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PrcM Association of Mont««» Called
«o Um Bitter Root— After
Mining Congress.
From Anscond* Standard. July 91.
Batte wa honored yesterday by the
presence of the officers of the Mon
tana Press Association in the persons
of Miles Romney, president, and
Walter Ai then, secretary. The officers
of the association met in conference
with some of the Butte newspaper
men in reference to the place of meet
ing for the association. Mr. Romney,
in-'behalf of the Bitter Root valley
newspaper men and the citizens, ex
tended a most cordial invitation to the
association to meet in that most de
lightful of all valleys, the charming
Bitter Root. Arrangements have been
made for the opening of the Ravalli
Hotel at Hamilton during the time the
press association is in Hamilton.
The invitation extended so cordially
by Mr. Romney was most acceptable
to the Butte papermen, and according
ly it was decided to issue the call to
meet in Hamilton. It is proposed to
assemble in Butte and go to Hamilton
from here on a special train. The
meeting will be held directly after the
mining congress. It is expected that
many of the newspaper men of the
state will be in Butte for that occasion
anyway*. Many of the delegates to
the mining congress doubtless will be
pleased to go over to the Bitter Root >
along with the newspaper men. After j
viewing the vast mineral resources of I
the Butte district, the delegates will j
not fail to be greatly impressed with
the charms of an agricultural valley
necond to none to be found anywhere.
The call as issued is as follows:
"The members of the Montana State
Press association are hereby called to
assemble in Butte on the sixth day of
September. From Butte the associa
tion will go to Hamilton, Mont., where
they will be entertained by the citizens
of that city and where they will dis
cuss ways and means for making the
association of practical benefit to the
newspaper fraternity of the state.
The journey to Hamilton will be made
by special train, which it is expected
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pany, and will leave Butte on the.
above-mentioned date. The meeting,
as planned, is expected to be one of
pleasure as well as profit. The mem
bers will have a pleasant holiday in
the far-famed Bitter Root valley, and
at the same time it is hoped that much
will be donp toward making smoother
the path of the newspaper publishers
and workers of the state. All active
newspaper workers of the state ore
invited to attend this meeting.
"MILES ROMNEY, President.
"WALTER AITKEN, Secretary."
Official Proceedings
County Commissioners
Sitting as a Board of Equalizatlon
Assessment of Incorporated
Ditches Stand.
Hamilton, Mont., July 21st, 1902.
The Board of County Commissioners
of Ravalli county, Montans, met as a
fcounty Board of Equalization at 9
o'clock a. m. Present, J. R. Rawlins,
Ed. A. Johnson and W. E. Gleason,
commissioners, and Howard D. Smart,
county clerk.
The Board proceeded to examine
the assessment book and equalize the
A number of persons appeared be
fore the Board and made protest
> against the assessment of water ditch
j es .
I On motion Board adjourned to meet
j the following day.
Hamilton, Mont., Juiy 22nd, 1902.
The Board Of County Commission
ers met pursuant to adjournment at 9
o'clock a. m. Present, J. R. Rawlins,
Ed. A. Johnson and W. E. Gleason,
commissioners and Geo. A. Reese,
deputy county clerk.
The Western Union Telegraph Com
pany m ade application for a reduction
of its taxes on its line in Ravalli coun
ty but after discussion of same it was
laid over until the next meeting of
the Board, and the assessor instructed
to correspond with the assessors of
other counties and find out how said
company was assessed in their respec
tive counties.
After considering the protests made
by the different ditch companies the
following reductions in assessment
of the same was made:
Rock Creek Ditch Company reduced
from $3,000 to $1,000.
Supply Ditch Company reduced from
$10,000 to $4,000.
Corvallis Ditch Company reduced from
$7,000 to $3,000.
Independent Ditch Company reduced
from $2,500 to $800.
Union Ditch Company reduced from
$8,000 to $3,500.
Warner Ditch Company reduced from
$4,000 to $1,500.
The county clerk was ordered to strike
out the said ditch assessment from
the tax list and add the same to the (
improvement of the land owned by
the stock holders of said ditches. {
The assessment of Ravalli Land and
Irrigation Company ditch was not 1
changed and assessor was ordered to j
see said ditch company and ascertain
if they desire to have same stricken
from assessment list and added to im
provements on real estate.
J. A. Summers appeared before the
Board and asked for a reduction of bis
assessment, and August 4th, 1902, was
set as the day for hearing of the same
and clerk was ordered to notify ac
On motion Board adjourned to meet
Auguft 4th, 1902, to complete the work
of equalization of assessment.
County Clerk.
By Geo. a. Reese,
Mr. F. H. Welle, the merchant at
Deer Park, Long Island, N. Y., says:
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Deed Done In a Fit of Temporary In*
sanity.—Placed Muzzle of Shot
gun to His Face and Receiv
ed Full Charge.
