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The crown of womanhood Is motherhood.
But uneasy lies the head that wears the
«town or anticipates this coronation, when
Ç there is a lack of womanly strength to bear
je burdens of maternal dignity and duty
he reason why so many women sink under
the strain of motherhood is because they
we unprepared.
"I unhesitatingly advise expectant moth
ers to use Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
toon,''writes Mrs. J.W. G. Stephens, of Mila,
Northumberland Co., Va. The reason for
this advice is that Dr. Pierce's Favorite Pre
scription is the best preparative for the
maternal function. No matter how healthy
snd strong a woman may be, she cannot
«se "Favorite Prescription" as a prepara
tove for maternity without gain of health
snd comfort. But it is the women who are
»ot strong who best appreciate the great
benefits received from the use of "Favorite
Prescription." For one thing its use makes
the baby's advent practically painless. It
has in many cases reduced days of suffer
ing to a few brief hours. It has changed
the period of anxiety and struggle into a
time of ease and comfort.
The proprietors and makers of Doctor
Pierce's Favorite Prescription now feel
fully warranted in offering to pay $500 for
•ny case of I.eucorrhea, Female Weakness,
Prolapsus, or Falling of Womb, which they
Cannot cure. All the World's Dispensary
Medical Association, Proprietors, of Buf
falo, N. Y., ask is a fair and reasonable
trial of their means of cure.
A Boy's Wild Ride for Life.
With family arouud expectmg him
to die, and a son riding for life, 18
miles, to get Dr. King's New Dis
covery for Consumption, Cough,
and Colds, W. H. Brown, of -Lees
ville, lnd. endured death's agonies
from asthma; but this wonderful
medicine gave instant relief and soon
cured him. He writes, "I now sleep
soundly every night." Like mar
velous cures of Consumption, Pneu
monia, Bronchitis, Coughs,Colds and
Grippe prove its matchless merit for
all throat and lung troubles, Guar
auteed bottles 50c and $1. Trial
bottles free at Hamilton Drug Co. *
Take Notice.
All notes and accounts due us have
been placed in the hands W. P. Baker
for immediate collection.
Donovan & Burns
42 tf Missoul t.' Mont. Aug. 4, 1904
For coughs, colds, bronchitis,
asthma, weak throats, weak
lungs, consumption, take
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral.
Always keep a bottle of it in
the house. We have been
saying this for 60 years, and
so have the doctors.
"I bave used Aver's Cherry Pectoral In my
family for 4U years. It is the best medicine
In ibe world. I know, for all throat aud lung
Milk. J. K. Norcrosb, Waltham, Masa.
25e.. 50c., 51.0». J. C. AVER MV
MnwMiuBBMuma for u»iSa*SÜ»»uJ Ä8S '
■sisia w i w iai
ion of the bowels is neces*
nature with Ayer's Pills.
When the Kidneys fail to perform their functions properly by not straining out the poison
ous waste matter from the blood as it passes through them, the poisons are carried by the
circulation to every part of the body, deranging the different organs. This causes heart
trouble, stomach trouble, sluggish liver and a host of other ills, all due to deranged Kidneys.
Foleys kidneyCure
corrects irregularities and cures Kidney and Bladder diseases in every form, tones up the
whole system, and the diseases that have
Mr. Robert O. Burke, Elnora, Saratoga Co., N. Y., writes:—I am glad to have an oppor*
ity of telling what magnificent résulta I have had from using FOLEY'S KIDNEY
RE after having tried other advertised medicines and several physic '
from xa to ao times each night to relieve my bladder.
It I had to get u:
with dropsy and my eyesight was
1 fai
_______________________,________ I was ail bloated up
light was'so impaired that I could scarcely see one of my family
across the room. In fact, 1 was so badly used ut that I had given up hope of living when I
waa urged by a friend to try FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE. One 50-cent bottle worked won
ders, and before I had taken the third bottle the superfluous flesh had gone, as well as all
other symptoms of Kidney trouble. Mv friends were surprised that I was cured, as they
all thought I waa going to die. Every few days some one comes from miles away to learn
the name of the wonderful medicine that cured me of Bright's Diaease, and not one that
haa tried it has failed to be benefitted.
resulted from disordered Kidneys disappear,
because the cause has been removed. Com
mence taking FOLEY'S KIDNEY CURE
at the first sign of danger. Do not risk
having Bright's Disease or Diabetes.
