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HA»!!.!-«)!!, KlTAUil OODKTT, MORT.
_ MILKS ROM NKY. Editor.
Published Every Wednesday.
Weekly, one year, in advance............*8.00
weekly, atz months, in advanoe.......... 1.00
Weekly, one year. If not lr advance..... 2.50
Weekly, aiz months, if not ln advanee.. 1JB
Entered at the Poet-Oflee at Hamilton as
fleeond-Ulass Matter.
Advertising ratee furnished on appltca
To Advertisers.
The Western News absolutely guarantees
.ts advertisers an actual bona Mt paid cir
culation within Ravalli county two times
greater than that of any other newspaper
published in the known world. Advertising
contracts will be made subject to this guar
Wednesday, September 3. 1902.
We aie authorized to announce A. L.
Mowatt. of Victor, as a candidate for the
office of county commissioner, subject to the
action of the republican county convention.
We are authorized to announce H. L.
Carter as a candidate for Treasurer of Ra
valli County, subject to the action of the
Democratic convention.
We are authorized to announce James L.
Ever'.y, of Corvallis, as a candidate for
Assessor of Ravalli County, subject to the
action of the Democrat ic county convention.
Oh Saturday evening the members
of the Montaua Press association
will arrive in Hamilton to be the
guests of town and country for four
days. They are more than welcome,
and if at the end of their visit the re
be any one of them that can recall a
single instance of neglect on the part
of the residents of the town of Ham
ilton to provide for his entertainment,
then we should accuse ourselves of
inhospitality and forever do penance
for our oversight.
Members of the press gang of Mon
tana, yon are more than welcome; we
are glad to have you visit the Bitter
Boot valley and our only regret is
that we cannot detain you long
enough to induce y©u to become res
idents of the fairest valley the sun
shown on.
When you arrive make yourselves
perfectly at home, take the best we
bave and if that is not sufficient call
for more—we'll try to get it for you.
While you are here as the guests
of the Bitter Boot valley you are to
understand that nothiug we have is
too good for our friends and we num
ber you among our friends. All we
ask is that you may be as happy to be
-with us as we are to have you with us.
We extend to you everything
friends—make yourselves at home.
In a lecture before the summer
school of the university of Chicago
last Wednesday Dr. E. Benjamin
Andrews, president of the university
of Nebraska, gave certain advice for
the guidance of parents in refining
children that seems to have astounded
a portion of the Chicago press and
provoked it into comparing Andrews
with such sensational university per
formers as Chicago's own Starr and
Triggs. The particular passage of
President Andrews' remarks which
has caused all the excitement is this:
Don't teach your children to fear
God. Don't teach them the doctrine
of eternal damnation. Don't muddle
their brains with the theory of origi
nal sin. Don't scare them with the
devil. Don't worry them about bap
tism. Don't discuss with them wheth
er they are to be justified by faith
alone or by faith and works. Don't
puzzle them with the doctrine of pre
destination and free will. Above all,
don't teach them that they have any
better chances of heaven than the
little Baptist children or the little
Methodist children or the little Pres
byterian children—whichever the case
may be—across the way.
To Chicago reporters who don't at
tend church and don't know the
trend of modern religious teaching,
some of Andrews' "don'ts" sound
strange enough; and indeed to the
Puritan settlers of New England his
whole bunch of "don'ts" would have
seemed such blasphemy that the doc
tor would have been hustled to the
nearest stake and burned alive. But,
with the exception of the second
"don't", the one concerning eternal
damnation, there are very few Sunday
schools left in this country that now
teach children what President An
drews says they should not be taught.
Dr. Andrews' theory is that the
mind of the child should never be
wearied by an eternal ding dong of
religious training; that the child's
heart should not be terrified by a
mental picture of an avenging God;
that the child's soul should not be
forced and bound by a set of creeds;
that the child's sensibilities should
Hot be set in revolt by tho use of re
ligion as a punishment; and this the
ory is entirely in consonance with the
practice of most churches, Sunday
schools and Christian parents today.
Some weeks ago Tom Carter and
the host of federal office holders who
take their orders from tho smooth ei
seuator began the work ot organizing
Republican campaign clubs in the
most important towns of the state.
