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"Oh! Daddy, please !"
"1 am afraid 1 oouldn't, Dick. You mult
remember that you are only a little man,
and that bronoho is very frisky."
"I know, dad, but Tom got a pony for
Christmas, too, amd he can ride anywhere
he chooses."
"You forge* that Tom is 12, while you
are not yet ten. I am willing that you
should ride when William can go with you,
but you must not go alone."
So young Dick Wilmer tried to be con
tented, although there was a sore spot down
his heart. All of his chums rode,
ttn.i not
oi.c 01 t»:e:n had to • «'■
.« horrid
: :. g ch i g c imi. i t .
:'t right
t a.
» , i.ld ! c ucated li' c n
. when
i c •
as tall ns Tcm art:
c other
v >) cr.a could g. «..«,.
e warn
1 .1 a
... - \cirs younger. K.
• v.
• m fcor
row. m
ii. \
i-i Urr.neho'a Ha«!, :
, }.ut hia
0 w n
t n;
.y «.:;.! afniti't the .- 0 .
. k man«
of t
v ;
. ■„ ll.oi : s bred.
......! eeks after his ft !
l 's mari
,:l fort . Dick turned
: .1
tal ear
to all
, ut
Toni's entreaties, h. .! .
to .
i t neat little foot :
; oash
• • r.trv
ïr.g t
the long,
roa N
Tat a day came w.,c-a a
* r T'
:o!utions Wfei.t throw 1 : .
v winds.
Saturday. Mr. bii.v, c,
• ut or
had j
ll -
left the house, and t. t .1
.u lu.okfr
it away until Monc; y .
;• ».
. with n
li ce
art, Dick boundc.i 1
, flairs,
bu L
on his higa ridii g !•
.''i; ped
heavy coat and set . i
: u. cap
•k on his curly head. ,\
:e to Washington on 1 . 1 ..
Timer was uut calling.
k knew
by «
-i t
i-ritnce that it would |
1. 1
ably b«
fcc she would return, ;
i it we®
estime in the house.
on Mr.
' n,
who had been expected t
1) K
lay, waa
.el eg:
..ed for, as his wife was
kin biid
cn left alone Dick ran do
to Wil
,, j
room, over the stable.
is hand
was on
the knob, and lie opene<l
s mouth
to tail l
die groom. Just then T<
's niock
in g v
vice cried:
"(in on, baby; call your nurse!"
Dick wheeled around, his deep blue eye*
all ablaze with indignation.
"I am not a baby, and you know it, Tom
St inter."
"T .en why do you always have him,"
poiu:i.ig a disdainful finger ti
award th«
closed door, "taygin
g after ye
? When
you are a 11 ,tn you'll
have a ke <
.per, 1 sup
"1 won't have you t
aiking that
way tome.
I'm ■ ■■ a hr.! v, an ! v
011 know i
don't want
VST a • hi-..'* 1 only
have him 1
'«-cause dad
su : ! must ! " cried 1 -
r k, .-turd:!;
"D n't you ever 1 ;
, . ct to hnv.
e a mind of
your , "U? 1 nine y.
u to go to d
ay without
him!" '.ducted Turn.
! ! must 0
"V. : .0 0 isn't t ,
; he We 1
It (lilt juat
as ! c ... , so i.<
aï 1 't go, am
you know
Hi !:: ; 1.- f n nig y. 11
. mot! cl 's
. :il ! do. i
•■n?" 1 ■
oil for
a 1: one i:t .- i util.g.
! was a ;
■ «lay,
cold and ch ir, ex • :
t for a 1 «
vy l ink of
. e no. t
1. It waa
too ! IV« :> ■ ' -lay -
ott'ea 1 p in
tiie house
all 1.!;e aft«moon.
" i t v. . : i : art you.
I'll take <
arc of you,
am' iv« ;1 only go 0:
li the I«:t
y loads.
Co . r on, 1 irk," lenq
teil IT \ i
; r.
"1 ong. . not to,"
.-aid Dick,
-vly. It
was so in ! to rcld.
so, for he
wanted so
much to go. .
"Do a, you like."
s'.id Tom.
