth of July celebra
tion boomers was held at the Lucas
Opera House Monday evening. Com
mittees were appointed and are now
hard at work preparing for the biggest
celebration ever held in the valley.
The people of Hamilton appreciate
the kindness of the other valley towns
in giving way to the county seat on
this occasion and are determined to
show their, appreciation by a big,
rousing celebration and preparing
entertainment for all.
The meeting was called to order Dy
Mayor Romney, who briefly stated its
purpose. He then called for nomina
tions of a temporary chairman. C.
M. Crutchfield nominated B. A.
Sherman for chairman and he was
chosen by acclamation as was Dick
Parmenter for secretary.
On motion, a committee of seven,
consisting of C. M. Crutchfield, Miles
Romney, J. E. Stevens, F. L. Burns,
J. W. Nelson, Frank Anderson and J.
T. Boardman was appointed to formu
late a plan of procedure. This com
mittee recommended that an executive
committee and the necessary subordi
nate committees be appointed by the
chair to prepare a program and carry
out the celebration and that these
committees make a preliminary re
port at a mass meeting to be held at
the Lucas Opera House next Monday
The chair announced appointment
of the following committees:
Executive—W. E. McMurry, J. W
Nelson, Chas. Donovan, P. J. Shan
non, R, L. Perkins, C. M Crutchfield,
J. E. Totman, W. H. Roberts and H.
S. Page.
Finance— F. D. Dudley, H. S. Page,
R. A. O'Hara, C. M. Crutchfield aud
Matt Blindauer.
Decoration—A. L. Bank, F. E. Gage
and Emil Magni.
Races—J.' R. Rawlins, F. M. Lock
wood, R. J. Downing, J. S. Dougherty,
R. A. O'Hara, David Pell, Jack Shep
herd, John Campbell and Thos. Burns.
Speaker—J. E. Stevens, Miles Rom
ney and W. P. Baker.
Games—W. W^ McCracken, F. J.
Morris and Chas. MacMurphey.
Music—J. F. Hartenberger, Mrs.
F. L. Burns and J. G. McKay
Parade—R. Lee McCulloch, D. A.
Bishop and C. M. Crutchfield.
FireWorks— C. C. Coulter, F L.
Burns an£ W. H. Roberts.
Labor Union—Frank Anderson,
Dominick McGuire and Geo. Pierce.
Seeding In Western Montana Com
pleted—Increased Acreage.
Helena, May 16.—In his crop report
for the week ending today, .Acting
General Agent Richards of the North
ern Pacific, says:
"For the Bitter Root valley and
west thereof the past week was very
favorable for crops; weather quite
warm with occasional warm rains;
seeding completed; acreage sown
exceeds previous years 20 per cent;
considerable small grain up advancing
Education and Entertainment.
When both of the above features
can be successfully combined in the
presentation of an entertainment of
any sort the venture is sure to succeed.
The only performance of any kind
given under canvas, which combines
these two essential points are the ones
given by Gentry Bros. Famous Shows.
The entertainment furnished by these
almost human animals is replete with
merriment for all ages, and instruc
tion for those who care to profit by it.
Any one of the Acts present ed this
season in Gentry Bros. Famous United
represents, at least, one year of con
tinued tuition to the animal, or ani
mals employed in its presentation.
Gentry Bros. Famous ßhows have
been enlarged and improved for this
season, and the fact will be quickly
appreciated when the combined street
parades are seen. The display is
scheduled for the morning of the day
of exhibition ■ in this city, which is
Saturday, May . 24th, afternoon and
night. ,
la District Court—Big Bunch of Liti
gants Concerned—Stay Qranted
in Gambling Case.
District court convened Monday,
Judge Webster presiding, The case
ol August Christian et al versus John
Sears et al was docketed for this date
and counsel answered that both sides
tvsre ready for trial.
In this case there are four plaintiffs
and SO defendants. The case is de
signed to settle the status of all
the water rights in Mill Creek, a trib
utary flowing into the Bitter Root
river near Woodside.
Between 40 and SO witnesses have
already been summonsed and deposi
tions of witnesses scattered from
Canada to the Gulf of Mexico have
been taken. This kind of litigation
comes high—one deposition alone, laid
down in Hamilton, cost S45.
The plaintiffs are represented, by
O'Hara & Myers and the defendants
by Marshall & Stiff and J. M. Dixon
of Missoula, and W. P. Baker of this
The following witnesses testified in
behalf of August Christian on Mon
day: August Christian, Howard D
Smart, Mrs Sue Woodmancey, Geo M
Davis, C W Smith, M King, Elmer
Hughes and Geo Christy. Here the
Christian case was rested by plaintiff.
The Mill creek water case will
probably occupy the court for 10 days
or two weeks in taking testimony.
When the court has finally adjudicat
ed this case every water right in Mill
creek will be fixed.
The plaintiffs are: August Christian,
W. F. Sinsel, D. R. Baughman and
George Christy.
The defendants are: John Sears,
Chas. MacRae, John MacRae, C. W.
Smith, Thos. E. Sheridan, C. J.
Moore, J. E. Lockwood, Fritz Heinrich,
Lyman J. Blodgett, Alice Griswell,
Victor Schultz, John E. David, John
Rummel, John Dunbar, W. E. Alex
ander, John Allnutt, Omer L. Kinney,
Sidney Parks, Margaret Malone, Wm.
