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The Ravalli County Mercantile Company's
•j4 Ribbon Special
100 BoIts'Silk Taffeta Ribbon all Colors and Black and White
No. 10 and 22, Special 10 Cents.
150 Bolts No. 40 and 00, Special 13 é Cents.
100 Bolts No. 80 and 100, Special 17 £ Cents.
The Ravalli County Mercantile Company's
Embroidery Offering for the Week
One Lot of 10c Embroidery, the Yard. 6 l-4c
One Lot of 12 l-2c Embroidery, the Yard, 8 l-3c
One Lot of 15c Embroidery, the Yard, 10c
One Lot of 20c Embroidery, the Yard, 12 l-2c
Children s Hose
50 Dozen Good Fair Quality Children's Black Ribbed Hose in all Sizes—
Sizes 5 1-2 to 10, Special 9c Pair
33 Dozen Extra Heavy Ribbed Hose, Sizes 0 to 10, Special 12 l-2c Pair
45 Dozen Ladies' Good Fair Quality Black Hose, Sizes 9 to 10 Special 9 l-2c

a»' S»!» ;
The average man cannot afford to
employ a physician for every slight
ailment or injury that may occur in ,
his fainilv, nor can he afford tone-;
gleet them, as so slight an injury as j
the scratch of a pin has been known
to cause the loss of a limb. Hence
every man must from necessity be his
own doctor for this class of ailments.
Success often depends upon prompt
treatment, which can only be had
when suitable medicines are kept at
hand. Chamberlain's Remedies have
been in the market for many years
and enjoy a good reputation.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy for bowell com
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy for
coughs, colds, croup and whooping
Chamberlain's Pain Balm (an anti
septic liniment) for cuts, bruises,
burns, sprains, swellings, lame back
and rheumatic pains.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Diver
Tablets for constipation, biliousness
and stomach troubles.
Chamberlain's Salve for diseases of
the skin.
One bottle of each of these five pre
parations costs but $1 25. For sale by
Corner Drug Store. *
I Watches... I
To keep good time a Watch must
have a good movement—the
case is a matter of choice.
I can supply you with a
thoroughly Reliable Move
ment in any style or kind
of case you may have a
preference for. «.< J* J*
jt j* ji u <
AT $ 25 . 00 .
J. M. Flugstad o
Chickens and eggs wanted
a Bitter Root Brevities. $
W.O. Fisk went to Helena yesterday.
B. A. Mathews drove over from
Willow creek Monday.
Mrs. J. L • Humble arrived home
last week from I,os Angeles.
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Satterlee were
down from Darby yesterday.
E. W. Waddell went to Spokane
Monday to look up a new location.
Mrs. G. E. Talbot of Butte is visit
ing at tbe home of Mrs. F. D. Dudley.
The board of county commissioners
is in regular quarterly session this
A social dance will be given at
Burns' ball on Wednesday evening,
J u ne 12.
Jerry Wilkerson of Darby has been
appointed forest guard, Bitter Root
forest reserve.
Mrs. John Wimmelt, who has been
visiting Mrs. Chas. McRae returned
F riday to Florence.
A matriage license was issued Sat
urday * to Thos. Benson and Miss
I Goldie Shogkley both of Darby.
Dr. Guinon the • optician left for
Philipsburg today. He expects to re
turn the latter part of next week.
Alex Laven returned yesterday to
his home on West Fork after spend
ing a few days in the county capital.
Lindahl Johnson returned last week
; faom Helena where he was attending
a business college to spend the vaca
Capt.f Provo Richards of Obisbee,
Mich., arrived Sunday and is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. MacRae
of Woodside.
C3 A Fortunate Texan.
Mr. E. W. Goodloe, of 107 St. Louis
St., Dallas, Tex. says: "In the past
year I have become acquainted with
Dr. King's New Life Pills, and no
laxatixe I ever before tried so effect
ually disposes of malaria and bilious
ness." They don't grind nor gripe.
25c. at Corner Drug Store.
