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the Western news.
------ — ' ....... ■' - ■ - :
The Montana Press association had
possession of Hamilton during the past
week, and, in consequence, the town is
somewhat f rayed around the edges for
the time being.
The special train of four coaches
'bearing the press gang and guests,
about 150 in all, pulled into town early
Saturday evening. They were met at
the station by the Hamilton Silver
Cornet band, the local reception com
mittees and a big crowd of people,
perhaps 1,000 in all. The town was
elaborately decorated, one feature
being a rustic triumphal arch at the
corner of Main and Second streets
As the newspaper people and their
guests stepped off the train they were
met by a delegation of Bitter Root
girls dressed in white and presented
with bunches of flowers. Then they
were escorted to the Ravalli hotel
which was filled with flowers and
where the evening was very pleas
antly spent.
On Sunday the entire party, accom
panied by several hundred home
peoole, went on an excursion to the
Camas woods where dinner was served
at Camps 2 and 3. Captain Jack
Crawford, the poet scout, one of the
guests of the association, climbed up
on the roof of the cookhouse and de
livered his cowboy sermon. The ex
cursionists returned early in the even
ing. This novel excursion, the free
dom of the woods and the welcome
accorded by the lumber jacks made a
great hit with the newspaper people.
The excursion was under the direction
of Supt. J. E. Totman, and was so
happily arranged and carried out that
that gentleman made a friend for life
of every newspaper man in the state.
On Monday at 10 o'clock the press
association was called to order by
President Miles Romney, who deliv
ered the annual address. Some routine
business was transacted, whereupon
the meeting adjourned for the day.
During the afternoon the visitors were
driven over the Bitter Root Stock
ClK Sbootitid Season is at Rand!
Sportsmen will find our store headquarters for
everything necessary for their complete outfit
ting. j** * *
Shot Guns.
Magazine Guns,
Repeating Rifles.
Double Barrel Breech-Loading
at $8.00 and $10.00
Double Barrel Hammer Shot Guns
' ' at $10.00 to $16.00
Double Barrel Hammerless Shot Guns
. at $24.00 to $75.00
Winchester and Marlin Magazine
Shot Guns
at $20.00 to $22.00
Marlin Rifles at $15.00.
Winchester Rifles at 16.00.
Savage Rifles at $21.50
Hunting Coats, from $1.50 to $4.00.
Hunting Pants, at $3.00.
A full stock of shot gun and rifle ammunition
at lowest prices. Belts and holsters for all sizes
of guns. jij* jtjt
Persons contemplating long outing trips will
find here everything they may need—pack
saddles, blankets, camp stoves, clothing and
the best of things to eat. ** j**
Anaconda Copper Minina Co
farm and to other points of interest.
They inspected the orchards and
creameries, grain fields and saw mills
hereabouts and were given a glimpse
of the wonderful resources of this, the
most beautiful and fertile valley on
earth. The visitors were all provided
with huge straw hats on this trip by
the reception committee and were,
assuredly, treated to a rural good time.
In the evening a dance was given-in
the rotunda of the Ravalli hotel and
an opportunity was afforded the people
of the town to mix with "the gang"
in social session. At 11:15 the ban
quet board was spread at the Hotel
Hamilton. Mine Host Page had
loaded it with good things. Col. C. M.
Crutchfield presided as toastmaster in
his usual happy and felicitous man
ner. Gen. R. Lee McCulloch spoke
for the Bitter Rooters most eloquently
and C. F. Kelly of Butte responded on
behalf of lhe guests of the association.
The other speakers, in response to in
vitations of the toastmaster, were:
John Maguire of Butte, " Personal
Reminiscenses of Marcus Daly;" Capt.
Jack Crawford, the poet scout, "Early
Days in the West" and an original
poem entitled "The Bitter Root:"
Major W. W. Alderson of Bozeman,
"Press Gatherings;" J. W. Kelley,
editor of the Butte Inter Mountain,
"The State of Montana," and. in a
neat little aside, presented the retiring
president with a magnificent gold
headed cane; C. F. Connelly of Butte
made a hit with his remarks devoted
to "The Ladies;" Captain Jack Craw
ford and John Maguire contributed
most capitally throughout the enter
The banquet was attended by the
members of the press association, the
board of county commissioners, the
city council and other guests of the
as sociation.
