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The Most Comfortable Railway Trav
eling' In tlic World.
"Two engines are required on heavy
grades, and special twenty wheel loco
motives are used on the hilly sections,"
writes William Greener concerning the
Transsiherian railway in his book, "A
Secret Agent In Tort Arthur." "Hot
water is kept night and day at most
stations, and the trains suffer severely
from the inclement weather. The dou
ble windows are permanently frosted,
often the vestibule doors become fast,
great patches of frozen snow adhere to
the roofs,-the sides and panels are hid
den under u thick white hoar and long
streaming icicles hang from the roof to
the bogy truck where the water from
the tank for the heating apparatus In
each carriage has splashed over during
the day's run. At every large station
there is a special gang of attendants,
who attack the train vigorously on Its
arrival. They use hammers and crow
bars, iron rods heated red, long flam
ing torches, scalding water and even
light fires of shavings under the car
riages to free the brakes, and little by
little thaw out the working parts of
the frost bound train.
"I am still of the opinion that the
Transsiherian state express trains af
ford the most comfortable railway
traveling in the world. The cars are
as luxurious, but not so sumptuous, as
the Pullman palace cars of America.
They are wider and give more accom
modation, and as the trains are run
solid through from Moscow to Irkutsk
meals are provided at every hour of
the day, and It Is not necessary to
breakfast before 7 one morning and
after 9 the next, as sometimes happens
on the American through transcon
tinental routes.
"In the saloon the piano is a welcome
addition, the exercising apparatus is
useful and the bath a convenience. The
observation car was not much fre
quented in winter, and the reason for
the existence of the photographer's
dark room, with Its dishes and trays,
has departed, now that all photograph
ing along the route is strictly prohibit
Paris Hotels.
Paris hotels are divided into four
classes, according to the price of a
room a night, as follows: Over 12
shillings, from 0 shillings and sixpence
to 12 shillings, from 3 shillings to G
shillings and sixpence, and, lastly, un
der 3 shillings. As an example of the
business done by hotels oi the first
class it may be noted that the Elysee
Palace hotel, at which the king of the
Belgians always puts up when in
Paris, in the course of last year served
118.000 meals and let out 77,000 rooms
to 13,000 persons. The Grand hotel put
up 30,000 persons and the Continental
20.000 in the same period. English
visitors were in the majority, number
ing G,500 as against 5.000 French per
sons, the same number of Americans,
1,140 Germans and GG3 Russians. Dur
ing the year of the last Faris exhibition
the Grand hotel made a profit of £G0,
000, more than double its average re
turn, which is roughly £24,000 annually.
—London Globe.
Tlie Auto oh a Nerve Care.
The possession of a motor car is a
matter of great importance to the man
whose nervous system is ou the rack
all (lay. The mere rapid transit from
the town to the country rests the brain
and allows of that mental recreation
which is always the chief object of
change of scene. The motor, then, is
one of tlie modern aids to preventive
As a curative agent, however, the mo
tor has a peculiar value, in certain ab
normal conditions of the nervous sys
tem more especially. In cases of nerv
ous depression the exhilaration induc
ed by a run In a motor car is most ben- I
efieial; the circulation is improved, the
blood purified by the more rapid respi
ratlou of fresh air, and even in cases of I
profound insomnia regular and refresh
ing sleep is obtained. In a word, the |
effects of motoring are stimulative and
tonic.—Physician in Loudon Chronicle.
Gcnlna of a Convict.
With nothing but a jackknife to
work with, one of the convicts at the
prison at Wethersfield, Conn., has re
cently finished two wooden models of
locomotives. These models are each
about eighteen inches long, Including
the tender, and perfect in every detail.
Nothing except wood Is used in the
models, yet they may be operated by
turning a crank under the engine. The
wheels go around, the pistons slide
back and forth, the cab windows may
be moved, the bell rung and the en
gine and tender uncoupled. The con
vict bad nothing to work by except his
own memory.
American Railroad Slaughter.
