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Personal and Otherwise
Leighton Stewartwasa Missoula vis
itor Sunday and Monday.
Rev. Geo. Blair of Victor returned
Sunday from a visit at Butte.
There wid be a masquerade ball at
Burns' hall Monday evening, Feb
22. 13-5t.
Rev. Pau! H. Castle has accepted
the pastorate of a church at Carter
ville, 111.
Mr. and Mrs. J E Totman return
ed Sunday evening from a visit at
Portland, Ore.
Chas. Granke returned to St. Regis
Thursday after a short visit with h ; s
family in Hamilton,
K. H. Daniels of the Bitter Root
Valley Orchards was in Hamilton
from Victor Monday.
Harry Harritnan of Portland, Ore.,
has accept« da position as stenogra
pher in the A. C. M. Co. office.
H. J. Vincent, who has been visit
ing at the home of his cousin, C. J.
Vincent, left Sunday for his home at
Sioux Falls, S. D,
Invitations have been received by a
number of Hamilton young people to
a bachelors' dance at Stevensville
Friday evening, Jan. IS.
Arthur Holt will give a dance in
the big hall at Grantsdale tomorrow,
(Thursday) night, for which the
Spokane Glee Club will provide
Attention is called to the advertise
ment of the Ravalli County Mercan
tile Co. on pages 2 and 3 of this paper.
This busy store puts a lot of money
saving bargains before the people.
Read them for suggestions.
Mr. and Mrs. Porter E. Hays of
Corvallis moved to Missoula this week.
Mr. Hays recently disposed of his
property and will make his home in
Misscula for a while to give his chil
dren the opportunity of attending
better schools.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Johnson went to
Missoula Monday to place their little
daughter, Marie, in the Sisters' hos
pital. T he child, who was suffering
from appendicitis, was subjected to an
operation yesterday, and is now re
covering rapidly.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A. Waddell re
turned Sunday evening from Missoula,
■where they have resided for several
months. Mr. Waddell will engage in
the hardware business in the new
Crutcl fit d t piväl-^R cn Main street
about Februùrv 1.
Arthur Cothrell and Mo Hie V. Jones
wore married at the home of the
bride's parente, Mr. and Mrs. George
Jon es, SUhday afternoon, Rev. Thos.
H. Barker officiating. Only the imme
diate family and a few intimate
friends witnessed the ceremony. The
young people were accorded best
wishes for a happy career.
The physicians of Ravalli county
have formed an organization known
as the Ravalli County Medical asso
ciation. The association organized
by electing Dr. McGrath of Hamilton
president, Dr. T. H Hanbidge of Vic
ter vice president and Dr. Elmer Fes
sier of Stevensville secretary and
treasurer. Regular meetings will be
held on the first Wednesday of each
A suit has been filed in district
court by the Supply Ditch company, a
corporation, versus John F. Wood, to
gether with other members of the
Wcod-Parkhurst Ditch company, an
unincorporated company. The pro
ceeding is brought for the purpose of
securing an adjustment of a long
standing difference between the par
ties heretofore named and relates to
an amount of repair work done on a
ditch in which there is a joint owner
ship, also for the purpose of establish
ing a definite plan for future govern
ment of rights involved.
The Bitter Root valley is covered
with three feet of snow—the largest
fall for years. Old timers have to go
back over twenty years to find a pre
cedent for it. The thermometer, too,
has been guilty of an incredible breach
of regularity. The mercury has made
several desperate efforts to touch
bottom, falling to thitty degrees be
low. It is all disconcerting to the real
estate men, who, during the summer
months, detailed to land buyers the
freedom of the "banana belt" from
the snow and zero weather of other
climes. Some of these are now ask
ing what has happened. Sid Ward,
who advanced rapidly in his profes
sion, in speaking of this said: "Well
these rew comers can hunt rabbits
now. We didn't tell them about that
at all." _
A Horrible Hold-Up.