Two Sizes, 60 Gents and SI >00«
Hamilton Drug Company, Hamilton, Montana.
Of Cholera Morbus with one Small Bottle of
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoen Remedy.
Mr. G. W. Fowler of Hightower,
Ala, relates an experience he had
while,serving on a petit jury in a
murder case at Fdwardville, county
seat of Clebourne county, Alabama.
He says: "While there I ate some
fresh meat and some souse meat and
it gave me cholera morbus in a very
severe form. I was never more sick
iu my life and sent to the drug store
for a certain cholera mixture, but the
druggist sent me a bottle of Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera aud Diar
rhoea 'temedy instead, saying that
he had what I sent for, but that this
medicine was so much better he
would rather send it to me in the fix
I was in. I took one dose of it aod
was better in five minutes. The sec
ond dose cured me entirely. Two
fellow jurors were afflicted in the
same manner and one small bottle
cured the three of us. For sale by
the Corner Drug store. *
Ho, For the Springs!
Sleeping Child springs are now open
for the season. The road to the
springs has been greatly improved,
new bridges having been constructed
and other improvements made. As
the local public is well aware-—the
medicinal and curative properties of
the waters are not excelled in the state.
The tri-weekly stage leaves Hamil
ton every Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, returning every Tuesday,
Thursday and Saturday, For further
particulars inquire of F. L. Burns,
agent, Hamilton.
First class board may be had by the
day or week. Cabins to rent.
20 tf Manager.
Fearful Odds Against Him.
Bedriddno, alone aud destitute.
Such, in brief was the condition of an
old soldier by name of J. J. Havens,
Versailles, O. For years ho was
troubled with Kidney disease and
ueitheir doctors nor tnediciue gave
him relief. At length he tried
Electric Bitters. It put him on his
feet in short order and now he testi
fies"!'m on the road to complete re
coverp." Best on earth for kidney
and liver troubles and all forms of
stomach and bowel complaints. Only
50c. Guaranteed by Hamilton Drug
Before buying a wagon or buggy
don't forget to inspect the- Woodside
Creamery Co's. Western King wagons
and Rex buggies. 23 tf
What is Life?
In the last analysis nobody knows,
but we ao know that it is under strict
law. Abuse that law even slightly,
pain results. Irregular living means
1 derangement of the organs, resulting
in constipation, headache or liver
♦rouble. Dr. King's New Life pills
quickly re-adjusts this. It's gentle,
yet thorough. Only 25c at Hamilton
I Drug Co. *
Mont. State Fair Helena Mont. Oct.
3rd - 9th 1904*
For above occasion will sell tickets
to Helena and return at one fare,
$5.20 for round trip. Date sale Oct.
1 to 8 th enclusive, limit Oct. 10,
1904. S. R. Wilson,
Cured of Lame Back After 15 Years of Suffer
"I had been troubled with lame j
back lor fifteen years and I found a
complete recovery in the use of i
Ohamberlsin's Pain Balm." says j
Jonn G. Bisher, Gillum, lnd. This
liniment is also without an equal for
sprains and bruises. It is for sale
by the Corner Drug store. * j
Excursions via the Denver & Rio Grande.
On every Tuesday and Friday to
and including November 15th we will
sell tickets as follows:
St. Louis and return............$47.50
Chicago and return.............52.50
St. Louis and return via Chicago or
vice versa........ .............*53 75
St. Louis and return from Chicago or
vice versa.....................50.00
Stopovers allowed in both directions.
See Salt Lake City, Denver and the
famous scenery of Colorado.
General Agent.
51 East Broadway, Butte, Montana.
A Remedy Without a Peer.
"I find Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver tablets more beneficial than
any other remedy 1 ever used for
stomach trouble," says J. P. Klote,
of Edina, Mo. For any disorder of
the stomach, billiousuess or consti
pation, these tablets are without a
peer. For sale by the Corner Drag
store. *
Don't overlook the fact that the
Missoula Nursery Co. are the largest
growers of nursery stock in the north
west. Write for our catalogue at once
or place your ordet with our traveling
agents. 7tf
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy aids Nature. >
Medicines that aid nature are
always most effectual. Chamber
lain's Cough remedy acts on this
plan. It allays the cough, relieves '■
the lungs, aids expectoration, opens
the secretions, andjiids nature in re- :
storing the system to a healthy con
dition. Sold by Cornei Drug store. *
Market Report.