"1 am go
ing." And he caic'.c
r-.dy threw
h mu-elf on
ti c waiting pony,
•hist ul that 111 m
lent a low
, sorrowful
w' innv came from
Hroneùo's 1
«tail. That
decided Di It ; lie wo
uld not Ie
gone long.
and he would be v
cry cartful
0I1, very
At first his eons, it
: e prie! <
i ! : i 'll 11 lit
tie, bill on.« out in
the s.
waim Min
».Tie, and gal! q ii.
wii'tly «
■i tue long
roads, „0 Peg it Ids ..
•• : llpU s n
«1 in ver he
fore had he c; j y . .
il.«' Ml U!
«• It wins
st range tl ;lt n« ;t :.« :
. i t. till t..l
1 id when
t'he sun sank lie i ...
!..i .U...';«
until liiey
were completely cove
red wit:, a
soft white
Veil of »How.
"C ome, Tom, let's
hurry hot
me," called
Ibi-k, frightened at the thought of the
"It's jolly now—I mu not going until the
ground gets covered," laughed Tom.
"1 tell you it's going to be n bad storm.
1 am going home now, Tom, and you cun
come when you please." Dick wheeled Ins
horse around as he spoke, and galloped in
Fie opposite direction.
"Hi, 1 say, Dick, come back!" called the
older boy, but be was already out of hear
ing. Tom shrugged his shoulders and lode
merrily on.
It was dark when Mr. Wilmer reached
home and found his wife in tears, and nearly
wild from anxiety. It was bitterly cold,
and already the snowfall was ijuile deep.
Between her sobs Mrs. Wilmer told him
that Broncho had just come Hume with the
saddle turned.
Mr. Wilmer did not hesitate an instant.
There wag only one boy with whom I boil
could have gone, and very soon the anxious
father was catechising Tom Stinier.
"Dick hasn't jot home yet?" Toni asked,
a terrified look coining over his face.
"No. Did you make him go?"
Tom looked down. There was no use in
denying it. Suppose Dick was lying hurt
or frozen in tiie woods.
"Yes, sir; I asked him to go, but 1 didn't
think it would hurt," said Tom, slowly.
"Come with me, sir, and show me where
lie left you," commanded Mr. Wilmer,
It was not an ensy task, for the blinding
enow made them almost lose their way in
the most familiar roads. Hours were spent
in the search, and Mr. Wilmer, Mr. Siimer,
their servants ami tin neighbors looked un
til they were discouraged.
Suddenly a joyful yelp from Dirk's dog,
« groat mastiff, brought the half-frozen
band together, and the dim lantern light
ahed a faint red glow upon a small figure,
lying half buried in a drift, while beside
him, with head drooped, stood the mastiff.
Tenderly the father lifted his unconscious
boy and carried him home. No one suffered,
ss much as Tom during the doctor's con
sultation, huddled up in a little heap out
side Dick's door. Hours wore by, and still
no sound from the room. At length the
door softly opened, and the kind old family
physician came out.
"Why, Tom, what are you doing here?"
"Is he—is he—dead?" sobbed Tom.
"No, my boy; he is very much alive, ami
in a few weeks he will be as well as vou are.
Was it you who took him?"
"Yea, doctor," said Tom, manfully; "1
despise myself for it; he didn't want to
go, and I taunted him into it. lam much
older than he is, too. Don't you think he
will always hate me?"
"I think, on the contrary, that you and
Dick will be better friends than ever. You
have learned that the way of the trans
gressor is not an enviable one," remarked
the old doctor, sagely.
And the doctor's prediction came true,
for in their boyhood, university and man
hood days Dick Wilmer and Tom were in
aeparable.—N. \\ Tribune.
Violent Attack of Diarrhoea Cured by Chamber
lain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
and Perhaps a Life Saved.
"A short time ago I was taken with
a violent attack of diarrhoea and be
lieved I would have died if I had not
gotten relief," says John J. Patton, a
leading citizen of Patton, Ala. "A
friend recommended Chamberlain's
olic, cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
I bought a twenty-five cent bottle and
after taking three doses of it was
entirely cured. I consider it the best
remedy in the world for bowel com
plaints." For sale by Corner Drug
Store. *
Potent Pill Pleasure.