"About ten years ago my brother
was 'heid up' in his work, health and
happiness by what was believed to be
hopelcs» consumption," writes W. R
Lipscomb of Washington, N. C. "Hi
took a I kinds of remedies and treat
ment from several doctors, but found
no help till he used Dr. King's New
Discovery and was wholly cured by
six bottles. He is a well man today."
It's quick to relieve and the surest
cure for weak or sore lungs, hemor
rhages, coughs and colds, bronchitis,
la grippe, asthma and all bronchial
affections 50c and $1 00. Trial bottle
free. Guaranteed by Corner Drug
Store. Adv.
C. E. Scott died very suddenly Frt-j
day at his home iu Victor. Death
was caused by the bursting of a blo-d
vessel in his head. The funeral was ,
held Monday afternoon and was at
tended by a large crowd, in spite of
the cold weather and depth of snow.
Services were conducted by Rev. T. A.
Wicks of Missoula. The pallbearers
were G. I. V atters, E. E. Hackett, ■
A. D. Hill, L. R. Peck, Monroe Swei
tzer and T. H. Hanbidge.
Mr. Scott was long a resld-mt of the
Bitter Root valley and had a wide
acquaintance. He was an estimable
gentleman, and enjoyed universal re
spect. Sorrow will be felt by many
at his demise.
Lost—Ring of keys. Finder leave
at this office and receive reward. 13 4t
Public stenographer at Haniilu u
Hotel. Hours 6 a. m to 8:30 a m aril
6 p. m. to 10 p. in. 13 tf
Hunting on the Bitter Root Stock
farm strictly prohibited. Trespasser»
will be prosecuted.
Dr. Rinehart, the old Anaconda
dentist, is at Stevensville. 48-tf
Be loyal to the Bitter Root valley.
Smoke McIntosh Red cigars. For sale
at Hotel Hamilton 48-tf
Wanted—Old cotton rags at this
office. *
For a good smoke try the Green Seal
cigar. 29-tf
Japalac, the Home Beautifier. New
and complete stock at Corner Drug
store. 24-tf
Japalac, the Home Beautifier New
and complete stock at Corner Drug
Store. 24-tf
When you purchase property insist
on an abstract made by the Security
Title & Abstract Co., Hamilton,
Montana. 20-tf,
Kennedy's barber shop and bath
rooms in Peterson's new block has
bath rooms for ladies on the second
floor. Baths open Sunday until
noon. 10-4t
We carry a full line of wall paper,
ready mixed paints, alabastine, glass
and mouldings. Peterson Bros.,
Hamilton, Mont. 29-tf
If you want to do a bigger business
pursue the proper methods—advertise.
Lorriaux'S Rheumatic Blood and
Kidney medicine for sale at Corner
Drug store. 5-tf.
Lorriaux's Rheumatic
for sale at Corner Drug Store
For sale—New milch COws. Call or
write P. D. Francis, Como, PrariO.
Lost or strayed—Yearling red Short
horn bull. Escapetl from pasture on
Emmett Hawker ranch on Willow
creek. Reward for return to C. M.
Johnson of Hamilton or information
of whereabouts of animal. 12 4:
For sale or trade—Shorthorn dairy
herd bull. Will sell or trade for other
stock. J. Frank Cooper, Darby 12-tf
See Bullock Bros, for house wiring,
and electrical fixtures, lamps etc.
11 tf
prescription ;
e ' 5-1 f ' 1
Fever Sores.
Fever sores and chronic sores
should not be healed entirely, but
should be kept iu healthy condition.
This can be done by applying Cham
berlain's Salve This salve has no
superior for this purpose. It is also
most excellent for chapped hands,
burns and diseases of the skin, h or
sale by the Corner Drug Store, adv.
[Copyright, 1906, by S. S. McClure Co.]
dropped into
Mrs. Fink ha;
Mrs. Cassidy's Hat, one flight
"Ain't it a beaut?" said Mrs. Cassidy.