If you would enjoy tomorrow take
Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver
Tablets tonight. They produce an
agreeable laxative effect, clear the
head and cleanse the stomach. Price
25 cents. Samples free at Corner Drug
Store. *
John Swigert has sold his ranch
on Skalkaho to P. H. Edwards and
expects to remove to Arizona in Jul\
for the benefit of his health.
The Junior Guild of the Episcopal
church will hold a sale and lunch at
the home of Mrs. W. O. Fisk, Satur
day, June 15. Everybody invited.
Alderman Louis Peterson and fam
ily went to Medicine springs Sunday,
and where Mrs. Peterson and the
children will sojourn for several
Mrs.W. P. Bakerand little daughter,
Eulalia, left yesterday for Portland,
Jre., where they will visit Mr. and
Mrs. J. F. Hartenberger and other
friends. They will be gone about a
Dr. Buchen who has been seriouslx
ill for several days past is reported
much better today. He is still con
fined to his room at the Ravalli an.
ts rapidly- recovering from an attack
of blood poisoning.
The concert announced for June 6
by the Victor Concert Band, has been
postponed until Thursday eve. Jut
20, such action having been made nu -
essary by sickness among the mem
I he Ladies Guild o! the Episcopal
church will have their regular meet
ing and social tea Thursday after
noon at the home of Mrs. C. M. Johr -
son in the Hart add ! Ho ». Everybody
Gordon Edson of' Washington, 1)
C., who will have charge of the in
stallation of the government tele
phone system in the Bitter Root and
Hell Gate forest reserves, has n -
turned from a trip over the propos- V.
is now mere'y a memory of the past.
Ballard's Snow Liniment is the family
liniment of the twentieth century. A
positive cure for • Rheumatism, Burns.
Cuts, Sprains, Neuralgia etc., Mr. C.
H. Runyon. Stanberry, Mo. writes:
"1 have used Snow Liniment for
Rheumatism and all pain. I can'i
say enough in it's praise." Sold by
Bitter Root Drug Co.
He Fired tbe Stick.
"I have fired the walking-stick I've
carried over 40 years, on account of a
sore that resisted every kind of treat
ment, until I tried Bucklen's Arnica
Salve; that has healed the sore and
made me a happy man," writes John
Garrett, of North Mills, N. C. Guar
anteed for Piles, Burns etc., by the
Corner Drug Store. 25c.
Two Are Immense Croppers and Strong
Growing Plants.
Greater progress has been made the
last three or four years along the
strawberry line than ever before. The
Sample is about the only variety that
holds its own, but from present indica
tions even that berry yvlll be set one
Bide. The Cardinal, a pistillate vari
ety like the Sample, just now Is creat
ing quite a sensation. The Illustration
here shown was taken from a cluster
of last season and is a correct like
ness of the berry, not one of those over
grown berries, but will average good
size, an immense cropper and the most
vigorous groyving plant ever sent out.
It will be a mortgage lifter, says an
eastern grower In American Cultivator.
Golden Gate is another new berry of
great promise. This is a fancy berry,
like the Marshall, only it Is worth a
dozen of it, being of fine quality and a
good cropper.
The Abington, sent out two years
ago, has proved about what the orig
inator claimed and is a safe berry to
Another berry, the Dicky, that has
not been put upon the market yet is a
strong, staminate variety, an immense
cropper, very firm, colors well and is
a long season berry. I have no plants
of it on my grounds, but as soou as I
eau I shall set largely of It.
Field Dodder.
Dodder, or love vine, is a great ene
my of alfalfa. It is a parasitic vine
growing on the stems and taking out
the life and vitality of even the roots.