The pills that ate potent in their
action and pleasant in effect are De-
Witt's Little Early Risers. W. S.
Pliilpot of Albany, Ga., says, "During
a bilious attack I took one. Small as
it was it did me more good than calo-
mel, blue-mass or any other pills I
• er took and ">* *'•
- • - -. vug name Time it ef
fected me pleasantly. Little Early
Risers are certainly an ideal pill."
Sold by Bitter Root Drug Co. *
Market Report.
The quotations given below are the
prevailng prices Wednesday morning
and are subject to change at any time
Butter, Ranch 20c per lb..
Creamery, 30c per lb
Eggs, 27^c dca
Potatoes, $1.00 per 100 lbs
Hay—Mixed, $8.00.
Timothy, $10.00 Baled.
Oats, $1.10 per 100 lbs.
Wheat, $1 10 per 100 lbs.
Apples, 7fc.
Bat All You Want.
Persons troubled with indigestion
or dyspepsia can eat all they want if
thev will take Kodol Dyspepsia Cure.
This remedy prepares the stomach for
the reception, retention, digestion and
assimilation of all of the wholesome
food that may be eaten, and enables
the digestive organs to transform the
same into the kind of blood that gives
In alth and strength. Sold by Bitter
Root Drug Co. *
Good for tOi» Hair and Adda Not
Little to the Comfort
of tbo Head.
"Some customers have nonsensical
notions about tlie proper way to venti
late a bat," said a fashionable hatter,
,o a New York Times man. "In fact,
: hey are so whimsical about it that we
nake the bats without a ventilator
and try to suit the wishes of the cus
tomer after lie lias handed bis money
to the salesman. Many customers will
not have a bat vent Hated at all. Well,
they miss a great deal of comfort and
take long- chances for baldness in old
age. The English style, and the only
one that some buyers will adopt, is a
ring of perforated holes in the crown
of the hat. In my opinion, it is just ns
well to have no ventilator at all as to
[Hit it there. The best wny is to have
two holes, one on each side of the hat,
just above tile band. Then y a get
good circulation till tile time. There
are ways of punching the holes artis
tically so that they do not detract from
the appearance of the hat. But you
would lie surprised at the number of
men who will not have them, some be
cause it is not fashionable, and others
because they think the hat will not
wear so well."
G iiii liant on tlieOlilo.
On a boat s were common on the Mis
sissippi river forty years ago. In
recent years the river hns seldom
floated ships of the navy. Conse
quently, when the monitor Arkansas,
one of the newest ships of its class,
steamed up the river recently on its
way to St. Louis, it attracted much at
tention. Tt astonished and delighted
the people of Evansville, Ind., by mak
ing an excursion up the Ohio as far as
Hint city, for not since the civil war
bad any ship of the navy touched at
that port. Both the Mississippi and
the Ohio are deep enough to float a
much larger vessel than the Arkansas.
AVIIl'Ie Wm Excused.
Tbo following note was recently
received by a Higginsville (Kan.)
school teacher: "Respected Miss:
pleas« excuse Willie for absents. He
fell downstairs just before school
time and we fe red his internal in
sidcs was hurt at first, but they ain't.
The dm tor says that o part of bis
anattomy was hurt, but the brewz
ing of the e;> yiermis of the outside
hi 'e a d also his bipp hurt some.
But he narrowly escaped fatal death.
Bo kindly excuse."
SCOTT'S EMULSION serves as •
bridge to carry the weakened and
starved system along until it can find
firm support in ordinary food.
Send for tree sample.
SCOTT & DOW N E, Chemists,
409-415 l'earl Slret-l, New York.
50c. and ÿi.uo; all druggists.
Still Deficient.
A new burglar alarm has been In
vented which photographs the burg
lar. arouses the family and calls the
police. If it had an attachment
which would handcuff the burglar
and hitch him to one of the legs of
the grand piano in the parlor the
machine would be eornolete.
"Do you know what I am going to fetch
home on my way from the office this even
ing?" inquired Mr. Jobson of Mrs. Jobson
at the breakfast table one morning about
ten days ago.