She turned her face proudly for her
friend Mrs. Fink to see. One eye was
nearly closed, with a great greenish
purple bruise around It. Her lip was
cut and bleeding a little, and there
were red finger marks on each side of
her neck.
"My husband wouldn't ever think of
doing that to me," said Mrs. Fink, con
cealing her envy.
"I wouldn't have a man," declared
Mrs. Cassidy, "that didn't beat me up
at least once a week. Shows he thinks
something of you. Say, but that last
dose Jack gave me wasn't no homeo
pathic one! I can sec stars yet. But
he'll be the sweetest man iu town for
the rest of the week to make up for it.
This eye is good for theater tickets and
a silk shirt waist at the very least."
"I should hope," said Mrs. Ftnk, as
suming complacency, "that Mr. Fink
is too much of a gentleman ever to
raise his hand against me."
"Oh, go on, Maggie!" said Mrs. Cas
sidy, laughing and applying witch
hazel. "You're only jealous. Your old
man is too frapped and slow to ever
give you a punch. He just sits down
and practices physical culture with a
newspaper when he comes home. Now,
ain't that the truth?"
"Mr. Fink certainly peruses of the
laugh of the guarded and happy nia
tron - with the a,r of Cornelia exhib
papers wnen ne comes Home," acknowi-1
edged Mrs. Fink, with a toss of her
henil, "but he certainly don't ever
make no Steve O'Donnell out of me j
Ju t to amuse himself—that's a sure
Mrs Cassidy laughed the contented j
itlng her jewels she drew down the 1
collar of her kimono and revealed an
other treasured bruise, maroon color
eJ eJged with ollve and orange ,
bruise now nearly well, but. still to
now nearly well,
memory dear.
Mrs. Fink capitulated. The formal
light in her eye softened to envious
admiration. She and Mrs. Cassidy had
been chums in the downtown paper box
fa '. ry before they lmil married, one
year before. Now she and her man
occupied the flat above Maine and her
man. Therefore she could not put on
airs with Maine.
"Don't it hurt when he soaks you?"
asked Mrs. Fink curiously.
"ITurt!" Mrs. Cassidy gave a so
prano scream of delight. "Well, say,
did you ever have a brick house fall
on you? Well, that's just the way It
feels—just like when they're digging
you out of the ruins. Jack's got a left
that spells two matinees and a new
pair of Oxfords—and his right! Well,
It takes a trip to Coney and six pairs
of openwork, silk lisle threads to make
that good."
"Bui what does he beat you for?"
Inquired Mrs. Fink, with wide open
"Silly !" said Mrs. Cassidy indulgent
ly. "Why, because he's full. It's gen
erally on Saturday nights."
"But what cause do you give him?"
persisted the seeker after kuowledge.
"Why, didn't I marry him? Jack
comes in tanked up, and I'm here, ain't
I? Who else has he got a right to
beat? I'd just like to catch him once
heating anybody else! Sometimes it':
because supper ain't ready, and some
times it's because it is. Jack ain't
particular about causes. ne just
lushes till he remembers he's married,
and then he makes for home and does
me up. Saturday nights I just move
the furniture with sharp corners out
of the way, so I won't cut my head
when he gets his work in. He's got a
left swing that jars you. Sometimes I
take the count in the first round, hut
when I feel like having a good time
during the week or want some now
rags I come up again for more pun
ishment. That's what I done last
night. Jack knows I've been wanting
a black silk waist for a month, and I
didn't think just one black eye would
bring it. Tell you what, Mag, I'll bet
you the Ice cream he brings it to
Mrs. Fink was thinking deeply.
"My Mart," she said, "never hit me
a lick in his life. It's just like you
said. Maine; he comes in grouchy and
ain't got a word to say. He never
takes me out anywhere. lie's a chair
warmer at home for fait* He buys me
things, but lie looks so glum about it
be 'em."
idy slipped au arm around
her chum.