The vine intwines itself about the al
falfa stems in great clusters and grows
thriftily or small in exact proportion
to the growth of alfalfa. When the
alfalfa is cut,! this vine appears in dry,
hairy bunches about the stems. It is
so repugnant to horses and cattle that
It will not be eaten except as a last re
sort before starvation. The best way
to keep free from dodder is to buy
only clean seed. In some cases fann
ers use fanning mills and try to re
clean the seed before sowing. If the
plant gets started in a field, the best
plan to get rid of it is to scatter straw
over the alfalfa stubble and burn the
entire field. This does not injure the
alfalfa, but kills the dodder and
other noxious weeds.—Kimball's Dairy
Hen Manure For Crops,
Hen manure gives good results on
all crops, but probably best on such
plants as make most of their growth
above ground, like cabbage, corn or
grass. Some great results, however,
are reported with lieu manure on po
tatoes. We generally use it on garden
crops and strawberries. The most ef
fective use of this manure is, as we
have ofteu described, to crush it fine
and mix with chemicals, such as muri
ate of potash and acid phosphate.
This makes a fair mixture for many
crops. The hen manure Is richer in
nitrogen than in potash and phosphoric
acid, and these chemicals give it a
good "balance."—Rural New Yorker.
Injurious to Trees.
The most elective insecticide yet
employed against the oyster shell bark
louse during the dormant perio-l of
the tree is the lime sulphur, or lime
sulphur salt wash. An application of
this wash dur
ing the latter
part of March
or first weeks in
April, followed
in the case of
badly infested
trees by a sec
ond application
before the buds
have swollen
much, will gen
erally suffice to
eradicate the
scale. Such
treatment is
also effective in
destroying the
apple scab fungous spores. The oyster
shell bark louse is readily distinguish
able from other scale insects by its
elongated, rather slender curved form,
being about one-eighth inch in length.
—Joseph L. Hills. Vermont.
Orch'ards In Grass.
The majority of good apple orchards
nowadays are In cultivation. The old
fashioned plan of seeding the orchard'
down to grass Is in disfavor. Still
there are some exceptional cases in
which apples do fairly well or even
better than that whl'e growing in sod.
—F. A. Waugh in Gardening.
Chickens and eggs wanted at Hotel
Hamilton. 18-tf
Lorriaux's Rheumatic prescription
for sale at Corner Drug Store. 33 3m
Screen doors, all sizes and at the
right prices. Smith's Second Hand
store. 32 tf
For bargains in desirable town and
ranch property, apply to C. R. Bell.
Hamilton. 38 tf
Lorriaux's Rheumatic Blood and
Kidney medicine for sale at Corner
Drug Store. 33 3, n
For estimatesgcall on Erickson, the
contractor and builder.^ P. O. Box
334, Hamilton, Mont. 22-6m
Adjustable window screens. Prices
right. Smith's Second Hand store.
South Second street. 32-tf
For Sale—Buggy and harness,
wagon and harness, five gentle horses.
J. D. Powers, Hamilton. 32-4t
Cabbage, Tomato, Peppers, Egg,
Celery and Cauliflower plants for sale
by S. A. Crabb, Grantsdale. 26-tf
If you want tomatoes—the kind that
ripen, call on S. A. Crabb of Grants
dale. Mail orders promptly Ailed. 26-tf
We carry bee hiyes. Set up com
plete and ready to use. 'Pnone 11
in. Riverview Manufacturing Co. 31tf
An experienced photographer from
Awn Arbor, Mich., is helping Hage
man for 10 days. See offer for next
10 days. 32 2t
We carry a full line of wall paper,
ready mixed paints, alabastine, glass
and mouldings. Peterson Bros.,
Hamilton, Mont. 29-tf
For 10 days only. Hageman the
photographer gives one 16x20 crayon
valued at $5.00 free with every dozen
of his $4.00 photos. Only one given to
a family. 32-2t
The medicine that sets the whole world
The remedy on which all doctors
The prescription all your friends are
taking is ^
Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea.
Corner Drug Store.
To Trade—New $450 Hallett and
Davies piano to trade for span of
brood mares to weigh not less than
1300 pounds each; any color except
white or gray. Inquire of F. E. Hyde,
Hamilton, Mont. Box 422. 30-tf
You can't tell a woman's age after
she takes Hollister's Rocky Mountain
Tea. Her complexion is fine. She is
round, plump and handsome; in fact
she is young again. 35 cents, Tea or
Tablets. Corner Drug Store.