Mrs. Jobson had no idea, ot course, and
said ao.
"I'm going to fetch home," said Mr. Job
son, oracularly, "about two pounds of pow
dered sulphur and a jug of blackstrap mo
lasses of the old-fashioned kind."
"What for?" inquired Mrs. Jobson.
"What for?" repeated Mr. Jobson, with
a surprised expression. "Now, what d'ye
suppose powdered sulphur and molasses arc
generally used for- citnip tea? Mrs. Job
son, might I inquire whether you ever had
x home as a young girl—a real, sure-enough
home, presided over by a mother who
knew enough to repair to shelter when the
rain began? Is it possible that you never
heard of the combination of sulphur and
molasses for use as a blood-purifying
spring medicine?"
Oh, yes, Mrs. Jobson had heard of that.
"You have, eh?" said Mr. Jobson. "Well,
what do you think of it aa a spring medi
Mrs. Jobson reluctantly replied that the
thought it all right in some aspects,
"There are no 'buts' about it," said Mr.
Jobson, in his most impressive judicial
tone. "Sulphur and molasses make the
greatest spring medicine that ever came
over the hills. And that's the stuff that
we're going to take every morning before
breakfast for a month or so. Just like ev
srybody else, we've been sitting around all
winter like hothouse plants, eating too
much, and not taking anything like enough
exercise. The result is that our blood's
all thickened and clogged up, and if we
don't take something to clarify our »>•»•
-eins we're liable to attacks of illness for
the rest of t:.e year. Sulphur and mo
In.-scs U t e t.iing, and when we lake it
right along for about a month we'll fc-el
like colts just turned loose in a field of
lia mît 1 i :r,s."
Mr. •lo' .-on, having assumed his I-hnve
spoke manner, Mrs. Jobson didn't make
any reply for the sake of pence, but it win
n'nvi >.:* ii at .she wasn't looking fc; ward tt
t e t-ulpr.p: and molasses scheme witii any
g' < t < < g ie rf equanimity.
'< I h was a* good as hia word, ant
ui !; -u;r'it ! at evening the jiackr.gi
c :ci' , lilphi.r and u lo ge jug o
'• n ' -es. tor w' c ; e t .aJ t<
: L ie town. After dinner he mixe«
ai i n g medicine in « 'n.-ge croik
i wi - vei-ii.g voll !.ly on t'-e won
- i by t e stuff n t! e kumar
: «11 : iy adhered to.
''■■ ' >11 d - .yon .my good : ' volt on'y
• r in r.v iic," 1 «• c-m'.ihud
v ; 'o »Ir, y :ight with it every
a 1 nth or . to ■. e'. ary goo ' - t
:: le y not ta.-'e life | - 1 c de {' t
. ! ■ r.t's only a detail, ftread in',
and t!ui! t lie : air irp."
' '! ■ Joliso made . i.« a calante
■I the next men i; g M s. J«!>
La ly j :r i.'ing over the crock
y oil taken yours yet?" inqul d
. answer;!. "I was waiting for
me down, so that we could take
< e -a. ne time. Ugh! ft looks so
• •'. try to be quite so girly-girly, i ! s.
J 1 - >n, mi id Mr. Jobson, sarcasti a !v.
"Airs like that aren't exactly becoming in
a person of your years."
Mrs. Jobson produced a couple of table
spoons and handed one of them to Mr.
Jobson. But if she expected that he was
going to be the first to go against tl e
si»ring medicine she was mistaken. He
stood by in an attitude of expectancy, and
so there was nothing for her to do but to
dip into the crock, delve up a spoonful of
the gritty mixture and swallow it. She
made an extremely wry face over it, but
said nothing.
Mr. Jol ison then dipped into the mi-a,
bringing up a considerably smaller spoon
ful than Mrs. Johsoti had taken, and downed
it. His countenance looked mightily dis
torted by the time lie had swallowed the
stuff, and he spluttered aud coughed a lot
over it for some time.
"Do you like it. as well as you did when
you were a young one?" inquired Mrs. Job
son .
"It's great!" spluttered Mr. Jobson, but
lie didn't sav it in a convincing way. He
didn't hnve his usual appetite for break
fast, and he looked thoughtful throughout
;he meal.