"You poor tiling!" she said. "Put ev
erybody can't have a husband like
Jack. Marriage wouldn't be no failure
if they was all like him. These dis
contented wives you hear about—what
they need is a man to come home and
kick their slats in once a week and
then make It up in kisses anil chocolate
creams. Ttaat'd give 'em some interest
in life. What I want is a masterful
man that slugs you when he's jagged
and hugs you when lie ain't jagged.
Preserve me from the man that ain't
got the sand to do neither!"
Mrs. Fink sighed.
tb;U i U( , Vl , r
Mrs. Cn
The hallways were suddenly filled
with sound. The door flew open at the
kick of Mr. Cassidy. His arms were
occupied with bundles. Maine flow
and hung about his neck. Her sound
eye sparkled with the love light t lia t
sliines in the eye of the Maori maid
when she recovers cons iousness in the
hut of the wooer who has stunned and
dragged her there.
"Hello, old girl!" shouted Mr. Cas
sidy. He slieil his bundles and lifted
her off her feet in a mighty hug. "I
got tickets for P.arnum & Bailey's, and
if you'll bust the string of one of them
bundles I guess you'll find that silk
waist. Why, good evening, Mrs. Fink!
I didn't see you at first. How's old
Mart coming along?"
"He's very well, Mr. Cassidy, thanks,"
said Mrs. Fink. "I must be going
along up now. Mart 'll be home for
supper soon. I'll bring you down thaï
pattern you wanted tomorrow. Manic.
Mrs. Fink went up to her flat and
had a little cry. It was a meaningless
cry. the kind of cry that only a woman
knows about, a cry from no particular
cause, altogether an absurd cry—the
most transient and the most hopeless
cry in the repertory of grief. 'A by had
Martin never thrashed her? Ho was
as big and strong as Jack Cassidy.
Did he not care for her at all? He
never quarreled. He came home and
lounged about, silent, glum. idle. He
was a fairly good provider, but he ig
nored the spices of life.
Mrs. Fink's ship of dreams was be
calmed. Her captain ranged between
plum duff and his hammock. If only
he would shiver his timbers or stamp
his foot on tlie quarter deck now and
then! And she hail thought to sail so
merrily, touching at ports in the De
lpctable isles! But now, to vary tlie
figure, she was ready to throw up the
1 sponge, tired out. without a scratch
to show for all those tame rounds with
her sparring partner. For one moment
phe almost hated Mame—Marne, with
her outs and bruises, her salve of
presents and kisses, her stormy voy
age with her fighting, brutal, loving
Mr. Fink came home at 7. He was
permeated with the eurse of domes
, ticity. Beyond the portals of his cozy
j home he eared not to roam, to roam.
i He was the man who had caught the
street ear, me- anaeonaa rnnr nan swai
lowrd its prey, the tree that lay as it
had fallen. |
"Lik» the supper. Mart?" asked Mrs.
Fini:, who had striven over tt.
"M-m-m-yep," grunted Mr. Fink.
After supper he gathered his newspa
pers to road. He sat In his stockinged
feet. I
Arise, some new Dante, and sing me |
the befitting corner of perdition for the j
man who sittetti in the house in ids I
stockinged feet! Sisters of patience |
who by reason of tics or duty have j
endured it m silk, yarn, cotton, lisle i
thread or woolen—does not the new !
carlo belong?
The next day was Labor day. The j
occupations of Mr. Cassidy and Mr. !
Fink ceased for < no passage of the
sun. Labor, triumphant, would parade
and otherwise disport ilself.
Mrs. Fink took Mrs. Cassidy's pat
tern down early. Maine had on her
new silk waist. Even tier damaged
eye managed to emit a holiday gleam.
Jack was fruitfully penitent, and there
was a hilarious scheme for the day
afoot, with parks and picnics and
rilsener in it.
A rising, indignant jealousy seized
Mrs. Fink as she returned to Lor flat
above. Oh, happy Maine, with lier
bruises and her quick following halm!
