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P, fteouMeritle» of Employers and Tour
T j g -,; ists Noted by Marks.
Serfr^nfs and hotel porters ln mnnj
cities 'cif Europe bave a sign language
as complété as that of the America!
"It Is not generally known," said i
eonrler, "that servants are in tue hahii
ot giving useful tips to their succès
sees and to the man who delivers tb<
gro cer ies and meat by marks on th<
back entrance. In most of the bl$
Puli fiats and apartments, such at
Americana like to take for the season
the back door Is literally covered wltt
bandy perceptible signs which nobodj
hot the initiated can understand.
"A freehly engaged domestic knowi
exactly what to expect, whether Ills
Blasters are eaay or hard to please
whether H la 'monsieur' or 'madame
who la hard to get along with. Othei
signs tall whether the food is good 01
bad, whether the work Ls difficult 01
not, etc.
"The boy from the grocer's or th<
baker's or the butcher's will also lx
Informed whether he can expect a big
tip or not
"The system Is even more developed
among hotel servants. A family nrrlv
tag from Italy, after having refused t<
give what some Italian porter consld
ered a sufficient tip, will have the facl
advertised In every hotel he visits ir
•wltaerland or France. A little mark
•n the trunk Is all that is needed."
Phfladelphla Ledger.
The Struggles of a New Yorker In a
Paris Restaurant.
Ha gaaad complacently at the gay
tebete on his trunks. "Funny how you
baar In Paris"—ao he continued his
nsafataeaaeee of travel—"our thin
Americas accent struggling with the
sauaretta French tongue. You heal
K ter mistaken, too—no end of 'em.
e fueerwst I came across was mad«
by a Kaw York man.
Thla ton riet at the Chatham wanted
%• sky, 1 am hungry.' He should have
■aid. 'J*al film.' Then the waiter
week bave brought him a meal at
ewe*. What he did say was:
" *Je aula famaux, garçon.' He said
•ters, Tin famoua, wnlter.' And the
Waiter, Impressed, bowed and smiled.
'OoagT •ationa, sir.'
"tfo » „od came. He must have made
aa error, ao ha tried again:
" 'Oaroon, J'ai une femme.' That
meant he had a wife. The waiter said
be was sura she was a winner.
"*atber red now, he took a third
41 ve:
"'Je auls femme.' This time the
Haw Yorker said he wan a womnn.
** 'And madam dresses hi this way
for comfort's sake?' the wnlter in
quired, with a gallant smile.—New
Yerk Press.
"Chuck It, Duke!"
While the Duke of Connaught was
la Cairo he went for a stroll one morn
log, and on his way back to his quar
ters he eame face to fnee with an old
Bngllshcian wearing the ribbon of the
Indian mutiny on his breast. The
4uhe stopped and spoke to the man
a beat his military service for some
bttte time. Presently the man said,
ate kawwtng, of course, to whom he
was speaking, "Are you In the army
yewraalf, then, slrT" The duke smiled
a*4 admitted that ha was. "Getting
en all right?" was the next question.
The duke smiled agnln and said that
he had not very much to grumble at,
oo the whole, though perhaps he was
ate doing quite so well as he could
wish. "No, and you never will, my
boy," was the surprising retort of the
veteran. "What you want In the army
today ls either brains or a tremendous
amount of Influence behind you. You
■»ay take my tip, old chap, and chuck
HP—London T. P. O.
Fencing With Umbrellas.
Recently a French publication print
ed a picture of some American girls
fencing with umbrellas and stated that
they were trying to ncqulre thus the
necessary skill and assurance to parry,
with a simple gesture, an attack of
It also stated that this sport was not
born In America; that for several years
In France a noted fencing mistress,
hfme. Guillemot, at the same time that
■he taught fencing with the sword for
hygienic reasons and for personal de
fense, also taught her pupUs to "play"
With the umbrella.
The article finishes by saying that II
la certainly "piquant" that this modern
application of an ancient sport was
tanght by a Parisienne long befort
America claimed the original Idea.
Spirit of the Open Life.