He wasn't feeling well, he said, when he
returned home that evening, and he went
to bed early. When he made his appear
ance in the dining-room for breakiast M.s.
Jobson was again hovering over the sul
phur und molasses crock. Mr. Jobsou didn't
go anywhere near it.
"Well, the spring medicine is stirred up
and waiting," said Mrs. Jobson. Mr. Job
son pretended to be so interested in the
headlines of the morning paper that he
didn't hear her.
"Are you ready for the blood purifier?"
inquired Mrs. Jobson again, and again Mr.
Jobson iwetended that he hadn't heard.
Then Mrs. Jobson walked right over to
where lie had plumped himself in a chair
and said:
"My dear, shall we take our sulphur and
molasses now?"
"Ilnh?" said Mf. Jobson, making believe
that he had just emerge«! from his trance.
"Our spring medicine, you know," said
Mrs. Jobson.
"Oh," said Mr. Jobson, sternly, "you
mean that beastly decoction that you forced
upon me yesterday morning, do you. No,
Mrs. Jobson, I, for one, am not—n-o-t, not
—going to take it this morning or any other
morning. You can take all you want of it—
gallons and hogsheads of it, if you choose—
but if you think for an infinitesimal fraction
of time that you're going to bullyrag and
bulldoze and hector me into sozzling my sys
tem with a poisonous mess that makes me
feel as if I'd been living on poison«.! »nails
for a mouth, that causes me to wake up in
the morning with a taste in my mouth liken
motorman's glove, that puts every tooth
in my head on inlge and that's liable to make
me break out in boils and carbuncles until
I'd look like a twentieth century Job—then
you're dreaming, Mrs. Jobson, and it's
pretty near time for you to wake up."
The crock of sulphur and molasses went
into the garbage can by the time the slop
gentlemasi got around that morniug, and
Mrs. Jobson never deposited anything in
that receptacle that did her so much good.— «
Washington Star.
Slim Chance fur McCarthy.
"i understand the doct«ir has just been to
see your husband, Mrs. McCarthy," said Mr.
McCarthy's employ««-. "lia* he made a
For a moment Mrs. McCarthy was sub
merged in a sen of doubt, but she rose tri
"No, sorr," she »nid, confidently, "he left
it to me, him saying I was well able to do it,
soit. It's to be made wid linseed on a
antout muslin, sene 1 '» ('omi-anion.
. Dizzu?
Appetite poor?«/ Bowels
constipated? Tongue coated?
Head ache? It's your liverl
Ayer's Pills are liver pills, all
vegetable. L C „W:.
Want your moustache or beard
a beautiful brown or rich black? Use
FIFTY CTg ; _0^ap^ I 8TB pgR p HAM, k CO.. NASHUA, N. H.
The municipal expenses of New
York are approximately $100,000,000 a
Of 23,000 children placed in families
by the Children's Aid society, only CO
have been arrested and sent to -„Torm
'While London has 47 telephones per
10,000 inhabitants, Paris,71; New York,
150, and San Francisco, 706, Stockholm
reaches the figure of 980.
Berlin has its first female barbers
—the wife and daughter of a hair
dresser. In Bohemia, Hungary and.
Scandinavia there are many women
In the year ending April 1, 1900, Ber
lin imported from Italy 50 car loads
of cherries, 357 of table grapes. 245 of
summer fruits, etc. In the following
12 months the business doubled.
A Leipsic physician expresses the
opinion that on account of their deli
cate sense of touch blind persons are
specially qualified for practicing mas
sage. In Japan this is done very
Tn the clear atmosphere the other
day Bostonians could see from Bos
ton two mountains. Wachusett and.
Monadnock—that is-. th«ise Bostonians
who took the trouble to climb Mount
Bellevue, West Roxbury, could.
If all the reports that have reached
the police within the past few days
are true, diamond stealing by serv
ants bas reached the proportion of a
mania in New York. Three young
women ril-yet! in as many fashion
able ho—'. T the up-town section are
now tin.' •• arrest on this cvharge.
