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ITOUT « KELLY, Publishers
Subscription, per Year.............$2,50
Published Weekly.
The democrats and republicans of
Lewistown have followed out the sug
gestion of the Democrat, made three
weeks ago, and will place two
straight tickets in the field. It will
be a clean cut, open contest to deter
mine who will administer the affairs
of the city for the next twelve months.
While some may favor the fusion ar
rangement, the Democrat believes
that the two straight tickets is the
better for the city. Each party
knows that in order to win, it must
place the best men that it can com
mand on the tieket. This will insure
an efficient city government under
any circumstances. And further, the
successful candidates will know that
their official acts will be closely
scrutinized by an ever-watchful oppo
nent and will, therefore, put forth an
unusual effort to perform the duties
in the best possible manner. The
democrats are thoroughly organized
and ready for the contest. They will
wage it cleanly and honestly. Let the
republicans do likewise and there will
be no soreness when the final result is
At the approaching city eleciton, the
people will be asked to vote upon sev
eral franchises, one of which is for the
Lewistown-Billings Mutual Telephone
company. This company was organ
ized in this city and behind it are
some of llie most responsible business
men of the town and county. The
purpose of the new compay is to con
nect Lewistown and Billings by tele
phone, something for which there has
long been a pressing demand.
The new line will also connect Lew
istown with all of the southern and
southeastern portions of this county
and will benefit, not only the mer
chants and business men of this city
but will also be of great convenience
to the stockmen and ranchers who
live a long distance from town. By
means of the 'phone, business which
formerly went to Billings will be
brought to this city. It will bring
our city into close touch with one of
tire most prosperous sections of our
big county and will serve to unite the
different portions of t lie county morel
closely in a business and social way.
The new company ask for nothin det
rimental to the interests of Lewis
town and their application should re
ceive favorable consideration at the
hands of the voters.
Be it said to their everlasting shame,
the republican legislature of Colorado
have taken the unexpectedly radical
action, of deciding the governorship
contest of that state in favor of the
notoriously infamous Peabody, turn
ing Alva Adams, the regularly elected
governor out of the office. To show
that the legislators themselves be
lieved that they were not acting right,
they compromised with their cons
cience by making Peabody promise to
resign as soon as sworn in and leave
the state in the hands of the lieuten
ant governor.
Thus are the people of Colorado de
prived of their just rights by the nar
rowest, sort of patisanship. Either
Adams or Peabody should be the gov
ernor. Adams was elected by a large
majority and even the throwing out
of several strong democratic precincts
where there was a shadow of reason
for believing that fraud had been com
mitted, lie still had a good majority.
But in the face of these things, the
legislators chose to thwart the will of
the people by giving the office to a man
who never was a candidate for the
There have been many blots on the
escutcheon of the state of Colorado
during the last two years, and this
latest one, painted by the duly elected
law-makers, is not the least hideous of
the lot. It shames not only Colorado,
but our republican form of govern
Revival Meetings.
Evangelist Haudenschild arrived in
the city Wednesday evening and with
in an hour had started the revival
campaign in the First Methodist
Episcopal church. An audience of
three hundred greeted him in his first
service and the interest and number
in attendance are increasing [daily.
It will pay any man to hear this fear
less, thorough man of the gospel. His
subject are as follows: Tuesday even
ing, "Sin, its effect and consequence."
Wednesesy evening, "Unprofitable
Choice." Thursday evening, "Goes it
Pay?" a subject not exclusively but
especially for men. Other subjects
will be announced later.
Interesting Program Rendered at the
Benefit Concert of Lewistown Band
An excellent rendition of a very at
tractive program was given last even
ing by the Lewistown band at Cul
ver's hall in the presence of a large
and appreciative audience. The band
for the occasion comprised twenty
two pieces and reflected credit on the
management of the leader, L. N. Du
Clos. The selections by the orchestra
during the latter half of the program
were very good.
Mrs. DuClos gave two very nicely
rendered vocal selections, and the
song by Louis Blodgett met with a
warm reception. Professor Peterson
treated the audience to some excep
tionally good selections on the phono
graph, and the entire program was
well received.