The great charm of scenery and th«
country ttfe la the moral feeling that
Mena to pervade it This has prevail
•d through all English literature from
Gbagcer to Wordsworth and down to
a«f awn times. It has cast its spell
•var almost all of our Canadian poets,
who have wooed nature in her most se
cret haunts and studied her minutest
Mprteas.—Montreal Witness.
bleed Him Up.
»rlggs-I have made a will leaving
mf brain to the hospital and Just got
Ml acknowledgment from the authorl
tie«. Griggs—Were they pleased 1 .
Briggs— They wrote that every little
helps.— Illustrated Bits.
Ebb Tide.
Father (eminent stockbroker)—With
the flow the see rises, my boy; with
the ebb It falls.
Bon (a chip of the old block)—Then
would be the time to buy, wouldn't it,
What cornea with the wind will go
; with the rain.—Irish Proverb.
Invention as Distinguished From
Mere Mechanical "Skill.
A patent cannot properly be granted
protecting the product of. mere me
chanical skill as distinguished from in
vention. Difficulty is frequently ex
perienced in distinguishing between
the two, and the supreme test for,de
termining whether a particular device
Is the result of mechanical skill is not j
whether an ordinary mechanic could
make the device if it were suggested
to him, but whether he would make
It without suggestions save those
which are prompted by his skill and
knowledge of his art.
For example, If a man constructs out
of Iron a machine which had previous
ly been made out of wood he does not
thereby become an inventor In a legal
sense, because everybody knows that
any constructor can build a machine
out of Iron Instead of wood. But
Buppose that gunpowder had just re
cently been discovered and that the
man who invented It had applied foi
and obtained a patent upon It.
He might have claimed, "I combine
saltpeter, sulphur and charcoal in a
certain way and produce a startling
'.suit," and It would be no answer, il
an action for Infringement were
brought, for the Infringer to say that
every chemist could make the powder
after he had been shown how, for,
If every chemist did not have the
knowledge as well as the skill, the
originating of the powder constituted
They Yield Bread, Butter and Milk,
Soap and Candles.
The breadfruit tree of Ceylon is very
remarkable. Its fruit ls baked and
eaten as we eat bread and ls equally
good and nutritious. In Barbutu, South
America, Is a tree which, by piercing
the trunk, produces milk, with which
the inhabitants feed their children.
In the Interior of Africa Is a tree
which produces excellent butter. It
resembles the American oak, and Its
fruit, from which the butter ls pre
pared, Is not unlike the olive. Park,
the great traveler, declared that the
butter surpassed any made in Eng
land from cow's milk. At Sierra
Leone ls the cream fruit tree, the
fruit of which ls quite agreeable In
At Table Bay, near the Cnpe of Good
Hope, ls a small tree the berries of
which make excellent candles. It is
also found in the Azores. The vege
table tallow tree also grows in Suma
tra, In Algeria and in China, In the
Island of Chusan large quantities of oil
and tallow are extracted from Its fruit,
which ls gathered in November or
December, when the tree has lost all
Its leaves. The bark of a tree in China
produces a beautiful soap. Trees of
the saplndus or soap tierry order also
grow in the north of Africa. They are
amazingly prolific, and their trult con
tains about 88 per cent of caponin.
A Bachelor and a Widow.
"Bachelors," said the widow, "are
the most sensitive people on earth. At
any rate, the bachelors I know are.
I dined with one not long ago. Dur
ing the first part of the meal he seem
ed uneasy.
" 'If any of my friends see me,' he
said, "they will think I am dining
with some other man's wife.'
"'Why?' I asked.
"He pointed to iny' wedding ring.
" 'Shall l take It off?' 1 asked.
'"Would you mind?' said he.
"'Not at all,' I said and slipped oft
the ring.
"Since then when going anywhere
with that bachelor or any other bache
lor I save him from embarrassment
by taking off my wedding ring before
we stnrt 1 find they appreciate my
consideration for their feelings. Now,
If that Isn't seusltlveness raised to the
ninth power I'd llko to know what it
1»." —New York Press.
The Flow of Rivers.
The flow of rivers, as might be sup
posed, ls the slowest at the bottom of
the water and highest at the top. Th«
average velocity of the entire stream
Is found, ns a rule, at about six-tenths
of the depth. The friction of the bot
tom which retards the movement ol
the deepest water ls much greater, rel
atively to the whole volume of the
stream. In a shallow river than in a
deep one.
