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*V X X X X X »V »VXA
Complete fall and
ttlinter Cine of
Cadies' Jackets,
gift l
v : V
ar-mens, Cadies' and Children's.
furs of Jill Hinds,
entirely Different from Cast year's Styles.
s frit<
front 25 Cents to 95 Cents.
In extremely Pretty Styles,
ed waisting,
Yours for Bargains,
Ravalli gouty mercantile___ _
x. /-fe:
Ad Williams was up from Victor
H. L. Powe was
F. A. Price and wife
Corvallis Tuasday.
County Surveyor Kinumi transacted
business in Stevensvillc last week.
$ Bitter Root Brevities.
down from Darby
were up from
Matt Vaughn
Hamilton visitor
of Corvalli,
James O. Read of Riverside, was a
Missoula visitor Saturday.
Pat Shannon was down from Indian
Creek yesterday for a load ol supplies.
Miss Jennie Adams spent several
days in Missoula last week visiting
W. II. Pierce, manager of the Wood
side Creamery Co., was a Missoula
visitor Saturday.
The postoflice at Rosemont, this
county, will be discontinued after
Sept. 30th.
^ H*
I Have You Got One?
Are a Necessiy.
Our alarm clocks arc all
warranted. If you buy one
and find it unsatisfactory,
you can bring: it back and get
another. We have them at
SI.00, $1.50, $2,00 and up to
Our $2.00 alarm clock is
half-hour intermittent alarm
or 15-minute straight alarm,
whichever way you throw the
They Never Fail
All kinds of clocks at rea
sonable prices kept in stock.
The Only Exclusive Jewelry
Store in the Valley.
K. C. Whaley is taking the school
census of this district this week.
John Hendrickson, a native of Fin
land, was granted final naturalization
papers by Judge Webster Tuesday.
Rev. and Mrs. J. A. Smith have re
turned from their trip on West Fork,
and services will be held in the M. E.
church as usual.
Mr. and Mrs. Forbes Buchanan
drove over from Butte by way of Big
Hole last week on a camping trip.
Lieutenant Governor Frank G. Hig
gins, ol Missoula, has gone to Chica
go to receive treatment in one of the
hospitals in that city.
J. C. Lazenby shipped a car load of
horses Irom Corvallis to Kansas City
last week. The horses were purchased
from F . Humble.
T. M. Doran and wife and Mrs. T.
E. Trei.ary returned home Saturday
from Portland, Ore., where they have
been visiting for the past month.
H. G. McIntyre, Dr. W. C. Biddcll
and Robt. McIntyre, of Helena, are in
tiie valley this w-eek on a fishing and
hunting excursion.
J. R. Faulds of the Stevensvillc Tri
I buue, was prominent among the rep
j resentative at the Anti-Saloon League
convention in Hamilton this week.
I The county commissioners are in
I session this week. The only- woik
I transacted so far lias been the allow
ing of the usual batch of accounts.
Miles Romney departed Friday
morning tor Mammoth Hot Springs
to attend the annual meeting of the
Montana State Press Association.
Ho expects to be home by tlie I5th.
File Stevensvillc public schools
opened Monday, Prof. Sharpe begin
uing his ninth year as principal. The
Training School at that place will be
pin its third year on Wednesday, Sep
tember loth.
'Ihegameof base ball between the
Victor and Bonner teams at Victor
last Sunday resulted in a vietoiy for
the Bonner boys, the score being 12 to
4. Lohuer pitched for Bonner and
Wagles caught. Ralls pitched for the
Victor team and l T hl caught.
C. K. Bell has on exhibition at the
A. C. M. Co. store four potatoes, the
combined weight of which is seven
pounds; also five apples of the Duch
ess variety, each measuring 12 inches
in circumfre.ice, product of a small
limb. Mr. Bell stems as successful
growing potatoes and apples as selling
real estate.
Josh Pond has sold his stock of con
fectionery goods to E. E. Stockman,
who has consolidated it with the stock
of similar goods at the Union Confec
tionery Store.
• Brush Bros., of Stewartsville, Minn,
arrived in Hamilton Monday night,
and on Tursday went up to Hughes
Creek where they will work on their
placer claim in connection with Sper
ry and Cameron.
1 lie V estern News is in receipt of a
letter from Wesley Bareus ordering
the address of his paper changed to
Medford, Oregon. Mr. Bareus ex
pects to return to Hamilton in the
D. Lorrieaux returned last Friday
from an outing spent at Lo Lo Hot
Springs. He was there when the
hotel burned. During his absence his
position as druggist in the Corner
Drug Store was filled by Mr. Leweilen
of Missoula.