The following new officers for the
ensuing year were elected by acclama
tion :
President— W. W. Cheely, Butte In
ter Mountain.
Firat Vice President—H. O. Collins,
Second Vice President—Jack Ham
ill, Anaconda Standard.
Third Vice President—Joseph Wid
myer, Glendive Independent.
Secretary and Treasurer—Walter
Aitken, Livingston Enterprise, (re
Historian— W. W. Alderson, Boze
man Avant Courier.
Those registered at the Ravalli were
as follows:
John McGuire, Butte; Captain Jack
Crawford, New Mexico; L. S. Wild,
Butte; Robt. H. Vickers, Alder Gulch
Times, Virginia City; R. N. Criswell
and wife, Inter Mountain, Butte; W.
W. Cheeley and wife. Inter Mountain,
Butte; lido Ramsdell, Inter Mountain ,,
_ .. . .. ... ... I
Butte; A1 F.lsou and wife, Miner, Mis-,
soula; W. B. Jessup and wife, Missou
lian; Geo. W. Long and wife, Miner,
Butte; Joseph Smith II, Madisonian, >
, . T, _ . I
Virginia City; John Hammil, Stand
ard, Batte; F . C. Kress and wife, Ex-|
aminer. Dillon; F. N. Wild, Progress,
Basin; Ira Cole and wife, Times, For
syth; Jf. E. Foote and wife, Tribune,
Dillon; John N. Armstrong, Big Hole
Breezes, Wisdom; F. E. Cornish, Age,
Boulder; J. R. Widmyer, Independent,
Glendive; Sol. Levy, Butte Blotter;
Daniel Searles,Tribune Reyiew, Butte;
W. W. Alderson and daughter, Avant
Courier, Bozeman; Mr. and Mrs, H.
O. Collins, Missoulian; Mr. and Mrs.
C. M. Price, Mines, Scranton, Penn.;
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Wilson, Moun
taineer, Marysville; M. W. Pettigrew,
Wonderland, Gardiner; Chas. Morton,
Miner, Missoula; M. G. Garrett, Rec
ord, Helena; R. H. Bemis, Times,
Belt; Walter M. O'Dwyer, Democrat»
Missoula; J. E, Sheridan, Pioneer,
Big Timber; Miss Gartrude Hickox,
Red Lodge; Jesse D. Searles, Stand
ard, Butte; J. W. Gilbert, Labof
World, Butte; A. D. Hoss, Silver
State, Deer Lodge; Emil Turk, Dem
ocrat. Missoula; Gray W Richarson,
Havre; J. W. Kelley, Inter Mountain,
Butte; J. R. Faulds and wife, Tribune,
Stevensvilie; Walter Aitken, Enter
prise, Livingston; R. N. Sutherlin,
Roc k y Mountain Husbandman, White
Su lphur Springs; Bruce Wells, Regis
ter, Stevensvilie; Miss Alberta Slaugh
ter, Missoulian; John McMurry, wife
and daughter. Miner, Butte.
The following resolutions, read at
the banquet, were adopted :
Whereas, the present session of the Mon
tana State Press Association has been one of
more than usual enjoyment and profit, and
will remain with the members In attendance
as a most pleasing memory; therefore.be ic
Kesolved :
First—That we extend our thanks to the
president and secretary for their energetic
and untiling efforts in planning and arrang
ing for the meeting.
Second—That we tender our thanks to the
local committees, consisting of Messrs. Frank
Anderson. C. M. Crutchfield, E. A. Sherman,
Dr.Fred Ellis. H. S. Pagt.P. J. Shanuon.Milcs
Romney, aud Mrs. Mary J. Toole, Mrs. Geo.
H. Taylor, -Mrs. D. V. Dean, Mrs. C. M.
Orutchfle'd and Mrs. W. O. Fisk, for the cor
dial reception, the banquet, drives, excur
, . .
sion, and the many other courtesies so lav
tshly extendod>
Third -That we extend thanks to Mr. J. E.
Totman who furnished the delightful ex
Ç ursi ° n «*> tllB lo «S ln * «"*» where an excel -
lent dinner was provided by that prince of
hefs Jas Burns .