"In my opinion," said Jones, "a wo
man's club to lie successful should aim
at something far removed from fe
male suffrage."
"I do uot agree with you," retorted
Miss Strong, with set Up. "That alone
should be its object."
Exactly, but If It alms at something
else it is more likely to hit that,"—Phil
adelphla Press.
Looking Backward.
"Some people have queer Ideas of
"For example?"
"I know a man who treasures the
slipper his mother used to spank him
with."— Birmingham Age-Herald.
Reckless Expenditure,
Dilver—When I took this place It
wasn't fit for a dog to live lu. I have
spent nearly $1,000 on it. Sanson—
Don't you think It would have been
cheaper had you killed the dog?—Bos
ton Transcript.
Not Deliberate.
Wife—I claim that the story you told
me last night when you came home
was a deliberate lie!
Hub—And I say It wasn'tl I never
thought up one more quickly in my
; -, Stockholder«^ Meeting. -
The annual meeting of the stock
holders' oft fié Citizens' State Bank
will be he'd at the banking house of
said bail' t, Hamilton, Mdn.tatia,
Monday, .January 4,- 1909, at 4 o'clock
p. ni , for the purpose of electing a
board of directors for the'ensuing
year and for the transaction of such
"other Business as may come before the
meeting, O. C. COOPER,
8-4t Cashier.
Call for Bids.
County clerk's office, Hamilton,
Mont., Dec 12, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersiy ned will receive Bids on or be
fore Monday, Dec. 28, 1908, at 10
o'clock a. m., for building and con
structing three (3) log cribs, 8 feet by
24 feet, inside measurement and 7
feet high near the public road
near the Dan Cowell ranch north of
Stevensville, according to plans and
specifications now on file in this office.
A certified check of ten per cent of
the amount of bid to accompany same.
Successful bidder required to give a
bond in double the amount of contract.
The board reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids.
By order of commissioners.
9-2t GEO. A. REESE, County Clerk.
Your Christmas money goes a long
ways in pictures at the Orvis Music
House. Cheaper than the cheapest.
Call For Bids.
County Clerk's Office,
Hamilton, Mont., Dec., 12, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned will receive sealed bids up
to art! including Friday, the 8th
day of December at 11 o'clock a. in., to
do and perform the following work
for Ravalli county, Montana, as re
quired by law, viz:
For the care and maintenance of
the poor, infirm and indigent persons
of the county, heing the inmates of
the county poor farm, and also to take
care and charge of the farm, for a pe
riod of one y ear commencing Jan. 1,
Also for the burial of any poor, in
digent person of the county, without
sufficent means, including the inmates
of the county jail and the poor farm,
who might become deceased during
the period of < nc year, commencing
January 1, 1909.
Separate bids will be received for
each of the above, and contracts and
bonds will be required for the faith
ful pefortnance thereof.
The hoard of county commissioners
reserves the right to reject any or all
By order of the beard.
9-4t County Clerk.
Call for Bids.
County clerk's office, Hamilton,
Montana, Dec. 12, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned will receive bids on or be
fore Monday, Dec. 28, 1908, at 10
o'clock a. m., for building and con
structing a wagon bridge (48 foot
span, 16 fool road way) across a slough
one mile east of Florence, with ap
proaches 48 feet long at each end of
said bridge.
The proposed bridge to be built of
wood and on the same piers as now
standing; the old piers to be recapped.
Plans and specifications now on file
in this office. A certified check of ten
per cent of the amount of bid to ac
company same. Successful bidder re
quired to give a bond in double the
amount of contract.
The board reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids. By order of
9 2t GEO. A. REESE, County Clerk.
You are both judge and
jury for Schilling's Best.
Yonr trocar ralaroi roar mono? if you don't
Hko iti w. par bla.
Sale and Lease of State Lands.
Office of the Register of State Lands, Helena,
Montana. Nov. 16. 1908.