A Ve-.- r* town supports two pa
pers w' ' ' Mve in friendly discord»
The He '' ■ : nted a meaningless item
ab«. tit - r ' ' ets S. Weneht. a Syrian,
and th>' ''«•«■« copied it. without the
formality giving credit. Gleefully
the Herr!' now points out that the
fictitious c " ,; itn's name spelled back
wart! proclaims the truth, well known
locally that "the News steals."
DeWitt is the Name.
When you go to buy Witch Hazel
Salve look for the name DeWITT on
everv box. The pure unadulterated
Witch Hazel is used in making De
Witt's Witch Hazel Salve, which is
the best salve in the world for cuts,
burns, bruises, boils, eczema and piles.
The popularity of DeWitt's Witch
Hazel Salve, due to its many cures,
has caused numerous worthless coun
terfeits to be placed on the market.
The genuine.bears the name of E. C.
DeWitt <& Co., Chicago. Sold by Bit
ter Root Drug Co. *
Where Man lx Small.
To ordinary eyes a man 1,000 yards
j »way—say, on a rifle range—appears
as a dot; he could not be known as a
j nian except as being a smaller dot
than a horse.
Deaith Can«ed by Minaqntito.
Mosquitoes are now charged with
communicating erysipelas as well as
malaria and yellow fever. A New
York physician hns issued a death
certificate in the case of a 14 months'
old babe, in which he says "Death
was caused by erysipelas due to the
bite of a mosquito." It is only fair
to the mosquito to record that the
board of health officers refuseil to
accept the certificate until a coro
ner's physician had investigated and
concluded that there was no other
apparent cause for the death than
the mosquito bite.—Youth's Compan
Puts an End to it All.
A grev ious wail oftentimes comes as
a result of unbearable pain from over
taxed organs. Dizziness, backache,
Liver complaint and constipation.
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pills they put an end to it. They
are gentle but thorough. Try them.
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Root Drug Co.
Jewels, candy, flowers, man—that
is the order of a woman's preferences.
Jewels form a magnet of mighty pow
er to the average woman. Even the
greatest of all jewels, health, is often
ruined in the strenuous effort to make
or save the money to purchase them.
If a woman will risk her health to get
a coveted gem. then let her fortify
herself against the insiduous conse
quences coughs, colds and bronchial
affections bv the regular use of Dr.
Boschee's German Syrup. It will
promply an est consumption in its ear
ly stages and heal the affected lungs
and bronchial tubes and drive the
dread disease from the system. It is
not a cure-all, but it is a certain cure
1 for coughs, colds and all bronchial
i troubles. You cau get this reliable re
medy at Sherman, the Druggist's,
I Hamilton; Jtrseph Bowden's, Corvallis.
Prie«« 25c and 75c. 19 i*
Graduate pf Queen College.
Office ever Ravalli Countv Bank.
Hamilton, - - Montan«
M. B., M. D., C. M.
Graduate of University of Toront-.
Post Graduate in Diseases of WoitiO
and Children.
£F^!i ! .Ç.T 0ver Bank's Jewelry Store.
RESIDENCE—Ravalli Hotel.
Office over Ravalli County Bank.
Hamilton, - - Montana.
Physician and Surgeo
Oculist and Aurist.
Graduate of Bellevue Hospital Med
ical College, New York. Post
Graduate University of Ber
lin, Germany.
Victor, -
Attorney at Law
Office Over Ravalli County Bank.
Catholic Chuich— South Fifth Street. Ser
vices first and third Sundays of each month.
First Mass at 8 o'clock a. in. High Mass, fol
lowed by benediction, at 10:30a. m. Sunday
school at 2:30 p. m.
Chari.es Maokin, Pastor.
M. E. Church—North Sixtli Street. Preach
ing at 10 a. m. and 8 p. m. Sunday school 10
a. m. Epworth League 7:00 p. m. Prayer
meeting every Thursday evening. Strangers
alw ays made welcome. J. A . Smith, Pastor.
Baptist Church—South Fourth Street.
Preaching fourth Sunday in euch month at
11 a. m. and 8:00 p m , and ut3p. m. second
Sunday. Sunday school 10 a. m. Preaching
at Corvallis at 11 a. m. and 8p. m. on second
Sunday of each month.