Presbyterian Notices.
Walter B. Miner will lead theChris
tian Endeavor meeting Thursday
night. Topic: "Glorifying God inOur
Daily Lives."
Y. P. S. C. E. social Friday, the 31st,
not the 24th.
Next Sunday evening the service
will be conducted by the Women's
Missionary society at7:30. Thisisthe
annual praise meeting, and at this
time the annual thank offering will be
taken for missions.
Hen by C^uickenden, Pastor.
dan McDonald resigns.
Montana's President of the American
Labor Union Retires.
Denver, March 17.—A letter was re
ceived by Harvey E. Garman today
stating that Daniel McDonald, presi
dent of the American Labor union,
whose headquarters are now in Chica
go, has tendered his resignation to
the executive board of that organiza
tion and that it will be accepted. He
will be succeeded by David C. Coates,
vice president of the union, former
lieutenant governor of Colorado, but
now in charge of the Idaho State
Tribune, at Wallace, Idaho.
The cause for President McDonald's
resignation is not given, but it is sup
posed he is not strictly in accord with
the proposed policy of the organiza
tion which has in view a renewal of
the rivalry with the American Fed
eration of Labor.
St. James' Church Notices.
March 26, third Sunday in Lent.
Morning prayer and holy communion
at 11. Course of sermons on "The
Christian Life" continued: "Fallsand
Hepentances." Evening prayer at
7:30. Sermon on "Our Lord's Second
Temptation." Sunday school at 12:30.
Every Wednesday at 7:30 short serv
ice, with introduction on "The Apos
tles' Creed." Every Friday at 10 a.
m. litany, with an address on "The
Collect for the Week." Choir prac
tice Thursdays at 7:30. Nhe weekly
Lenten working party will be held
Thursday at 2:30 at the rectory. Host
sses, Mrs. Hedges and Mrs. Wakefield.
H. G. Wakefield, Rector.
Bids Wanted.
Sealed bids will be received at the
office of the Judith Basin Milling Co.,
until April 4tli, for the erection of
their Mill Elevator Penstock and
Flume. We ask for bids, the con
tractor to furnish all of the material
or to perform the labor only, the
Judith Basin Milling Co., to furnish
all material. Plans and specifications
can be seen at the company's office.
certified check of 10 per cent to
show good faith must accompany all
bids. Bids will be opened on April
5th at 5 p. m. We have the right to
reject any or all bids.
Judith Basin Milling Co.
Hon. J. C. Huntoon is up from
Lewistown and is attending to his
business interests in Utica and vicin
P. T. Sweeney of the Yogo Sapphire
company was down this week and re
ports everything as lovely at the
above works.
Mr. G. 11. Ilegsted of Billings came
up on Tuesday's coach from Lewistown
and has accepted a position with the
Utica Mercantile Co.
C. T. Gadsden, superintendent and
R. John Mellor, timekeeper, of the
New Alines Sapphire Syndicate were
in town for a short time this week.
Messrs. 11. Wagner and F. B. Peter
son of Lewistown came up Thursday
on a combined business and pleasure
trip. While here they visited the
New Mine Sapphire Syndicate works
and other places of interest. Mr. Pe
terson disposed of a Victor Talking
Machine and tuned several of the
numerous pianos in this vicinity.
Mr. Wagner visited mostly, and this
kept him busy for he has numerous
friends in this neighborhood who are
always glad to see him. They re
turned home Sunday.
Mr. .T. L. Morris entertained a com
pany of friends in his cozy quarters
on Main street, at one of the now cel
ebrated "Bach. Feeds" last Thursday
evening. Jim got the biggest and
fattest turkey he could find for the
occasion and the way it was cooked
would put a grin, a mile wide on an
Egyptian mummy. As the "fixins ,
were in proportion it is superfluous to
add that none of the guests left
hungry. Those present were: Messrs,
C. M. Belden. E. L. Jackson, II. Gates,
Dr. Poska, Z. L. Judd, J. L., and E,
A. Morris.
William Gillun walks with a cane
yet from his injury in the mill over a
month ago.