It is almost needless to say that Car
ter's own political interests were not
overlooked in shaping the organiza
tion of these clubs—they were intend
ed as an auxiliary to the regular Car
ter machiue, composed of the Repub
lican state committee. It Butte this
task was approached with the great
est care and deliberation and with
all the political finesse for which our
owu Tom is justly noted. The or
ganization of a Republican club in
the principal cities of the state was
launched with all the spectacular po
litical effects that ingenuity and care
ful rehearsing 'could accomplish,
but, somehow, the thing went wrong
—'way wrong so far as Carter's own
political interests are concerned.
Subsequent developments clearly in
dicate that the Butte Republican
club is controlled by ex-Senator Lee
Mantle and his friends. Now it is
an open secret that neither Mr. Man
tle nor his numorous Republican
supporters in Butte and elsewhere
entertain any particular love for our
Tom. Mantle has been "gold-bricked',
on one or two occasions by Mr. Car
ter and evidence is accumulating that
another gold brick deal for Mantle's
especial benefit is already under way.
Nobody has ever accused Mr. Mantle
of being a fool, either politically or
otherwise. He has demonstrated his
own political sagacity in checkmating
Carter in that Republican club mat
ter. The club recently organized in
Butte is not only in control of Man
tle's friends, bat indications lead to
the belief that it is intended as a
nucleus of an anti-Carter Republican
organization. Ex-Senator Mantle's
speech on the occasion of the organi
zation of that club, when read be
tween the lines, leaves practically no
room for doubt iu that respect. Some
interesting things are evidently
ahead of the Republicans during the
next two months, and a few of them
are likely to cause Tom Carter many
sleepless hours.—Dillon Examiner.
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J. C. ATBR Co., Lowell, Mas*.
From the Dillon Bx&mtner.
The annual meeting of the Monta
na state press association which takes
place in Hamilton next week will
probably be the most important and
successful in the history of that asso
ciation. The meeting plaoe, espec
ially at this time of the year, is one of
the most delightful spots in Montana
and a large attendance of Montana
newspaper men from nearly every
connty is already assured. While the
social side of the meeting will by no
means be neglected, a strong feeling
is manifesting itself among the breth
era of the state press to make earn
eat efforts daring the forthcoming
meeting to put the association on a
practical working basis; to devise
ways and means that will tend to im
prove the calling of newspaper pub
lishing in the state and put it upon a
higher plane, and last, but not least,
to agree upon aline of action, through
the co-operation of all the publishers
concerned, that will prove beneficial
to the business end of newspaper
publishing in the state.
In the past the annual gatherings
of the newspaper people of the state,
while always highly successful from
a social point of view, have accom
plished very little in other directions.
The newspaper publishers of many
other states have long since realized
and appreciated the advantages of co
operation and the interchange of
ideas and experiences related to the
practical side of newspaper publish
ing. and ns a result the press associa
tions of other states, by means of
their annual or semi-anunal meetings,
have succeeded in bringing about
many substantial benefits to the mem
bers of these associations. The tim e
is about ripe for a determined move
ment in that direction in Montana,
and unless all signs fail the Hamilton
meeting will be a starting point of a
new erafor the newspaper publishing
business in this state.
Special Correspondence to tlie Western New*
Victor, September 2.
Labor Day was observed in our
town by the suspension of all busi
The threshing season opened in
this vicinity this week.
J . E. Marvin is in Helena having
bis eyes treated.
H. C. Groff will spend the remain
der of his vacation in Corvallis.
Mrs. C. W. Bishop and childre n re
turned to Missoula Friday.
Dr. F. H. Hanbidge is spending a
few weeks at Wiles Springs.
Misses Ethel Bruce and Gladys
Watters visited Florence friends last
Mrs. D. H. Gondy returned Wed
nesday from a ten days' visit to rela -
tives in Helena.
Miss Daisy Bond, of Hamilton,
spent Sunday and Monday with her
Miss Bruce is the guest of Miss
Lizzie Harlan in Hamilton this wee k.
Mrs. Julia Harvey and little son,
of Hamilton, were guests of Victor
friends last week
Mrs. A. A. Deernan and four sons,
of Missoula, are spending a few
weeks at the Woodmancy ranch.
Mrs. E. E. Hackett and youngest
son visited Mrs. G. P. Mills at Lo Lo
several days last week.
Three members of the Gem Thea
tre orchestra, of Missoula, are camp
ing on the island east of town for a
couple of days.
Mrs. J. H. White and little son
have been guests of Mrs. Colby
White, in Missoula, for the past week.