The quotations given below are the
prevailng prices Wednesday morning
and are subject to change at any tune
Butter, Ranch 20c per lb.,
Creamery, 30c per lb
Eggs. 25c doz
Potatoes, $1.00 per 100 lbs
Hay—Mixed, $10.00.
Timothy, «12.S0, Baled.
Oats, $1.00 per 100 lbs.
Wheat, $1.00 per 100 lbs.
Bucklin'» Arnica Salve.
Has world wide fame for mar
vellous cures. It surpasses nay other
salve, lotion, ointment or b&lm for
cuts, corns, burns, boils, sores,felons,
ulcers, tetter, salt rheum, fever sores,
chapped hands, skin eruptions; in
fallible for piles. Cure guaranteed.
Only 25c at Hamilton Drug Co.
MONEY TO LOAN—on good real
estate security. Samuel Dinsmore,
Missoula, Montana. 11 tf
Cause of Insomnia.
Indigestion nearly always disturbs
the sleep more or less and is often
the cause of insomnia.- Many cases
have been permanently cured by
Chamberlain's Stomach aud Liver
tablets. For sale by Corner Drug
-store. *
Business Locals.
Morris & Grow write Accident, Fire
and Life Insurance. 33-tl
When you want a good hair cut go
to Hyde's barber shop. 44 tf
For calciinimng call on Magui &
Harvey, Pell's old stand. 30-tf.
Razors honed and guaranteed to cut
at Hyde's barber shop. 44 tf
A lot of new goods just in at
Smith'sSecond Hand Store. 48 tf.
For paints and wall paper see Mag
ni & Harvey, Pell's old stand. 30-tf.
Money to loan on good security.
Inquire at The Western News. 49 tf
Hot and cold baths in nice clean
porcelain tubs at Hyde's barber
shop. 44-tf i
Three milch cows aud fat hog fo
sale. Inquire at The Western News
office. ' 48 tf
Cut flowers all the year from the
Missoula Nursery Co. Leave orders
at Roberts'. 24 52t j
In the district court of the Fourth 1 11 -
diciat District of the state of Montana, in
and for t lie county of Itavalli.
Minnie O'Bannoii. Plaintiff,
vs -
Edward II. O'Banuon. Defendant.
Tlie state of Montana sends greeting to the
above named defendant:
You are hereby summoned to answer the
complaint in this action widen is tile 1 in ill
■ Hire of the clerk of this court, a copy of
which is herewith served upon you. and to
file your answer and serve a copy tins roof
upon tin plaintiff's attorney within twenty
days alter the service of this summons, ex
clusive of the day of service; and in ease of
your failure to appear or answer, judg
ment will he taken against yon by default
for the relief demanded in the complaint.
For a first cause of action this action is
brought for the purpose of obtaining a de
cree of divorce dissolving the bonds of mat •
rimouy heretofore and now existing between
you aim the pluiulitf on the groiiHil of
willful desertion aud for the further pur
pose of obtaining a decree awarding the
custody to the pluiulitf of Helen WinO'lkm
non. the minor eoilfl of piaintilf and de
fendant us will more fully upecar from the
verified complai.it of plaiutilf on tile herein
to which refeiencc is hereby ma le.
For a second aud further cause of action
this action is brought for the purpose of
oil 1 ai ni eg a decree of di vorce dissolving i he
bonds of matrimony heretofore und now ex
isting bei ween you and the piaintilf 011 the
ground of willful neglect aud for the further
purpose of of obtaining a decree awarding
the custody to the plaintiff of Helen Win
U'Jianuon. the minor child of plaintiff aud
defendant as will more fully appear from
the verified Complaint of plaintiff oil file
herein to which reference is hereby made.
Witness my hand and seal of said court
this 7tli day of September. 1!»>4.
Oil As M. CiiUTOHiriKi.o, Clerk of Court.