Steveasville, July 19.—Geo. M. Ty
«11, aged twenty-four years, shot
himself with a shotgun on the old
Morton ranch, about four miles north
of town, at sunrise this morning,
while temporarily insane. He had
been despondent over water rights
and his sister. Mrs. Schempp, had
noticed |hait he was not right at times
tor the past month. His brother-in
law, F tank Schempp, also noticed
something wrong with him about
three weeks ago and followed him to
the barn. He found him handling the
harness in a suspicious manner and
asked him to go in swimming with
him, and be went along, and on the
way back to the house, after bathing
in the river, he remarked: "Well,
Frank, if you had not come out to the
barn when you did I would not have
lasted very much longer."
This morning he ate with his broth
er-in-law and went to his room when
Mr. Schempp left to go to work at
Dan Cowell's, and was about eighty
rods from the house when be heard a
shot, and shortly afterwards heard
Mrs. Hunter scream. He hurried back
to the house and met Mrs. Hunter,
who told him that George had killed
himself. Tyrell had taken the shot
gun out, remarking that "the black
dog is out there again, and I will shoot
it." He had only a shirt, hat ard
pants on when'he went out. As he
went out he had to pass through his
sister's (Mrs. Hunter) room, and kissed
He had not feééd Out long before the
shot was heord, and as Mrs. Hunter
passed out of the house to get another
dress in an adjoining building, she
was horrified to find that her brother
bad killed himself.
He had a fishline attached to the
trigger of the gun, which he held in
his haui, but the fishline was broken,
indicating that he had in some way
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pulled the trigger with it and dis
charged the gun full in his face, blow
ing the upper portion of his head off,
scattering his-brains over the picket
fence and over the peak of the house.
A coroner's jury was impaneled by
Judge Sedgwick, acting coroner, and
with P. Baker, county attorney. The
jurors were: T. N. Castle, J. F. Sharp,
P. W. Flanigan, G. W. Samuels, Geo.
Cantrill and Amos Buck, and their ver
dict was that "he came to his death by
a gunshot wound inflicted by his own
hands in a temporary fit of insanity,' '
The body will be sent to the old
home in Iowa for interment.
Specialist Returns Home.
Missoula, July 15.—Doctor Wilson,
lone of the specialists brought here
from Minnesota to make a study of the
spotted fever some two months or
more ago, has completed his studies and
departed yesterday for his home at
Minneapolis. Doctor Chowning, the
! other specialist who came out from
I Minnesota at the same time, went to
Great Falls yesterday to confer with
Doctor Longway secretary of the state
board of health relative to the carrying
I on of the work here and will return in
few days and contine his tests and
I studies
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she writes, "I could scarcely breathe
and sometimes could not speak. All
doctors and remedies failed till I used
Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption and was completely cured.'
Sufferers from Coughs, Colds, Lung
and Throat Trouble need this grand
remedy, for it never disappoints.
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bottles free.
I Stops tbs Cough anil Works Off Tho Cold
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets
I cure a cold in one day. No cure, no
pay. Price 25 cents.
Pleasant Surprise Party.
A party of friends gave Mrs. J. L.
Robbins a very pleasant surprise party
at her home near Corvallis on July 19,
the occasion being the 44th anniver
sary of the lady's birth. Refresh
ments were served, tables being set
about the lawn and which was bril
liantly lighted up with Japanese lan
terns. The decorations and flowers^
were very beautiful. Mrs. Robbins-,
was the recipient of numerous nice-
presents and the hearty well-wishes of
a host of friends. Those present were:
Messrs, and Mesdames T. E. Apple
berry, James Barr, W. Hall, B. S.
Chaffin, M. L. Chaffin, Fate Summers,
J. L. Humble, Thos. Burroughs, J. P.
Green, G. G. Lockwood, A. N. White
sett, H. Douglass, D. L. Boyer, C. D.
Thompson, E. E. Terpening, M. G.
Kern, E. A. Johnson, S. Hawker».
Thos! Ray, W. H. Bohon: Mesdames
Spear, J. W. Walker, Alice Hedge, O.
N. Matthews, O. L. West. Minnie
Jones and Miss Edna Jones; Messrs»
S. Sawyer, A. Lyne, Howard Bohon.'
It is through the bowels that the
body is c.eansëd of impurities. Con
stipation keeps these poisons in the
system, causing headache, dullness and
melancholia at first, then unsightly
eruptions and finally serious illness
unless a remedy is applied. DeWitt's
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ble by stimulating the liver and pro
mote easy, healthy action of the bow
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els enable them to perform their own
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ilton Drug Co. *
We desire to express our heartfelt
thanks to the kind friends wfto as
sisted us during the illness of our be
loved daughter, Mrs. B . L. Thrailkill,
and especially to those who presented
the floral tributes, to Mr. and Mrs. C.
M. Crutchfield, to Mrs. Martin Ting
ley,to Miss Julia Krummcl.to Mrs.J.D.
Watts, to Mrs. Florence Johnson, and
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Gibbins.
Summer complaint is unusually
prevalent among children this season.
A well developed case in the writer's
family was cured last week by thff
timely use of Chamberlain's Colic»
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cian. No family should be without t
bottle of this medicine in tbe hoH%
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