A large number of the the sporting
fraternity including tin-horns and
rounders went to Kendall on the 10th
Gilt Edge has been quite dull this
month. The failure of Whiskey Gulch
payday has caused many to leav
the camp.
J. Hickey and William Cruse of
Helena were in town several days last
week looking at the Turnblade group
of claims. They were favorably im
pressed with the smelting ore and
probably will do business here.
On retnrning from Kendall last
Friday night, Thomas McGee's team
got away from him in the Spotted
Horse canyon and ran into a wire
fence and one of the horses was so
badly injured that it had to be killed.
McGee was brought home by the
Gilt Edge laundry wagon on its return
from Kendall. He had one ear badly
cut and a ruined suit of clothes and
a badly dilapidated buggy as the re
sult of his Kendall experience.
The Eagles are making all neces
sary preparations for a grand time on
St. Patrick's Day. The Aerie hall
has been well arranged and decorated
by careful hands and all plumage
properly oiled and adjusted, so if you
purchase a ticket you will be well
paid for what it costs you even if you
don't dance. Every effort will be
made by the birds to entertain their
cooing mates in true bonhomie style.
A son was born to the wife of Mr.
I). Linebarger this (Monday) morning.
John Oest was in from his ranch last
J. W. Moore spent a few days in
Lewistown last week.
Barney ITedigan is on the sick list,
suffering with tonsilitis.
Henry Willard was a business caller
in Gilt edge this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Limbach of Whiskey
Gulch were in town Sunday.
Cliff I)eyo has moved from Lewis
town to his ranch west of town.
Roy Matthews who has been work
ing at Collar Gulch was in Lewistown
last week.
Mrs. II. McIntyre left Tuesday
morning ior Great Falls to visit her
mother who is very sick.
Arthur Warsdell who has been
working at Whiskey Gulch visited
with his brother at Spotted Horse last
A caucus was held last Saturday af
ternoon to nominate three school
trustees. The election will be held
April 1st.
J. L. Stuart who has been working
on the War Eagle property south of
town, spent a few days in Lewistown
last week. He has returned to work
accompanied by J. D. Burr.
A1 Sellers brought in a fine sample
of high grade which he found in the
tunnel he is driving into the Florence
hill. A1 is well pleased with the ore
as it carries high value.
W. E. Wilson who has been work
ing on his mining property near the
divide since last October, was in town
over Sunday. He reports a large body
of ore of high value. He also predicts
that the property is more valuable
than anything ever found in such
luantity in these mountains.
Mr. F. E. Curtis and R. II. Dorn
and wife of Jamestown, N. Y. arrived
in town last week. Mr. Curtis remain
ed but a few days but expressed him
self well pleased with this country.
Mr. Dorn and svife expect to make
this their future home as he is inter
ested in the Maginnis mine which
they expect to have in full operation
ery soon.
Report of the Condition
Letfistortn, in the State
of Montana,
At the Close of Business March 14,1905
Loans and discounts..................$435,455 01
Overdrafts, secured anil unsecured. 13.013 01
U. S. Iionds to secure circulation____ 25,000 00
remiumson U. S. bonds............. 1,203 13
Bonds, securities, etc................. 1.314 50
Baukiinr house, furniture & fixtures 12,300 00
Due from national banks (not re
serve agents)........................ 4,815 13
Due from state banks and bankers.. 1,280 07
Due from approved reserve agents.. 15,013 4.2
Checks and oilier cash items........
Notes of other national banks......
■'factional paper currency, nickel
and cents...........................
Specie........................S 33.510 2
Legal tender notes.......... 3,sir> p
1,080 00
95 40
Redemption fund with IT. S. ttvasu
r (5 percent of circulation)......
37,331 25
1.250 00
$553,883 58
Capital stock paid in.................SK10.000 00
Surplus fund.......................... 10,000 00
Undivided profits, less expense and
taxes paid........................... 27,221 2tl
National bank notes outstanding... 23,750 00
Due to trust companies and savings
banks................................ 4.484 5li
Individual depositssubject toeheek 198,404 87
Demand certificates of deposit...... 13,041 50
Time certificates of deposit...... 113,150 84
Certified checks....................... 1,000 00
Cashier s checks outstanding...... 2,104
Bills payable, including certificates
of deposit for money borrowed.... 00,000 00
County of Fergus, i
. 8553,883 58
n. president of the above
uemnly swear that the
true to the best of my
I, Herman Ott
named bank, do -
above statement is
knowledge and belief
_ . ... Herman ottex. President.