Notice Is hereb y given that the Register
of the state land office of the state of Mon
tana will on the 17th day of December. 1908,
at 2 o'clock |i. in., first offer for sale, and 1f
not sold, will inuiH'diately offer for lease at
publie auction at the county court house at
Hamilton, the following deserihed land
owned by the state of Montana and situate
in tlie county of Ravalli.
No stale hind can be sold for less than ten
$10 00) dollars an acre, or lor less than the
iippraiseii vaine, il such exceeds ten dollars
au acte. ! Initier hind mist be paid for in
cash Agricultural mid grazing land ntav
bp sold upon payment of t hirt y tHO) per cent
a-h ut'il oahinee In 11 equal payment • at live
o per emit interest, tlu; unpaid portion to
be secured by bend with two sureties, who
a ust lie residents and freeholders In the
count v.
Leases are given for live years. Each
year's rental Is payable in advance. De
ferred tentais arc secured by bond with two
sureties as in case of purchase, rite list fol
lowing gives the description of each tract
the number of acres tu cacti, the minimum
amount for which it may be leased and the
classification of saute. For further informa
tion address the state laud office.
# S half of SE quarter. NE quartet of 8E
quarter sec 11 T 1 N It 19 W. 120 acres, $20.
W half of NW quarter. N half of 8W quar
ter. sec 14 T 1 N range 19 W, 100 acres, $35,
8 half of SE quarter, NE quarter of SE
quarter, sec 17 T 1 N K 19 W. 120 acres, $7 50,
E half see 20 T 1 N U 10 W, 320 acres, $20,
W half, W half of SE quarter sec 21 T 1 N
range 10 W, 4iKi acres $s7.50. timber.
All sec 28 1 INK 19 \Y. 640 acres. $140,
I- half see 29 T 1 N 10 320 acres. $20,
E half sec 32 T 1 N K 19 W. 320 acres. $20,
All see 38 T l N R 19 W, 320 acres, $140.
W half of W half sec 34 T 1 N R 19 W. 100
acres, $35. timber.
All see 30 T 1 N R tü W, 040 acres, $40
E half NW quarter sec 36 T 1 N R 22, 480
acres. $30, timber
N half of N E quarter, SW quarter of NE
W half of SE quarter sec 8 T 2 N R 19 W,
crc?. $43 50. ti mbf-r. --. .
n half, n half of SF. (inurter sec B T 2 N I{
nt \\ too licit s. *r>jijjmhut:—
- n half. STTriiuirti r see 10 T 2 n R 1!) W.
4M0 acres. Soo, timber. j •
, quarter sec 14 T 2 Nit 19 Wj ICO Here
«.?»).• ttmlteT. - <*-«
N half of NK quarter. K fcttlf-f SE quarter.•
V. w" ' I 'h* Ur iÇi I f N Fw 111 luxe r N K-mm» 1er • of
> ». quiirtet s. c 15 T 2 N K 19 W. 24" acres.
I $22.50. timber.
f°f NE quarter, SE quarter seë to
! 1 K , J 11 'V. 2*o iii'ii-. f:i<>. crazing.
I W h- If of NW quarter. SE quarter of W
I SW qnartersec 16 T 2 N R 19 W, 2*0 acres
l-l-i. gi a zing
W half of E half, NE quarter of SE quar
| terser 1, T 2 N K 19 W. 200 acres. SIS 50,
8E quarter of NE quarter. W half of NE
Harter sec 20 T 2 N R 1!) vV. 280 acres, *«o
m ber.
haif of NW quarter. W half of SW quar
terseegl T 2 N R 19 W. ICO acres. $50 timber.
E half of E half sec 22 T 2 N U 19 W, 100
acres. $35. timber.
NE quarter. N half of NW quarter, SE.
S half of SW quarter sec 23 T 2 N R 19 W.
480 acres. $105. timber.
S half of SE quarter sec 26 T 2 N R 19 W.
> acres. $17.50, timber.
nW quarter. N half of SW quarter. NW
carter of NE quarter see 28 T 2 N R 19 W
280 acres. $00, timber.
. NK qmirter. S half of SEquarter. NWquar
ter of SE quarter sec 29 T 2 N It 19 W "80
acres. $17.50. timber.
E lia If see 32 T 2 N It 19 W. 220 acres, $70.
in ber.