But was Maine to have a monopoly of
happiness? Surely Martin Fink was
as good a man as Jack Cassidy. Was
his wife to go always unbelabored and
uncaressed? A sudden, brilliant, breath
less idea came to Mrs. Fink. She
would show Maine that there were
husbands as able to use their fists and
perhaps to be as tender afterward ns
any Jack.
The holiday promised to be a nominal
one with the Finks. Mrs. Fink had
the stationary washtubs in the kitchen
filled with a two weeks' wash that had
been soaking overnight. Mr. Fink sat
in ills stockinged feet reading n news
paper. Thus Labor day presaged to
Jealousy surged high in Mrs. Fink's
heart, and higher still surged an auda
cious resolve, if her man would not
strike her—if lie would not so far
prove his manhood, his prerogative and
his interest In conjugal affairs, he must
be prompted to his duty.
Mr. Fink lit ills pipe and peacefully
rubbed an ankle with a stockinged too.
lie reposed in the state of matrimony
like a lump of unblended suet in a
pudding. This was his level Elysium—
to sit at ease vicariously girdling the
world in print amid the wifely splash
ing of suds and the agreeable smells
of breakfast dishes departed and din
ner ones to come. Many ideas were
far from Lis mind, hut (he furthest one
was the thought of heating Lis wife.
Mrs. Fink turned on the hot water
and set the washboards in the suds.
Up from the fiat below came tin» gay
hui 'h of Mrs. Cassidy, it sounded like
ft taunt, a flaunting of her own hap
piness in the face of tlie unslugged
bride above. Now was Mrs. Fink's
Suddenly she turned like a fury upon
the man reading.
"You lazy loafer!" she cried. "Must I
work my arms off washing and toiling
for the ugly likes of you? Are you a
man, or arc you a kitchen hound?"
Mr. Fink dropped Ids pup. r, motion
less from surprise. She feared Unit
1 k> would not strike—that the provoca
tion had been insufficient. Shi' leaped
at him and struck him fiercely in tlie
face with her clinched hand. I^ that
instant she felt a tlirill of love for him
such as she had not felt for many a
day. Rise up, Martin Fink, and come
into your kingdom! Oh, she must feel
of Lis hand now just to
the weight of Lis hand now just to
show that lie cared—just to show tliat
he cared!
Mr. Fink sprang to his feet. Mag
gie caught him again on tlie jaw with
a wide swing of lier other hand. She
closed her eyes in that fearful, bliss
ful moment before Lis blow' should
come. She whispered ids name to her
self. She leaned to the expected shock,
hungry for it.
In the flat below Mr. Cassidy, with
a shamed and contrite face, was pnw
dering Maine's eye in preparation for
their junket. From the flat above
came tlie sound of a woman's voice,
high raised, a bumping, a stumbling
and a shuffling, a chair overturned—
unmistakable sounds of domestic con
"Mart and Mag scrapping?" postulat
ed Mr. Cassidy. "Didn't know they
over Indulged. Shall I trot up and see
if they need a sponge holder?"
One of Mrs. Cassidy's eyes sparkled
like a diamond. The other twinkled
at least like paste.
"Oh, oh," she said softly and with
I wonder if I
till 1 go up and
. cut im . auillgi in the feminine
! ... ■ -- .
ejaculatory mam
wonder if—wait, Jacl
Tip (he stairs she sped. As her foot
struck the hailway above out from Ilie
kitchen door of lier fiat wildly flounced
Mrs. Fink.
"Oh, Maggie." cried Mrs. Cassidy in a
delighted whisper, 'did lie? Oh.did he?"
Mrs. Fink ran and laid her face upon
her chum's shoulder and sobbed hope
Mrs. Cassidy took Maggie's face be
tween her hands and lifted it gently.
Tear stained it was, flushing and pui
i ing. but its velvety, pink and white,
becomingly freckled surface was un
j scratched, uubruised, unmarred by the
recreant fist of Air. Fink.