Martin Zidinair, convicted of kill
ing George Reider in Park county,
and who was sentenced to be hanged
on Friday, Sept. 4, committed sui
cide in the county jail at Livingston
Thursday between the hours of one
and five a. m.
Rev. and Mrs. G. M. Rourke depart
ed Monday morning for their home in
Sac City, Iowa, where Mr. Rourke is
pastor of the Presbyterian church.
He held a similar charge in Hamilton
and has many friends in the valley
who made his vacation in the Bitter
Root a most pleasant one.
Fifty Years the Standard
Highest Honors World's Fair
Highest tests Ü.S. Gov't Chemists
J. D. Miser, the Stevensville drug
gist submitted to an operation Tues
day at the Saint Patrick hospital ir
this city. The operation was perform
ed by Doctor W. P. Mills, assisted by
Dr. J. A. Tremblay of this city, and
Dr. Higgins of Stevensville.—Missou
George F. Brooks had on display in
his office some handsome peaches
grown in the Bitter Root valley. The
luscious fruit came from the ranch of
David Bass, near Stevensville, and
were of a superior flavor to any of
the peaches which are shipped into
this section from Washington and
other coast states. —Missoulian,Sept.6.
The marriage of W. H. McCoy and
Mrs. Emma Van Deusen of Pleasant
on, Kansas, was solomnized in the
parlors of the Hammond hotel at
Darby last Saturday night. The par
lor of the hotel had been beautifully
decorated for the occasion, Rev. J. W.
Fogarty performing the ceremony,
using the beautiful and impressive
service of the Episcopal church. After
the ceremony and hearty congratula
tions of those present the guests re
paired to the dining room, where a
splendid supper was served.
The public reception given in honor
ot Rev. and Mrs. G. M. Rourke at the
T. E. Gage home was a social suc
cess in every particular, a large num
ber of friends, regardless of denomi
nation, being in attendence. After
the reception at the Gage home, the
party repaired to home of Mr. John
Summers, where Mr. and Mrs.
Rourke were presented with a hand
some silver tea set, as a token of es
teem from their admiring friends,
J. N. Taylor made the presentation
speech, and Mr. and Mrs. Rourke re
plied with suitable remarks.
Samuel H. Treloar, director of the
Boston-Montana band of Butte, and
one of the best bandmasters in the
state, has purchased the F. E. Drink
enberg home and will arrive in Ham
ilton shortly to take possession of the
same. The price paid is understood
to be $9,000. Mr. Drinkenberg does
not intend to leave Hamilton but will
immediately beg r in the erection of a
fine residence on his lots opposite the
F. J. Morris home. The Hamilton
band are greatly in hopes that Mr.
i reloar will consent to take charge of
that organization, feeling with such
an able instructor at its head the band
w ou Id add fresh laurels to its already
creitable reputation.
Business Locals.
Ravalli Abstract Company writes
Fire Insurance, at the lowest possible
rates, call and get our rates before
writing. 39tf
Come and see some new bargains in
dishes at Roberts'. 44tf
For a brimming, ice-cold moten
flater call at the Paragon. 40tf
F or the boys we have excellent
school trousers that are non-bustible
35c to $1 25. Valley Clothing Co. 45f
Fine selected stock of Fall Millinery,
Hats, etc. Call and see them. Miss
Julia Krumtnel. 45tf
If you are going to put up any
peaches leave your order at Roberts'.
For paints and wall paper see Mag
ni & Harvey, Pell's old stand. 30-tf.
Eastman Kodak supplies at Rob
erts'. 44tf
T he V esteru News job department
turns out the best work for the money.
Split Bamboo Rods for $1 at Rob
erts'. 44tf
Rooms to rent at Reinkeh lodge. 36f
An Oliver Typewriter for
sale at
Pure bred V liite Wyandotte cocker
els for sale. Inquire or leave word at
F. L. Burns' store. A. M. McRae. 45 3
We want to show- our School Suits
to every mother who has a boy to send
to school. Valley Clothing Co. 45tf
Fine selected stock of Fall Millinery,
Hats, etc. Call and see them. Miss
Julia Krumtnel. 45tf
Small pigs for sale. Call on or in
quire of Oliver Blood, Hamilton. 45 2
Tulip bulbs for sale. Call on or ad
dress R. Plews, Grantsdale. 45 3t
Ice cream every day at the Hamilton
Bakery. 33t f
Idaho cedar posts for sale by A. C.