NW quarter see "3 T 2 N R 1!) W. 160 acres
!0. timber.
E.half of NE quarter. NW quai ter of NE
alt see 35 T 2 N R 19 W. 120 acres, $27.50, tim
N It 19 W, 640 acres, $M0,
80 1
♦ ir
All sec 36 T
NE quarter of NE quarter, S half of NE
m?Æ t Vî^ t ?.î 0 £. NVV <l U!l rier. S half sec 10
1 ■« aN K L'0 W. 4^0 acres. $75. grazing.
A11 sec 3ti T 2 N K 21 W, Ü40 acres, $140,
SE quarter sec 36 T NR acres 10
All sec 36 T 3 N R 19 W, 640 acres, $40. graz
All sec 36 T 3 N R 19 W. 640 acies, $40,
All sec 16 T 3 N R 20 W, 640 acres, $40, graz
A11 sec 36 T 3 N R 20 W, 640 acres, $40, tim
n Y? J.' ** J J f ,7 'NWnoa 1 te r ' S ^ H 1111 r te r sec 16
L 3 N R 21 W, 240 acres, $30, grazing.
S half of NW quarter sec 36 T 3 N R 21 W.
0 acres. $15. grazing.
All sec 16 T 4 N R 20 W, 640 acres, $40, tim
All sec 36 T 4 N R 20 W, 640 acres, $40, graz
All sec 36 T 4 N R 21 W, 640 acres, 8 g az
S half of SE quarter sec 16 T 5 N R 20 W,
so acre.«. $10. grazing.
S All seel ion 36 T 5 N R 20 W. 640 acres, $40
timber and grazing.
* E half sec 38 T5 N R 21 W, 320 acres,
$00, agricultural and grazing.
S SE quarter sec 1C. T 0 N U 19 W. 160acres,
»25. agricultural arid grazing.
S S half of NE quarter. NW quarter NE
quarter sec 16 T 6 N U 19 W, 120 acres, $22.50.
agricultural and grazing.
All sec 36 T 6 N K 20 W, 640 acres, $80, graz
NE quarter. N half of SE quarter. S VV
quarter of SE quarter sec 1(5 T 0 N R 21 W.
280 acres. $17.50 grazing.
D't'h s kalf Ilf NW quarter, NW quarter
ot SW quarter see 5 T 7 N K 10 W, 100.23
acres. $iu. grazing.
N half, 1.it 7. SE quarter of SW* quarter
sec ti I I N R 10 W. 288 38 acres. $19. grazing.
E half of,X'E quarter. N half of SE quarter.
W half of ne quarter. NW quarter sec 7 T
7 N it 19 w. 393.08 acres. $25. grazing.
8 ti quarter of n w quarter, xv half of NW
N half of sxv quarter, nw quarter of se
quarter sec 8 t 7 N H19 w, 24U acres, $15, graz
All sec 10 t 7 n k 19 xv, 640 acres. $70, graz
n half, n half of SB quarter, se quarter of
SB quarter sec 36 T 7 N it 20 xv. 520 acres, $27.50
A11 sec 16 T 7 n R 21 XV. 640 acres. $30. grazing.
Ü nw quarter sec 36 T 7 n it Ml W, 160 acres,
$20, grazing.
All sec 16 T 8 N R 18 W 640 acres, $40 mixed.
All sec 30 T 8 N R 18 W 640 acres. $40 mixed.
S NE quarter sec 15 T 8 N K 10 W 160 acres,
$30. agriculture and grazing.
« Alt sec 16 T 8 N It 19 W 040 acres, $50,
agriculture and grazing.
S Ni*5 quarter see 18 T 8 N It 19 W 160 acres,
$10 agriculture and grazing.
SE quarter. SE quarter of 8W quarter sec
19 T 8 N It 19 W 200 acres, $12,50, grazing.
NE quarter, S half sec 30 T 8 N It 19 W
469.96 acres. $30, grazing.
NE quarter, SW quarter, W half of SE
SE quarter of SE quarter sec 31 T 8 N R 19
W 440 acres, $27.50. grazing.
SW quarter of sW quarter sec 32 T8N K 19
W 40 acres. $2.50, grazing.