Attorney for Plaintiff. 47 4t
Men of Oak
Timbers of oak keep the old
homestead standing through
the years. It pays to use the
right stuff.
" Men of oak " are men in
rugged health, men whose
bodies are made of the sound
est materials.
Childhood is the time to lay
the foundation for a sturdy con
stitution that will last for years.
Scott's Emulsion is the right
Scott's Emulsion stimulates
t' c growing powers of children,
helps them build a firm
f mndation for a sturdy consti
Send for free sample.
SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists.
:-09-415 Pearl Street, New York.
BOc. and $1.00: all druggists.
She Suffered for Years and
Felt Her Case Was Hope
less—Cured by
Superintendent of the W. C. T. U.
headquarters, at Galesburg, 111., was
for ten years one of the leading women
there. Her husband, when living, was
first President of the Nebraska Wes
leyan University, at Lincoln, Neb.
In a letter written from 401 Sixty
seventh street, W., Chicago, 111., Mrs.
Fleharty says the following in regard
to Périma:
"Having lived a very active life as
wife and working partner of a busy
minister, my health failed me a few
years ago. 1 lost my husband about the
same time, and gradually I seemed to
lose health and spirit. My daughter is
a confirmed invalid, and we both felt
great need of an invigorator.
"One of my neighbors advised
me to try Peruna. A bottle was
immediately secured and a great
changetook place In my daughter's
as well as in my own health. Our
appetites Improved very greatly,
the digestion seemed much helped,
and restful sleep soon improved
us, so that we seemed like new
"/ would not be without Peruna
for ten times its cost. ''—Mrs. Anna
B. Fleharty.
What used to be called female diseases
by the medical profession is now called
pelvic catarrh. It has been found by
experience that catarrhal diseases of the
pelvic organs are the cause of most cases
of female diseases.
Dr. Hartman was among the first of
America's great physicians to make this
discovery. For forty years he has been
treating diseases peculiar to women, and
long ago he reached the conclusion that
a woman entirely free from catarrhal
affection of these organs would not be
subject to female disease. He therefore
began using Périma for these cases and
found it so admirably adapted to their
permanent cure that Peruna lias now
become the most famous remedy for
female diseases ever known. Every
where the women are using it and prais
ing it. Peruna is not a palliative sim
ply ; it cures by removing the cause of
female disease.
Dr. Hartman has probably cured more
women of female ailments than any
other living physician. He makes these
. Louis and Return $51.15 Chicago und
Return $56.15.
On every Tuesday C 'minenci'ig tills
date, May 10. the N 1' Rv. will sell
round trip tickets as above up to and
in- Hiding Nov. 15 Limits going
transit 10 dais. Going pissigc In*
gins dale of s le. final return 90 days
froni d t>' of sale but not to exceed
Dec. 31, 1904 Stop c vrr allowed with
in Uni ts Validation fee 25c on St.
Louis and return ticket*.
Nov. 1,'04. S. R Wilson, Agt.
Substitute for House Bill 1. 4 s t>.
"An Act Entitled. "An Act Providing for
1 lie submitting to theipialilied electors of
tlie State of Montana, for their approval or
reject ion. Amendments to A rtleli* is nf the
Constitution of the Sta'c of Montana, liy
..(Illing thereto three new Sections as fol
Section 3. Prohibiting ihe employment of
children under sixteen years of age In i.n
der-ground mines.
.section 4. Making a per iod of eight, hours
a day's labor on publie works, aud in mills,
smellers and under-ground mines.
Section 5. Providing for hgi-lathm to
enforce the provisions of this Article.
Be it Enacted by the Legislative* Assembly
of the State of Montana:
Heel,ion l. There shall be submitted to
t la* qualified electorsof the State of Mon
tana, at the next general election to he held
within t his Si ill e, tin* fol lowing arm-lid men ts
to Article X V111 of t lie Const i I ution of the
Slale of Montana, relating to Labor:
Section 3. 11 shilli he unlawful to employ
children under the age of sixteen (hi) years
of age in under-ground mines.
Section 4 A period of eight hours shall
constitute a day's work on all works or un
dertakings carried on or ahlad by any Mu
nicipal. County or Slate Uovornmenl. and
on all contracts let by them, and in mills
und smellers foi I he I real. ment of ores, and
in under-ground mines.