When in need of screen doors and
windows call on the Riverview Manu
facturing Co. Screen doors made to
order from $1.50 up. 27-tf
No greater mistake can be made
than to consider lightly the evidence
of disease in your system. Don't take
desperate chances on ordinary medi
cines. Use Hollister's Rocky Mount
ain Tea. 35 cents Tea or Tablets.
Corner Drug Store.
Ranch for-Sale—Consisting of 160
acres, good location, land is well
adapted for general farming and
orchard sites. 65 acres now in culti
vation, a small bearing orchard on the
place also about 200,000 feet pine tim
ber, good water rights. Address, J.
C. Putman, Hamilton, Mont. 30-tf
What is the use of sending your sub
scriptions for magazines and news
papers to the eastern agencies, when
>011 can get just as good rates, just as
prompt service, just as courteous
treatment, and all the standard pub
lications from your resident agency.
Send for a catalogue and make up
your orders Clyde Corbly, the sub
scription agent at Bozeman, Mon
tana. 33 it
DON'T! I ! I
Don't let your child suffer with that
cough when you can cure it with Bal
lard's Horehouud Syrup, a sure cure
for Coughs, Bronchitis, Influenza,
C: up and Pulmonary diseases. Buy a
battle and try it.
B. B. Laughter, Bvhalia, Miss.,
writes: "1 have two children who had
croup. I tried many different rem
edies, but l must say your Ilorehound
Syrup is the best Croup and Cough
medicine I ever used." Sold by Bit
ter Root Drug Co.
people who know how to take care of
themselves—the majority do not. The
liver is a most important organ in the
j body. Herbine will keep it in con
! dition. V. C. Simpkins, Alba, Texas,
writes: "I have used He?bine for
Chills and Fever and find it the best
medicine I ever used. I would not be
without it. It is as good for children
j as it is for growti-up people, and I
I recommend it. It is fine for La
; Grippe." Sold by Bitter Root Drug
! Co.
The Magic No. 3.
Number three is a wonderful mascot
for Geo. H. Parris, of Cedar Grove.
Me., accordidg to a letter which reads:
"After suffering much with liver and
kidney troable, and becoming greatly
j discouraged by the failure to find re
lief, I tried Electric Bitters, and as a
result I am a well man to-day. The
first bottle relieved and three bottles
completed the cure." Guaranteed best
remedy for stomach, liver and kidney
troubles, by Corner Drug Store. 50c.
..Tomato Plants.,
$ 1.00 Per Hundred.
Peppers $1.00 Per Hundred.
Celery 40c Per Hundred.
W. E. ITcJTurry
Hamilton, — Montana
Ravalli County
Capital $50,000.00.
W. W. McOrackin, President,
Geo. McGrath, Vice-President,
M. A. White, Cashier,
Abraham Buol.
F. M. Lockwood.
General Banking Business Transacted
Livery Stable*
Peterson & Co.
Turnouts in
the City
&5iîl not be beat in Kate*
One Horse to Hay - - 25c
One Horse to Hay & Oats 50c
Opposite the Depot,
Hamilton, Mont. *
r inn 'I wma mm
Cottag'e Hotel
Under the Now Management
Has Been Completely Reno
vated and Remodelled. Clean
Comfortable Beds Board by
the Day or Week. A share of
the Public Patronage Solicited.
W. D. WILSON, Prop.
EU. t> H I I
He was bred on the Bitter Root
Stock Farm bv Marcus Daly. He
has a kind disposition and good
style, and will stand for the season
at the following places:
Every day during the week except
Saturday all day at Peterson's barn.
Parties breeding mares to this
horse will be held for service
until fees are paid. If mares
are not returned at the .proper
time to the horse they will be
held as season mares.
Will stand at the following places:
Wednesday at Sam Chaffin Rauch.
PTidav at the Sam Gr< en Ranch.
Balance of the week at Corvallis.
PÄ9TE —I will not be responsible
for bad weather or sickness -of
horse, if same should prevent ap
pearance at any of above places.

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