Rev. T. W. Flowers attended the
annual conference of the M. E.
church, South, in Butte last week.
Mrs. W. E. Brearcliff was shop
ping and visiting in the Garden City
Wednesday and Thursday last.
The "Silver Sands" camp on the
Bitter Root broke up Friday and the
entire party returned to Missonla.
W. H. McVey and bride, who was
formerly Miss Celia Johnson, return
ed from Spokane Sunday evening.
Mra Wm. Cramer and baby daugh
ter have returned from Missonla.
Miss M. R. Campbell, representmg
the Vivia Co., of San Francisco, spent
several days of last week here.
The Big Creek lake party returned
Friday evening well ladened with fish
and sums berries.
Mrs. J. F. Williams disposed of
her household goods at a public sale
at her ranch north of town Saturday
Mrs. O. S. Troop and two children,
of Missoula, are guests of Mrs. W. E.
About a hundred tickets were sold
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purge, strain and break the glands of
the stomach and bowels. DeWitt's
Little Early Risers never disappoint.
They dense the system of all poison
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that one enjoys the pleasant effects.
They are a tonic to the liver. Cure
biliousness, torpid liver and prevent
fever.—Hamilton Drug Co. *
at the Viotor station to the ci reps
C. W. Elliott and family left this
morning for the eastern part of the
state where they will spend some
months with relatives.
Mrs. Miller Humble returned yes
terday from a three weeks' stay at
Wiles Springs much improved in
Mrs. M. E. Gregory and sister,
Miss Gavin, started Sunday for Pal
myra, Nebraska, to spend several
months with relatives.
Rev. A. K. Baird retnrned to hia
home in Mount Vernon, Iowa, Thnrs
day, after a two weeks' visit with bis
brother, Dr. T. J. Baird and family
H. O. Kerns returned Sunday
avening from Washington.
C. E. Scott moved his family into
their new residence on Blake street.
We are glad to state that Mrs. G.
M. Tuxlinry and J. M. Price, both
of whom have been in the Sisters'
hospital for several weeks, are im
proving and we hope will be able to
return to their homes shortly.
Take two cups of hot water half an
hour before each meal and just before
going to bed, also a drink of water,
hot or cold, about two hours after each
meal. Take lots of out-door exercise
walk, ride, drive. Make a regular
habit of this and in many cases chron
ic constipation may be cured without
the use of any medicine. When a pur
gative is required lake something
mild and gentle like Chamberlain's
Stomach and Liver Tablets. For sale
by Corner Drug Co. *
Live Stock Sale.
On Saturday, Sept. 27, 1902, begin
ning at 1 o'clock p. tn., sharp, I will
sell at public auction, in Hamilton, at
the cattle pens, the following:
About 56 head of cattle,
12 or 15 head of work horses and
driving horses,
Also a lot of hogs.
Some harness and vehicles will be
sold, but no household goods.
Terms made known on day of sale.
F. J. Morris,
The Difference
Between this same lady's two
suits of hair is just twelve
weeks' faithful use of Nçwbro's
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ness: thus curing dandruff,
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futnre, we make the following
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ing of Two-Steps,Songs, W altzes
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New Music, single copies.......... 25c
New Music, seven single copies.. .$1.00
Old Music, six pieces.............. 25c
This sale will last but 15 DAYS
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Mail orders will receive prompt
This signature la on every box oil the genuine
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I Sorosis Skim
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We have just received a shipment of
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In an effort to please our customers we are
now giving Better Flour and more of it per
bushel of wheat than ever before.
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36 lbs. No. 2 - " (Regina)
33 lbs. No. I Soft Wheat Flour.
33 lbs. No. 2 Hard ** (Regina)
I Hamilton Flour Mill Co.
^ mmm\
Take Your Washing to the
Bitter Root Steam Laundry.
We Employ
I C. SANDVEN, Proprietor. |
I Doing Business at the Old Stand
Fresh Beef, Pork, Mutton. Fish
and Game in Season. Every
thing Choice.
T* 4
Beef, Pork, Mutton Poultry, Fish and 4
Game in season kept constantly on *
hand and will be.......... ^
Delivered at Your Door Eve ry Morning *
A fair share of the Public Patronage 3
respectfully solicited
I Corvallis Meat Market. I
|; ALEX CHAFFIN. Prop. |
X++*F4'4'+++++4'+++'M~F4'+4.4.4* 4.4.x

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