Fourth—That we extend our hearty thanks
to Mr, Wm. Scallon for substantial favors,
particularly the opening of the Ravalli for
the free use of the members.
Fifth—That we thank Supt. Horn of the
Montana Division and Sup. Bussell of the
Bocky Mountain Division (N. P. Bail way)
for courtesies.
Sixth—That the thanks of the association
are specificially due to the Hamilton Cor
net Band, which greeted us on our arrival
m the city and will cheer us as we depart,
and who have been lavish with tlielr music
during onr stay. We appreciate not only
the music, but also the members of the
band, and' will hold them in kindly remem
brance for their courtesy.
Seventh—That our thanks are due to Mr.
Wharton of Butte for the free use of the
street cars In that city by association mem
Eighth—That we exprtss our hearty
thanks to the many others who have ex
tended to us numerous lesser, thongh not
less cordial, kindnesses and favors.
Ninth—That we shall ever gratefully re
member the beauty of the scenery, the pro
dnetivenes 8 of the soil, the delightfulness
of the climate and the hospitality of the peo
ple of the matchless Bitter Boot Valley.
.103. BM1TH,
(Continued in our next.)
Business Transacted By the Board
at Its Last Meeting—Election
Judges Appointed.
Hamilton, Mont., Sept. 2d, 1902.
The board of county commissioners
of Ravalli county, Montana, met in
regular session at 9 o'clock a. m.
Present—J. R. Rawlins, E. A. John
son and W. E. Gleeson, commission
ers, and Howard D. Smart, county
A number of claims against the Con
tingent and Poor funds were exam
ined and allowed.
The reports of the boards of view
ers on the roads petitioned for by John
B. Spooner and others and by Joseph
M. Doyle and others were received and
Saturday, September 13, 1902, at 10
o'clock a. m., was set as the time for a
hearing on the said petitions.
In the matter of the road petition of
W. D. Lear et. al,, L. Lacoursier, B.
S. Chaffin and J. W. Pophatn were ap
pointed as a board of viewers.
In the matter of the road petitioned
for bv G. F. Whitesett and others, L.
Lacoursier, John B. Haley and W. J.
Whitmore were appointed as viewers.
On motion board adjourned.
Wednesday, Sept. 3.
Board met at 9 o'clock a. m., all
members present.
A number of claims against the Road
and General funds were examined and
allowed and warrants ordered drawn
for the same.
Claim No. 139 in favor of J. W.
Howard, M. D., for $81.00 account of
attending smallpox patients, was dis
allowed in the sutn of $54.00, that
amount not being considered a proper
charge against the county.
Board adjourned for the day.
Thursday, Sept. 4th.
Board met at 9 o'clock a. m., all
members present.
On motion it was ordered that all
real estate now belonging to the county
that has been acquired by reason of
sale of same for delinquent taxes, be
advertised for thirty days and sold at
public auction; date of sale to be Sat
urday, October 11, 1902, at 11 o'clock
a. m.
On motion it was ordered that the
tax certificate issued January 13, 1899,
for delinquent taxes on lot 3, block 9,
Riverview, be and the same is hereby
ordered cancelled on account of error
in assessment.
A petition was presented to the
board signed by Fred Reinbold and
others, asking that a certain road on
Burnt Fork be opened and established
as a county road, and the county attor
ney was instructed to take steps to
have same opened, as it was found
that the road had formerly been used
as a public highway.
Judges of election for the different
precincts of the county were appointed
as follows:
No. 1, Sula—A. W. Vogt, S. H.
Campbell and John Wetzsteon.
No. 2, Overwhich— B. J. Castner, P.
B. Bennett and L. A. Rice.
No. 3, Darby—George W. Solleder,
D. D. Nicholson, N. E. Wilkerson, L.
W. Overturf and G. L. Satterlee.
No. 4, Grantsdale— R. W. Middle
ton, Geooge M. Steele, P. A. Jen
nings, Wm. McHatton and Henry
No. 5, Hamilton—R. Lee Perkins,
Thos. Irvine, John A. Summers, Geo.
H. Taylor and J. N. Taylor.
No. 6, Hamilton—Josiah South wick,
D. V. Bean, W. H. Bell, T. A. Chaffin
and Thomas Peering.
No. 7, Corvallis—Taylor Sherrill, M.