M. Co. 52 tf
For calcimining call on Magni &
Harvey, Pell's old stand. 30-tf.
Ice cream and ice cream soda at
Roberts'. 3 7 ^f
This is the School Suit season and
we are ready with the best that money
can buy. Valley Clothing Co. 45tf
Fine selected stock of Fall Millinery,
Hats, etc. Call and see them. Miss !
Julia Krümmel. 4 n,r
For painting and paper hanging call
on Magni & Harvey, Pell's old stand.
The Paragon is strictly a union
made cigar. Try one. O'B-ieu & Tal
lent. 27tf
An easy smoking cigar for after
dinner is the Paragon. Trv one.
O'Brien & Tallent. 27tf
Propinquity punches at the South
ern. 41 t f.
The Paragon is one of the most
fragaant cigars in the market. Try
one. O'Brien & Tallent. 27tf
Ranch for Sale. Three miles north
of Victor 160 acres all under fence,
small orchard, water right. Easy
terms. Apply to J. T. Thompson,
Custer, Idaho. 32-tf
Fine selected stock of Fall Millinery,
Hats. etc. Call and see them. Miss
Julia Krumtnel. 4 5tf
Distress after Eating Cured.
Judge W\ T. Holland of Greensburg,
La., who is well and favorably known
says: "Two years ago I suffered
greatly from indigestion. After eat
great distress would invariably
result, lasting for an hour or two and
my nights were restless. I concluded
to try Kodul Dyspepsia Cure and it
cured me entirely. Now my sleep is
refreshing and my digestion perfect."
Sold by Bitter Root Drug Co. *
Cheap for Cash.
Light acres of ground mostly in
high state of cultivation, well
watered; 300 fruit trees; comfortable
four-room cottage; goes cheap for
cash. Apply at The Western News
office - _ 30-tf
In Praise of Chamberlain s Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
"Allow me to give you a few words
in praiseof Chamberlain's Colic, Chol
era and Diarrhoea Remedy." says Mrs.
John Hainlett, of Eagle Pass, Texas.
"I suffered one week from bowel trou
ble and took all kinds of medicine with
out getting any relief, when niv friend
Mr. C. Johnson,a merchantjhere.advis
ed me to use this remedy. After tak
ing one dose I felt greatly releived,
and when I had taken the third dose
was entirely cured. I thank you
from the bottom of my heart for put
ting this great remedy in the hands
of mankind." For sale by Corner
Drug Store. *
are receiving is one
for Fall that we
that is destined to prove a revelation*
This fabric is
Danish Cl
Made of a hard-twisted worsted thread
and will wear like iron* Just the thing
for children's school dresses* The price
should also prove a revelation,
15c Per Yard
McMurry, Cooper & Grill.
It Needs No Persuasion to Sell Shoes
that have good values sticking out
all over them. j* j* jt *
/IS — --------T--
ü Bijou Shoe Store, Hamilton, Montana.
A. G. BEAUBIEN, Proprietor.
Look like a dollar more in any light or any'position. The style
and leather are just like more expensive shoes, and we stand
hack of the wear.
This store is noted for good shoe values. This shoe is partly
responstble for it. If you don't mind saving a dollar look at the
Erica. I have a lot of
$2.75 AND $3.00 A PAIR.
-Also a big lot of
Men's Gloves, Cost Price.
You want a loan at 9 or 10 per
cent for 2, 3, 5 years come and
see us before you borrow and it
will pay you.
You want to buy a^foocl ranch or
a piece of town property we have
them for sale at any price or
terms to suit the customer.
\ on want your house, barn
life insured, we represent all old
reliable companies and will write
it immediately.
You w-ant a deed, mortgage,
agreement or any other legal
writing done we will do it correct
and cheap as we are Notary
You want an Abstract of your
property we will make it for'you
You want to sell your ranch, or
town property, list it at once
with us as we are preparing our
new list and we will do our best
to sell for you. We respectfully
solicit your patronage, and your
business will be appreciated
and promptly done.
I Ravalli Abstract Co.,
S Second Street, Hamilton.
A split bamboo rod with an extra
tip SI at Roberts', 35-tf
The Union Confectionary Store has
purchased the pop corn and peanut
loaster of J. Pond, anil is ready to
serve its customers with fresh roasted
peanuts and hot pop corn at any time.
46 tf

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