W. R. Rickman, Pastor.
Presbyterian Church—South Fifth Street
Preaching evi ry Sunday at 11 a. m. and 8:00
p. m. Sunday school at 10 a. it . Christian
Endeavor Sundays at 7:00 p. m.
J. E. Bukkhaut, Pastor.
Christian Church—South Second street.
Preaching every Sunday morning and even
ing by the pastor. The C. E services com
mence at 7:00 p. in. and the evening services
at 8:C0. Each service lasts one lioui. All
are cordially invited to attend.
R. M. Duncan. Pastor.
8t. Paul's Episcopal Church— South Third
street. Services on Sunday at 11 u. m. and
8:00 p. m except on the first Sunday in each
month, when there will be no service Un
t lie second Sunday in the month there will
Ik a celebration of the holy communion at
a. m. Sunday school every Sunday at 10 a.
m. Wednesday seven song, foil«.wed by choir
practice. J. \V. Fooahty, Rector.
In tlic District Court of the Fourth Judicial
District of tbo State of Moutaua, County
of Ravalli.
In the mutter of the estate of Simon Kughn.
Deceased. Notice «if Publication of Time
Appointed for Proving Will.
Pursuant to an order of said District court,
made on the 19th day of August, 1903. notice
is liereoy given that Friday, the 4th day of
September, 1903, at 2 o'clock p. m , of said day
at the Court Room of said Court, attlie Town
of Hamilton, in said county of Ravalli, lias
been appointed as the time and place il'or
proving tiie will of said Simon Ivuglin, de
ceased. and for hearing the application of
Missouri Emeline Knglin for the issuance to
lier of letters testamentary when and where
any tier son in tore ted may appear an«l con
test the same.
Dated August 19, 1903.
43 3t J. F. CUN E, Clerk.
ï tea's us Botter Service
Than that via the
From Kansas City, Saint Louis and
letnpliis to points in the South, South
:ast aud Southwest.
Hie Southeastern Limited
Leaving Kansas City at 6;30 P. M
daily, will take you to Springfield, Mem
phis. Birmingham, Atlanta. Jacksonvill.
aud all points in the Southeast.
For detailed information apply to
1106. 17th St.

North Bound
South Bound
Lv. 6:45 a. m.
.....Hamilton. .
Ar. 9:151d. m.
..Stevens ville..
Ar. 8:25
Lv. 7:3>
Ar. 1:45 p. in.
Lv. 3:30
? «»:;
Passenger— Daily except Sunday.
Charles Russei.l,
_ _ Superintendent.
W. H. Oyler, Agent. | Obas. 8. Fee, G P.
Hamilton, Mont. I St. Paul, Minn,
.....CHBIgP J
• -••• —' - A VT JL
Everything Fine, Fresh
and First-Class.
|| J. POND,
One'Door West A. C. M. Co. Store.
8 »
I Urns Stables
Turnouts in
the City
^ KUill not bo beat in Rates
Opposite the Depot,
Hamilton, Mont.
All work nirusted to my care will
be speedily aud satisfactorily done
Ccao« Order« a T E Eum' store.
Will Make the Season
Little Sleeping Child.
He is the finest Jack ever brought
from Missouri. He cost $1,050;
weighs 1,100 pounds; stands 15J4
hands high, and is a Blackhawk.
Fee, $15 To Insure.
City Express.
Albwork entrusted to my care will
be speedily aud satisfactorily done
Leave Order« at the Banner store, main St
Views on Ambition and Dyo»
"Dyspepsia," wrote Eugene Field,
"often incapacitates a man for endeavor
and sometimes extinguishes the fire of
ambition." Though great despite hit
complaint Field suffered from indiges
tion all hia life. ▲ weak, tired stomach
can't digest your food. It needs
rest. You can only rest it by the use
of » preparation like Kodol, which re
lieves it of work by digesting your food.
Best soon restores it to its normal tona.
Prepared only by E. C. DsWittA Co., Chicago.
Vie SL battis ooutaioa Uam Um Sec. alsffi
Sold by The Bitter Root Drug Co.

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