L. Chaffin. Naaman Johnson, W. D.
Lear and T. L. Crum.
No. 8, Victor—Fred Cooley, J. J.
Bond, Thomas Gregory, A. S. Blake
and T. W. Flowers.
No. 9, Stevensvilie— B. L. Logan, J.
W. Lancaster, S. B. Jones, John Lan
drarn and G. W. Samuels.
No. 10, Eight Mile— G. W. Shaffer,
N. J. Tillman and W. H, Jameson.
BO Ti$n
N". 11, Florence— C. M. Iann, Jos
eph Wagner, Anthony Morris, Thomas
Holloway and G. W. Donaldson.
The places in the precincts where
the election is to be held were desig
nated as follows: Sula, schoolhouse;
Overwhich, postoffice; Darby, Miles'
ball ; Grantsdale, Shannon building;
Hami ton No. 5, Town Hall; Hamilton
No. 6, Drinkenberg building at corner
of Third aud Main streets; Corvallis,
schoolhouse; Victor, A. O. U. W. had;
Stevensvilie, Kaiu building ; Eight
Mile, schoolhouse ; Florence, Wood
man hall.
Upon examination of the assessed
valuation for the present year, the
county was declared to be in the
seventh class.
On motion board adjourned.
Friday, September 5th.
Board met at 9 a. in., ail members
Claim No. 166, in favor of James A,
Horn for the sum of $5.90, fees as juror
at inquest and for mileage, was dis
allowed in the sum of $4.40, that being
the amount of mileage charged and
which was not considered a legal
charge against the county.
Claim No. 83 iu favor of J. E,
Walker for road work in the sum of
$160.00, was disallowed in the sum of
.00 that sum being considered an
The county clerk was ordered to ad
vertise for bids for the county printing
and for blank books required by the
county for the two years commencing
on the first day of January, 1903.
Bidders will be required to submit
prices on the following named books
and blanks :
Two assessment books for each year
of the form as ordered by the board or
their agent and not to exceed 125 pages
each, with canvass binding.
Delinquent tax book of the same size
and of the same quality of paper and
binding as the one now in use in the
county treasurer's office, rulings and
headings to be as ordered by the board
or their agent.
Treasurer's register of taxes col
lected, to be of the same size and of
the same quality of paper and binding
as the one now in use in the county^
treasurer's office, headings aud rulings-.,
to be as ordered by the board or their
Books with full printed page, one
form, of the same size and of the same
quality of paper and binding as Deed
Record No. 25, now in use in the.
county recorder's office, the printing
to be as ordered by the board or their
Books with full printed page, two-,
forms, of the same size and of the
same quality of paper and binding as .
Deed Record No. 25, now in use in the_■
county recorder's office, the printing
to be as ordered by the board or theig
Court journal of the same size, fornX
and quality as the one now in use in.
the clerk of the court's office, but sub
ject to any change in form considered
necessary by the clerk of the court.
Treasurer's cash book similar in
size, form and quality to the one now
iu use in the treasurer's office, but
with any changes in headings and rul
ings found necessary.
All other blank books of every des
cription that may be required by the
Tax receipts for each year, to be in
books of 100, in triplicate, similar in
size and form to the receipt books in
use in the county treasurer's office, but
subject to any change in priuting or
ruling found necessary.
Road tax receipts in books of 100,
numbered and perforated, with stub,
iu the size, form and color of paper
that may be required.
Poor tax receipts in books of 100,
numbered and perforated, with stub,
in the size, form and color of paper
that may be required.
Lithograph letter heads, size 8^x11
inches, of the design ordered by the
board or their agent, and of the same
quality of paper as per sample on file
in the county clerk's office. Per 1,000.
Printing return notice on envelopes,
per 1,000, wording of notice to be as
required by the board or their agent.
Printing one side on postal cards,
per 100 and subsequent 100; price for
10 lines or less; price for 15 lines or
Assessment lists for each year of the
form as ordered by the state board of
equalization and the county assessor.
150 copies each year of the annual
financial statement of the county clerk
according to the form and copy fur
nished by him and to be printed on 9t
good quality of bond paper.
Whole sheets printed on both aides,
per hundred and subsequent hundreds.
Whole sheets printed on one side,
per hundred and subsequent hundreds.
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