Section it. The Legislature by appropriate ]
legislation shall provide for the enforcement
of t he provisions of ibis A rl icle.
Sections. The vole on tins amendment
shall lie counted and canvassed by such per
sons. and in such manner as provided by
law for the counting and canvassing of Un
vote for Member of Congress, und if a ma
jority of all the votes east, at said elect ion, |
for and against said amendment shall In* in
favor of t lie amendment, llu* tlovernor oil
I lie Slate shall immediately so declare by
public proclamation, and said amendment
shall be ill full force, and effeel as part of the
Constitution from and after the date of said
Section 3. The official ballots to be used
at the general election to be. held in Novem
ber, T.W4, shall have printed thereon tin* fol
lowing words: "For the Amendment to the
Constitution Helaling to the Bights of La
bor." and the words: ••Against the Amend
ment to the Constitution, Ucluting to the
Bights of Lalior."
Section 4. AH Acts and parts of Acts iu
conflict with the provisions of tills act are
hereby repealed.
Section 5, This Act, shall take effect and
be ill force from and after its passage and
Approved December 10, BIOS,
State of Montana, ss.:
I, Geo. M. Hays, Secretary of State of the
State of Montana, do hereby certify that tlie
above is a true and correct eopv of
"An Act Entitled, "An Act Providing for
the submitting to the iiualitied electors of
the State of Montana, for their approval or*
rejection. Amendments to Article ISol' the
Const itution of tlie State of Montana. Iiv
adding thereto three nuw Sections as fol -
Section 3. Prohibiting the employment of
children under sixteen years of age in un
der-ground mines.
Section 4. Making a period of eight hours
a day's labor on public works, and iu nulls,
smelters aud under-ground mines.
Section 5. Providing for legislation to
enforce the provisions of til is article.
Enacted by the Second Extraordinary Ses
sion of tlie Eighth Legislative Assembly of
the State of Montana und approved on the
tenth day of December, A. O., 1H03.
In Testimony Whereof, I have hereun
to set my hand aud affix the Ureat
Seal of said Statj.
Done at the City of Helena, tlie Capital of
said State, this twenty-fifth day of July, A.
I)., 1904.
Secretary of State.
- .
Mrs. Amu B. Fleharty
cures simply by using and recommend»
ing Peruna.
Mrs. Esther M. Milner, DeGraff, Ohio,
" I was A terrible sufferer from femalo
weakness and had the headache contin»
uously. I was not able to do my house*
work for myself and husband. I wrote
you and described my condition as near
as possible. You recommended Peruna.
I took four bottles and was completely
cured. I think Peruna a wonderful
medicine."—Mrs. Esther M. Milner.
Congressman Thad. M. Mahon, of
Chambersburg, Pa., writes:
"/ take pleasure In commending
your Peruna as a substantial tonic
and a good catarrh remedy."—»
T. M. Mahon.
If you do not receive prompt and sati»>
factory results from the use of Peruna,
write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving a
full statement of your case and ho will
be pleased to give you his valuable ad
vice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbmu
Warren Bros.
All work en trusted to our care wll
be st „edily and satisfactorily done
Iieave orders at F. L. Bums' or
J. O. Brown's store.
Train No. 137
Train No. 138
i Lv. ti:3. r > it. m.
.....Hamilton. .
Ar. Î 1 :05 p. m.
1 Ar. 8:"5
.... Missoula.. ..
Lv. 0:15
Through tickets to all points in the Unite:
States Canada. Alaska. China and Japan.
Northern Pacific Express money orders fo
sale. Bankable anywhere.
A. M. Ol.El.tNU. G. I' A.. St. Paul. Minn
S. It. WILSON. Agent.
All Kinds of Repair Work
Promptly and Neatly Done.
Ravalli County
W. W. McChaokin, President,
Gko. McOuatu. Vice President,
J. F. 11 aktknberqkk. Cashier.
K. A. O'Hara. O. C. Cooper.
General Banking Business Transacted
5 The....
Cottage Hotel
A. W. ElViLL, Prop.
■•itiiiviiii nvwvwi fTVTTTVtYWYYWWJWWVW

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