All sec 36 T 8 N R 19 W 640 acres. $10. mixed.
S N half of N E quarter sec 16 T 8 N It 20 W
80 acres, $70, agriculture.
E half of N E quarter sec 25 T 8 N R 90 XV 80
acres, $5. grazing.
N half, N half of S half,
SE quarter of SE quarter sec 36 T 8 N It 20
440 acres, $27.50, grazing.
All sec 16 T 9 N It 18 XV, 640 acres, $40, tim
W half of SE quarter. SE quarter of NE
quarter sec 18 T 9 N It 18 W 120 acres $25 tim
N half of NW quarter, S half of NE quar
S half of S half sec 30 T 9 N It 18 W 320.80
acres, $20, timber.
All sec 36 T 9 N It 18 W 640 acres, $40, tim
E half of NE quarter sec 10 T 9 N It 19 W
80 acres, $5. grazing.
E half of SW quarter, SW quarter of SW
quarter sec 21 T 9 N It 19 W 120 acres, $7.50.
S NE quarter of NE quarter sec 29 T 9 N R
19 W 40 acres, $2.50, grazing.
S half of N half. S half. ex. R. W. sec 16 T 9
N It 20 W 175.75 acres. $15. mixed.
All sec 10 TloN It 18 W 610.48 acres, $10.
NE quarter of NE quarter, S E quarter of
NW quarter,
NW quarter of SW quarter sec 20 T 10 N R
18 W 120 acres. $30. agriculture.
N half, SE quarter sec 28 T 10 N It 18 W 480
acres, $30. timber.
SE quarter sec 30 T 10 NR 18 W 160 acres
$lo, grazing.
All sec 30 T 10 N It 18 W 640 acres, $40,
SE quarter. E half of SW quarter,
N half of NE quarter SE quarter of NE
quarter sec 16 T 10 N It 19 W 360 acres, $32.50,
N E quarter, N half of S E quarter sec 21 T
10 N it lit W 210 acres, $15. grazing.
N half. N half of S half sec 27 T 10 N K 19 W
480 acres, $30, grazing and agriuro.
SE quarter of N E quarter sec 28 T 10 N R 19
W 10 acres. $250. grazing.
# All sec 36 Till N K 19 W 640 acres, $80,
grazing and agriculture.
ft N half set' 16 1 10 N It 20 W 3S0 acres $60
grazing and agriculture.
f SE quarter sec 16 T 10 N R 20 W 160 acres
$30, griiz.iu and agriculture.
S W quarter sec 16 I |u N|{ 20 W 160 acres
$;o, gazing and agriculture.
E half see 16. T 2 S It 22 W 320 acres. $20.
Note: Each and every tract marked xvltli
ft will be put up for sale only if the lesese is
present and wants the same offered. All
lessees have preference right to purchase.
Register of the State Laud Office of the State
of Montana.
Notice Fixing Time for Hearing Petition
for Specific Performance of Con
tract to Convey.
In tho district court of the fourth judicial
district of the State of Montana, iu and for
the county of Ravalli.
In the matter of the estate of William H.
Alford, deceased.
Pursuant to an order of said court made
on the 23rd day of sox-.. 1908, notice is hereby
given that Frances G. Treoce has tiled in the
office of the clerk of .this court Iter petition
praying for an order of this court in the
above entitled estate ordering and directing
the administratrix to execute to Frances G.
Treeee a deed to the north half of the north
west quarter and the southwest quarter of
the northwest quarter all In section 16.
township 7 north of range 20 xvest of Mon
nana principal meridian and to comply with
the terms of a certain bond for deed executed
by William H Alford during his life time to
Frances G. Treeee, as will more fully appear
by said petition on tile herein, reference to
which petition is here made
And notice is hereby given that Thursday
the 24th day of Dec.. 1908. at 10 o'clock a. m.,
at the court room in Ravalli county. Mon
tana. has been fixed lor hearing said peti
tion when any petsous interested in said
estate may appear aud file xvritten objec
tions to the making of said conveyance and
m-. V pri-fffpie wl I of th>tr
I>hjitions A. C. BAKER.
.s (.sEA!.,i , .----- — w«. . Oierk.