American trains travel 900,000,000
miles and English trains 400,000,0001
miles during a single year. With a
train mileage less than half that of the |
American roads the English roads in
1903 hauled twice as mauy passengers,
conducted their business on one-tenth
the trackage and In doing so killed but
one-teuth ns many people and injured
less than one-tenth as many.—Pear
son's Weekly.
The Roosevelt Dam.
Another huge dam Is to be built for
Irrigation purposes, the Roosevelt dam
In Salt river valley, Arizona. It will bo
one of the largest lu the world, will
cost 91 , 000 , 000 , will overflow about
850,000 acres of land and supply water
power for hundreds of places through
out the territory.
There An Silght Hawks of Many Pe
culiar Varieties.
The ramasseur de nuit is the hum
blest member of the ragpickers' corpo
ration. He is generally a laborer out
of work and collects whatever he can
find and judges salable from a scrap
of paper or an orange peel to a dilapi
dated stove. Take old books, for ex
ample. However bad, they have a
market vaiue, for they always contain
in the instep one sound piece that can
serve again and generally two or three
more at the heel and the back. Old
provision tins, again, are full of money;
the lead soldering can be removed and
melted into cakes, while the tin goes
to make children's toys. There are
about G,000 of this class of night birds
in Paris. Another quaint night bird
Is the "guardian angel." The "guard-,
iau angel" is a person attached to the
establishments of some mastraquets—
low barkeepers—and certain public
houses for the purpose of looking aftei
the safety of drunken customers. Ha
accompanies them to their homes, de
fends them in case of need, as often
as not has to put them to bed and
leaves them only when they are with
out the reach of mischief. He earns
about 50 cents a day. Cases are also
on record where grateful drunkards
have remembered the "angel" In their
wills. To return the compliment the
"angel" has invested some of his funds
In the purchase of a barrow, the object
of wdiich Is but too obvious.
An important night bird is the mem
ber of the guild des pattes mouillees.'
He deals in tobacco manufactured
from stumps of cigars and cigarettes
picked up In the street and bolds as
sizes on the Place Maubert, by the
statue of Etienne Dolet, twice a week
at 3 a. m. On these days the square is
called the "market of wet paws."
The Industry is quite remunerative
on a modest scale, of course, and
would be even more so were it not for
the government which stepped In with
characteristic greed and on the
grounds of the monopoly It holds pro
ceeded to tax the tobacco collected
with so much painstaking care.
Do It cheerfully, even if it is not con
Do it in the spirit of an artist, not an
Make it a stepping stone to some
thing higher.
Keep yourself in condition to do It as
well as it can be done.
Endeavor to do it better than it has
ever been done before.
Make perfection your aim and be sat
lsfied with uothiug less.
Do not try to do it with a part of
yourself—the weaker part.
Recognize that work is the thing that
dignifies and ennobles life.
Regard yourself as a coworkor with
the Creator of the universe.
Accept the disagreeable part of it as
cheerfully as the agreeable.
Choose, if possible, the vocation for
which nature has fitted you.
Believe in its worth and dignity, no
matter how humble it may be.
Remember that work well done is the
highest testimonial of character you
can receive.—Success Magazine.
First Jewelry Store.
It may interest women to know that
the first Jewelry store was started in
the city of Chang On about 3,000 years
ago. The Celestial millionaires of that
period knew nothing of tlie fascination
of diamonds, because diamonds were
not in vogue at that B. C. period.
Pearls and jade and coral and other
unpolished mineral substances had to
content them, and, as if to make good
the glitter of revieres and tiaras, the
princes of Chang On employed ar
tisans to fashion them the most won
derful gold and silver ornaments,
which in themselves were far more
costly than diamonds.—Boston Herald.
Tlie chair lady rapped sharply.
"It should not he necessary for the
chair to remind members," she said
severely, "that under our rules of or
der, to say nothing of common cour
tesy, only one member may be silent at
a time. Any member who becomes si
lent at the same time that another
member is silent Is distinctly out of
The ladies of the club visibly cringed
under this merited rebuke. Mauy of
them flushed to the roots of their hair,
and several there were who burst Into
Dog 1 . Kls.es Caused Tumor.