W. Malone, James,; M. Smith, Peter
H. Elliott, Christian Wolff, John H.
To Make Rqom for New
Stock of Crockery
We will Sell the Odds and Ends of Stock
Patterns at ATTRACTIVE PRICES for the
Next io Days.
Saucers, Plates, Bowls, Pitchers, and Dishes
of All Kinds and will be
Sold at Plat Cost!
M'Marry, Cooper & Grill
Elliott, Oscar W. Jarrett, John Binder,
John E. Hauf, Wm. Tumage, W. S.
Burrell. Willard P. Mace, John Size
more, H. W. Blodgett, Joseph Blod
gett, Archie McKillop, John E. Ever
ett, Oliver Heavilin, Libbie Moore,
Duncan W. McLeod, Armenia Thomp
son, Lewis Thompson, George Lude
man,Florence Mehargue, Teresa Rem
ington, Elizabeth Palmer, S. G. Sar
gent, Henry Weichers, Arnold Clifton,
Frank Clifton, James Keeling, H. E.
Tuesday vas taken up with the
testimony of Jacob Thrailkill and
William Turnage on behalf of plain
tiff W F Sinsell; Geo Christy; Guy Me
Cune; Wm Turnage. Wm Bourne; A
M McCorkle, D R Baughman and W F
Sinsell in behalf of plaintiffs Christy
and Baughman and R W Martin, Ly
man Blodgett, O W Squires, H W
Blodgett and R W Nicol in behalf of
defendants Lyman Blodgett. Joe Blod
gett and Archie McKillop.
Right of Railroads Declared to Be
Second to Those of Actual
Missoula, Mont., May 15.—A deci
sion by E. A. Hitchcock, secretary of
the interior, just received by the reg
ister and receiveAof the Missoula land
office establishes a precedent relative
to the right of the Northern Pacific
Railway Company to select land in
the Bitter Root valley under their
governmental grants.
The case involved in the contest of
the company vs. James W. Tabor's
right to make final proof on a home
stead claim of 160 acres in the upper
Bitte' Root valley. Tabor settled on
the land prior to the reservation of
considerable of that district for addi
tion to the Lake Como forest reserve.
He subsequently began homestead
With the initiation of the homestead
claims, the right to enter was apposed
by the railroad company on the
grounds that the land was in an odd
numbered section,,and subject to the
first claim by the company. The
local office held that, with Bitter Root
valley lands, the railroad's interests
were second to actual settlers and this
ruling was affirmed by the commis
sioner of the general land office. '
Secretary Hitchcock now affirms the
conclusions of both, and orders can
cellation of the company's indemnity
selection. |
Try Western News for Job Work.
umTHAm&co 8
Death of Mrs. Dezell. *
Anaconda, May 18.—Mrs. Emma
Robbins Dezell, wife of John W. Dez
ell, of this city, died at 4:30 o'clock
yesterday morning of scarlet fever at
the family residence, 307 West Park
The deceased had been a resident of
Anaconda for a number of years and
was well known and highly respected.
Besides'her husband, she leaves three
small children to mourn her loss. She
was a member of the Degree of Honor
and the Ladies' Catholic Benevolent
The funeral will take place tomorrow
morning at eight o'clock from the
family residence. The remains will
be taken to Deer Lodge for burial.
Filed for Record.
Deed—Victor Townsite Co. to Mon
roe D, Fulkerson, lot 7, block 2, Victor;
Deed—Howard Murray and wife to
Henry Murray, lot 2, block 31, River
view; $225.
Deed—Mary L. Wilson to James
Goudy, right of way for ditch near
Florence; $50.
Water Right—Edward Burrows, 240
inches seepage water from Fred Burr
Three Fine Ranches For Sale.
Two ranches of 160 ' acres each on
Burnt Fork. All cultivated land, now
seeded down to meadow. Well im
proved, well fenced, good house, barn,
granaries, etc. Water right dates
back to 1881.
160 acres one and one-half mile
above Stevensvhle > on the river.
Partly fenced. First-class water
right. For further particulars call on
or address R. C. SMITH,
27-tf Stevensville, Mont,
Between your children and the tor
tures of itching and burning eczema,
scaldhead or other skin diseases.—
How? why, by using Bucklen's Arnica
Salve, earth's greatest healer. Quick
est cure for Ulsers, Fever Sores, Salt
Rheum, Cuts, Burns or Bruises. In
fallible for Piles. 25c at Bitter Root
Drug Co. *
Market Report.
The quotations given below are the
prevailng prices Wednesday morning
and are subject to change at any time
Butter, ranch 25c per lb., creamery
35c per lb
Eggs, 17yic doz.
Potatoes, 1.50 per 100 lbs
Hay—Wild, [email protected]$8.00; mixed, $3
[email protected]; timothy, 12.00, Baled.
Oats, [email protected] per 100 lbs
Wheat, 75c per bushel.
Onions,$1.50 per 100 lbs.
Cabbage, $1.50 per 100 lbs.
Beets, 45c per 100 lbs.
Carrots, 40c per 100 lbs.
Get a free sample of Chamberlaii
Stomach and Liver Tablets at 1
Corner Drug Co's, store. They i
easy to take and more pleasant in i
feet than pills. Then their use is i
followed by constipation as is ofl
the case with pills. Regular size :
per box.

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