Hv BARRY SOt'TH. Deputy. t 6-4t
Bttteil Mii«*r4Wi iv i.f N vi-oiber. tt'it-.
$-j;- l>V^AU"ruey. j ? J <
Attoi nev at-Laxv
Pri !e Business a specialty
Offieeir. Court House,
Hamilton - - Montana.
Winstanley & Keeser Building
GEO, M'GRATH, M. D., C. M.
Gtaduate of Queen College.
Medalist in Medicine.
Surgery and Obstetrics.
Office Over Eavaiii County Bank
Hamilton - - Montana.
M. B., M. D., C. M.,
Graduate ot University of Toronto
Pest Graduate in Diseases of Women
and Children.
Office— Opposite Ravalli County Bank.
Residence—Ravalli Hotel.
Hamilton - - Montana.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office Over Ravalli County Bank.
Hamilton - - Montana.
Office Over Citizens' State Bank,
Hamilton - - Montana.
J. M. CASSEHLY, M. B.; M. D.; C. M.
Graduate University Toronto.
Physician and Surgeon
Office over Citizens' State Bank.
Phone 22 Y.
Hamilton - - Montana.
Physician and Surgeon
Office Over FlugstadVs Jexvelry Store
Hamilton, Montana.
Physician and Surgeon
Corvallis - - - Montana.
Office in Ravalli County Bank Building
Hamilton, Montana.
Veterinary Surgeon
A m prepared to treat all disc ises of
Office: Swayze's Livery
Resi dence l'hone 12k
Calls Answered Day or Night.
Practical Midwife and Nurse
Thirty-Eight Years' Experience.
Residence. North Third Street,
Hamilton - - Montana.
You Will be the Judge
P ROCURE a box of Bliss Native
Herbs—use the remedy for
Dyspepsia—K id ney Trouble
Liver Disorder—Impure Blood,
etc.—and if you are not made
well—if you are not benefitted—
your money will be refunded.
Every box of the compound con
tains a "Money-back Guarantee"
which is as binding as a Govern
ment Bond.
is for every member of the fam
ily. Its use not only cures disease
but fortifies the system to ward
off illness—all at a cost of $1.00
for 200 tablets—one-half cent per
day for perfect health. There is
only one Bliss Native Herbs, made
by Buss in Washington and sold
in a yellow box bearing a picture
of the L T nited States Capitol and
the portrait of Alonzo O. Bliss.
Complete information about this
famous remedy will be found in
the Bliss Almanac which is sup
plied free. The remedy is sold by
agents only and will be supplied
Mrs. M. Hinchcliff
Hamilton, Mont.
with Dr. King's
New Discovery
FOR C8üg!< s Ä
-tf m
oes the ; !
If not, something must be
wrong with its food. If the
mother's milk doesn't nourish
it, she needs Scott's Emulsion.
It supplies the elements of fat
required for the baby. If baby
is not nourished by its artificial
food, then it requires
Half a teaspoonful three or
four times a day in its bottle
will have the desired effect. It
seems to have a magical effect
upon babies and children. A
fifty-cent bottle will prove the
truth of our statements.
Send this advertisement, together with name
of paper in which it appears, your address and
four cents to cover postage, and we will send
you a "Complete Handy Atlas of the World.'
SCOTT & BOWNE, 409 Pearl SL. New York
Bullock Bros.
Vûû lie For house wiring, electric
fcJVV door bells, call bells, etc
Electric repair work done.
Shop in rear of F. L. Burns' store,
Hamilton - • Montana.
Rooms to Rom
By the
Cottage Hotel and
Powers Lodging House
W. D. WILSON. Prop.
Before you forget it
And see the
Niftiest Samples
Of men's Fall and Winter Suits
ever shown in the Bitter Root.
Kid Glove Fit Guaranteed
Opposite the Western News Office.
For Fall Bulbs,
The new Emberol Edison
Record— PJays Four minutes—
Twice as long as the ordinary
cylinder record.
Your phonograph with a
slight change will play them.
the music
South 2nd strret
Hamilton • Montana
Cut Flowers
Hamilton Nurseries
W. E. McMurry, Mgr*

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