The danger of kissing dogs is illus
trated by the experience of a young
lady which is told In the Loudon Lan
cet. She had been In the habit of fon
dling and kissing a pet dog, and when
she developed a tumorous growth It
was discovered that her trouble was
due to the presence of a number of
worms which had been transferred
from the dog to the tissues of her
Why He Laughed.
'Oh, George, dear, I'm so glad you've
come home! We've had burglars In
tlie flat, and they took all our silver
and beat the Janitor dreadfully! What
are you laughing at?"
"I'm laughing because they beat the
Janitor."—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Well Enrned.
Stlnjay—See here, when are you go
ing to pay me back that dollar you bor
rowed? Borroughs—Why, man alive,
I earned that dollar. 1 had to work
with you for a couple of hours before
I got 't out of you. — Philadelphia
Despondency Is the most unprofit
able feeling a man can Indulge In.—
Judith Hardware Cs.
W E are pleased to
announce to our
customers and all
residents of Fergus
county that the
took the Gold Medal
over all other lines
at the Portland fair.
This demonstrates
positively that the
" Monarch " is the
leading Range on the
market today. We
carry them in vari
ous sizes, either with
hot water connec
tions or reservoir.
This is the nicest fin
ished, perfect work
ind Range on sale in
Lewistown. Our pri
ces are right and we
would be very pleas
ed to explain to pros
spective purchasers
the many merits con
tained in this Range.
Judith Hardware Cs.
Hilgcr <£ Busenburg
The Pioneer Real Estate and Live
Stock Commission Agents
Land Office Attorneys
Conveyancing and Life,
Accident and Fire In
surance Agency.
PI ion e 81
Banking by /Wail
Is easy, convenient and safe.
Your presence is not required.
Send your money by post office order, express money order,
draft, or check, or if currency, by registered letter. Upon
arrival we will mail you receipt. This completes the tran
saction and checks may he drawn at once.
Your Fortune's Foundation
Begins with a hank account.
A bank account with us will add to your own Independence;
Increase your prosperity and teaches system and economy in
the home. Uncle Sam's messengers are safe and sure—never
a dollar goes astray. Don't wait for a large sum to begin
with. Commence at once— it is an easy matter.
Safety for Ysur
Convenience in Your
Paying by Check Strengthens
Your Credit
Affords an absolute protection as a receipt; tabulates your
expenditures and puts you on a footing with the most experi
enced business men of the country.
Tempered with conservativism typifies the policy of this hank.
First National Bank sf Lewistswn
Corner Fifth Avenue and Main Street, Lewistown, Montana.
Absolut.il> the Best
Coal in the county
the city in any
Brino inTrial Order
Telephone No, 9
Office corner 4th
and Main
5 Daily Trains
St Paul to Chicago
And each has a good connect ion for St. Louis,
also for New York and all Eastern points.
They leave St. Paul at 8.30 a. m., 4.00 p. m.,
7.20 p. m., 8.35 p. m., 11.00 p. m., via the
Chicago , 'Miltfauke\St. Paul
Three of these are electric lighted; all of them
thoroughly equipped. The Fast Mail 'goes at
7.20 p.m. The Pioneer Limited at 8.35 p. m.
Northwestern Passenger Agent
365 Robert St. St. Paul
Write for Rates to St. Louis
Visit the
Portland, Oregon, June to October , ipo5
but don't forgot to buy
your 1 ickols to read
One Way Through
You will regret it If you miss
Mt. Shasta and Sacramento Valley
San Francisco and Golden Gate
Yosemite Valley and Big Trees
Santa Cruz and Paso Robles
Del Monte and Monterey Bay
Santa Barbara and Los Angeles
Special Rates
Beautifully illustrated books and other
California literature of agents, or write
D. R. GRAY, D. P. 6 P. AfifCIlt.
r Salt take City, Utah
The place to have
your watch re
paired. All work
fully guaranteed
Glasses properly fit
ted. Eyes examined
free. :::::::::
The largest stock of
Watches, Jewelry,
Cutglass, Silverware,
Clocks & Hand paint
ed China in Fergus
County. :::::::
Expert Watchmaker
... AND ...
Graduate Optician
Prices as Low as
you can buy in
the East. : ; ; :

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