"Tell me, Maggie," pleaded Marne,
! "or I'll go in there anil find out.
I What was it? Did he hurt you? What
I did he do?"
Mrs. Fink's face went down again
despairingly on the bosom of her
"For Gawd's sake, don't open that
door, Mame!" she sobbed. "And don't
ever tell nobody—keep it under your
hat. He—he never touched me, and—
he's — oh, Gawd — he's washin' the
clothes—he's washin' the clothes!"
io k Man
who had just returned from atrip
through the west said, ' I have al
ways known this w < .< great citv;
now I know why it is great."
The great west contributes men,
(even ball players,) wheat and oth
cereals, all the pri c ; us metals, cat
tle, lumber, fruits, fish, flour, etc.,
and the glorious cas' imagines they
supply the cash to move our e.rops
anil build our n diistries. It is our
cash they send us, but we can for
get that if the\ h. ve the foresight
to help us save it.
Bv tlie way, what about Ravalli
Flour? You k now the good points
of Ravalli. Patronize home indus
tries when you can. Ravalli is as
good as Eastern Fancy. Costs less.
Hamilton Flour Mill
The new Emberol Edison
Record—Plays Emir minutes—
Twice as lone as the ordinary
cylinder record.
Your phonograph with a
slight change will play them.
Deliver Hie Goods
And all kinds of Fresh
Fish in season.
City Meat MarKet
S. A. WHEELER, Prop.
The Only Light
For the Family Circle
Lighting System
A gasoline lamp that gives a
Brilliant Soothing Light
Equal to electricity
The same as haying electric lights
in your country home.
Liguts installed, Î 20 00 and up.
Special orders for stores, church
es, etc.
Bheaper than kerosino lamps.
Hamilton R. F. D. 2,
Attorney ai-Liw
Probate Business a specia.lt'
Office in Court House,
Hamilton - - Montana.
Winslanley & Rees- i Building
GEO. M'GRATH, .V, i>„ C. M.
Graduate of Queen College.
Medalist in Medicine.
Surgery and Obstetrics
Office Over Ravalli County Bank
Hamilton - - Montana.
M. B., M. 1)., C. M ,
Graduate of University of Toronto
Post Graduate in Diseases of Women:
and Children.
Office—Opposite Ravalli Countv Bank.
Residence—Ravalli Hotel.
Hamilton - - Montana.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office Over Ravalli County Bank.
Hamilton - - Montana.
Office Over Citizens' State Bank,
Hamilton - - Montana.
J. M. CASSEHLY, M. B.; M. I).; C. M.
Graduate University Toronto.
Physician ami Sukgkon
Office over Citizens' State Bank.
Phone 22 Y.
Hamilton - - Montana.
Physician and Surgeon
Office Over Flugstadv's Jewelry Store
Hamilton, Montana.
Physician and Surgeon
Office in Ravalli County Bank Building
Hamilton, Montana.
V ltT h K 1 N A K V I I« I» Kl ' N
Am prep-im! I" m u', .ul dise isus of
1 ioM i:»r io An I a ai.s
ofü'ICk: Sway/.i' s Livery
K i:SI Dl-.Niu. I'll-..'.:i' I'll:
Calls Answkkkd Day ok Night.
Practical Midwife and Nurse
Thirty-Eight Years' Experience.
Residence. North Third Street,
Hamilton - - Montana
Rooms io Rent
Bv the WEEK, OR
xjy Li.it month
Cottage Hotel and
Powers Lodging House
W. D. WILSON. Prop.
Before you forget it
And ^ee the
Kiftiest Samples
Of men's Fall and WINTER Suits
ever shown in the Bitter Root.
Hid Glove Fit Guaranteed
Opposite the Western News Office.
Wagon Mahingand Repairing
At Wylie's Shop
North Second St. Hamilton, Mont
Or. King's
New Discovery
FOR CSlSs 18 JSk.

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