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= Only a Few More of My =
THE CONSTANT HAMMERING of a few local KNOCKERS was a very good system of advertising for me,
but they seem to be busy elsewhere and have shamefully neglected me of late.
This is What the Board of Directors of the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce says about it:
To Whom It May Concern: This is to certify that the Board of Directors of the Hamilton Chamber of Com
merce, at an executive meeting on November 29, 1909, endorsed and approved the map of Ravalli county, Mon
tana, made by Mr. O. J. Hawkins. [Signed] M. L. H. ODEA, Secretary.
They are put up in a neat little pocket folder and the price is twenty-five cents. You can buy them at all the
leading book stores in HAMILTON, STEVENSVILLE and MISSOULA. We want more people in Hamilton and
this map shows them what we have.
The Ideal Posthole Digger
There may be a few
things in the country,
called Earth Diggers,
but there is only ONE
posthole digger, "The
Reasons Why—
It is so constructed that it offers the least possible
resistance. It is the only posthole machine in the
world that you do not have to ride with your weight,
but by the turning of the handle it feeds itself into
the earth.
The diamond shape point releases the earth in
stantly at the center of the hole. The release blade
cutting at the same time the outer edge of the hole in
advance of the take-up blade, thereby changing the
earth from tight and hard to loose and soft in advance
of the take-up blade.
The digger being one-half open allows gravel, rocks,
roots, etc., to pass through without any resistance.
You don't have to scratch and scrape around in the
hole to get the dirt out like the old fashioned tools
you have been accustomed to using. The Ideal takes
ALL the earth out at once and leaves a perfect round
hole. It is not our aim to sell you a lot of metal, but
a light, neat, complete digger. You pay for what it
does—not what it weighs. With the Ideal you put
down three times the number of holes with fess than
half the work. Your ground may be wet, dry or hard
—no matter. So constructed it eats its way with ease.
Sold by results—not weight. Weighs 8 pounds.
Sent on receipt of the price, $3.00.
Agents Wanted „SM Z erdale
W. A. Bade, Corvallis, Mont.
Gentlemen, Don't Read This
In these days of renovating and house
cleaning a good, reliable insecticide is
of the greatest value to the careful
housewife. Bed Bug Buster sold at
the Corner Drug store is just what
its name indicates and is most effec
tual in destroying insects and house
pests of all kinds. A trial will con
vince you. Price 25 cents 31-8t
Gentlemen, Don't Read This.
In thesj days of renovating and
house cleaning, a good, reliable insec
ticide is of the greatest value to the
careful housewife. Bed Bug Buster,
sold at the Corner Drug store, is just
what its name indicates and is most
effectual in destroying insects and
house pests of all kinds. A trial will
convince you. Price 25 cents. 31 8t
There's a circus coming to town in
! a few days, It is a good one, too, ac
cording to accounts. It will have
tigers and lions and camels and ele- )
phants—cless the elephants!—and
donkeys and horses and animals from
' all portions of the big round world.
There will be clowns and riders. The
Armour Prize Horses, and bespangl
! ed performers who tumble and swing
in the air and perform all sorts of
! feats that thrill and quicken the blood
and make the eyes—especially the
eyes of youth, to gleam and glow.
Ah that's it—the eyes of youth!
Do you know, Mr. Parent, that it is
your duty to take "the kids" to see
that circus? Yes it is. You cannot
afford to deprive your little boy or j
girl of that pleasure.
Don't you remember the days when
you used to stand, wonder-eyed, be
fore the flaming poster that pictured
the "mammoth, monumental aggre
gation of ferocious beasts of prey?"
Don't you remember when you were
a youngster how you used to count the
days that had to be endured before
the "show" came? Don't you re
member you used to envy the boy
that got to carry water for the ele
Think back to those days and then
see'if your heart has hardened to such
an extent that you can deprive your
boy of the pleasure of going to the
But aside from the sentiment of the
thing the boy ought to see the circus.
So ought the girl. So ought the
grown-up. To the £boy and the girl
a good circus is an education and an
inspiration. It furnishes knowledge
that no books can give and it creates
a topic of conversation among the
little fellows for days and days to
To the grown-up it furnishes relax
ation that cannot but do good. A cir
cus is always interesting—always in
Go the circus. Go see what Sells
Floto have got. Go see the Armour
Prize Horses next Monday.
But don't be selfish enough to go by
Take the "kids." Take as many of
them as you can, your own and the
poor neighbor's as well, and you will
be able to lie down to pleasant dreams
in the consciousness that you have
performed that greatest of Philan
throp 5 ' works—the creation of sun
With the thousands of new settlers
coming to Montana and beginning
this season, an immense need and de
mand exists for instruction in proper
dry farm methods. Two cars on the
Better Farming Special are being
fitted up for this purpose. One of
these will carry a line of tillage im
plements selected and adapted 1o dry
land tillage, including some of the
latest improvements and inventions
for such work. Another car will
(show- in its exhibit the various
systems and lack of system pursued
on unirrigated Montana lands and the
results of proper and wrong methods
False prophets have arisen who cry
that farming is much the same
whether in a humid, an irrigated or
a dry country. There is a certain
relationship, but yet there is a wide
difference. They are emphatically
not the same. Fifteen or sixteen in
ches of rainfall with dry atmosphere
and high evaporation present very
different problems from 35 to 45 inches
of percipilation and a humid atmos
phere. Men of long experience and
extended observation in Montana say
successful agriculture on dry lands
without irrigation is impossible. New
comers are confident that dry farming
will succeed. Which is right? In a
way both are correct. Crops have
failed and will fail in the future be
cause of lack of understanding and
practice of the propei tillage methods;
on the other hand by observing the
rules of recent experience and scien
tific research crops can be insured to
pay in the majority of cases.
Fifty-eight bushels of wheat per
acre have been grown on land con
demned as worthless in a dry season,
without irrigation. Thirty-six and
seven-tenths bushels have been se
cured as a five year average in several
localities under the best methods.
What are the beat methods? how to
begin; how to proceed; how to insure
success on dry lands; will be taught
by those who know from personal ex
perience, on the Better Farming
Special which stops at Hamilton on
Thursday, June 30 at 8 o'clock p. m.
shine in little hearts.
Remember thiB circus does give a
parade, which will be seen upon the
streets of Hamilton next Monday
morning about 10:30. Hamilton, Mon
day. lune 13.
Great Big
Baked Potatoes!
They're a feature of the Northern Pacific's Dining Car service. They
weigh at least two pounds apiece. They are fine! So is the service in
general. Tender meats; good fish; eggs from our own poultry farm; bread
cakes, pies and ice cream made at our own bakeries in Seattle and St. Paul;
Washington creamery butter; milk in individual bottles; whipped cream for
All prepared by expert chefs and served by experienced waiters—a corps of
Dining Car Instructors is maintained to keep the service "up to the handle."
northern Pacific Railway
Provides service that sets the pace—not only in its Dining Cars, but all the
way through.
Several electric-lighted trains East and West every
day. Low Summer Tourist Fares.
Let me help you plan your trip.
S. R. WILSON, Agent
A. M. CLELAND, General Passenger Agent
The Scenic Highway
Through the
Land of Fortune
Tomato Plants
Cabbage Plants
Celery Plants
Pepper Plants
All sizes, all kinds
'Phone 73-2 W. E. McMurry, Mgr.
Dave Sellars, architect and builder.
OflSice with Irwin & Beck,Hamilton 28tf
Quick money to loan. Large or
small amounts. D T. Goff 32tf

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