Subscribed am sworn to before me this20th
day of March, KH)o.
E. < >■ Busenburg,
_ . Notary Public.
David Higher j
W. B. Miner -Directors
George M. Stone 1
Model "B" Disc Harrow
See that Pressure Lever? TJ Marked ®
Only perfect Disc
Harrow on the market
for all kinds of ground.
Model "B"
Disc Harrotf
Dustless Bearings, easy
access to Oil Tubes, no
weight boxes neces
sary. If you want a
perfect Disc Harrow,
buy the 'Deere.
Headpuarters for Garden Seeds and Garden Tools
of all kinds
Land Attorney
Real Estate
Notary Public
and Insurance
Fifth Ave., rear First National Bank
Lewistown, - - Montana.
Coal Company
We have reopened our new
mine and now have the
Clear of any bone or dirt.
We absolutely guarantee
the quality. Once tried
will always be used.
Offiee at Scales, rear of Delzell's
Drug Store. Tel. 147.
C. H. SMITH, Agent.
GEO. H, DAY, Proprietor
New Rias
Fresh Marses
Good Accommodations
A Public Auction will be
held at the Dark Horse Sta
bles on two Saturdays in
every month.
Wholesale and Retail
Beef, Mutton, Pork,
Veal, oysters and Fish.
Poultry and Vegetables
Bank of Fergus County
Carncp Third Avenue and Main Street, Lewistown, Mantana
$ 50,000
Invites correspondence and personal interviews with those
contemplating forming banking connections in this section.
Receives deposits subject to check.
Makes loans on approved security.
Interest at the rate of 5 per cent per annum paid on deposits
placed for either six or twelve months.
Issues Money Orders, payable at all paincipal points.
Offers all facilities to patrons, and solicits business.
S. s. HOBSON, President F. E. WRIGHT, Cashier
L. W. ELDRIDGE, Vice Pres. AUSTIN W. WARR, Ass't Cashier
Do You Eat?
You surely do, and you want
the best that can be obtained.
----- - You Mill get it at — -
Quick and accommodating
service. All of the good
things the markets afford.
Located in the building formerly occupied by the
Fad Shoe Store.
To call the attention of the public to Bank Drafts as the cheapest,
simplest and safest way in which to transmit money to any point in
the world. We need only one illustration of their cheapness. The
charge for a postoffice money order for one hundred dollars ($100) is 30
cents, for a Bank Draft for the same amount it is 15 cents.
As to their simplicity, we call attention to the fact that the pur
chaser of a postofflee money order is obliged to fill out blanks, giving
name, address and amount before he obtains it. In purchasing a draft
this is obviated and requires only half the time.
Again, if a postofflee money order is lost, the delay and red tape
incidental to obtaining a duplicate is very aggravating.
A draft is cash throughout the United States, and a money order
only at the office where it is payable. A draft is absolutely safe after
it is issued, and in case of loss all that is necessary to do is to notify
the Bank issuing it, and a stop payment is at once made and a duDli
cate given. r
We give special attention to our Foreign Exchange Department
and assure our pat i ons that our facilities for the quick transmission
of funds to any portion of the world are the best and at the lowest
rates. We receive quotations on China by wire and furnish them oil
It is not necessary to come in person to purchase drafts Send
your money to us in a letter, giving us the name and address' of the
party you wish to send the money to, together with the letter and we
will forward the draft in your letter without loss of time Anv fur
ther information will be gladly furnished by the ' ^
First National Bank
Corner* Fifth Ave,
end Main
Horseshoeing and
General Blacksmithing
Jack Rice will be glad to meet his old
friends at tt's shop.
Shop loc
Livery Stable
J. E. PINKLEY, Proprietor
The best of turnouts
in both double and
single rigs .....
Public Patronaae Solicited.

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